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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

JUNE 13, 2019 - Family emergency  took a bad turn so had to stay away but now things are finally calming down. Hope to get going again shortly. Thanks for understanding. ~ZEPH

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    Kashmir is an elf of average height who appears rather tan. His hair, though naturally brown, is often topped with blonde highlights. Short scruffy brown hair forms a seemingly perpetual 5 o'clock shadow. Kashmir usually wears western human clothing with a bit of a flamboyant elfin twist-- a trademark scarlet suit in the place of more dull commonly accepted business wear.

    While not that tall, Kashmir is extremely sinewy. His strength comes from speed, which lends grace and purpose to his movements. No step is ever taken in error or without forethought.

    The combination of his lanky build and suit makes him an easily recognized, yet unassuming figure in a room.

    He also carries a walking stick made of an ethereal silvery wood, somewhat similar to birch, but unique to his homeworld. The cane has inexplicable metallic properties, lending to incredible tensile strength and durability.
    Kashmir is the proverbial stick in the mud. He has a penchant for following the rules exactly as they have been handed down, with no interest in sudden changes, or even changes that are not so sudden. He is stuck in the past, which, for humans would imply a chauvinistic and backwards philosophy, but for him simply means a believe that things should be done by one's own hands if they are to be done at all.

    Kashmir, to put it most bluntly, has zero tolerance for any frivolous activities. He regards pointless speech with disdain, and, loses respect in others much more quickly than he grows to respect them.

    Kashmir's favorite consumable item is coffee. His kitchen is built up with what he lovingly calls his "coffee laboratory."

    He spends hours of his free time mixing and roasting beans, testing different temperatures and blends in search of the perfect cup of coffee.
    Kashmir has two important personal belongings. The first is his silver-wood staff. This is useful only for whacking people.

    The second is a ring with small gems embedded in the band--
    Amber, Amethyst, Cobalt, Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby, with a topaz stone on top.

    The ring is a channel for his geode centric powers, each stone ocasionally breaking when overloaded, which means he must replace them at varying intervals.

    Within his home, there is a micro coffee brewery set up, which he deems his pride and joy.


    Kashmir has two unique sets of abilities.

    The first is based on the regenerative powers of nature. His ring's stones each have a different function when mana is pushed through them.

    Amber creates a localized time distortion in a 2 foot radius where time flows up to 5 seconds faster or slower for a maximum of 5 minutes.

    Amethyst creates a healing aura which can purify weak poisons, diminish the effects of stronger poisons, and heal minor scratches or wounds by accelerating the natural healing abilities of the body.

    Cobalt can force a single individual to speak truth for up to two minutes at a time, as long as Kash maintains contact with them.

    Emerald can cause rapid growth of plant life (acceleration of about a year per five minutes) in an area of six feet around Kashmir. This stone will break after ten minutes of use.

    Sapphire increases Kash's physical strength, allowing him to deliver more powerful strikes and weather stronger blows. He will often use it in conjunction with his fortification magic to achieve optimal results. At max output, the Sapphire alone would enable him to punch straight through an inch concrete, leaving a clean hole where his fist went through, and more than likely, he will break his fist and most of the bones in his arm in the process. With this level of output, the Sapphire will exhaust itself in a mater of three minutes.

    Ruby results in a conflagration, where the fire manifests in Kash's hand. He can throw up to three fireballs before the ruby dulls in color, after which it takes an hour to recharge. Throwing more than three fireballs increases the risk of breaking the ruby prematurely.

    The topaz holds together the rest of the stones, and serves as a regenerative force to restore their energies after Kash has depleted them. It can take up to a week to completely regenerate a high quality stone, four days to regenerate a medium quality stone, and at the lowest end of the spectrum, a stone can regenerate in under 12 hours.

    The above limits are in place for stones of high quality. Medium quality reduces duration and range by about 10%, and low quality stones are already dull enough that the usage is barely half of what a high quality stone can manage.

    The second set of powers is what he calls "fortification magic." More accurately, this is an ability by which Kashmir locks the relative position of atoms to one another in order to strengthen an object.

    When applied to an object, the fortification spreads out from the point of contact to his body. When applied to his limbs, the fortification is instant.

    A fortified object will resist fractures and splintering, turning a wooden table into a more effective shield than an ordinary steel plate, and a bamboo staff into a more devastating weapon than a piece of rebar.

    Kashmir can theoretically keep an object fortified for years at a time. The more strain put on the object, the more quickly he will have to redo the fortification. When there is no strain on an object, the fortification is a passive thing, and it is the act of fortifying that causes the majority of the mana use. The larger the object, the more mana it takes to fortify, up to a maximum of 9 square feet Once stress is exerted on an object, the fortification begins to wear off, and it will eventually break if not re-fortified in time. A fortified steel plate will hold off the equivalent of five .50 BMG rounds before the fortification wears off.
    Years of fascination with caffeine have made Kashmir essentially a sommelier of coffee. By taste and smell alone, Kash can determine the roasting period and likely country of origin of the beans.

    He is a skilled martial artist, having grown up with a pair of older siblings. Some things don't change, even for other species. Kash learned to defend himself when he was still a youth, but he found that the discipline inherent in self defense is valuable through all stages of life.

    Kashmir also has taught himself the fine art of whittling. He will often whittle small animals with which he decorates his office, occasionally destroying older ones to make room for new ones.
    Kashmir is a romanized version of the name given to our dear friend Mr. Dorsanos at birth. Humans would find his name seemingly unpronounceable, and so he abandoned it in favor of something more normal.

    Kashmir's parents and young life have no bearing on his present existence, which began when he arrived in South America. The only thing worth mentioning from his pre-resonance life is his training in magic and physical combat.

    He was taught respect for nature and its component parts--instructed in the ways of nature. Kashmir found it difficult to relate to those things living, but had a remarkably quick time picking up on the connection to the inanimate, but very vibrant, world of gems.

    Kash would carry around a pouch filled with gems of different types, calling upon their properties as he needed or wanted, and learning that their value was more than just gold.

    He arrived on Earth in 2013, with the second wave. Quickly, Kash acquired the backing to begin what humans call an LLC dedicated to the trade of precious gems. To celebrate the founding of this company, Kashmir had a ring with seven sockets for gems made.

    While on Earth, Kashmir began to experiment with modes of controlling inanimate objects. He tested ways to strengthen them, make them unbreakable, indomitable. Eventually, he developed a technique he calls Zettai Kyodo, the Japanese name for Absolute Strength. Why it's in Japanese, we'll never know, (rule of cool, perhaps) but the technique focuses on the binding of relative positions. Once locked in, atoms cannot be moved, relative to one another. No denting, scratching, bending, or breaking is possible.

    Kashmir met Durion in late 2013, when he learned that Durion and NARWA controlled the flow of resources from large portions of South America to the rest of the world. After the meeting at which Kashmir requested a trade permit, he took on a position in the early days of Durion's authority.

    Kash's talents with the inanimate earned him a place in NARWA's Iron Ore division. He rose to a position of authority in the organization's structure, and currently oversees the entirety of the Iron export from NARWA's domain.

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  1. Kashmir Dorsanos

    The End is Near....

    Cooler heads had... uh, something. Kash wasn't exactly sure what had happened in that moment. The council seemed cowed by Durion's onslaught of well founded criticism. The red suited man stayed to the back as his boss berated the councilors. Kashmir had to stifle a laugh as Huor...what was that human phrase? Yes, glaring daggers. An apt description for a dangerous sight. Nonetheless, NARWA controlled enough land and commanded enough economic and social capital that they were nigh untouchable by the council without serious backlash. That was one advantage of the councilors' hubris and disdain for humanity. They ignored the concept of monopoly and had allowed Durion to grow his conglomerate beyond its natural limits. One of the council chamber's guards had finally arrived. Kash broke away from the conversation to delay the man. [NPC]Oh. You again. Boss on another tear?[/npc] Kash smiled and nodded, explaining the news from the north. [Kashmir]Apparently the humans are demanding an "off-world registry." It could heavily diminish our business, and in turn, collapse our economy. [/kashmir] Kash turned his head to check if durion was still talking with the councilors. Well, talking at them. [Kashmir]Looks like the council doesn't really care. Maybe they're dismissing it as the ramblings of an angry magnate.[/kashmir] [Npc]Well it's not my place to contradict them, but if it's as bad as you make it sound, maybe I'll see what my boys and I can do to change their minds.[/npc] Kash chuckled and shook the guard's hand. [Kashmir] It would be much appreciated. [/kashmir]
  2. I have just finished watching Firefly. It seems to have been canceled. Explain yourselves.

    1. Ishsa Nestra

      Ishsa Nestra

      *sighs* oh Firefly... how I miss that show!

    2. Cassandra Greene

      Cassandra Greene

      That will always make me sad. =( Did you hear we're getting Young Justice s3?

  3. Kashmir Dorsanos

    The End is Near....

    They were certainly an odd pair. Durion clad in shades of blues and purples, the Iron Elf in his typical blazing red suit. Durion was up in arms...that was the phrase the humans would use, of course. A phrase he was given to understand stemmed from the practice of abbreviation. Armaments became arms. Still, Kashmir knew better than to get in his boss's way when he was so incensed. Durion had stormed off to come here and yell at the council, his blatant disregard for elvin tradition and the governing bodies which came with it potentially a liability for the company itself. There were also those among the neworld denizens of South America who resented the very concept of elves doing business with humans, and were therefore less than pleased with Durion. Kash had taken on a role similar to that of a bodyguard for Durion when he could afford to leave the mines unattended. Before the flamboyant Elf could enter the doors, Kashmir thought to caution him on the virtues of remaining courteous towards the council, but Durion would do what he wished, as it always was. By the time Kash realized he'd been ignored, Durion was already inside, yelling at the councilors for their intractable nature and oblivious state regarding the rest of the world. Kash tended to side with the council on most things, but here, he was concerned with the effect on business if legislation were passed to vilify "outworlders." [Kashmir]If I may.[/kashmir] Red fabric crinkled slightly as the elf stepped forward. [Kashmir]Even if you do not care about the demonization of we who are not of this world, at least respect the effect this will have on our cash flow. Not just for NARWA, but for every single business owned and operated by an off worlder. Any enterprise that does business with the humans will immediately be branded with the term "off-worlder," as though we who have given years to the betterment of this world are not entitled to be part of it.[/Kashmir] A silence echoed his words as the Iron Elf bowed his head respectfully, straightening up after a few seconds.
  4. Kashmir Dorsanos

    Expanding into New Frontier

    This certainly was a busy building. The architecture, grand though it may have been, was stifling all the same. Kashmir wondered how it could be that so many people could spend so many hours in this mausoleum without smashing down a wall or two in a sudden urge to escape to the outside. And yet it seemed the humans had an admiration for the place, or at the very least for the people who populated its halls. Were these magi so foolish as to think any among their number deserved such blind admiration? Nonetheless, the elf shoved his thoughts away and waited for the arrival of the ARMA leader. His eyes roamed over the room, tracking paths of movement. Durion's comment had confirmed his suspicion that magic was at play in the building. It was not surprising, by any means, but it did cause Kashmir a a bit of concern. With so many people milling through this space populated with such unfamiliar magics, and an as-yet unknown quantity in Alistar Greene and his merry band of magi, the first of his concerns was a potential ambush. NARWA represented a significant chunk of the land and capital in South America, and three of its most important agents were standing here in one place. If someone wanted to cripple the development of Elfin or Fae lands, now would be the perfect time to strike. Ah, the chief clown and one of his lieutenants. It amused Kashmir to no end the way Alistair carried himself. Was he a bureaucrat, a warrior, or something in between? Durion introduced the NARWA delegation and Kashmir nodded his head slightly by way of greeting.
  5. Kashmir Dorsanos

    Expanding into New Frontier

    [kashmir] The same way the dead filth lives in them. [/kashmir] The iron elf muttered his words. It was his reality that he spoke. Humans were inert scum, encased in flesh and the occasional personality. He much preferred the company of his fellow veil crossers. Enaleri's bright hair caught his eye as she floated next to Durion. [kashmir]The architecture is impressive, especially given the destruction, not a decade ago.[/kashmir] He felt it necessary to admit some admiration for the resilience of these sub-optimal creatures. The three strode into ARMA's headquarters and Durion announced their presence; a president flanked by his generals. These mages... humans given the slightest window into the power of the cosmos... at least some of them could understand how insignificant they were in the grand scheme of trans-human life the universe had to offer. Brown eyes caught the reflection of his face in a mirrored surface. The fuck was that? Oh... he was scowling. Inward scowls, Kashmir. Hate inwardly, smile outwardly. Kash turned to Durion for a moment. [kashmir]Something unnatural surrounds us, sir. We should remain vigilant.[/kashmir] The elf was picking up on the wards and magical reinforcements ARMA had put in place to defend the building, but had no understanding of exactly what they were.
  6. Kashmir Dorsanos

    An Elf's domain is his Castle

    Kash sat back in the chair, fingers laced in his lap as he spun the ring with his thumb. His eyes flicked from place to place before settling back on his employer. [kashmir]Even among the inferior beings, there are those who have had good ideas. Security of mind and understanding of weaknesses are rarely worth leaving unchecked when dealing with high-value equipment.[/kashmir] Red fabric crinkled lightly as Kashmir's hands separated and his left arm came up to support his head as he leaned forward. [kashmir] Besides, we are dealing with a human. [/kashmir] The melodic sound of elvish brought a soft smile to his lips. He replied in kind, voice less polished than Durion's. [kashmir]As you wish. I will succeed.[/kashmir] The Elf's native tongue was so much more formal than was English. It reinforced a level of structure and stratified society that was sorely lacking in this new world. Kashmir shrugged off the memories before returning his mind to business. [kashmir]Will that be all?[/kashmir] He asked, still with the soft smile. [kashmir]It would appear I have much to keep me busy in the next few days.[/kashmir]
  7. Kashmir Dorsanos

    An Elf's domain is his Castle

    Kashmir stared, mouth agape, at his boss. [kashmir]Well then... I suppose you have this all figured out.[/kashmir] The Iron Elf could not help but laugh softly at his boss's planning and apparent composure in the face of a nigh-impossible task. [kashmir] Miss London is... well... one of the few people who actually concerns me.[/kashmir] The security minded man was not one to leave anything to chance. [kashmir]We never actually completed her background checks. [/kashmir] Kash looked down at his hands and spun the ring around his finger. He felt the gemstones bump under his thumb and smiled. They were beautiful indeed, and the powers he could draw from them, quite extraordinary. A momentary clearing of the throat, and Kash looked back at his boss. [kashmir]Well sir, count me in if it will bring more profit to the company. Is there anything I can do to help move the process forward?[/kashmir]
  8. Kashmir Dorsanos

    An Elf's domain is his Castle

    [Kashmir] No, sir. I never meant to imply that you were. I just know how you can sometimes get... shall we say, carried away with your plans? [/Kashmir] Kash blurted his apologetic explanation as soon as his boss finished speaking. It was uncharacteristic, but he had misspoken,which was also not in his habits. Then, the rest of the idea. [Kashmir]You... EHWHWHAT?[/Kashmir] Kash would have spat his drink out had he been drinking. His boss really was insane. [Kashmir] Apologies. Did you say you were going to FLY it back? Where will we get something big enough to haul a coke oven? Or a pilot willing to do it?[/Kashmir] The iron elf was flabbergasted. Kashmir did not like being flabbergasted. It made him feel dumb. Some people might call his state "speechless," but let's just agree that he was flabbergasted because,let's face it, that's just more fun. Kash leaned back in his chair, fingers twisting metal and gems around his finger as he ransacked his brain for an intelligent response.
  9. Kashmir Dorsanos

    An Elf's domain is his Castle

    Durion was patently insane. Well, his ideas weren't THAT absurd... assuming (erroneously) that they had someone who could teleport items. So, the idea was absurd. Kash sat back in the chair. [kashmir]Sir. With all due respect, have you done any of the calculations on this? Transporting the equipment will be more expensive than you may have realized. Plus, it may need to be fixed after it has arrived.[/kashmir] Moving anything precious in the no-man's land outside NARWA territory was dangerous. Durion would need to hire security, provide the flat-beds for broken equipment, and still have appropriate funds to actually purchase the mines. [kashmir] A twenty percent increase in our production would be fantastic, but it may take years to recoup losses from actually moving the materials. Can NARWA handle that kind of burden until we can get back to full strength?[/kashmir] Kashmir snagged another two pieces of fruit, methodically depositing them onto his plate before taking a drink. [kashmir] I do apologize for my doubts, but this is a rather large and risky undertaking. I would not want the rest of the enterprise to suffer for the sake of one arm.[/kashmir]
  10. Kashmir Dorsanos

    An Elf's domain is his Castle

    [kashmir] Siderugica!? [/kashmir] The normally steely elf was taken slightly aback. The foundry was huge, not necessarily functional, and way out of Durion's territory. It had been a pipe dream when the iron arm was founded. [kashmir] How big is the initial cost? It could take years for us to recoup losses. NARWA Iron is barely profitable as-is. Some of our clients even do their own pig-iron processing. [/kashmir] There were potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars at risk here, as well as the strength of NARWA as a whole. Kashmir speared another piece of fruit, pausing before chewing and speaking again. [kashmir] So, it's out of NARWA's reach. Does that mean we expand north? Or just secure trade routes? If we're dealing with unsafe area, I'll start working on fortifying our trucks.[/kashmir] The elf really didn't know what to suggest. There were too many factors at play here, and while the foundry would be a major boon, it was also a huge cost-sink for a facility that was questionable at best in its functionality.
  11. Kashmir Dorsanos

    An Elf's domain is his Castle

    [durion]all she does is sleep.[/durion] Kashmir chuckled. Durion had no favor for those who acted frivolously. Didn't mean the Iron Elf had to approve of Durion's own frivolity, but it certainly made conversing with him more entertaining. [kashmir]Can you really be mad at so dumb a creature, though? [/kashmir] A smile spread across Kash's face as his employer both dismissed the idea of a morale update and invited him to sit. [kashmir] I figured you would find that a waste of time, but did not wish to assume. The humans have a rather comical, if vulgar, saying. When you assume, you make an ass of you and me. [/kashmir] He drank deep from a glass of water for a moment before continuing. [kashmir] I suppose it is supposed to play upon the homophonic use of "you" and "u." A silly phrase.[/kashmir] [durion] I have a meeting in New York later this week that I want you to come to. [/durion] Kashmir set the glass down finally. Durion had finally gotten to business, and that was why he was here. [durion]… have a steel company looking for iron ore and need to be realistic about what we can begin to deliver on a quarterly basis to them.[/durion] A short pause on Kashmir's end before he spoke up once again. [kashmir] Well. We're still about eight months from getting a third mine operational, so that would pump up our output significantly. About another 2,000 expected tonnes per year. [/kashmir] He speared a piece of fruit with his fork, delivering it to his mouth before continuing. [kashmir] We end up using 200 tonnes for repairs and resupplies every year, so our available exports should jump to a minimum of 6,500 tonnes. We have export contracts for 2,000 tonnes which we cannot cancel, so if they decide to contract with us now, they could lock down 1,000, and re-negotiate after the next mine is open for 3,000 total.[/kashmir] The elf was thinking while he talked. What would it take to accelerate that mine's opening? As it was, he spent half his days fortifying equipment so it would last longer. He couldn't fortify everything, though, and there were electrical malfunctions, which had to be repaired, and that took more iron than he was comfortable with them using. Everyone knew you didn't dip into your own stock.
  12. Kashmir Dorsanos

    An Elf's domain is his Castle

    A strong smell of roasted beans wafted through the air in Kashmir's home. High up in the trees, Kash had built himself a comfortable domicile complete with micro-roastery and all other essentials for a coffee-lab. [kashmir]Mmm. Espresso from the mountains of Peru. Perfect for an early morning.[/kashmir] Kash was due at Durion's excessively opulent manor in just under an hour to deliver a monthly report on the Iron division. As much as he respected the elf, Kashmir simply could not bring himself to understand why anyone would want anything more than the basic necessities and one or two luxuries to make life tolerable. Finishing his coffee, Kash dressed and headed out to meet his employer for breakfast. The sun was still low in the sky as Kashmir's red suit arrived at Durion's door. He was shown in to meet with the lord of the manor, offering a cordial greeting to both his boss and the sullen looking cat on the ground. [kashmir] Good morning, Mr. Caranthir, feline. I trust you both slept well.[/kashmir] Kash would wait for Durion to signal it was OK for him to sit before occupying a chair. He was formal, and that was simply going to be his way forever. [kashmir] The mines are in good shape, producing just about as expected.[/kashmir] The elf paused for a moment, collecting his thoughts. [kashmir] I will be making a visit to one of the mines tomorrow to check up on employee morale in general, and can report back on that afterwards, if you care to hear it.[/kashmir] Why anyone would want to hear about how their underlings were doing was beyond him. When someone worked for pay, that fulfilled your obligation to them as an employer.


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