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Owner: @Boone (Paddy) Fitzpatrick  This is your hometown bar. The one you are comfortable coming to after work or after a day out on the lake fishing. Six pool tables line the exterior walls. Games are free so long as you're drinking. The walls are decorated with an assortment of hunting heads and old photographs of movie stars. Brick and beams gives it an old pub feel right in the middle of New York. Stools line all the pillars as well as the thirty foot long bar with twenty beers on tap at all times, at least six of which are Irish. 


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Like no other club in New York, boasts 2 indoor pools surrounded in lush black leather couches, 3 dance floors and bars nestled in every corner. A massive outdoor deck is covered in synthetic lawn, surrounded in glass wall rails with two large bars. Music thrums out the open walls that make it difficult to know what is indoor and what is out. More secluded rooms can be found attached to the corridors, assigned their own bartender and a bouncer at the door. Main dance floor has a large live stage and is looked over by a VIP balcony which is invitation only. This upstairs lounge has reinforced glass walls that keep out the sound but not the show below while a private bar and cigar humidor cater to the VIPs every need.

Dress Code: Cocktail Chic - you aren't getting into Bakkhos in shorts!

NYC's premier upscale gentleman's (strip) club, it provides a sultry club atmosphere with gorgeous women and finest drinks money can buy. Escort services, private rooms, just about anything it available here. Multiple bars, multiple stages, wall-to-wall eye candy.

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Owned by Bakkhos:
The casino now houses over 60,000 square feet of gaming space, including fifty private rooms for "closed" parties. Two bowling alleys are in the back attached to a lush bar and cocktail resort and Nonno's Trattoria is a classic Italian Restaurant that specializes in Sicilian style. The Terrace bar extends with a deck that overlooks the racetrack where horseraces have just started up once more. The hotel attached to the casino is fittingly opulent with the top floors reserved for VIPs.

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