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    Kai Alexander Morgan...kind of? It's complicated.
    New York
    Vanguard of Humanity
    Mack is a little taller than average at 5'8 and constant physical demands of her job and herself keep her in excellent shape. Her work has also however left her hands a certifiable mess (and not just from the oil and grease) of cuts and burns. There is a large burn scar on her back still from an incident with a meta-human lacking control of their powers as well. She doesn't like to admit it but she is self conscious about them and the burns that spot her arms. She has a set of uniform cover-alls for work but often ends up with the top hanging around her waist and sporting a sleeveless t-shirt. Something she has gotten chewed out for one a couple occasions.

    When off the clock she favors good old fashion jeans and her combat boots are ever present. She commonly wears a leather jacket when it's cold out.

    Mack's dark brown hair is often pulled back in a ponytail, though often locks escape and hang on the sides of her head. When down it barely touches her shoulders. Her green eyes seem friendly enough at first but there's a lot of anger hiding behind them and a pasted on smile. Her old dog tags and a pair of wedding rings hang on tag's chain that has been shortened so as not to dangle or catch while Mack is working.
    MacKenna has been something of a trouble maker most of her life. Luck is the only thing most people can think of as why she managed not to either get herself killed or jailed. She has a serious need to prove herself due to her interests commonly being male dominated and her own temperament constantly leading to reprimands. Patience is not on her list of virtues.

    She was however very dedicated to her family and loved them dearly. Their loss and the loss of her military friends has devastated her and left little but anger and a drive for revenge behind for her to live off of.

    She has a strong dislike for just about every supernatural things that has crawled out of the woodwork. Mostly for zombies and meta-humans who have effected her the most. This has caused more than a few headaches for Vanguard because Mack prefers to shoot the "freaks" in the face first and deal with the consequences later. While they have managed to keep such incidents under wraps and she has not killed anyone, it has lead to her almost being removed on more than one occasion.

    For all their problems though, the Vanguard would be hard pressed to find someone as trained and experienced in her fields. That and her almost zealot like dedication to humanity have them keeping her and aiming to find a way to temper that hate with pragmatism and some respect for public image.

    Through meeting and befriending a number of shifted individuals though Mack has started to accept some "freaks" better. She is still prone to assuming the worst and pulling a gun on one but she is less likely to shoot first and ask about later. Her loyalty remains with the Vanguard though how long that can last in the face of some of her acquaintances remains to be seen.
    Her old dog tags from her military days. A pair of wedding rings hang with them (her mother and father's) around her neck. She has a folding pocket knife with a little over 3 and a half inch blade commonly stowed in her front pocket.

    She also has a personal (and stolen from her former job as a US army soldier) Beretta M9 at home though will bring it out if she expects trouble or is off to patrol with her fellows. She commonly has a pack of cigarettes and an old fashion zippo lighter on her as well. At home she has a Mossberg combat shotgun for defense that she can bring out if required.

    She also owns a 2012 Blackline Harley that's gotten pretty banged up...though some might argue she stole it if they ever heard how she got it. She doesn't get to ride it often due to the price of gas but she holds onto it in spite of things, tending it like a bed ridden member of the family.
    Mack has some kind of attachment to Kai Alexander Morgan, a were kitty and that is likely to make her life far to interesting very quickly.


    Marksman - As part of her basic training in the army Mack needed to learn to use a number of guns and fire with them. While she only made marksman with her rifle she's been getting better with her pistol since signing up with the Vanguard. She has also managed a shotgun effectively.

    Combat Engineer - While the fascination of things going boom started with her grandfather Mack joined the Army right out of high school. During her six years there became a combat engineer, commonly dealing with land mines and other "Wonders of Explosion". This is a skill she is vainly attempting to adapt to dealing with supernatural things though so far has only succeeded in blowing up a few workshops and setting fire to a lab.

    Mechanic - Mack inherited a love of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and just about anything else with an engine from her father and two brothers. As such she learned the workings of cars and motorcycles at a young age. She retained and used this often in the military and expanded a little into helicopters though her knowledge there is far more limited. She was good friends with the combat mechanics and people often were puzzled why she went engineering instead.

    Black Belt - (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) When Mack hit puberty her father wanted her to be able to defend herself against criminals that might prey on a girl by herself. He signed her up for brazilian jiu-jitsu lessons since the style focuses on ground fighting, weight, and leverage which would help Mack when larger people tried to overpower her. She kept it up even when she joined the army. Don't be fooled though she can also pack a mean punch as well, she did have a couple older brothers after all.
    Mack is a native from the west side of Chicago. She was raised mostly by a single father with her two brothers after her mother died in a car accident. Her Irish grandparents often helping out and watching her if they could. Otherwise she was often haunting her father's mechanic's business.

    In her teens Mack was notably troublesome to her family. Often sneaking out and stealing cars for joy rides. This lead to often butting heads with her father and while she passed high school, it was by the skin of her teeth. With no college prospects she signed up for the military to get away and live her life.

    She was in Afghanistan having only just started a 9 month tour when the world shot to hell. She was terrified and became even more upset as communications were lost, stranding her and a number of other soldiers in the country with little to no idea what was happening to their families. In one event Mack and her squad found themselves attempting to restrain a human who in his panic ended up causing a number of explosions. This ended with Mack having the wounds that have left scars on her back and her hands as her M-16 simply imploded on her back. Though she was lucky not to end up dead with her face blown off some of her squad did end up K.I.A.

    The wounds did however have an effect of having Mack removed from active duty and transported back to the States along with what remained of her squad. Though grieving and feeling guilty from the incident Mack went A.W.O.L. in an attempt to reach her family. All failed and one such attempted ended in a very close call of her almost becoming infected herself from the zombies (she also managed to get the motorcycle during that misadventure). The hope of seeing her family again died when the bombs were dropped on Chicago.

    She relocated to New York, finding odd jobs using her mechanic skills and generally feeling lost. There was a large amount of drinking, which she still does, and fist fights with any "freak" she managed to find and could take on. A number of times resulting in overnight stays in jail, community service, ordered counseling for anger management issues, and mandated AA meetings.

    Somehow Mack ended up on the radar for the Vanguard and signed up in spite of not really caring entirely for their preachy ways. The question remains on how loyal she is to the Vanguard but her loyalty to humanity at large seems unshakable. Mack, in spite of her troubles, will get a job done but she'll do it her way regardless of orders. This might be why she's very rarely sent on missions. Then again Mack has no problems finding trouble on her own.


    If I Keep Shooting - Mack makes a friend on the shooting range and meets Vacily.

    Don't I Know You - Mack has a close encounter of the angry and deadly kind.

    Mayhem in Manhattan - Someone's lab experiment runs amok in a mall leaving Cris and Mack dealing with the mess.

    Why Don't You Have A Drink - Mack gets stood up on a date and opts to make a new friend.

    Why Don't We Have Some Fun - Mack and her new friend Trent have a bit of fun while getting to know each other.

    Lunch with A Side of Interrogation - Cris grills Mack over her date.

    Things You Can't Do Over The Phone...Or Notebook - Upon finding out about Cris meddling, Mack goes to apologize to Trent about things.

    Who You Gonna Call? - Cris gets a call from Mack about some unexpected hiccups.

    Cool Runnings - Mack decides a night out drinking is what she needs.

    Drunken Confessionals - An inebriated Mack comes face to face with the real Trent.

    Falling Over - After losing her girlfriend Cris calls Mack.

    Out of Place - Vacily gives Mack a large dose of reality and a metaphorical boot to the head.

    A Heavy Heart to Carry - Mack ends things with Trent.

    Secretum - Mack should have learned that nights out drinking end badly by now. This time courtesy of three Order magus.

    Grave Encounter - A close call with trolls introduces Mack to Atticus Gale.

    Nice Smelling Shampoo - Mack makes friends with Kai Alexander Morgan at a grocery store.

    Belgium Mission -

    Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Big Ball of Fur - Mack's newest friend comes out of the kennel and Mack is not a happy camper at this.

    Who's The Monster and Who's The Man - While doing a favor for car parts Mack ends up working on Kai's truck, which makes things awkward.

    Fixing What Was Broken - Mack thinks to try and work out something with Kai but an assailant pushes the wrong buttons on both of them.

    A Moment of Insanity - (NSFW) Mack snaps and does something she's likely to regret someday.

    Time Waits for No One - The aftermath of bad decisions has Kai and Mack trying to figure out how they stand with each other.

    Dark and Unspoken - Still puzzling over their relationship leads to questions and answers for Kai and Mack

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    Writing, reading, music (I'm a musicaholic), and a smattering of tv shows. Also have kids and a husband that demand attention here and there.
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    10 years of roleplay in various mediums including Table top, LARP, and forums. Not including various chats and play by mails. I got into rping mainly as a way to help me flesh out character for a novel I'm working on and the bug has stuck. I love making stories with people and seeing where the characters take themselves. Pretty much open to whatever and have no problems mangling my characters if they go off and do stupid crap. I can always make another character. XD
  • Role Play Sample
    Mack downed her shot of whiskey and signaled the barkeep for another. It was only to be her third so she was alright so far. Maybe a little on the tipsy side but hell she wasn't driving. That was a plus to living close to a bar.

    As she silently toasted the fallen her jaw clenched a bit off center as she heard another cheer behind her. A bunch of young punks that from their conversations they were celebrating joining the OU. Bunch of dumbass kids...

    Alan the barkeep kept eying her and then the celebratory group. It did not take fancy abilities or grand intelligence to know he was fearful of what she, a volatile member of the HLNA might start when you had a loud and slowly getting drunk batch of kids from the Order.

    Kids they were, Mack felt justified in dubbing them that from their fresh faces and good condition clothes that she wanted to say their Mama's likely still washed. To them all this magic and myth junk was cool and trendy, like drugs and protesting in the 60's. Bunch of idiots liable to get themselves killed.

    But...that was their right...sadly. Mack repeated this to herself like a mantra. Her supposed betters were always saying she needed to learn to pick her fights. Personally Mack thought otherwise but she needed to remember she still had her uniform on under her leather jacket here.

    "Can't believe you let them freaks filthy up a perfectly good bar," she muttered to Alan as he poured her another shot. Her tolerance grinding thin from the lot behind her.

    When she started to take the shot though Alan slapped a hand over it, holding hers and the glass to the bartop. "Hey, them freaks are as human as you there Miss and have been here helping us long before you HLNA types popped up."

    Mack's green eyes sharpened but she did nothing for a moment waiting. Sure enough Alan thought she was going to shut up and just take his strong arming and started to let go. Instead Mack's hand shot up from the glass, grabbing onto his head and pulling it down onto the bartop hard. Her folding knife was out of her pocket and stabbed into the bartop next to his eye scant seconds after. There was silence in the bar as everyone sat, transfixed.

    "Let me tell you something here Alan. I like your bar, which is the only reason you don't have a knife in your head. Before this Shift crap happened I was out in the fields of Afghanistan hunting for landmines and dealing with IEDs without no fancy ass powers to help or defend my ass. Nowadays everyone seems to think we need the freaks around, like we'll all fall to pieces without them. No tell me something Alan. Do I need some grand powers to hold you here right now?"

    As she asked her question Mack pulled the knife out of the wood and let it scratch over his forehead. Alan gave a quick shake of his head before Mack let him up, taking her shot quickly before he went snatching it back again.

    "There's an issue here?" one of the kids from the OU slurred out. One hand grabbing onto Mack's shoulder.

    She let out an angry hiss like a cat. One hand swatting away the hand on her shoulder before she rammed her fist and the butt end of her knife into the kid's face. He landed on a sprawl even as Alan backed up more than he already had from being released. Mack scowled angrily even as she struggled against the cold sweat and skin crawling sensation. "Yeah...I see about four problems," she stated eying each OU in turn before giving a dismissive snort. She threw some money at Alan as she walked out the door, not interested in dealing with delusional kids anymore than she wanted to deal with the nightmares that were likely to be lurking when she went to sleep that night. That was not even to mention the reaming she was going to get tomorrow when her bosses heard about this...

    "Just another day in paradise," she muttered as she pulled her coat collar up and headed home to deal with the mess in her head first.
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