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  2. Will have more time to post starting this weekend because big project at work will be done!!!

  3. [align=center] a fantasy wolf roleplay ♦ Magic available through interactive quests ♦ Looking for quality over quantity - no word count ♦ Simple application ♦ Many lands open ♦ Re-opening promotion: one quest-free power per character! Enter Somerset [/align]
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  5. Silence, My Brother

    Alec Walker. I think we've met a few times at the office. It really did bug her that she couldn't have thought of his name before he told her. After he had replied to her though she realized who he was. Well, now I feel like even more of a dumb dumb, she thought. She smiled and lifted up her drink to her lips, taking another drink and placing it back down on the bar. Softly she laughed to herself and her thoughts of just how scatter brained she could be. Her body turned more toward Alec so she could face him without having to turn her head. "I'm sorry. Now I recognize you.... More often than not I really do not know where my brain is. Especially if I have been working a full day at the hospital," she paused for a second before continuing. "Then if I get called in to do something for ARMA it tends to completely knock me on my arse." She spoke somewhat loudly so that Alec could hear her over the loud bar noises. Random people talking here and there, but at least no one was getting into fights. The last thing she wanted was to be in the middle of a fight. She was not in the mood for that. She cleared her throat slightly and took another drink before asking, "So what are ya doing out tonight? Blowing off some steam from work or just restless and bored?"
  6. Silence, My Brother

    There was good reason to recognize Alec. Before his current post in Cloak Division, he'd been a public face during the war. And yet this woman had a good reason to forget him. It was easy if you weren't under investigation. Or hadn't been. Those who had been investigated would have more trouble forgetting. They knew the face of the man who had been in their heads. Alec Walker. I think we've met a few times at the office. Strange how, in peacetime, it was the office to him, but that was a conscious decision. HQ sounded too military for everyday use. And it was as close to a workaday existence as he really knew. Show up, push papers, take lunch, more papers, go home.
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  8. Silence, My Brother

    The drink that she had ordered appeared in front of her rather quickly. A good sign, she thought, of people being able to drink more and get drunk faster. Her fingers played along the rim of the glass for a second before picking it up slowly and taking a small drink. Her hand set down the glass and she resisted the urge to smack her lips together like a little kid. After her eyes flitted around the room once more they had stopped for a second at the guy that had obviously been looking at her to her left. He really does look familiar, she thought. The hard part for her was that it was basically impossible for her to remember everyone that she came into contact with. Too many people passed through her life on a daily basis. Sometimes it was a miracle that she remembered her own name. Just then she noticed the man walk over to her, seeing him move from her peripheral. Her head nodded slightly at his words before she spoke. "Yup. That's me...." she paused for a second. "I'm sorry. I'm really bad with names.... You are?" She felt horrible asking him since he had somehow managed to pull her name out of his head. Damn my horrible memory, she thought silently.
  9. Been super busy lately. Some bad things have happened concerning James' work. But. Trying to get some posts up. Also. If anyone wants to contact me on Discord my contact is Kaye#6916!

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  10. Would Be Reluctant Hero

    Everyone at some point, or even all the time, were stubborn. Altheia even had her moments of stubbornness and she was sure that there would certainly be more of them to come. It wasn't one of her most liked traits about herself, but it kept her morals in check and seemed to help keep a level head. Sure sometimes being extremely stubborn had it's downfalls and tended to land her in situations which she'd rather not be in, but those situations mostly tended to lead to friendships. Her hands still stayed on him, feeling that she was almost done with healing him, but also feeling that slight hint of dizzyness start to hit her. Typically she could fight it off, but it had been a rather long day and she had been working for quite some time at the hospital that day. Healing this man would probably take a bit out of her and she wondered if she should call someone to take her home; Boone perhaps? Inwardly she shook her head and decided against that real quick. “it’s alright, I, I am, different.” She looked down at his hand as he touched her and then back to his eyes as he explained that he was indeed different and explained just what it was that he could do. It never ceased to amaze her just how many extraordinary people there were in the world now. Sure, there were still some bad apples that had been blessed with a power, but for the most part it was the kind hearted people that she tended to keep her eye on. It gave her a sense that there was indeed still good in the world. Something which at some times seemed like there wasn't any of. "That is quite interesting," she said softly with a smile. "Obviously you aren't the only one in the room with an ability. I can heal, but I can also do damage to some one..... I just tend to hardly ever use the bad side of my powers. It makes me feel like someone who has no morals." She spoke to him softly and blinked her eyes a few times as another wave of dizziness washed over her. Her head shook slightly and she looked down at him, smiling slightly. Keeping a brave face was patient care 101.
  11. Words and Wax

    Brandon watched curiously as she walked over to withdrew the small wooden box. His brow was still furrowed as the questions played on his mind with few answers and more questions arising as he tried to answer the ones he already had. The woman had been kind, a trait he didn’t see often, and he was grateful for it. Her help had gotten him this far though Branden felt with the knowledge he now possessed he was in a more precarious position then ever before. If his mentor, of sorts, was correct there really was more to worry about, more to explore and more to keep hidden from prying eyes. "No, I don't think you should stop looking. Just be prepared for what you find.” “So if I put this in the box," he asked tilting his head as he looked at her faint smile, “if it has magic others won’t be able to detect it?” Brandon shook his head and smiled sheepishly, "sorry warding wasn’t covered in any of my classes.” Without allowing time for a clear answer to his question he posed another that was probably more urgent on his mind, “I’m up for the chase, but if it does have real magic how will I know and how do I, um, prepare for it?”
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  14. Not all is what it seems......

    She had started walking even as she made the invitation to join her. Either he did… or he took his chances with CDC. At this point she didn’t care, she had done her good deed for the day and was fighting her own exhaustion, not to mention she had a few more hours of forensics on her crime scene before she had the luxury of going home like the other exhausted blues. She was vaguely aware of his steps as he caught up and of a booted set… Lance… and from the sound of their cadence he was still walking on very unsteady limbs. He tolerated the antivirals better than the other blues since like her, he had been forced to take them more often. But he still hadn't built up the tolerance she had. CDC tries to set foot on my crime scene… shoot them… Despite the strain in the sound, she could hear Lance chuckle. The murmur was half under her breath…. Wasn’t really kidding…… Bare feet stepped over the first pieces of debris as she approached the old maritime building. NPC:…hey….. HEY…. Rae! He stumbled to catch up with her, hand snatching her arm as they both nearly lost balance. NPC:…shit Rae…can't go wandering in a bomb site without any shoes… She blinked at him before glancing down at her faintly orange feet. He had a point. Sighing she headed for her jeep instead. Pair of sneakers should be in her gym bag. Hip rested against the door of her jeep as she pulled blue and white sneakers over the stained toes, not bothering with any socks. ”Anytin’ else ah need’a do on yer end right now, or am ah jus’ good to fuck off an’ scrub tis fuckin’ orange shit off?” Hazel lifted to the ARMA soldier, pausing a moment before giving a shake of her head, second heel pulling onto the gunked heel. No…. get your men taken care of…. be sick few days but if they have half a dick they can be workin' by tomorrow already. Banging her feet on the ground as though to fix the sneakers on her appendages but more to feel the earth beneath herself and ensure she wasn’t going to keel over. I have a crime scene still need to finish forensics on.. Head was shaking as she turned away from him, words to herself not to him. Need to get ahead of this damn war….
  15. Nighttime is Playtime

    Tom smiled slightly. Often Matteo would tease him about being uptight, but now it was evident that he was feeling the pressure of making things go right. Tom was a little on edge with the moon coming soon, but he couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Matteo stress a bit. Besides, even Tom knew that some R and R was due. This was likely to be a fun night. More importantly, unless booze ran out, his head wasn't on the block for anything. You betcha. I'll be here.
  16. Nighttime is Playtime

    huh..?....oh... eight... Glance to his watch quirked a brow. So little under forty minutes now..... Pushing from the bar he adjusted the hems of his blazer sleeves down over the cuffs of his shirt. He had to represent after all, Gaspari wouldn't be here for the re-opening. Need to make 'nother round of reviews on the security cams an' make sure we got all our muscle here. Brow quirked at the older man. ....ya stayin'?
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  18. Shadowboxing

    Abby was small compared to most who worked in the force. Short, and easily underestimated. The ordinary beat cops had it worst when it came to gender discrimination; Abby rarely put up with sexist remarks as a detective, and since she specialized in Violent Crimes, not a day passed that something violent wasn't going on. Only this time, she had supernaturals to worry about, not just bad humans. Something was out there attacking and destroying the community that her baby sister was essentially a part of. Just because these people were different didn't mean they weren't innocent. The news hadn't gone quiet about these incidences and Abby had been working hard on trying to figure out who and what were behind these crimes. She couldn't linger on old and simpler times anymore, not with the present being the way it was. Two years ago a huge event had taken place, in which she and a group of extraordinarily gifted individuals had to find survivors within a dangerously collapsing building. In most cases, Homicide and the FBI were on the scene. Abby knew she had to be there, even if the current Chief didn't quite agree. She was as stubborn as they came, a Brooklyn kid through and through. To relieve all the tension that'd been building her back, Abby was spending her late night at the gym, after a day of cracking cold cases. She wished it'd been beer, but her devotion to her job had her hard at work. Margie was worried about how much sleep Abby was getting, but sleep wasn't exactly important to Abby. Too many things were going on, and since she didn't want Ghost to worry either, she had them spend the evening together while she hit the gym. Her tiny fists balled and bandaged up, she started first with shadow boxing in the corner. At this time, it was quiet and Abby was pretty happy to indulge herself. The gym was often packed in the mornings and afternoons, so coming in this late gave her the silence and space she needed without anyone disrupting her. She threw sharp clean jabs, counting 200 for each arms. Her muscles began screaming at her after a hundred since it'd been a while, but she kept going, the sweat forming across her forehead and between her shoulder blades. Abby only wore a black sportsbra, and navy blue spandex that clung to her waist and ended at her ankles. Tiny feet were fit in swift all black Nikes that allowed her quick pivots as she continued her jabs. Dark chestnut hair was pulled up in a high ponytail that swung back and forth with her quick movements, large eyes focused on an invisible opponent. When the 200 finally came along, she added a couple more jabs over and bounced lightly in place from one foot to the other to keep her heart going. Suddenly ceasing activity wasn't good, and while her muscles burned she started shaking out them out before balling them back again. She counted to three - right jab, left, then pivot with the hip for a strong finish with her right. 200 more, and Abby wasn't going to stop until she was utterly exhausted. It didn't matter that she had an early morning tomorrow. She wanted to clear her mind, get rid of that tension, so that she could focus.
  19. Walking without moving

    “Need to find a place to sleep it off mate. Streets are for shit this time of night.” Her back had been turned and the voice nearly had her jump out of her skin. Wide crimson orbs hit the stranger with a palpable fear. A foot was already sliding back behind her. She was about to bolt, held only by his own expression like a deer in headlights. He was looking at her like he knew… only his expression didn’t hold the visceral hatred she had seen in so many eyes that had come before his. "Come with me" Eyes darted to Will. Were they going to go with this man? The question was still in her eyes when she looked back at the stranger in time to see the sea green patterns on his forearm. The brow that had furled so tightly a moment before seemed to wash away into something almost serenely smooth. Crimson lifted to blink at him, pupils still flushed with doubt but the absolute terror had receded for the time being. “If you can’t keep up you’re going to die.” Lower lip drug through her teeth as she watched the man pull his rucksack back onto his shoulder and begin to walk away. Breath stuttered as she looked at the man on the curb that had been trying to help her. Are….are you going with him…? Her voice shook as it whispered. The stranger was beginning to get further away. They needed to decide now. Head shook slowly as her hands wrung inside the too long sleeves. I… I have to go with him…. I cant stay here…. Door to the bar slammed shut, the oceanid jumping to look up…. a patron staring at them both before heading in the opposite direction. ….I cant stay here….. The whisper held the fear she had been suffocating under for the last few months. The faint nod was a goodbye if he decided not to follow, or just an invite to follow if he was. Bare feet slapped the pavement rapidly as she moved to catch up with the stranger whose long strides had put too much distance between them already. The scent of ocean waters was getting stronger. They were moving towards the water…. this birthed a fresh fear in the outworlder…
  20. Lost Souls in Revelry

    Lost Souls is a light science fiction rpg inspired by shows like Dark Matter, Killjoys and many others that came before them. Revelry Station serves as a hub for criminal activity and a safe haven for people that don't want to be found. Humans, Enhanced Humans, Synthetics and the intelligent Barque Cats are all welcome but old prejudices still remain. Revelry may offer safe passage but its a dangerous place filled with cunning, capable survivors. We are look for fun, passionate people that want to write exciting and adventurous stories. With a 2-2-2 Rating, we are 18+ and require no word count. Stay safe in the stars everyone and remember, the Warrant is All. Become a Lost Soul
  21. X-Men: Divided We Fall

    PLOT | RULES | CANONS | LINK BACK Welcome to X-Men: Divided We Fall, an alternate-universe X-Men RPG; because we follow neither movies nor comics, but take inspiration from both Join in, and you will find: Mutants are known, feared, hated. Sometimes threatened. Sometimes worse. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters offers safety and teaches peace and compassion. The Brotherhood of Mutants awaits the return of leader Magneto, to protect mutantkind at any cost. Canons and OCs welcome Character-driven with board-wide plots. We lay the groundwork; you tell the story. [align=center]Choose a side. Join the fight.[/align]
  22. Not all is what it seems......

    Detective Psycho was an appropriate name for that woman, God bless her insane little heart. She called the bluff of the CDC men who she knew somehow would not shoot her and took out the damned spotlight. As soon as that spotlight was gone and darkness returned to the area, Gavin wasted absolutely no time activating cloaking to ensure that his less connected self would not be shot in the confusion. It wasn’t complete invisibility, but it was pretty close. A very attentive person could see a faint outline of Gavin’s form, but other than that the active camouflage was close to perfect. Infrared devices would still pick him up, but as long as the shadow wasn’t completely gone from the area he was standing in the desk jockeys pointing firearms at him seconds ago would not be able to see a damned thing. The detective was talking, but the soldier was not paying much attention at this point. The police officer was not a threat to his life the way the rest of these idiots were, and if necessary he was willing to kill a few or all of them to get his sidearm back. Hopefully it would not come to that, but planning for that possibility made it much easier when and if his hand would be forced. His metal was lifted down, and the soldier deftly moved around the eggheads surrounding it to pick up and cloak each individual piece of equipment that he put back on his body. His leg holster and sidearm, his shoulder holsters and karambits, and his phone and radio were all stuffed on his person. The extra magazines he just left on the table after replacing his sidearm magazine with a fresh one. The last action he dampened the noise of to make sure the jumpy desk jockeys nearby did not jump at the metallic noise, and with that the man headed off in the direction of the detective and back to their people. The dampening was in constant effect on his footsteps, because the cloaking did not cover noises and he knew damn well he was being noisier than usual due to balance issues caused by the triple antiviral. On the walk back, Gavin took his own way to carefully avoid the lights that were starting to come back on behind him with the CDC group and any artificial lights in general to conserve energy. Once out of sight of the goddamned eggheads, assisted by some convenient buildings, he decloaked and stopped the noise dampening almost immediately, it was a waste of energy and the last thing he wanted was the Detective shooting at him because she saw a ghost when he got within earshot of her again. Bare feet smacked against the pavement, and the orange shit had already seeped into almost every crevice of the end of the shitty clothes he was now wearing as well. The first order of business when he regained enough sense to drive, because he was going to have to be the one to drive all of those fucking idiots back, was going to be to get a change of clothes and get as much of this shit as possible off of him. It was a disgusting semisolid that stuck to your body as well as feeling wet and just generally unpleasant. He needed to call his superiors back at some point, but that could wait. If he recounted what had just happened this soon, he would just get angry and the retelling would trigger a massive homicidal urge he wasn’t quite sure he could contain at the present. If he couldn’t contain it, that would cause a … diplomatic incident and he would be back to where he started before he started this whole fucking mess – on the run with no allies with everyone trying to kill him. ARMA was annoying to deal with, but staying in the same place was the best option for him right now. When Rebekah returned, she was going to come back here expecting him to be there and ready – which he would be. When Gavin made it back to a place where he could see the previous area, he saw that his men were starting to at least sit up and cradle their carbines. That was a vast improvement over before, but none of them were up and walking around yet. Gavin noted the location of the Detective talking with her own people before grabbing his own M4 carbine, mostly so he would not forget the damn thing when he left, and hobbled over to the police powwow. ”Anytin’ else ah need’a do on yer end right now, or am ah jus’ good to fuck off an’ scrub tis fuckin’ orange shit off?” Normally he would not give this courtesy, but anyone willing to throw a fucking knife into a searchlight with a dozen or more firearms pointed in their direction deserved respect. Maybe not for their intelligence, but at least professional respect for having guts. And getting him an escape route by knocking out the light, but mostly the guts.
  23. Words and Wax

    The furl of his brow was expected. Thwarted, or "encouragement" of keeping things under wraps when someone was trying to find answers was often frustrating. She felt for him, more than she thought he would ever know. Who could she talk to about her particular problem, next to nobody... Hearing he didn't know of his mother's status, or that he couldn't remember anything prior to the Resonance made it very possible this was bigger than he knew. Dark eyes settled on the box he kept it in. She had something for that. Something that might come in handy. Her favorite scavenged treasure was only a step outside the door to her library- a massive card catalog from a public library she had painstakingly restored and repurposed for her shop. Stones, crystals, it was a perfect cabinet for those items. "The Resonance, it destroyed my memory of anything before it. I’m just trying to see if something will trigger those memories.” She'd often wondered if the book that had essentially both ruined and restarted her life simultaneously had been in that vein. Would she remember eventually? Had she been that other person ever? Drawer was slid out on her cabinet, a carved wooden box taken out before she returned. "No, I don't think you should stop looking. Just be prepared for what you find." She placed the box next to him, it was just large enough to fit his treasured metal case. "Real magic," she smiled slightly, "exists. This is warded, I would like you to keep it, thinking bout storing your piece in it. If by chance your heirloom gives off something that can be sensed by anyone that shouldn't know you have it, that will hide it, and you by proxy." Her own unusual eyes blinked slowly, the deep chocolate slowly over time had been taken over by green. They were rimmed in it now. One step closer to the unknown. "My experience has been to chase after it before it sneaks up on you and slaps you in the face."
  24. Spare Me Over Another Year

    He listened a moment, studying... the emotions that ran across her face, the words that seemed unsure and unclear as she tried to untie the knot. It had occurred to him that there may be those he would ferry that were so beaten and battered they might not even understand what it was they needed, or even where they were going. The thought was as painful as watching her struggle. Sigh soft, his features followed suit, arms unfolding and working to untie the knot gently to leave her to her own devices. "C'mon below, I have some food and warm dry clothes you can change into." Eyes gave a last scan over the horizon and darkness that was starting to haze over the depths of water. He knew it was only a matter of time before he started running into push back from his excursions. Mostly so far, just overzealous bigots chasing after those that were different. Now, it seemed more that just that- not that before was any more dangerous. These seemed stronger. Magus. Dipping his toe into the smuggling of the persecuted had eventually tangled with something bigger. What, he wasn't quite sure of yet. He led the way below deck to pull some things out for her. "Then you can tell me what you need, or get a good night's sleep if you prefer and we can talk about where you want to go."
  25. AIM is going the way of the Dodo, you can reach me through Discord at Tabs#2624 or PMs here.

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  26. Nighttime is Playtime

    Wonder if that’s all she recognizin'…. Tom chuckled. Matteo had specific motivations. Ladies were one of them. Eris was an intriguing woman...but he didn't have time to think about things like that. What time do things start tonight?
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