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  2. Nighttime is Playtime

    Tom sensed a small defense get raised again. He had allowed himself to relax in front of someone for the first time in...since the Event really. Roderick and Matteo had seen the best and worst of Tom...but outside of the family...boundaries were always firmly in place. Subtle facial features were the only betrayal that he had slipped back into a more business-like demeanor. Most would miss it. Eris likely wouldn't. Fair enough...he suspected the same sort of thing happened to her as well. It wasn't often you found someone you could relate to in this new world. Best not to disrupt that. “Why, you interested in getting your butt kicked...Which is what the outcome would be." A small smile crept across his face...not a mocking one...but a smile nonetheless. "I wouldn't be all that surprised, honestly. Although I am a slight bit more agile than the car you tossed through my walls." He noted her posture...almost daring to be challenged. Perhaps another time. His absence was certainly noticed by now...not that it mattered all that much. The club was not his to supervise and manage...although this was a Family event and he shouldn't be absent from all of it. "I think we have a lot to talk about." He turned to look at the skyline to reorient himself to his position within the city. He intended to look into this building later. He believed he could trust her...however the old adage of 'trust buy verify' rang in his brain. Eris was not one to play with her cards laid out on the table for all to see. "But not tonight." "Mind telling me more of what you had in mind on the way back to your hangar?" He motioned toward the plane. A quick flare of his nostrils as he exhaled abruptly betrayed the emotion underlying his next statement. "I should be getting back to the club." He didn't want to...but duty...
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  4. Hands rubbed over his features as he stood on the field of the massive stadium. It was tee minus just days and counting before their grand opening and there was as always still too much to do. Wrist turned over to glance at his watch again. He was meeting some Pharos guy in twenty minutes. It had been an odd phone call. Gaspari had apparently reached out to the head of the organization who in turned reached out to him offering to add extra security opening night by adding some artifact to his outer enhanced cage. He was supposed to be getting some sort of demo today. He had immediately called Gaspari to confirm this bizarre turn of events only to be told yes this was his doing. After arguing that the cage was already enhanced nine ways to Sunday, he was told a bit more security didn't hurt their image. Gaspari was probably right, an audience injury opening night could kill the endeavor dead in its tracks. Still... they had six different mage enhancements on the damn place. This seemed like overkill. NPC: You want me to just lead the guy down here when he arrives? ya.... may as well get right to the point on it. As security walked away he moved to the stage, hopping up to sit on its edge and wait. The massive platform was for the show before the fight. Derrick was supposed to play, something Gaspari seemed pretty excited about. She was good and all, but for this size crowd? Then again, Gaspari always seemed to know something he didn't. Legs swung back and forth off the edge as he looked at his watch again....... three minutes since the last time he had looked.
  5. Feles, a warriors rp!

    [align=center] Feles Feles is a new warrior cats rp, set in present day. It has four Clans, WillowClan, AshClan, EmberClan, and MossClan. It is brand new and is still looking for some high ranks to be filled, as well as eager members who are willing to role play and start some plots! It has a currency system, called furballs, which you earn by role playing and going to events such as Gatherings and Clan meetings. It has only a 40 word minimum count for role play posts, but awards you more furballs the more you post! go to ![/align]
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  7. Thanks so much. I am at a conference one more day but will fix when I get home!
  8. The year is 2157 - the rule of humans has ended in them being scattered in the wilds or enslaved to the new dominate species: the apes. But in the mysterious “Forbidden Zone” - a rebellion of apes and humans lead by the mysterious Caesar is rising. Where will you stand in this battle for dominance over the planet of the apes? * Brand new! In need of good, friendly staff to help with running the show! * VERY loosely based on the original Planet of the Apes movie timeline but you need no information on it to join. * High ranking positions on both sides currently available.
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  10. Would Be Reluctant Hero

    Brandon chuckled and sat up on bed grateful that the pain was gone, “I hope by tomorrow my moment of fame will be forgotten.” He tilted his head and gazed at the woman, "actually, I like bar food as much for the taste as the atmosphere.” The university grad hated attention, especially for having any sort of special ability. He still believed he was human, still thought that his change was merely a variant that had happened to him for the worst and wasn't about to believe he was any sort of hero. if there was too much fuss Brandon would have to move on for his own safety. Life for the "freaks" that had been changed by the Resonance. He took in a deep breath and glanced around, "getting attention for being different hasn't proved too helpful for me." Brandon's face reddened as he realized how undressed he was, "um I should probably get dressed."
  11. Would Be Reluctant Hero

    The words that came from him made her hesitate for a second. Was this guy really hitting on her, she thought. I mean it wasn't something that she wasn't used to. It was just that after her brief time with Boone she had hoped that something would become more between them, but he had been busy. Though so had she. Working at the hospital was no walk in the park. Still. It almost felt wrong. This interaction that is. However. Life is short and nothing had been set in stone between her and Boone. "Well what happens to be your favorite food? There are lots of restaurants here in the city to choose from. Maybe even too many," She said, staying in the chair still trying to regain her strength. That was the only downfall of her ability. It could make her incredibly tired if she used it too much. Which as of lately that had been quite often. She had been thinking for a while that she should take a vacation. Maybe just stay holed up in her apartment for a week or something. Binge on tv shows and movies. “Besides how often do I get the chance to take a woman who thinks I’m a hero?” She smiled at his words. "I'm sure after tonight there are more than a few people that probably think you're a hero. Saving lives, hell even a life, is no easy feat," she said as she tried standing up slowly. She sighed and smiled more, realizing that her strength had come back to her.
  12. Need of a Rp

    Anyone looking to do any rp. I was hoping to get into something open, but the site seems to be slow.
  13. Just Another Day at the Office....

    As Pharos nearly got their heads sliced off, her eyes rolled, huffed frown betraying she wasn’t impressed. Wonderful… more "civilians" to save….. Murmur was under her breath but elicited a chuckle out of Lance who had used the Pharos diversion to get back to her side, blood trickling down his cheek from his temple. NPC:…we got a plan..? Ya…. Let the hammer kill them for a while and see if any of the team…... Voice trailed off as the head of this farce was suddenly there and yapping at them. “Agent Kayne, Pharos. I need the who, what, when, and why on this hammer, now. And if you know anything about how it’s doing this, even better. Speak!” Lance took a slow visible step away from the line of fire as her brow lifted at the man. If Gail wasn’t dead yet…. he would be for leaving her to the inept of the Pharos leftovers. IF we knew what was powering it do you think we would have even called YOU?..... IF you are Pharos… shouldn’t you know those things?…. There was a menacing staccato to her words as she stepped closer to the man. IF you were worth anything as an agent, don’t you think that YOU should be telling me the facts?… Step to the right was sudden as out of the corner of her eye she had been tracking the hammer, gliding out of its path at the last minute as she continued. ……IF artifacts are your specialty don’t you think that YOU should be confining that thing already? Arm snapped out in the direction of the hammer as it exploded into the wall just beyond them, shards of concrete ricocheting through the air like small bullets. Huff through her nostrils dismissed the man as she dodged, the hammer coming back for the two of them. Hand snatched Lance by the shoulder to ensure he moved out of her way while not moving into the path of the hammer. This was an absolute fiasco.
  14. The Great Ocean Escape

    "I was referring to you. I know your friend found the rooms, he snores." His return nearly had her jumping out of her very skin. Pallor drained to nearly translucent, blue hued veins playing peek-a-boo on her cheeks as crimson blinked at him… lips murmuring nearly inaudibly… Not really….a friend… Lips pulled through her teeth as she shimmied to the wall on bare tiptoes to be out of his way. She had only met Will the same day she had met this stranger, didn’t really make them friends. Though even drunk he had tried to help her, so not enemies at least either. Eyes caught the "ink" again. It had a light of its own which wasn’t something she had seen on this world, at least not in Ireland. Toes slid along the wall as she crept off to the room… a quiet "sorry" repeated before slipping in to seek something more to wear. Slender fingers fiddled along the sides of the coat, seeking pockets that were a hanging a bit too low on her form as she finally peeked into the mess hall. "I'm Calder." She nearly popped out of her skin again. Damn she needed to settle down! Waves bobbed as she nodded faintly at him, nostrils filling with whatever he was stirring in the bowl. Now closer it was becoming apparent it was chili. Rhyse…. Response was soft as the eyes lost interest in him, focusing down instead on his bowl. It smelled like a pretty good chili actually. Definitely more the traditional end of chili which she appreciated. Hers was chocked full of pumpkin which seemed more popular in Ireland. "Best chili anywhere." Brow lifted a bit over the crimson orbs as she slid her lower lips through upper teeth, lowering into the seat and plucking the spoon up to swirl in the bowl. "I picked this up from a trading post in the gulf. It's a cinnamon hot chocolate." Nostrils flared at the mug, thick lashes half closing as for the first time the lips turned ever so slightly upward enjoying the scent. Murmured words were not really meant for him. …be even better if added some allspice and sweet ancho peppers…… The lashes lifted and saw him, almost startled he was there as the tone turned to something almost apologetic, as if she could be mistaken as complaining. … cinnamon is very good too. As if to shut herself up she pushed a large spoonful of chili between her lips and lowered her gaze back to the bowl. "New York isn't Ireland. You hide, people will think you have something TO hide. Huge magus presence there. Respected, in positions of power. You can pass, but not if you hide." Lashes lifted to him, his words pondered a moment as lips were licked over. Didn’t used to be hiding…. Her English had been learned in the welsh continent…. the lilt of Irish tingeing her accent. I um….. wore contacts…. lost those….. but that was it….. I mean…. I had my own shop and people didn’t seem to….…. Voice trailed off. It was more than she had spoken in a while and she was suddenly acutely aware of it, lips clamping shut as she realized he had not really intended to engage in conversation, already turning to leave. To cover up the awkward moment she quickly took another scoop of the chili. It had been a long time since she had been without those damn contacts. The eyes that were so mundanely average on her world, were unheard of and demonic on this one. Truth was it was the first time in ages her eyes didn’t ache and water.
  15. The Great Ocean Escape

    The spilled water was not lost to him, neither was the apology. It was a boat. Boats got wet, what he did worry about was the glass itself and whether or not it got cleaned up. Broken things caused problems, water this close to the upper deck could freeze. Stepping through the doorway, he grabbed a towel and tossed it over his shoulder, returning just in time to watch her roll out of a tangled shirt. "I was referring to you," he said quietly, reaching to pull his ponytail out and pile a topknot on the back of his skull and roll up the sleeves of his blue Henley. "I know your friend found the rooms, he snores." Kneeling to swipe a towel over the water and pick up the glass, the blue script banding his forearms twinkled with their own light when he touched the water. He didn't seem bothered by it, but the pale gaze glanced at her briefly as she retreated. There were altered on his boat, he was an Outworlder... so were others of his small crew. He'd seen odd reactions to each other's abilities before. There were endless possibilities of what was yanked through the Veil, some oil and water, others like opposite magnet poles. This one though, brought an odd glance over his shoulder as she retreated to one of the quarters seemingly to put on some damn clothes. Towel was tossed into the sink, glass set in after. One of his crew was finishing something on the stove, filling a tin cup with coffee and heading out to take a break while people came in and out to eat. It was just him when one of his charges peeked in. "I'm Calder." He was stirring something, scooping it into a bowl and adding a spoon to slide onto the small table for her. There literally had been no time for introductions until now. "Best chili anywhere." He scooped one for himself, taking a spoonful and chewing as he swirled a saucepan, pulling two mugs from the hook. "I picked this up from a trading post in the gulf. It's a cinnamon hot chocolate." He poured two cups and sat one next to the bowl on the table. Leaning on the stove, he dug into dinner. "New York isn't Ireland," he said matter-of-factly. "You hide, people will think you have something TO hide. Huge magus presence there. Respected, in positions of power. You can pass, but not if you hide." He took his bowl and mug, giving her a small nod before turning to leave.
  16. Day in the Park

    Friday, April 6, 2021 Time : Noon "Man what a day", spoke Moses to himself as he stretched his body out. His long slender arms extended out toward the heavens as his chest shot up toward the sky. The rest of his body leaned back to give him some balance and support his weight. With his head now twelve feet off the ground Moses had a good view of the park. It was calm, peaceful, and filled with warming sun light. Ever since his transformation into a Lamia Moses has always enjoyed the sun light. He was not cold blooded like many snakes, but the warm feeling of the sun on his scales gave him a sense of joy he lacked when he was still a normal man. So many things had changed since he transformed. There were so many things he had lost. "Enough of that', spoke Moses aloud as he cleared the thoughts from his mind. Now was not the time to be thinking about that. He did that enough all the time. Now as the time to enjoy the park, take in the sun, and feel alive once more. The city was completely different from the south. In his old hometown there were trees everywhere. Compared to New York it was practically a forest. Here in the big apple though, well it was a bleak landscape of concert and yellow taxi cabs, except here. In this one little area the world was renewed. Grass spread all around and tress bloomed like spring. It was Moses one place of sanctity in this city. The one place that felt close to home. Central park, the big green of New York. "Alright lets get some exercise in", he spoke to himself as his body returned to its normal standings position. He then began to slither across the ground at elevated speeds. Viewing the world form this angle was frustrating and weird when he first started, but now, well now it was just another thing. He wondered if it was the same for the other meta-humans who lived in the city. Maybe not the same exact experience. A centaur did not have to look at the world from the ground, or slide on its belly, but the normalcy they had experience had also been shattered. As Moses glided across the grass his mind was filled with various sensations. However the Lamia was simply ignoring them. He did not care that a dog was urinating under a tree, or that the women staring at him from a nearby bench was deadly afraid. He did not care that the businessman walking by was three degrees lower than everyone else, nor did he care that the women in the bathroom was burning up from disease. Today was not they day his sensations would get the better of him, but the day he let the world simply bleed into a uniform grey. it was his day at the park, and the sun was radiating a glorious hue. "I wonder if I can buy a waffle come", spoke Moses to himself as his nose picked up on the smell. His tong flicked out his mouth and confirmed the sensation.
  17. In Need of Stuff!

    If you are in need of a post partner I can help. Moses is a factionless character so it is not like they will bump heads.
  18. The Great Ocean Escape

    Swirl was becoming violent. First clockwise…then counter, water sloshing faintly over the side despite the fact that crimson orbs had departed from the glass of water. The push against liquid was innate, despite having spent several years avoiding it. Lashes flicked upward as the ship shifted course and the slap of water against the hull elicited a flinch through her spine. Arms tightened their grip around her knees, more for comfort than any protection against the cold. This was a mistake….so was staying in Ireland….what alternative did that leave? "Rise and shine…" She nearly jumped out of her skin having missed him coming down the stairs over her head. Glass upturned, water flooding outward into the walkway. Sorry…. Apology was incredibly timid, barely audible over her breath. "It’s going to keep getting colder for another day or so, there are warmer clothes in the two rooms aft. Sweaters, coats, scarves, hats… whatever you need. Food’ll be ready soon in the galley." She had half tripped face first to the floor untangling herself from the shirt she had pulled over her knees. He's sleeping in one of…… He was already gone. ….them. Quiet word sighed from her lips. She had found one of the rooms and half drug Will into it to sleep off his liquor and then just…. sleep…it seemed. She had checked on him twice to make sure he hadn't died… he hadnt. Sleep seemed to be deep for the man as he cuddled into the small bed. She had not wanted to be presumptuous and take the other room. There were others on the ship and frankly…. sleep was elusive ever since she had been on the run. She couldn’t recall the last time she had slept. A jacket wouldn’t hurt…… Lip was chewed as she peeked into the second room, the tight quarters were not so tight for the small frame as she hesitated opening the closet. There was an array of clothing haphazardly hanging in the gap. She wasn’t really cold natured but she was barely dressed in the oversized garments so the navy wool jacket caught her attention. The arms were slid over pale skin only to hang four inches beyond her fingertips. Grumbling under her breath she rolled them up as she stepped back into the hall, the hem nearly brushing the ground. She wasn’t THAT small…. was she? Buttoning the middle button she decided the coat actually belonged to someone extra tall because she was NOT that small. Closing the door quietly again she padded bare feet towards the galley. There had been no talk of payment, at least not yet. Problem was she had nothing to give. She could cook…. that was about all she could offer. Peach and amber waves peeked around the corner into the galley as a faint waft came of something warm. Crimson tried to avoid contact with anything… or rather…. anyone as she sought the source of the scent. Sleep eluded her… but not hunger as the stomach rumbled beneath the oversized navy wool.
  19. HOME | LINK BACK | PLOT It's been seven hundred years since a great plague has swept the galaxy, devastating the Jedi and Sith and leaving civilization in ruins. From these ashes, three fledgling empires have arisen, resilient and powerful; the Corellians, the Hutts, and the Mandalorians. Will you pick a side and lead your people to glory? Or will you lurk in the shadows, bent on nothing but your own goals? Step into the Dark Age and carve your name into the stars.]
  20. Moonlight Cocktail

    [align=center] IN A WORLD OF HERO VERSUS HERO, WHO WILL SURVIVE?[/align]
  21. Nighttime is Playtime

    "You remind me of someone..." As soon as she said it he seemed to smile, her lashes lowering slightly to suspicion. She was always suspicious. People took comments like that and could twist them to elicit reactions that would spill more than she wanted to tell. "You remind me of someone as well." Brow cocked gently. Too intimate. Their conversation was flirting the line of being too familiar. She hated people for a reason. With incredibly rare exception, they always disappointed her. Changing gears kept the conversation moving forward, but deflected the subject from spiraling deeper into her personal territory. Get him to talk about himself. "I used to. I recently started hitting the bag again. It serves to...calm me a bit. You interested in a sparring partner?" Brow quirked again, amused at the fists. Task accomplished, sort of. “I haven’t hit a bag since basic training,” she quipped, slight smile on her lips as she slid quietly down from the perch. She needed to get him back to the club; he was hosting a party after all. She’d be content to kidnap him for as long as he wanted, but it was probably not a good idea for him to play hooky from his own event for much longer. Her mission for the evening had been somewhat accomplished at this point. “Being able to flip a car prevents that necessity anymore.” There was bite behind it, a challenge maybe. “Why, you interested in getting your butt kicked?” The constant movement of air in their sky high perch had pulled locks from the pristine ponytail again. The wisps were annoying her. She pulled it out to smooth it back once more, the brief finger comb as it let loose a short glimpse at something that proved she wasn’t perfect no matter how much she would deny it, and broke the severity of her perfectly manicured public mask for a brief moment. She had once been hands on. Once. There had been a time when the wisps didn't bother her. “Which is what the outcome would be.” It was matter of fact, arms crossed quietly as he was watched through slightly narrowed eyes.
  22. The Great Ocean Escape

    He hated cleaning his boat. Granted, the ferrying often put people on his ship that were definitely not used to long weeks at sea, but it still was irritating to bring the drunk on board. It added a whole other mix of problems he really didn’t want to deal with. Things seemed to have quieted for now. They were making great time, the captain sitting in his perch with feet up on the bench next to him, eyes on the endless horizon. He was leaning in the seat, one elbow on the windowsill, contemplating things that probably didn’t need to be worried about… watching the waters. It was horrible timing to be making crossings. Ice flow. Seas were rough, but not so much so that he needed to slow down. Course was adjusted slightly, then locked into place, passing it off to his first mate. “Keep this course, keep the watches on the bow...” he said quietly, ducking under the door and trotting down the stairs to go below deck. Time to check again on his charges. They’d been awful quiet, and it was getting colder. Neither of them were particularly well dressed when they’d gotten on the boat. There were rooms they could stay in. They were small, but it was better than the cargo hold. Breath was visible a moment before making the turn to go below, his footsteps almost silent despite his size. “Rise and shine,” voice was loud enough to be heard, but not particularly directed at anyone. “It’s going to keep getting colder for another day or so, there are warmer clothes in the two rooms aft. Sweaters, coats, scarves, hats… whatever you need. Food’ll be ready soon in the galley.” He closed the door to the deck and keep on his path down the stairs and straight through another door to disappear toward the galley.
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  26. Subtle Sabotage

    New World Therapy and Health Services Shortly before the grand opening of Satyr Stadium Late afternoon Gena was cleaning the coffee pot in the break area, he could hear it layered between the cacophonies of pounding feet on the treadmills. A fresh brew was coming, it was the only scent he really truly loved. Eyes were carefully watching Chris on the wooden dummy as he waited for the new pot to finish, the guy was fast, but was already moving to the next hit before committing to the first. “Being fast isn’t the goal,” he said quietly, catching the man’s fist with unnatural speed before it hit the target, deflecting the weak punch to the side. Chris stumbled back slightly. “I… I don’t want to break the dummy.” Kai shook his head, “you won’t. I barely pushed you and you lost your footing.” “Yah, but you’re…” he let it trail, lowering his voice, “…like me. Stronger.” The expressive brows quirked at him as he crossed his arms, “it’s built for us, to withstand our punches. Do it again.” Chris was one of the first Weres the cat had ever been able to tolerate for longer periods of time. The veteran was building quite a school of students in his new facility. Classes were starting to give way to individual training sessions. He actually liked it better. The solitary Were seemed to be becoming more welcoming… perhaps he was just building up the resilience to control the cat. It may have helped that Chris was also of the feline variety, but he wasn’t a strong Were and was definitely nowhere near dominant despite his appearance. The guy was big, had a few inches on the Brit and was built like a linebacker. If the world were normal, in a bareknuckle it would be obvious who would win. It wasn’t normal, Kai had a mix of complications, and Chris had been a bus driver that dabbled in botany. Not that a bus driver that was also a competitive gardener couldn’t kick ass, it was just Chris hadn't, still couldn’t and most likely never would. The big guy did it again. He was fast, still noncommittal. Chris simply didn’t want to hit things. A long breath was drawn, tapping his thumbs on his biceps, “you’re not ready for a competitive fight.” “I know,” he took a towel and wiped it over his features. “I withdrew this morning.” Kai’s features were quizzical, inside… he was elated. Third victory in as many weeks. He’d taken it upon himself to personally seek out all the opponents signing up for that shitstorm of an entertainment venue and convince them to back out. His arguments were valid. They would become targets for being what they were, most likely get the crap kicked out of them, and not win anything. “Are you sure?” Chris nodded, soft spoken, “you’re right, the money is tempting but… I still don’t want people to know what I am.” He glanced around the room. “Nobody here knows about you, and you could kick my ass.” “It’s not about ass-kicking Chris, really.” There was a twinge of something, empathy? The conversation continued quietly. “It’s about not making us look like complete rabid brutes. We’re targets for a variety of reasons, we don’t need to show the world how vicious we can be. Mages… Outworlders… they have the good fortune of still being seen as human. We don’t. People see us as animals. I don’t want to hide, but fighting in a ring in front of thousands of people is not the way to let people know who we are. Proud of you for realizing it wasn't something for you.” He took Chris’ place at the dummy, snapping through a series of motions. The reinforced machine strained against his pulled punches. “Before you move, feel all your forward momentum exit through your fist before committing to your next move. Again.” He stepped back and Chris ran through the complex series of moves again. "Better." Kai’s always calm exterior hid the churning thoughts, resisting the urge to smile to himself as he crossed his arms and watched his student... another cancel. Another victory.
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