Guidelines/ Rules of Resonance (REQUIRED)

First things first, welcome! We are happy you are here and hope you find a mature and enriching environment to welcome your muse.

This site is rated mature (3-3-3). Our average player is 25+ with staff averaging 40+, so we cater to an older crowd with less online time. Because of this we tend not to have an active cbox and may take more than a day to approve characters but please don't mistake this for inactivity. Careers and families take precedence but we are quite active. If there is no one in the chat to answer questions just post them in the forum "QUESTIONS". With a registered name you can also use the Help ticketing system if you do not want your questions public.

Take some time reading over these rules -- they are important for a pleasurable writing experience on this site.

Note: This site functions best in Chrome and Firefox. It is most "glitchy" in IE but still works fine!


  1. No word count :) - people tend to post match here but even that is not required. Quality over quantity.
  2. Be respectful to everyone while using the board, cbox, and PMs. Refrain from drama. This INCLUDES bugging people to post - this is a site that caters to older players - they post when they can.
  3. God Moding/Autos/Over Powered are forbidden. There is an explanation about these terms in our helpful article, How to Role Play Like a Champ. Also this is an original writing site so no fandom please.
  4. Posts must be 3rd person past tense.
  5. Real Play-Bys - limited realistic artwork for non-human appearing characters (ex: lizard race) which is subject to staff approval. If your character has a human & non-human form you will need a play-by for their human form. No animated avatars or signatures, but you can have them in the "About Me" section of your profile. Avatars= 150 px by 400 px for best fit.

Adult Content:

  1. Adult Content (AC) on this site is for mature adults only. It is automatically granted after 2mths active play so long as you demonstrated you are a mature writer. It is expected you will not harass others about what goes on in the AC areas. Access can be removed at anytime for behavior the staff feels demonstrates a lack of maturity. Also, when in doubt, put it in the AC section as it is for explicit/detailed descriptions of nudity, sex, disturbing violence, and gore.
  2. Certain sensitive subjects are not allow even in the AC areas: Rape, abortion, sex slaves, & excessive S&M/BDSM. If you are looking for that there are sites better suited for you.
  3. Resonance is not a smut site. It is a writer's site. AC threads should be natural flows from actual plots. Writing nothing but AC will earn you a request to find a forum better suited to what you want.

Character Creation:

  1. Three characters permitted upon joining. After 1 mth, you can pick up as many characters as you like. We only have this rule because its a burden on the staff to work on 10 characters for you in the first couple weeks only to have you ditch us :/ . We recommend that one of your first characters is natural born to Earth rather than a veil crosser/elf. We say this because the veil crossers in general struggle to belong in a way that can make a brand new player struggle for good threads. Non-Earth characters work great in the setting but we find that for most, the ability to get into more activity immediately makes for a better initial experience in the game and once your feet are wet you can see the "good" places to insert a veil crosser rather than making one randomly and not having a good outlet to write with others.
  2. Your character can NOT be immediate family to any of the big co-stars that run factions. This unfairly gives power by simple association.
  3. If you're thinking about a Sci-fi/High Tech, please, read this first. No alien characters or technology.
  4. Detailed information to help creating a character can be found here.
  5. While abilities are only limited by your imagination, any that allows mimicking of powers, amplification of powers (such as feeding another mana to amp their ability), instant kills or easily control/violate others, mind reading/controlling, mass reality bending, time travel, negation of abilities, instant healing of self/others or instant regeneration are forbidden.
  6. We are not a "power" focused site. What we mean by that is the story is FAR more important than the power you wield. Therefore we always look for powers to be balanced and not too "over the top". Characters with overpowered abilities or skills take longer to review because we work hard to keep a balance. (don't worry, staff will help you balance!)
  7. We do not allow child characters. This includes adult minds in child bodies, child mind in adult bodies or adult characters turned into children. This is an adult site and it's awkward/uncomfortable to bring children into the writing as anything but NPC. All characters must be both physically AND mentally at LEAST 18 years of age for their race. Also every play-by used MUST be over 18.
  8. If this is your first character, we require a writing sample. Please give at least 3-4 paragraphs - a copy of a post from somewhere else is a great sample! For subsequent characters you can enter "see X profile for sample".
  9. Because the Nevus arrival was only 10 years ago and child characters are not allowed, there are no half-breeds with humans, infected, metahumans or humans with abilities.

Inactivity and Play bys/Face Claims:

  1. If you do not log in with your character in a 2 month period, you run the risk of losing your play by/face claim. After 60 days of inactivity without an away message your profile will be turned inactive (not deleted!) and the play by released for others to use. Note: you can always reactivate any character but if the play by was picked up by someone else you will need a new one.
  2. If it is your turn in a group thread with 3 or more people and you delay it more than 12 days without an away message, the group is permitted to skip you to not hold up the storyline. This does NOT mean you are out of the thread, you can post any time to catch up but just recognize you will be skipped due to extended inactivity. If you need to be away its polite to let the group know and invite them to skip you while you are away.

Warnings and Banning:

  1. Ok here is the thing, Resonance is managed by adults for adults. We don't like to warn or ban, don't make us do it. It is rare but happens from time to time and we staff do not consider it lightly.

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