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First and foremost we want you to have fun!! And while there are rules below, if you stick to No Whining, No Drama, and Be Mature you are likely to fit in fine.


These are the rules for using our Cbox.

  1. Use your character name(s) when registering/ also helpful to use their avatar
  2. No politics, religion or other "hot button" topics - keep it light
  3. Do not mimic/steal people's user names/avatars
  4. While the site is mature rated, Cbox is PG-13 - no discussing our AC here
  5. Don't advertise, talk about or link to other boards in cbox. Also don't spam or flood the box.
  6. Try to keep your real life troubles out of cbox, people come here for fun, if you need to talk to someone we ask you do so through messenger instead
  7. Remember that if you post your contact info someone you do not know can also grab that information
  8. Do not take authority in own hands. If someone breaks a rule, notify @Zeph via pm, and not try to 'warn' somebody yourself.
  9. BE NICE. No fighting in cbox - lets be adults. Respect other cboxers. Treat them as you would like to be treated.
  10. Have fun!

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