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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

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    Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
    Petite and curvy; standing at 5'5" in full, Cassandra has always been of a diminutive stature much to her consternation growing up. Shy, quiet, little she was more a wallflower than a social butterfly and preferred sports to more girlish pastimes like shopping. This love of sports including gymnastics left her with a more athletic figure than most young children her age and even as she grew up it remained that way though she began to bloom late after puberty hit. Gaining the curves that most thought would never come though it'd not be until early adulthood that she came into her own completely.

    Cassandra had never much focused on her figure, her looks, though beyond the athletic and healthy aspects that came with training especially after she'd started gymnastics at age six. It was important as well to stay in shape and eat right for the other sports: tennis, field hockey, -- especially as the years passed and everything became more rigorous. Dance was another love, mostly allowed by her Mother as it was a form of exercise, but was more a hobby than anything else; yet it added to her physique and eventually would become more once she reached her later adult years, that broke her into a more feminine aspect of the world. It didn't mean that she ever became one of those girly girl types, no, though it did introduce her to the fact that it was alright to dress in a feminine manner just as it was alright to dress in a comfortable one, and that it didn't mean you didn't love yourself or have confidence in yourself cause you chose to wear make-up or dress a little more sexy. Her appearance became more a method of self-expression to a point as it was her choice what to wear, what to do, what to think.

    Now, she might some days wear baggy t-shirts and comfortable pants or a skimpy dress and heels or a classy suit depending on what she feels like wearing. Casual or dressy? That's her choice. Her brown hair might some days be worn down to brush her shoulders(or sometimes below or a bit above depending on how its cut) or pulled up in some fashion, and sometimes it might be brown or it might be treated by highlights or hair coloring. She wears make-up in a tasteful fashion with colors depending on mood, outfit, and so on that compliments her usually fair, slightly tanned skin and blue eyes; these sometimes shifting color depending on various things so that they might look green some days, yet still makes sure to take care of her skin as well by using various products and rinses.

    Her appearance is not important to Cassandra due to vanity or a lack of confidence, but it is instead a sign of the worth she sees in herself. An expression of self-love and care for her being.
    Independent, distant, strong, vulnerable ---

    Cassandra's personality over the years has been easily labeled as troublesome by many of the people that knew her. Growing up in an environment filled with arguing, hatred, instability never made it easy. Much of her life she felt ignored; an unwanted child whose existence created more problems in the already troubled lives of her parents, and passed aside which made her lash out in rebellious attempts for attention when she wasn't doing the complete opposite by doing whatever it took to please them. The only person whose love she felt she didn't have to fight for or win was her brother's, and it is only thanks to him that she didn't mess up her entire life during her later highschool years and she began to change. While the incident of possession; the torture that led to it, has left her a mess she's also more together than she had been becoming just before The Event occurred. Suffering and committing unsavory acts while possessed has a way of changing a person, your priorities, your wants, and more while opening your eyes. She still finds herself dealing with moments of weakness and fear though; nightmares plaguing her sleeping hours of the things that she experienced, so that sometimes she's a little more jumpy than she'd like to be. The aspects of slight PTSD are not easily overcome.

    What she went through has left her thinking a lot about the things she didn't do in life and there's a lot of regret to handle on that front to accompany the guilt. Now, she aims to make up for the wrong she did while being manipulated by the demon that possessed her and to improve her life by changing it. While she was once described as a tease, and a flirt, with a more outgoing personality she tends to be more withdrawn now. Keeping herself protected by walls and distance from others as she still feels quite vulnerable. She knows the demon is gone, her brother saw to it, yet she lives in fear it could happen again. However, Cassandra is making progress in this regard where it concerns opening up to people and trying to overcome her issues.
    A locket necklace with a golden chain and a jewel on the front that is her birthstone. This was given to her by her brother, Alistair, after she moved in with him. She never takes it off. Even when the demon had control, and she lacked her memory, she couldn't allow herself to get rid of it. Recently it has obtained a rune engraved behind the picture inside. This rune helps ward off possession of the demonic type. She carries four other items, of varying sizes, hidden on her person at all times.

    A cuff bracelet made of enchanted leather, to protect it from wear and tear, that has a couple linked circular silver designs on the top, and that buckles under the wrist to secure it [http://www.ultraimg.com/images/086-FtaImBG.jpg]. The silver on the piece helps to channel and focus her abilities, and can cut down on the exhaustion that most spells cause, but mainly its advantage is in helping her to manage in forming multiple constructs at one time. While it may not be on her wrist at all times, it is on her person at all times whether in purse or pocket so that she can slap it on when needed.

    (Prior to Sept. 5th 2021) While the apartment that she resides in is one she rents and doesn’t own, Cass considers it to belong to her. It is the only place she has had that she can really say that about and takes pride in the fact — even if she has to occasionally ask for a little aid from her big brother. Given the situation with the Vatican and Order, and her fear of potential possession again, the place is warded with symbols done in invisible paint on walls, floor, etc. She even has come to a point where curtains and blinds hold these markings. They have to be re-done every couple months when the mana behind their power fades, but she finds it worthwhile. Plus Alistair is good help to figure out ways to ward given his own apartment’s secure state.

    (After Sept. 5th 2021) Moved in with Alec at his apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

    As a backup option she carries a Sig Sauer P239. Chambered for .357 SIG that was a gift from her brother and is usually on her person at all times.

    Other Weapons: Hook Swords, Falchion + Knife/Dagger or Buckler, Rapier + Dagger, Dual Cutlasses or Cutlass + Buckler, Varying Staves. These are not weapons that she uses in combat or carries on her person. They are kept in a safe space at the ARMA HQ for practice. She may, on occasion, take them between ARMA and her home if she’s feeling the urge to train when not in the building; usually letting herself into Alistair’s apartment to use his own training space/gym he has there.

    Two enchanted coats for protection: One a sleeveless, gold-brown leather jacket that reaches the knees and has two evenly spaced double rows of buttons and belts at the waist [http://www.ultraimg.com/images/087-BKvI4xR.png]. The other is a deep green military coat with gold buttons made of heavy material — primarily for colder climates and seasons — that reaches the knees [http://www.ultraimg.com/images/088-i5uWwBp.jpg]. They’re used to offer a little extra protection during fights/attacks though are not a perfect defense, and she doesn’t always wear them though she should. Both jackets are reinforced with ballistic M5 fabric and enchantments which render them significantly more resistant to small arms fire than say a standard bulletproof vest; stopping most any round short of .50 BMG or high grade armor piercing rounds. However, they’re not proof against kinetic energy, and like with any ballistic vest bruising and cracked bones can easily result from impacts.
    ARMA: Member; one of the original founders; sister of original founder.
    OFL/Vatican: Due to past history; does not like them and the stuff they do.

    Alistair Greene: Brother; main original founder of ARMA; current MIA Commander
    Alec Walker: Boyfriend; BFF; Work Colleague
    Wesley Evans: Awesome friend and colleague
    Rhome Del Santo/Matth: Ex-boyfriend, Retired Assassin sent to kill her by Vatican/OFL


    Between late May and early July — when she finally perfected it to its current level — of 2017 she had become able to properly utilize her ability of Mana Field Attunement. She can sense if magic has been or is being actively used within a couple feet of her, and feels it by the sensation of her skin getting a bit tingly and warm. Though her recognition doesn’t extend further.
    She tends to utilize gestures or touch for her abilities: a hand extended to put her shield around others, a press of palm against flesh to heal, a snap of fingers to light a candle or closing of palm to snuff out the flame, a motion of her wrist as if twirling to produce a short stave, the sliding motion as if drawing a blade from sheathe to produce a blade(s), an inward bend of arm to produce buckler, etc.
    Her magic can also be initiated via emotional stress, often panic and fear resulting from her PTSD causing abilities (generally her shield) to protectively flare when undesired. In terms of all the magic below this reflects her abilities after April 2016 when the demon was removed; Cassandra’s abilities during possession different as a result of the demon and the demon mana injected into her during captivity. [If a player has a specific question in regards to a date when she can use and learned to use something, please PM me.]

    Like any magus Cass is able to do a variety of little things here or there like a light candle, move a book nearby without touching it, and so forth. There are a few little specific items that vary from the usual for her, of course, and some can be found below to give an idea.

    — Fabric Manipulation —
    Learned from Kelly Collins. This cantrip makes it possible for Cass to alter the color of clothing and stretch it as well; both are useful in different situations such as if she shrinks an item while doing laundry or if she wants to blend into a crowd while avoiding someone. This effect can last up to an hour though can be used often as it requires little mana use.

    — Blind Spot —
    A distraction technique where she can bend a bit of energy to reflect light more intensely to make it harder to look at the spot; distorting their vision briefly to either make it seem that she is not there or she is in multiple places. This gives her time to move though not far and only until their vision clears.

    Part of Cassandra’s ability set is the capability to form, or build, constructs made of energy as well as disassemble them. The amount of time it takes depends greatly on the size of the construct, the detail put into the construct, and the state of her body — in relation to exhaustion and injury — when she’s creating the construct. The level and skill is ranked in accordance to sub-abilities within this area which vary due to the individual ability. Aside from the usual requirement in regards to motions for casting, Cassandra also must create an image of the item that she desires to create in her mind. Drawing from memory, it’s important for her to have a visual of what she is making. As an example, this is why she practices with real versions of the weapons she forms. The larger the construct the more energy it takes to create and the duration of it remaining varies in response(the more energy it takes to create means it dissipates faster while for smaller constructs it takes less energy so it dissipates slower); creating multiple constructs at one time becomes trickier depending on the size of the item, and so she usually only does this with specific sub-abilities such as her weapons unless she is making something tiny.

    — Crafting: Lesser Complexity —
    Low Level. As part of her construction abilities she is able to form a variety of random items. Smaller to medium items that can last anywhere from a day to a week before dissipating depending on the size of the construct; as long as she doesn’t make it do so by choice, of course. These can vary from a cutting board to a stool to a handyman tool to a key; useful for getting into locked buildings, cars, chests, etc. . . or if she locks herself out of her own things. Though she can't make anything with moving parts.

    She is well practiced at creating knives and thus it takes significantly less time given the amount of shaping, weighing, and balancing needed is decreased by the simplicity of the knife design utilized — essentially making them almost instantaneous to create. She can create two at once. Her usual choice glows an almost purple-blue with hints of white and hot pink from the energy that forms its sleek look with an overall length of 13 ¼” — the blade being 9” and the handle being 4 ¼” and a blade thickness of 5mm — and it has a good heft, balanced and weighted as though made from 1055 carbon steel, and a dagger-like point; this will sink into even a hard target with ease whether thrown from blade or handle.

    — Crafting: Greater Complexity —
    High Level. A max of 4 times a day. Large objects generally can't last more than 2-4 days. Shaping, weighting, and balancing within regards to these constructs takes more time in comparison to the above. It can take a full 3 minutes each piece depending on the amount of time. Though if under the effects of Inertial Transference(see below) that time can be significantly cut down. Primarily her skill with weapons in combat as far as construction is in knives(as described in Knife Barrage) and blades though she is moderate with light bucklers and short staves. Currently her skill lies in the following: Hook Swords, Falchion + Knife/Dagger or Buckler, Rapier + Dagger, Dual Cutlasses or Cutlass + Buckler. Though she is also able to switch out a blade/knife for one or two short staves. The duration of the weapons lasting depends on certain factors like how long the fight goes on, how much she is drained, et cetera.

    — Aura Block —
    Low Level. This is a passive ability that is always active. It wards away effects that could distort reality or influence the mind. The only time this does not work is if she suffers a head injury that leaves her disoriented or is knocked unconscious, and while under the effects of drugs and alcohol it is weakened though not inactive.

    — Energy Lacquer —
    Low Level. Using energy is able to coat things in a protective coating. This can allow clothing or items to be made waterproof or fire resistant for example. Cass could use it so that her clothes don’t get wet in the rain as she is walking from Point A to Point B. Or in the case of fire, as long as it is not intense fire, she can make it so that something is fireproofed, but this has to be cast in advance. If she’s already wet or on fire then she can’t use it to stop that basically.

    — Zing Step —
    Low Level. Using a movement that looks similar to power-walking while concentrating for a couple of minutes can result in the build-up of mana into energy allowing a boost to her step that adds a little speed to movements; nothing major though more along the lines of someone doing a really eager power-walk like they have to get somewhere. It doesn’t last more than 5 minutes here or there, but she can cast it 12 times without being drained fully. She uses it sparingly outside of any combat related matters. Also, luckily for her or she’d look silly longer, she doesn’t have to hold the power-walking look after the initial mana build-up.

    — Puissance Restoration —
    Low Level. Using some of her energy, she is able to transfer it into another person who may be becoming fatigued to give them an energy boost. The effect is minimal at best so that it can spur them on for maybe another 15 minutes total before the boost wears off, and as a side effect they may feel more tired than they did before it was used. Another way to use it is to bring someone who is unconscious or on the brink of losing consciousness back to a state of wakefulness. However, it only acts as a band-aid in the latter cases; meaning that the purpose still needs proper assistance and treatment, and this only buys them time — 15 minutes at most just like with the boost — to get them the assistance needed and if they should fall unconscious again the seriousness of their injury might worsen meaning they’ll need some increased treatment. Generally nothing too serious. Under the effects of Inertial Transference’s energy expulsion, if she can control it, she may be able to double the time energy boost or consciousness lasts, but this also means the side effects are doubled as a result. While this ability is low level Cassandra is careful when using it for the express reason that it depletes some of her energy to use it. Is unable to use on herself at all.

    — Shield —
    Mid-level. A bright, white protective field — the glow dimmer in daylight/brightly lit areas — that can expand to a max of 18 feet in diameter with a radius of 9 feet and a circumference of 56.66; surrounding at least three others besides Cass, or four people if she is not inside it herself, and can deflect any attack as long as she remains focused unless the force against it becomes too much(an example of the amount of force it could withstand: Cass could probably stop a car once). It can last a max of 20 minutes and be used 5 times in any encounter — a duration of 100 minutes or an hour-and-forty-minutes. If used more though, it can drain her to a point of exhaustion that will cause a warning in the form of headache or nosebleed which gets more extreme with each use after the onset of these symptoms, and can eventually lead to collapse if continuing to tax herself. After a fight where she uses her shield for the maximum duration she requires at least 2-and-a-half hours of rest before she can use her shield again, but if she pushes it to the point of collapse during a fight then a full day of rest(ie sleep) is required.

    Use of this ability has grown to allow her to put a shield around others — who are a max distance of 3 feet or less away from her — while she remains outside of it, and to make it expand or contract as desired; the last resulting in either an increase or decrease in the oxygen inside the shield’s space which can be useful in various situations. *Note: If used for shorter periods she can call up her shield more without the side effects though in fights this is generally only if she is focusing more on offense vs defense.

    — Strike Strengthening—
    Low Level. An extension of her shield ability where focus, and her energy, can be applied to allow the shield to be more firm; intensifying the power of the strike of it. This can be used to knock a foe off-balance or a door off its hinges(ie: See Detention thread). Since this depends largely on using her own energy, it is best used when Cassandra is amped up — generally when the adrenaline is running high in her veins — which makes the intensity of the strike limited as being exhausted or significantly drained of mana can weaken it. While she can cast it a max of 12 times before full drain those factors are limiting to its effectiveness.

    — Shunko Glove(s) —
    Mid Level. Coating her hands in energy to add a little extra POW! to her punch. While able to hit well with bare hands it intensifies when the hands are covered; enhancing the pain caused to the person hit, and and able to knock someone across a room if she puts enough force behind it — depends on the size of the room, generally not bigger than say an average sized large living room about 22x28, and what is in it that could also stop their body such as furnishings — though if they knock into anything solid(a wall for example) they stop as she is not capable of knocking anyone through walls. Though they may dent the wall or break the object depending what it is made of, but that is also only if she hits with full force. Sometimes she prefers to control it that way a person might not necessarily be knocked off their feet yet the pain, and resulting bruising/injury, can still have that extra kick to it. And it protects her hand from damage, if only for short bursts of time, when using hand-to-hand combat which is especially useful when facing a foe that may not be human or similar in physical nature to a human.

    Mid Level. This ability can affect artifacts and living beings, and both passive and active abilities. By placing her hand upon an item/being then sending a concentrated burst of her own mana into it she can cause a disruption. Essentially stripping an item/being of any abilities for up to 5 minutes after she withdraws contact. Beings under the effect of this ability can feel their magic, but not reach it as though it has been placed behind an invisible barrier; their resistance to the ability and its effect depends on their mental focus in fighting it: meaning that even once the ability has been used, and the barrier put in place, they can fight off the effects and make it wear off quicker than the allotted 5 minutes — practically useless against those with mental abilities who are in control of themselves when it’s used on them. Also if they are able to remove her hand before the full burst occurs, which takes a whole minute, it doesn’t work at all. Given that she must sacrifice a substantial amount of mana for this ability that means that while it’s a mid level ability she can only use it 3 times max in one day before a full drain and that it takes at least 3 hours to recuperate after that happens.

    Mid Level. Turning her own mana into energy she can heal wounds whether internal or external. While this can heal the injured it comes with several specific limitations in order for it to work: concentration and contact over a certain time to be effective depending upon the nature, and size, of the wound. Bare hands must be touching the area for the duration of the time that it needs to heal which can vary from 5 minutes to 5 hours based on the size. The size and time it takes to mend the injury also determines how exhausting this can be on a person. The one aspect of her healing being that it is temporary and only lasts two days at most for larger wounds while the ones such as superficial cuts can go weeks without being a concern. Therefore it’s important the injured being be tended to by someone with a proper healing ability or medical professional, and that they recuperate fully as that person demands. Only able to heal 2 wounds at any given time, but this taxes her more than healing one at a time especially if the wounds are extensive. An example would be that for Cassandra to heal a six inch wound it’d take an hour and she’d have to rest for half an hour just to recover from the drain, but for two six inch wounds it’d take double the time to heal as well as recover. Is unable to use on herself outside of the healing of superficial wounds though she cannot explain why.

    High Level. This can only be used 2 times a day. Depending on the situation, whether it’s a troll pounding on her or a mac truck speeding at her, Cassandra is able to absorb the energy of the attack. In urgent situations such as the case of an impacting truck, there’s a loss of control meaning that when she makes contact with the truck that it will immediately stop it in its tracks in response to the energy being absorbed. In the case of the troll, so long as she is able to maintain control, she can slowly absorb and build-up energy as they hit her though this is more focused, and the living being will feel the effects over time as they are drained. The importance here being that if Cassandra loses control she can’t control whether or not it happens.

    The other downside to this is simple: that energy has to go somewhere and it has to be expelled as well. Otherwise, that energy is a detriment to her system. In controlled situations she can use it to enhance the power of weapons she constructs such as cutting down charge time, altering the look of the weapon, or adding a little more distance to her throwing knives, and even making it her own cutting down some on the draining and exhaustion. However, in the situation of a massive amount of energy at once (ie the truck) then she has to immediately expel that energy leading to her body doing so in a manner that is not controlled in the least. It is a painful process and is able to cause damage to the surrounding area as it comes out as a beam of energy, a serious blast, and knock her out for a significant amount of time depending on how much energy she absorbs that needs expelled. With practice, and due to training from Alistair, she can get it under some control, giving her time to find a safe place to release it and redirect it through her body to minimize the damage caused by making it arc into the air to be expelled; though this isn’t always the case.
    Trained in both Jeet Kune Do and Kyokushin from her days of conditioning and training as a captive, Cassandra’s combat skills are still largely a result of muscle memory and reflex, but as part of ARMA she has been undergoing training to add to her talents and refine the training. Recently this includes training with certain weapons like staves/sticks, varying types of swords and shields, and knives and throwing knives as part of learning how to utilize her energy construction in a fighting manner. She excels in knife throwing and can hurl two blades at a time, at multiple targets.

    One way in which she trains is by using real versions of the weapons to truly understand the form and judge the weight to make her constructions more authentic, and to be positive that her techniques do not fall flat. Primarily her skill with weapons in combat as far as construction use lies in knives and blades though she is moderate with light bucklers and short staves. Her skill with larger shields and staves outside of dance technique is presently abysmal.

    As part of her childhood, and further increased by training as a captive, Cassandra is also skilled with firearms. These skills from childhood are only recently coming back to the forefront given the fact that she has been working on overcoming her fear of them — inspired by residual feelings related to memories that she’s unable to access — thanks to the help of Alistair who has been encouraging of her practicing with them again; even going so far as to buy her a gun to carry around for use in late October as a result of an encounter with some Goblins in Central Park, and out of concern of potential attack by Order/Vatican lapdogs. She fully overcame that mental block relating to using a gun in December. Though it still crops up from time-to-time. Primarily she’ll go for her abilities, but if she’s too worn down or wants to spare herself too much exhaustion as a result of using them too often then she’ll go for her gun.

    Dancing, and by extension Ballet and Gymnastics(including Rhythmic Gymnastics), still remains as an important skill given her work as a Dance Instructor and the overall usefulness that training holds in her everyday life. She’s skilled primarily in contemporary dance, jazz, fire dancing(one example of weapons dancing), swing, ballroom, belly dancing, and ballet though has minimal experience with other types of dancing and is always trying to improve herself.

    As a former personal shopper, a job she worked for long years on and off, she is not without fashion taste and the ability to be affable and charming. This is harder these days given her ordeal, but she’s working toward becoming this socially functioning human being again. Another benefit is being able to reasonably size a person up based on years of taking measurements.
    Every child wants to be special and wanted, they want a happy family with loving parents who will worship the ground they walk on and be continuously proud. Cassandra Greene was not this lucky. Born a product of an attempted reconciliation between divorced parents who had briefly re-acquainted during their separation after a party held by mutual friends. Liquor was the sole reason for their night together; the consequences and their dislike of each other forgotten in their inebriated state, and a few months later they were awoken to a cruel reality: Elizabeth was pregnant to Bruce again. Why they chose to try to reconcile is something neither child would ever understand, but it didn’t last long and soon they were separated again. A particular argument was finally the straw that broke the camel’s back though; fueled by a discord that never healed in the first place, and it was about how to rear Cassandra who was a precocious and outgoing child. Elizabeth wanted to enroll her daughter in gymnastics and cheerleading once she was older; to re-live her youth vicariously through her daughter, and so foisted her off into as many young child age appropriate activities to prepare her for this as humanly possible, but Bruce upon seeing the child was being pushed too hard wanted to stop it. They blew up at each other then soon followed the second split.

    Cassandra, like her brother Alistair, spent much of her early life bounced between both households and showed indication of distress adjusting to the instability that became part of her life. While both parents were doting enough in their own way it instead became a situation of her being ammunition for each that further caused an impossibility for civility between Bruce and Elizabeth. Loving both it became hard to be used by both in such a manner so she chose to keep the company, and comfort, of her brother Alistair who had more experience in this department.

    At age six, Elizabeth got her way and Cassandra was enrolled in gymnastics. Wanting to make her Mother happy, and earn her love in any way possible, she took on the pressure even though she was not more than passingly interested in the activity. Eventually, as her Mother found a new life with a man not that fond of children, she was shipped off to live with her Father and though he wanted to stop her from doing gymnastics Cassandra raised a fuss to keep with it as it was the only time she got to see her Mother who made time to come see her meets. The relationship with her Father was quiet as the man was generally busy or distracted with some of his hobbies, and work, which involved technology; something she’d later come to detest to a degree, and during this time she spent considerably less time with Alistair who got to stay with their Mother as he was an old, more studious sort and demanded less of her attention. This meant that Cassandra only got to see her brother when it was their Father’s weekend and the connection they had began to dwindle as she began to resent Alistair; though did not stop loving him, who not only got to stay with their Mother, but who also had a solid bond with their Father due to their love of technology.

    This led to a path of rebellion, a desire for attention the cause, that in the end would be more damaging to herself than those parents she so desperately sought the attention of from the first. Falling in with the wrong crowd, dressing in trends that were concerning, and misbehaving in general. She still, of course, tried to grab their attention by keeping up her grades and focusing on her gymnastics, and other athletics, but that did not get the intense reaction that she wanted. During this time her relationship with Alistair became tense as he was a representation of everything she wasn’t able to have herself. He got to live with their Mother, he got the attention of their Father, and he related better with the both of them. To Cassandra she always felt like the odd man out and this only worsened in her teenage years. Periodically she’d spend more time at her Mother’s again, but the relationship was strained outside of discussion about gymnastics. The pressure on Cassandra increased as the years passed especially when it became clear that she was headed for the possibility of being a front-runner for the upcoming 2000 Summer Olympics at only 15-years-old. That she threw it away; as her Mother would indelicately put it, only exacerbated the already strained bond between the two Greene women. An ulcer, improper dieting habits, and the popping of narcotics from her Father’s medicine cabinet brought about an incident that left her with a concussion and in hospital. It also brought about the end of her chances at the Olympics at barely 15 along with any desire to try again.

    While it was hard for Cassandra to admit to herself, it was her stubborn and competitive nature that played a large role in her downfall. However, the stress of pressure from her Mother, the constant tension when it come to her parents, and the mishandling methods of her Coach all played as much of a factor. While she was extremely devastated, and even lashed out at her Mother in blame, it changed nothing; especially when the woman lashed back at her tenfold, where her future in gymnastics was concerned. She fell into a downward spiral of depression, lost even moreso to that crowd that she’d begun to hang out with before, and would sometimes come home drunk or high, if she came home at all; even skipping classes and practices that endangered her grades as well as her other athletics. Cassandra grew increasingly distant and while her Father attempted to help there was little he could do.

    During one of his visits home, Alistair attempted to step into the void left by the complete abandonment of their Mother and the ineffective attempts of their Father. When he was home it was a balm to her soul as she found little desire to dislike him for the faults of their parents. Her brother was near and dear, and the only family she truly could say loved her above all else; who she also loved above any other, but when he was away she’d find herself lapsing. The wake-up call came with the tragic death of two of her friends who were driving her home -- drunk. As they were crossing the bridge the car swerved into the opposite lane. It was only a too-late reaction that saved them from being hit head on by the oncoming car, but it still killed one of her friends on impact and the other still remains in a coma. Cassandra was lucky to have survived though she had many injuries; a few that required surgery, and broken bones that meant a 3 month hospital stay. It was the wake-up call that the 17-year-old(2002) needed. She spent her graduation in the hospital, undergoing some inpatient rehab, and once able to be released her Father opted to send her to New York to stay with Alistair for the rest of the summer prior to attempting decisions concerning college -- figuring that it’d be best to give her time to get herself straightened out under reliable supervision.

    Cassandra felt a great weight lifted from her shoulders. New York was a change of scenery, a fresh start, and a chance to bond with her brother more thoroughly than before. She was happy. Partying became a nonexistent part of her life; at least the kind that she used to do, and instead she got a job as a personal shopper in a fancy store and found herself doing her best to keep away from all the ill influences of her life before the accident. This was why she decided to audition for the Dance Division at The Juilliard School; having gotten back into dancing during her time of recovery, as it was closer to Alistair and would not take her away from the city that she had grown to consider home. By 22-years-old(2007) she graduated with a B.F.A and was still working her job as a personal shopper, but decided a year later that it was time to take a shot at a dream.

    When the offer of a job as Dance Instructor in Italy came through the mail she was more than excited. Besides the fact that she’d always wanted to tour Europe it was a chance at a dream job. The opportunity was rarely offered to someone who was 23-years-old(2008) and to pass it over would be a mistake of the worst kind. The funds were a minor issue as between her own resources and the contribution of a gift by her Father; they had become closer in the years since the accident, and soon she’d find herself on the way at the start of summer. While it was strange to be in a foreign land by herself, and not to know anyone, Cassandra thrived. The job was a ton of hardwork, but she adored every minute of it and she made friends slowly. During this time she kept in touch with Alistair and her Father by means of the computer and phone, and she got to go home for some holidays to see her brother. In May 2010, she was scheduled for 2-week vacation to go home and visit.. Her flight was scheduled but nothing would turn out as expected. . .

    Everything that occurred during The Nevus Event is a blur to Cassandra; whose memory these days are hazy, but what is known is that she never made her plane. The airport erupted into chaos, the building crumbled, and eventually she awoke a month later -- a victim of an unknown splinter group that came to know her heritage as a direct line descendant of one of the old Order of First Light families; something that Cassandra wasn’t even really aware of herself. When they took her she is unsure, but records would show that between awakening and the Nevus Event occurring she was hospitalized for a head injury. These people knew that she possessed magic though and, as befell some other poor souls, this made her a candidate for an experimental procedure. As a result she was quietly pronounced dead to conceal the fact that she was abducted, and by the time she came round it was too late. This clever, careful group operated in the free and clear by utilizing subsidiary branches to keep their identity a secret. Cassandra would not come to learn the details of what had been done to her until much later; due to the determined nature of Alistair, but for the sake of consistency -- well, they experimented on her as though she were some animal.

    During this time she teetered on the brink of death as they conducted tests to amalgamate what they called demonic mana into her body; many blood fusions administered as necessary, and when the results showed immediate progress they labeled her with the code name “Adept” and she became the focal point of their experimentation. Utilizing others as lab rats by testing procedures on them to determine the effects and side effects, and if they were beneficial before implementing them upon Cassandra. When it became clear that she was their prize candidate due to the expediency of progression and the fact that she was still alive they were joyous.

    Months passed as they prepared her both physically and mentally for what was to come. Torture was not utilized as they wanted to keep her as mentally stable as was possible; otherwise her usage as a soldier would not bear fruit, and due to the secretive agenda of her instructor. They kept her sedated with an ever-changing cocktail of drugs; especially when she displayed episodes of hostility or resistance, which left Cassandra in a constant state of semi-lucidity that eventually would make it hard to remember details of her former life. Places and names and memories slipped away even as she tried to hold onto them; told they were fabrications of her mind, and her conditioning helped to make this became more plausible though some part of her refused to fully let go these dreams. She remained reliant and dependable, and was receptive to her rewards for letting go of lies that could endanger the objective, but eventually. . . even that defiant hold onto these fading memories disappeared. Once they were positive that she was ready they began to lessen her doses of narcotics to allow focus on combat training until they realized she’d make a more ideal informant due to her background.

    There were notes that spoke to her quick adaptability along with her noted to be exceptionable as a year passed. Having displayed exceptional abilities with a mana that far exceeded other Magus in the program, but there were also marks of concern for the unpredictable nature of the mana when she became exceedingly stressed. That was when they discovered the existence of Nyxeris -- what they called a demon had begun to take hold upon her body. Tests concluded that the demonic mana used was related to this specific demon which drew it toward Cassandra while also preparing her body to become more susceptible to its possession. Realization later came that it was the instructor, Amado, who had switched the particular mana utilized on her for the experiment , though soon they would not be able to stop what he had begun for when the second explosion of her powers came the demon took hold completely.

    What followed was, as videos would show, a bloodbath as Nyxeris utilized her own abilities along with Cassandra’s exceptional strength and skill to slaughter every living soul in her escape including the man that had facilitated the coming of Nyxeris. The OFL did their best to keep the incident quiet, but when rumors leaked they spoke out and declared the subsidiary a rogue enterprise taking part in acts they were unaware of yet thoroughly investigating. The details that were released later were, of course, very limited and understated to avoid any backlash. Eventually the concern died down.

    The time that followed from when Nyxeris took hold is all a blur. There are details that Cassandra can recall, but they are only minor and most of it is due to the filling in of gaps by her brother, and any others who might have recognized her, but she does know that at some point she made her way back to New York. During this period the name Nyx was used instead of any other name, and the life she led was one of promiscuity and dark deeds. At different times she worked for The Penthouse Executive Club where she worked under the cover of being a dancer and escort, and would make herself invaluable by acquiring useful information during periods where she was under contract and other times she’d use her assets, and even abilities, when she vanished on whims for lengthy periods. All of the deeds that she committed as Nyx while under control of the demon are unknown to her, and may forever be, outside of the occasional dim and twisted nightmare that pervades her dreams leaving behind guilt.

    Alistair would be the one that would save her though.

    On the word of her brother, she knows that many times he ran into her and she seemed to be in control of herself though Cassandra does not remember these points. That he insists that the demon was not in control then makes it harder to reconcile the person she was, and the way she behaving, though the conditioning and training that she underwent while captive explains some of it. Eventually though, Alistair in his determined fashion would manage to find information that would aid in the removal of the demon from her body. What he did sometime in early April, she cannot say,, but she awoke weeks later in a room at his apartment after quite a deal of rest. While her memories returned of before, anything that happened during the possession of Nyxeris is left dim in her mind; she did not even understand how she had come to be in New York or about The Nevus Event. Alistair, luckily, filled her in appropriately as time passed; though she hid in the countryside of New York for a good while to protect herself from the OFL and Vatican assassins. Six months later, specifically on Oct. 1st, 2016, she returned to New York to start living again; days later she would join ARMA and start training to be part of the fight against the very organizations that made it difficult to be the person she was prior to the Nevus Event. Though she’s making progress as time passes and she becomes stronger in her abilities.


    She settled in well after beginning to work for ARMA. She made friends, got on with her life, started to become better. Her abilities improved greatly. She eventually began to date, a sweet, cute man named Matthias she met in a bookstore. He turned out to be a Magus as well. She began to learn to trust him, to care deeply about him, to love him. . . and then he walked into the ARMA HQ admitting to murdering people for The Vatican. He was an assassin named Rhome Del Santo, who had worked for them since the Resonance changed him, and had been sent to kill her. Interviewing him was hard, but she did it and well — LIKE A BOSS — then negotiated a deal for him that saw him released, powers bound, to be used as an informant for ARMA.

    Afterward, she was quite the mess. During this time she leaned heavily on not only her brother, but also on Alec. The latter was a confidante, someone who was called a lot to carry her out of bars as she relapsed a little and who didn't judge her even though she destroyed a lot of his expensive shoes by throwing up on them. It took awhile, but she eventually started to do better and to step away from the drinking again except for a little. Though is working at making it back to where she was before as she tries to rebuild herself. However, she still has deep feelings for Rhome. . . and the hate for herself over it is hard to swallow.
    Please see Cassandra's About Me for a timeline. Also, she has been promoted to a Captain of Knight DIvision and now lives with her boyfriend Alec Walker.
    Date of Birth: March 13, 1985

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    "What the HELL do you mean you don't know? You realize that you can lose your badge over this and that Internal Affairs will have to be called in? Either start talking or say goodbye to your career right now Reynard!" Tristan wasn't in the most pleasant of moods as he stared across from the man that he'd called into Interrogation Room 12B.

    After his discussion with Ms. Nola Mack he'd went off to find out what happened to the body of Andrea Mills. That day he'd been mildly frustrated before talking to Ms. Mack then slightly disgruntled upon learning of the missing body, and it ended with him extremely pissed off as he found out that they'd cremated her. The documents he'd been given, with permission from the parents and Marshall(surprise, surprise!) made him make a call to the parents.

    Andrea Mills's parents had been beyond words, their anger and grief unable to be expressed, as they explained that they had never signed any documents consenting to have their daughter burned. They had planned to have a funeral and burial. Apologizing profusely, explaining that he'd find out who had done this and that he'd have her ashes sent to them soon, he had then went home to try to get sleep.

    Today though he was questioning Reynard about the incident at Potomac Park. Tristan had taken a jog there this morning and gotten someone to identify Reynard and Stevens as the cops there that day. The man had kindly explained he told them about a prostitute he'd seen selling herself on the corner near the park and had been apalled by that behavior. The jogger had even identified the prostitute as Andrea Mills from a newspaper photograph. Since he had proof from someone other than Keenan Lacy, not wanting to drag his name into this just yet, he'd happily went to interrogate Reynard and Stevens.

    Both men were in different rooms. Tristan's own partner, Martinez, was handling Stevens and he'd taken Reynard. Staring at the young man with cold coffee brown eyes, he waited quietly for him to say something. They'd been here for an hour and all the man had been able to say so far was a measly 'I don't know' which had sufficiently angered Tristan.

    Slamming both hands down on the table, knowing that behind the one-sided glass someone kept an eye on him, he leaned forward to look right in Reynard's own nervous green eyes, his voice a low growl,"I know that car 702 belongs to Stevens and you. I have a witness who puts you two at the park talking to Andrea Mills the day of the shooting. Explain to me why the hell the report states Parker and Henry were there that day. I want answers NOW!"

    He punctuated that 'now' by slamming a fist against the table just a few inches from where Reynard's hands were clasped together. It succeeded in making the man jump like he'd hoped. Tristan wanted answers and since talking reasonably hadn't gotten them yet he'd decided to scare them out of him.

    Moving away from the table, a shake of his head given that made the ponytail he'd pulled his black curls into sway, he gave an ashamed look toward the young cop,"You know Reynard the first day you joined the force I thought there's a man with potential. He's going to make one damn fine cop. Now I look at you and all I see is someone who doesn't even know what it is to be one. Sad excuse for a cop. Might as well let Internal Affairs have their way with you..."

    Turning on his heel as though he was headed for the door to call Internal Affairs he heard Reynard shuffle in his chair nervously before he called out,"Wait! I-I'll ta-talk..."

    Pausing with his hand on the doorknob, a smug grin on his lips, he turned around to look at the man,"Then talk."
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