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  1. From the album Resonance II

  2. From the album Resonance II

  3. From the album Resonance II

  4. Cool Towen.
  5. OWNER: @Unnuk Umiaktorvik LOCATION: 368 9th St. at the intersection of 6th ave. Brooklyn, New York City, New York. Upon entering her shop customers are greeted by a friendly voice welcoming them to Northern Delights. She sits behind the counter top across from the door, softly petting a rather large arctic fox, who looks at each customer as they come in before slowly blinking and laying his head down. The inside of the shop is fairly chilly on the ground floor and as such she wears fairly warm clothing all year around. The First Floor The floors are made of a dark hardwood, and the table area in the center protects them, via the use of a dark green area rug. The single bathroom in the store is unisex and located underneath the upper portion of the staircase which leads to the second floor. Behind the long counter on the right are various containers of herbs and spices. The chalkboard overhead contains over 45 different types of tea, and tea blends. Most given such names as Immuni-Tea, and are given a brief description of what is in them and what they help with. Large shop windows keep the store well lit with natural light during the daytime, and during the night large overhead lights light the floor with their soft glow. Giving the store a warm, and welcoming feeling. The walls are decorated with artifacts and paintings from her native lands, and when asked about them she will happily explain what each is. Items of particular note: -- A block printed set of paintings containing an Owl, a depiction of a journey, and an image of people being chased by a bear. -- A large seal skin drum decorated around the borders with various fangs and claws, and its single drumstick made out of a rather large bone --A glass display case, tightly locked and hung up behind the counter containing the cash register displaying three Ivory bladed knives, each with a scenic image carved into the blade. The Second Floor Customers are welcome to eat and drink their tea on either floor, both offering tables for them to do so, or to socialize at. Upon heading up the staircase the store takes a sudden change. The pleasant scents of herb and spice give way to the soft power of blended incense and books. The upstairs in notably warmer than downstairs and has similar windows to achieve the same soft warm lighting. In the upper right corner of the store are various religious books for sale, mostly containing modern new age books. One shelf however is protected by bulletproof glass and is heavily locked. A note just below explaining that these are rare and expensive books, and are not for sale to the average person. Across from that sit several display cases. Most containing modern ritual items needed to practice the pagan faiths. 7 day candles, athames, various stones, stick and cone incense, and statues of various gods. Once particular cabinet however is dedicated to her people and their craft, and while a sign says none of the items in this cabinet are specifically for sale, interested customers can speak to her about having similar items made by a member of her tribe for them. It should be noted however that these items are not cheap as they are hand crafted and made of raw materials that were then worked in traditional methods to become the item seen by the customer. Across from the staircase in the center of the far wall is a small alcove. This area is used by local bands whom Unnuk allows to play in her store on weekends, and during the weekdays is used for poetry, or small class lectures depending on what day one arrives. The walls are decorated with simple brush painted nature scenes and the northern lights.
  6. A note on the seven pointed star overlay. I purposely made the lines quite thick so that there's a lot of area to choose from. The locations don't have to be pin point accurate and some of the points and cross-overs obviously have more potential than others. You might note that the Empire State Building is in one of the cross-road areas. Figured that might be a hot spot. Remember these sigils can be anywhere, they don't necessarily have to be on the ground, but they still have to be in area that someone could work on them over and over again during a one month period or so.
  7. We have to bear in mind that this is not a REAL BLOOD MOON, but an incredibly powerful spell that's amping a normal full moon. That in itself though could possibly still have some strange effects but not on the virus. The super-viruses don't get altered too often and if they do, it's rarely beneficial.
  8. Updated the article with a location map of the sigils to provide a little more structure. They're placement is based on a seven pointed star, the locations at any point OR intersecting lines. This means there are 21 possible locations to choose from. Just communicate your finds in the discussion thread when the time comes.
  9. From the album Resonance II

  10. It's a pretty open concept. I mean, threads can be crossed over and stuff like that. There's a timeline to the event so all these stories are running parallel. This is a major event that it is to be fixed into the site lore and so why not allow people to write their characters' into it? Become a part of history. Anyway, that's part of the idea. Even if someone just wants to write a story with their character watching events from a safe location is welcome to do so. If you want this event to simply be the backdrop for a story, then go for it. It's a unifying event. One of those moments that all characters can have in common. "What were you doing on Veterans Day 2019, when all hell broke loose in New York?"
  11. One you start a story, please post a link to it in this thread. Thank you. NO CACKLING! ONLY HOOOOOOOOWLING!
  12. RISE OF THE BLOOD MOON is a RESONANCE EVENT occurring on November 11th, Veterans Day, 2019. The LINKED RECORD contains all the information required for you to participate in this plotted adventure. This is the EVENT DISCUSSION/PLOTTING thread, but you are welcome to create your own if necessary. If you are unsure whom you would like to write with, please post your intent to participate here along with any ideas and preference for the setting if you have any. After you start a story, please post a link to it in this thread so it can be added to the list below. STORIES: SEVEN POINTS - (Open) Started by Slate Morrison; LOCATION: 3rd Ave., Midtown, Manhattan SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES - (Bakkhos - to be made Open later) Started by Matteo Carducci; LOCATION: Standard Hotel near Whitney Museum BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building - (Open to the brave!) The first sightings of lycanthrope have started the battle for New York's soul. PENULTIMATE - (Appropriately Open) Started by Rorye Shannon-Kearney; LOCATION: Book of Kells
  13. THREADS STARTED FOR THIS EVENT: SEVEN POINTS - (Open) Started by Slate Morrison; LOCATION: 3rd Ave., Midtown, Manhattan SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES - (Bakkhos - to be made Open later) Started by Matteo Carducci; LOCATION: Standard Hotel near Whitney Museum BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building - (Open to the brave!) The first sightings of lycanthrope have started the battle for New York's soul. PENULTIMATE - (Appropriately Open) Started by Rorye Shannon-Kearney; LOCATION: Book of Kells RISE OF THE BLOOD MOON A RESONANCE EVENT Welcome intrepid resonated members. In honour of the recent All Hallows Eve we have prepared a ‘classic horror’ event of frightening proportions. As this event takes place during the period of the ‘full moon’. You will find an EVENT DISCUSSION THREAD for discussion and updates. INTRODUCTION The occurrence of the occasional ‘Sanguine Moon’ accompanies a plethora of celestial events in the resonated world. Even before it’s rise, Lycanthropes can sense it’s arrival, feel the bestial power itching beneath their human guise. It is a dangerous time but really no more so for the rest of the population, it is the Lycanthropes who are truly put at risk due to the increased rage of the turn. Heightened strength and an increased hunger for murder and mayhem may allow them to break precautionary bonds or ward off drug induced comas. Those that venture beneath the crimson moon will range further and rage longer than on any other night. Most people prepare themselves for the coming of the full moon, well aware that Lycanthropes may be prowling the streets. Law enforcers are ready, armed with silver weaponry able to take down these beasts but when the moon is red they are more resilient against the metal. Still, the frequency of the creatures are low and scattered across the continent. One is far more likely to fall down a manhole then get mauled by a raging Lycanthrope even during a Blood Moon. These creatures to do not roam in packs. They do not mass together, but for some reason, on this night, things are very different. Tonight, thousands of Lycanthropes descend upon New York. Blood thirsty and enraged beyond all sanity, the monsters exhibit a behaviour never seen before… they pack together. A horde of were-beasts descend upon New York with biblical wrath. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be deterred. It’s you or them. What will you do? TIME LINE The event occurs on, Monday, November 11th, that’s right, Veteran’s Day. It just so happens that’s when the full moon occurs in 2019 and the perfect time for a disaster. Hopefully your character(s) of choice are on the continent and healthy enough to participate during this time. The event exists within our setting and does not occur in an ‘Altered Universe’. Those character’s not participating in the event will still experience it in some capacity as it will become a fixed part of site history. EVENT STRUCTURE As this event occurs in ‘real-time’. It’s stories will exist in the appropriate site forums. Please post a link to your story in the EVENT DISCUSSION THREAD and it will be added to the tracker located in the first post of that same thread. The event has three stages which will occur at certain times of the night. Sunset is at 4:42 PM and Moonrise is at 4:36 PM, pretty much at the same time. You may structure your posts how ever you see fit. For reference please add the date: November 11th, 2019 to your first post. Please add the tags: EVENT and RISE OF THE BLOOD MOON Preferably we would like your stories to remain OPEN but you are more than welcome to write with whom ever you choose. LYCANTHROPE CHARACTERS For those of you with Lycanthrope characters, it should be made clear that the intent of this event is to have true "monsters" on the prowl in New York, the blood-moon leaves nothing of humanity in these lycanthropes. Feel free to portray your character as a completely savage animal without any "reasoning" or "personality" in their transformed form or to exclude the character from the event (perhaps they were away from NY at the time or felt something was coming and drugged themselves heavily etc) Don't worry - more fun events coming that your Lycanthrope can be a part of! 1. The Calm Before the Storm ( Anytime before 4:36 PM - Moonrise ) It is evening. The full moon will rise in a few hours and as usual people are little more wary of things that go bump in the night. Law Enforcement are on alert in preparation for any rogue were-beasts or other ‘lunar sensitive’ predators stalking the city. By contrast, responsible Lycanthropes are ensuring that their transformative selves are securely chained or sedated as to prevent them from harming others or being harmed. Those characters knowledgeable of celestial events through a sensitivity or a friendship with a Lycanthrope may be aware that the effects of this approaching full moon are somehow intensified. Were-beast tendencies are amplified, magical spells or artifacts swayed by the power of the full moon, stronger. All in all, a lot of people are edgy, but NONE, not even psychics gifted with the ‘sight’ are aware of the coming Blood Moon. It’s Rise is a complete surprise to everyone. Well, almost everyone. In this stage of the event, you ‘set the stage’ for you character’s participation in the story and establish what their role will be. This is an all inclusive event, which means that it is a series of simultaneously occurring stories which could possibly synch up. It’s really up to you. 2. Fight or Flight! ( After 4:36 PM ) A Sanguine Moon rises! Law Enforcement go on high alert. The media warns people to stay indoors as a precaution during this unpredictable time. Simultaneous with these warnings sounds of vandalism and bestial howls pierce the unnatural quiet of the tense city. Over the next hour hordes of were-beasts appear in the streets across the entire city. The frequency of the monsters is unprecedented. No one has ever seen so many in one place. No one ever believed their were so many, nor that they would ever instinctively pack and tolerate one another. Something is wrong. The majority of the were-beasts are Wolves, Coyotes and Bears due to the common predatory fauna of the North American East Coast. Mountain Lions and other uncommon animal-types to the area exist, but are infrequent. It would be extremely rare to come across three Were-Tigers at the same time or even separately over the course of the night. Academics and mystics alike will postulate the sudden meaning of this ‘pack mentality’ and what it means. The were-beasts are not working together but merely not attacking each other as they normally would. They are indifferent to all but their prey and everything is pissing them off. Anything that makes noise, moves or flashes light attracts their rage. They are tearing the city apart and killing anything that isn’t a were-beast crossing their path. This is the part of the story where our characters find themselves caught up in the nightmare. In what capacity is entirely up to you. The city is under siege. City law enforcement and Vanguard support patrols are overrun. Other members of the Vanguard and the Order of First Light are being called in. It’s pandemonium in the streets. Two of the main questions people are asking themselves are: Where in the hell did all these were-beasts come from? They are not supposed to form packs. Is it the moon? 3. That’s No Moon! ( After 6:15 PM ) At this point in the story it occurs to someone, somewhere, to call a relative who happens to live out west and see how they’re fairing with this ‘Blood Moon’. “Blood moon? What are you talking about?” The relative says and goes on to prove via the exchange of a video that the moon is in fact, not red where they are. In fact more calls, from people outside of the greater New York area are calling in and inquiring about the weird event on the news, exclaiming that the moon is NOT red. The media jumps on this and broadcasts that, “The Blood Moon is a localized event! Something is causing it.” Now perhaps your character learns of this another way. It’s entirely up to you. They just won’t know it before 6:00 PM at the earliest. Everyone watching the news learns that the Blood Moon is a massive illusion able to send were-beasts into a frenzy. But what’s causing it? What’s generating the illusion? What’s attracting all the were-beasts from miles away and above all why? These are the questions a heroic character has to solve or they might just stumble serendipitously upon the answer. At specific places in New York have been etched elaborate sigils. Each is three feet in diameter and would have been taken months to create. Their are seven in total, located at places where ley-lines cross, places where strangely, all of New York’s grandest buildings and monuments are located. The locations exist any cross-over or point of this seven pointed star over Manhattan: Remember there are SEVEN SIGILS. The areas DO NOT have to be symmetrical. Choose which ever area you want and perhaps, other stories may cross into your own based on that choice. It's up to you. Please make sure you communicate your character's discoveries in the EVENT DISCUSSION THREAD. To dispel the incantation, ALL, seven magic circles have to be marred, but take care. These sigils are attracting the beasts and they will defend them if the magic is threatened. The reason for the SEVEN POINTED star and it's discover is entirely up to you. This can be figured out during the event or after. Can be used to find other sigils or your character may use other means. It's all up to you. 'THE WHY?' — THE OUTCOME. This will be revealed at a later date. The participants of the event can speculate, but none will be the wiser. Further analysis of the sigils will reveal them to be terrestrial and stemming from a combination of arcane arts hailing from Russia, Germany, Bulgaria and Romania. It is not magic commonly employed by members of the Order of First Light nor ARMA. This ties in with the ever growing popularity of 'Ritual Magic' and the Human potential of harnessing the power of the arcane arts through the use of components, ritual and sacrifice. The Human use of magic is rising threat, as these people tend not to respect the power of magic and it's influences. Magic is just another commodity to them, a way to control the masses. Your characters may have suspicions along these lines, they can even jump to conclusions, but as yet nothing as been set in stone as an outcome of this event. IF YOU ARE BITTEN In the amped up state of the lycanthropes, the virus becomes permanent in just 8hrs not the normal 24. Also because of the acceleration of the infection anyone with abilities or magic is likely to have nothing of their former abilities remaining in their new lycanthrope form. After that they are the same as other Lycanthropes.
  14. From the album Resonance II