2020 Nov - Fae Ice & Fury

Lasts from Nov 18,2020 - Dec 20, 2020


You think the Outworlder struggle doesn't affect you?.... think again....


Early September, I'rial left Ireland with a promise by her mate to follow soon. He had information of a larger vessel that could take many of their Outworlder brethren away from the horrors they had grown accustomed to in Ireland. She left September tenth on a small personal vessel, he was to leave September eighteenth, just a week later.


She made New York harbors....... her mate of nearly four centuries..... did not.

((His Ill Fated Trip....))


November - the ship came in and she immediately knew her mate was on it and had not survived the journey. The ice fae's grief was inconsolable. Her power magnified on the crossing ley lines of the city in an ill fated spell as the creature released her entire spirit and power in one fatal eruption, body disintegrating into flakes of snow... melted and lost to the world.


It might have ended there... no one noticing......... it might have....but it didn't.


It started almost indiscernible. The winter winds beginning to pick up to drastically drop the temperature in the large city, not unusual for the time of year.  But soon it became clear this was more than simple winter winds. The very climate patterns had been disrupted as nights began to consistently reach temperatures that could kill in less than an hour of exposure. Days, while sunny, were not much better as the footprint of ice spread out from New York, blanketing much of the North American continent including places that never saw ice or snow before.


The world now lives inside its walls and doors desperately trying to stay warm. Vehicles struggle to work as they freeze in place, the demand for "charmed" clothing to keep people warm has grown immensely, yet supply is scarce, the few mages that know how to enhance fabric unable to keep up with the demands. Scientists are baffled by the climate change and currently blame the Nevus as they do with all things they can not explain.


No one is sure how long the "ice age" will last. Every sunny morning there is hope, but every dusk as temperatures again plummet that hope grows thinner.



(( Time to huddle for warmth in the bars and offices!

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