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    Genre Original Medieval Fantasy & Myths Small and active since: June 26th 2017 Rating: 3-3-3 is the highest possible, but not required. Age Requirement: 18+ (Does not mean there is a focus on smut, just a requirement for our member base) [ HOME // INTRODUCTION // RULES // DISCORD ] Link Back Follow us on Social Media! Tumblr Facebook Twitter Google+ Patreon We are looking for Staff, Lore Writers, New RPers to expand the world, stop by and chat with us on discord if interested.
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    http://estorica.org Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/XmTT6Q5 Genre: Original Medieval Fantasy & Myths Forum Small and active since: June 26th 2017 ESTORICA, is an original one-year-old roleplay forum about a tale of innovation and conflict between Orphans. These Orphans have been granted vast possibilities by their gods ranging from appearance to ability. The stories these orphans live are made of love, intelligence, violence, and self-discovery. They all share one goal “Live”.
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  6. [align=center] Home. Here at the End is a modern supernatural roleplay focused on Humans, Hunters, Vampires, Werewolves, Fera (shifters), and Witches. We are a new site, as of the beginning of September, and are looking for active and enthusiastic new members! • Leadership positions available. • Laid back rules and community. • Open to developing new packs/covens/etc. [/align]
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    Hello Resonance! We are going private for now because of site overhaul except with sister sites so you can remove our button! <3 Thank you for your affiliation!
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  10. Home | Rules | Plot | Groups | Powers | Battle Rules | FAQ In the year 2012, a mysterious illness began to sweep the globe. In its wake, those who survived it were left with immensely powerful supernatural abilities. As the number of people capable of wielding magic powers increased, they began to organize and seize control of the course of history. Using their powers to travel between parallel universes, these mages forge empires of a scale never before seen. And at the center of it all is the Academy, a neutral institution founded for mages to share their knowledge with each other. Mages struggle against each other to impose their will upon the multiverse, but there is one threat that unites them all together. In recent months, mysterious entities have appeared. These entities wield power far greater than any one mage, and they seem determined to annihilate all of humanity. The mages will have to set aside their differences in order to beat them. The fate of the multiverse depends on it. Features - Multiple parallel universes, both historical and completely original, with the opportunity for players to create entirely new ones. - A high power level that places the players at the top of the multiversal hierarchy. - A diceless, strategic battle system to let characters fight for control, change the universes, and mix things up for the players. - Site-wide event battles where entire worlds hang in the balance. - A character-driven plot with direct ways for players to influence and expand the setting. - Options for players to keep certain details about their characters secret from other players. - No word count and no pressure.
  11. Durion Caranthir

    Fae Fury is coming......

    Stay a week…. a year… a lifetime…. choice is theirs. “Is it really?” Brow quirked upward at the man, bit of a smile creeping at the corner of his lips. The seafarer was quite the mistrustful one. Of course. I hardly have the time Mr Muireadach to be forcing anyone to do anything. I am running one of the largest companies in the world. I need people working there that want to… not ones that need to be babysat. If I decided to start forcing their hands it would all unravel. He had no need to lie to the man. For all his arrogance, the elf was typically honest in his words. I get help that can be trusted not to blow up my home…. they get a chance to get on their feet in a place where they are safe from the outside world…. “I don’t vet anyone before I bring them here, so what they do here is on you.” True, though I pity the one that decides to take advantage of my offer. I protect those in my lands. Satisfied? “No, but it’s not my choice.” The faint shrug acquiesced to the man's mistrust. There was little the elf could say to change his opinion. Time and interactions were the only things likely to sway the man. Elongated ears dipped listening to the speech given to those below, a smile ghosting across his features. The man's refusal to leave any of them here if they didn’t want to stay was the final confirmation that the elf had chosen well. This man was a leader and protector of their kind. Whether he felt he was or not. The massive avian's beak perked on the sides in a smile that almost passed for warm considering the carnivorous appendage making the gesture. He began talking to the people as they departed the ship, gesturing towards the oversized all terrain truck that easily accommodated the half dozen in the comfort of the air conditioned cab. The trek wasn’t far but it was without a road which meant walking would only delay the comfort of food, drink and a bathroom facilities that put the Ritz to shame where they could wash up and make their decisions. The elf waited for the seafarer to return and gestured to his own two person vehicle in askance if he would join him. “I’m going with. Not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust anyone until I see it with my own eyes.” Fair enough. Would like a few questions being answered about the northern lands while you come take a look. I have heard some rumors that concern me. The elf effortlessly hopped over the half door of the military grade jeep and waited for the man to make a choice. As it was, the elf wasn’t sure if the man was so paranoid he would want to join the passengers in the truck. The elf wouldn’t take offense but it would delay the answers he desperately wanted.
  12. SETTING | CANONS | PLAYERS HANDBOOK | SITE RULES | ADVERTS | OPEN THREADS XENFORO 2 EXPERIENCE | SHOUTBOX & DISCORD | DRAMA-FREE COMMUNITY | CONTACT US SYNOPSIS Rising up among the lush vineyards of Napa Valley, rigid glass and steel spires cast long shadows across the bustling metropolis. The crowded city provides refuge for more than three million people who live out their existence with their eyes firmly fixed on their very own gleaming glass pinnacle. These unwitting pawns do not dare to pause for a moment to stop and look – look down murky alleyways and through dimly lit streets. There, the creatures of darkness wage an unseen war of subterfuge and political intrigue against their friends and foes using both man and monster alike to fuel their tenacious, eternal struggle for domination and survival.
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    Dalibor Weyr

    A Dragonriders of Pern RPG Semi-canon | 11th Pass | No AIVAS | 8+ years running What is Pern? | Dragons | Whers | Rules | Character Creation
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  15. On September 5, 2017, the unthinkable happened in the lives of the X-Men: their leader and mentor, Professor Charles Xavier, disappeared. Not only that, his former friend and colleague-turned-super villain, Erik Lehnsherr, disappeared as well. Where either of these men went to is anyone's guess. No trace of either has been found. Scott Summers has taken over as interim headmaster of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, a position he is not comfortable in. The Brotherhood has disbanded without their leader and Mystique refuses to step in but that usually means she has another plan. Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club appear completely unperturbed by any of this. Do they know something about the disappearances? Where they go from here is YOUR story. Do you want to join the X-Men in searching for their beloved mentor? Do you believe that Mystique has a better option? Or perhaps you would like to play in the big leagues and the Hellfire Club is more suited for your tastes. Wherever you end up, play your part well. You might not survive the consequences otherwise. Plot | Rules | Canons | Advertise
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  17. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    You either are or you aren’t. Head shook a bit… she didn’t know how to explain. It wasn’t exactly the same like this world. "Shifter implied control….she had none. She listened as he spoke of outworlders. She knew all too well what the world thought of them. She tried once more to speak of the waters and how his bitter anger pushed them away. Crimson eyes met his snapped gaze without a flinch. Inquisitive brow quirking at him as he tried to deny she was accurate about his feelings. When she beckoned him to pull at her own waters, lips parted a bit in surprise as the globe became nearly crystal clear, the water paralyzed for the briefest moment. It always does that. Her response was very quiet, a gentle curve to her lips as she watched the waters again begin to swirl. My waters do not stand still… Cock of her head studied him as he snatched his binoculars up once more. Gaze sliding down to study his decorated arm. He had done more than he knew to take credit for. So angry he didn’t feel the rushing waters grow still to listen to his call. He was not as impotent as he believed. Flick of her eyes to the portal windows came nearly simultaneously with his own feeling something was off. Shit! Hold on to something. Stay here! He didn’t understand, what she could do, how she could help. She risked her safe passage, but this was close enough to new lands. She could swim for it then vanish once more. She owed him at least the safety of his ship. As he scampered up the stairs she caught a hand on the wall to avoid upending as the boat pitched violently, sending the maps and binoculars to the floor. She doubted the coat would keep her dry enough but it was buttoned up as she made the steps two at a time. Same as fucking New York… Ireland. Fucking rogues sinking shit like landmines. We’re in a debris field. These lands were not as safe as he had thought. Seemed nowhere in the world was any longer. It meant the more people that knew her demon side…. the more she risked being hunted yet again. She was tired of being hunted…. but more… she was tired of running. As he vanished into the water, she made the rail, crimson orbs reading the undulations. The boat was going to need to be lifted over the chaos to avoid ripping the hull apart. Crimson flicked off to the distance as the water let her know they were not alone. Trap. She felt the undulations of the lapping waves, mist beginning to threaten moisture on her cheeks as she pulled ever so gently on the water, density dropping under the hum of the motor that was not theirs, the craft becoming endangered of hitting the same debris they were using to trap others. We have company. I’m not sure if it’s a lighter boat that can skim across the top of this shit and beeline to us or if they have deerpaths like we need to find, but I need you at the helm. Turn the ship and I’m gonna lead us out of here back to open water. If they catch up, at least we'll have the advantage of maneuvering. I’m assuming St.John’s been compromised. When I hit the water, I need you to follow, keep the bow centered on me. Get the Irish girl up in the pilothouse with you, she has a good spotter eye. Don’t run my ass over, I can swim fast, but not that fast. Turning she looked at him as he hitched the lifeline and dropped back into the water. She would be far more useful in the water than in the house above. The haunting eyes met Avi who stared at her a moment before gesturing to the pilothouse. She could help some from there but…… If you can hear me, now would be a good time to finally start talking to me. The soft words caught her attention as she leaned over the rail to look at him. It would.. if he kept asking in moments of need and without the anger. It would. She was sure of it. She could feel the stain on her neck, like the creep of a red rash it began to bleed upward, teasing under her ears as her features dampened in the misting air. Much more salt water and she would have no reason to hide further. She owed him the safety of his ship…. Hand reached out over the rail to pull the depths below him, the water swelling gently under his torso to push both himself and the ship upward. Where is it we need to go…. The words were incredibly soft and yet carried to him on the undulations of watery ripples. The "rash" flushed her left ear, soon she might as well be in the water with him but for now…. she awaited his reply.
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    The Dark and Hollow Places

  19. Brandon Valosa

    Roll With It

    Brandon laughed openly seeing Boone pick up a pancake as he did, “you might want to consider a roast beef and cabbage sandwitch with these as the bun.” He was teasing of course but hay if fast food places can do waffles and regular pancakes why not these masterpieces?” “Call it the Boxty and hoof special.” Brandon was on a roll and he had a few others up his sleeve, “take a banger and wrap it one of these like a hot dog bun. “Maybe I’ll start a cooking class.” Brandon’s eyes followed over to the bartender as he chuckled at his words, “I’ll sign up for that if I can learn to make slow cooked corned beef and Boxty.” “Brooch eh?” “Are we talkin’ like cameo hoity toity or like... kaboom kind of thing? “Were talking grandma style round brooch with hoity toity decorative knots around a fake blue stone, supposed to look like a sapphire.” Brandon chuckled to himself at the other man’s curiosity in his keepsake, “no kaboom, costume jewelry I think they called it.” He drew in a breath as he squared another piece of pancake with his fork tines, “so why are you so interested in my mother’s brooch, it’s not worth anything but sentimental value?” Actually, he had a good idea that people might like to steel the thing, that’s why he was playing down as if it had no value to anyone other than him. He tilted his head and raised an eyebrow at Boone, “you might be even more interested in, why I love Irish food so much if I don’t know for sure I’m Irish?” It was an attempt to get Boone off the trail of the brooch and Brandon was sure the potato pancake maker was already aware of that. Still, it was worth a shot and he was going to take it. He glanced over at Althia and grinned, “Bridget’s kitchen, she sure could feed a hungry boy.”
  20. Altheia Martin

    Let the Master Answer

    “The trouble I deal with is fair penance for my crimes. This though, was unprovoked.” The first sentence kind of made her hesitant about her thinking it was okay to trust him. Then her mind went back to the fact that everyone had a past. Everyone had skeletons in their closet and things that they weren't proud of. She figured he was no exception and if he was trying to turn over a new leaf it wasn't up to her to judge him on things that he might have done in his past. However bad those things he did were. It wasn't that she couldn't really tell there was anything out of the ordinary going on. She had spent most of her time, day and night, around blood and people that have been hurt more than they needed to be. However. She had always had fairly good hearing. Ever since middle school and they did those stupid hearing tests she always did extremely well. In fact, at one point some of the examiners thought there might be something wrong with her, but she had been just a normal person. Now, as it was with most people, was completely different. *npc* “Rhome, I know you’re in here. We can talk about this.” The voice wasn't someone that she knew and it wasn't anyone from the hospital. She stopped moving abruptly and turned around slowly, thinking she'd see someone down the street, but it was empty. Must be coming from down an alleyway, she thought. She took a few steps forward and then stopped for a moment. Is this really a good idea, she thought. She hadn't had much hand to hand combat or even any combat for that matter. She did have a way of putting someone in pain, but that required skin to skin contact. She continued to walk back to the alley way that she had passed only moments before. She tried to be careful and quiet with every single step. Hopefully whoever was cornering Rhome was too focused on him to even notice that she was now just around the corner of the alleyway. She kept her body close to the wall and then slowly leaned over slightly, peering from behind the wall to the scene that was unfolding. She could see the man had a gun pointed at Rhome. This was very bad because she didn't know if she would be able to heal a gunshot wound. Even just healing Rhome's broken ribs had taken a lot out of her. Could she push her abilities even more? "Wouldn’t want to look like the Order. Kinda defeats the purpose of being the good guys." Wait a second, she thought, is that guy ARMA? Bad situations were never Altheia's strong suit, but it looked like she was in just that spot. The second in time she had no idea what she was going to do. There were many variables to think about. Many different outcomes that could come from this one situation. She could feel her anxiety beginning to climb as she mentally debated about what to do. “Leave me alone. You attack me, I will defend myself.” She wondered if Rhome really thought this guy was going to just let him walk away. If he was the guy that had jumped Rhome before she knew the answer to that already. She took a deep breath in and let it out slowly before walking out into the open at the end of the alley. "Excuse me, but I don't suppose either of you could tell me how to get to the nearest drug store. I heard voices and figured I'd see if ya'll could help me out," she said as she stood there. She positioned herself so that she wouldn't really be able to tell the guy was pointing a gun at Rhome. And she also knew that there was a drug store 4 more blocks down the way she had been going. She hoped Rhome would go along with it. She figured this would be her best shot at interrupting what was going on. "I really don't mean to interrupt anything, but a neighbor friend of mine is really sick and she isn't able to get out of bed to get herself medication. So me being me decided to help her out and go out for her," she said the words kind of in a nervous ramble and hoped that the stranger wouldn't be able to pick up on it, but if he was anything like Rhome he probably would be and then she would be fucked.
  21. Calder Muireadach

    The Great Ocean Escape

    mmm….. sort of? Brow cocked. You either are or you aren’t. He wasn’t fazed, that was certain. Good grief, he didn’t know how she’d survived this long with her soft voice and averting gaze. Himself, sure he hid his dragonboat and didn’t go about broadcasting himself to the world. When it came down to it though, if he was confronted he’d rather die than live crushed. I’m not a shifter, my body is just different than humans. If you change, you’re a shifter. All sorts, Outworlder just implies you’re not from this world. The basic description still applies in my book. Good to know though. If you’re something that might sink this boat when you shift, warn me first. Especially if it was something that might sink his boat. He didn’t like surprises. You know….the more you are bitter and angry with these waters…. the more strongly they will ignore your call. Eyes snapped to her briefly. You have no idea what I’m feeling. It was abrupt. His explanation apparently not settling the subject. He wasn’t used to his words being argued with or questioned. You are wrong. These waters are powerful and wild…but coy as well. They have not had those that could call it. Now that they do, they can be stubborn in answering when they don’t like the tone of askance. They don’t understand the way the ours did what it is to be in unison. Resisting the urge to pull his hand back, he watched her little trick, apparently expected like some savant to take over. It never did anything, ever, except seem to spit back at him with some sort of contempt. Humoring her, the markings on his arms could be seen to light up through the weave of his shirt. He did truly try, at least just to humor her efforts. Of course, it did nothing, settling so still it seemed to almost become clear as a marble. Blink was slow and he looked back at her before picking up the binoculars again, as he did it thrummed like being peppered by rain, the same sound washing around the boat as if a downpour had suddenly started and stopped as quickly as it began. It always does that. Lesson was clearly over by the sound of his tone, and he left it where it lay, making his observations about the lighthouse. Siren?... tlhu'moH bIqDep?......a umm…. ….. um…. seduction witch…? He nodded, gearing up. Something still didn’t feel right. The darkness of the water from before, like tendrils of shadows pulling at him. Was it finally talking to him? He knew better than to ignore his gut. Instead of looking at the horizon, he studied the water. Ripples. Tide. It didn’t look right for what the charts said. Were his calculations wrong? He was never wrong, but his gut said otherwise. The surface was not moving like water at this depth should. Shit! The curse was dark. Fist slammed on the ceiling above him and he started moving. Hold on to something. Stay here! Engines suddenly gunned in reverse, despite the sudden surge, he deftly moved up the stairs. Items that normally were secure rolled off and clinked on the floor at the severe shift. He was in the pilothouse within seconds, depending on a massive machine of steel to stop a boat that he was pretty sure was going to hit something. *npc* Drop anchor?! No, if it’s not ground we’ll lose it. This was a clusterfuck. Same as fucking New York… Ireland. Fucking rogues sinking shit like landmines. We’re in a debris field. The sound of the hull scraping something lightly made Avi’s eyes snap to him and widen. They were almost to a stop, turning slightly to the side and drifting gently. The water had warned him. What the fuck? Talk to him, but not do what he wanted… The boat undulated lazily, on no particular path as the captain leaned over the rail and scanned the water, already pulling off his clothes and shoes. There was no hesitation. I’m going in to see if we can drop anchor. We might have to wait until it’s light to maneuver out of here, but I don't thin we have that long. We’re right where someone wants us to be. If something moves out there, shoot it. He left the lifeline off for now. Too much risk getting tangled. As soon as he touched the water, he knew. The sound was there… hum of something that wasn’t his boat. A motor, far off. Slow. This was a big fucking spiderweb and they hadn't wiggled enough to catch its attention yet. He came back up, Avi trotting over. We have company. I’m not sure if it’s a lighter boat that can skim across the top of this shit and beeline to us or if they have deerpaths like we need to find, but I need you at the helm. Turn the ship and I’m gonna lead us out of here back to open water. If they catch up, at least we'll have the advantage of maneuvering. I’m assuming St.John’s been compromised. When I hit the water, I need you to follow, keep the bow centered on me. Get the Irish girl up in the pilothouse with you, she has a good spotter eye. Don’t run my ass over, I can swim fast, but not that fast. Would she agree to spot for them? He wasn’t sure, but if she could watch their backs while his crew made sure they kept an eye on him and didn’t run him over- it would be helpful. He monkey barred to the front of the ship, hooking his lifeline on the bow, dropping back into the water. Shit. It was everywhere, shadows looming and the vibrations of decaying hulls throbbing in the water. Listening to the ships engine’s start to turn and he started moving, the line snapping taught as paused for a moment under the surface and centered a moment before he surfaced again. If you can hear me, now would be a good time to finally start talking to me, he murmured and started moving. They hadn’t gone in far, but enough to slow them down and get their asses sniped by skimmer boats looking for a take down. It could be a tense trip, but not by much more.
  22. Boone (Paddy) Fitzpatrick

    Roll With It

    Beer belly…. all dudes had beer bellies in different states of “maturity”. Hahahaha…. his, was well a little underdeveloped because he went off to god knows where all the time and had to live off power bars, dirt and bugs.. Not really. Just power bars. Occasional squirrel. Moose. Moose and squirrel. Meese? Aw fuck it. Brow rose slightly under the guise of being focused and concentrated, he knew she got tipsy quick. Might need a chaperone home if that’s where she chose to go. He had a flop spot upstairs, but… man cave. True man cave. No girls allowed. Food delivered, he just bypassed the silverware and picked one up like a cheeseburger. They were fried, sorta.. but no greasy paws. “I sure wish I could cook but what I manage to do is burn my food though I’m better over an open flame like a campfire.” “That’s a skill, definitely a hard earned skill. Major props.” "I'm wondering if the way to a girl's heart might not also be food, I mean. These are really freaking good.” “Maybe I’ll start a cooking class,” he munched and flicked a quirked glance to Blue. Her perpetual state of annoyance didn’t change. *npc* You’d be awesome. The deadpan delivery of almost everything she said still made him snicker. He loved her to death. “Hear that? Accountant. Builder of fancy pants motorcycles and master chef,” he grabbed a clean dishtowel and tossed it at her playfully. She was going to clean his clock later hahahaha…. Then it came. The explanation that really… reallllllly tested his resolve. Sure, Altheia sorta knew what he’d been doing before he’d gotten shot when they first met. BUT, she didn’t really. Nobody did. Not Blue, not Bakkhos, not Pharos. Nobody except his buyers… sellers, err buyers. No fucking difference. So not Irish and has a fancy toy eh? He smoothly took a long tip of his mug, eyes glancing to Altheia, then to the room. Place was empty. Good. Not for long though. Dinner crowd, end of work crowd… Don’t say shit. Don’t say shit. Don’t say shit. Act cool. Boone is cool. Boone is awesome. “Brooch eh?” Mug clunked on the counter and he turned in his stool, both forearms on the counter as he picked apart his second potato cake like a piece of chicken as he ate it. His interest wasn’t ALLLL bad… c’mon now. It wasn’t like he was going to clunk the guy over the head, take it and sell it to the highest bidder. He HAD a REAL job. Like… taking it and giving it to Pharos. Neither of them knew that soooo… fuck it. Nosy it was. "Are we talkin' like cameo hoity toity or like..." his fingers flipped and he made a quiet explosion sound. "... kaboom kind of thing?"
  23. Rhome Del Santo

    Let the Master Answer

    "They tried to kill me, I did what was necessary." Eyes settled on her as she studied him. There was no more hiding. Before, he could pretend to be studying at university for something or other and even pass as a scholar- now he didn’t bother. He didn’t need or want to anymore. Had she asked questions, he would have answered truthfully- he just didn’t want to bring trouble to her doorstep. "Then that is even more of a reason to not be blaming yourself. Survival is important. If someone goes after you it's only fair that you protect yourself" “The trouble I deal with is fair penance for my crimes. This though, was unprovoked.” It was cryptic, but it was true. "My.... myself.... I mean. I usually always walk home by myself, I don't typically have a problem when I do, but.... I suppose you never know what could happen." He nodded, made sense. He was old fashioned he guessed, or he just knew there were people like him out there. Brow creased slightly at her worried look… maybe he’d said too much. "What exactly do you mean...." He opened his mouth to say something, then stopped himself. Time to leave. …and wait for her to leave. It was a stupid idea, but it felt like the right one. He could move just out of everyone’s sight line. It wasn’t a talent, it was pure training. Specialty, like walking a tightrope. There were just some things that took unusual skill sets. Three blocks into the walk and he was about to peel off and head home. Back to almost full health and wits, it allowed him at first to smell it… then instinctively know he was being followed by someone who was bleeding. The scent was stark against the snow and slush. Shit. Either the guy had sought out medical attention, or he wasn’t as injured as he’d left him and had tracked him to the hospital. Either way, another confrontation was moving in his direction. Damn it. Peeling off into an alley, he went up with unusual grace for someone his size, finding a point where he couldn’t be seen- but could see the majority of the backstreet. *npc* “Rhome, I know you’re in here. We can talk about this.” There was no talking, was there? The man had followed him before. Was he really following him without ill intent? The fire magus had thrown the first punch at the subway after all. Could they talk about this? After several moments, he slid down the ladder and dropped from the fire escape. Benefit of the doubt, maybe things had changed. ..aaaaand a gun. It was the one thing he couldn’t defend himself against effectively. Bullets were weird things, and the risk of collateral damage to create a shield around himself hot enough to melt something moving that quickly was extremely high. Predicting where it would hit him was another variable. He let the guy move closer to him, life expectancy was shorter every step he took to get closer to the former assassin. The bullet would hit him quicker, sure, but he could torch the guy more accurately… and faster, before he ever got a shot off. The fire magus didn’t need words to call on his power, he could do it without warning. The man stopped. He could feel mana. He was smarter than to get any closer. “We just want you to come in.” Nope. He knew with the disappearances he was enemy number one. He would go in, and he wouldn’t come out. “And if I don’t, you’ll kill me here. You’re going to kill me anyway, you just didn’t want to do it on the street where others could see you. Wouldn’t want to look like the Order. Kinda defeats the purpose of being the good guys." Flame flickered down the skin of his hands. “Leave me alone. You attack me, I will defend myself.” His brain was screaming… just kill him already.
  24. Calder Muireadach

    Fae Fury is coming......

    Two miles inland is the halfway house. A stop over for a big meal and to learn of their options, which are two from there. He simply watched; expression uninviting. It never really was anything but, he rarely smiled before this world and even less so now. Well fed they may take the bus down to Rio. The city is dominated by outworlders. A bit noisy and too much….concrete…. for my taste…. One New York for another, only filled with those of their kind or those at least sympathetic to their kind. It might be a good place for some. Then again, the elf could be lying his ass off. …. but they can look for work there and set up a life there if that is how they want to go. No guarantee of an easy transition but at least a guarantee that they are not hunted there… not reviled. The other option is they take the truck the rest of the way into my lands deep in the jungle. There they are guaranteed a home for each family and a job to get them on their feet. It is community living… they find a role to provide to the community in addition to working for the company. There it was, gaze sliding to the verge beyond and back to him. Tending the garden….the animals… something of that nature. Mind wandered off for a moment. Best intentions, for a cost. Stay a week…. a year… a lifetime…. choice is theirs. “Is it really?” question was quiet, deeply mistrustful. He’d used people, because that’s what royalty did. Everyone lived for the rulers’ right to live comfortably, and in turn they provided protection with the expectation they would lay down their lives if they asked them to. This was the best of situations, but deep down he knew he was delivering them to something that benefitted the elf in the end. They just needed to know it that before they made the decision to stay. I get help that can be trusted not to blow up my home…. they get a chance to get on their feet in a place where they are safe from the outside world…. “I don’t vet anyone before I bring them here, so what they do here is on you.” Satisfied? “No, but it’s not my choice.” He nodded slightly to Avi and the man broke from point to head down to bring up the weary travelers. Light footsteps brought him back onto the rail of the boat, where he balanced until they all had emerged. “We’re going to get on a caravan to get something to eat, then you can choose to go to Rio or you can go further in with Mr. Caranthir and work for him. Both options have pros and cons, but the decision is yours. Know though, that I will not leave without any of you that want to return with me. I will not leave you here if you don’t want to stay.” There were nods and murmurs of the half dozen tired and hot passengers. He unpinned the gangplank with the aid of his crew and secured it to the dock, stepping to the side to let them begin to make their choices. Leaving them to it for a moment, he went to his quarters and found a gray t-shirt and peeled it over his torso, abandoning his larger blade for small utility-looking ones that were in leather sheaths at the base of his spine. T-shirt would be soaked through in a matter of moments. He simply was not of this climate- it seriously took him off his game; he just didn’t have the physiology to deal with it. Shoes were somewhere, sliding on a pair of worn skipper shoes. He was going with to check out the locations. “Keep sharp, leave if there’s any trouble. Half mile out, I’ll find you. If it’s safe we’ll rotate shifts to go up the road and get things we need.” They nodded and he took the gangplank for once. “I’m going with. Not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust anyone until I see it with my own eyes.”
  25. Rhome Del Santo

    Just Another Day at the Office....

    He caught the eye roll at Seiko. Abrasive with almost everyone it seemed. His expression was neutral enough to be unconcerned, but when the guy stepped out into the open with him it changed to hints of sarcasm and curiosity. He’d never been sarcastic in his life; he was indeed losing his mind. Did they just think he was going to reach out and knock it out of the air to protect them? "We call it a kinetic vacuum, a device to deprive a kinetic artifact of motion and impact. In short, something to trick it into thinking it’s still flying across the room, when in reality it’s stuck up against the device. Still with me?" Sigh was soft, betraying nothing else but cool. He got it. Why the hell was he here cleaning up other people’s messes…. he shouldn’t have stuck his nose in. The magus was not a team player, made even less so when he watched the grin on the guy’s face. If he got his ass kicked because someone needed to prove themselves in a pissing contest he was going to… This is indeed why he wasn’t a team player. “I like you, I think, but when this is all said and done, I’m gonna have a lot of questions for ya about all this...” Full gaze went to the man. It was the only time in his life he could recall anyone ever saying that about him. Questions though, questions were bad- he killed people for a living. So much for the quiet exit. “You heard him, people! I want that box in my hands pronto. Go!” “Didn’t come in a box….. chased an officer into this building after they tried to save a shop owner around the corner from it. Killed both.” Great. “Of course Pharos is SUPPOSED to have those kinds of things handy…. containments of all kinds…..” Brow cocked slightly. "…only reason to call Pharos in the first place." Okay, he had things to do other than get in the middle of a tiff, noting she was readying to take aim. He moved off on his own until the suicide plan came together and the elusive Pharos item came into play. There wasn’t more he could do other than tend to the fallen, noticing quickly that others weren’t as comfortable with it. New Pharos, or old Pharos with a new job... the guy seemed to be heebie-jeebied out. It bolstered his suspicion he was out to prove himself. Well. If he could wrap this up in a nice bow for him, he would. “Dammit Kayne… Don’t look at the bodies.” He was about to answer, but the thing was moving, hand snapping up to Seiko not to fire yet. Yes, that type of kneejerk shit would get him killed… the magus absolutely still as the thing almost knocked an agent on his ass. They didn’t have much more time for this thing to flop around before it took down the building. Eyes scanned the room, looking for a bit of predictability as to where the thing would go if Seiko or he missed. If all else failed, there were things he could do to stop it… things he would rather not have to- collateral in the immediate vicinity would be huge. “Ten degrees… ten degrees… “ he was talking to himself in his own little world, glancing back and forth between it, Seiko and his position. He’d been watching it; it did have a method to its madness. It seemed attracted to movement, vibration… like a bat almost. If it moved again, he would have to reset himself. He was probably going to die anyway. “I need the impact -not the explosion- to be less than five feet from me. I hope you’re a good shot,” words were directed at Seiko. “It will restart and slow its momentum, and I can stop it for about ten seconds.” He slid out the athame he always carried from the sheath on the inside of his wrist under his sleeve. Slicing a quick two inch nick in his palm, he made a fist, wiping the blade on his thigh and returning it. Blood was no joke. He could not afford to lose. Gaze went to Darius, eyes reflecting oddly in the light with their mercurial silver. Mana was starting to be pulled in. “Stay twenty feet out from me to my right. Wait three seconds after that rocket goes off before you head toward me or the explosion will burn your face off. I can keep from burning you.” Not the entire truth. If Pharos was slow, or hesitated, the longer it took the hotter it would have to get to keep the thing stationary for him to slam the box or whatever it was around it. Pharos was probably going to come out with a good suntan. He didn’t need to know that yet, no need to plant seeds of doubt that could cripple bravado at go-time. The Magus? The magus was too trusting that when he "ceased fire" in order to not barbecue his partner in crime when he got close, that Pharos would be fast enough to snatch it before it crushed the Italian's rib cage. Fuck this hero shit. “How’s it coming Pharos? Find the thing we need?” It was wiggling like an impatient child. Could it feel the mana moving? Left hand slowly swathed itself with a white quiver before it slithered to life as cooler orange flame. Stop it with the left, be ready to push Pharos out of the way with his right if things went wrong, pray he didn’t need both hands to stop it or get out of the way before it squished him. He had a back-up plan... but it wasn't one he wanted to execute. His Uriel charm wouldn't protect him against that and he really didn't want to end up naked in a small crowd of people. Or dead. Dead was more concerning, but naked would suck too. This was the dumbest thing he’d ever done, trusting others not to fuck up. He was not a team player. "Last chance for a better plan?"
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