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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.




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    Caught between a rock and a hard place the knife in her hand slightly glimmered from the streetlights glowing in the night. She stepped forward toward her attacker, thrusting her right hand forward as well. The blade sunk into the mans gut quickly then slipped out as she jumped away, seeing the blood drip off the blade onto the street. She looked up slowly and hesitated a minute before taking off down the street.

    The second she saw an alley she darted into it as quickly as her feet would carry her. To her dismay the alley had turned out to be a dead end and she knew that her attacker would be waiting at the opposite end of the alley. She turned around slowly, the blade still held in her hand.

    Sure enough the man was standing there at the end of the alley, blocking her. The wound she had given him had seemed to heal. At least that's what she figured since she could see the tear in his shirt, but no more blood and no more wound. She took a step back, pressing her back against the wall that blocked her exit. This is going to be a long night, she thought silently.
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  1. Aingeal Clarke

    Old spectres and new phantoms

    ”How long has it been since the search started?” It had been much easier when things had first changed. She would mainly focus on her brother, but after a few months and seeing dead people the only thing she concerned about was seeing her dead brother. It was almost like she had been running from herself. She was fairly certain that if she saw him she'd blame herself and the way she changed. Shit, she thought, everything freaking changed. She changed. She kept her eyes on the road, but every now and again her eyes would flit to the left or right, catching glimpses of people or spirits that would somewhat startle her just a little bit. It never got old. It never stopped being scary. You'd think she'd be used to it by now, but that wasn't the case. "It's been a while since..... I just. I feel like I've given up hope. Who knows if he's still even alive. More than likely he didn't make it......" she said softly. ”If you’re comfortable sharing some details, there’s the chance I may know someone who can help a bit.” She silently nodded at his words and shrugged her shoulders slightly. "I don't really know if there's anything anyone can do at this point. I do appreciate you offering your help though. Maybe there could still be a chance that he's somewhere in the city," there was a slightly pause. "I just don't know why, if he's still alive, he wouldn't be able to find me." It had always bugged her that he would just literally poof off the face of the planet. There was always some part of her that almost wished she would see his spirit if he was dead. Just to give herself some closure. Just to know what exactly had happened. ”So, y’know how I told you earlier that this was a parking lot next to the house?" Her eyebrows rose as she listened to the rest of his words and her eyes slid over to him as she pulled into the parking lot, finding a safe space to park. She put the vehicle into park and turned the ignition off. "So, just wondering what exactly you would have done if we hadn't crossed paths tonight," she asked jokingly as he got out of the car. She smiled and opened her door, getting out of the car and going around the other side to him in a hurry. She looked at him as he stood outside of the car and still smiled at him softly, putting the keys into her front pocket. Slowly she went over to him and stood by his side. "Alright you drunk, let's do this. So we can get you inside," she said as she slowly moved her arm slightly around his lower back. She remembered how he had reacted earlier to her movements and didn't know if he would react that way again. So she figured the best course of action was to take it nice and slow. No sudden movements. Kind of like how a terrified dog is and how you have to be slow to get them to trust you.
  2. Aingeal Clarke

    Old spectres and new phantoms

    It hadn't been hard to realize before when they were talking just how drunk he was, but seeing him having a bit of trouble sitting down in the passenger seat made her realize that he was far more drunk than she had realized before. Which made her comforted knowing that she'd be driving him home. She didn't need another spirit of someone following her around, especially if it was because she couldn't take the time to drive someone home. If there was one thing she didn't need in her life, it was ghosts left and right telling her what to do. She had nodded at him a little after he told her where he lived. She put the vehicle in reverse and then stopped for a moment to fix the mirrors. For the most part she was fairly familiar with the city after living here for a bit, but there were still parts of town that she had never been to. Luckily she had been to the Upper West Side at least once or twice. She had met a girl at a bar once and they had become good friends and had hung out quite a bit. But then she had died in a car accident. It always kind of irked her that she hadn't visited Aingeal, but then again she was sure she didn't want to see what her friend had looked like after the accident. "Alright. ... That's a pretty fancy part of the city...." She said the words and looked over at him for a moment, wondering just how much he made doing whatever job it was that he did. On the other hand if he lived in that part of town she probably didn't really WANT to know what he did for a living. It made her embarrassed to even think about saying where it was that she lived. Her tiny apartment was probably NOTHING compared to his home, but that was the life you had to live when you worked as a waitress. Her eyes shifted to him for a second. After their interaction earlier she felt that it was weird that he was asking her questions to almost get to know her. Her initial reaction to him was that he probably didn't let too many people close to him, but then again neither did she. With people came spirits attached to them. Inwardly she sighed and then answered, "I didn't grow up in New York. I was born and raised in a small town in Washington state. The only reason I even came to New York was to find my brother, which hasn't worked out too well. Then I kinda just sorta got stuck here, if you will." Though the reason I'm still here is because I have a gut feeling he's here in the city.... or at least on the east coast, she thought to herself. Every minute or so she would glance over at him as she drove, wondering just what was going on in his head. She had to admit to herself that he was quite an interesting person and if there was anything that she learned from his ghostly friend it was that he was a good person. Even if he hid it most of the time. Then again most people hid there vulnerable parts nowadays. It wasn't something that you wanted anyone to see because if they did see a vulnerability then that meant they could hurt you.
  3. Aingeal Clarke

    Old spectres and new phantoms

    Yup, this was defiantly a bad idea, she thought as Gavin's hand grabbed hers, pulling her forward. She stumbled and let out a small yelp as her head his his jaw. The hit wasn't enough to cause too much pain, but it was sudden and shocking. Even though she had had a feeling it probably wasn't a good idea to grab his arm. However, keeping him from driving drunk was far more important than what consequences grabbing him would be. Her breathing quickened as well, now feeling slightly scared to be this close to Gavin. Go figure, she thought, I'm more afraid of an alive human being than I am of creepy ghosts. She kept her eyes locked onto his for a moment, wondering just what was going to happen next. Would he harm her? Had she gone too far? It wasn't too hard to understand why some people liked to keep a certain distance from people. After he had released her she stood up straight, still feeling slightly shaken up what had just transpired. She tried to slow down her breathing as best she could. She tried to respond with words, but found herself only nodding her head in a reply to his words. He had a somewhat odd effect on her and she couldn't really pinpoint what it was. It was frightening but at the same time comforting. Like maybe finding someone that should could really connect with in a world where so many things went wrong. Where people would suddenly disappear without a trace or die within the blink of an eye. Finally her words found her. "I'll try my best not to wreck your precious SUV. I'm sure I'll be able to manage," she said, but really she didn't know if she'd be able to drive a larger vehicle. Her preference of transportation was a smaller vehicle. That brought another thought to her head. How am I suppose to get my own vehicle back to my place, she thought. She watched him as he fumbled once more for the keys in his pocket. Yeah, she thought, I'm really glad I decided to drive him home. For the most part she didn't trust him driving himself home, but then she wondered just how many times he'd probably driven this drunk before. She knew that she had done it a few times, stupidly so. That's what happens when you just want the voices to go away, she thought. She responded again with a quick nod and followed him. It wasn't hard to notice that he probably didn't trust her that much. Even though he was going to let her drive his SUV. Maybe he's just as confused as I am, she thought. Her eyes stayed on his as they walked back to his SUV. As they had made it to the bottom of the hill she noticed the SUV, then watched him as he jogged to the vehicle. She sighed softly and began wondering just how awkward and weird this car ride was going to be. Then she wondered if she would just have to take a taxi back out here. She shrugged to herself and walked a little faster to make it to the SUV a minute after he had already reached it. She walked to the driver side door and opened it, hoping into the seat. She slightly adjusted the seat and the side mirrors, as well as the rear view mirror. She put the keys into the ignition and turned over the engine. Her hands gripped the steering wheel and she sighed again. "About how far away is your place?"
  4. Aingeal Clarke

    Old spectres and new phantoms

    it wasn't hard to miss the shrug and the facial expression that Gavin expressed at the reason why she was out here. She couldn't help it she never found that she wanted to put herself in the line of fire. Though there were plenty of times that she felt like she would have a great knack of talking people down. Especially if she would be able to tune into her ability more and maybe be able to talk to the loved ones of people. Maybe to try and get them to see reason. It was something she thought about often, but there was the flip side that she really had a thing against getting hurt. Pain was something that she was not too keen in experiencing and doing a job with security would probably put her in the line of fire. There were always those moments in her life where she thought that she had let her mouth run away with her. That maybe just staying on her own and by herself would be much better than even attempting to form any sort of emotional bond with someone. There was always that chance that a spirit would waltz it's happy self right in and then things would go south. It seemed like, in this situation, that that had seemed to happen from the get go. Although she knew that if she hadn't been able to communicate with Gibson then the events might have went very differently. She had finished the bottle she had had in her hand and threw it down on the ground, looking over at Gavin and noticing that he was sitting on the ground after explaining everything with Gibson. There was no doubt in her mind that it had probably had some sort of emotional effect on him, but she wasn't going to just tell Gavin that Gibson was leaving. It wasn't fair to Gibson and she knew that in the end it wouldn't be fair to Gavin if she kept words back either. However, some things she would not be explaining. How in the hell am I suppose to look out for him, she thought, when I don't even really know who he is. The whole time she kept her mouth shut, observed him get up, and walk in a very drunk way. He is hurting, or at least he's trying not to focus on the pain, she thought. Every once in a while Aingeal also thought she might have a little bit of a gift of empathy. She wasn't really too sure if it was true or not, but sometimes she could almost just know when someone was feeling something. This was sort of one of those moments and she knew she had basically given Gibson her word. So instead of standing there and letting him walk to his truck and then drive off to possibly wreck she walked after him. Hell, even she was quite emotional after seeing Gibson practically walk off into nothingness, or walk off into where ever the hell else spirits travel on to. She had moved her right hand up to her eyes, wiping away the tears that dared to travel down her cheeks, but crying in front of people she basically didn't know made her feel completely uncomfortable. Though on occasion it tended to happen. Especially if it was a heartfelt reunion between old lovers. Or there was one time a daughter was able to talk to her mother one last time before her mother moved on. That one had really messed Aingeal up. At first there was a sudden fear of what exactly she should do, but it really didn't take her but a second to realize that he defiantly shouldn't be driving. She had caught up with him as he was still fumbling with the keys in his pocket. Her left hand quickly moved up to grab his left upper arm. "Hey. I don't really think you should be driving, Gavin...." she said the words loudly and tightened her grip slightly, trying to stop him. She didn't know if she was asking for trouble as she made physical contact with him. For all she knew this could completely set him off and she could wind up dead, but a promise is a promise. She wasn't going to back down now just because she might be a little scared. This is probably going to end very badly for me, she thought.
  5. Aingeal Clarke

    Old spectres and new phantoms

    A small shrug from her shoulders came after listening to his words. There was no doubt that she had constantly considered that there might be an alternative to getting her abilities under more control than just alcohol, but to be honest nothing seemed to ever work as well. "I'm not going to lie to you. There have been a few other things that I've tried in order to not have to drink so much, but nothing has ever come as close than drinking," she paused for a second. "Trust me. If there was another way I would take it in a heartbeat, but I suppose I'm just going to have to deal with it. That's why I have a therapist for when I come into contact with a super nasty spirit. I do appreciate you somewhat trying to help me out though. It's just something I'm gonna have to live with for now." Aingeal had noticed that Gavin's tone of voice changed drastically. He seemed much more friendly and comforting when he wasn't being paranoid, but she supposed everyone had their moments of paranoia nowadays. Was just something that came with living in the world now. Sometimes it wasn't always too smart to trust strangers. Which was why she was still slightly on edge. If there was one thing that she learned through everything was that it wasn't always smart to completely trust someone you just met. Her eyebrows raised up as he began to try and guess just why she was out in the middle of nowhere to practice shooting. Each time he made a wrong guess she would shake her head no and then scrunch up her nose. After he was finished with his horrible guessing she decided to explain herself. "If ya must know, I just feel it's particularly important to train myself in anyway possible of protecting myself. Obviously my gifts don't offer much protection. So. I need to go outside of my comfort zone and find ways to do it for myself. Shooting is just one of the ways that I feel most comfortable doing." She said her words quickly and with a smile on her lips as she stared at him. At the mention of the booze he was talking about her eyes moved to the area that the dirt had moved. Really isn't fair that people have better abilities than me, she thought, and that just makes me outright jealous. She looks over at him and then walks over to the booze crouches down to pick up a few of the bottles. "Thanks. I really do appreciate it...." She put the bottle back down for a second and stood up as he continued to speak for a second more. "I.... You're going to give me a better gun? Or just for practice..." She was slightly confused. Even if just letting her use a gun for practice would be weird. She oddly felt a sort of connection to her own gun, but that was because it had been the only one she'd owned for so long. She crouched back down to pick up one of the bottles and unscrewed the lid, taking a sip of the alcohol that was in the bottle. Typically she never really liked to just drink straight from the bottle. More often than not she liked to mix her drinks with something, but this would do. It didn't taste too bad. The only type of alcohol she could not stand was beer. The taste of cornflakes without actually eating the cereal made her want to vomit. She had stood back up and looked over at Gavin. It seemed like he was talking to himself, but she noticed that Gibson was standing close to him. Almost as if they were having a private conversation between themselves. As Gavin walked back toward her she noticed that Gibson was too. NPC : He shook his head and laughed quietly. "You tell him that I wasn't running or following after ya on purpose. Tell that fucker that if I were still alive he best bet his ass I'd try to date you. And that he'd be a fool to not be the least bit interested." He paused for a second. "I'm sure ya won't say that, but tell him that I'm sorry shit went down the way it did. That I wish I could be there for him." Gibson looked over to the right off into the distance and then back at Aingeal. "I think I will take off though. It was nice meeting you and I wish you all the best." Her eyes moved to Gavin and for a slight second she thought she was going to break down in tears, but she held herself together. This was always the part she hated. The part when the spirit was basically giving her a goodbye message to a loved one. "Gavin.... He says he's sorry about everything and how it all happened. He really does wish he could be there for you," she paused for a second. "I think he's leaving. As in crossing over.... Maybe it was only you that he needed to talk to...." NPC : Gibson started to walk off then stopped and turned slightly, looking at Gavin and at Aingeal. "Tell him he'll be alright. He's stronger than he knows. And will ya watch out for him for me. I know it's a lot to ask, but.... I think he needs it." He didn't wait for an answer because he almost already knew what she'd say. Instead he turned his back toward then and began to walk off. Then just slowly disappeared into nothing. After Gibson had walked off and went to wherever it was that she supposed he moved on to she turned her head back toward Gavin, blinking away tears and clearing her throat. "Sorry...I...." She took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. "He told me to tell you that you're going to be alright and that you are stronger than you know," she repeated back the words to Gavin and sighed softly, keeping the rest of the conversation to herself.
  6. Aingeal Clarke

    Old spectres and new phantoms

    The whole time she talked she had kept her eyes on him. After seeing him start to walk about normally and it seemed not even caring that she was even there was something of a blessing. It meant she wasn't going to die tonight. Well, at least not at this very moment. The night was still young and she wasn't too sure that he could stand his ground against whatever might or could come there way being out so far from the city. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she watched him still. Then her eyebrows raised as she saw him just utterly down half a bottle of Fireball. Huh, weird that that was his first drink, she thought, considering it's literally my favorite hard liquor. She instinctively licked her lips, but then bit her bottom lip, hoping to hell he just didn't witness that slight moment of weakness. ”I’m not nearly drunk enough to deal with this shit right now so I am trying to rectify the situation.” Aingeal wasn't too much of a drinker, or at least she didn't want to be, but it seemed to be the best and only way that she had found to keep the spirits at bay. She didn't necessarily go walking around like a drunk twenty-four seven, but for the most part she wasn't completely sober most of the time. She held up both of her hands and shook her head. "Hey, no problem here. I tend to usually drink a fair amount myself. If I don't then I tend to see spirits all of the time and that isn't something that I really enjoy in the middle of the night," she replied to him and then realized that it might have been a little bit too much information, but it was the truth. There had been one night that she had been woken up at about three or four in the morning to the sound of someone trying to open her dresser drawer. Come to find out that the spirit had once been a peeping tom and had been wanting to go through her underwear drawer. It had been enough to make her skin crawl. Plus add on the fact that he didn't look all that appealing with a slit throat. Though I guess that's what she gets for accidentally making eye contact with the guy in the middle of the day and then ignoring him. She had probably downed 2 bottles of Fireball that night and she was completely ashamed to admit it. ”So, does the spirit know what stupid task they need to complete..." A small laugh came from her lips at his words and she smiled as she spoke. "I'm not too sure they do. I think it's a more of a they have to figure it out type of thing and for the most part they don't typically interact with me unless I accidentally make eye contact with them. Then they know I can see and talk to them. At which point they tend not to leave me alone. I didn't see your friend until just now. He hasn't been following me all day. Thankfully...." she said her words somewhat slowly. She knew it was a lot to take in and that sometimes it was hard to completely understand. "...then get shitfaced like I was planning to do in the first place – without the haunting.” She had gone quiet and nodded her head after he spoke. She understood where he was coming from. Normally she didn't do this kind of thing. There was no helping of spirits talk to their friends or family. It was more of a 'if I drink then I don't have to see them and help them' kind of thing. In a way that made her realize just how majorly selfish she was, but seeing dead people tended to make her stomach upset. "Trust me. I get it. All I wanted to do was find a place to practice my shooting. I wasn't planning on talking to any dead folk either," she replied to him softly. After her words were spoken she noticed the shadows doing something weird. Something that naturally they weren't supposed to do and she figured it had something to do with Gavin. She looked over at Gibson and watched as the shadows went right through him. Ah, she thought, he's trying to see if he can do anything to Gibson. Her eyes moved back over to Gavin and she tilted her head slightly to the right. "I'm sorry to say that if that was your attempt at trying to do something physical to him..... it didn't work," she spoke her words with a hint of sadness to them. She almost wished it had worked. ”Alright Casper, I guess I’ll overlook the trespassing just this once.” Another laugh came from her lips at the word 'casper'. She had never really had a nickname before and even though that name reminded her of a boy name she kind of thought it would suit her in a way. Huh, she thought, go figure some random person in the middle of nowhere picks out a badass nickname for me. "Hey. It isn't like you keep this place posted with signs saying that it's your area. I just assumed it was okay for me to practice at. Next time I'll make sure to do some recon," she said the last few words teasingly. "On another note. I don't suppose that you would happen to have any other alcohol on your would ya," she asked hopefully. "Though if I get enough alcohol in me I won't be able to see your friend anymore."
  7. Aingeal Clarke

    Old spectres and new phantoms

    It wasn't that hard to tell that this guy had been through some stuff. She had an inkling that maybe he had been apart of an army before all the shit hit the fan and that in and of itself was probably hard on him. Not to mention now everyone seems to go through something that they don't want to. Weather it be obtaining powers that they wish they didn't or even losing a loved one or loved ones. People die everyday and that was one of the main reasons she hated her gift. They just seemed to seek her out right after they pass. Like maybe she'd be able to do something to avenge their deaths. Um, hello, she thought, I kinda don't have anything like super strength, healing, or the ability to cloak myself. She sighed softly at herself and still kept her eyes on the man in front of her. It wasn't that she felt unsafe, but more that she was beyond paranoid nowadays. It wasn't like it was hard to miss, but seeing the shadows around them visibly pulsate was almost enough for her to take off running for the hills. However, she had learned a long time ago that with people you need to stand your ground. Let them see that you are strong and not afraid. Typically that helped in tense situations and right now was definitely one of those. She wondered slightly if he would flip out if he could see his friend again. She'd only done it once before and it hadn't really gone that great. All she would have to do is touch Gavin for a few minutes and concentrate, but right now she more than knew better than to move at all toward. Hell. She knew that she shouldn't move at all. I probably look like a god damn deer caught in headlights, she thought. Then wondered if she was easy to read in the fact that she was pretty scared right about now. As she saw him raise his weapon up at her she instantly knew that probably just coming right out and speaking so open was probably not a great idea. She took a small step back, fighting the need and the urge to turn heel and run the fuck as far away from him as she could. She was willing to be though that he was an excellent shot and that running would probably not do her any good. So she closed her eyes for a second and seemed to hold her breath for a few seconds. So this is how it's going to end, she thought, randomly in the middle of nowhere. She opened her eyes slowly when she didn't hear the sound of a gun shot and looked at him, still standing still. His words were almost like a sigh of relief, making her realize that he wasn't going to kill her. Good, she thought, I do not want to be like one of the dead walking around because I sure as shit would haunt the fuck out of him. "Yes, I do. All the fucking time," she said softly. Seeing him lower the sidearm made her relax even more, but not too much. She was still a little tense and even though she had the spirit of his buddy there she really still didn't trust the man. It was hard to trust anyone these days even if they were vouched for. People can change in an instant. She's seen it happen before and she was sure she'd probably eventually see it again. She tilted her head at his words and shrugged slightly. "To be honest I'm not really sure. I think once the dead get done doing whatever it is that they need or want to do that they cross over to wherever they are meant to go. I haven't ever talked to a spirit who has crossed over and then came back. I'm not even really too sure they can do that," she spoke back to him as her eyes moved to Gavin's buddy once more. NPC : He shrugged as well while looking back at her. "Hey. Don't look at me. I don't fucking know the answer to that." She raised an eyebrow at Gibson and shook her head at him slightly. Then moved her eyes back to Gavin and a small smile came across her face for a second at his words. He really has no idea how the other side works, she thought. "I'm sorry to say that it doesn't work like that. Or at least not that I've ever encountered. I don't think you can re-kill a spirit. I can't even touch them. I can only see and hear them," she answered him the best that she could. She found it heartrendingly sweet that he wanted to help his friend get to a better place rather than lingering around here. She kinda hoped that someone would care about her that much one day. His next words really hit home with her. It was one of the things that she thought on a daily basis. To just be able to go back to being a regular normal person would be such a dream come true. Sure she helped people sometimes, but seeing dead people was not a luxury and for the most part the bad out weighed the good. "Thanks.... Normally I wish that I didn't have this ability, but had I didn't.... would you have acted the way you did?" She asked the question, but almost certainly knew his answer.
  8. Aingeal Clarke

    Old spectres and new phantoms

    There wasn't much to say. Things like this didn't seem to happen too often for her. Well. The seeing spirits did, but the whole basically being stalked while technically ordered by a spirit usually never happened. So she stood there, trying to be as still as a fucking statue until she couldn't take it anymore. Being silent right now she figured was the best way to get herself into an even worse situation. So she opened her mouth and spoke, "Hey Big G. I'm just letting you know that Little G is wondering why you still wear his Atlanta Falcons cap." She knew she had said the words loud enough for him to hear, but not so loud to draw more attention to either of their locations. Being inconspicuous out here was one of the major rules of being outside the city. If something or someone caught wind that you were out here alone, you were toast. Hell, even if you weren't alone sometimes things could just get a little too scary too quickly. Especially for someone like her who didn't really have a gift that could help her persay, even though she did know how to shoot. She was basically a sitting duck at all times, unless there was a spirit to help her. Like now, for example. A moment or so later she saw the man, Big G she was guessing, kind of almost just appear out of nowhere. Oh boy, she thought, someone who has gifts and gifts that actually help him when he needs them. After realizing that he was much more of a threat to her than she was a threat to him she kept her eyes on him. Practically glued to him. She took a sharp breath in after hearing his words and realizing that he didn't even know that his friend was deceased. Oh, she thought, this is going to get awkward real quick. She bit her bottom lip for a second before replying back to him. "I'm not sure what you mean. I'm not apart of any Vanguard." She spoke in an even and calm tone, partially knowing that when she said her next words he was more than likely going to think she was a looney and probably blow her brains out, but she had to say something. Even if Gibson didn't want her to tell him. She always felt it was her duty to say something. "I hate to tell you this guy, but I don't think your friend is still..... alive." She spoke her words and then glanced over at Gibson, then straight back to Gavin. This was one thing that she hated doing. Telling someone that a friend or loved one has passed away. Being the bearer of bad new was literally the worst way to introduce yourself to someone, but she felt he needed to know. It's always nice to be able to fully know what happens or has happened to someone instead of wondering day after day. It sometimes could make someone go crazy. Or at least she has seen someone go crazy from it. "I'm serious though. I hate to be the one to tell you. I mean. It seems like you didn't know......" A slight pause before she finished her words. "It looks like he might have been taken out by some lycanthropes or something. At least that's what it looks like to me." It was funny though. Little G had seemed to go silent after Gavin had come on the scene. Maybe he had missed his friend and getting the chance to speak to him was kind of nerve wrecking. She could understand that. She figured she wouldn't know what to say if she was able to speak to some people again. Actions were much more easily understood than words.
  9. Aingeal Clarke

    Old spectres and new phantoms

    The day had been quite long and she had been trying to work more shifts at work. Mainly to keep herself busy so that she wouldn't be bombarded by the numerous amounts of dead that had to search her out at all hours. Most seemed to actually bother her more as she was walking from destination to destination, but there had been quite a few that would interrupt her time at her own home. For the most part they seemed to stay away from her work place. She really had no idea why they seemed to steer away from the place, but she was thankful for spending so much time at the restaurant. However, there were days when she had horrible customers that almost made her second guess even working at the restaurant in the first place. Today was one of those days and she felt like she needed to blow of some well built up steam. This decision of wanting to get out of the city and find somewhere that she could be alone, or at least as alone as she could get, to fire off some rounds of her Glock 26 into bottles or even anything that she could find. Of course with her track record it really wasn't a good idea for her to go off at night out of the city, but she'd had a shitty day and instead of drowning herself in alcohol she figured shooting would be a much better way to manage her time. After her decision was defiantly made she had went out of the city, keeping her Glock in her holster that she had purchased 3 years ago. It always made her feel better if she kept it on her, especially when she went out of the city. It didn't take her long to find her spot of choice and it wasn't too far outside the city so if she decided to hurry back into town it hopefully wouldn't take her too long. The only thing that made her a little hesitant about even choosing the spot she was at now was that it most certainly looked like people came here to do whatever it is that random people do. She took a deep breath in as she left the safety of her car, keeping her keys in her front pocket. She also left the lights of her car on which would slightly help put her at ease. Granted it's basically like a big sign telling people she was there, but she did have a gun and she does know how to shoot. So whatever. She had been shooting for a few minutes, but stopped as she got that feeling that she usually always got when a spirit was around her. Her eyes closed and she shook her head slightly. Not now, she thought, please not freaking now.... all I want is a god damn break. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she opened her eyes slowly, knowing that she would see something that she would rather not see. She knew it was going to happen, but that didn't make her that anymore prepared. The man appeared in front of her and if it wasn't for the fact that it looked like his throat was ripped out she would wager that he was quite good looking when he was alive. He looked to be anywhere from 26-28 years old when he died and from the looks of his hideous injuries it looked like he had been killed by lycanthropes. "Hello. Is there any possible way that you could leave me be and let me get off some steam on my own," she asked the spirit that stood before her. NPC : "Hey there. Well right now wouldn't be that great of a time for me to do that. See there is a guy that is going to be coming here. He's an old buddy of mine, but he isn't really too much of a people person. If he sees you here he will probably consider you as a threat. So all I will need you to say is that Little G says to chill out and that she's good people," he replied to her. A slight pause from Aingeal as she listened to the spirits words. Her first instinct was to just head on back to her vehicle, get in, and drive off. Then this guy that will be coming won't even have to have any interaction with her at all, but then her stubborn side kicks in and makes her not want to leave because she was here first tonight and she would be damned if someone was going to run her off from releasing some tension that had built up over the day. Another sigh escaped her lips before she asked, "Well. Why don't I just leave before he even gets here?" NPC : Little G moved a little bit closer to her and spoke once more. "Maybe that's because he's literally almost here already. And you won't see him either. He has this special talent that keeps him from being seen from people who aren't looking for him." She lowered her weapon and kept it at her side for a second and then slid it into her holster, thinking that if some guy was going to be coming up on her that wasn't too keen on social interaction that he probably wouldn't want to see a person pointing a gun at him or even having one in her hand. "Alright. I guess I'll have to take your word for it and I'm also going to hope that you'll help me out when talking to him, yeah? Also. What's his name?" NPC : He turned his head slightly back toward the hill over his shoulder then back to Aingeal. "His name is Gavin, but first tell him that I said hi. He will hopefully relax slightly after that. Also. Just stay where you are. No sudden movements. He's almost here."
  10. Aingeal Clarke

    Breathe In Breathe Out

    The sight of a wild mountain lion being as calm as can be next to someone who would more than likely, in any other normal circumstance, would be considered as food is something of a sight to see. In her regard though it some what frightened her. That someone had the ability to make a wild beast bend to their every whim. Her next thought was that he must be extremely powerful and that was something that she knew was a good friend to have. Someone that was a powerful ally. Not that she ever much got into too much trouble... Well. Other than coming across something that would want to eat her randomly during the day. She faintly chuckled at herself and her train of thought. After it seemed that the two had some what of an interaction between each other the man walked toward her. Her eyes mostly stayed on the mountain lion following along behind him. It must be his buddy now, she thought. It would be an interesting thing to have such a powerful animal to walk along side you or at least she figured it would be. There was one thing she knew for sure was that it would be a better feeling than having the dead following you around constantly or popping out of nowhere at the most random times. "Sorry you got hurt. I didn't plan for anyone else to be up here." "It's fine. I'm the one who should probably take a lesson away from this and not wander around in the woods on my own without any form of protection," she replied to him as he stopped in front of her. She pressed her right hand against her stomach to try and stop the bleeding coming from the palm of her hand. She stood there, keeping all, if not most, of her weight on her right leg. "Do you need some help to get home?" There was a hesitant moment before she answered him. She barely knew the guy and now he had a mountain lion following his every order. It wasn't like she had the option to not ask for help. With her leg how it was it would probably take her the rest of the day to get home. With this man's help it would hopefully only take an hour. Risks were apart of life and she wasn't afraid to take them. Damn the consequences. "Yeah, ya know what. It would be really nice if you'd help me get home. Ii mean... if you really don't mind that is," she replied to him.
  11. Aingeal Clarke

    Breathe In Breathe Out

    The fall she had taken resulted in a cut on the palm of her right hand and a somewhat sore left knee, but nothing seemed to be broken or too badly injured to hinder her from getting up and getting the heck out of there. After waiting for a minute and realizing that she wasn't getting mauled to death by the animal she figured now would be as good a time as any to attempt to stand up. She stood up slowly, wincing at the pain in her knee, and turned around to see what had happened with the man and the animal. Her jaw just about dropped to the ground as she saw the animal actually showing some sort of affection toward the guy. It confirmed her thoughts that he must have some sort of ability and for that she was completely and utterly thankful. If it hadn't been for him she probably would be dead by now. The mans words were apparently directed at her and she stood still for a moment and looked down at her hand, seeing a little bit of blood sliding down her finger. [aingeal]Just scratched my hand a bit is all,[/aingeal] she paused for a moment as she moved a little bit of her weight onto her left leg, wincing. [aingeal]And I think I did something to my left leg. It hurts when i put too much weight on it,[/aingeal] she replied to him, but still stood there motionless. It wasn't that she didn't trust the guys abilities. It was that she didn't trust the animal that just tried to make her into a daytime snack. Internally she sighed at herself. Just another normal day...
  12. Aingeal Clarke

    A Smoke and a Pancake?

    If there was one thing in the world that she was most thankful for it was when the restaurant wasn't extremely busy. It was nice to take it easy and not stress out over all of the things that needed to be stressed out over. Making sure everyone's drink was topped off, or even just keep thing the patrons happy so she could get a nice tip. Some days she wondered if she should find a different job or find something that might give her a little more pay, but she felt humbled by doing this job. Plus it meant not having to go to too many unsavory places because if there was one thing that she knew it was places that had a bad rap usually were crawling with spirits. Here though, at this place, it was nice and quiet. Aingeal had heard about the killings that had been taking place recently and it freaking terrified her. It made her just want to lock herself up in her apartment and never walk outside again. There was also something that it made her feel. She felt slightly guilty because she wondered if she could be of some use in helping to figure out who or whom or even what was going around killing people. All she would have to do is find their spirits and have a little chat. Maybe the people saw a face. Although Aingeal was not very artistic so that would be a slightly problem, but she had had a nagging feeling that she could help. However. She pushed that feeling aside. Trouble wasn't something she wanted to be apart of. The sound of the bell above the door made her head move up quickly, seeing that there was someone waiting to be seated. It was easier for her that way. Not having to keep track of everyone that came in. She pulled a menu, knife, fork, and spoon, along with a napkin and walked up to the man who stood at the sign. [aingeal]Hey there. If you would follow me I'll take you to your table,[/aingeal] she said with a bright smile on her face and then turned slowly, taking a quick look around the restaurant. She opted to put him slightly close to the door and by the window, standing beside the 2 person table she kept the smile on her face as she pulled out her note pad to write down his order. [aingeal]So what can I get ya,[/aingeal] she asked with the smile still on her lips.
  13. Aingeal Clarke

    Breathe In Breathe Out

    Seeing him shake his head as her hand reached into her purse was enough to make her hand stop and her brain rethink the situation. Of course mace wasn't going to do diddly squat to a freaking cougar. The best chance either one of them probably had, or so she thought, was if either of them had a gun. The problem was that more often than not she never carried a gun on her and this whole ordeal made her wonder why she never did and would probably end up making her do so from now on. Both her hands wet up to her face to cover her mouth as she wanted Alec quickly dodge the cougar. If the cougar didn't do anything to her she was sure that she would end up having a heart attack from all the stress that was building up. She had already been freaking out about maybe seeing some unfriendly spirits, but the cougar was more of a threat to her than any old ghost ever would be. Aingeal still stood exactly where she had last stopped. Attracting the cougars attention was the last thing she wanted and she had no doubt in her mind that if she took off the cougar would more than likely be inclined to chase after her. Her eyes had been on Alec as she noticed his lips move and then the slight wind come from his hand. This development made the whole situation even more interesting. Hmmm. He must have abilities or powers... or whatever... Slight relief was felt as she realized this because it meant that one of them was at least armed with something. Her ability of seeing the dead wouldn't have really helped either one of them in this situation. Her eyes had stayed on the cougar as it's head snapped, being distracted by the rustling of leaves. Then her eyes went back to Alec and saw him climb the tree and then motion for her to run. She hesitated for a moment, wondering if it was actually the smart thing to do, but then turned and began to run away. As fate would have it being clumsy and trying to run in the woods wasn't a really good predicament to be in. In fact it was probably one of the worst things a clumsy person could do, but with the adrenaline pumping through her veins she forgot for a split second just how clumsy she was. However, it only took that split second and a root from a tree to make her come back to reality as her body fell forward. Teeth bit into her bottom lip to keep herself from yelling out in pain, but she laid still for a moment, hoping that the cougar was too preoccupied paying attention to the mage to even notice or hear her fall.
  14. Aingeal Clarke

    Breathe In Breathe Out

    As the big bad cougar kept coming closer to her her mind kept trying to think of the best way to handle the situation, but truth be told she wasn't exactly too sure what to do or how to get away with minimal to zero damage done to herself. Lucky for her though there was someone nearby and that was somewhat of a good thing for her, or at least she thought so. ” EULALIAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ” The sound of what sounded like someone yelling some sort of weird war cry was almost as scary as the cougar in front of her. Then she figured it was probably more weird and surprising than scary. The predator in front of her would probably be more worse to deal with than a weird guy who yells war cries. However, having someone intervene between her and a cougar was better than nothing at this point because she still had no idea what to do if she were still facing off against the cougar on her own. She'd probably end up as a snack, lunch, or dinner. ”Ow. Ow... Owch!” [aingeal]Are you freaking serious...[/aingeal] she said her words in a soft whisper as she watched the mystery man slide down the hill in a not so hero sort of way. She almost started to laugh out loud, but held back her laughter as she watched the man land on the other side of the cat. She waved back at the guy and then moved her eyes back to the cat in front of her. The cat though had turned to face the guy instead. A slight wave of relief washed over her, but was quickly replaced with fear. Great... now this guy is going to get mauled by the cat... then I'm probably next... ” ... Good kitty? ” [aingeal]I really highly doubt that this kitty is a good kitty. In fact I really really hope you have a better plan than falling down a hill,[/aingeal] she half said the words jokingly and seriously. She stood right where she was, half scared that if she made anymore noise that the cat would turn back around to her, but also half scared that she was about to see someone get killed by a cougar. Neither of which seemed like something enjoyable to be apart of. What in the hell am I suppose to do... Aingeal felt like it would have been so much more awesome if she had had some other give bestowed upon her besides seeing and talking to dead people. That wouldn't really help her in situations like this. She was helpless in situations like this. She reached over to her left side, reaching down into her small purse that she had brought along with her. She had no idea if mace would do anything against a cougar, but if push comes to shove she'd be willing to try anything. She pulled out the can and armed it just in case. I really hope this guy knows what he's doing...
  15. Aingeal Clarke

    Breathe In Breathe Out

    At first this whole hiking thing had seemed like a really awesome idea to Aingeal, but now... Now she wasn't too sure if she even wanted to be out here anymore. Don't get her wrong. She thought it was beautiful. The sun shining through the trees. The fresh air not polluted by the city. However. Hearing sounds of something making it's way through the woods was probably one of the more scarier things that she could think of. I mean she sees dead people! Not too many things scare her. Another sound near her and she stopped again, keeping her eyes straight forward because the one and only thing she could really think it would be would be a spirit. They did seem to flock toward her like a moth to a flame, but she was out in the middle of the woods. She hoped to God that it wasn't some dude or girl who had been murdered and dumped in the woods. She did not want to see that crap today. She didn't want to DEAL with that crap today. However after standing there for a second and not seeing one sign of a spirit she felt slightly relieved, but on the other hand she started to get nervous. It had to be an animal then, right... If there was one thing that she didn't want it to be was an animal. She would totally take a spirit over an animal any day. Spirits just tease and pick on you and maybe want some help moving on to whatever it was that they moved on to. Animals though.... Animals could kill you. She didn't have anything on her to protect herself either. [aingeal]Well this is just perfect...[/aingeal] she whispered to herself. She started to move again, but much slower this time. Isn't it if you start running is what makes an animal want to attack you and make you a meal... I think.... After a minute or so of slow walking she heard the sound again and stopped just like before. She began to look around at the area in front of her, but saw no sign of a person or of a spirit that she could see anyways. A moment later a cougar jumped down right in front of her, staring at her glaringly. Her hands began to shake slightly and she took a small step back, trying to rack through her brain of what she should or shouldn't do. I guess I should have watched some of those shows on Animal Planet.... Knowledge was everything and she had little to no knowledge about cougars. Did she drop down and play dead? Was she suppose to take off running? Am I suppose to just stand here and hope it doesn't think I'm it's lunch? For fuck's sake....


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