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18+ 3/3/3

May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

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  1. *beats laptop and internet* why, why, why must you keep dropping my connection

  2. Working on post & PM replies today. Sorry for delay - only mobile 3 days of the week.

  3. Cassandra Greene

    An Introduction

    The Cold War truce would've been how it was before(the whole keeping things out of the public, only going up against the OFL if they come at them/endanger someone etc after the win in 2016), which was technically unofficial, but the actual truce called in 2019 was a legitimate one. No deception, no Cold War stuff cause like I said much bigger concern like mutual enemies killing magus of both factions, kidnapped magus, etc. None of that has to do with the direction I'm aiming to take the faction, it's just established details over the years across characters and threads that is pertinent to how ARMA operates since they don't behave like the OFL so essentially if they say there's a truce they're not going to be the ones to break it cause it'd make them look bad. It'd also make them no better than the OFL. Cloak though still has a lot of potential options especially with this Outworlder stuff. Also pertinent details to the ARMA timeline(working on making one so I can put it up for people to reference, but Cass's profile under About Me has some references): Cloak became a thing in IC 2017, it started as an idea then presented by an air magus named Lydia and then developed throughout that year into an actual division basically. Then in early 2019 Aura Edler's(she was a dragon, but not sure how many people beyond certain ARMA folk and her older crew knew) Silverwings(an old faction) merged with ARMA. She became the Overseer, Ali moved down to Commander, and the SHIELD division became a thing. You still have freedom to have your charrie have done stuff during the Cold War thing where stuff might've happened involving OFL magus(though ARMA doesn't kill unless it absolutely comes to that; they're more likely to imprison cause otherwise no better than how the OFL behaved), but when the actual truce comes into play in 2019 that'd have to stop obviously cause OFL magus wouldn't attack either. Anyways, hopefully that helps. Feel free to bombard me with questions in PM or in DM on Discord if you have any others. =)
  4. Cassandra Greene

    Poison in the Well

    Winter was both welcome and unwelcome to Cassandra. She loved the atmosphere, the layering of clothes, the holiday season, and even the snow, but she could do without the abominable cold. At least this winter — while definitely much colder than previous ones — wasn’t as bad as the winter of 2020. Though that one hadn’t particularly been natural. Of course, it was easy enough to forget the cold when situated before the fire in the library at her and Alec’s place and asleep in his arms when they were both not working, or hidden inside HQ — when the heat decided to cooperate with a building full of magic — doing paperwork and training. It wasn’t quite as easy though when finding oneself out wandering through the blustering winds and flurries cause duty called. It’d be nice if everything could go along peacefully during the cold months, but that was rarely the way of life. Instead another body had dropped on a case that’d been on her desk for a little while now and given the lead that just popped up in connection that meant a little trip to a particular liquor store. “What has you out in this awful weather, Mr. Gallo?” Wouldn’t it just be serendipity that the owner of that connection was himself just stepping out into the chilly night. Cassandra gave her most charming smile as gloved hands tugged down the thick, heavy scarf that wrapped around her neck and shoulders to cover the lower portion of her face. Her long brown hair was contained by a thick, bright yellow beanie that matched the scarf itself, and she was wearing an unbuttoned deep green military coat that reacher her knees over a heavy sweater just a shade lighter and black slacks. She wore her ARMA badge on a strip of leather about her neck so that it hung just below her scarf for anyone that was unsure and anyone with a brain knew that she was armed — and not just with her magic. The ankle-high winter boots she wore today did nothing to increase her 5’5” frame as far as height and that meant having to tilt her neck to look up at the man who was considerably taller. A visit from ARMA wasn’t necessarily bad though sometimes not viewed in a positive light especially by the criminals of New York. Given that they at least had a prior relationship that was built on something akin. . . or perhaps more in the neighborhood of mutual respect she knew that at least he wasn’t going to attack her or do anything stupid. He was level-headed enough not to overreact just cause she approached him on the street. Though the way she planted herself at an angle between him and the door to Thyrsus while casually tucking gloved hands into her pockets would let him know that she wasn’t just passing by the establishment.
  5. Cassandra Greene

    An Introduction

    Hi Harker, welcome back to the group =) Glad to have you especially as part of ARMA. I also play a member of ARMA and have recently been working on updating their timeline, etc. so if you have any questions please hit me up. For example as of 2019 ARMA and the OFL have had a sort of tentative truce going - orchestrated by both Alistair and Dacia, the people who run the factions - due to much bigger concerns, and even before that haven't been at actual war(or killing each other especially openly - absolute rare instances, only if a threat to each other from what has been mentioned in various threads over time, after ARMA officially ousted them and took over their role in NY in 2016) for awhile before that to be honest. It gave bad PR to constantly look like they're at the throat of the OFL when they "won" so to speak so. . . but of course they're smart and cautious and wary of them, and well the Vatican is still considered an enemy to ARMA lol Mostly they focus on much more important things like bad rogue magus, bad other supernatural beings, big issues such as zombie outbreaks if they happen, etc. and solving crimes committed by beings that aren't necessarily human(usually in tandem with the local NY law enforcement, sometimes on their own). Or in terms of cloak like big secretive operations. Also missions that take them off to places like finding and stopping artifacts that could be causing issues. A large variety of really fun and interesting things besides that still just the OFL vs ARMA issue is small potatoes - highly insignificant at this moment as they have had other parties killing magus on both their sides. Plus right now they have the whole issue of missing leaders they're hoping to find so bigger fish so to speak while still trying to maintain their rep. And then there's this whole Outworlder Registration issue getting bigger/gaining more traction in areas around the world which they're totally against. . . and more for helping Outworlders, trying to save people, etc. Anyways, if you want to chat or plot or anything please feel free to hit me up here in PM or on Discord(Tabs#2624). =D Tabs (Writer of Cassandra Greene & Keeley Saunders)
  6. Apologies, posts coming this week. Last week+ has been busy including giving myself a slight concussion lol funny story

    1. Zeph


      :P no worries... been swamped at work too. We need to thread though!

    2. Cassandra Greene

      Cassandra Greene

      Agreed for sure. I need to sort out Keels timeline, but that won't be as intensive as Cass's was to do. I'd love to get Keels into some things given her Bakkhos ties too.

  7. And the Cass part of my plotter is updated! Now to figure out where and what Keels has been doing all this time besides work.

  8. Cassandra Greene

    Muddling Morning Meeting

    There were other places anyone would prefer to be on this cold morning. Crowded into a coffee shop hoping to find a seat just to avoid having to step foot back out the door was not one of them. Even for coffee. Caffeine might be a necessity in Cassandra’s day-to-day existence -- both as a Greene and an ARMA member -- though even this place wasn’t worth dragging herself out into these freezing temps at such an abysmal hour. In comparison to the coffee at home this place was swill. Plus it meant still being at home either still abed or sitting on the study floor reading a book with her head resting against Alec’s legs while he read in his favorite chair. Enjoying the warmth of the fire and the occasional play of his fingers in her hair instead of being jostled around by cranky coffee-junkies - pot, kettle right? Unfortunately, work occasionally called at such atrocious hours and Alec was still out of town on ARMA assignment. That meant standing in a too long line at a register near the door and suffering the sensation of a chill breeze each time the door opened. Gloved hands were shoved into her pocket while the lower half of her face burrowed more deeply into the excessively thick scarf around her neck. Getting coffee at work was possible, but lately it was hard to use the machine built by her brother given that he still hadn’t been found nor had they found any clues. Hope was all there was to be had at this point and it was dwindling. If it wasn’t for Alec and ARMA she’d probably have fallen apart by now. Finally it was her turn, the young man behind the counter eyeballed the ARMA badge resting near her diaphragm. She suppressed the urge to roll her eyes at the uneasiness written all over his face. Probably either a veil crosser or altered individual that had it in their head ARMA was out to make their life miserable just for being different. ARMA was doing more work these days to change public perception, but they had a lot of progress to make yet as far as winning hearts and minds. Once given it only took moments for them to get her order: hot, black coffee in the biggest size they had available. Then began the search for a seat which surprisingly didn’t take long either. A person would have to be completely oblivious not to notice the woman with one arm that everyone was avoiding. Cassandra on the other hand? Didn’t care even a little at the moment as long as a seat was available. Without hesitation, she made her approach. “Excuse me, do you mind if I sit with you?" It crossed Cassandra’s mind that the last time someone sat with her at a coffee shop it’d ended up being a magus serial killer. What she could tell of the young woman without being intrusive was that she had a folded cane near her table and wore sunglasses indoors. She made a mental note to use caution if a conversation was started.
  9. Today's goals before reading more Dresden: finish plotter & post. Then reward myself with more Dresden lol

  10. Aloha, lovelies. Missed you <3

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      So come play wif us crazies :D

    2. Cassandra Greene

      Cassandra Greene

      @Zeph that's my goal <3

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    ambient sounds for writers

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    lotr elven naming conventions

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    french creole names

  14. https://thewritepractice.com/capture-a-moment/
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    other names

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    japanese name resources & more

  17. http://www.word-mart.com/html/glossary.html
  18. http://writing2.richmond.edu/writing/wweb/terms.html
  19. https://thewritepractice.com/writers-block-grimms-fairy-tales/
  20. http://examples.yourdictionary.com/examples-of-physical-characteristics.html
  21. https://rhyn-art.deviantart.com/journal/List-of-Welsh-Baby-Names-Rhestr-o-Enwau-Babanod-580802564
  22. Cassandra Greene

    behind the name: surnames

  23. When you get stuck halfway between a post *headdesk* lol so knocking this wall out of the way tonight.

    1. Thomas Gallo

      Thomas Gallo

      I understand, haha

    2. Cassandra Greene

      Cassandra Greene

      It's coming along though. Should have it up tomorrow lol realized there was some stuff I had to figure out for Cass to write her properly

  24. Feeling some hardcore Cass writing urges.  . .

    1. Thomas Gallo

      Thomas Gallo

      I've been trying to find a way to link Tom to ARMA in some fashion...any thoughts?

    2. Cassandra Greene

      Cassandra Greene

      I just woke up like less than an hour ago so nothing coming to me at the moment. But I'd be down to chit-chat and see what we can figure out? ARMA is kinda a mix of the FBI/CIA essentially, or that is how it's creator has always explained it to me ever since I first joined, so I'm not sure how. . . given Thomas' "family" ties. . . but I'm sure we can figure something out, yeah? If you don't have Discord(mine is: Tabs#2624) then hit me up in a message on here. 

    3. Thomas Gallo
  25. Nostalgia reading old threads for all the feels. <3


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