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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

JUNE 13, 2019 - Family emergency  took a bad turn so had to stay away but now things are finally calming down. Hope to get going again shortly. Thanks for understanding. ~ZEPH

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    Fae (Faerie)

    You will notice that the Fae article is extensive, it is this way for a reason. Because Faerie are inherently 'chaotic' beings we simply cannot have them mulling about with no rules. As with anything there is a natural order and Faerie are truly not as 'free spirited' as they would like to believe. If you wish to develop a Fae character please ensure that you read all of the information. Also if you are interested in playing a fae that is not listed this site tends towards the folklore of fae so Irish, Celtic, Asian and Scandinavian lores. In the true sense of the word, 'FAERIE' , 'FAE' or 'FEY' would probably define the whole of the supernatural world. In our setting, however, there are many creatures that are not recognized as Faerie-kind thus making them a distinct race onto themselves. The Fae or Faerie, are of two kinds, true veil crossing fae, and those that had existed in a parallel universe that coexisted with humans on Earth. Then the Resonance of 2010 opened up the veil between the many worlds, including the one hidden on our own world. When the Veil temporarily dropped, not only did beings cross over, but in some places entire areas (such as a forest or castle) passed through, merging with and altering what previously existed on Earth (displacing it and theoretically sending what was there to the Fae Realm). These instances, were of course rare but it gives one a sense of how Earth and the Faerie Realm are connected. In some places on Earth, even prior to the Resonance, the Veil has always been thin and still is (though still do not allow passage between). These are places like Stonehenge or any other relic or ruin that has for thousands of years played a significant role in our world, and theirs. They come in various forms and sub races. While many once 'normal' humans gained 'gifts' after the Resonance, it is well known that the Fae lost some of their otherworldly powers. As if a balance was created when a fragment of the Fae Universe merged with the Human world. The term Fae is applied to any being that ties to the old legends of classical Faerie-kind. These are such creatures as Pixies, Sprites, Brownies, Dryads, Sylph and so on. It's an extensive list and you are welcome to produce any Fae from it, submitting tickets for new ones to be approved. VIRUSES Some of the Veilcrosser fae are immune to the super viruses. The immunity prevents the metamorphosis but these beings do in fact get 'sick' from the viruses and over exposure can even kill them. The blood of a Veil Fae made ill by a super-virus is tainted and foul tasting and non-nutritious to blood-drinking creatures. ALL Metahuman Faerie, that is to say, Humans who have been transformed into Fae are NOT immune. NATURE OF THE FAE They do not physically age like mortals, remaining youthful for extravagant periods of time. It is because of this timelessness that Fey gain wisdom VERY SLOWLY and they do not recall their past in the same fashion as Humans. This is where they vary greatly from other long lived beings such as Elves. They simply tend to remember the 'highlights', often the details are lost. This is the mind of an immortal that embraces the gaiety of youth. They are not immortal, but are extremely long lived. NO MATTER HOW OLD YOUR FAE CHARACTER IS THEY CAN ONLY RECALL THE LAST 65 TO 75 YEARS OF THEIR LIFE. BY CROSSING THE VEIL ANY POWER THEY WOULD HAVE ACCUMULATED OVER TIME WAS ALSO REDUCED, SO GREAT AGE MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO A FEY ON EARTH. Unlike Humans, Fae DO NOT possess 'free will', they are in fact bound to the order of the Universe, an order that Humans have always been at odds with. It is the ability to fight against nature, to rule it, that has always fascinated and attracted the Fae. Fae tend to live day to day, rarely planning for the future, never worrying about the past. This is their basic nature. They can learn to be more Human but will never be Human. Frivolousness is the heartwood of a Fey but one would be cautioned to judge them by it. As vapid as they may seem, Fey are cunning, quick witted, and sometimes maliciously cruel creatures. Those of the old world respected them, and those of the new should learn from the past. METAHUMANS — THE LOSS OF HUMANITY It was five years after their transformation, five years after the Resonance, in 2015 that all Metahuman Fae began to lose all about them that was Human. Those Fae who were once Human naturally are different than those of pure blood who passed through the Veil. Most remember what is was to be Human, the 'Holy Grail' to all Fae. It is a trait that separates them from the 'true' Fae kind, but they are in fact true Fae. Not only do they inherit their physiology but their mindset as well. The 'genetic memory' will alter their perception and slowly eliminate their Human side. In time, a Metahuman Fae will completely lose their Humanity. Their memories of that time will fade, become like the dreams of someone else. GREATER & LESSER FAE Greater Fae have more human like forms. Some of them are considered the royalty and upper class of the Fae Kingdom, known as the Sidhe but in reality this is a self proclaimed title. GREATER FAE ARE NO STRONGER THAN THE LESSER, THE LESSER ARE NOT 'WEAKER'. Among Faerie-kind it was once desirable to be more human. The closer one appeared to resemble 'Inheritor's of the Earth' the more status one had. This is really not the case any more although many of the so-called Greater Fae still believe themselves superior. Sylph and Nymph would be Greater Fae, yet when it comes to guile and all around intelligence they are greatly surpassed by the likes of a Brownie or Leprechaun. Being GREATER is all about being more Human-like and nothing more. Lesser Fae are basically defined by their 'in-human appearance'. While they often can look like a human their true form is anything of the sort. They come in many forms, from the diminutive pixie to the Cu Sidhe, an enormous black hound and harbinger of death. Other lesser forms: Kelpie, Bean Sidhe (banshee), Puca, Leprechaun, Leanan Sidhe, etc. FAE TRAITS & ABILITIES Fae are passionate beings, often lacking the emotional fortitude possessed by Humans. Some are good, sometimes defined as 'Light' or 'Blessed' (Seelie) and some are evil, the 'Dark' or 'Unblessed' (Unseelie). There world is, however, not so black and white, especially now, but they do hail from a world of stark contrast and as such their abilities will tend to adhere to a theme of mischief, of benevolence, or pure malevolence. Goblins are not nice, their magic is sinister, while Pixies are purely mischievous and thus will lack any powerful offensive or defensive capabilities. THERE ARE A LOT OF FAE AND IT'S DIFFICULT TO GENERALIZE THEM. THE FOLLOWING ABILITIES ARE COMMON TO THE FAE RACE AS A WHOLE BUT IN NO WAY DO ALL FAE CONSISTENTLY POSSESS THESE TRAITS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ONE — A WEAKNESS TO IRON. These abilities are a guide-line, but this is not to say at all that these traits should be ignored and replaced by whatever the writer desires. Potraying a Fae does not grant the license to create a completely alien race. The weakness to Iron is non-negotiable. All Fae are affected by it. We expect all Fae to possess some of these traits in some shape or form. We are more than aware that their may be some kinds of Fae that will deviate, there always are. If such is the case we urge you to remain true to their traditional abilities. Once more we have to mention that Faerie ARE NOT VERY POWERFUL. The powers they possessed on the other side of the Veil have considerably diminished. Earth DOES NOT possess the same degree of magic as exists beyond the Veil. IRON The use of iron turned the tides against the Fey world. They are only able to utilize the precious metals like silver, gold and platinum. Iron is their destroyer. It causes them serious damage, literally poisoning them and dampens their magic. While a Fey could actually touch and wield a sword of iron for them it's weight is three times as much and prolonged exposure weakens them. Being around too much iron actually makes them ill. It's smell is extremely pungent to them, causing headaches and leaving a bad taste in the mouth. Binding a Fey with iron surely prevents their escape. RESISTANCE TO COLD Faerie are physical beings born of the elements, thus they are not as susceptible to them. Commonly, the Fae are resistant to cold. While cold conditions may still be uncomfortable for them they will simply never freeze to death by natural elements. Extreme cold, the kind that surpasses 'arctic cold' is considered unnatural and will actually freeze them. LIGHTNESS Fey with their classic wispy wings are reliant upon this ability to fly, and those with wind control powers can use them to fly. A Sylph would be a prime example in this case. This has nothing to do with light and everything to do with weight. 'Some Fae, not all' will have the ability to make themselves weigh less, some (but not all) becoming so light that they can blow away upon a summer breeze. They can do this at will, but when they are light it is needless to say that they will lack a lot of power. Performing even the most basic of actions often requires some weight, thus while they are floating about they are capable of performing very few physical tasks. It is not strenuous for a Fae to maintain their lightness but it cannot be maintained indefinitely. HEALTH Fey simply don't typically get sick or diseased. The only time they will ever suffer ailments is through accidents, violence, magic, exposure to iron and infection by the super-viruses. They need to eat very little. The Fey are actually nourished through magic and nature, by sunlight and moonlight. Some, the darker of their kind are fed by more sinister means. ANIMAL EMPATHY Some Fey possess the power to read an animals emotions and communicate their own to them. This DOES NOT allow them to control animals, only make suggestions that their animal intelligence might be able to understand. FAERIE GLAMOR This is basic ILLUSIONS 101, nothing major. Some Fae are able to 'trick the mind', produce minor misperceptions to mask a small area the duration of which relies upon their presence and concentration. The success of such magic rely upon environmental conditions and willingness to believe — a poorly placed a illusion will create doubt and allow people to see through it. FAERIE MAGICK Like Magus, they can see mana. Their magick is dependent on their nature. Forest faerie will tend to wield spells affecting nature and the elements, while a Dark Fey may tap into more sinister incantations. We expect their abilities to coincide with their nature (nothing ever so far fetched as a Fae known to be of the element of water wielding fire and so on). FAERIE BLOOD HAS NO SPECIAL PROPERTIES! VAMPIRES DO NOT GET INTOXICATED FROM IT! The only odd thing about Faerie blood would be that their hemoglobin uses copper and not iron like Human-kind. If anything, because of this property, their blood would most likely possess a displeasing taste to 'blood sucking creatures'. THE SIDHE COURT The Sidhe Court was once a loose form of governance providing some order and direction to these inherently chaotic beings. But with the cross to Earth the Court has fallen apart, mere fragments existing and for the most part ignored by the very flighty nature it was meant to control. LIFESTYLE Fae have spread across the world. They live in the cities and the forests often times concealing what they are for fear that the VANGUARD may come crashing through their doors. The Fae have many enemies. THEY ARE NOT ADORED! The novelty of their presence has quickly worn off and many people simply find them annoying. Their constant mischief, lack of respect, disregard for laws and rules have made the Fae less than desired. Some take it upon themselves to exterminate them like any bug, but not all are so easily disposed of. Often times ARMA and Gnosis are called to mediate when Fae problems arise. Those who are fortunate enough to deal with them can count themselves blessed since judgement by their own kind is often swift, sure and heartless. "DARKNESS IS LIGHT AND LIGHT IS DARKNESS" The Fae understand (or more appropriately try to) that Dark is defined by Light and Light is defined by Dark, one cannot exist without the other. It is this dual nature of the Fae that makes them both like and unlike the Humans whom they modeled themselves after. No matter how moralistic or immoral they may be this balance always exists. It brings order to their kind even in the darkest times, and the lightest — how easily one can drown themselves in mirth as surely as fall into the depths of sin. THE COURT OF MIDNIGHT The Court of Midight was once where light and dark came together to discuss matters that will effect the whole of the Faerie World. It was always held at night and court was in session precisely at the stroke of midnight. But this court too is but shadows of itself on Earth. Those that seek the organization of the lost court tend to be part of Fanya Niasa - the Veil Alliance. FAE GATHERINGS (Neutral Ground) Many Fae have simply chosen their extreme side because they agree a little more with one than the other. Realistically both bear ideals that most can only dream to uphold, but it is their way. It is because that most Fae actually sit in the gray area that 'Fae Gatherings' are commonly held in mystical groves and underground caverns known only to them. These areas are not necessarily sacred, but consecrated for the time of the gathering. Over time, if they are constantly used, they will become true sacred areas (as seen below). These gatherings give old friends a chance to reconnect and beings who would otherwise be enemies a chance to meet on peaceful ground. Often, these gatherings are accompanied by market, banquet or both. 'NOT A DROP OF BLOOD MAY BE MALICIOUSLY SPILT.' Once one drop of blood falls out of malice the spell is broken and the gathering is ended. All becomes dark and dull, the Fae are forced away from the 'designated area' (this is beyond their control). They will all be disperse, reappearing somewhere far away from the gathering spot. Fae Gatherings are not always about dance and mirth, they can also be quite dark and decadent. These are Fae in their truest forms, unpredictable, fiery and flippant. They love, they mock, they alienate, they accept. Fae in their element are at best contradictions onto themselves. SACRED GROUND There are also places on Earth that are eternally NEUTRAL. It is in these places that no Fae can spill the blood of the other. If violence arises between them in these 'SACRED PLACES' the violators will be cast out, teleported several miles away, perhaps even on the other side of the world. While sacred areas are rare, there are common places on Earth which are always sacred. • Any bridge over flowing water is neutral. Fae CANNOT spill Fae blood on a bridge (and these do not have to be constructed, they can be natural bridges as well). • Also, the area around any extremely old tree offers sanctuary. This is why many Fae gatherings are around old trees, they add to the magic. There are very few areas aside from bridges and old trees that are sacred. An example would be Trinity Market of Omenwich Square, no Fae can cause harm to another of their kind in this place. Any violence that may arise vanishes in the blink of an eye and the violator thereafter cannot return for several days. THESE AREAS ARE NOT COMMON. if you create one in-story, please let site administration know so that we can add it to our list of known areas. Also, if you have a good idea of an area in the world that should be sacred to Fae please let us know. KNOWN AREAS OF SACRED GROUND THE EASTERN AMERICAN ALLIANCE • Trinity Market of Omenwich Square UNITED KINGDOM • Stonehenge THE SEELIE COURT The Seelie Court (also known as the Summer Court), was a haven for the fae that sought to "try" and follow rules. We say 'TRY' because chaos is ingrained in a Fae's heart. Following rules is extremely difficult and very few of them are able to discipline themselves to behave like 'adults'. But as with the other courts of the Fae, the Seelie court is also a figment now of what it was on other worlds. LAWS OF THE SEELIE COURT Like many human courts, the Seelie Court had its own code of conduct, a code which all of the Seelie try to abide — HONOR, LOVE, BEAUTY, DEBT. The lost fae who once belonged to the Seelie court still hold to these ideals even though none are around to enforce them. Honor: Always try to be honorable. Honor is an ideal which serves as a single source of glory for the Seelie; it is the only way to attain recognition. Often, however, the way in which a Seelie obtains 'honor' is not truly honorable by human standards. Their version of honor is somewhat skewed and child-like. Love: For the Seelie, love is the perfect expression of the soul. It transcends all things. Romantic and platonic love is considered to be the highest and purest form of the expression but it is rarely attained by any Fae. They simply can't grasp the concept, though they keep on trying. Beauty: Beauty was one of the first tenants of the Seelie Court. The Seelie were known to go to war to protect beauty, whether it was a beautiful person, place, or thing. A concept that is often confused with vanity which unfortunately for the Seelie and Fae are often viewed as one in the same. Always Repay a Debt: The Seelie are bound to always repay a debt. A Seelie that does not repay their debt is said to be haunted by it, and guilt manifests itself physically and magically in a Fae. Many now stranded on Earth are haunted by the debts they incurred on a world they are no longer a part of and therefore can never repay. The consequences are up to the writer, but there SHOULD ALWAYS be consequences for breaking this rule. Consequences that should in NO WAY ever end up becoming an advantage to your character. A SEELIE CHAMBER OF PROTECTION IN THE EASTERN AMERICAN ALLIANCE DOMINION OF NEW YORK CHAMBERS • Omenwich Square Located off of Broadway, Omenwich Square is a portal to the old world amidst the ever changing landscape of New York City. By day Omenwich is an extravagant detour for the wayward spirit. By night, Omenwich takes on an ambiance more associated with dark macabre of old London's Piccadilly Square during the time when Jack the Ripper stalked the foggy, shadowed streets. THE UNSEELIE COURT The Unseelie Court (also known as the Winter Court) or Unblessed Court leaned toward malevolence. SIMPLY PUT THESE ARE THE RULE BREAKERS. It contained the more malicious Faeries, and a number of monsters of horrible appearance. They tended to be creatures of the night and as such it is not uncommon for these Fae to despise 'light' and all it represents. Like all the other courts, this one too only has a ghost of a presence by the stragglers now stranded on earth. Darkness is often their shroud. What should come to mind when portraying an Unseelie is 'creepiness'. Unseelie are CREEEPY. Friendship is a difficult concept for them to grasp, one might just as soon add poison to their 'friend's' cup just to see what would happen. IDEALS OF THE UNSEELIE COURT Often called the ‘Unblessed Ones,’ the Unseelie are a black cloud upon a fell wind descending upon man-kind. Though not all may be evil, they are generally far from kind, all sharing in the desire to promote chaos and suffering. The Unseelie DO NOT care for Humans, to see them grovel before their greatness is sometimes all that drives them. Others may be less full of hate but no more kind to the 'Inheritors of the Earth'. COMMANDS OF THE UNSEELIE COURT Like the Seelie court remnants, the lost of the Unseelie now stranded on earth often hold to their old code of conduct: CHAOS, DECEPTION, SELF, PASSION. Chaos: The Unseelie firmly believe that security is an illusion. They considered chaos to be the ruling force in the universe, and accepted that they had to adapt and change to survive. Deception: Both the Seelie and Unseelie possess the power of glamor but the two Courts have differing opinions over its use. While Seelie believe in using the power responsibly the Unseelie feel it a sin not to use it to it's greatest potential which is to deceive and cheat. Self: The Unseelie place no stock in the ideals of honor. They pursue their own self-interests vigorously and feel as if truth could only be reached through a devotion to self, not a devotion to others. Passion: Passion is considered to be the truest state of being. Unseelie act without thought following pure instinct and passion. TO BE CLEAR - THERE ARE NO KINGS OR QUEENS OF ANY COURT, THERE ARE NO STRUCTURED NOBLES NOR COMMONERS. LIKE THE ELVES THEY ARE LOST TRAVELLERS ON A NEW WORLD TRYING TO MAKE THEIR OWN WAY, SOME EMBRACING THE NEW WHILE OTHERS HOLD FAST TO THE OLD WAYS. FAE RACES ______________________________________________ Members are more than welcome to develop their own Fey races but they should be partially based on actual lore, not completely made up. We would like to maintain some continuity. ______________________________________________ ESTABLISHED SUB-RACES SEE BELOW
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    LOS ANGELES The Ward Institute had purchased the Bradbury Building back in 2001 and it seemed a fitting place to set up a west coast headquarters for the newly revealed Pharos. Naturally other facilities ownned by the Institute in the Federation still exist, but they wanted to develop a 'face' to distract the populace from thier actual research facilities. Not that, the Bradbury isn't functioning. It serves to help maintain some of the concealment of the many layers of Pharos. PERSONNEL • BRANCH DIRECTOR - Sapphron Ward • LEAD AGENT - Anand Dayal LOS ANGELES POLITICAL RELATIONS Unlike its parent agency, the LA branch of Pharos has no special privileges with law enforcement. Their credentials are more for identification. Agents are at best called in for consultation purposes only. They usually aren’t called at all. This means that most Gnosis sanctioned investigations typically run along a very thin line. Acquiring an artifact often involves bending or breaking a few laws. So long as an agent doesn’t do anything too drastic, the LAPD usually lets it slide. Of course, this also means agents have no official protection. LOS ANGELES HEADQUARTERS The Bradbury Building is located at 304 S Broadway. While it is their headquarters it's use relies on the premise that they would preserve the appearance of the building. Whom better to care for an architectural landmark than Pharos. Pharos technicians took on the meticulous task of securing the building without altering it's appearance. All of the agents offices are original and the foyer sports a museum which visitors are able to peruse. As of 2017 only a fraction of the Bradbury Building is being used to accommodate the handful of agents, technicians and researchers. If anything, the presence of Pharos has only re-popularized the landmark and the headquarters is more of a tourist attraction in L.A. than anything else. Director Ward who was in the beginning adverse to what she believed was 'negative attention' started taking advantage of the sight seers, directing her staff to inform and educate the visitors in the policies of Pharos.
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    New York CHAPTER

    NEW YORK CHAPTER THE CITADEL (The Long Lines Building) This is the main venue for the Order of First Light in our setting. Located at 33 Thomas Street in Manhattan, @Salvatore Avara's family were able to purchase several top floors of the building back in 1995, one of their many holdings in the west. After the Resonance it had been all but abandoned and the Order was able to gain control of the entire structure after the 'REBELLION OF 2015'. In the beginning of 2016 the Order of First Light was ousted out of the Federal Reserve Building. The majority of their members had been influenced by the Rebel @Alistair Greene. Accusations were made and were in fact justified and members of the Order still not fully convinced had to make a choice. They could side with ARMA and betray their Oath or remain loyal and be branded enemies of their fellow magi. Many chose to abandon the Order, believing that the only way to rid the corruption was to fight against them. The loyalists, disband and homeless congregated at the holding of the self proclaimed Chancellor @Salvatore Avara. They dubbed the 'Long Lines Building', 'THE CITADEL', due to it's appearance and to send a message to ARMA that they weren't going anywhere and would continue to uphold the principles of the First Light. HIERARCHY OVERSEER: @Dacia Setgrave As of the beginning of 2019, Dacia was appointed the new Overseer of the New York Chapter. Her office is on the highest floor of the Citadel. CHANCELLOR: @Salvatore Avara After the appointment of Dacia Setgrave, Salvatore was essentially demoted. He retains his title of Chancellor, but is mainly in charge of 'Personal Relations'. In the Overseer's absence the Chancellor is head of the chapter. MINISTERS: Costa De Cerbo and Morellos Severin (Part of the original Inquisitor team) are considered ministers and perform various duties under Salvatore Avara. DESCRIPTION The former AT&T Long Lines Building at 33 Thomas Street is a 550 foot (167.5 meter) tall skyscraper in the Borough of Manhattan, New York, United States. It stands on the east side of Church Street, between Thomas and Worth Streets, in the Civic Center neighborhood of New York City. The building is an example of the Brutalist architectural style with its flat concrete slab facade. The Long Lines Building was completed in 1974. As it was built to house telephone switching equipment, the average floor height is 18 feet (5.5 meters), considerably taller than in an average high-rise. The floors are also unusually strong, designed to carry 200 to 300 pound per square foot live loads. It is by all rights, a fortress. The windowless exterior walls are precast concrete panels clad with flame-treated textured Swedish granite faces. There are six large protrusions from the rectangular base which house air ducts, stairs and elevators. The building is 29 stories and there are a series of large, protruding ventilation openings on the 10th and 29th floors. It is often described as one of the most secure buildings in North America, and was designed to be self-sufficient and protected from nuclear fallout for up to two weeks after a nuclear blast. Since 2016 the Order has modified the interior of the building's top floors. The 26th to 29th floors are functional space, offices, meeting rooms, training areas, archives, etc. The lower levels remain empty, though some areas are utilized for training and storage, among other things. There is access to underground private parking at the corner of Church and Thomas Street. SECURITY Security is a combination of magic and conventional technology. Electronics and enchantments haven tendency to countermand one another and so areas of lesser importance are policed by standard security systems. Those areas of greater importance are protected by magical wards and enchantments which require counter spells to temporarily dispel them. Entry into the building requires magic so no one without such knowledge can bypass the security. What of the human employees of the Order? The basic magical wards protecting the common areas require 'disarming enchantments' that can be employed by anyone. It takes time to learn the spells and various elements of them change monthly. A signet ring is also required. All members possess a ring which is inscribed with their name, chapter and rank. They are personalized to the person, meaning that no one else can employ them (of course there are always ways to countermand even the most fool proof forms of magic). Security clearance requires formal identification, a signet ring and knowledge of the 'disarming enchantments'. THE MAGUS OF NEW YORK Those who have chosen to stay apart from ARMA have done so for many reasons but most prominent is the fact that they do not believe that the High Arch Magus of Rome are corrupt. The fact that such an all-powerful, all-seeing organization can succumb to the petty plagues of humanity is unacceptable. Many believe that ARMA has ulterior motives but all are under express orders not to break the fragile peace that exists between their humble chapter and the stronger rebels who now control New York. Those of the Order that do suspect corruption in the ranks of the High Arches also tend believe that forming a rebellious faction was not in the best interests of the Order. While they do not condemn the members of ARMA for their beliefs they do disagree with their methods. It is these particular members that may be yet be swayed to their cause. Their numbers are few. Roughly a third of the Magus remained a part of the Order and from 2016 and into the early months of 2019 Salvatore Avara has taken up the mantle of leadership. GOALS OF THE NEW YORK CHAPTER The New York Chapter of the Order strives to maintain their public image and prove that ARMA's claims are misguided. Many do not dispute that dissension had existed in Rome but believe that it has long since been rectified. They go about their business, performing their duties and upholding the name of First Light as they always have. The acts of war against ARMA had become nearly non-existent in 2018, though dissension still remained.
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    The Viral Outbreak Russia maintained it's status as the largest country in the world even after the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. It had been contending with that past ever since, unable to revive it's economy… and it never would. At the onset of the Resonance, Vladimir V. Putin who had reclaimed his presidency offered little hope against adversity. He was among the first of the populace to fall victim to the dreaded Zombie-virus and his 'demise' was covered up to maintain order, but all they did was cloud people's judgement with false hope. Zombies were kept alive by loved one's who believed the government was in the process of distributing a cure. Caring for them, protecting them, getting infected by them.... then... it was too late. At the onset of the NEVUS Russia's population was an estimated 142,946, 800 persons by February of 2013 it had been cut to an estimated 50 million. Over half of Russia's people had been infected, their undead remnants hunting the streets. The Russian winter leant it's frigid hand to the survivors, freezing the older and starved aberrations. People had a chance to escape but do little else, the country was lost. Only the three most populated cities remained intact: Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk (actually in Asian Russia). These three major cities organized a cleansing and were able to slaughter the infected unfortunately they soon learned that Zombie-virus was part of a trio of super-viruses. In March of 2011 Russia had gone from slaying mindless undead to battling Lycanthropes. It would seem that the Slav's in general seemed highly susceptible to contracting the first wave of the super-viruses but for the most part the transformations had been retroactive. Two months after the RESONANCE, the new menace emerged, vying for power and blood in true Russian fashion and what remained of Human and Altered Human alike were lost in the strife of war. Nuclear Winter Nuclear meltdown is the accidental melting of the core of a nuclear reactor. It occurs when the heat generated by a nuclear reactor exceed the heat removed by the cooling systems to the point where at least on nuclear fuel element exceeds its melting point. Once fuel elements melt, the primary containment is breached resulting ultimately in radioactive contamination and fallout. Due to loss of personnel only three of Russian's thirty six nuclear reactors were able to be shut-down. Some designed with passive nuclear safety features were able to cool down and avert contamination, but twenty-five reactors still leaked radiation into the atmosphere. By May of 2012, Russia was on the verge of becoming a radioactive hot zone. It seemed hopeless and indeed it would have been if it would not have been for the untimely arrival of The . This new power for a new age lent their talents and knowledge to the three remaining cities. With their assistance the allied forces were able to reduce the population of the Lycanthropes. The Order implemented their powerful magic in the form of wards placed all over each city to repel the fallout. Well into the year 2015, these wards still held true creating a save zone amidst a radioactive wasteland. A dome, reaching five thousand feet above each city and spanning one mile beyond the perimeters keeps the radiation at bay, but their is a noticeable side effect to this 'mana-field'. Radiation Approximately 90% of Russia's entire area is radioactive but it's spread was mercifully contained by an event caused by the Nevus. It can't be explained but for the most part, Russia's radioactivity is contained. The Radiation is mysteriously localized to Russia and some of it's bordering countries. It is surmised that the fundamental nature of the radiation was altered by magic. This causes certain areas to give off a faint luminescence. It can even affect the look of storms, generating lightning with a spectacular range of colors (but green is predominant), a phenomena referred to as 'Spectral Storms' (more information after the heading 'Green Skies'). The toxicity ranges from levels causing chronic to acute radiation sickness or poisoning. The most severe of these conditions is known as ARS (Acute Radiation Syndrome) a constellation of health effects which present within 24 hours of exposure to high amounts of ionizing radiation, and may last for several months. The term refers to acute medical problems rather than ones that develop after a prolonged period. The onset and type of symptoms depends on the radiation exposure. Relatively smaller doses result in gastrointestinal effects such as nausea and vomiting and symptoms related to falling blood counts such as infection and bleeding. Relatively larger doses can result in neurological effects and rapid death. Treatment of acute radiation syndrome is generally supportive with blood transfusions and antibiotics. Similar symptoms may appear months to years after exposure as chronic radiation syndrome but the Russian radiation has no lingering effects. Once a person is removed from the 'exposure' their bodies will normalize after a few weeks, sometimes as little as a few days, depending on the level of exposure. For the most part the majority of Russia is so toxic that prolonged exposure in it's wastelands will lead to certain death. A mammal can endure the radiation for roughly two to four days and the third day is the point of no return. Green Skies — 'The Mystical Aurora' Whether by the grace of God, the Nevus, or perhaps even the Magus known as 'Poryadok Pervogo Sveta' (The Order of First Light) some of Russia's major cities were spared from the radiation. It is kept at bay by unknown force that can be seen when it manifests itself in cloud cover and storms at night, taking on an eerie greenish hue. The strange form of radioactivity throughout the region causes this phenomena as well. In the cities, however, the intensity varies with the speed of the winds acting on the barrier. The stronger the winds the more green the sky appears. Swirling green rays rush across the night sky on windy nights which locals refer to as the 'Ghost Wind' or 'Phantom Aurora'. 'Spectral Storms' The term is used to describe the 'green' storms that from time to time occur over the cities. While this phenomena occurs in Russia's radioactive wastelands intense versions also form over the cities. The magically altered meteorological phenomena that are primarily green in colour are particularly intense over the cities due to their overall energy being increased as they pass over or through the protective barriers. Spectral Storms are charged with the 'radioactive-mana' that pollutes the wastelands, increasing their intensity. Over the cities, the radioactivity is filtered out but their magical intensity actually increases. While all of these storms have the potential to become incredibly violent, most are in fact no more dangerous that natural storms. The main difference is their spectacular display of colorful lightening, dominated by their characteristic green hue. At their worst they can have three times the strikes of an average storm. They retain the 'mana' as they cross over the city and can carry for several kilometers after. The mana-charged lightening exhibit normal behaviour except for the fact that they are also 'magical', often rendering vulnerable any empowered individuals able to control such an element, causing strange effects, and making magic in general go awry. Spectral Storms are a spectacular display, some have even traveled to the isolated cities just to witness one. They occur most often in the months of June and July. Beyond the mana-field in the wastelands radioactivity increases to frightening levels within these storms and there are no suits able to stave off the effects. Survival can only be ensured by remaining in the specialized vehicles designed for travel through the wasteland but the intensity of the lightening is so great that there is a constant threat of the power systems being shorted out, stranding a group in the middle of nowhere. The Wastelands The 'Russian Badlands' is dangerous territory. Altered creatures able to survive the radiation stalk the land, an constant threat to transports and supply caravans. While the three cities have learned from the example of New York City and turned many of their roof tops and vacant space into farmland they are still reliant on imported goods. Caravans are heavily armed and quite often successful in their travels but there is still the occasional raid that it successful. A common problem that still occurs are Zombie hordes blocking the road like cattle. These 'Wasteland Zombies' are a mystery since they should have expired but they still appear here and there. Their flesh is irradiated actually giving it slight glow. On those dark, cloudy, moonless nights when all is black they have the appearance of ghosts marching across the landscape. The radioactivity does not extend past the country's defined borders and in some places the land is inhabitable miles into the interior. Transportation While a variety of trucks and vans have been modified to endure the wastelands people commonly travel via train. The Russians have adapted old military locomotives to transport citizens and visitors to and from each of the cities. Each is equipped with armored military cars, heavily armed with anti-artillery weapons used to bring down larger predators. A precaution, but there have been incidents. The windowless locomotives use night-vision cameras, heat-vision and even sonar to alert them of oncoming obstacles which is why they have no lights. Lights attract zombies and predators on night trips so the trains are kept dark, betrayed only by their noise as they stream across the barren steppes. Russians are already quite complacent in regards to the danger of the travel. There have been no serious attacks and whatever they have come up against the train's weaponry has been more than ample to deal with it. A low frequency of zombies are usually just bashed aside. The trains are extremely luxurious. They want to inspire travel and tourism and have thus brought back that old extravagance when trains were the main means of travel. Government Each of the cities are independent of one another. They are each headed by a Minister and ideally are thought of as the Russian Council of Ministers. Beneath them are 'Deputies' that form a house. The cities of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk are all that remains of Russia but populations are dwindling. Every month more people and leaving (or rather trying to leave) the isolated cities fearing that one day the protective wards may fail, or that the Lycanthropes might rise up once more. As it is, those creatures are still a constant threat and many of the people strive to escape before they become yet another victim of what many believe is a shadow government influencing their Ministers. The Order of the First Light ('Poryadok Pervogo Sveta') has an advisory role with what remains of Russia. For the most part, people do not trust these sorcerers but there are some who believe them responsible for protecting the three surviving major cities of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk. Population The following numbers are based on former estimations. Moscow: 11,514,330 in 2010 now less than 3 million. Saint Petersburg: 4,662,000 in 2002 now less than 2 million. Novosibirsk: 1, 473, 737 in 2010 reduced to less than 1 million. While these are the last remaining large cities supporting large populations there are in fact other settlements in Russian that were spared. In the wastelands there are some isolated communities in areas void of radiation that continue to survive. Some keep in contact with cities, others are completely cut-off.
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    The yakuza's influence is more pervasive and more accepted within Japanese society than organized crime is in America, and the yakuza have a firm and long-standing political alliance with Japan's right-wing nationalists. In addition to the typical vice crimes associated with organized crime everywhere, the yakuza are well ensconced in the corporate world. Their influence extends beyond Japanese borders and into other Asian countries, and even into the United States. This is why after the RESONANCE most of Japan fell under the rule of the Yakuza. The time of the war-lords has returned but some believe it never really left the Nippon shores. Many of the clans are actually now living up to their self-proclaimed history as machi-yokko (servants of the town) and are truly nurturing and protective of those under their rule. It is not possible for feudal Japan as it once was to return, not that any would wish it to be so, but the country has regressed to that of a land divided up among lords who are of the strongest of the Yakuza clans. Japan's ancient mysticism permeates the islands. While the Yakuza clans struggle to maintain a country, fighting amongst themselves over the pieces of the pie, they are also contending with demons and other magical beings that once more seek to lay claim to lands. The land has become a veiled reflection of one of their ornate paintings depicting the plight of the Oni.
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    Sinful Delights

    Sinful Delights is located just off of the Jersey City docks, specifically at the corner of Hudson Street and Christopher Columbus Drive. Even with explicit directions one can still easily miss the nondescript location, the inconspicuous reinforced steel doors of what could only be described as a seedy building revealing nothing of the club within. Come sundown, the doormen emerge and the growing line publicizes the establishment. A typical venue within a converted warehouse coining in on the industrial look. The music genre varies in accordance with the night: Fridays - House Music/ Rave music Saturdays - Popular dance music, grab bag. Wednesdays - Disco Night Tuesdays and Thursdays - Karaoke The popular club caters to all classes and 'kinds', no one is discriminated against. On busy nights a dress code is enforced; clientele chosen by the bouncers, an entry requirement that all regulars are well aware. Known for its elaborate costume nights Sinful Delights is one of Jersey City's most popular night spots for Altered and Humans alike.
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    NO IMMUNITY TO VIRUSES This race CANNOT be immune to the super viruses which turns humans, humans with abilities, meta humans, and certain other original Earth inhabitants into vampires, werewolves, and zombies. When Elves become a Vampire, they are naturally Elfin Vampires but in truth retain very little of their Elfin nature. They are Vampires. Consequently when they contract the Lycanthrope Virus, they do in fact maintain their Elfin appearance while all their magical abilities are greatly reduced if not completely lost. They only maintain those most inherent attributes. An Elf becoming a Vampire or a Lycanthrope IS NOT a matter of taking the best of both worlds! A Metahuman Elf would revert to a Human-like Vampire and no trace of their transformed Elfin nature would remain. Elves can be of either Metahuman or Veil Crosser origin. This simply means that they can be either a Human that was turned into an Elf at the time of the Resonance or an Elf from another world that plummeted through the Veil. There are many types of Elves, their descriptions vary from the small and diminutive spritely beings of English lore to the tall fair haired warriors of Norse mythology. We prefer all races to be derived from actual world lore, mythology and your imagination rather than borrowing a race from another fantasy genre if you wish to develop your own type of Elf. This means no Sindar Elves from Tolkien Lore or Drow or Valley Elves from D&D. We ask that if you are not going to choose one of our current Elfin races to submit a race write-up prior to your profile. Please ensure that your race doesn't end up being too similar to one of our pre-existing ones as we will not accept races which are duplicates of our own save for a few minor deviations. On this site we have the following established Elven races: Southern Elves, Light Elves (Ljósálfar) and Dark Elves (Dökkálfar). COMMON TO ALL ELFIN RACES MAGIC Elves are magical beings. Their abilities are similar to those of a Magus but more 'natural' and passive thus they do not attain the same level of power. By comparison, Elfin 'High Magic' is more akin to the 'Mid-level' spells of a Magus. These abilities can be organized in Low, Mid, and High level categories or can just be listed like any other 'Non-Magus' type character. As Elves are often possessed of other natural abilities we expect that their magical abilities are balanced so that the overall strength of the Elfin character is not too high. HEIGHTENED DEXTERITY The average Elf is very nimble, able to perform acrobatic maneuvers equal to a Human with years of training. They are able to react far faster than your average Human and able to leap twice their height from standing position. Their balance is amazing. A healthy Elf can walk a tight rope drunk while juggling. Their almost magical movements make them exceptional fighters being equally proficient in both melee and ranged weaponry. An trained Elfin archer is deadly, but this accuracy is not limited to bows, give one a sniper rifle and they will be all the more lethal. HEIGHTENED HEARING We should mention here that all Elves have pointed ears. This doesn't really improve their hearing much only that it's a common physical trait. They do in fact possess exceptional hearing which can be best compared to that of a fox. They are able to pinpoint noises at ranges of up to 160 feet and perceive up to 65,000 Hz of sound. This allows them to identify sounds (clearly deciphering conversation) through typically constructed walls. NIGHT VISION Elves see extremely well by moonlight and starlight. They cannot see in total darkness absent of light. SEE ELFIN SUB RACES BELOW
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    Northern Delights

    OWNER: @Unnuk Umiaktorvik LOCATION: 368 9th St. at the intersection of 6th ave. Brooklyn, New York City, New York. Upon entering her shop customers are greeted by a friendly voice welcoming them to Northern Delights. She sits behind the counter top across from the door, softly petting a rather large arctic fox, who looks at each customer as they come in before slowly blinking and laying his head down. The inside of the shop is fairly chilly on the ground floor and as such she wears fairly warm clothing all year around. The First Floor The floors are made of a dark hardwood, and the table area in the center protects them, via the use of a dark green area rug. The single bathroom in the store is unisex and located underneath the upper portion of the staircase which leads to the second floor. Behind the long counter on the right are various containers of herbs and spices. The chalkboard overhead contains over 45 different types of tea, and tea blends. Most given such names as Immuni-Tea, and are given a brief description of what is in them and what they help with. Large shop windows keep the store well lit with natural light during the daytime, and during the night large overhead lights light the floor with their soft glow. Giving the store a warm, and welcoming feeling. The walls are decorated with artifacts and paintings from her native lands, and when asked about them she will happily explain what each is. Items of particular note: -- A block printed set of paintings containing an Owl, a depiction of a journey, and an image of people being chased by a bear. -- A large seal skin drum decorated around the borders with various fangs and claws, and its single drumstick made out of a rather large bone --A glass display case, tightly locked and hung up behind the counter containing the cash register displaying three Ivory bladed knives, each with a scenic image carved into the blade. The Second Floor Customers are welcome to eat and drink their tea on either floor, both offering tables for them to do so, or to socialize at. Upon heading up the staircase the store takes a sudden change. The pleasant scents of herb and spice give way to the soft power of blended incense and books. The upstairs in notably warmer than downstairs and has similar windows to achieve the same soft warm lighting. In the upper right corner of the store are various religious books for sale, mostly containing modern new age books. One shelf however is protected by bulletproof glass and is heavily locked. A note just below explaining that these are rare and expensive books, and are not for sale to the average person. Across from that sit several display cases. Most containing modern ritual items needed to practice the pagan faiths. 7 day candles, athames, various stones, stick and cone incense, and statues of various gods. Once particular cabinet however is dedicated to her people and their craft, and while a sign says none of the items in this cabinet are specifically for sale, interested customers can speak to her about having similar items made by a member of her tribe for them. It should be noted however that these items are not cheap as they are hand crafted and made of raw materials that were then worked in traditional methods to become the item seen by the customer. Across from the staircase in the center of the far wall is a small alcove. This area is used by local bands whom Unnuk allows to play in her store on weekends, and during the weekdays is used for poetry, or small class lectures depending on what day one arrives. The walls are decorated with simple brush painted nature scenes and the northern lights.
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