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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

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    She grinned at the mans answer and sipped her drink Oh, he definitely seemed to be flirting she thought to herself. That was novel. She quirked an eyebrow as he questioningly listed off what might have drawn her out tonight. “And If I said none of the above?” She asked with amusement as she studied his face. The smell of blood and sap filled her nose again and she was careful not to react to it as the beast approached them both. Instead she took a deep sip from her drink, her golden eyes wandering as she gave the man who’d bought it for her a once over. He was significantly taller than her, but that wasn’t exactly uncommon, and he seemed solidly built. He had a nice grin too. Her eyes wandered appreciatively for a few moments longer before she set her drink on the bar next to his. She grabbed the bar, lifting herself up into the open seat beside him with casual ease. “Honestly I was invited by a friend, but he wandered off. So since I was already here I decided me and the bar should get better acquainted. “ She told him as her eyes met his again. It was mostly true. As close as she was likely to be telling anyway. “So far it’s turning out to be a pretty good decision.” She said flashing him another smile. She was definitely buzzed, not that it was particularly obvious. “How about you? ” She asked him as she idly traced a finger around the lip of her glass. She studied him once again and her head tilted slightly to the side as her curiosity grew. His aura was bright, but it was also stable. It lacked the orange and red that seemed to dominate most of the crowd as their emotions ran high. It didn’t seem like he was very vested in the fight. He didn’t seem to be drinking heavily enough for that too have called him out either. Besides, If you were out to drink there were far cheaper places to do it, and if he’d been here for the crowd she doubted he’d be here at the bar. “I’m guessing you’re not here for any of those either.” She added speculatively as she took another sip of her drink, blinking in surprise as she realized she’d emptied it. She set the glass on the bar and stared at it for a moment before lightly shaking her head. She’d had more than she’d thought. More than she should have probably. As the thought rolled through her mind she found she didn’t much care. You only live once right? She buried the stray thoughts as she turned her attention back to the man beside her.
  2. Maya Rowen

    Muddling Morning Meeting

    The mornings were evil. That was a known fact. Mornings before coffee however were their own private little section of hell. Unfortunately for Maya she sucked at making coffee, or coffee worth drinking at any rate, so when the morning clamor of the city rudely pulled her from her sleep earlier that morning it was a thoroughly more miserable experience than usual. Of course the bruises on her ribs probably didn’t help either now that she thought about it. She’d been jumping down onto a balcony the night before and had slipped on a freaking puddle. She’d been lucky she managed to grab the railing. Not so lucky she managed to avoid smashing into it as her feet had slipped out from under her unfortunately. Her sour expression as she remembered the incident faded as she grabbed the Styrofoam cup in front of her and took a long appreciative sip. She set the cup back on the table next to her folded cane and a second identical cup. Her eyes darted behind the blackened lenses of her sunglasses as she looked around at the crowd. The shop hadn’t been particularly busy when she’d first showed up but the early and pre-rushhour traffic was out now and the cafe was all but full up. The the opposite seat of her booth remained conspicuously empty. She knew she’d gotten more than a few stares, god knew people seemed to stare a lot more when they weren’t worried about getting caught, but so far no one had gathered up the courage to try to take the seat opposite her. The stares didn’t bother her now. Not like they used too. Still it was hard not to react to them. She probably would have done the same in their place. Her coat sat bundled beneath her where she’d put it to escape the unreasonable warmth that’d accompanied the sea of bodies into the coffee shop, and she was regretting choosing the winter leggings and long sleeve shirt she’d wore beneath it. Not just because of the heat either. People were often put off by her glasses, or her cane, but she’d found very few people could look her empty left sleeve and manage more than a couple of sentences before suddenly realizing they had somewhere else to be. It had made her uncomfortable at first. Honestly it still did more often than she would admit. This morning however she welcomed the solitude enough that she didn’t really mind. After all she’d paid an arm for it, she might as well enjoy it she thought to herself with a grim smile. She reached for her cup once more and struggled not to stiffen as someone walked from the counter straight towards her booth as if pulled their by her thoughts. She kept her face blank and slowly sipped her coffee as she watched the woman approach her. That was more difficult than usual though. The woman burned with a brilliant golden aura similar to her own. Compared to the dull aura’s of the other sleep hazed patrons made her blaze like a sun. Somehow Maya didn’t think it was just because she was a morning person. The woman was a mage. Or something else. Maya continued to sip her coffee and pretended to be oblivious to the woman that was walking straight at her, ignoring a tightness in her chest that had nothing to do with her bruised ribs….
  3. Maya Rowen

    Muddling Morning Meeting

    She didn’t react for a moment, staring blankly ahead before tilting her head curiously in the womans direction. “If you mean me, then go ahead. Seems like you’re the only one willing to.” Maya said with a touch of amusement. She studied the woman, eyes darting behind her sunglasses until they fell on the badge that rested on a chain around her neck. She wasn’t sure what was more surprising. The fact someone had finally gotten up the nerve to approach her, or the fact that it was an ARMA agent who did. She managed to keep the shock off her face thankfully. She’d had a lot of practice.Internally she fought the urge to panic. The paranoid part of her brain told her this was a sting. That the life she’d managed to carve out for herself since she’d gotten out of jail was about to end. She clamped down on that and forced the logical part of her brain to stay in control. If they were coming after her this wasn’t the way they’d do it. It was too crowded. Too many people to get caught in the crossfire for them to try something here. No, if they were on to her they would have tailed her until they found her apartment and then hit it after she’d gone to bed. At least that was how she’d have done it. Less fallout that way. Fewer witnesses too. She told herself that again and again as the woman sat down across from her and by fifth or sixth time she started to believe it enough to relax. Her fingers traced the lip of the cup in front of her as she looked turned her attention towards the woman's general direction. Her lips quirked in genuine amusement as the absurdity of the situation ran through her mind. It sounded like a bad joke. ‘An ARMA agent and a one armed thief walk into a coffee shop.’ The humor vanished as she lifted the cup to her lips, taking a deep sip as she considered the woman in front of her. She was still relatively sure this was chance, or some perverse joke of fate if you believed in it. That didn’t mean she couldn’t be a little more sure. She set the cup down with an appreciative sigh, breathing in deeply in the hopes of catching a taste of the womans aura. The taste of black coffee flashed across her taste buds as she did, lingering for a few seconds. Huh. That was different. She personally drank her coffee with copious amounts of cream and sugar, and whipped cream if she was having a bad day. She only drank it black when she didn’t have anything else and she needed something to keep her going. Or something to keep her from killing other people in the morning. Irritated? Fatigued? She wasn’t sure. Still the woman didn’t seem particularly alarmed in any case. She relaxed, but only slightly. “So what brings you out into the cold this morning?” She asked casually, as she lifted her cup to take another sip.
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    Entranced as she was Maya almost didn’t notice the drink that slid down the bar her way. With buzz she was getting from the first one it took another moment to realize it was for her. She looked back out into the crowd and saw a man lift his glass in salute before taking a sip. Her head tilted in an expression of curiosity as her hand slipped around the base of the glass and pulled it closer. She’d never really been hit on at a bar and for a moment the novelty of the notion entertained her. She usually prefered to drink alone, so on the rare occasion she went to a bar her props and her empty sleeve went with her to keep the casual crowd at bay. An amused smirk flickered across her face as she looked at the man debating his intentions. His aura was too bright for him to be vanilla mortal. He had some kind of gift at a minimum. Not that it inherently gave him some ulterior motive. Unfortunately habits died hard and since her prison break she tended to carefully avoid becoming attached to gifted. Even more than she did people in general. That wasn’t even considering all the implications the venue offered.She traced her finger around the lip of the glass as she continued watching the man for a few seconds, debating. Still watching she lifted the glass slightly in his direction and gave a rare grin as she lifted it to her lips and took a sip. A small sip. She was no stranger to drinking, but despite that it didn’t take much for her to end up fall down drunk. Unless she magically grew a foot or so that wasn’t likely to change. She’d never really minded. She didn’t drink for the sake of drinking like some people, she drank to take the edge off. She turned back to the bar to set her glass down and noticed the man who’d stepped behind it for the first time. His aura was brighter than average but still far too dull to be mage. Her expression became curious once more, but that curiosity faded as the muted smell of pine sap and fresh blood rolled over her. She knew that smell. That was the smell of a werecreature. She managed to keep her expression pleasant, but there was little she could about the hammering of her heart. It shouldn’t have caught her off guard. After all the stadium was exactly the sort of place they’d be likely to turn up. Between the fighters and Bakkhos muscle she wouldn’t have been surprised if there’d been more than a few in that crowd. Or she wouldn’t have if she’d been thinking clearly anyway. With as much as she’d had already she was lucky she hadn’t done something foolish. Foolish would likely be fatal. She was likely overreacting. It was far from a full moon, and while that didn’t mean the man in front of her wasn’t dangerous he wasn’t likely to eat her. Nor were the Bakkhos likely to let their customers be mauled. Still likely wasn’t the same as definite. She gave the man behind the bar a polite nod and stood, throwing her jacket casually over her shoulder and grabbing her drink before casually making her way over to the other gifted.Her heart rate slowed slightly as she put some distance between her and the man behind the bar. " To what do I owe the honor?” She asked with a trace of genuine amusement as she lifted her drink towards the man who’d bought it, her head tilting back slightly as her gaze rose to meet his.
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    The club was packed. It seemed like the entire city had turned out to watch the brutal spectacle on display tonight. To get that pulse pounding adrenaline rush as the rest of the crowd cheered over the two men trying to beat each other to a pulp. Maya wasn’t one of them. That was probably obvious to anyone who cared to notice. She sat alone at the bar, patrons on either side of her alternating between loud conversations and wild cheering whenever one of the fighters seemed to gain an edge. Her cane and sunglasses were absent tonight. The dim golden glow of of her pupils was far less noticeable in the present setting then her props would have been. She was dressed rather more richly than normal in fitted black slacks, and a red silk button up that clung to her frame and exposed the dark swirls of ink that ran along the left side of her neck .A dark blazer hung from the back of her stool and black gloves hid the tattoos on her right hand and the metallic sheen of her left. Her hair that normally obscured her features had been pulled back and tied in a loose knot at the base of her skull. “If there is a God I'm pretty sure he hates me. “ Maya thought to herself sourly as she idly stirred the drink in front of her with a straw. Not that she needed any more confirmation of that. She really shouldn’t be drinking but she needed something to take the edge off. Normally she didn’t mind crowds. Hell, normally she didn’t even mind the fights like this, though they weren’t something she really followed. The people in this crowd were so emotionally charged though between, the fight, the booze, and everything else that she could taste it. Literally. It was sharp, like the bite of good tequila. It was almost as intoxicating as the drink in front of her. It made her heart race, and whole body seemed to resonate with the frenetic energy.. It was exhilarating...and terrifying. She knew how quickly that buzz could be washed away by flood of emotion that came with her flashbacks. It was only one of the reasons she didn’t really want to be there. Security for the event had bordered on the ridiculous and there was a likely enough police presence to further fray her nerves. She would much rather have stayed home honestly, or gone to Chloe’s. Unfortunately she was here for work not play. Graft was meeting with a client so he’d called her here. She had no doubt that he was enjoying the fight in one of the VIP boxes while he talked business with whoever it was. She knew the club was owned by the Bakkhos which might have said some interesting things. On the other hand it might not have. Events like these were a perfect excuse for him to meet pretty much anybody without attracting unwanted attention. She wondered if Graft knew how his choice of venue would set her on edge. Probably not, not that she doubted he’d really care he did. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted as the everyone around her suddenly erupted in a volcanic combination of cheers and curses. Judging from the barely audible sounds from TV’s mounted over the bar something had just exploded. She shook her head and took another healthy sip of her drink as the mingled tastes of disappointment, elation, and excitement ran across her tongue. The bartender clearly knew what he was doing. The bitter bite of alcohol barely registered as it burned pleasantly down her throat. Her posture relaxed slightly as the warmth slowly found its way through the rest of her and she set her glass on the bar as she looked out at the crowd. The auras of the clubs other patrons seemed to blend together in such close proximity, painting them all in a mosaic of red and orange hues that seemed to dance like firelight , dominating the other colors that dotted it. She watched, momentarily transfixed by the sight before her...
  6. Maya Rowen

    Maya Rowen

    Hi there all. =) I hung around for a bit a few years ago before RL stuff got in the way, but I was looking for a board to join and rediscovered this place. (I'm Haine in the Box) I decided to remake one of my old characters concepts who used to work as inspector for the Order and decided to put a what if and make them a criminal instead. Haven't totally decided on her backstory yet, but she was trapped in New York during the original Resonance and ended up stealing to survive. She got good at it and got a little cocky and stole from someone she shouldn't have and they beat the hell out of her and ruined her arm. About a year and half later she got telekinesis during the second resonance. Now she hides the fact she's a magus and uses her abilities to steal. Suggestions/plot ideas are welcome.


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