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  1. Rise of the Blood Moon

    Cool Towen.
  2. Northern Delights

    OWNER: @Unnuk Umiaktorvik LOCATION: 368 9th St. at the intersection of 6th ave. Brooklyn, New York City, New York. Upon entering her shop customers are greeted by a friendly voice welcoming them to Northern Delights. She sits behind the counter top across from the door, softly petting a rather large arctic fox, who looks at each customer as they come in before slowly blinking and laying his head down. The inside of the shop is fairly chilly on the ground floor and as such she wears fairly warm clothing all year around. The First Floor The floors are made of a dark hardwood, and the table area in the center protects them, via the use of a dark green area rug. The single bathroom in the store is unisex and located underneath the upper portion of the staircase which leads to the second floor. Behind the long counter on the right are various containers of herbs and spices. The chalkboard overhead contains over 45 different types of tea, and tea blends. Most given such names as Immuni-Tea, and are given a brief description of what is in them and what they help with. Large shop windows keep the store well lit with natural light during the daytime, and during the night large overhead lights light the floor with their soft glow. Giving the store a warm, and welcoming feeling. The walls are decorated with artifacts and paintings from her native lands, and when asked about them she will happily explain what each is. Items of particular note: -- A block printed set of paintings containing an Owl, a depiction of a journey, and an image of people being chased by a bear. -- A large seal skin drum decorated around the borders with various fangs and claws, and its single drumstick made out of a rather large bone --A glass display case, tightly locked and hung up behind the counter containing the cash register displaying three Ivory bladed knives, each with a scenic image carved into the blade. The Second Floor Customers are welcome to eat and drink their tea on either floor, both offering tables for them to do so, or to socialize at. Upon heading up the staircase the store takes a sudden change. The pleasant scents of herb and spice give way to the soft power of blended incense and books. The upstairs in notably warmer than downstairs and has similar windows to achieve the same soft warm lighting. In the upper right corner of the store are various religious books for sale, mostly containing modern new age books. One shelf however is protected by bulletproof glass and is heavily locked. A note just below explaining that these are rare and expensive books, and are not for sale to the average person. Across from that sit several display cases. Most containing modern ritual items needed to practice the pagan faiths. 7 day candles, athames, various stones, stick and cone incense, and statues of various gods. Once particular cabinet however is dedicated to her people and their craft, and while a sign says none of the items in this cabinet are specifically for sale, interested customers can speak to her about having similar items made by a member of her tribe for them. It should be noted however that these items are not cheap as they are hand crafted and made of raw materials that were then worked in traditional methods to become the item seen by the customer. Across from the staircase in the center of the far wall is a small alcove. This area is used by local bands whom Unnuk allows to play in her store on weekends, and during the weekdays is used for poetry, or small class lectures depending on what day one arrives. The walls are decorated with simple brush painted nature scenes and the northern lights.
  3. Rise of the Blood Moon

    A note on the seven pointed star overlay. I purposely made the lines quite thick so that there's a lot of area to choose from. The locations don't have to be pin point accurate and some of the points and cross-overs obviously have more potential than others. You might note that the Empire State Building is in one of the cross-road areas. Figured that might be a hot spot. Remember these sigils can be anywhere, they don't necessarily have to be on the ground, but they still have to be in area that someone could work on them over and over again during a one month period or so.
  4. Rise of the Blood Moon

    We have to bear in mind that this is not a REAL BLOOD MOON, but an incredibly powerful spell that's amping a normal full moon. That in itself though could possibly still have some strange effects but not on the virus. The super-viruses don't get altered too often and if they do, it's rarely beneficial.
  5. Rise of the Blood Moon

    Updated the article with a location map of the sigils to provide a little more structure. They're placement is based on a seven pointed star, the locations at any point OR intersecting lines. This means there are 21 possible locations to choose from. Just communicate your finds in the discussion thread when the time comes.
  6. Rise of the Blood Moon

    It's a pretty open concept. I mean, threads can be crossed over and stuff like that. There's a timeline to the event so all these stories are running parallel. This is a major event that it is to be fixed into the site lore and so why not allow people to write their characters' into it? Become a part of history. Anyway, that's part of the idea. Even if someone just wants to write a story with their character watching events from a safe location is welcome to do so. If you want this event to simply be the backdrop for a story, then go for it. It's a unifying event. One of those moments that all characters can have in common. "What were you doing on Veterans Day 2019, when all hell broke loose in New York?"
  7. Rise of the Blood Moon

    One you start a story, please post a link to it in this thread. Thank you. NO CACKLING! ONLY HOOOOOOOOWLING!
  8. Rise of the Blood Moon

    RISE OF THE BLOOD MOON is a RESONANCE EVENT occurring on November 11th, Veterans Day, 2019. The LINKED RECORD contains all the information required for you to participate in this plotted adventure. This is the EVENT DISCUSSION/PLOTTING thread, but you are welcome to create your own if necessary. If you are unsure whom you would like to write with, please post your intent to participate here along with any ideas and preference for the setting if you have any. After you start a story, please post a link to it in this thread so it can be added to the list below. STORIES: SEVEN POINTS - (Open) Started by Slate Morrison; LOCATION: 3rd Ave., Midtown, Manhattan SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES - (Bakkhos - to be made Open later) Started by Matteo Carducci; LOCATION: Standard Hotel near Whitney Museum BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building - (Open to the brave!) The first sightings of lycanthrope have started the battle for New York's soul. PENULTIMATE - (Appropriately Open) Started by Rorye Shannon-Kearney; LOCATION: Book of Kells
  9. Kells

    Yes. As the site evolves and so too does our world the 'altered' no longer solely control the sway of magic. It was really only a matter of time (well, quite literally). Humans have long since dabbled in the arcane arts, long before the Resonance, so how can their influence over it be excluded? The ORDER OF FIRST LIGHT and ARMA have long since believed they held a monopoly over incantational magic, that the manuals and ancient scripts were alone their domain. No longer. Humans are now touching upon the use of magic. It's possible, but unable to generate mana like many of the 'Altered' in our world, they need to rely upon the energy of components and sometimes, unfortunately, their own life force. Such is the disadvantage of being Human, but there is also advantage in the neutrality of their essence, in that they can, through intense lucubration, master an incantation or two of ANY field (they are not bound to a specific area as Magus practitioners are). A simple cantrip (for Magus) or even more powerful magic best left to Magus and Fae. Humans have tapped into the realm of 'Arcane Magic'. Eye of newt, hair of a one-eyed murderer and all that — the use of extremely rare items, potent with minuscule amounts of mana to produce magical affects. This means our society is NOW at a crossroad. One that we need to role-play to develop. Is our society so complacent of magic that the dabbling of Humans would be readily accepted? Will the Order and ARMA now keep a closer eye on shops like Kells to keep tabs on the clientele? I'm sure characters like Rorye are all up for exploring the 'Policing of Magic' and the 'Evolution of the Human magic-user'. Will the Order of First Light consider putting bands on certain kinds of plants? Flagging the use of certain elements? Will there be serious repercussions in the distribution of rare artifacts and ancient relics deemed potential components of magic? There are a lot of questions out there that need answering, debates (in my opinion) best left up to our creative minds through the medium of story.
  10. Pharos - NY - Solstice Davies

    What is this Character needed for: This is an established Pharos Canon. By portraying her you start off with a Grade 6 agent with a rich history in the faction and a few ties to the Wards themselves. We will allow her abilities to be elaborated upon, perhaps slightly modified but she is not meant to be more than a physically enhanced person. You may add to her history but not alter what has already been set. APPEARANCE: Solstice stands 5’7” tall and appears to weigh approximately 125 lbs, which is more like 135 lbs due to her enhanced physiology making her muscles and bones denser. She has a curvaceous, athletic physique, shoulder length light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Being of an Irish - Russian descent, her skin is pale and she has been blessed with an attractive combination of features typical of her mixed heritage. PERSONALITY: People who know Solstice well would describe her as, above all, loyal and meticulous to the point of being overly self-critical. It is this striving for perfection that can make her neglectful, especially of her friends which is why she only has a few. Some might even call her ‘thoughtless’ at times but in truth she is a very caring person who simply loses sight of what’s important. Most of the time she prioritizes her work above all, a defence mechanism that began after her mother died, compounded years later by her father’s death. She is devoted to Pharos and the Ward family who have since taken her into their circle. She is quite close with Connor MacBride, the lead agent of the New York Branch and Director Stone is like an uncle, or as close to as the man could be. The Wards are very secretive clan and have always kept to themselves, thus Solstice has always been kept at arm’s length from the family’s inner workings. Because her father was killed by a Lycanthrope (specifically a Werewolf) Solstice, above all, hates their kind. She has no tolerance for any ‘Altered’ that cannot control their change and are therefor a threat to all those around them. Little does she realize that her mentor, Stone Ward has been a Werewolf since the beginning of the Resonance. History: At the tender age of 18 (2007), straight out of high school Solstice was accepted into the prestigious Ward Foundation at Cooper Union in New York. It had been nearly half a century since the organization took on a student trainee but then the name of Davies had echoed through those hallowed halls for longer still. She was not under qualified, every bit as competent as her late mother of whom she had inherited this legacy. When she was sixteen her father picked her up at school one day. His face was grey, eyes red. Something was wrong. The funeral was the next day. Her mother, Dawn, had died in the field. A car accident while assisting in the transport of a priceless artifact. She would not know the truth until a decade later, that her mother, an agent for Pharos had been on assignment to protect the shipment. They were ambushed by a rival organization. She was shot and died in the line of duty. Director Stone Ward watched over Solstice after that. Her mother and father were dear friends. He arranged for her admission to Dartmouth in Vermont and during the Summer she worked at Cooper Union as an inventory assistant. Each year her responsibilities increased, her clearance expanded and with it her knowledge of Pharos. In the footsteps of her mentor, Director Ward, Solstice was on her way to achieving degrees in both business and anthropological science. It was in her third year that her father, Bryson Davies urged her to leave Ward Foundation and make her own way in the world. The reason behind his fears would never be truly known as the Resonance washed across the world and everything changed. Bryson would become one of the many casualties of the new world, killed by what would become known as a lycanthrope. Her education interrupted as the world struggled to endure, at the age of 21, Solstice was prematurely indoctrinated into the secret society of Pharos. Her education would continue as an Agent. It was trial by fire. Solstice proved herself every bit as competent as her mother and beyond. Her enhancements had made her stronger, faster and more durable allowing her to contend on equal par with the new menaces of the world. The truth of her mother would become apparent and new pride would stir in her heart knowing that she had followed in her footsteps. In the years to follow Solstice rapidly advanced in rank. While her close ties to the Director and the Ward family might have insinuated nepotism her competency and exceptional performance dispelled any notion of it. By 2017 she had achieved Grade 6 level, and completed her degrees from Dartmouth. Later that year she was appointed orientation leader for new recruits for the New York branch. It was a very short list. Pharos has always been very particular of their agents which are always personally selected. Among the initiates was a Doctor Atticus Gale, whom had been hand selected by Director Stone. Currently she spends most of her time at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum located in Manhattan. It’s unknown sub-levels harbour many secrets and her current assignment is to safeguard these treasures as well as perform field work. She possess a cover as an employee of the museum but her identity remains the same. All of the staff members work for Pharos. SKILLS: Curating/Archiving - All members of Pharos possess in varying degrees the skills to organize and look after historic collections. Solstice is an exceptional curator. Anthropology Degree, Masters Business Degree Hand-to-hand Combat Training - Combative skills equal to a police officer. Firearms Training - Skilled with both a handgun and rifle. Swimming - Was on the Dartmouth Swim Team. ABILITIES: Enhanced Physiology Solstice’s change was purely physical. She is stronger, faster and more durable than a man twice her size. Her body also heals faster, approximately three times that of a normal Human. She can also mend broken, even shattered bones (within the time that a normal human would mend a cracked bone) and heal internal damages that might otherwise require surgery (Please note that she does not have much of a concept of her healing ability. How often are such things really put to the test? Suffering injuries is painful and thus she avoids it like anyone else). She is also resilient to drugs and toxins, requiring three times the dosage to produce the 'normal' affect. In short, she needs to be administered an excessive amount of poison for it to threaten her life. She can also hold her breath for up five minutes while under physical stress, ten minutes while calm.
  11. S.C. President Jackson Davenport

    I speak today in an hour of national peril and national opportunity. We shall have to test whether a nation organized and governed such as ours can endure. The outcome is by no means certain. The answers are by no means clear. All of us together--this Administration, this Congress, this nation-must forge those answers. My remarks, therefore, will be limited. But they will also be candid. To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past. The prudent heir takes careful inventory of his legacies, and gives a faithful accounting to those whom he owes an obligation of trust. And, while the occasion does not call for another recital of our blessings and assets, we do have no greater asset than the willingness of a free and determined people, through its elected officials, to face all problems frankly and meet all dangers free from panic or fear. Jackson Davenport was born and raised in the state of Georgia, a southerner through and through. He obtained a law degree from the University of Georgia School of Law and eventually became a Prosecutor Attorney, taking on the toughest cases of his time. He went toe-to-toe with organized crime families, took on White Supremacists and near single handedly increased the severity of punishment for underaged offenders. He would go on to become one of the most notorious judges of the state, so much so that he earned the name of Iron Jack. When the RESONANCE came, Davenport was on the front line ensuring that laws would be put in place to hold their fragile society together. He helped forge the Southern Coalition and it was partly by his influence that the popularity of the Vanguard soared in the state of Georgia and flourished in the south. When Iron Jack entered his name in the running it came of no surprise who would become President of the South. A large part of his campaign was elevating the pride of Humans in this ‘empowered’ world. With a genius level intellect and a mind blowing wealth of knowledge some often make the mistake of thinking him ‘inhuman’. In such cases Davenport never fails to remind people that just as sure as he born in the south, he’s Human through and through. That said coupled with the well known fact that he’s a staunch supporter of the Vanguard defines his platform. “There is no tolerance for those lacking human heritage in the south.” With or without the title of President, Jackson Davenport is one of the most powerful and influential people in the Southern Coalition. He believes in the Tri-Americas as it stands and cares nothing of unifying the country in his life time. Iron Jack is all about fortifying his nation, making it’s laws ironclad so that future generations (should their hearts so easily bleed) will never be able to easily strip down and bastardize all his work. He strives to preserve the Human Race by tempering it with the strength of Altered Humans and pushing out the tainted Metahumans and Magus.
  12. F.W.A. President Leighton Holt

    Three months have passed since I talked with you shortly after the adjournment of our newly appointed Congress. Tonight I continue that report. Recently the most notable public questions that have concerned us all have had to do with industry and labor and with respect to these, certain developments have taken place which I consider of importance. I am happy to report that after years of uncertainty, culminating in our economic collapse of 2011, we are bringing order out of the old chaos with a greater certainty of the employment of labor at a reasonable wage and of more business at a fair profit. These governmental and industrial developments hold promise of new achievements for the Federation of Western America. Leighton Holt was born in Seattle, Washington. The product of a competitive family she was driven to succeed and in time rose all the way to the seat of governor. An office she held until the time of the Resonance. It was only after the formation of the Federation of Western America that a long presumed dead Holt emerged from the ashes of the old world to ignite the new. Integral in the restoration of the West the New World Defense Division was her brainchild. The development of a corporate military division to stabilize and protect the remaining western states. The conglomerate was quick to assume control over the existing government and push aside all that Holt’s council hoped to accomplish. Years later she would run against the Director Primus of the N.W.D.D., Sasha Starling and defeat her for the presidency of the F.W.A. The government she had envisioned had finally come into being, unfortunately the N.W.D.D. was now a keystone in the structure on the Federation. It could not easily be removed and so she moved the head government to San Diego to differentiate the presidency from the director primus. President Holt is a tall woman, her light brown hair beginning to grey. She is a healthy sixty-something, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet. Proud to devote herself to fitness she yet embodies many of the philosophies the N.W.D.D. It was after all built upon her ideals but she does not believe in the economic head-lock the corporation imposes upon the Federation. In that she ever locks horns with the Director Primus and civil unrest has been steadily on the rise for many years before she was even elected. Leighton Holt is not ‘Human’, though she passes herself off as one. By all rights she is as the changes imposed upon her from the Resonance are hardly significant. She can ‘sense’ the presence of what could only be described as ‘magic’ and when required exert her will to perform minor manipulations of her environment. In short, she’s a Magus, but untrained and unknowledgeable of her race, or the power it possesses.
  13. E.A.A. President Dean Stanley

    "In opening our vast domain to alien elements the purpose of our lawgivers was to invite assimilation, and not to provide an arena for endless antagonism. The paramount duty of maintaining public order and defending the interests of our own people may require the adoption of measures of restriction, but they should not tolerate the oppression of individuals of a special race. I am not without assurance that the Southern Coalition, will meet us halfway in devising a comprehensive remedy by which effective laws may be devised." A hero for the people, his campaign slogan. In a time where people need to be inspired by more than words Dean Stanley stood out among the presidential candidates. Standing six and half feet tall he literally dwarfed them. His deep resonating voice thundered across the spectators winning them over with it’s sheer power and conviction. During his time at Nortre Dame, he was the man with the golden arm. Star quarterback and All-American, he took the team to victory five straight seasons. After fans learned the his middle name was Rayne, the nickname ‘Rain-maker’ quickly ensued. Supporters chanted it during the election. His competitors mocked his size and physicality by super-imposing his face on posters of Captain America, saying to the Easterners, “Are you ready to follow a comic book hero?”. Stanley didn’t just ignore the comments, he embraced them, dressing up as the super-hero to visit sick children. He looked every bit the part and from then on his popularity took off and he soared through the polls and into the hearts of Eastern Americans. President Stanley is a true man of the people. All people. He envisions a world where the Altered and Un-altered can live together in peace. He strives to unite the Order of First Light and the Vanguard under the banner of the Eastern Alliance and popularity polls list him as the one true president. Citizens of the Souther Coalition and Western Federation who believe in a United America see Stanley as their president. For political reasons, Dean Stanley passes himself as Human. He could not have become president otherwise, people simply were not ready to elevate a non-human official to such power. Supported by his staff, they tirelessly work to protect his secret. It was a necessary deception, one he will not allow the Easterners and the whole of the Tri-Americans regret.
  14. Dragons

    THE DRAGON WAR was a pivotal point in Human history. From the perspective of human-kind these were hostile monsters that had asserted themselves at the top of the food chain, existing outside of the natural order as established through the planet's evolution. These creatures threatened the entire ecosystem, and it was impossible for such creatures to co-exist alongside modern man or even 'altered-man'. When they emerged shortly after the Resonance there was no question as to how it would all end. It was either them or us. These were hardly the romantic depictions of intelligent dragons from popular lore. These were cunning animals that saw Humans and every other creature on the planet as one thing... food. Among them existed other types of dragons. Highly intelligent, magical, titanic and powerful. These were like gods, invulnerable to the weapons of man but thankfully there existed another faction of these beings and they wiped each other out. The majority of the beasts, however, were cunning animals and it was these that forces of humanity were able to finally hunt down to extinction, or so they believed. The Dragon Waylands — KEEP OUT! Some may yet live, perhaps hibernating or in hiding. Whatever the truth, Dragons haven't been seen since the end of the Dragon War (2013) and people want to keep that way. This is why scavenging in the Dragon Waylands of the United Kingdom is prohibited and enforced. It simply isn't worth the risk of disturbing one of these creatures and setting it loose on the world. THE 'COMMON' DRAGON The Common Dragon is a large lizard like animal akin to the ancient lore of the lands stretching from the United Kingdom to Scandinavia. They have no language and cannot use magic other than their 'breath weapon'. They vary in size and form, ranging from the smaller Wyvern, a sub-species, to colossal behemoths towering up to ten stories (a rare few even larger). With time, some species continue to grow. There are two types of dragons: Winged and Flightless. Winged Dragons, contrary to popular belief are not long range flyers. Depending on their size, these creatures can cover longer distances but they still tire quickly. Fortunately, like their flightless kin these beasts are also amphibious. Able to gracefully swim through the sea, but on the surface of the water are indeed vulnerable to attack. It takes these creatures hours in the sun to dry their wings to the point in which they can fly again as their pours take on several litres of water. Some of these beasts possess wings like a bird, others have four appendages plus wings on their backs. Flightless Dragons are amphibious, dextrous on land and in the sea. They are equally at home in arid environments as they are in the water, not unlike toads. ABILITIES All Dragons possess a BREATH WEAPON, that is they can blow out an elemental attack or spew a chemical. A Dragon's breath weapon defines their resistances and their nature, for instance, a Dragon able to spew a super-cooled jet of frost would be adapted to colder environments. They would also most likely possess white scales allowing them to blend into snowy backdrops. A DRAGON'S SCALES are very hard and resistant to harsh elements, more so against their own specific element as denoted by their breath weapon. Dragons have KEEN SENSES, a strong sense of smell and exceptional vision. Both types can see into the infrared spectrum and are thermally sensitive, able to see great distances not unlike a bird of prey. There a variety of SPECIALIZED SPECIES such as those that are exceptional diggers. Dragons possessing powerful front limbs with massive claws, some able to actually 'eat dirt' by using powerful jaws and gills that discharge the waste. Some dragons can also camouflage, changing the colour of their scales to blend into their environment. BIOLOGY Common Dragons have incredibly long life spans. It is surmised that they can live for hundreds if not thousands of years but this longevity is reliant upon lengthy sleeps. They hibernate, sometimes for up to a century, which is why if in fact any dragons remain, they are most likely 'slumbering', and they could do so for a very long time. It is upon this hypothesis as well that people fear prematurely waking these creatures and thus steer clear of their lands. Their intelligence can be compared to that of a raven or wolf. Cunning hunters and able problem solvers. Able to make a variety of sounds they do in fact have a rudimentary 'language' allowing very basic communication. Dragons are often loners but they will, out of necessity band together to form what is traditionally called a 'Weyr'. A social group headed by either a dominant male or female, sometimes a mated couple. Dragons can only mate once a decade, and only the two most dominant females in a 'Weyr' will be able to ovulate. The female will then lay from three to seven eggs which both parents will nurture and protect. In a Weyr, other dragons will assist in the rearing of the offspring. THE DRAGON WAR VETERAN / SURVIVOR You may wish to make your character a veteran of the 'Dragon War' or perhaps a survivor. In either case please concentrate more on the 'bestial' dragons of which the combined military power of the world was able to wipe out. The Dragon War existed on two levels, a highly intelligent, ultra-powerful species of Dragons impervious to the military might of man and the lower species defined here as the 'Common Dragon', accepted as the main definition of the species. Of the 'Higher Dragons' there were two kinds, one good, one bad. It was only due to their clashing that both wiped out the other. Humans were entirely inconsequential in this fight and thus those who were a part of the war would have dealt primarily with 'Common Dragons'. Any who would have come across a 'Higher Dragon' would not have survived and we do not want characters obtaining any form of higher wisdom or magical powers from the benevolent version of this species.
  15. South America

    Imagine if your world right now was suddenly transformed. Awakening, you look out of your office window you are surprised to find the sun is no longer blocked by the shadow of the neighboring building. It is no longer there! You look to the street below. There is no rubble, nor is the street there! Where there was once smooth black asphalt is now a cobble stone road. It looks like garden path from your sixteenth floor office. It leads to a small castle, sitting majestically upon a picturesque hill where the commercial skyscraper once stood. People have changed. You have changed! All around, the modern architecture of the twenty first century has been amalgamated with an enchanted medieval realm. This is what happened on a calm evening of the 16th day in March in the year 2013. South America, like the rest of the world, was still recovering from the Resonance Event. All were just becoming resigned to the fact that the Nevus was never going to leave the night sky, a permanent reminder of the vicious rebirth of their world. Then the black scar changed. The vibrant violet and purple hues all at once turned green, flaring like northern lights across the sky. All became silent. Nothing stirred. For over twenty four hours the entire populace of South America, every living thing was rendered unconscious, as if placed in stasis. When they awoke, the continent had been changed. Parts of the landscape had been transformed. Nearly two thirds of the population was gone! Taken or rather transferred to another realm by the Resonance. What has left behind were mainly Elves and Faerie. Part of an Elfin and Fae worlds had been impressed on South America. RIO DE JANEIRO This city has become the major hub of South America. It has been completely melded with a capital city from the Elfin world. Four years have past, and in that time, the few citizens of Rio and the dominant presence of the Elves are still learning to make the best of their situation. Not every city in South America is so dominated by outworlders but they definitely are the greater population in the southern hemisphere. Magic abounds. Not just the magic of the people, it is in everything around them, permeating the foliage, the water, the stone. Human technology and magic combat one another daily in this setting. Where the realms of the Elves and Fae encroach upon the Human world, electronic devices go awry and by contrast, magic is weakened by Human-kind’s tech. Just a small part of South America’s unique circle of life. Fanya Niasa is the predominant faction in South America. LIFE IN SOUTH AMERICA The majority of Elves in South America are the 'Southern Elves' as listed in the Elf Race Article. Fae in their many shapes and forms exist here as well as other places in the world along with other varieties of Elves. We don't want to give the impression that ALL Elves are stuck in South America. The largest population of Elves on Earth are the Southern Elves and a part of their world has been imprinted upon South America. We also do not want to paint the picture that ALL of South America had been altered. In some places features of the land have been replaced, in others we see fragments of another world's architecture.