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  1. Nostalgia reading old threads for all the feels. <3

  2. You are all fabulous, beautiful people. <3

  3. lol omg the little Santa hat on the 'O' in Resonance is just so adorable!!! *love this season; has much cheer to spread*

    1. Zeph


      lol.... ya I went for subtle...heehee

    2. Cassandra Greene

      Cassandra Greene

      Beautiful choice. I know some people leave sites this time of year that go overboard. It's cute to put flashing blinking lights or falling snow until you realize your members have to look at it everyday, and well it lags up things/eats their data.

    3. Zeph


      ya.... have never done that but have over decorated the title sometimes I make the cbox snow but usually only the actual 2-3 days of Christmas :P

  4. Missing writing my Cass. Hoping life will settle a little soon and my muse will cooperate.

    1. Alec Walker

      Alec Walker

      We'll be here... always watching. *Monsters Inc Roz voice*

    2. Cassandra Greene

      Cassandra Greene

      Stalker ;) lol thank you. It's good to know.

  5. AIM is going the way of the Dodo, you can reach me through Discord at Tabs#2624 or PMs here.

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    2. Cassandra Greene

      Cassandra Greene

      It hasn't worked correctly for me in months(been a constant state of uninstall, reinstall, stop working, uninstall, reinstall, rinse and repeat), and now they're going to discontinue it in December so just time to list that I can be reached in other ways, but AIM is so not one of them anymore lol

    3. Zeph


      Lol I know. .. just the end of another era. I remember when aim was the new hot thing.


      I am old.

    4. Altheia Martin

      Altheia Martin

      I sent you a request on Discord....

      I don't remember my name. LOL.


      OH. It's Kaye.

  6. Some wiggling muse. . . if only it'd focus.

    1. Zeph


      gives her a prism to help focus! :biggrin:

  7. State of welfare in New York?

    There's actually established lore somewhere about part of Central Park being used to grow food in the city itself. If I remember correctly another place too, but its been a little so I forget where the stuff's located off the top of my head. Some stuff ends up being established in post with permission from staff. There's a good bit of info. around in regards to things that are different/same such as: Quoted from the above link(now I remember the other stuff, it was in this link):

    Resonance: If you thought the world was a shit show before. . . (or could replace shitshow with dumpster fire, but nonetheless lol I mean things are faaaar from hunky dory in Reso land)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope your holidays went well and your year has started off decently, or improves quickly if not. Looking forward to making a comeback in the coming weeks once some stuff finally settles. Miss all of you. <3
  10. And all shocks/needle pokes done. Tests looked good apparently. We'll see. . .

    1. Ishsa Nestra

      Ishsa Nestra

      Done is good! Best of luck with the results!

  11. Hawa Azila Najjar - perceptual perculiarities

    I think if say you did decide to add the chromothesia(sp?), you could do it while working within the theme of the sight. In that how they modified/assimilated her could've been done via magi-scientific means. For example, Cass was experimented on using both magic and science. And there's a lot in the setting of this world that fits that along with the other worlds touched by Resonance either way back when, during little events, etc. You could have it be just an odd side-effect of one of the magic treatments they used on your character when messing with her. However, I'm looking at the way you spoke above and it seems like she has a lot of disadvantages already. Not just in the sense of abilities, but in the sense of just emotional, mental ,etc. stuff too so you don't really need another thing to add on that category. You could somehow make this an advantage instead if you did go with it. But basically, I'd think there's ways to both incorporate a bit of the site theme of Resonance and the magic that touches the world(s) with your goals too.
  12. Can't catch a break. I fractured one of my lower left ribs by stretching in my bed back in early November. -.-; WTF universe?

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    2. Cassandra Greene

      Cassandra Greene

      Heh apparently I'm more the danger to myself lol but yeah, I'm trying. Slow healing is going to be a thing though. Doing my best to not make it worse. =)

    3. Atticus Gale

      Atticus Gale

      That must have been SOME STRETCH!

    4. Cassandra Greene

      Cassandra Greene

      Haha if only. More a statement to how fragile and pathetic my body happens to be lol


    HAPPY BELATED TURKEY DAY TO EVERYONE! (I miss you allllll! <3 )
  14. Hawa Azila Najjar - perceptual perculiarities

    That's fine. Though I don't think we really view magic in that manner. It's not just something that's there. There's all sorts of stuff about magic in this universe, physiological changes caused by it, etc. So yeah, if you're unsure on that front I'd ask. I'd like to give you input on your earlier posts, but the text is too small to read. If you adjust that maybe I can give a suggestion that'd help with you looking for potential weaknesses vs more strengths.
  15. Hawa Azila Najjar - perceptual perculiarities

    Well, I don't have any real input here, but: is she an altered human or a veil-crosser? In Resonance those are different things. So if she's a veil-crosser that would make a difference too vs if she's an Altered Human. Since there are different limitations, etc. for each thing. If a veil-crosser and you're making the own race the stuff you want may work, but the magic capabilities of them in this world may be different/weaker than in their home world for example.
  16. I miss ya'll! Soon I'll have more time to start writing here again. <3

  17. Still alive. Just RL health stuff hates me right now. Trying to get back.

  18. woo, got a new laptop! also should start catching up on posts this week. sorry for delay and hold up!

  19. Sleep study tonight! Here's to hoping there's an end in sight soon to these awful sleep issues. Miss ya'll. bbs to pooost!

  20. So sorry ya'll. Swear I'm still here. Just been some rough weeks with little sleep and it's kicking my butt. Hoping to make posts starting this week.

  21. My body feels like jelly. Get used to exercises, and they increase them. FML lol

  22. I'm trying, so trying. Sorry I've been slow again. Hoping to get the source of that sorted out next week.

  23. Posts tomorrow or Saturday depending upon how I feel. Sorry for the wait! <3