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  1. Thanks for letting us know. Good luck on your overhaul!
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    Cant believe this snuck up on me!!! Two days ago we hit the 4 years active mark! I want to thank all the wonderful writers that have been here from the beginning and those that have just recently joined. I am thankful to get the opportunity to write with people that are both talented and patient. Thank you for the creativity and the perseverance. I hope to write with you all another 4 years! Your crazy ole admin Zeph
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    Thanks for the affiliation! Your button has been added to our affiliates as well!
  4. Welcome! Happy you are here and hope you find a mature and enriching environment for your muse. Site is rated mature (3-3-3). Our average player is 25+, so we cater to an older crowd with less online time. We tend not to have an active cbox and may take more than a day to approve characters but please don't mistake this for inactivity. Careers/families take precedence. If there is no one in the chat to answer questions just post them in the forum "QUESTIONS". With a registered name you can also use the Help forum or limited PMs. Take some time reading over these rules -- they are important for a pleasurable writing experience on this site. Note: This site functions best in Chrome and Firefox. It has the most "ghosts" in IE but still works fine! General: No word count - people tend to post match here but even that is not required. Quality over quantity. Be respectful while using the board, cbox, and PMs; INCLUDES not bugging people to post. Posts must be 3rd person past tense. 18+ Real Play-Bys - limited realistic artwork for non-human ch. (ex: lizard race) w/staff approval. No animated avatars/signatures - use 150x400px for avatar best fit Adult Content: Adult Content (AC) is for mature adults only. Don't harass others about AC use. Access will be removed for behavior staff feels demonstrates a lack of maturity. Certain subjects not allowed even in AC: Rape/abortion/S&M/BDSM. There are other sites for these. This is not a smut site. AC should be natural flows from actual plots/stories, not the only thing you write. Character Creation: 3 characters upon joining. After 1 mth, as many as you like! Just helps staff manage workload. Your ch. can't be immediate family to big faction co-stars. This unfairly gives power by association. God Moding/Autos/Over Powered are forbidden. This site is not "power" focused- story is FAR more important than power. Overpowered characters will be asked to balance with strong detriments. (staff will help you balance!) Also, no fandom please. If you're thinking about Sci-fi/High Tech, please, read this first. No "alien" technology. While abilities are only limited by your imagination, the following are forbidden: Mimicking of powers/Amplification of powers/Negation of abilities Instant kills Easy control/violation of others Mind reading/controlling Mass reality bending Time travel Instant healing of self/others or instant regeneration No dimensional/inter-dimensional travel, nor pulling things from/pushing to other dimensions as this would destabilize the premise that beings are now stranded on the world unable to leave. No child characters. Includes: adult mind in child body, child mind in adult body or adult turned into child. This is an adult site and it's awkward/uncomfortable to bring children in as anything but NPC. All chs must be physically/mentally 18 years of age for their race. For first character, we require a writing sample. Please give at least 3-4 paragraphs - a copy of a post from somewhere else is a great sample! For subsequent characters you can enter "see X profile for sample". Because the Event was a bit over 10 years ago and child characters are not allowed, there are no half-breeds with humans, infected, metahumans or humans with abilities. Half breeds would only be from other worlds where they were already half breeds. Inactivity and Play bys/Face Claims: Activity Check=log in within 2mths. If you do not AND you do not post an away message, your character will be deactivated (not deleted) and your playby released. You can always reactivate but you may need a new playby. Also players who log in but never post with ANY of their characters will have all characters inactivated after 4 months if no away message is given. Its not fair to hold playbys or "appear" active if you aren't really writing The site is still open for your reading pleasure! If it is your turn in a group thread with 3+ people and you delay more than 7 days without an away message, the group is permitted to skip you to not hold up the storyline. This does NOT mean you are out, you can post any time to catch up but recognize you will be skipped. If you need to be away its polite to let the group know and invite them to skip you while you are away - if you don't invite them to they can still skip you after 15 days so threads do not become stagnant - again you can join back in at any time! Warnings and Banning: Ok here is the thing, Resonance is managed by adults for adults. We don't like to warn or ban, don't make us do it. It is rare but happens from time to time.
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    We took some time to update our RULES. We removed some that are no longer concerns, and updated the rest - streamlining mostly. Always a good idea to refresh yourself on the rules no matter how long you have been writing with us so please take some time to look them over!
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    Rankings and Key Personnel

    While for the first months of their operation, ARMA personnel followed the old rankings of the OFL, they have since developed their own ranking system. The main framework of the group remains similar (why fix what isn't broken) but it was important that the group at some point divest themselves from the group that betrayed them just as they betrayed it. With the addition of numerous non-powered personnel as well, the old ranking system required an overhaul. RANKINGS Admin Note: Positions held by NPCs (no profile link) may be requested by established ARMA characters - new players should get acclimated by playing a lower ranking character in the group before requesting a leadership role. Leaders are expected to be active! OVERSEER - MISSING A relative newcomer to the group, but not new to the people in the EAA, Aura Edler is a woman of largely unknown origin, but she commanded a group known as the Silver Wings that was able to defend the coast of the EAA from repeated attacks by dragons for the last five years. After the SW and ARMA's recent merger, Aura took over primary administration and negotiation duties for the group due to her experience as a leader and her... well, uncompromising reputation where it comes to dealing with city leaders and the leaders of other groups. She and the Commander, Alistair, work together on most major decisions and operations, but the 'Silver Dragon' as she is sometimes known is in nominal command of the group for the time being. COMMANDER - MISSING @Alistair Greene - One of the first to realize the corruption of the OFL's stated ideals, and also a member of the very first crop of rookie magi recruited by the Order almost before the Resonance Event had even finished, Alistair Greene has been a visible figure in New York City since the summer of 2011. Sometimes referred to as the White Knight of New York (to his continuing chagrin), Alistair is in command of ARMA's Knight division and the majority of its field operations. The Commander has a small 'command group' that is drawn from all three Divisions and serves to support his work, as well as watching his back in the field against assassins from the OFL's Inquisition. CAPTAINS Captains command either a single Division or a portion of a Division, depending on the needs of the group. LIEUTENANTS Each Captain has multiple Lieutenants working under them, organizing and commanding smaller units of force. LOWER RANKS Below that, there are Sergeants who aid the Lieutenants. The lowest rank for someone who is ranked in ARMA is Operative. ------------------- KNIGHT DIVISION Drawn primarily from the former OFL Sword and Shield groups, the Knight division is the most visible and well-known facet of ARMA's operations. Knight Division's primary duty is the protection of New York City, though it is also the division from which most of the offensive strike groups that hit targets outside the city and even the EAA are drawn. Knight Division contains both powered and unpowered humans; while the teams are generally kept separate due to the need for different tactics, it is very common for teams from both groups to work together against the same target in order to match up specialties. The unpowered humans however remain much more rare in the group. KNIGHT CAPTAINS There are three Captains in Knight Division, as the group is frequently split off on various operations: Marius De'Sire Robert Baronak ------------------- TOWER DIVISION Drawn mainly from the former OFL Eyes, Tower is responsible not only for intel and magic surveillance, but also the combat engineering and enchanting work the group does to shore up defenses both at the HQ and elsewhere in the EAA. Tower division also serves as the research and development and equipment maintenance groups. TOWER CAPTAIN Because their operations are more central, Tower Division has only a single captain. Agatha "Tock" Zikara ------------------- CLOAK DIVISION The smallest of the divisions, Cloak is an elite group drawn from a particular type of person: someone highly skilled in combat, highly secretive, and extremely motivated. Cloak is responsible for rapid covert deployment, gathering of dangerous field intelligence, and (though this is not admitted publicly or even to other divisions), the hunt for Order moles within ARMA itself. Cloak also handles Internal Affairs style investigations for ARMA when necessary. CLOAK CAPTAIN Pending ------------------- SHIELD DIVISION The newest division of ARMA nonetheless contains some of its most experienced personnel, though it contains the fewest individuals with powers. Shield is formed from the ranks of the Silver Winged, with an infusion of mages from Knight and Tower divisions, and its primary goal is the securing of the EAA's borders against supernatural incursion, particularly against the dragons of the North. Shield division's personnel were collected by Aura in the early days post-Resonance, and are primarily drawn from the collapsed militaries of the United States, and what was once the United Kingdom. Because of this, their gear is much closer to military standard than the rest of ARMA, including even some armored vehicles and aircraft, as well as anti-air defenses, though the heavy equipment is kept out of the city by necessity. Integration of Shield with the rest of ARMA is ongoing, with many individuals still getting to know one another, though specially equipped Shield teams have been known to operate similarly to SWAT teams in support of Knight division on operations within the city where they are needed. SHIELD CAPTAINS: Pending
  7. We finally completed a light skin for those that prefer dark text on white background To switch your skin, go to the very bottom of the site and click on Theme. Then Choose the -Light version.
  8. Face Claims! A Alex Pettyfer - @Brandon Valosa Antonia Bragina - @Rhyse Falmarin B Ben Dahlhaus - @Calder Muireadach Ben Hill - @DeClan Asher Quinn Brandon J. Boyd - @Haslan Senai Bridget Moynahan - @Derrick Mason Gray C Chris Hemsworth - @Rhome Del Santo Chris Pine - @Jacob Minor Chris Pratt - @Boone (Paddy) Fitzpatrick D David Gandy - @Gabriele Salvatierra Diego Klattenhoff - @Bo Salvatierra E Emilia Clarke- @Aingeal Clarke Emelia De Ravin- @Altheia Martin Evangeline Lilly - @Maree'Anca Marin F Fergal Devitt - @Gavin de Luc Francois Telombre - @Durion Caranthir G Gemma Arterton - @Rorye Shannon-Kearney Gong Li - @Kagami Suzaku H I Ivana Baquero - @Kett Evangeline J Jason Momoa - @Alec Walker Jean Dujardin- @Thomas (Tom) Gallo Jensen Ackles - @Nathaniel Morse Jessica Biel - @Deyanira Kain Joshua Sasse - @Matteo Carducci K Kat von D - @Faye Johnson L Liam McIntyre - @Josef Carroll Boudreaux Luke Evans - @Kai Alexander Morgan M Maggie Q - @Raeden (Rae) Seiko Mary Elizabeth Winstead- @Pandora Chapel Max Riemelt - @Darius Kayne Monica Bellucci - @Calista Burke N Nicki Clyne - @MacKenna Zielinski O Olga Kurylenko - @Eris London P Q R S Stephen Amell- @Donovan Beckett T TaLula Ridley - @Ada Vasiliev Theo Gauchet - @Kashmir Dorsanos Tom Hiddleston - @Will Tennesen U V W Weston Boucher - @Rami deChartres X Y Z _______________________________________ Reserved Claims! _______________________________________ PAST DUE CLAIMS _______________________________________ Canons & Co-stars While these are not 'claimed play-bys', we ask that if you have your heart set on a face used by either a canon or co-star to please inform the staff so that we can adjust their image. You can pick up any of our Canon characters to play. Those with a "*" beside the name are Co-Stars and can not be picked up. CANON • CO-STAR * A Akshay Kumar -Anand Dayal* Amelia Warner - Alia Safina Andrej Pejic - Aegir Saemundson* B Barbara Meier - Marellis Severin* C Carman Kass -Oracle* Cate Blanchett - @Dacia Setgrave* Clancy Brown -Xavier Pattison* D Dennis Haysbert - President Dean Stanley (E.A.A.) * Diane Lane - Lyric Locklin* Dolph Lundgren - @Atticus Gale Dorothea Mercouri - Alessia Nicosia E Edoardo Costa - "Lucky" Luciana Cavalli * F G Gillian Anderson - Sapphron Ward * H Harrison Ford - Christopher Ward * Harvey Keitel - Kosta De Cerbo* Henry Ian Cusick - Connor MacBride * I J Joe Montegna - Victor Nuzio * K Kathy Chow - Deirdre Park * Kelly Hu - Adria Nighttraveler * Kevin Costner - Stone Ward * Kevin Spacey - President Jackson Davenport (S.C.)* Kristanna Loken - Sasha Starling* Kristin Scott Thomas -Chloe Rutherford* L Laz Alonso - Angelo Gaspari * M Mads Mikkelsen -Soren Strand* Marine Vacth - Asia Savin* Matt Bomer - Ethan Markson Michael Jai White -Dante Hudson* Michael Weatherly - Lance MacAdoeh Moon Bloodgood - Ahanu Walker N Noomi Rapace - Stevie "Mouse" Hayes O P Peter Coyote - Ezra Waterstein * Q R Raffaello Balzo - Anthony Bazzini Richard Harris - Angus Leary* Robert Redford -Pharell Shore* Ryan Reynolds - @Alistair Greene S Saffron Burrows -Delaney G. Grant* Sandra Oh - Hyun Jae Sohn * Sigourney Weaver - Chief Executive Leighton Holt (F.W.A)* Susan Sarandon - Chelsea Redgrove Svetlana Khodchenkova - Viktoriya Stradinsky * T Taye Diggs - Toby Lavoie Taylor Kitsch- Gerren Marouk Tom Berenger -Jericho West* U V Viggo Mortensen - @Vacily Rezanov W William B. Davis - Jude Matthews* William Hurt - Karl Reinhardt* X Y Yvonne Strahovski - Solstice Davies Z Zoe Saldana as Neytiri - Chiarra RETIRED PLAY BYS These are play bys that for one reason or another have been retired from the game. It could be the character was killed, it could be the character was key but vanished. Either way we will not allow these back in the game. - Eric Dane - Mathew Fox
  9. Thanks so much. I am at a conference one more day but will fix when I get home!
  10. TIME TRAVEL In order to avoid paradoxes, if your character is here due to traveling from the past or future, you shall treat this world as an alternate time line or universe. The old time line is lost forever to your character, and the story unfolds on this time line ONLY. No exceptions. Your character also can not time travel again. Temporal Time Warps While we embrace this time-line as fixed and linear we do allow 'temporal time warps', which is to say we allow time fluctuations. A person may be able to slow time in a fixed area or generate a field that allows them to slow time and squeeze through it quickly which is a form of super-speed. Such an ability will have very, very short time limit. What is never allowed is TIME REVERSAL, time CANNOT be rewound. ALSO NO INTERDIMENSIONAL TRAVEL - too close to above issues. TECHNOLOGY Technology MUST be appropriate to modern day, real life Earth. As always, mod/admin discretion will be utilized in order to preserve the continuity and purity of this modern fantasy site as it is not sci-fi. We ask that you place a ticket for approval of plots and characters that are in the gray area of science fiction. Here's a short list of example technologies that are NOT allowed: Artificial Intelligence Cybernetics (like shadowrun) Ray Guns Humanoid Computers Teleportation Machines Time Travel Wormholes or travel to other places in the solar system/galaxy/universe Faster than Light travel by mechanical means List of examples in that 'gray area' (again minimal approvals as we limit sci-fi): Human genetic augmentation (though this tends to be very crude) High tech armor and weaponry that is exotic or currently experimental Some types of experimental aircraft Highly advanced Robots or primitive VI (virtual intelligence, not true AI) THE SUPER-VIRUSES The Vampire Virus (nocturnaeximius-virus), Lycanthrope Virus (lycaneximius-virus) and Zombie Virus (morteximius-virus) cannot be modified by science or magic. This is because they are a corner stone of our setting and any alterations to them would cause drastic changes to our world. Your characters are, however, welcome to experiment away so long as those attempts end in failure. It was already suspected that the super-viruses are a combination of biology and magic, so many experiments are simply trying to prove that theory.
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    Political Structure

    The purpose of this page is to keep it updated with the political powers of the world, and recent developments. It is closely connected to the EVENTS TIMELINE. North America Map of North America Due to the '2010-2011 apocalyptic event of the Resonance some laws and habits have changed: • Non-smoking laws are basically back to square one with private establishments trying to enforce the rule with little support from overworked law enforcement. • A lot of computerized filing systems were compromised and the cataclysmic event has generated a paranoia making many business revert back to a combination of paper and electronic filing systems. Consequently, more people carry cash now since electronic debit and credit systems are no longer dependable. • The original 'American Dollar' has been adopted by the E.A.A. while the S.C. and F.W.A. have produced their own bills to further differentiate and separate their regions from one another. The Southern Coalition money is surprisingly similar to the old 'confederate dollars'. To your average citizen there is no difference in the monetary value from one bill to another but the three regions of what some call 'The Tri-Americas' do in fact have very different economies now. • The relationship between the three regions of the Tri-Americas is tense. The political goal is to re-unite the country but each region's political view vary so greatly that no terms of agreement can be met. RENEWED GOVERNMENT STRUCTURES As of 2017 rudimentary government structure has been restored in each of the three regions of the Tri-Americas and a leader of each has been appointed by a congress (5 year terms). In reality they are only figure heads, the real power being held by their supporting factions but it is a required illusion if each of the separate nations intend to move forward. Of course, we must realize that these presidents are not fools. They are completely aware of where the power lies but it makes their position no less important and they intend to shape their nations to their best abilities. (More information on each of the presidents and political views will be found in their profiles below). THE PRESIDENT of the EASTERN AMERICAN ALLIANCE: Mr. Dean Stanley The EAA PRESIDENT resides in Washington, D.C., in the White House. THE PRESIDENT of the FEDERATION OF WESTERN AMERICA: Ms. Leighton Holt The FWA PRESIDENT resides in San Diego, California. THE PRESIDENT of the SOUTHERN COALITION: Mr. Jackson Davenport The SC PRESIDENT resides in Atlanta, Georgia. EASTERN AMERICAN ALLIANCE - E.A.A. Since the Resonance the traditional control over the governments on a large scale was placed solely in the hands of the Order of the First Light. Publicly this was a role that served as a protector of the EAA from the threats of Magic, Monsters, and Demons. Privately, they pulled the strings of government, often able to sway them as well as the media in their strongholds. Their grip remained solid until 2013, when the presence of the Vanguard loosened it's fingers. For a time in 2013 the power of law enforcement had been stripped from the police and held exclusively by the Order of Light and to an extent Pharos. This did not last. Later that year power to the police had been restored but the Order and Pharos possessed jurisdiction over any instances of supernatural occurrences. In the case of the Order, they did not typically work above the laws of the people (at least not openly), and their jurisdiction was considered to be the equivalent of a federal force, like the old FBI, particularly in the case of magic and the supernatural, relics, and/or demons. These were the only instances in which they were permitted to work above the law of the E.A.A. The Vanguard (and other factions as well), in lieu of the Resonance Event, still find it increasingly difficult to garner any police cooperation, especially when the Order had such a firm grip on the government, but all that changed. In 2016 a rebellion within the Order produced ARMA who have now taken the place of the Order in New York. While the Order still maintains a presence in the EAA, these recent events have taken a lot of wind out of their sails. This has allowed the Vanguard to gain a stronger foothold in New York city and the EAA while Pharos has remained steadfast and pretty much unchanged. THE NEW WORLD DEFENSE DIVISION While the N.W.D.D.'s seat of power remains in the northern part of the FEDERATION, they are slowly spreading south and eastward. The conglomerate, instead of simply buying up and absorbing corporations and businesses like some mindless capitalist amoeba, they represent and promote hope. The Initiative is a concept developed by some of the best minds of the West, and they are vying to one day take control of the entire F.W.A., already spreading their philosophy into the EAA with their take over of the New York based company the Institute of Cybernetic and Organic Research (ICOR). This company represents, Genomorph Laboratories, the head of the NWDD's Research Division. The N.W.D.D. may even possess such lofty goals as re-uniting the states under one sovereign ruler, but the idea is so fragile that none even dare whisper of it...yet. FEDERATION OF WESTERN AMERICA - F.W.A. Years after the Resonance, the FEDERATION is a very different place. Visitors will immediately take note of the many stylized logos that adorn both garments, automobiles, and all manners of property. Advertising has gone awry throughout the west. Logos decorate the sides of buildings or painted across entire parking lots. They may vary but most belong to the same conglomerate — the New World Defense Division. Dominated by this totalitarian/corporatist faction, citizenship in the west is no longer a right for those born on it's soil, but a privilege. Since the collapse of the United States, it has been determined by the Federation of Western America that certain privileges given to American Citizens should be void due to the case of a permanent national emergency, namely the Resonance. Therefore it has developed in partnership with the New World Defense Division, that citizenship only be granted to those who have the western nation's interests in mind. In terms of trade, only goods and services with the stamp of NWDD and FWA approval may be traded or marketed in the western North America. Deprived Rights of Non-Citizens No right of assembly without a permit. No right to carry firearms. No right to vote. No right to hold public office. No right to profits deemed as excess and not beneficial to the FEDERATION. All goods in the FEDERATION possess the logos of the corporate governance. The NWDD is a conglomerate of several corporations and thus a variety of standards appear throughout the region. People can purchase good without logos, but it's those standards that reflect status and gain entry into particular establishments. Commonly in the FWA it's 'No Logo. No go.' Nearly the entire populace wears, drives and utilizes branded merchandise. In reality, it is no different than people wearing designer brands, only in this case it is a corporate logo. Citizens are required to carry proof of citizenship at all times. This identification is required when purchasing anything in the FWA. THE NEW WORLD DEFENSE DIVISION With the collapse of the National Security Agency imminent, those in the most powerful administrative positions banded together along with several of the strongest corporations to produce a conglomerate to stabilize, preserve and protect the Federation of Western America. This oligarch became known as the New World Defense Division (N.W.D.D.) and not only did it become a foundation of the Western economy, but also evolved into an ideal. The corporation quickly evolved into an organization not unlike the concept of the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. but with far loftier goals. They work to secure the ideals of the Federation. SEATTLE The headquarters of the N.W.D.D.., this city has become the unofficial capital of the Federation. CALIFORNIA Three years after the Resonance Event, the Federation has evolved into a loosely tied conglomeration of city-states. Seattle, the headquarters of the NWDD. Las Vegas maintains and the state of California, specifically Los Angeles and San Francisco have been in constant opposition to the government strategies imposed by the NWDD. LOS ANGELES (more information can be found here.) The city-state of Los Angeles stretches from Los Angeles to Santa Ana. L.A. continues to be one of the most important metropolitan areas in the world, primarily because it remains a relatively safe place to go. Many power players have come together to mark the territories of the various factions and sub-factions found in Southern California. The LAPD is a force to be reckoned with, enforcing the decrees of the Council with an iron first and a motto of “shoot first, ask questions never.” Unknown to the outside world, vampires tend to rule the city at night, while generally respecting those under the protection of the gangs. California is in a constant state of political upheaval. While the majority of the northern states of the Federation have formed a fairly secure coalition government they and those to south are in resistance to the policies presented. The 'Golden State' struggles to become independent and separate but lack the capital to do so. SOUTHERN COALITION - S.C. The stronghold of the Vanguard; considering themselves to be the reincarnation of the old American Empire, much of the ideals of a free republic stands except civil rights to not extend to all. Non-Humans who do not comply with the policies of the Vanguard are not welcome. They will find themselves segregated and even persecuted. Other factions will find it near impossible to gain a foothold in the south. Even the Order with all their political connections have been extinguished by a government teeming with Vanguard supporters. The Vanguard which basically dominate the local law enforcers only require probable cause to request a blood or DNA sample and refusal usually leads to an arrest and prosecution. Realistically these demands are reserved for those situations where the tainted blood of an individual is strongly suspected. The majority of the populace believe that DNA samples are against their constitutional rights so the Vanguard treads lightly so as not to abuse this privilege. The Wild Lands Vast portions of the world possess apocalyptic left overs simply termed 'Wild Lands'. There is little human habitation simply due to the dangers of magic, infections by the super viruses (particularly in the middle of the North American Continent where the zombies were centered), and creatures of legend and myth that will prey on most who cross their path. Most human populations on earth have retreated to cities, whether they are part of a large conglomerate like the EAA, WAF, the SC or any other new government. There other option is living in an Anarchic City. Anarchic Cities These are cities that swear no allegiance to any organized government. They are very much like wild west towns, with their own local structure of government. People live under the rule of warlords or in the security of tightly banded communities and sub-factions. NONE of these are a threat to the more organized government structure of the world, but they can be a nuisance. These are the strongholds among the vast expanses of dangerous Wild Lands. CANADA After the RESONANCE Canada's population was decimated by the 'Zombie Apocalypse' that ensued and most survivors fled south. Much of the Native population (the Indigenous People or First Nations) returned to the old ways, guided by the returning 'spirits' of their elders. Magic is very much alive in these tribes, many of the warriors and shamans possessing powers stemming from the 'old ways'. This does not mean that they ALL have stepped back into the past. Some extremists have completely returned to the 'old ways' but the majority maintain 'modern lifestyles' as they live off the land and live in a traditional manner. The only remainders of Canadian Society exists on the west coast, where parts of British Columbia have been absorbed by the Federation and in the east, where parts of Quebec and Ontario are now a part of the Eastern Alliance. South America ELVEN/VEIL COLONIES For over twenty four hours the entire populace of South America, every living thing was rendered unconscious, as if placed in stasis. When they awoke, the continent had been changed. Parts of the landscape had been transformed. Nearly two thirds of the population was gone! Taken or rather transferred to another realm by the Resonance. What has left behind were mainly Elves and Faerie. Part of an Elfin and Fae worlds had been impressed on South America. See this article Europe UNITED KINGDOM See this article. SPAIN Information to come... BELGIUM See this article. RUSSIA See this article. DEUTSCHLAND Germany has remained pretty much intact through the Resonance. They were one of the more fortunate countries in the world. They possess a strong economy and many within the crumbled European Union fled to their borders. They are not without change, however. The Black Forest in overrun by the 'altered'. It is where the majority of the countries 'changes' occurred and is a constant source of worry and focus. SCANDINAVIA Sweden, Norway and Finland remain intact, but have began to revert back to their old pagan ways. Norway has strong ties with the N.W.D.D. and the powerful corporate conglomerate as a strong foothold within Scandinavia as a whole. With the emergence of the old gods returning to flesh, the rekindled memories of what they once were is slowly beginning to return to them and along with that a fraction of the power they once wielded. It is said that, Woedin walks the realm of Midgard once more and the halls of Asgard and Vanaheim live on — fragrant fresh mead and smoked meat again lingering in the air. The Tree of Life grows green again, but it yet remains hidden from the sight of those minds blind to magic — it's power not yet strong enough to penetrate the lingering beliefs of a confused world. Those, however, who believe in the old gods, who offer them fealty will be rewarded in the years to come and when enough have returned to the old ways, the Bifrost Bridge will burn bright again! Oceania Australia (and New Zealand) The Australian continent endured it's own zombie apocalypse much like North American. Much of their population was decimated but as of 2013 many of their major centers could officially boast a come-back. Still, for the most part they remain economically isolated. Hawaii Like the First Nations Peoples of Canada, the indigenous people of Hawaii have been blessed/granted the powers of tribal magic. The old gods have returned and favor the true blooded islanders. At the time of the Resonance the islands were purged by a cataclysm of fire and the undead. Erupting volcanoes killed or drove off at least on third of the population and the zombie virus preyed upon another third. The entire area is basically Archaic and without centralized government. As of 2014 two thirds of the islands have reverted back to a semi-traditional Hawaiin life style. Asia JAPAN See the article. CHINA Information to come... TIBET Information to come... Southeast Asia Africa See this article.
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    Altered Landscape

    This is no longer the world that we know. The landscape has changed; the significance of prominent landmarks have been altered by design and the writings of our members. Please, apprise yourself of the setting in which you write. Oversights can be misconstrued as disrespect from those who might alter and contradict the design and purpose of an established setting. Thank you. This article describes all those renowned landmarks that have been transfigured in our Altered World. Also listed are new landmarks that have been created since the Nevus Event. All are welcome to change the landscape but if it's a significant landmark or well known site you must place a ticket and let us know so that we can check and see if your modification will not cause a conflict. We will then enter your alteration to the setting in this list. You will find more information on these altered landmarks in Post Event Timeline. NORTH AMERICA LIST IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER (OMITTING 'THE') ALCATRAZ ISLAND - ALTERED HUMAN DETENTION CENTER (April 2017 ) - Seven years in the making, Alcatraz has been rebuilt to contain Altered Human Criminals. THE BRADBURY BUILDING, L.A., CALIFORNIA — BRADBURY BASTION ( May 2014) - Ward Institute LA was established in this historic location — at 304 South Broadway. CANADA'S WONDERLAND (2010) - Located north of Toronto this popular amusement park is completely overrun with zombies. In the early stages of the outbreak the park's walls were reinforced sealing the infected within. To this day, the living dead rest dormant awaiting their next meal. CHICAGO, IL (2010) - Chicago is all but destroyed. It was one of the first cities to be overrun by zombies. In the matter of a week, over three quarters of the population were 'undead'. The powers that be, believing the city might be the source of the 'plague' decided to use a nuclear warhead to purge the zombies. Most of the survivors never had time to evacuate. COOPER UNON SQUARE - FOUNDATION BUILDING (2010) - This has always been owned by the Ward Institute. In 2010 after the revelation of Pharos it became the Main Branch Headquarters. DISNEY LAND (California) (2011) - The popular park has been closed since 2011. No one really knows why, but strange, supernatural occurrences frequent the area. Research into the world renown recreational site reveals that three prominent ley lines (telluric energy lines) intersect in the park. Strangely in Fantasy Land at the point of King Arthur's Carousel. Is there a connection? The work of Doctor Atticus Gale who has been researching the relationship between the Nevus and Earth's Telluric Lines seems to suggest so. THE FEDERAL RESERVE BUILDING NEW YORK (2010) - Formerly the NY Headquarters for the Order of Light, currently the headquarters for the group ARMA (2016), which was formed primarily from former Order of Light members who have broken from the Vatican's control. FORT HAMILTON, BROOKLYN, NY (2014) - This is where members of the New York Vanguard of Humanity are trained. While the Legion itself is located at 25 Henry Street, the military side of the faction is housed at this historic fort. GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM, NY (2014) - UNKNOWN TO THE PUBLIC. This building is actually a front for the Kaminari Yakuza. HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC CHURCH, NY (2012) - 213 West 82nd Street, New York. Part of the Omenwich Square setting and is now an abandoned building said to be haunted. Basically the entire block between 82nd and 83rd, and Broadway and Amsterdam are the fictitious square. LOYOLA LAW SCHOOL, LA (2014) - The first Vanguard Legion to be established in the West. The famous law school, shut down after the Nevus event, is now the Fourteenth Legion of the Vanguard of Humanity. Located at 919 Albany Street. PLUM ISLAND ANIMAL DISEASE CENTER, NY (2006) - The Ward Institute purchased Plum Island back in 2006 but the name did not change to the WARD ANIMAL DISEASE CENTER until 2013 when Pharos became proactive in the study of those Altered Humans. The Facility for the Treatment and Study of the Altered was completed in 2015. THE PENTAGON, WASHINGTON, DC (2012) - DC HQ and Main Eastern Alliance Vault for the Order of Light. ST. PARTICK'S CATHEDRAL, NY (2019) - 460 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022. Setting for Rhome Del Santo's - 'By the Pricking of my Thumbs'. THE STATUE OF LIBERTY (NOV 1ST, 2015) - Liberty island is partially intact. Only part of her extending arm and the torch can be seen over the surface of the water. It was due to an event in 2015, the rising of a great Spire from the depths of the earth directly through Liberty Island. It has since sunk back beneath the ocean but left Liberty Island partially destroyed and all but the statue's torch submerged. WARDENCLYFFE TOWER, SHOREHAM, LONG ISLAND, NY (2012) - Headquarters of the Silver Winged. Former laboratory and site of Nikola Tesla's greatest ambition, it was later turned into a museum in his honor. The rebuilt Tower stands at the heart of a military enclave, where the SW's mercenary forces are trained and housed.. NEW VENUES AND CHANGES ARE ALWAYS BEING MADE. PLEASE FREQUENTLY CHECK THIS ARTICLE.
  13. AN ESSENTIAL READ... This site possesses an extensive amount of information and right here is the best place to start. Below you will find a simplified break-down of the world, enough to get you on your way but not the detailed nuances that make Resonance so rich. In order to develop your character and expand the world around them one needs building materials and you'll find no shortage here. That being said - we NEVER expected a player to read ALL the lore just to jump into the game! So here is your cliffnotes - what you need to know to create a character that will readily fit into the world of Resonance. The rest you can read over time! THE SITE PLOT The world has changed and after 10 yrs the Human populace has been forced out of its denial. The majority just want things to return to the way they were but have resigned themselves to the fact that the world is different. Humanity still clusters around their city centres and behind their walls where many can try to live a farce of the old life. The new world, however, often seeps in through the cracks. Factions like the Vanguard, Pharos, The Order of First Light and ARMA, all share the same goal, which is to keep the mystical world at bay. Despite time's passage, most Humans are simply not ready to embrace the 'altered' with open arms. This is the reality of the world... this is the Realm of the Resonance. TIME We take time seriously which is why we request time-stamping your thread with a date. This is to ensure that we don't have paradoxes and that our site events and our stories flow together. We maintain a TIME LINE for significant events and urge members to keep a time-line for their character's stories in their About Me portion of their profiles. THE RESONANCE — 2010 In the span of a single day everything changed. In 2010 our understanding of the universe, the very nature of reality, drastically changed by the event we now refer to as the Resonance. There were signs to be sure, but they were missed, or simply ignored. Scientists assured the planet that the strange anomalies that preceded the event were nothing to be worried about. They explained away the strange sounds in the night as rare atmospheric distortions of no consequence. The immense sink holes and enormous mirages appearing across the world were dismissed as hoaxes. Only a few suspected they were more than they appeared to be but there was no amount of preparation that could stop it. In the end, one could only embrace the change and mourn the loss of an era. Fantasy became reality as worlds lay over eachother in the same space for the briefest moment. That moment stranded outworlders on earth and stole more than half the human population from the world in the same breath. In the span of a single day, the world, our universe, was transformed. What had only been written of in fiction now became reality: the good and the bad. Now humanity and the other creatures that have been bound to this world will either learn to coexist, adapt to survive or battle for supremacy. THE WORLD After the Resonance the world was cast into chaos. The sudden influx of magic compromised the world grid, modern technology required modification to work but would never be the same again. The dead rose from their graves! The zombie-virus first infected the recently deceased, the undead monstrosities preyed upon an unsuspecting populace spreading the virus through their victims. To make matters worse, Humans were stricken with two other super-viruses creating various forms of Lycanthropes and Vampires. People struggled to make sense of it all, to hold onto their world — their sanity. Years later there are few that are not haunted by that turbulent time. It is not fondly recalled but people will always remember the rise of such factions as the Order of First Light and the Vanguard who stood alongside detached forces to carve out the semblance of structure amidst the mayhem. This is not the world people of the twenty-first century remember. Technology, entertainment, economics have all taken several steps backward. Television had been reduced to syndicated programming, the struggling North American industry able to scrape together a couple movies a year. Hollywood near destroyed. The internet is a pale shadow of what it once was. Slow connections and electrical devices affected by the affliction of magic are pervasive. Computer networks are unreliable forcing the world as a whole to return to currency, plastic and paper transactions. Even the base physical laws of gravity and combustion are not always consistent. It is a very different world, but humans are above all, resilient beings. They adapt, they maintain, and so in many ways the world remains as it was, at least on the surface. As much as the world has changed, that much has remained the same. Automobiles, communications, with modifications work just the same but in order to countermand the effects of magic, technology needs to regress to a more industrial period. The days of the microchip are numbered and manufacturers and inventors are ever racing to discover alternative tech to maintain the life-style of the modern world. The majority will not accept magic as a viable option. They fear it. They futilely craft archaic wards and talismans to repel it. While life in the cities appears civil and controlled a storming sea of prejudice and racial hatred rumbles beneath it’s fragile surface. Not everyone was changed. Many suffered the effects of the Resonance and have little compassion for those unwillingly transformed. There are basically two strata, the changed and the unchanged and it is the latter that still dictates the way of the world. A world ever on the brink. Zombie hordes and unnatural beasts roam the wild lands still of some continents. Civilized areas reside behind protective walls ringing their neighbourhoods but every night is marred by a horror of one kind or another. People continue on with their lives, working their 9 to 5 blinded by the illusion of security, but perhaps it has always been that way. TRAVEL Planes are uncommon now. The economy cannot support an airline industry and even if it could, magic for some reason has a profound effect on machinery in the upper atmosphere. People’s safety can simply not be assured. Only older model planes or those with special modifications are able to adequately function and these are private aircraft. Long distance travel for the masses is now catered by ocean liners and trains, but even these are not always immune to the effects of magic. Since 2015, the popularity of trains has greatly increased. Mag-lev trains have proven safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. There are now new railways connecting larger cities providing fast transport (85 - 120 MPH on average) to the populace. THE NEVUS 
By the setting of the sun and rise of the moon the night sky reveals the remnant of the Resonance. A great black rift, void of light, haloed in shimmering violet hues it sprawls from horizon to horizon. The celestial body moves in no scientifically discernible fashion, sometimes high, other times low on the horizon, an eerie backdrop to our cityscapes. The Nevus is perhaps the most distinct feature of this post-apocalyptic world. Just what is it? No one really knows for sure. Some scientists postulate that it is definite proof of the multiverse theory, a tear in the very fabric of space and time through which other realities spilled through, mixing together like the multi-coloured hues of oil upon water. The frightening reality is that we simply don’t know what this ‘rift’ is and what it spells for our existence. We are utterly and hopelessly at the mercy of the cosmos. As of November 2018, the Nevus has been acting up and causing strange events. More information on this is found in the NEVUS article. Randomly, there will be periods of time where the environment is affected by the Nevus. It is up to members whether or not they wish to develop a story on these days, but it is, however, your responsibility to ensure that your character acknowledges these events. THE DRAGON WAR It was the war to end all wars. Shortly after the Nevus ripped across the night sky the United Kingdom was plagued by massive monstrosities. They descended from the sky on wings or rose from the depths of the earth. People were at first reluctant to speak their name, it seemed impossible and yet here they were — Dragons! Why they converged upon the United Kingdom was unknown. In the face of destruction it was difficult to ponder a relationship between the monsters and the place of which their legend was entwined. These legendary beasts sought to assert themselves at the top of the food chain and claim the island of the United Kingdom as their rightful territory. It was a slaughter, thousands were killed before the military mobilized. The dragons were massive and powerful but no more intelligent than an animal. They were able to develop strategies to counter their marauding attacks and the rest of the world was not far behind. The campaign lasted almost two years (2011 - 2013). During this time it was learned that there were two strata of Dragons, a 'lower' and 'higher'. The 'lower' were what would come to be known as the 'Common Dragon', animalistic, a direct reflection of the lore of the land. The 'High Dragons' were something else entirely, not unlike gods. The world had no chance against them, understanding of magic was simply too young and that's all that could be used against these titans. Fortunately they were few in number and consisted of two opposing factions, one malicious, one benevolent and their numbers were limited. While the military forces were winning the war against the 'Common Dragons', these two higher factions wiped one another out. In the end the 'common dragons' were no match for military might. It was in those early years that technology had not yet begun to suffer from the effects of magic and so Humanity was in top form. The creatures were beaten back, hunted down and killed without mercy until they were believed to have all been destroyed. England and parts of Scotland and the eastern side of Ireland were nothing but smouldering wastelands. Many fled to other parts of Europe and the Tri-Americas, but others stayed closer to home. Western Ireland remained untouched, a new home for millions of refuges. Today it is not known whether or not any dragons yet live. Occasionally there are sightings, blurry pictures or videos from questionable sources. It is only known that any recent explorations into the desolate waylands of the dragon war have never returned. RACES Overnight, the definition of Humanity changed. People changed. The temporary overlap of alternate realities and universes deposited beings we had always referred to as ‘mythic’ in various parts of world. Some Earthlings were transformed into these ‘other races’ possibly bearing some genetic pre-disposition or perhaps it was all random. Nobody knows for sure, but theories abound and as all struggle to understand their place in this new realm that was Earth. One of the most profound changes in our gene pool are what we simply refer to as ‘Altered Humans’. There are two types: Empowered Humans and Metahumans. The Empowered Humans have been gifted (perhaps cursed) with a particular set of fantastic abilities scribed in the rich mythology of Human science-fantasy. It was as if the heavens parted and the pantheon of comic-book superheroes were all at once born into the population. They look Human, some with features or ‘markers’ that make them stand out but they can always blend in so long as they keep their abilities hidden. Metahumans are those ‘Earthling Humans’ who adopted the form and abilities of a mythic race from another realm or time. The important factor here is that these are non-humans who once were human. They were once like everyone else, but now are fae, minotaurs, elves......suddenly transformed! Beings struggling to make sense of who they were and the being they have become. We also have ‘Viral Races’. These are Lycanthropes and Vampires more specifically known as the ‘Sheut Ka’. When the Resonance swept across our solar system and our world it brought three super-virus strains, the Vampire Virus (nocturnaeximius-virus), Lycanthrope Virus (lycaneximius-virus) and Zombie Virus (morteximius-virus). The last created a mindless, voracious, undead monstrosity that still plagues the world today. The other two created an equal plight of creatures able to hide themselves within Humanity. But humans are not all that lurk in the dark. Magus, Shapeshifters, Faerie and Elves now count earth as home. Some are metahuman, some have come from across what people refer to as ‘The Veil’, the curtain separating the realms that fell briefly during the Resonance. We call these beings ‘Veil Crossers’. Herein always lies the confusion of our world’s races. That some were once Human while others never were and yet are classified as the same race. The only difference between an Elf from beyond the Veil and a Metahuman Elf is that one was once Human. The Metahuman Elf has no memory of another world while the Veil Elf knows his homeworld. MAGIC and TECHNOLOGY Whether one believed it existed before, or was only a whim of fiction, there is no denying now that magic is a part of the world. The Resonance and it’s remnant manifested as the Nevus have triggered changes that have allowed many to harness, at varying degrees, the manifestation of magic. Still, since the Nevus' appearance the control and manipulation of magic is still considered a rarity. The majority of people want nothing to do with it. Those that express interest in exploring it’s depths are needless to say, ‘unpopular’ in the circles of the modern world. Only about 10-15% of the populations of both Human-kind and Meta-kind show the ability to successfully manipulate it, and even fewer are trained to a level to reveal their full potential. Magic is now a fundamental force amongst the likes of gravitational force, Electrical Force, Magnetic Force, Frictional Force, Tension Force and so on. It is, however, an element of chaos, disrupting the mathematical perfection that balances the others. As such, physics and especially forces like electromagnetism will not always perform as expected or calculated. Electronics and all complex human machines are based on a precise understanding and the predictability of these forces. To simply define the effects of magic, think back to those times when a particular device, perhaps an automobile, was plagued by glitches. Various manipulations such as restarting or changing something seems to rectify the problem but it inevitably returns. This is the common effect of magic upon computer driven technology. SUPER-VIRUSES 
Three super-virus strains (Vampire Virus (nocturnaeximius-virus), Lycanthrope Virus (lycaneximius-virus) and Zombie Virus (morteximius-virus)) have managed to infect a small portion of the human and meta-human populations. The super-viruses cannot be modified by science or magic. This is because they are a corner stone of our setting and any alterations to them would cause drastic changes to our world. Your characters are, however, welcome to experiment away so long as those attempts end in failure. It is already suspected that the super-viruses are a combination of biology and magic, so many experiments are simply trying to prove that theory. It is important to note that this is not ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE or VAMPIRES and LYCANS TAKING OVER THE WORLD site. While these creatures are a constant threat in the world, the virus is manageable and incidents are relatively low. Highly accessible vaccines now exist for all of the super-viruses and so long as they are administered within a 24 hour period a person will make a full recovery. FACTIONS 
Many of the governments collapsed after the event and nations had to adapt. Necessity and survival forged new factions and powerful mega-corporations have also thrown their hats into the power vacuum of this new global structure. Some of these factions are well known to the general populace. The Order of First Light long hidden behind a veil of secrecy has always been apart of the civilized world. After the Resonance many of it’s members gifted with ancient and arcane knowledge became Magus. Then rising from the ashes of the old world another powerful faction stemming from same order of Templar knights took their place opposite their magical brothers. They called themselves the Vanguard of Humanity, another secret society born to stand against the ravages of the Resonance. The apocalypse was their sign, their time to emerge from the shadows, into the light. They oppose magic, support belief in a ‘higher power’ and work to perpetuate the template of twenty-first century society. Pharos, more popularly known as Ward Holdings before the Resonance was a powerful conglomerate concealing a secret society of archivists and scientists. They exist to preserve ‘knowledge’, interceding throughout history, risking their lives to ensure the survival of the world’s precious antiquities. After the dust settled and a new order found it’s footing, The Ward Institute was shining beacon, a guide amidst the chaos. They are for the most part a neutral faction trying to promote solidarity and prevent a civil war. (think Warehouse 13 - keepers of things unearthly) You will then find other organizations such as ARMA, a faction of Magus that have split off from the Order of First Light. Rejecting the Order's hoarding of arcana and their suspect or occasionally even outright dark motives, ARMA is a group of mages and other powered individuals (and unpowered sympathizers) who have devoted themselves to pushing back against those products of the Resonance that would do harm to the world's innocent. In the Americas, they serve as advisors and backup to law enforcement, while conducting their own investigations and providing proactive protection against iminent threats of the paranormal variety. There is a general faction of Rebels and Outlaws that houses criminal sub-factions should your character choose to walk a darker path. The Sheut Nation is completely hidden from public knowledge, a faction living in secret organized by ‘vampires’ but holds many in their ranks - their goals unclear but it seems they have been affecting the events of the world. We also have the Fanya Niasa otherwise known as the Veil Alliance, an Elfin/Fae faction formed to represent the rights of the Fae/Veil crossing kind. NORTH AMERICA We at last come to our main setting, New York City residing within the Eastern American Alliance. The United States collapsed in the early part of the after effects of the Resonance, becoming what is loosely referred to as the Tri-Americas. The E.A.A. - Eastern American Alliance, F.W.A., the Federation of Western America and the S.C., Southern Coalition. The Vanguard have a strong hold on the Southern Coaltion, while the Order of First Light and Pharos are strongest in the Eastern American Alliance. Simply put, non-humans are not received well at all in the south. The EAA is far more liberal by comparison while the Federation of Western America is far more conservative. They best represent the example of a corporate government being controlled primarily by the powerful conglomerate known as the New World Defense Division. It is a corporation founded on the bones of the National Security Agency and a majority controller of all the west’s military. From here our setting spreads to Los Angeles, which is the main setting of the western region of the Tri-Americas. A large part of the continent, especially Canada is wild. These places harbor many horrors, zombies being the least of one’s worries. The animated dead, however, are prevalent and always a concern. In the latter part of 2017, governments were finally formed and leaders selected by congress. Realistically the factions that support them control the regions but figure-heads and a semblance of a familiar political structure are required if the Tri-America's wish to progress. THE PRESIDENT of the E.A.A. is Mr. Dean Stanley. CHIEF EXECUTIVE of the F.W.A. is Ms. Leighton Holt. THE PRESIDENT of the S.C. is Mr. Jackson Davenport. THE WORLD Our setting does not stop at New York or Los Angeles, the world is vast and you are allowed to explore it — help us expand it. The heart of Africa is a technological free zone. Ancient mysticism permeates the Yakuza controlled islands of Japan. Russia is irradiated, what remains of their population condensed into a few of their major cities. From sealed train windows iridescent zombies can be seen wandering the wastelands. We then have South America, a land transformed, where magic and technology have truly collided. Here the fantastic cities of another realm manifested next to modern cities like Rio De Janeiro. It is now land of Elves and Faerie, outlanders counselled by the Fanya Niasa.
  14. Zeph

    The Nevus

    On a clear night when we look up to the stars it’s there. A lingering scar of the Resonance; a writhing crack defined by a radiant purple nebula appearing as if the very cosmos were about to split apart. Perhaps it might. So little is known about the phenomena that such a fear holds as much weight as any existing theory. People, however, have always turned a blind eye to their apparent insignificance in the universe. Why should a new celestial body provoke those primal fears we have for millions of years ignored and explained away through mysticism and more recently, science? Well, maybe because this distant remnant continues to have profound effects on our world. The Nevus spans the entire length of the night sky, from horizon to horizon in all hemispheres of the world. Night after night it’s position changes with absolutely no discernible pattern. In the span of a single day, it can go from running east to west, to north to south, an impossibility and yet time and time again this strange movement occurs. Scientists and sorcerers alike have absolutely no idea what this means other than to surmise that the Nevus may exist outside of space and time as we know it. Or perhaps we do? The unknown has always frightened us and so our species has clung to whatever concepts it could to provide understanding. Even the slightest semblance of knowledge provides what Humans have always needed — ‘the illusion of control’. Hence the populace has embraced four theories that allow them to address their questioning minds. 1. ‘A RIFT IN SPACE AND TIME’ Realistically would a ‘rift’ actually look like a ‘crack’ in space? Comparing the physical properties of solid matter to space is utterly non-sensical and yet this is still the most popular theory. People of course are always more comfortable, it seems, with taking the science fiction concepts of pop-culture as truth. 2. ‘THE EDGE OF ANOTHER UNIVERSE. THE EDGE OF OUR NEW UNIVERSE’ Based on the popular ‘multi-verse theory’, it is believe that the Nevus may be a converging universe or perhaps our universe has changed and it represents the ‘edge’ of our new home. 3. ‘A MAGICAL RIFT TO ANOTHER DIMENSION’ Some, mainly those associated to the ‘magical community’ believe the Nevus to be a portal or magical rift to another realm and through it flows an energy that continues to transform our world. 4. ‘THE RAPTURE. REVELATION. ARMAGEDDON.’ We don’t like to delve into matters of religion on the site but one cannot deny that the majority of our population believes in some kind of ‘higher power’. We can thus safely assume that many people may believe the Resonance and the lingering Nevus to part of a greater plan. We urge you to consider what your character believes. The Nevus is a major feature of the world now, a remnant of the event that changed it and continues to change it. It is undeniable and all encompassing, the ever looming Since it’s appearance in 2010, the Nevus has been nothing more than an anomalous feature in the night sky. A reminder and only that, but as of 2017 those who have been studying the celestial phenomena began to link it’s periodic fluctuations with strange occurrences in the solar system and on Earth. Then one night of 2018 the intensity of the Nevus’ aura increased and the Resonance returned! By comparison to the 2010 Event this only possessed a fraction of the power. A very small amount of people were ‘altered’ but it seemed that a chain reaction of supernatural occurrences had begun and may continue on for some time, perhaps until the end of our days. NEVUS EVENTS THE RESONANCE WAVE On November 2nd, 2018, ironically ‘All Souls Day’, a second Resonance Event occurred. It is referred to as the 'All Souls Wave' by those in scientific and magus communities who study the Nevus in depth. These Scientists and Magus studying and monitoring the phenomena of the Nevus would have noted a fluctuation but for the most part there were no tell-tale signs of an event to warn the general populace (further supporting the utter unpredictability of the Nevus). A very small percentage of the 'Human Populace Only' were altered. This means no otherworldly alterations occurred. NEVUS RESEARCH TELLURIC ENERGY LINES (LEY LINES) These lesser known lines of energy criss-crossing the globe are believed to have a relationship with the Nevus. It has already been established that they bolster the effects of magic. THE CALENDAR All our characters exist in the same world and experience the same things, on the same days. If a hurricane hits the coast, it effects everyone, thus all of our stories have to be coordinated to reflect this. This is why ‘Time-Stamping’ is important. Nevus Events are pre-determined for the month and listed on our calendar. It is up to you to decide if you want to create a story on that day and deal with the effects. Some races may invariably be effected and thus regardless of whether or not you wish to develop a story during the event, your character may recount it’s details in a story occurring after that event. These are consistent moments in a world that our characters can converse about and so it is important that you apprise yourself with upcoming events by perusing the calendar. The Nevus is a major part of this world and it is unrealistic for a character to ignore it, or the events it creates. Many of these ‘distortions of physical reality’ are no more than freakish occurrences, such as the sun rising at an odd time, or perhaps even a strange planet crossing the sky over a twenty-four period. Incredibly frightening celestial events which are somewhat toned down by the fact that people are very aware that our world, our solar system, perhaps our entire universe is profoundly altered. In the description of the event we will let you know how the majority of population will react and whether or not a cautionary state of emergency might be placed in effect. We are living in a world trying to get used to these strange events and thus sometimes, the powers-that-be may just decide that show must go on and the work day will continue as normal. Experts are constantly monitoring the Nevus. Not unlike meteorologists on the watch for tornadoes. Among these experts are members of factions Pharos, the Order of First Light, ARMA and the New World Defence Division (in the West). They work in conjunction with seismologists, meteorologists and various other forms of global monitoring to provide the populace with some peace of mind when these events occur.
  15. Every day life several years after the Resonance Event. Public Health Hospitals and emergency services have largely recovered due to necessity where cities have thrived, and are in fact improved in some ways thanks to mages and empowered humans with healing powers - who are very highly sought after and prized. Because of the various attacks and other catastrophes, most are highly efficient and drastically streamlined compared to their bloated nature pre-Event, though of course some will always find ways to skim money from the operations. There has been an understandable shift away from preventative measures and things like anti-smoking campaigns. When magic can heal most ailments and monster attacks can kill you outright on the street, long-term ailments like lung cancer begin to seem of lower importance. Food Due to the loss of the vast majority of America's heartland, the food industry has taken an enormous hit. In the early days after the Event, food became incredibly hard to come by - it was luck and concerted effort by the remnant military and OFL to secure food distribution centers that kept the world going. The loss of so many of its people didn't hurt, either. The story was mostly the same in all major centers, with varying levels of success. Since those dark days in the months just after the Event, much of the suburban areas surrounding major cities have been converted into farmland. Because of its cold climate, the EAA has turned to hydroponics to help feed its people - many of the more heavily damaged and abandoned skyscrapers in New York have been converted into massive 'Garden Towers', filled with hydroponics and artificial lighting. These buildings supply the majority of New York's fresh food. Meat is sourced largely from upstate New York and other rural areas - there are places where cattle live amongst the ruins of old neighborhoods, grazing on the grass of hundreds of abandoned lawns. The story is similar in the FWA - the SC was in a better position for these needs, as the South had far more viable farmland. Because of this, they were able to get on their feet much more quickly, and their food surplus in 2013 was one of the major avenues through which the Vanguard gained purchase in New York and the EAA early on. Fuel This is one of the major problems to this day - there is enough to run most vehicles thank to quick action that saved many refineries in oil fields, but gas is far more expensive now than ever before, and as such cars have become less frequent - adding to the reduction in crowding on roads and contributing to the reversal of years of exodus from the cities to the suburbs as fewer people can commute. Consumer products, electronics, etc: With the total collapse of the global economy formed in the 1990s and 2000s, consumer products as people knew it from before the Nevus are still in dire straits. New cell phones, computers, and the like are almost impossible to come by, as the overseas factories are either destroyed or out of reach. Because of this, repair of old devices has become a booming and ever more important industry. Each nation has their own manufacturing centers in progress to address this problem, but for the foreseeable future, no one is eagerly awaiting the next iPhone or Android release. What factories have gotten back into operation to make new devices are focusing on easier to construct, more rugged devices, more practical for a new and more dangerous world. A very few American based companies that had not moved their manufacturing overseas still produce something like they were able to before, but the problem now is in raw materials, which without the global shipping network are ever more difficult to acquire. Recycling has therefore become an extremely big deal, and collection of scrap metal and other items is at a level of importance not seen since World War II. The FWA is in the best position to export electronic devices and so manufactures most of those produced in old America, while the ESU's manufacturing capacity remains the top. Weapons At least in the USA, this is one area that has hardly suffered - in an age where even private citizens could stock arsenals and have enough ammunition to last years, there is still almost no shortage of weapons and ammunition. Occasionally there is a new military stockpile salvaged from the wastelands outside the major nations, and enough weapons and ammo to furnish an entire army hit the market. At least for now, there is no trouble finding firearms to use. Development of advanced weapons however remains at a standstill with the lost of most of the research and manufacturing base, and a few armories that were spared the worst of the fighting (for instance, Sig Sauer is based in New Hampshire) remain in operation. Currency With the collapse of the major credit centers and the rest of the economy, 'plastic' is no longer a valid method of payment. The economy has resorted to cold hard cash, or checks where there are banks in operation again (the EAA, SC, and FWA all have banking operations back in place). The use of cash is considered safer, with the advent of technopaths and other dangerous criminal elements. Each of the independent states has their own currency, though most are quite similar to the old US currency, and what US currency is available remains valid. The EAA has recently begun to re-establish a system of credit cards, and the other nations are following suit. Education Schools and colleges are partially back up and running in the EAA and some of the other nation-states that have formed after the Event. Students are prohibited from the use of any powers they might have gained, and each school employs a handful of empowered individuals as security in case anything happens. Because powers rarely manifest until several years after puberty, magic and other powers in schools are not often a major issue. Of greater concern is powered individuals attacking schools, as such they are often tightly secured. Travel While the major airlines largely collapsed with the loss of much of the United States' heartland (especially Chicago), the private sector airlines have begun operating in the world. Flights are not as easy to get as before, however, and they are considerably more dangerous, given the presence of flying monsters in the unsecured zones that exist between nations. Of the flight corridors however, the New York-Los Angeles and the New York-Paris flights are considered to be the safest, as these are regularly patrolled by various EAA, SC, and remnant-European Union fighter aircraft as part of a rare security treaty in order to keep some manner of commerce going to support their mutual economies. The FWA patrols its own airspace, but being more isolated than many of the other nations, and also more restrictive, they pick up only within five hundred miles of their own territory. Flights up and down the Eastern Coast of the former US are safe enough, though political and economic tension between the EAA and the SC has made them rarer than they might be otherwise. Most travel within nations is accomplished by train or car, as most highways and railways are cleared by this point. Travel by sea is beginning to make a comeback as well, though ocean-dwelling monsters have proven a massive threat. Armored freighters constructed by the nations have begun re-establishing trade routes where possible, though the need to crew these vessels with powered individuals or heavy weaponry for defense has made this practice dangerous and highly difficult. The current difficulty of trade however has made it extremely lucrative, and so vessels that can create a crew and promise safe and reliable deliveries have found themselves paid well for their hazard. Threats to the homeland mean that governments can rarely dispatch their own personnel, as such these vessels are most often crewed by mercenaries, or those looking to live outside the system of an established government. Wild and Anarchic Lands These areas have been loosely defined over the years as chaotic or semi-lawful regions governed by warlords. In 2018 this still isn't far from the truth. Some areas are still very wild and will not be populated for some time, but people still have to get from point A to point B in our world. Coast to coast travel by automobile or train is essential and thus a few lines are well fortified to ensure the safety of their passengers and cargo. Thus outposts exist through these lands. Lonely garrisons policed by border guard patrol or other military factions working to ensure that commerce continues in our world. While traveling through the wild lands one can always count on coming across some kind of outpost if they follow a major highway or active railway. One can compare these places to the West, back in the day when the frontier was first being colonized. The only difference is that the soldiers establishing these forts are not encountering native peoples. The wild lands are brutal and deadly. To the puzzlement of scientists zombies yet linger, monsters born of Resonance or from beyond the Veil lurk, tribal creatures like Goblins and their ilk work to re-establish their tribes on Earth. Traveling through these lands, even while in the security of an armored train or military protected convoy can still be nerve racking. One never knows what may lurk around the bend. Internet and Communications Joint operations have ensured that at least the majority of satellite communications have remained largely intact, and as no monsters have yet been observed that can survive in vaccuum, space-based equipment remains one of the few sectors that remains more or less as it was before. GPS systems thanks to their simplicity are still in place, as are the Russian GLONASS satellites, meaning that navigation is at least nearly as easy as it was. Of course, updated maps for various catastrophes are much harder to get, and surveyors willing to risk unsecured zones to map the changes the world has undergone are rare but well paid. The Internet, despite being almost fatally crippled, has regained a measure of its former glory. Vast international sites like Amazon are gone forever, killed along with a majority of their distribution centers when the USA collapsed, but purely information-driven services like Netflix and Google are back to at least marginal capacity thanks to distributed backups. Bandwidth however is not at all what it once was, and many sites have been lost entirely, particularly those with data centers in the American Southwest, or near Chicago. Speeds for sites located in other nations are particularly slow, as the long-distance fiber optic and microwave networks were lost in the chaos that followed the Event. As such, each nation manages its own internal Web, with gateways provided to other areas as they become available. Entertainment While the relative stability of the FWA has seen the rebuilding of Hollywood, new TV shows and movies are still a rare thing. Vast libraries of old content do of course remain, and a concerted effort is being made to release movies that were in post-production when the Event hit. Broadcast news, especially over the radio, has changed little, aside from the topics. Now that many regions are at least enjoying a semblance of stability however, it is expected that the entertainment sector will continue to rebound in an accelerated fashion. ----------------------- In general, while certainly not a total post-apocalypse scenario in all places, much of the world lies in utter ruin. Scarcity is a fact of life for many people, and the loss of so much wealth and the emergence of powers has turned the order of the world on its head. Many have advanced themselves in this new world, but many more have seen their station in life fall. Things are harder - people can no longer be complacent and be expected to coast through life unthreatened. Resonance has left its survivors a hardier people, and while even now not all are fighters, there is a new attitude among many. By this point however, most inhabited regions have settled into a rhythm where there is enough to go around, the stores have food for purchase, and there is a semblance of normalcy - as much as is possible in this new world. But things may never be as easy as they were, and nothing is as easy to get as it once was. Those who take what they have for granted may find themselves without in very short order.
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    CBox Etiquette

    CBOX NAME COLOR KEY ADMINS , CBOX MONITORS , FELLOW PLAYERS First and foremost we want you to have fun!! And while there are rules below, if you stick to No Whining, No Drama, and Be Mature you are likely to fit in fine. These are the rules for using our Cbox. Use your character name(s) when registering/ also helpful to use their avatar No politics, religion or other "hot button" topics - keep it light Do not mimic/steal people's user names/avatars While the site is mature rated, Cbox is PG-13 - no discussing our AC here Don't advertise, talk about or link to other boards in cbox. Also don't spam or flood the box. Try to keep your real life troubles out of cbox, people come here for fun, if you need to talk to someone we ask you do so through messenger instead Remember that if you post your contact info someone you do not know can also grab that information Do not take authority in own hands. If someone breaks a rule, notify @Zeph via pm, and not try to 'warn' somebody yourself. BE NICE. No fighting in cbox - lets be adults. Respect other cboxers. Treat them as you would like to be treated. Have fun!
  17. Before you get started: First, check that your Play By (PB) is not taken, by looking at this list. If your Play-by is available it is a good idea to put in a HELP ticket to reserve it while you are making your profile, that way no one else can grab it while you are building your character. Only real photographs are allowed as Avatars - no anime/cartoon/art images. REALISTIC styled artwork will be considered for non-human appearing characters (orcs, lizard skin etc) and is subject to staff approval. Note that characters that turn into monsters but have a human form will need a real play by. Making your character - help building a good one! Details, details, details! We are an intermediate to advanced writing site, character development and substance will help with acceptance. Profiles should be descriptive and not a few sentences, giving a clear picture of your character and how they fit into our world. Determine NAME: Real names. They can be unusual and unique, but no chat “handles” or offensive/silly names allowed - it helps you be recognized as unique if your first name does not match an existing characters but its NOT a requirement- you can check the CAST Determine RACE: Check here but remember if you have a good idea for a race we are open to looking at it for addition - post a help ticket to run it by us. Determine FACTION: Remember they can be Factionless. Determine Appearance and Key Belongings Determine your ABILITIES/POWERS: Check here, under magic if your character possesses magic. Be sure to balance abilities with deficiencies. It is not the point of this game to be the most powerful! Remember they can be anything from a normal human to something exotic as outlined in the Race pages. There are no outlines or spell lists to choose from, your creativity is welcome as long as it fits our canon and rules. Determine Personality, Skills and Personal Items your character might have. Please provide at least a paragraph describing personality and character wants/desires. Determine your character's History. Keep in mind that the initial Resonance was in 2010 and there was an additional 'Resonance Wave' on November 2nd, 2018 that altered another small percentage of the Human populace. Your character should not only have history that covers before the Resonance but also what they have been doing since the world was upheaved 10+ years ago. Role Play Sample (only if its your first character). At least 2-3 paragraphs. We love detail here, but it's also quality above quantity. Many use a good post from some other RP and that is perfectly fine! Any subsequent character will not need a sample - just put "see x profile" for the sample. Add an Avatar - 150 px wide and 400 px tall fits best Once you have completely updated your profile submit a Help ticket under the Character Approval department. Just say you are ready for review in the ticket, no need to copy paste an app in there - it's all in your profile! Wait for approval! RESTRICTIONS (please also find more information in the RESONANCE RULES) Any characters with abilities or skills that might be considered overpowered might take longer to review for acceptance because being the "most powerful" is not the point of this game and we work hard to keep a balance. Please be patient with us as we work with you. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ABILITIES MAKE SENSE. How and why does this power work? What is it's nature? What are its limitations? We do not allow characters that are children. See the RESONANCE RULES. Playable Angels/Nephilim etc are NOT ALLOWED. This is not to say we do not allow 'winged humanoids'. Playable Demons are NOT ALLOWED. Demons exist but only as NPC antagonists. Intelligent Dragons (or other massive, magical beasts) able to assume Human form are not allowed at this time. Some of these creatures exist in the site's backstory but the presence of playable highly intelligent creatures of titanic size, able to conceal themselves as Humans and wield powerful spells will only turn the site into a "Giant Monsters vs. Everyone else." story. Before the completion of your character it is expected that you have read all the information provided in this article and the rules. Any points that have not been understood should be clarified prior to the submitting of your completed character profile review. Just post a HELP ticket and we'll answer whatever questions you may have concerning our rules. This will prevent any re-writes that may result from misinterpretation. THANK YOU and HAPPY WRITING!
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  19. Zeph

    Xavier Pattison

    FIRST (ATLANTA) LEGION COMMANDER — A career soldier, Xavier was an army sergeant prior to the Resonance. After what many in the south referred to as the 'apocalypse' he quickly rose to the position of Legion Marshal in Vanguard. He was then promoted to the position of First Legion Commander (Atlanta Commander) after the relocation of the Patriarch, Delaney Grant. APPEARANCE A big man, Xavier stands an imposing 6'6" with the build of a bear. Battle scars across his face tell the story of his life. He has brown wavy hair, greying on the sides and greenish coloured eyes. He looks to be a man in his late forties but could be older. He's in good shape, still able to fight alongside the legionnaires if required. PERSONALITY Xavier can best be described as a guard dog on a short leash, you don't want to get too close. People naturally tend to recoil from the man which is precisely the effect he desires to project. His tactics are often brutal when it comes to protecting the city and ensuring the safety of the citizens. He doesn't believe in beating around the bush and likes to strike first. ABILITIES Xavier's a Human, through and through. At least that's what he tell's everyone and still believes. Never tested due to his loyalty and devotion to the HLNA he is in fact an Empowered Human. His ability, however, is easy to hide and he himself remains in denial of it. Simply, he possesses a permanent field (invisible and undetectable) that retards kinetic energy which literally cuts all forms of damage he takes in half. All those wounds that would normally threatened the man's life have become lucky recoveries. Being extremely lucky or blessed is usually how people describe him. SKILLS He possesses all those skills associated with army training. Xavier is also an exceptional communications officer and can operate a variety of military vehicles including tanks. HISTORY Born in South, he'll die in the South. Xavier grew up in a small town outside of Atlanta and received his military training in the great state of Alabama. Ever the patriot he fought in several campaigns overseas against terrorism and when his home was threatened through in to defend Georgia from the shifted. He was also a member of the Vanguard prior to the Resonance. He was honored to be appointed First Legion Commander and even though he has the upmost respect for their Patriarch Grant, may be reluctant to return to being the Marshal of Atlanta.
  20. Zeph


    Born of Norse myth, specifically pertaining to Jormongandr the Midgard Serpent, the Wyrmbij would flourish in the lore of many other cultures round the globe but for all intents and purposes we will concentrate on North America. It was the Native Americans that gave rise to the Wyrmbij in what their Viking couriers called Vineland. The deposited folklore rooting in the pre-existing mythology of the indigenous populous, particularly those tribes that revered the rattlesnake as grandfather and king of snakes. The manifestation established the legend and would continue to evolve through the centuries hiding behind the guise of such Christian cults as the Charismatics; protestants believing that snakes represented the Devil and thus taming the serpent, tamed one's sins and so on. All of these hidden cults, a fusion of myths transfigured all true believers into the visage of the venomous snakes they had worshipped for eons, becoming the pure Wyrmbij. The Wyrmbij will always have strong ties to the Norse myths from whence they were born. Like the Vikings who fused themselves and their seed into those they conquered, the Wyrmbij are as lusty and fearsome when provoked. A rare few are versed in Old Norse, such as the Wyrmbij Mutti. The Mutti will know the old tongue, a gift from the goddess, and a few of pure blood may also know the language. CULTS People have worshipped the goddess, Wyrmbij Mutti since before the Norsemen sailed the seas. In recent times, these cults were disguised in order to protect their members from the prejudice of society and allow them to continue with practices considered heresy by most. In America, the Charismatic faith was common facade due to the fact that they employed the use of snakes in their worship. The Wyrmbij Cult Members performed rituals much the same using snake bites to empower their belief and make them more like the goddess and their revered snakes. Many, of course died. The slumbering deity unable to provide protection for her devoted followers. The Nevus event changed everything. After the world, the universe, was transformed and the Wyrmbij Cults were rewarded. In their culture they worship the Wyrmbij Mutti, the Snake Mother of creation and endless life. Every cult possesses a representation of the goddess serving as their High Priestess or Mutti. She lives in seclusion from the rest of the cult and is likened to a prophet, employing such mediums as bones to divine the will of the goddess. The Mutti is pure, a metahuman transformed into a Wyrmbij at the time of the Nevus event. It is considered a great honor for other pure Wyrmbij to be allowed into her lair to perpetuate the pure blood line. It is they who are the strongest, born and not made into Wyrmbij. Other forms of their kind are made by the transformation of a devoted cult member. These individuals who have all but permeated their blood with rattlesnake venom will receive the 'mark', a patch of snake skin somewhere on their body. it will not be long after that they will undergo the change. They will go into stasis forming a cocoon of snake skin which will eventually shed revealing their new form. BIOLOGY Their head is the most human part of their body, but still holds abnormally large glossy green eyes along with a forked tongue and mere slits for nostrils. Covered in snake scales and as limber and flexible as their namesake, their structure is easily more serpent than man. Their Human sized torso rises an imposing nine feet tall when stretched upright upon their coiled bodies, able to strike out with blinding quickness. The pure bloods have twice the strength of a Human while the 'marked and made' gain only a slight enhancement. The Wyrmbij Mutti has three times the strength of a Human, stronger than the others of the cult or clan, but these statistics are only for their human halves. The bulk of their body, the massive serpentine coil below their waist is extremely powerful. The long serpentine body can flip a car and the Wyrmbij will naturally use this enormous appendage as weapon if needed, using it to ram opponents against the walls of their favored hunting grounds. All possess amazing endurance so long as their body temperatures remain warm. Just like snakes, the Wyrmbij are cold blooded. Their true strength lies in their healing abilities. They heal rapidly, can regenerate just about any amount of damage save for being burnt to a crisp or losing their head. Wyrmbij are highly intelligent and cunning creatures that have a great deal of patience when it comes to the craft of stalking or hunting their prey. They will not strike unless the odds are heavily in their favor of injuring or killing their victim. Their speech is like an exaggerated lisp, dragging out any “s” in a word due to their forked tongue. REPRODUCTION ONLY THE WYRMBIJ MUTTI CAN PRODUCE PURE BLOOD OFFSPRING. The Mutti is selected by the goddess as her representation on Earth, every cult has a Mutti. Her destruction can destroy a clan and thus they will protect her with the last breath. She can only mate four times a year at very specific times which are not always convenient. Every year, few pure-bloods are produced. Naturally female Wyrmbij are highly sought after and closely guarded for it is only they that become Mutti and able to perpetuate their kind. The gestation period is four months and ten to sixteen of the offspring will spill from the Mutti's abdomen. The creatures will then fend for themselves under the protection of the clan, but have a very high mortality rate. Only a third are expected to survive as they are extremely susceptible to disease and will instinctively prey upon one another. Females, however, receive some nurturing and they being larger than the males have a higher chance for survival. Maturation rate is triple that of a Human. They reach maturity (equal to a fourteen year old) within six years. As of 2015, five years after the Nevus event it can be assumed that every existing clan has produced on average eight off spring a year and the oldest of those 'children' would appear to be between seven and eight years of age. Wyrmbij cannot transform into Human form until they are fully mature. After the age of six they will be able to disguise themselves. ENVIRONMENT Wyrmbij dwell deep within the rock and prefer shale. Due to their cold blooded physiology they warm their caverns with fires, which, since they lack the ability to see in the dark also serves as light sources. Eerie flickering lumination reveals the shadowy corners making it all the more inviting for exploration. Entering the maze of their intricate caves is easy. Beware! For once you are deep enough with the heart of their mountain labyrinth, disoriented and without sense of direction, they will converge upon their prey when they are strongest and their prey is at it's weakest. ABILITIES Venom The Wyrmbij have a poisonous bite, their fangs possessing enough venom for five bites, each releasing a full dose capable of killing a full grown man. If not treated within half of an hour your average Human will most likely be dead by the end of the hour. Victims can, however, extend their life. Unlike other poisons the toxicity of the Wyrmbij venom does not increase with movement. As long as person remains in motion and keeps the adrenaline high they can double, even triple their time, that is if they do not pass out from utter exhaustion first. Symptoms include: Fever, profuse sweating and the gradual change of eye color to a milky white as the poison progresses. Victims experience gradual paralysis as well as the venom expands through their blood and eventually saturates it with deadly toxins. Antidote: It is the same as the poison used to kill a Wyrmbij Mutti, listed below in the “Weaknesses” section. It must be combined with the saliva of a human and placed into the wound of the bitten party within the half hour to hold any hope of salvation. If the antidote is administered too late, there is still hope of life, but the victim will be paralyzed for the rest of their days. The extent of this will depend on when the antidote is administered. Heightened Senses The Wyrmbij also have a heightened sense of smell and vibration. They can detect fain doors at a distance of ten yards and sense vibrations from as far away as twenty yards. Combining these attributes allows them to learn the “imprint” of a scent and distinguish it once exposed. Transformation The Wyrmbij have the ability to transform into a Human. This is done by literally sloughing off their snake body and growing legs, a metamorphoses that takes a full six hours. During this time their facial features will change and the only trait of the Wymbij left will be a patch of snake skin somewhere on their body which can be hidden by clothing. This form lasts for seventy-two hours then they will begin to change back. The legs will cease to function, bind together and start to transform back and so on. The return is quicker, taking only one hour. Common Wyrmbij, those transformed after the Nevus event via ritual, can hold their previous Human forms much longer than pure bloods. They can maintain the form for at least five days and even extend that time by using certain herbal mixtures to slow the change, possibly remaining Human for two weeks if desired. WEAKNESSES (How to kill these critters) The common Wyrmbij, those transformed after the Nevus event (or not born as a Wyrmbij) can be killed by cutting off their head, but pure bloods require the severing blade to be bathed with a concoction of Monkshood infused with sunflower seeds soaked in a liquid mixture of the moisture of Yggdrasil root and Poison Hemlock. The Wyrmbij Mutti can only be destroyed by a snake-wrangler…. (more to come) WYRMBIJ OF THE APPALACHIANS Dwelling in the Appalachian Mountains of North America, these Wyrmbij reflect the physiology and appearance of a copperhead rattlesnake. Their cults are cleverly hidden among the mountain folk who have always instinctively maintained their secrecy.
  21. Zeph

    Western Ireland

    During the 'DRAGON WAR' which engulfed the United Kingdom between the years 2011 - 2013, the eastern part of Ireland suffered the rage of the retreating dragons. When many of them were driven out of England they took the battle to the Irish shores. The island became one of the final sites of the Dragon War, rendering the east barren and infertile. Many fled, only the most stalwart remained. A small percentage of English, Welsh, Scottish dedicated to their homeland made their home Western Ireland. The bulk of the sparse population mainly hugs the coast, relying mainly on the fishing industry to support their economy and feed the masses. Western Ireland's state is not unlike that of the Tri-America's and the rest of Europe. International trade, naturally, has greatly suffered. Many countries have been forced to fend for themselves and so they've had to step back a century. Returning to the old ways in order to support the population. They are not without growing uncertainty in their lands. Before the dragons landed upon their eastern shores Ireland, like many other nations, was dealing with lycanthropes and zombies, among other 'magical incongruities'. Many of their communities are walled, some have even taken refuge in ancient castles, refortifying the archaic structures. They've taken a step back in time in order to press forward into an unknown future. Travel to and from Ireland is mainly by sea. Planes are in short supply and incredibly expensive. Only a few airports are operational, serving to bring in much needed supplies that the country itself is unable to produce. The major airport that they maintain is the Western Ireland Airport in Knock. The other strip, is the military's Shannon Airport, in Shannon, County Clare. There may be other smaller strips, here and there able to service smaller aircraft but they are far and few between. The reality is, like many other areas of the globe surrounded by water, that Ireland is isolated from the rest of the world. Aside from family there is very little that would motivate a person to travel there. The 'modern lifestyle' yet enjoyed by New Yorkers has all but faded. The Irish, in general, live far more 'rustically'. POLITICS Ireland's government structure is loosely held together by a struggling military. Many have put aside political differences, but cultural prejudices remain. Thankfully, in such small numbers that their voices can be easily stifled. People are more concerned with basic survival and maintaining a government with the freedoms that everyone had simply taken for granted. These are threatened by growing factions and what can be loosely termed as 'war lords' seeking to impose their own versions of the laws over parts of the populace. FACTIONS The Vanguard of Humanity were quick to set up in Galway, the largest surviving city in Western Ireland. The new capital, if there was one. They have strong presence it a nation faced with an uncertain future but they are not without their 'altered' part of the populace. Providing council for the government in the matters of magic is the Order of First Light. Lurking in the shadows are many outlaw groups. Irish mafia and other criminal organizations are a constant threat to the peace, but they also assist in supporting the structure by, in their own way, promoting a balance. The Sheut Nation as well, shares the shadows. They have existed since the beginning, staking out their territory and controlling their kind to ensure their survival. Outside of the human populations, the Fanya Niasa exist to offer support and guidance to their kind. Ireland, especially, was a hot-spot for the emergence of beings of Elfin and Fey heritage, and rightly so given the country's rich legends concerning them. Ancient areas of Ireland have awoken giving rise to enchanted groves and mystical mounds frequented by the Faerie of old. The Irish landscape is slowly descending back into a nation of superstition and these days one would be wise to take the ancient tales to heart. (CLICK ON MAP TO SEE LARGER)
  22. Zeph


    The wendigo (also known as windigo, weendigo, windago, waindigo, windiga, witiko, wihtikow) is a creature of Algonquin legend but it's origins are far older, and even more sinister. Born from the blackest depths of the 'Inner World' these horrors are the very root of the undead. Not living, and not dead but somewhere in between, these monsters exist only to destroy life, it is all that gives them pleasure. It is through the demise of, and consumption of the living that they can for but a few brief moments remember what it was to be as Humans. The time passes quickly and is replaced once more with rage and hate. The Wendigo were never meant to walk the world or any other plane but Hell itself but an eon ago a few of them oozed out of their pit, seeping deep in the earth, ever waiting for a chance to rise. Such opportunities, however, were extremely rare and those few that escaped to become immortalized in Human history were gone shortly after their arrival. They have no tolerance for natural sunlight. Not UV rays, but actual light from the sun itself. A single beam of sunlight will burn right through them and further exposure will consequently destroy them in a matter of seconds. They can only exist at night and come dawn must retreat to complete darkness. The creatures are humanoid, their height varying but averaging roughly six feet tall. They are all male in appearance with no genitalia, as these creatures do not procreate in the common biological sense. More of their kind are spawned from the collected pools of their bile and excrement; born fully developed into their savage existence. Gaunt to the point of emaciation their thin, desiccated, gray skin is pulled tautly over their bones. Long thin strands of grey hair, tinged green from mold, hangs from their head and waist. Often tossed before their ghastly faces, the strands stick to the green mucus drooling from their gaping mouths, tattered lips peeling back to reveal rows of jagged teeth capable of slicing through unprotected flesh. Their skeletal faces have no eyes, only deep sunken sockets from which they can still see. It is not known how they possess vision without eyes but their sense of the detail around them is far too keen to be just from smell, taste and touch alone. They are no stronger than Humans but possessing no sense of pain the creatures are not hindered by lactic acid or a sense of straining muscles, they are simply at full strength all the time. Due to their lack of sensation killing them is difficult. One has to either cause severe trauma to the brain, decapitate them or destroy their heart. Nothing else will matter. Naturally stealthy the Wendigo move at a slow pace when no prey is sight and tend to surprise people. There presence, however, is often betrayed by a disgusting, putrid odor of decay and decomposition. They do not speak, they have no verbal language other than guttural barks and grunts, but they do communicate with another. They are cunning and will also utilize simple weapons when and only when they are at hand. They do not have the presence of mind to carry weapons with them, but will pick up a bat or a knife and use it to their advantage. Wendigo DO NOT carry a virus, but one clawed or bitten by one will most likely develop an infection if the wound is not cleaned right away.
  23. Zeph

    Delaney G. Grant

    PATRIARCH OF THE VANGUARD OF HUMANITY — Delaney Glory Grant came into this world kicking and swinging. She was born into the Vanguard, as was her father before her, and his father and so, on. She is a descendant of Ulysses S. Grant (the 18th President of the United States). Losing her mother at the tender age of nine Delaney was raised by her militant father. While other girls were playing with dolls she was cleaning her sidearm and learning how to disassemble and reassemble it. SKILLS Expert swordsman and marksman. She always carries a sword cane, an accessory like a purse, only of course, lethal. When in dress uniform she wears a sabre on her belt. Specializes in hand to hand combat, specifically grappling. Knowledgeable in advanced military tactics. Extremely well read and knowledgeable Educated in Philosophy, Psychology and Criminology. Can pilot small aircraft and operate other military vehicles. Technologically savvy. Gifted public speaker and tactician. APPEARANCE Hgt: 5'10" • Wgt: 130 lbs • Eyes: Deep Blue • Hair: Reddish Brown She rarely wears anything but her uniform or garments that are 'uniformesque'. An attractive woman, she possesses features of which her age is difficult to determine. PERSONALITY She is driven, to say the least and seems to be completely emotionally unattached to everything. One would be lead to believe she has nothing to lose and perhaps this is the cold truth. Delaney has no close friends, no one she confides in, she is an island on to herself. It is very likely that Delaney is a sociopath, perhaps even a psychopath, albeit a functional one. She utterly detests physical contact and loathes looking upon relationships that she can never feel; tenderness and sexual desire only angers her. HISTORY Delaney was groomed to lead and some even dare to believe that she was prepared for the apocalypse. When the Resonance hit and the sky ripped open she took charge and her and handful of troopers single handed beat back the zombie hordes at Time Square. She is a legend among the Vanguard. In 2011 she took control of the Atlanta Legion and by the following year she was voted to hold the station of Patriarch over the entire North American Division of the Vanguard of Humanity.
  24. Zeph

    Deirdre Park

    CONTROLLER OF PHAROS NORTH AMERICA Ms. Park is from the Chinese Division of Pharos, her particular branch disguised by an agricultural corporation of which she was the Controller. She had exceptionally performed her duties for almost twenty years years before the Resonance occurred, devastating her part of the world. Beijing had been hit hard by the effects of the Nevus and the city was fast overrun by demonic creatures and other mythic monsters forcing her, like so many others to evacuate. There was absolutely nothing that Pharos could do that day, everyone had been completely overwhelmed. She was lucky to escape with her life but her husband was not so lucky. Fortunately her children who were in their teens made it out unscathed. When a position opened up in New York for a controller she jumped at the opportunity and was accepted. She arrived in North America a few months later and has been there ever since. APPEARANCE Deirdre is a beautiful woman who barely looks older than half her age. She has a flawless complexion and a petite toned frame. Her long hair is the customary Asian blue black and she keeps it up in a traditional braided hair-style. In fact her whole style is very traditional. She wears older Chinese styled clothes and her entire persona reflects a more ancient time. PERSONALITY Kind, quiet, serious. These three words best describe her. She has a very 'old world' attitude and doesn't take any non-sense from the in-experienced, she has no patience for it. Everything she does in precise and well thought out, like her her martial art maneuvers. ABILITIES SPEED — Ms. Park is fast, very fast. Able to move and react fast enough to deflect one, possibly two bullets with a sword. But such explosive speed cannot be maintained for very long. She can move in bursts for a few seconds each, taking at least twenty seconds in-between to rejuvenate her energy. This means that she cannot move in a constant state of hyper-motion. She can maintain these bursts for approximately fifteen minutes before she completely tires and requires at least an hour's rest. This means that she rarely uses this ability for more than five minutes to avoid the fatigue. Even still, she is quite tired after. She needs at least half an hour of time between using this power multiple times. KI-STRIKE/SHIELD — She can summon her Ki, her internal energy, and turn into a force that can protect or attack. As defense it is like a body-sized shield. She must remain stationary and can maintain the force for up to ten minutes if needed. It will stop bullets and even retard an explosion so that she only takes very minimal concussive damage. Heat,fire, electrical energy are absorbed by it. She can utilize this technique every twenty minutes for a maximum of four times a day. The strike has a range of 25 feet. Optimal strike distance is point of physical contact to 12 feet. She generates a powerful unseen force that when hurled at an opponent from the motion of a punch or kick is equal to the force of an impacting car moving at 40 MPH. It is a devastating attack, one that she could only perform once every three hours and only twice a day. SWORD HAND/ARM/FOOT/LEG is combining her 'shield force' with a swift hand or foot strike. It has the power and edge likened to a sword. She can only perform this once day which counts as one of her strike attacks (sword-hand/arm could obviously parry an actual sword or even block a bullet.) SKILLS Aside from all that qualifies for her current position, Deirdre is an amazing master of Wushu and deadly with a straight sword. She has mastered a variety of other weapons but nothing compares to her passion for the sword. LANGUAGES Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Some Japanese.


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