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  1. Land of Confusion

    Nov, 11 2020 Frustration was a familiar feeling. It was everywhere in her life really between ducking her pursuers, dealing with others, and mostly dealing with herself. It was not a new thing to feel the frustration boiling in the gut. She was just mighty tired of feeling it. When she had seen the city from Calder's ship she had been somewhat sure she had been here. The skyline of it looked familiar somewhat to her. As she walked the city though she couldn't seem to find anything that clicked in her head. Perhaps she only knew the skyline from a picture or something. Sometimes she was sure she knew something of the city but when she sat and tried to remember her mind was blank or she simply suffered from her brain trying to explode. It might have been a car driving by, a place that looked kind of like something she knew, or even just a person. It left her wandering for weeks, stealing food sometimes so she might eat and scavenging the rest of the time. There had been a few...opportunistic souls that she encountered as well but they had changed their minds about coming near her. Snapping a person's neck in front of his cronies seemed to do that. The fact that she could do that and not feel bad was...strange. Shivering she pulled the oversized coat she had gotten from Calder tighter around her still thin frame. If she didn't find anything soon she was sure she could go back to Calder if he was still in town. It was probably better than living on the streets like she had been doing the last few days. She simply did not want to give up unless she felt she had exhausted her options. With that in mind she had kept to major crossing areas. Spots that seemed like she should have visited them if she had ever been in the city, be it as a guest or as a resident. So far she was batting zero and she couldn't say that made her happy. It was dark now as she wandered through Central Park. Nothing was clicking as she looked at park and places around it. Sometimes she got that same feeling like something was staring her in the face but she couldn't drag anything up from her mind. Perhaps it was because it was dark? Maybe if she waited for it to be light out it might help. She didn't have anywhere else to go and with the farms right there she could at least eat in the morning. No reason to leave with a decent bench to lay on. Concrete was far colder anyway. So she curled into as much of an inconspicuous ball as she could on the bench, doing her best to keep the coat wrapped around her warmly. She should be alright this way, maybe cold as she tried to rest a bit but comfortable enough in the oversized clothes and boots while she waited for the sun to rise.
  2. Land of Confusion

    She dozed, much as she always did. Even when she had been in a relatively safe environment she only dozed. She couldn't remember the last time she actually slept. The nightmares were always lurking just behind closed eyes. This time something woke her. The feel of eyes on her. She could remember that creeping over the skin shiver from...from... She was somewhere dark...and cold. Concrete walls and a metal door. Her hands were hurting, knuckles bloody and bruised from vain attempts to get out the door. She didn't want to be here! She wanted to go home! She felt like metal spikes were being driven into her skull then. The pain making her clamp her hands to her temples and give a pathetic little whine. That feeling of being watched wasn't going away either. Stupid of her, she should never have stopped in the park. It was to exposed! Her pursuers easily could have figured out where Calder was bound for. In the open like this she was a sitting duck to those magus! She needed cover, she needed to hide! What was she doing trying to dig up what happened to her when her life was on the line!? The fear quickly multiplied into panic and she hopped up from the bench to look around. There was a clump of trees nearby she might be able to hide in, provided that Lightning McQueen wanna-be wasn't there yet. Oh but the lady could stop her and so could the mind guy. She really hated the mind guy. To late to try anything now, it was run or stand. While she wanted to stand she needed to even any playing field she might have. So she moved towards the trees, her hand clenching on the rough piece of shrapnel she had wrapped in duct tape to use as a knife. It was rusty but sharp and was better than nothing surely. She didn't see anyone, but that didn't mean no one was out there as she tried to be cautious. Her eyes darting about and trying to see everywhere at once. "Keep it together," she told herself trying to work through the pounding head and fear. "Don't panic."
  3. Lost as Alice of Wonderland Fame

    November 2nd, 2020 There was so many people. She knew her eyes were darting everywhere just out of fear, so many people meant she was more hidden but it also meant more danger. She couldn't say which this situation was but she figured 50/50 was a decent ratio. Specially since in Europe it always seemed more 70/30 in favor of her pursuers. She wandered the docks in something of a haze having left Calder behind. She didn't want to risk his life again and besides, this was her job to figure herself out not his. At least there was some hope, she had recognized the skyline of New York after all so maybe there was something here. So far she was batting zero as she walked around the harbor. The voices sounded more familiar than in Europe at least but she wasn't seeing anything that might trigger a bigger memory. There had to be something though she wasn't born a handful of months ago here. She had a few scattered things that had to be real....right? They had to be real. With her skull already hurting from mattered she marched on, a strange woman in clothes to large staring around her like she was a tourist of some kind. More than a few people eyed her but no one bothered her for now. Lost souls wandered through the harbor on an almost daily basis after all. What was one more?
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      Thomas Gallo'd be a long-game style thing...I'm not overly familiar with the they do hunter-killer type missions? Is she the type to be dispatched due to "reports of an untamed were in northern New York"? 


      That happens to be where Tom stashes his dad, who turned during the Nevus event. 

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      Currently Mack is suffering from a mind wipe.  So while her connections to the vanguard are likely still there she doesn't have access to them yet.  Maybe later. ;) 

  5. Spare Me Over Another Year

    The tears ended up falling after all. She was overcome with gratitude. He wasn't going to pitch her off the boat and be done with her. She could maybe find where she was suppose to be. "Home," she stated when Calder commented about where she wanted to go. "I don't know where that is but...I should sound like them. I don't sound right here. I know the words but they aren't right in my mouth. I wanna go home." Her words faded as she tried to remember what home looked like, where it might be. It only made her head pound though when she tried to think of it. Sure she got some disjointed images that swam in with the pain but mostly her brain just refused to work. It made sense though when she spoke, she didn't sound like everyone else in Europe. So home couldn't be here. It had to be somewhere else. The food and clothes though were welcome when she got down after untangling from the rope. They were still big on her frame but they were clean and far warmer at least. She didn't like changing and was quick to get out and back into them. Her body was riddled with wounds and she couldn't remember how she got them. They hurt to look at and some looked funny. Either way though she was not interested in them for now. That was something for when she was finally somewhere she felt safe, or well safer. Once dressed she opted for food, making a sandwich just in case she had to move around a lot. She got use to eating on the run and as such didn't like to sit down and eat anymore. As she went to report to her new boss she paused next to one of the mechanical bits of the ship. It was weird but some part of her told her it was being to loud. Strange as she did not recall ever working on a ship before, even from what pieces of memory she did have. Without thinking though she grabbed a wrench from a nearby toolkit and adjusted things a bit to make it quieter and still working. Habits of the body never died it seemed, even if she couldn't remember them. With that done she marched up to Calder, sandwich in one hand and the other giving a salute before grinning a bit at her new friend. "Nameless reporting for duty Sir." She didn't know where she was going or what she was going to do, but it felt very good to finally not be alone against the world.
  6. Spare Me Over Another Year

    7/6/2020 Somewhere in Ireland She stared at herself in the glass. Most people when they looked into the glass did it for vanity reasons or to look into the store to see something. She did it to remember...or try to. She had been trying to put a name to the face she saw there looking back at her and couldn't. She had to be someone. She couldn't have just spawned forth days ago was it days? How did she even know that? Ugh it was maddening and hurt her to even try puzzling things out. Her head wanted to split open just from trying and her eyes immediately started to dart to and fro like a crack head looking for a score. She looked the part to, her clothes were stolen from racks, sizes ignored. She didn't look like she had bathed in days, possibly weeks. She was thinner than she probably should have and her face was sunken and her eyes had bruising from a long time without sleep. She thought her hair was brown. It always seemed dirty though so it was hard to tell. The eyes always caught her though. They were a pretty dark green...though, sometimes if she struggled against the pain in her skull she thought she remembered green eyes but they weren't hers. They were a different kind of green and sometimes they were hazel... Ugh...that hurt...she was better off not remembering. She saw a man in a suit walking briskly and felt her spine tighten. She watched him in the glass, hands bunching into fists when he looked her direction. His lip curled but he moved on with his nose up as if she was disgusting. She wasn't safe here. Something told her that. She couldn't have stated how or why she knew that but she wasn't safe here. They would hunt her down and she'd be taken away again. Like...she had been? Doing her best to ignore the splitting headache in her skull she turned away from the glass and moved along, pulling the hood of the sweatshirt she had on over her head against the slight cold of Ireland. She hadn't started here, she had started somewhere else with more mountains. She remembered fearing that her bare feet would turn blue before she found a town and stole some boots that had been left outside covered in mud. They still didn't fit on her feet and she had no socks but it was better than nothing. She needed to get out of here though. She couldn't think of why but she needed to leave. She needed...a boat? She couldn't remember if she ever crossed the sea before but it sounded better than staying where she was. Where she was made her afraid, and going across the sea made her want to sigh in relief. So she would go across... Uh...if she could find a boat. She wandered the harbor, looking here and there. The smell of gas and engines calming even if the smell of it mixed with the sea and salt was strange. Laborers and dock workers ran about to their duties as she walked among them trying to think of how to convince someone to let her on the ship. She wasn't going to be able to sneak on likely and couldn't stay hidden for so long a trip. With little recourse she started asking, going from ship to ship to talk to people about perhaps working her way across. She didn't like the sight she probably displayed but she had little choice in the matter. The monsters were coming, and she needed to get out of here before they arrived or they would turn her into one of them.
  7. Spare Me Over Another Year

    She had the grace to flinch a bit as Calder commented back on what he didn't like. Guilt was not something she liked feeling but she felt it anyway. The trio was her mess, somehow...even if she didn't know how, and she dragged him into this. She hadn't meant to no but she had. She almost apologized but bit her tongue instead. This wasn't her fault. None of this was her fault! Um...was it? She blinked a couple times as Calder asked if she would take a header off the boat. She didn't think she would. For one thing they were far enough at sea that it would have made getting back to land difficult before she drowned. Secondly, she really did not want to go back to Europe. She felt safer going away from it. She might not have understood why but instincts were all she had to run on, so she trusted them. She kept working on the knot, trying to keep her shaking down and her mind focused. Calder asking about if he should pitch her off and demand that she start talking was at first met with silence. She debated trying to cook something up, something believable because the truth...what little there was anyway. Well it was stranger than any fiction she might have cooked up. However, Calder was a good guy. He had risked his neck to keep her from being dragged off. He was giving her passage without pay. It seemed wrong to not tell him the truth...even if the truth "There is nothing to tell," she said as she slumped for a moment. She did not have the ability to hide her state; beaten and battered, exhausted to the point of surrender. Frustration boiling like acid but nothing she could rail at or do to ease it. "That's not an evasion or reluctance of me not wanting to tell I mean I honestly have nothing to tell. I...I can't remember..." Saying it out loud was like taking a fist to the gut. Her eyes swam with tears and her teeth clenched in pain, a different kind from the physical she already suffered. It was more than a loss of memory. It was a loss of loved ones, friends, enemies, even of herself. She had no idea who she was so how did she know what she stood for? How did she even know she was doing the right things in fleeing from those people instead of going with them peacefully? She didn't, and that was terrifying. In a world already full of lost souls and displaced peoples, she was just another wanderer with even less of an idea who she was now. She was little more than an animal sniffing for safety with the hunter at her back.
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  9. Spare Me Over Another Year

    She heard what Calder said but the panic did not abate from the rope that tied her down. She tried her best to breathe through the trouble though, reminding herself that freaking out was not going to help. That was...what they wanted? Wait who was they? She screwed her eyes shut and tried to remember, mentally trying to chase the memory as it faded away. She could somewhat recall being tied up before, and gagged. Kicked and biting like a wild animal at captors and getting nowhere. Someone laughing about her struggles as someone else commented how fruitless they were but she had struggled anyway. She couldn't remember faces but she could remember being on something moving. A plane? A boat? Dammit it hurt to try and grab a hold of things. She couldn't seem to drag it forward where she might recall it. All it did was fuel the agony in her skull until she was whimpering from the pain. The panic was still there too, gnawing at her insides until she started struggling again. The damn rope was to thick for her to be gnawing through it, hell a knife wasn't likely to even help. She would have to figure out the knot but looking at it made her head hurt for entirely different reasons. She could do this though. It couldn't be much harder than figuring out the wiring to explosives. That led to her pondering what she knew about explosives. Apparently a lot as her brain just cruised through random trivia for a moment. Where had she picked that up? No she needed to focus. Needed to get out of this mess of rope before she started screaming like a lunatic. She sat breathing for a moment before she purposely curled into herself to reach the knot. Her teeth sinking in and tugging bits this way and that while the boat got underway again. She thought she might be making headway as she heard boots on the planks. "I don't like being tied up," she said as if that somehow explained everything. "I mean I REALLY don't like it."
  10. Spare Me Over Another Year

    Desta would have smiled had she not been so focused on matters. Finally the ship wasn't pulling forward so she could pull it back easily enough, if with a little work. It was good that someone had come to their senses, that human running around as a proverbial blank slate with her skills would be disaster for someone. However Desta saw the captain and the blades then. She blinked at them in puzzlement before focusing and trying to sense them but they felt...wrong... "Javier..." "Little busy Desta..." he grumbled back. Trying to have a thrall untie a knot was not an easy thing, they needed more functioning than he could give without losing control of them. "Then stop," Desta snapped. "The captain. Something is odd and I want to know what, so read him." Javier gave her a confused look but did as Desta told him...or tried to. The problem that many readers ran into when it came to veil crossers was simple. Even the most human of crossers simply thought differently than normal society so it made it difficult for a reader to understand what they were looking at, even from the most mundane and surface thoughts. In this case, it was the fighting. Javier could get snips of memories of other battles as the captain readied himself but he had no context for what little he saw. They were wrong for how things worked in the world. Javier's eyebrows rose and he looked at Desta with a frown. "That's what I thought. The swords are strange," she stated. They weren't prepared to deal with a veil crosser of unknown power and ability. "Keep tabs on her like we have been. When she makes land fall again we will make it a point to be there. Call Mattox back, we are done here." Desta released her spell, crossing her arms and staring out after the ship as Javier mentally called Mattox back. The speedster wasn't happy about it and glared after the captain and the brunette on the ship. He was inclined to tell Javier to go screw and push forward anyway, that captain had gotten the better of him and he hated being embarrassed. But Desta was not going to stand for that...and she was far more frightening than Mattox was willing to deal with. So he spat a few curses after the boat and swam for the shore. Meanwhile the brunette they had been hunting blinked in confusion at her state. She didn't remember tying herself up...she couldn't remember what happened that led to her being tied up. She only knew she did not like it and picked at the knot in a kind of feverish terror. Half remembered dreams flicking through her and making her want to panic as she seemed to only get it tangled more.
  11. SANCTURARY! *dives into the boards to hide from life*



    Darts, and me without my alcoholic girl here.
  13. Spare Me Over Another Year

    She couldn't see or feel the mana being manipulated but she had good survival instincts and one didn't need fancy senses to know there was going to be a fight. She felt guilty for bringing trouble but knew she would rather die then be dragged off by Speedy Gonzalez and his pals. Something kept sparking in her head, like she'd been in this situation before. Her skull felt like someone was taking a hammer to it and she gave a small pathetic whine as she pressed her palms to her temples in a vain attempt to stop the agony. The water that bounced around flashed and for a minute her mind told her it wasn't water but metal. Someone throwing metal? No they hadn't thrown it exactly, they did something...not unlike Calder with his hands. She flinched as Calder told her to hang onto something, her mind trapped for the moment between reality and nightmare. For a minute she remembered stone and fire bearing down to smite her out of existence. Willpower was the only thing that kept her from curling into a ball and just letting the boat toss her. Instead she purposely grabbed onto something that didn't seem to be moving and hugged it to try and keep herself in the present while she closed her eyes against demons in her head. Mattox on the other hand didn't seem to notice the sudden rocking of the ship. He figured it was Desta on pulling the ship back and paid it little mind beyond watching his footing some. The what he assumed Captain of this tugboat here kept eying him angrily. Mattox had to sigh at that. Why couldn't people learn to just mind their own business these days? Unfortunately the younger man's posturing cost him. He was about to whip around the guy and grab the girl, his feet taking him forward two steps to do so except he ran right into the kick the Captain had launched. He could feel bone strain to stay in one piece against the sudden force he accidentally helped along with his burst of forward momentum. The speedster hit the deck and the rocking boat pitched him into the water with a yelp that was quickly drowned out from water. He popped up quick enough, kicking legs were not much different from pumping ones in a run after all. Something however grabbed his leg and yanked him back down. Matrox tried to kick but while he could kick quickly he wasn't the best with hitting the mark. He found himself blinking in puzzlement as the Captain of the ship went shooting off. Mattox could only glare before studying his situation for a moment. He pulled on the knife but it was deep. It left him angry to lose clothing (specially when the water was freezing) but he wasn't about to let some peon get the better of him. He started kicking, his legs blurring for a moment before clothe ripped and he pulled away to surface and take in much needed lungfuls of air. Meanwhile, on the pier, Desta worked to maintain her focus on the ship and keep it still at least. She was slowly losing ground but she was not about to give up just because it was a bit of a struggle. "Get her in the water," she ground out through her teeth, managing to keep her focus barely. Javier didn't question. He got to the end of the pier so he could get a better look. They were perhaps at the very range of his abilities but he could still see the woman hunched and clinging to the ship. The mentalist took a breathe and closed his eyes before focusing hard on the brunette woman. It was always easier to manipulate when they were closer but this was not beyond his abilities. In this case at least, getting into the woman's head was easy. She had been so worked over that he could walk into her skull as easily as he did into his hotel room. Then it was a matter of just whispering the right things into mind, the right preprogrammed commands. It was like flipping a switch. The woman's mind retreated and as she opened her eyes they were heavily dilated, as if she was on something. She stood up and started shuffling towards the nearest edge of the boat. One might have thought her sleep walking, or one of the undead were it not the occasional twitches that said otherwise. Matrox looked up to see his companions and turned in the water with a smile that might have done a shark proud. The peon had gotten the drop on him but that wasn't going to happen twice surely. He started kicking his way back out towards the boat that was slow but surely trying to escape the harbor.
  14. Spare Me Over Another Year

    Desta's eyes narrowed at the little ship in the water as it started pulling away. The target was getting away, even worse it was courtesy of some damn do-gooder. Here she thought Ireland was suspicious of outsiders of all kinds, not just the veiled kind. "We'll catch up with her in New York," Javier stated taking the missed chance philosophically as always. Matts bounced on his feet like a kid in the proverbial candy store looking at Desta with a grin. "I can snatch her. Be to fast for anyone to catch me." "With this many people around? More likely you'll injure yourself or others." "Enough," Desta stated in annoyance. "Mattox be ready." She started to focus her energies as Javier made a sound of protest. "Desta you can't be serious. She's-" "She sticks out like a sore thumb in Europe. If she reaches New York or God forbid gets down to Vanguard territory we're more likely to lose her amid the homeless populations. Mattox should keep the lot busy and I will pull the boat back to the pier and keep it there. Sailors still operate on times do they not?" Javier looked like he wanted to argue but in the end he nodded. Delta looked to the boy and Mattox gave a grin and a thumbs up as he got down in a runner's crouch. Around them people looked curious but many cleared the way, not about to risk whatever weirdness was about to go down. Some signal passed and Mattox took off at a run. The sound of wind displacing from his movements causing loose paper and clothes to snap about. Desta focused her energy and with motions of her hands parted gravity to increase Mattox's ability. Finally the boy reached the end of the pier, level with the ship before he gave a whoop and jumped easily, clearing the rail and landing on the deck no worse for wear. Delta immediately dropped that spell and worked on the next, it would take time to pull the ship to a stop but she had enough. So long as she could see the ship she could hold it. Mack had heard the strange whooshing noise and looked back at the pier. Her face going bone white under the dirt and grime. As the blond kid landed on the ship she shrunk away from him, small noises of distress in her throat that she did her best to swallow. She didn't know the kid himself but she could guess who he was and what he was here for. "'ello chaps," he stated in a poor attempt as an irish accent while looking about, completely unconcerned about the ruckus he caused. "No worries, no need to freak out I'm just gonna grab what I need and go, remain at your posts." In a blink he was in front of Mack and grabbed one of her arms. The grabbing of her arm had Mack making a louder noise of distress and pulling away. Even as she pulled one arm away though he had a grip on her other one. "Now, now, you really don't want to start a fight do-" Before he could finish his sentence Mack stomped hard on his foot before jerking her knee up to connect with his chin. Mattox was forced to let her go a moment and she darted around trying to put something between her and the speedster. Nothing presented itself immediately except Calder who she darted behind easily with a whimper hoping the big guy might keep the kid at bay. Some part of her was angry to be doing it, she should be kicking the kid's tail but another part of Mack was already trying to give up, saying there was nothing she could do but surrender. Giving into her fate meant it would hurt less when they dragged her away, fighting only made it hurt more. The kid stood for a minute and wiped at the blood from biting his lip. A glare leveled at Mack before he looked to Calder. "She's got a bit of an attitude about things."
  15. Spare Me Over Another Year

    All she was told was no and constantly there was looks of distrust. Had she done something wrong? That was a bad thing, it always hurt when she did something wrong. Sometimes physical, sometimes mental, it always hurt and drove her to just before losing sanity. No, no she was allowed to make mistakes. She didn't have the cage and shackles anymore... er...did she? She shook her head and rubbed at it, trying to relieve the pain there as she moved away from yet another refusal. She was running out of people to ask. What was she going to do if she found none? As if in answer to her concern a gangplank hit the ground in front of her and made her jump and cower from the noise like someone was about to pummel her. Instead she was left blinking up at a very tall man messing with his gloves. She inched forward cautiously like an animal unused to helping hands until he extended a hand to her. She started to reach but pulled back, still afraid. "I don't have any money," she said, looking apologetic. Her brain telling her no one did something for nothing anymore. "I can work though," she added hoping that would help. The faint smell of tobacco drifted across her nose. At first she wrinkled it and snorted but it tugged faintly in her mind. A faint memory of an old man with a pipe in his mouth and words rolling like the irish voices around her. It had her seeming to stare through the sailor and leave her head tilted like she was hearing something that wasn't there, which was close to the truth. "Mackie com'ere. Grandpa's got something fun to show you." He put something together...with plastic pipes? They went out in the alley behind the house and it made a loud booming noise that made her cover her ears as she grinned from watching a potato fly down the street. He'd laughed and then ran with her when the potato met a passing car. The shriek of tires and metal crunching causing them to look at each other and bolt for the garage. The memory made her sad, and made her smile. The sailor smelled like tobacco... With little else to go on she took his hand and got the rest of the way on the ship. It was better than staying here. If there was some other price to be paid she would figure it out. Besides, the hair on the back of her neck was wanting to stand up and that was not a good thing...ever.
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  17. Dark and Unspoken

    [kai]So a fast one you say…?[/kai] Mack grinned as Kai nipped at her lip. She wasn't sure if he paid attention but his moods had been so random lately that she didn't think to much of it. [kai]You go that way, I’ll go this way. Pick one and we’ll meet back here in five minutes.[/kai] "Sounds like a plan," Mack said before Kai stole a kiss and disappeared into the darkness. She couldn't help but shake her head as she headed in her direction, hunting for a ride that called for her to ride it. She couldn't help but feel like a teenager again, stealing a ride for some fun. This time though there was not likely to be the police escort home and ear blistering shouting lecture hour on how she was going down the wrong path in life. The thought stung for a moment, grief ripping into her gut thinking of her family and missing them. In spite of the troubles between herself and her father she had always thought that one day they would patch things up. It hurt to know they never got that chance thanks to the world being shot to hell. In an effort to banish the downer of a topic she finally picked a ride. It looked to be in good condition and was certainly more of a speed model than her normal harley. It only took a moment to pull out her screwdriver and see about hot-wiring it. With ghosts trying to haunt the corners of her mind she gunned it, not caring much for stealth since she had never been one for sneaking anyways. Instead of simply stopping at their meeting point though she slowed just enough to make the turn out of the lot with a broad smile, her hair snapping behind her, and a challenging call. "Catch me if you can!" she yelled before accelerating again quite possibly leaving the kitty in the dust.

    Ha! And here I always thought of too stubborn being Mack's motto. Congrats on the awesomeness of this site guys and managing to keep it moving in spite of drama in life, internets, or with characters. Though that last one is a good thing.
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  20. Dark and Unspoken

    [kai]Which one of us will that be?[/kai] Mack couldn't help but laugh at the question. Kai had a point after all. Mack was not exactly the most responsible adult around that was usually his job. If Kai was kicking off restraints tonight odds of them getting into mischief and trouble were high. What the hell, she could probably afford bail. As they approached the barbed wire topped fence Mack rose a brow in curiosity as Kai asked what she wanted that then just climbed over the fence as if it was nothing. Even she was impressed since barbed wire was something even in her army days people hated dealing with. She would have brought bolt cutters and gone through instead of over but that would have left evidence to be fair. So was that a new thing for Kai to do or just old hat? She had no idea. The gate cracked open and Mack was blinking at the padlock with a shake of her head. In this day and age someone was using a padlock? It seemed foolish when most things could rip the door down although with that thought why did anyone bother with locks? The bikes and such had her looking about with big eyes and a grin. How she loved the glorious machine. She pondered her choices, wondering what to go for. Before she could pick anything though Kai spoke up again. Her brow wrinkled in concern as he seemed to do a one eighty on things and worried yet again about frightening her. That kept popping up randomly and she was getting a little annoyed about it. At the same time she could understand his concern. "You realize that's why I trust you right?" Mack asked once Kai had finished talking. "You're working to find a solution to problems instead of pretending there isn't one or being detrimental to the rest of us. I know you don't have control over all of it but I respect that you are trying and I know that you would never hurt me if you had it in your power otherwise. I'm not even sure that...'other you' would hurt me. I would think though that if you thought it would at all you would have removed yourself completely from hanging out with me." She put her hands on his cheeks, making sure he didn't look away. "I am not afraid of you and I meant it when I said it. I'll repeat it daily if need be. There are plenty of things to be scared of in this world. Hell I've seen more than a few. Trolls, magus, vampires, dragons, zombies, people that don't have control over their abilities, and that's just the weird shit. That's not even what the average person can do. I almost ate the bullet from an angry sniper. No powers needed just a pissed off man with a gun. I would never leave my own home if I insisted on being scared of everything that could kill me. There are people I'm sure that don't. I do my best to save my fright for things that are actually out to kill me instead of cute guys that are trying to manage a condition while still being themselves." She lowered her head to bump it against Kai's. "I might not always be the most pleasant person, and I certainly can put my foot in it more than the average joe but believe me when I say I don't think your frightening. We're all killers in this world these days, I can't say that's the greatest yard stick to use on who's got the higher moral ground."
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  22. Dark and Unspoken

    Mack was having a hell of a time trying to gauge Kai's mood. She didn't know this mischievous side of him so well. She knew it was there and loved when it came out in small ways at times. Something in her gut told her this was not a small way though and she was mildly nervous where that would end them up. It was strange to her, as if roles had been flipped. Normally she was the wild one and Kai seemed like the steady as a rock type. It had occurred to her more than a few times that if she let him Kai would have taken care of her like a pampered girlfriend. She just was a bit stubborn about having her own space and such. Her eyebrows only rose in curiosity and weariness as Kai pull out guns and gear. It wasn't uncommon for people to walk around the city armed to be fair but something about it seem to...preparing for her. She didn't say anything though because she didn't know what kind of trouble they might be stirring up. Mack did however laugh and look down at her messy self. Under the coverall was just her usual jeans and a t-shirt which who knew how clean those were. "Don't think I'm dressed much for a date. Then again last time I got dolled up I got stood up," she commented with an air of long suffering. Still, her curiosity was running and she followed Kai in spite of her wardrobe, peeling the coverall off as she followed. "Always good to know one of us will be the responsible adult," she joked as she hopped along when he commented she would be home at a decent hour. Granted it didn't matter overly much to Mack since she could crash at his place. She actually preferred it since nightmares didn't follow her to Kai's. That was still a strange thing to her but she didn't talk to Kai about that. He'd probably jump on the thought of her having someone after her again.
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  24. Dark and Unspoken

    ☽ "You’re not going to lose me." He stated it like it was a fact that it would never happen. How in the hell could the man be so sure of this in a world gone mad? Hell it wasn't certain that anyone would be alive. She could get eaten by a vampire or something just as much as hit by a car these days. Maybe he wasn't as confident as he sounded though with the shifting about and rubbing at his eyes. It was like he was nervous but what did he have to be nervous about? He repeated himself before finding an interesting bug on the floor. Thumbs tapping on his arms like he was counting or listening to a song. ☽ "I wasn’t black ops, that’s just the easiest explanation because people understand generally what it means. I wasn’t practically an army. I was an army. I killed a lot of people. Sometimes it was one, sometimes it was whole teams. I could get in anywhere, get close to anyone. Point is, that was before the Nevus. We don't lose that. It stays a part of us, with everything on top of it." Mack's brow crinkled even as Kai grabbed some towels and stopped her in place, cleaning off her hands for her. She did not entirely understand the difference he was talking about beyond Black Ops having teams and him usually being alone. So...he was a spy and assassin instead? That fit, but it still had her cringing thinking of him going up against Vanguard, no matter the experience he had on top of being turned into a Were. He had a point that it wasn't something that was likely to vanish from him, even she had habits still from the military. ☽ "I was on assignment in Ethiopia when the Reso hit. I wasn’t infected. I was turned. If there was ever a wrong place at the wrong time, I was in it. I’ve seen the inside of the thing, changed me would be an understatement. I didn’t choose this, I know nobody chooses this… I wanted you to know that. I’m not going to let you be apprehensive because… because you think I’m this mild mannered psychiatrist that disappears to hike once a month and proverbially shakes their fist at the Vanguard. I’m not. I'm dangerous. I was dangerous before. I'm even more dangerous now." Mack's eyes grew wide and she recalled him saying something about not being the bitten kind before. He was saying...he was a kind of patient zero or something? Jesus on a stick but that was kind of a big deal. No one really knew how the were virus got started and worked... Christ the Vanguard would want to do more than kill him, they'd likely lock him away and study him like a test subject! Kai tossed the paper towels before leaning closer to her. Mack felt her now cleaned fingers trail to his biceps even as she heard him pull in a breathe. She practically went cross eyed as he started talking again, almost purring in her ear. Damn but he always managed to get under her skin and turn her head. ☽ "You never have to be afraid for me. Or for yourself. You never have to be afraid of me," "I'm not afraid of you," Mack managed to say though it was barely more than a whisper. She had plenty of good reason to be afraid of him, really it was a long ass list. Even as she stood there though and pondered it for a moment she had to admit that she wasn't. It was an odd thing to her, after all anyone in their right mind would have been. Why wasn't she afraid of him? ☽ "You’re not going to lose me, and I’m not going to lose you. Forget the truck for now." She blinked at him before gnawing on her lip a bit, looking at the hand he held out with a bit of hesitation. It was only natural really when one had no idea what they might be getting themselves into after all. He was rarely so sporadic or so intent, maybe it was part of what he called the cat. Part of her mind told her to turn around and walk away. Instead though she ignored it and took his hand. She had walked away before without letting him talk to her or defend himself. Had done it time and again with people she found out to be...well not quite human. She was not going to make that mistake again. She would at least finish hearing him out. "Where are we going?" she asked. "I'll need to know if we're going to be taking my ride here."
  25. Dark and Unspoken

    Mack couldn't help but give a reassuring smile when Kai voiced how he had not wanted to assume on her. It was sweet and a good thing that he realized she might have had her own plans and such. At least she thought that was a good thing. She could have gobbled him up right there because he was so cute and adorable. It was hard to remember he was a were when he was like this...which was pretty much anytime she convinced him to lower guards and relax a bit. Since he seemed so nervous and edgy she opted to switch the topic to motorcycles. Kai's comment on safety gear reminded her of his former profession which did not bother her. Soldiers were soldiers to Mack's mind, be they black ops or just the average grunt. "That would put a damper on things. Then again I only got my bike and gear from the fun of getting out of Chicago. I'm sure you've noticed the teeth marks on the helmet there. Gear helps when zombies are trying to sink teeth into you. Go figure but they don't gain fangs," she commented not thinking about it. She didn't talk much about what she did in the past, the memory was usually enough to have her shuddering. Even now her skin wanted to crawl and she could feel her body try to jump into fight or flight but she ignored it and took another pull of her beer. [kai]Did… did you want to go out some time? I mean, I know the obvious… issue. But.[/kai] One hip cocked to rest against the truck as Mack played with the half full bottle in her hands. "Issue...good way to put it," she said with a lopsided grin and frustration in her eye. [kai]Sorry… I’m not really any good at this. No, I am… obviously because we… and that's fucking amazing... unless... I'm not.. but I hope you'd tell me if...I mean the dating thing. I’ve never dated. I was always on assignment.[/kai] Mack had to take some pity on the man. She reached up to touch his cheek in a gesture of affection but had to stop and scowl at her greasy fingers. He might not have minded but Mack was well aware of how very...well clean Kai was. It made her wonder not for the first time how they worked when she was a grease monkey. [kai]So… how does one get you on the back of a bike for a non-work or car repair related ride? Unless you don’t want to, because… I don’t want to pressure you. But, I'd really like it if you wanted to.[/kai] "Oh I definitely want to," Mack admitted. She wasn't about to lie and claim otherwise. She never would have managed it. "It's that...issue that keeps cropping up and kinda makes me hit the brakes." Frustration had her abandoning the truck for now and pacing, beer in one hand and the other reaching up to run through her hair for a second before she stopped herself. Grease in the hair was always a bad thing. "I know you keep saying you can handle things but I'd be lying if I claimed I believed that. I mean, yeah you were black ops but most of the Vanguard is ex-military and they're practically an army. One of the reasons I'm so comfy with them I guess," she stated with a frown before looking to Kai with genuine concern. "Can you understand that? I've already lost a lot of people, I don't think I can take losing another person I care about." And that was the crux of the problem. Mack was not an idiot, she knew her troubles. There were many days it felt like she was hanging onto sanity and life by the strength of willpower alone but that hold was fragile at best. She knew she wouldn't survive if she lost that.