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  1. WOOT - YAY HELP Will PM you
  2. I has suggestions!!!!! I would PM Gavin D'luc since you and he are pretty much the only two really active ARMA at the moment and see if he up for a thread. Then perhaps the dock thread with Rae? maybe ARMA got wind a healer might be needed but when gets there the men in blue are keeping them out since there is no one left to save and finally... umm..... so ya... selfishly your fearless admin could use a little help on site as I clean up a few things so if you have time got a couple things you could assist with if interested
  3. Coming Soon.....
  4. Ya those broke with the major software update back in April and I still haven't found a good alternative for how to work that. :/
  5. Currently being used by Mackenzie - not available for other stories while in current storyline.
  6. Order of Light Tracking/Hunting Trio: Desta Wilson, Javier Martinez, Mattox Answorth What Characters needed for: Adversaries/hunters of MacKenna Zielinski Gender: Female and 2 males Age: 45, 36, and 20 Race: Magus, Magus, Empowered Human Faction: Order of First Light Occupation: Bounty Hunting PB: Desta - Vivica A Fox Javier - Jaime Camil Mattox - Jack Gleeson DESTA Personality: She is all business and the leader of the trio. She is ruthless in regards to the mission, doing whatever it takes to get it done. She has little regard for civilians but does know that they can cause issues, in particular the police who are a double edged sword at best. She considers herself a crusader, bringing about a new and better world by force if need be. She speaks with an iron clad authority, she expects to be obeyed and you know if you don't that she will make you. History: She was a physician at a hospital in Atlanta when the Resonance hit and was quickly snapped up by the Order of First Light to learn about her powers. She has always been something of a workaholic but now has a new focus in the Order. She retains her medical skills and has studied criminal law to help aid in dealing with the public as she commonly did with the hospital. Her trio has had few missions fail, and her reputation in the Order is formidable, if not a little scary. Skills: All three are proficient with handguns. Desta and Javier are the only ones that carry though as Mattox prefers to move and cannot shoot while moving at high speeds. Desta - Medical professional: With years at a hospital before the Resonance Desta has retained her knowledge and talents with people's general health. As such she fixes the group when someone is injured or ill. Bed side manner: Desta knows how to talk to people. Be it sweet talking or bullying she knows how to get what she wants out of someone, even more so when they are under duress. Abilities: Low level - Spells akin to Telekinesis. Can make things float and sense more dense things. Ex: She can tell if you're carrying a gun because metal has more of a gravitational pull than clothe and flesh. Can shift gravity to cause a punch to do more or less damage given a situation. Mid level - Can change gravity's direction. Crush a person into the ground to keep them from attacking. Can redirect bullets and other attacks by reversing the gravity on them. Can float someone along in spite of their attempts to escape. High level - Can change gravity on larger objects like cars, boats, and trains. Can use her power to launch someone considerable distance from an uppercut. JAVIER Personality: Javier: He is by far the most humane out of the group. He is cautious about civilians, preferring to avoid making waves and getting missions done by stealth than to risk exposure to them. Do not misunderstand him though, if pushed he can and will submit to a blood bath with civilians being damned. He thinks that power makes right, but someone still has to see to more mundane issues so why not let the powerless do it? He speaks in a quiet tone, making one have to shut up in order to really pay attention to him. History: Was working with the drug cartels in Columbia when the Resonance gave him his mental abilities. It allowed him to quickly escape when his boss suddenly turned on him. He went to the Order for a safe haven and was glad to take up their cause in exchange. He always considered himself good at knowing which was the wind was blowing and the Order was already shaping up to be a powerhouse. He has been working with Desta for five years now and the two have a mutual respect birthed from years of having each other's backs. Skills: All three are proficient with handguns. Desta and Javier are the only ones that carry though as Mattox prefers to move and cannot shoot while moving at high speeds. Forgery: Before the Resonance Javier was making fake ID's and passports. He has kept this and expanded it to the best of his ability making fairly accurate and believable papers to make the team look official. Underground contacts: While he didn't leave the cartels under the best of situations Javier has managed to maintain his criminal contacts and has no trouble dealing with less reputable individuals. Abilities: Reading minds and hallucinations. Javier is pretty average in his mental capabilities though he does have a few tricks up his sleeve. His main method of tracking involves focusing on a piece of DNA of the subject he wishes to find and then listening in to their thoughts. It is draining but allows his team to act quickly and contain threats. Cease function. Javier has the ability to cut off the function of higher thinking in the brain, effectively knocking a person out. He has to touch them in order to do this and then maintain focus to keep them down. Once the effect is ended the person wakes up as normal, or could stay asleep depending on which the body is wanting more of. MATTOX Personality: Mattox: Is a show-off. While Desta is able to direct his often excessive ways Mattox has a habit of thinking his power makes him godly. His cocky attitude often rubs people the wrong way but he is skilled enough to get out of a jam on his own. He doesn't care about civilians at all, and has no problem with letting them know things. He seems to regard everything as a game to be laughed at but is a sore loser if crossed. He sounds every bit his age, complete with using swears far to much. History: The rich son of a New York banker, Mattox always had the best. When the Resonance hit he would claim he got the best power. He was snapped up by the Order a little after his 18th birthday. He doesn't care to look back and took to the Order like a duck to water. Though he is a more recent addition to the team, he considers Javier a brother and Desta like a mother to himself. Skills: All three are proficient with handguns. Desta and Javier are the only ones that carry though as Mattox prefers to move and cannot shoot while moving at high speeds. Techno nut: Mattox always had an interest in computers and took that with him into the Order. While he is not as savvy as a techno mage nor as fast he can find a fair amount of information. Abilities: Super Speed. Mattox's speed makes it difficult to do spells like normal magus so he focuses on the physical. His main applications are running speed and reflexes. It's important to note that faster is not always good. He cannot stop on a dime and crashing into a wall at excessive speeds will hurt him as much as anyone else. As such tight corners and sudden changes in direction are difficult. Low speed - Can go as fast as an olympic sprinter. Medium speed - Can go as fast as a horse. High speed - Can go as fast as a car.
  7. So I had been working on a new skin and its now live. If you come across any oddities/things not working/not looking right etc. Please post here so I can take a look and fix it. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Thanks for letting us know! Your button is updated.
  9. On hold for Mythos
  10. New York is the most "back to normal" location so while there definitely would not be the volume of places there once was there still are pockets of places for the impoverished to go. That said because 60% of the population vanished there are tons of abandoned apartment complexes etc... so not normal to see for example "homeless" because they would take up residence in one of the not used buildings. Hope that helps!
  12. Don't know what to do to jump in? be sure to check out the canon want ads!! http://resonancerp.com/index.php?/index.html/characters/canons/
  13. https://www.behindthename.com/random/
  14. If you haven't used them already, under More Info link on top there are opportunities to see the activity on the site! We have added a new one - New Since Last Online. This will just give you all new things on the site since you were last logged on - it includes posts, new links, new pages etc. Great way to get the cliffnotes of what is new!!
  15. http://www.lousywriter.com/search/pages/MISUSED_ENGLISH_WORDS/