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  1. Brandon and possible Affiliations

    Actually Gaspari's is much more powerful with the molecular manipulation (its an OP ability ) Brandon is more like Matteo.
  2. Want to help??

    Do you have some free time? Are you interested in helping spit and polish Resonance? Just willing to help out your overworked admin? If yes to any of these then GREAT! Below are some things that I could use assistance with. If you are interested just post under here the item you will work on so others don't double up. If you need more clarifications then just PM me and I will be happy to explain. Thanks Everyone! Helping on these will free me up to work on the upcoming site events!! Play By Clean Up - have had some help with this before but think we are out of whack again. This would be taking the time to go through all the Characters and check their PB on the Face Claim page. Are they all on there? Are there old ones on there that we missed deleting? Then also need you to go through the CoStars page to check they are all on there and each faction section because their costars are listed with the factions. If you can give me each time the character name and play by that needs to be added, or deleted and in the case of Costars give me also the link to the Costar page that would be awesome! Dead Forums - Not all of these will be deleted but we would like to go through and streamline the forums some more. So this would be going through ALL the forum pages and look if there are no posts ever in certain ones. So for example you need to click on New York, then Around the City, then look at all those forums to see if any have no posts. If you find no posts please don't just give me that forum name because then I have to go find it, give it to me as NY/Around the City/Central Park. That way I can easily find it to see if its one slated for a future story or one we can ditch! Checking Locations Against Forums - similar to the dead forums, I am looking to see if any of the places we have listed in our locations section are not represented in the forums OR if we have forums that do not have a matching locations page. One for a Newer Player - Rules and Guidelines Check - writers that have been here a while take for granted that everything is clear and easy for a new player to understand. Would love one of the newer players now that they are writing to go back now and look at the Rules and Creating a Character pages and let me know what worked well and what was confusing or if more or less information is needed. Similar to rules check - Cliffnotes Check - would also like to know if the Site Cliffnotes are helpful, missing things, confusing at all, etc. I will have several more that I will add but these were the first ones I could use some help on!!
  3. Brandon and possible Affiliations

    Aw... don't get discouraged! Remember that this sites pace is a little slower because most players are late 20s and thirtys so family and careers takes a little time for people to free up from existing threads to add new ones. I have a doc that works the hospital. He is a bit of a loner but would definitely be someone to interact with there.
  4. wayne-nj-Beer-Tap.jpg

    From the album Resonance II

  5. Sláinte

    Owner: @Boone (Paddy) Fitzpatrick This is your hometown bar. The one you are comfortable coming to after work or after a day out on the lake fishing. Six pool tables line the exterior walls. Games are free so long as you're drinking. The walls are decorated with an assortment of hunting heads and old photographs of movie stars. Brick and beams gives it an old pub feel right in the middle of New York. Stools line all the pillars as well as the thirty foot long bar with twenty beers on tap at all times, at least six of which are Irish.
  6. slainte1.png

    From the album Resonance II

  7. If you have more than one character you can switch between them very easily without logging in and out. Go to your name up top and choose Linked Accounts icon. Look for the Manage Your Accounts link at the bottom. Link your additional accounts by adding the login name and corresponding passwords and the accounts will show up. If you have 3 accounts then you need to log into all 3 accounts and add the other 2 to each. Once you do you can use the Linked Accounts icon at the top to speed swap between your accounts without logging in and out!!
  8. Give Love!

    When you read work you enjoy you can show your love to the writer by clicking the Heart button at the bottom right of their posts! Great way to let others know you are reading their stuff even if you are not in their thread! It helps build their reputation and is a great way to know who is checking out whos work!
  9. Notifications

    Did you know you can get notifications on all your threads or even on certain forums. Click on the Bell by your name in the upper right and choose notification settings, set your notifications there and when you have notifications you will clearly see them by a number over the Bell. When you are in a forum you can click Follow This in the upper right and any new posts or threads in that forum will give you a red notification over the Bell as well! You can even follow certain characters! Go to their profile page and choose Follow Member. This will give you notifications when they post or update their status!

    Did you know you if you start a new thread and want to tag them without sending them a private message you can "tag" them in the post and they will get a notification!! At the top of your first post where you tag the post with a time, tag the people too. To do this start by typing "@" then without a space start typing their name and names that match will appear, click the one you want. What you will end up with is: @Zeph and you can do more than one @Zeph @Derrick Mason Gray @Gabriele Salvatierra each person you tag at the top of that first post will get a notification that they were invited to the thread!!!

    Thought YOU were the good stuff...
  12. Some Questions

    Some neat ideas. The brooch and paper as they are written are fine with the caveat that even if he finds the map to his homeland he would never be able to go back - otherwise it destabilizes the premise of the game which is that people of other worlds are permanently stranded on earth and those of earth who vanished during the nevus are never coming back. It could make for real great drama for the character since he could start quests trying to go home only to fail each time. The dimensional stepping was fine up until it became a weapon he could force someone into. The problem with it is the potential for "instant kill" on an opponent. Something we don't allow. Also you have nice limits for the amount of time in the space but there should be limits also on how often he can do short uses over and over again otherwise he can just evade forever Nice concepts, just need a little tweaking.
  13. Some Questions

    Hi there and welcome to our corner of chaos! Saw you made a profile and put a help ticket up - I went ahead and held your face claim and answered your question there but happy to do so here as well! Yes human-looking races of other worlds are welcome - they are usually considered veil-crossers - when the barriers between worlds broke during the nevus they got stranded on earth so it fits perfectly. We have a few already on the site. if they are altered with already a strong set of powers those are dominant and the chances of learning any strong magic are slim. If they don't have strong powers (so their mana is not already focused elsewhere) then yes they can learn magic but really will need some teacher - usually a magus who is more naturally attuned to magic. Yes relics can come in from other worlds and even can have powers but of course any power would need to be balanced for the character and not tip the balance of our world Also - we LOVE ideas! You will find people that write here like things that last, with rich stories that evolve over time so lots of opportunities for characters to affect the world. Happy to work with you on your ideas!
  14. Thank you so much for 3yrs of amazing writing on the Resonance! To those that have stuck it out since even before we began, thank you for your friendship and commitment. To those of you that are new, thank you for joining & we look forward to seeing where you take us! I am looking forward to the next 3 years and seeing what incredible journey you take me on! Much love Zeph