Omenwich Square

Welcome to Omenwich Square, an isle of Old World charm in the vast, bustling sea of New York City. Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, off Broadway, between 82nd and 83rd this village of inviting cobblestone alleyways and intrigue awaits those adventurous souls who would explore the famed, magical square. Nestled between the narrow corridors of this stone labyrinth of brownstone buildings, one will find a variety of facilities catering to the mystical theme of the neighborhood, along with the founders of the three flagship businesses, who as pillars of the community provide a rich, historical archive of reference. So, whatever your taste, be sure to stop by Rare Relics if you seek mythical occult treasures, or explore the arcane books of the Dark Horse Crossroads. Whatever your fancy, be sure to pop in and enjoy the authentic hospitality of Omenwich's most beloved pub, the Oak & Henge.