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    Aingeal is 5'7 and is about 125lbs. She has brunette hair that goes down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are a light brown that darken a little near the iris. She is of average build, but her muscles are slightly toned.
    Aingeal is an introvert. Mostly she tries to keep to herself, not really speaking out rudely or what not. Of course being a waitress has helped her not to be too much of an introvert. She also is capable of really bad times of aggression when provoked. At times she can be somewhat of an extrovert, but that's only when she's had a few drinks in her. That however, rarely happens. If someone does tend to irritate her or annoy her in some way she tends to be a smartass towards them.
    The most important thing that Aingeal carries on her is a sterling silver cross necklace. It was given to her from her parents when she was just a child. The other thing of importance that she carries with her is her Macbook Pro.


    Aingeal has the ability to see/hear/and talk to the dead. As in other words she is a legit medium. She can usually tell when she is speaking or seeing a deceased person because of a faint aura they have surrounding them. Also on rare occasions she has been known to expand her ability to a person. Allowing them to basically be a medium for a short time, doing this however tends to drain her of energy and normally she would need to rest afterward. She also can't sustain it for too long.

    The one bad thing about being a medium is that sometimes you tend to see people when they died and that would lead to some pretty horrific nightmares.

    Other times it seemed that some spirits could manifest themselves however they wanted to her. It's as if they could transform themselves to look however they wanted.
    Aingeal knows the basics of fist fighting. Her father had also taught her how to shoot, which she's very good at because he had been in the military as a sniper. Another interesting aspect of her is that she has the uncanny ability to extract information from people.
    Aingeal was born in a small town in Washington state. There wasn't much to do for entertainment so most of the time she would hang out with her brother. Spending so much time with her brother made the bond between them that much stronger.

    They both even went to the same school for a few years, Heights High School. That is until her brother had gotten into some trouble and her parents had sent him away to go to a boarding school. Aingeal was quite furious with her parents about what they had done, but more so she was angry with herself for not helping her brother.

    A few years later the Nevus event had happened. Aingeal really didn't know what to make of it and wasn't too worried about what it would mean for her. She was only concerned about her family. About a month later her and her parents were on their way to the park. They had gotten there and Aingeal got out of the car. She had seen a spirit and it had told her that her parents would die in a very short time. Ten minutes later she had gotten separated from her family and then she heard the gunshots, confirming the spirits prophecy of her parents death.

    She hadn't even been able to give her parents a proper burial because the bodies hadn't been recovered. It had always bugged her why her parents bodies had went missing and there were always theories running around in her head. A month later she had contacted her brother and told him what happened. He had told her that he would make his way to see her in a week or two, but she had never heard from him.

    That is when Aingeal started on her journey of finding her brother which had turned out to be just as hard as trying to find a needle in a haystack. She had spent a little over two years trying to pin point his location, but had no luck. This is when she decided to head to New York to take a break from searching at least for a little while.

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    I use to RP way back when in the Yahoo chat rooms. Then made a few friends along the way that I would rp with. Then had been in a fallen angel rp with some of my best friends. After that I took a break, mainly to take care of my first baby. He's going to be turning one on May 4th.
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    Caught between a rock and a hard place the knife in her hand slightly glimmered from the streetlights glowing in the night. She stepped forward toward her attacker, thrusting her right hand forward as well. The blade sunk into the mans gut quickly then slipped out as she jumped away, seeing the blood drip off the blade onto the street. She looked up slowly and hesitated a minute before taking off down the street.

    The second she saw an alley she darted into it as quickly as her feet would carry her. To her dismay the alley had turned out to be a dead end and she knew that her attacker would be waiting at the opposite end of the alley. She turned around slowly, the blade still held in her hand.

    Sure enough the man was standing there at the end of the alley, blocking her. The wound she had given him had seemed to heal. At least that's what she figured since she could see the tear in his shirt, but no more blood and no more wound. She took a step back, pressing her back against the wall that blocked her exit. This is going to be a long night, she thought silently.
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  1. Old spectres and new phantoms

    The day had been quite long and she had been trying to work more shifts at work. Mainly to keep herself busy so that she wouldn't be bombarded by the numerous amounts of dead that had to search her out at all hours. Most seemed to actually bother her more as she was walking from destination to destination, but there had been quite a few that would interrupt her time at her own home. For the most part they seemed to stay away from her work place. She really had no idea why they seemed to steer away from the place, but she was thankful for spending so much time at the restaurant. However, there were days when she had horrible customers that almost made her second guess even working at the restaurant in the first place. Today was one of those days and she felt like she needed to blow of some well built up steam. This decision of wanting to get out of the city and find somewhere that she could be alone, or at least as alone as she could get, to fire off some rounds of her Glock 26 into bottles or even anything that she could find. Of course with her track record it really wasn't a good idea for her to go off at night out of the city, but she'd had a shitty day and instead of drowning herself in alcohol she figured shooting would be a much better way to manage her time. After her decision was defiantly made she had went out of the city, keeping her Glock in her holster that she had purchased 3 years ago. It always made her feel better if she kept it on her, especially when she went out of the city. It didn't take her long to find her spot of choice and it wasn't too far outside the city so if she decided to hurry back into town it hopefully wouldn't take her too long. The only thing that made her a little hesitant about even choosing the spot she was at now was that it most certainly looked like people came here to do whatever it is that random people do. She took a deep breath in as she left the safety of her car, keeping her keys in her front pocket. She also left the lights of her car on which would slightly help put her at ease. Granted it's basically like a big sign telling people she was there, but she did have a gun and she does know how to shoot. So whatever. She had been shooting for a few minutes, but stopped as she got that feeling that she usually always got when a spirit was around her. Her eyes closed and she shook her head slightly. Not now, she thought, please not freaking now.... all I want is a god damn break. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she opened her eyes slowly, knowing that she would see something that she would rather not see. She knew it was going to happen, but that didn't make her that anymore prepared. The man appeared in front of her and if it wasn't for the fact that it looked like his throat was ripped out she would wager that he was quite good looking when he was alive. He looked to be anywhere from 26-28 years old when he died and from the looks of his hideous injuries it looked like he had been killed by lycanthropes. "Hello. Is there any possible way that you could leave me be and let me get off some steam on my own," she asked the spirit that stood before her. NPC : "Hey there. Well right now wouldn't be that great of a time for me to do that. See there is a guy that is going to be coming here. He's an old buddy of mine, but he isn't really too much of a people person. If he sees you here he will probably consider you as a threat. So all I will need you to say is that Little G says to chill out and that she's good people," he replied to her. A slight pause from Aingeal as she listened to the spirits words. Her first instinct was to just head on back to her vehicle, get in, and drive off. Then this guy that will be coming won't even have to have any interaction with her at all, but then her stubborn side kicks in and makes her not want to leave because she was here first tonight and she would be damned if someone was going to run her off from releasing some tension that had built up over the day. Another sigh escaped her lips before she asked, "Well. Why don't I just leave before he even gets here?" NPC : Little G moved a little bit closer to her and spoke once more. "Maybe that's because he's literally almost here already. And you won't see him either. He has this special talent that keeps him from being seen from people who aren't looking for him." She lowered her weapon and kept it at her side for a second and then slid it into her holster, thinking that if some guy was going to be coming up on her that wasn't too keen on social interaction that he probably wouldn't want to see a person pointing a gun at him or even having one in her hand. "Alright. I guess I'll have to take your word for it and I'm also going to hope that you'll help me out when talking to him, yeah? Also. What's his name?" NPC : He turned his head slightly back toward the hill over his shoulder then back to Aingeal. "His name is Gavin, but first tell him that I said hi. He will hopefully relax slightly after that. Also. Just stay where you are. No sudden movements. He's almost here."
  2. Breathe In Breathe Out

    The sight of a wild mountain lion being as calm as can be next to someone who would more than likely, in any other normal circumstance, would be considered as food is something of a sight to see. In her regard though it some what frightened her. That someone had the ability to make a wild beast bend to their every whim. Her next thought was that he must be extremely powerful and that was something that she knew was a good friend to have. Someone that was a powerful ally. Not that she ever much got into too much trouble... Well. Other than coming across something that would want to eat her randomly during the day. She faintly chuckled at herself and her train of thought. After it seemed that the two had some what of an interaction between each other the man walked toward her. Her eyes mostly stayed on the mountain lion following along behind him. It must be his buddy now, she thought. It would be an interesting thing to have such a powerful animal to walk along side you or at least she figured it would be. There was one thing she knew for sure was that it would be a better feeling than having the dead following you around constantly or popping out of nowhere at the most random times. "Sorry you got hurt. I didn't plan for anyone else to be up here." "It's fine. I'm the one who should probably take a lesson away from this and not wander around in the woods on my own without any form of protection," she replied to him as he stopped in front of her. She pressed her right hand against her stomach to try and stop the bleeding coming from the palm of her hand. She stood there, keeping all, if not most, of her weight on her right leg. "Do you need some help to get home?" There was a hesitant moment before she answered him. She barely knew the guy and now he had a mountain lion following his every order. It wasn't like she had the option to not ask for help. With her leg how it was it would probably take her the rest of the day to get home. With this man's help it would hopefully only take an hour. Risks were apart of life and she wasn't afraid to take them. Damn the consequences. "Yeah, ya know what. It would be really nice if you'd help me get home. Ii mean... if you really don't mind that is," she replied to him.
  3. Breathe In Breathe Out

    The fall she had taken resulted in a cut on the palm of her right hand and a somewhat sore left knee, but nothing seemed to be broken or too badly injured to hinder her from getting up and getting the heck out of there. After waiting for a minute and realizing that she wasn't getting mauled to death by the animal she figured now would be as good a time as any to attempt to stand up. She stood up slowly, wincing at the pain in her knee, and turned around to see what had happened with the man and the animal. Her jaw just about dropped to the ground as she saw the animal actually showing some sort of affection toward the guy. It confirmed her thoughts that he must have some sort of ability and for that she was completely and utterly thankful. If it hadn't been for him she probably would be dead by now. The mans words were apparently directed at her and she stood still for a moment and looked down at her hand, seeing a little bit of blood sliding down her finger. [aingeal]Just scratched my hand a bit is all,[/aingeal] she paused for a moment as she moved a little bit of her weight onto her left leg, wincing. [aingeal]And I think I did something to my left leg. It hurts when i put too much weight on it,[/aingeal] she replied to him, but still stood there motionless. It wasn't that she didn't trust the guys abilities. It was that she didn't trust the animal that just tried to make her into a daytime snack. Internally she sighed at herself. Just another normal day...
  4. A Smoke and a Pancake?

    If there was one thing in the world that she was most thankful for it was when the restaurant wasn't extremely busy. It was nice to take it easy and not stress out over all of the things that needed to be stressed out over. Making sure everyone's drink was topped off, or even just keep thing the patrons happy so she could get a nice tip. Some days she wondered if she should find a different job or find something that might give her a little more pay, but she felt humbled by doing this job. Plus it meant not having to go to too many unsavory places because if there was one thing that she knew it was places that had a bad rap usually were crawling with spirits. Here though, at this place, it was nice and quiet. Aingeal had heard about the killings that had been taking place recently and it freaking terrified her. It made her just want to lock herself up in her apartment and never walk outside again. There was also something that it made her feel. She felt slightly guilty because she wondered if she could be of some use in helping to figure out who or whom or even what was going around killing people. All she would have to do is find their spirits and have a little chat. Maybe the people saw a face. Although Aingeal was not very artistic so that would be a slightly problem, but she had had a nagging feeling that she could help. However. She pushed that feeling aside. Trouble wasn't something she wanted to be apart of. The sound of the bell above the door made her head move up quickly, seeing that there was someone waiting to be seated. It was easier for her that way. Not having to keep track of everyone that came in. She pulled a menu, knife, fork, and spoon, along with a napkin and walked up to the man who stood at the sign. [aingeal]Hey there. If you would follow me I'll take you to your table,[/aingeal] she said with a bright smile on her face and then turned slowly, taking a quick look around the restaurant. She opted to put him slightly close to the door and by the window, standing beside the 2 person table she kept the smile on her face as she pulled out her note pad to write down his order. [aingeal]So what can I get ya,[/aingeal] she asked with the smile still on her lips.
  5. Breathe In Breathe Out

    Seeing him shake his head as her hand reached into her purse was enough to make her hand stop and her brain rethink the situation. Of course mace wasn't going to do diddly squat to a freaking cougar. The best chance either one of them probably had, or so she thought, was if either of them had a gun. The problem was that more often than not she never carried a gun on her and this whole ordeal made her wonder why she never did and would probably end up making her do so from now on. Both her hands wet up to her face to cover her mouth as she wanted Alec quickly dodge the cougar. If the cougar didn't do anything to her she was sure that she would end up having a heart attack from all the stress that was building up. She had already been freaking out about maybe seeing some unfriendly spirits, but the cougar was more of a threat to her than any old ghost ever would be. Aingeal still stood exactly where she had last stopped. Attracting the cougars attention was the last thing she wanted and she had no doubt in her mind that if she took off the cougar would more than likely be inclined to chase after her. Her eyes had been on Alec as she noticed his lips move and then the slight wind come from his hand. This development made the whole situation even more interesting. Hmmm. He must have abilities or powers... or whatever... Slight relief was felt as she realized this because it meant that one of them was at least armed with something. Her ability of seeing the dead wouldn't have really helped either one of them in this situation. Her eyes had stayed on the cougar as it's head snapped, being distracted by the rustling of leaves. Then her eyes went back to Alec and saw him climb the tree and then motion for her to run. She hesitated for a moment, wondering if it was actually the smart thing to do, but then turned and began to run away. As fate would have it being clumsy and trying to run in the woods wasn't a really good predicament to be in. In fact it was probably one of the worst things a clumsy person could do, but with the adrenaline pumping through her veins she forgot for a split second just how clumsy she was. However, it only took that split second and a root from a tree to make her come back to reality as her body fell forward. Teeth bit into her bottom lip to keep herself from yelling out in pain, but she laid still for a moment, hoping that the cougar was too preoccupied paying attention to the mage to even notice or hear her fall.
  6. Breathe In Breathe Out

    As the big bad cougar kept coming closer to her her mind kept trying to think of the best way to handle the situation, but truth be told she wasn't exactly too sure what to do or how to get away with minimal to zero damage done to herself. Lucky for her though there was someone nearby and that was somewhat of a good thing for her, or at least she thought so. ” EULALIAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ” The sound of what sounded like someone yelling some sort of weird war cry was almost as scary as the cougar in front of her. Then she figured it was probably more weird and surprising than scary. The predator in front of her would probably be more worse to deal with than a weird guy who yells war cries. However, having someone intervene between her and a cougar was better than nothing at this point because she still had no idea what to do if she were still facing off against the cougar on her own. She'd probably end up as a snack, lunch, or dinner. ”Ow. Ow... Owch!” [aingeal]Are you freaking serious...[/aingeal] she said her words in a soft whisper as she watched the mystery man slide down the hill in a not so hero sort of way. She almost started to laugh out loud, but held back her laughter as she watched the man land on the other side of the cat. She waved back at the guy and then moved her eyes back to the cat in front of her. The cat though had turned to face the guy instead. A slight wave of relief washed over her, but was quickly replaced with fear. Great... now this guy is going to get mauled by the cat... then I'm probably next... ” ... Good kitty? ” [aingeal]I really highly doubt that this kitty is a good kitty. In fact I really really hope you have a better plan than falling down a hill,[/aingeal] she half said the words jokingly and seriously. She stood right where she was, half scared that if she made anymore noise that the cat would turn back around to her, but also half scared that she was about to see someone get killed by a cougar. Neither of which seemed like something enjoyable to be apart of. What in the hell am I suppose to do... Aingeal felt like it would have been so much more awesome if she had had some other give bestowed upon her besides seeing and talking to dead people. That wouldn't really help her in situations like this. She was helpless in situations like this. She reached over to her left side, reaching down into her small purse that she had brought along with her. She had no idea if mace would do anything against a cougar, but if push comes to shove she'd be willing to try anything. She pulled out the can and armed it just in case. I really hope this guy knows what he's doing...

    ^ That though. LOL. Yay!!! I'm so glad and happy that I came back to the party! I missed writing so much and thankful that my muse has been generous enough to me so that I CAN write. This is such a great "family" to be apart of!!! <3
  8. Breathe In Breathe Out

    At first this whole hiking thing had seemed like a really awesome idea to Aingeal, but now... Now she wasn't too sure if she even wanted to be out here anymore. Don't get her wrong. She thought it was beautiful. The sun shining through the trees. The fresh air not polluted by the city. However. Hearing sounds of something making it's way through the woods was probably one of the more scarier things that she could think of. I mean she sees dead people! Not too many things scare her. Another sound near her and she stopped again, keeping her eyes straight forward because the one and only thing she could really think it would be would be a spirit. They did seem to flock toward her like a moth to a flame, but she was out in the middle of the woods. She hoped to God that it wasn't some dude or girl who had been murdered and dumped in the woods. She did not want to see that crap today. She didn't want to DEAL with that crap today. However after standing there for a second and not seeing one sign of a spirit she felt slightly relieved, but on the other hand she started to get nervous. It had to be an animal then, right... If there was one thing that she didn't want it to be was an animal. She would totally take a spirit over an animal any day. Spirits just tease and pick on you and maybe want some help moving on to whatever it was that they moved on to. Animals though.... Animals could kill you. She didn't have anything on her to protect herself either. [aingeal]Well this is just perfect...[/aingeal] she whispered to herself. She started to move again, but much slower this time. Isn't it if you start running is what makes an animal want to attack you and make you a meal... I think.... After a minute or so of slow walking she heard the sound again and stopped just like before. She began to look around at the area in front of her, but saw no sign of a person or of a spirit that she could see anyways. A moment later a cougar jumped down right in front of her, staring at her glaringly. Her hands began to shake slightly and she took a small step back, trying to rack through her brain of what she should or shouldn't do. I guess I should have watched some of those shows on Animal Planet.... Knowledge was everything and she had little to no knowledge about cougars. Did she drop down and play dead? Was she suppose to take off running? Am I suppose to just stand here and hope it doesn't think I'm it's lunch? For fuck's sake....
  9. Breathe In Breathe Out

    August 12, 2019 Fort Lee Historic Park 9:00am If there was one thing that Aingeal didn't do enough of it was getting out and enjoying her surroundings. It had been a while since she'd taken the time to take a nice scenic walk in the city or anywhere else for that matter. She felt like she needed to get out and take a breather. Take some time for herself. After deciding that she'd like to get out of the house today, on her day off, she figured she'd go and take a relaxing nature hike. Something else that she hadn't done in a long time. Plus on the upside it would be a sneaky way to get in some exercise. She'd never really been to this place so she was kind of excited to get into the park and start to walk around. Another main reason for getting out of the city and into nature was because she knew there would be less spirits out here than in the city. Which meant that she could drop her guard a little and not have to worry about constantly seeing some dead person as she turned a corner. Her car was parked at the entrance and she had grabbed a bottle of water out of her car before heading into the park. She stopped by the main park map that they have at the beginning and tried to figure out which path she would take. A slight shrug was made as she pulled out one of the folded paper maps out of it's holder, deciding she would chose a path as she walked. After about twenty minutes she found herself at a crossroad's. She unfolded her map and looked down at it, figuring out where she was, and then made a decision to head to the right instead of the left. About another ten minutes later she stopped for a second as she heard some sort of noise. For a moment she figured that it must be some spirit wandering around in the woods. She shrugged her shoulders once more and began walking down the path once more.
  10. Hello

    August 9, 2019 Tuesday 8:00pm Kieran's Apartment It had been a while. It had been too long of a while. She hadn't seen Kieran in a long time. The last she had heard from him was in an email that he had gone to LA. An email. One freaking email. She had to admit that it had sort of rubbed her the wrong way. She didn't know if Kier had ever noticed, but she had had feelings for him. After being hired by him and finding out that he had already had someone. It had been a huge let down. She had stayed and worked for him though. So there she stood. In front of his door to his apartment wondering if she should even knock. She had been here quite a few times before, knocking and finding no one answer. She was worried about him. She had always been worried about him after he left. And so this was her routine. She'd stand here for about five minutes, debating if she should knock or just walk off. Sometimes she had walked off without even knocking and that was only because she had gotten so tired of knocking, only to find him not here. Her mind was finally made up and she knocked on the door. Then her routine consisted of her standing there for 5 minutes, knocking, and waiting 5 more minutes. She let her hand hang at her side and she stood there at the beginning of her first 5 minute mark. Hoping. Waiting. Please be back...
  11. And if we should die tonight, we should all die together. Watch the flames climb high into the night.

  12. Aingeal needs a thread! Ahhhhhh.

  13. Closing Up

    Ok. Wait. I'm intrigued by the whole microwave thing. Lol..
  14. Rawr?

    Ya know. You better be careful what you wish for. Don't get in too much trouble!
  15. It's a Wonderful Fae Life.....

    This didn't appear to be any ordinary evening and instead of finding herself walking back to her apartment she instead began wandering the streets until she found herself in a cloud of confusion. Her feet stopped in front of the three story club and she shook her head slightly, wondering what the hell could be going on. Is this some spirit leading me somewhere? She looks up at the building and then finds herself walking in without being able to stop herself, but does she really want to stop herself. The door opens and she realizes that there must be a party going on. That fact somewhat makes sense to her since it is around the holidays and people are celebrating. She remembers when she use to celebrate Christmas or even the New Year with her family, but those were distant memories that had somewhat faded with time. It didn't take her long to find herself being pulled toward the bar. At first she found that it was slightly a weird feeling, but then realized that maybe her subconscious was telling her that she was thirsty. Her eyes glided over the room and noticed quite a few things that were out of the norm. A man that seemed to be speaking some kind of language that she didn't know, another man that was now floating in the air. She giggled softly and turned back to notice a sign of what drinks they had. She looked them over carefully and decided on something that she'd never tried before. [aingeal]Can I get a Rose Chablis please?[/aingeal] After asking for a drink her head turned to see a woman that had tripped and appeared to have hiccuped up some very pretty bubbles. Another giggle found its way from Aingeal's lips. She turned back to the bar and picked up the drink that had been placed in front of her. She took a long drink and smiled after licking her lips. The flavor was something that was new and different to her. A soft 'mmm' sound comes from her lips and she takes another drink. She puts the drink down and looks up at the mirror that was behind the bar. All at once her mouth dropped as she noticed her hair beginning to change. Her right hand goes up to touch her hair softly, wondering if it was a dream or maybe a hallucination that she was having. At the touch of her soft hair she realizes that it is in fact not a dream and is most certainly real. [aingeal]Oh man...[/aingeal]