Bakkhos - NY- Roderick Brunelli

    Tom Everett Scott
    Altered Human
    Manager of Thyrsus

What is this Character needed for (include any existing or upcoming plots): Works the main bar/counter at Thyrsus. He is the gatekeeper and first line of contact for Tom Gallo. He oversees most things Thyrsus…especially the “legit” portion


Gender: Male

Age: 30

Race: Altered Human

Faction: Bakkhos

Occupation: Manager of Thyrsus

Created By: Thomas (Tom) Gallo


Personality: Roderick is easy going and friendly. He is always kind, generous and unoffending. Every patron who walks into Thyrsus feels welcome and often finds themselves having enjoyed their visit.


Roderick is a driven man who seeks to accomplish the task in the best way possible. Unlike his boss, Tom, he has a quiet determination that only reveals itself by his smile disappearing momentarily.


Roderick is charming and disarming…without being sleezy. In just about every way possible, Roderick puts out the vibe of handsome, charming, genuine nice guy. If Tom is the ‘iron-fist’, Roderick is the velvet glove.


History: Work in progress.


Skills: Store management…Roderick is very organized. Inventory, accounting, etc…Roderick is a bit of a superstar at all of it

Emotionally perceptive: Roderick seems to have a keen insight into people’s moods, motivations, etc. He can read people. He often picks up on Tom’s mood shifts before they manifest outwardly and acts accordingly.


Abilities (if applicable): Empathic Manipulation: Roderick can influence the mood of others. The more extreme the alteration, the more effort required. Shifting ‘annoyed’ to ‘neutral’ is easy. Shifting enraged to friendly is extremely difficult and near the extreme of his ability. (any associated side-effect/downside can be determined by player)

One other ability determined by player

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