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    Some wise man once said the eyes told the story the rest of the face couldn't. Some bullshit like that. It was probably her father if she was going to be completely honest, but as Kai turned to look at her that's where her own yellowish eyes looked themselves. Straight into the windows of the soul because even though he was a handsome man, she remembered her first and only lesson with him. Were-peeps were dangerous. Not that he ever really gave off that vibe to her, she had to be ready. Hell, several years had passed and for all she knew he was a member of the OL. A stupid thought, but one had to keep their mind open. "I'm glad you're still a good person in these shitty times." She cleared her throat and looked back to the stadium. A long pause as she stared at it. "I was born and raised in Ireland. I still remember when the dragons attacked and the fight to survive very clearly. Mindless violence just to live and keep breathing. All of the people I hurt and now look what we've come to." Pity parties are not attractive Ms. Chapel. "I hope they fail too. Humanity has survived, and after everything, we're going to go back to this." Humanity is fickle and drawn to senseless violence. For as long as humanity is around, wars will be waged, people will be needlessly killed, and I will revel in it. This is why I never let you out of your cage. Remember, I always have more control than I let you believe. "Now is the best time for me to be out. Not as scared of what goes bump in the dark as I am of what goes bump in the Light." Pandora drew to a silence as another joined their reconnection. Granted they weren't exactly close before, but it was technically just that. He removed a set of keys from his pocket and it took her a moment to realize where he was going. His words drawing a furrowed brow. "Here's a question you might not hear very often since you seem quite accustomed to those other ones. Why don't you go fuck yourself." Pandora's lips drew into a tight line as she gave a quick glance to Kai, but returned a piercing glare to the other man's back as he moved towards the building. As I've said time and time again. I have more control than you know. As I tell you time and time again... Stop doing that. I'm only saying what you were thinking, let's be real here.
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    A singular breeze froze Pandora to the core. Fingers gripped her long coat and tightened its collar around her face. She needed a break from the confines of the church. One would think someone damned by God himself wouldn't find comfort within the walls of one of his holy houses. Yet something about having Rome and the other bible thumpers around gave her some strange sense of security. Mostly because that damned fire magus or whatever he was could snuff out a life faster than one of those candles he lights. Yellow eyes scanned the street with each step. She hadn't heard much from the Order since taking refuge. Yet something inside her knew to stay ever vigilant and to keep that trusty sword in her hands. I don't know why you put yourself in danger like this Pandora. Being on the Order's hit list means "stay out of the street and don't be stupid." Not, "let's go out and get ourselves killed." If I wanted to know your opinion, I would ask for it. Fair enough. The biggest issue with that is you're an idiot and I'm trying to keep us alive. This is where I say fuck you and go to your corner. I can handle a walk. I just thought I should voice my concerns. Noted, now fuck you and go to your corner. A bent over figure caught Pandora's attention and those eyes squinted. Looked to be out for a late night run, but it was a wee bit cold for that. Gaze shifted to that of the mountainous stadium nearby. Satyr Stadium. Mindless violence in her eyes. It seemed the world was slipping back into the old ways. Gladiatorial combat minus the weapons. Head shifted beneath the hood atop her head as she approached the figure noticing a rather familiar looking face. A man she hadn't seen since her freakout and disappearance from the world for years. Granted she never forgot a face and this beauty of a were-man would be impossible to forget. Fingers unlaced from the collar that obscured her face as she drew closer. "Mr. Morgan?" Voice was soft as she came to a stop several feet away, hands deep in the pockets of her coat. "It's a bit late for a run. Everything alright?" Eyes again shifted to the stadium and a thought came to her mind, a disturbing one. "The last time we spoke you were running a self-defense class to teach people to fight against the supernatural. I really hope you aren't thinking about fighting in these barbaric games for small minded people." Gaze returned to Kai, frown slowly crossing her painted lips. She couldn't exactly tell him not to do it, hell not like they were friends or anything. A shiver later and her gloved hand returned to holding her collar around her mouth, nose running ever so slightly. Why do you care Pandora? You know a part of you wants to see these barbarians fight each other. I've seen enough violence in my life, I don't want to willingly watch it. Dealt enough blows myself. Ah, but I wish to see these monstrosities fight.
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    Fugitives and Firefights

    -You are a fool Pandora- -I needed a way out Nix... I can't let you dictate my life anymore.- -Regardless of what you want, or need. We required the Order to survive. Now you'll have ARMA and the Light after you. Kudos on effort though.- -Wesley, or Kelly will help me...- -No one will help you Pandora. It's just you, and me. How coincidental that we keep getting put into this situation.- Pandora scoffed as she slid down the sidewalk slowly, dressed in a black long coat. The hood pulled up over her head, hidden wards across it's surface to hide her mana, a jacket beneath that, and light gray skinny jeans that hugged her legs. The sun had finally dipped below the cities towers, making the large statue of an angel overhead a shadow in the sky. Any real threat remained inside her head. -Oh hush now Pandora. We both know who the real enemy is here.- -You?- -It's your destructive personality. So, in a way you.- -I'm sorry, my destructive personality? I thought it was your inability to do the right thing. But fuck me for being wrong.- -Oh my dear, if I could fuck you for being wrong, we'd have a whole litter of Panda babies.- -Don't call me that.- -What, Panda? I thought all of your friends could call you that.- -You are not my friend Nix. You are a parasite, and one that I plan on getting rid of.- -You need me Pandora. Or do you not remember who protects this vessel we share?- -I don't need you anymore, I can take care of myself.- -Adorable, keep telling yourself that.- Instinct took her down a dimly lit alley. Halfway through, a noise shattered the normal ambiance of the city at night. A trash can toppled over with a raucous privy to a machine gun going off in dead silence. Pandora allowed herself a brief glance from the statue overhead and caught the movement of several figures as they pushed through the alley towards her at a brisk pace. -Luck is not on our side today my dear, I'll be resting my eyes for this fight.- Pandora audibly grumbled an insult to Nix's manliness before she kicked over a nearby trash can and ran for the exit, reaching out with her mana to feel for any sort of statue that could assist her. The angel could do some damage, but that was one against several men. She didn't know if they were altered or not. But she could hear at least one of them gaining on her. Her hand slid carefully inside her long coat so her fingers could wrap around the hilt of her newly enchanted short sword, it sucked mana out of her, but that only meant she'd have to fight harder. "Gotcha bitch." She ducked to the side, narrowly avoiding the swing of what she could only assume was a blunt object. Her own weapon unsheathed a second later. A light illuminated the alley as the blade burst into flame. She dipped under the mans arm as he passed her and in one swift motion she severed that same limb from his body. A scream of pain tore through the alley as the man's once standing posture doubled over and he fell to his knees. Pandora in a moment of mercy spun in a quick circle and hacked the mans head from his shoulders, the smell of his long hair burned inside her nose, but a quick kick to his now decapitated torso sent it backwards into a puddle. Her eyes shot up to see the group had picked up speed at the slaughter of their companion. She turned as a ball of flame blew passed her hood and collided with a garbage can causing a slight explosion that sent her off balance for a moment. "Fucking get her! No one betrays the Order and lives." A sharp turn left around the corner met Pandora with a sight she didn't want to see. The alleyway before her shifted as the ground quickly rose to block her escape. "Shit." she spun around, the flame on her sword dimming to conserve mana. The men had all gathered at the corner to the dead end. One of them waving his hands in strange motions as the sound of shifting stones continued to fill the air of the alley. Anger on the largest mans face as he carried the head of the decapitated man. Their leader she was guessing from his position behind the pack, and the rest's inability to move without an order. "You killed my man." The larger man growled and tossed the head at her feet, it's muscles limpness caused it's jaw to fall open and those deadened eyes to stare at her endlessly, "We were gonna make it quick, but the way I see it, we're gonna make you suffer." A tattoo on the mans neck caught her eye. A Gaelic symbol to her surprise, for a hunter. She was guessing it was a an Order thug bred specifically to hunt people down. -Oh my dear, we've really pissed off the wrong people this time. Ajax? Pandora, here I thought I taught you to be more careful.- -I can defend myself now, go away.- -Pandora, you'll need me for this one.- "You think you can handle her Luka?" The leader questioned and shoved one of the men forward, a rather cocky looking man with a large pull on the flow of mana in the area. He slipped glistening brass knuckles onto his fingers and pounded each into his palms as if testing their strength. A magus. -Most likely going to fight unpredictably. He has the looks of a man with no training.- -I see that.- As the thought of what he could do crossed her mind the man blinked forward in a puff of shadows. One moment ten or fifteen feet away, the next he was right in her face. A large shadow covered fist slammed into Pandora's cheek. The hit unnoticeable behind the black cloud that lead it. She doubled back only to have him behind her another punch to the opposite cheek. A crack in her cheekbone notified her of the break, that and the pain. She stumbled the opposite direction. Her body ducked without her control as a final punch flew over her head. A brief moment passed as the flame on her sword blazed back to life and her arm struck out. The man moved to dodge but was too late, as the sword sliced through his neck, leaving him like an old fashioned Pez dispenser. Not even a chance to scream as his head nearly fell from his shoulders, the stench of burnt flesh entered her nose but she paid it no mind. That's how one made mistakes. -Nix... I don't need you- -Apparently... You do.- "Goddamnit, next person to kill her gets the entire bounty." Without thought or a moments hesitation the men launched forward. A slew of elemental abilities flung in her direction, Nix moved her body fluidly away from each projectile. One of the charging men flung his arms to the sides and they shifted into long metallic points. His own body turning into a weapon. "Don't think so." Nix wound the sword back with both hands and flung it forward. The flaming weapon spun hazardously through the air before it embedded itself into the mans chest. his face immediately changed from an angered war cry, to one of pure shock and pain, his momentum alone caused him to slam backwards, which allowed Pandora's boot to drive straight down and into his throat, ending his meager existence. A second and third man flanked both of her sides as she jerked the weapon from his chest cavity, not faltered at all by what they had witnessed. Until the sound of wings beating the air caught everyone, except Nix, off guard. The giant stone foot of an angel slammed into the man on the left whom launched backwards and collided with the brick wall in a bloodied mess. A large pike like weapon stabbed outward, caught the man on the right, and pinned him to the wall with a wail of agony. The angel lurched forward and slammed a stone fist into the mans face, his screams silenced and his body limp. The twelve foot tall angel pulled the weapon from the mans stomach with a quick jerk, it turned towards the rest of the group with a scowl on it's stone face and flicked the dead mans blood from its knuckles. Three men remained. Two rather scrawny and terrified looking men, and the leader who looked more angry than before. "You're gonna pay for that little girl... Those were my men." His voice seemed to grow deeper, and more gravely. Arms sprouted from his back like plants in fast forward. "They were rookies, I was training them for the big times.... You were supposed to be an easy hit." His skin grayed and cracked taking on a stone like appearance. His arms were about as large as her. "Anyone ever tell you, you look like a Pokemon?" "You're dead!" The shout shook the alleyway. The creature was almost as tall as the Angel next to Pandora but twice as menacing looking. The other two men moved their hands in synchronization and out of a portal came two very large, and very deadly looking axes. The Pokemon grabbed onto them and hefted them over both shoulders before charging, while again the other two men started chanting and moving their hands. Before her eyes a light blue barrier encircled the beasts form. -Great they're shielding him.- -Acknowledged Pandora, we gotta kill them first.- -If that thing hits my statue it'll do some major damage to both of us.- -Hmm, would be a great time to have some Order help wouldn't you say?- -Would be a great time for you to shut up and pay attention!- The Angel statue parried the first two strikes from the blades with ease, the third blocked successfully while the forth struck it's side and bore a whole deep into it. Pandora let out a cry of pain as her own side bruised immediately from the hit. Nix's plan was already formulated though, they dodged around the fight and with sword held over head launched into the air the flaming weapon swinging in an arc. Nothing ever goes as planned though. Upon noticing the airborne Pandora, one of the magi turned and after a short incantation a shock wave tore through the alley and struck her in the chest. Her world flipped upside down as she slammed into the makeshift blockade, the sword and her own body dropped to the ground with a thud and clank. -Good plan Nix.- -I did not see that coming. Perhaps you have a plan?- -Start praying?- -No- -Tuck our head between our legs and--- -No- -Face it Nix. We're done for.- -Oh and it's all your fault Panda-bear. Good job- -I get it... I may have fucked up.-
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    Fugitives and Firefights

    Pandora stared at the man from beneath the brim of her hood. He wasn't the most talkative chap, which she'd welcome. If he kept spewing Order nonsense it would've really made her mad. But instead it seemed the man was content with watching the boned of his victims burn away. Her own irises shifted to look upon the death that had taken the alley by storm. Firestorm that is. -We don't have it in us to fight anymore Panda dear. How do you wish to approach this?- -Carefully I guess. I'd hate to end up like these poor assholes.- -Very well.- "The statue itself shouldn't be too hard to replicate with the right materials. A slab of Marble would be the hardest to acquire I believe." She took the mans hand in her own, after it felt like her own had been held out for a while. Though his words drew a smirk across her lips. "Afraid I can't really trust anyone these days... Just seems like a good way to get stabbed in the back and thrown to the wolves." She wasn't entirely surprised that the men were sent to make an example of her. She'd never really been on the receiving end of the Order's beat stick, but had heard plenty of rumors. They were supposed to be efficient, yet she'd killed most of the men before the priest had even intervened. Something she definitely shouldn't have been able to do if they meant to rid of her quietly. Which again made her think that the priest new more about the order than he was giving off. Her yellows eyes narrowed at the man for a moment as he questioned why. Why not? He had saved her life, and it was that alone that gave her the slightest urge to acknowledge the question. Instead she remained tight lipped. Nyx, made sure of it. -We'll have to tread carefully, As you said we don't wish to feed the priests ire.- -Good thinking Sherlock, I'm glad we could agree on something.- -I will do the talking, as your mouth seems to get you in more trouble than anything.- With a bit of effort Pandora finally shoved herself away from the dumpster and collected her sword. The enchanted blade seemingly normal beneath the ashes of her enemies, even more so as she wiped it off with her sleeve, and tucked it into the sheeth beneath her coat. Each movement was pained, but she still held firm as she limped to the priest and stoof a few feet away. "As I said Father. I don't quite trust you, so that information is not something I'm going to divulge easily. What I shall say, is I am no longer an ally to the Order of the Light, and will do anything to keep myself alive." A hand gestured in the direction the priest had come from, "I recall you offering sanctuary... does it still stand?"
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    Fugitives and Firefights

    "Don't beg? You do realize this big motherfucker could eat me alive right?" Pandora was surprised at the priests remark. She wasn't in the business of dying. Dishing out death was an alright thing for her, but when it came to getting smashed by a rock man, well that's sort of where she drew a very fine line. But he had saved her ass already, she could only imagine what all he could do with the amount of power he was drawing in. Her eyes shot to the behemoth though as he reared back for a strike but his axe met a blue barrier. Save number two by Mr. Priest Man. She'd have to owe him big. "Not so tough now are you fuck face?" Then hell poured from the skies. Like it was arma-fucking-geddon and Pandora nearly cried out in surprise. Though she realized quickly that the barrier the priest had put up was doing it's job and protected from the molten everything that was striking down like the gates of hell itself had opened above them. The beast of a man was not so lucky. The human in her almost felt sorry for him, but then she realized he was sent to hunt her and that changed her mind almost imediately. Something clicked though, and Pandora's eyes averted themself from the monster in front of her to the priest. “I am the Order,” her eyes narrowed at him. That was not something she was too keen on hearing. After all she was public enemy numero something and she wasn't excited to be going from one Order goon to another. The kill was graceful, and the death of the rock was more than welcome. She was still stuck on those four words, and as hell returned to where it belonged and the shield dissipated she struggled away from him and used the dumpster to prop herself up. "I can stand well enough." -Careful Pandora. He's shown how dangerous he can be, don't irk him further- -Fuck him, and his Order bullshit. I'm not going to stick around just for him to turn me in himself.- -I'm taking over, you need to calm yourself.- -Whatever- Nix righted them as best he could, though they were in more than rough shape and the pain emenated from every part of her body. She'd been in worse condition though and the last thing they needed to do was seem more weak. "I believe thanks are in order." Her long coat straightened with both hands and the hood returned to grace her head. One of those hands reached out for a shake, "I can easily replace that statue, I am an artist as much as I am a manipulator of statues... and if you are The Order, then you must forgive me when I say I can't fully trust you Father. I was never a holy woman myself, so your robes mean as much to me as the lives of those men."
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    Fugitives and Firefights

    -I've got it, we'll just use the angel to get out of here. It can pick us up and fly off.- -Right, is that before or after they kill as Pandora? We'd literally be flying ducks instead of sitting.- -Moving objects are harder to hit.- -No, we finish this here and now.- Pandora's lifted the sword and rose from the ground, her eyes set on the two Magi in the back. She opened her mouth to make a witty remark on being outnumbered and still wiping the floor with the Order's people when a large pull on the mana pool silenced her. The two casting Magi noticed as well and looked between each other nervously. The larger man didn't seem to notice as he tried to pummel the agile angel before him. A glare shot from Pandora's yellow eyes as another man entered the alleyway. -A priest?- -Careful Pandora, that man is pulling a lot of mana, very few priests can do that. You hear ghost stories when you're higher in the Order, not that you'd know because you sort of fucked up those chances.- -Can you chill on the Order shit. Get the pictures, they were the bad guys, I'm not a bad guy.- When the priest spoke everyone turned, the largest of the Order thugs grunted in the mans direction and aimed a pointed finger. "Stay out of this priest. This is Order of Light business." -He's open Pandora, do it now.- Nix was right. Upon inspection the shield had dropped and the two magi creating it were distracted as well. It was perfect timing on the priests part, and she'd be sure to thank the father when the time came. The Angel lifted it's large pike and thrust it forward like a spear, the weapon flew through the air and like a javelin in the dirt at the Olympics pierced through one of the Magi's back and straight into the concrete. With no chance to react Pandora was already at the other Magi's side and jammed her sword up and under his rib cage where it pierced through his body and out of his collarbone. "No!" The large mutant man screamed out and cut short Pandora's brief moment of victory. She felt his hand around her ankle before she could move, and in one angry swing she was thrown over his shoulder and into a dumpster with a loud metallic thunk. The angel moved to cut the mans advance, only for him to hack it down. Without it's weapon it stood no chance against the onslaught of Ax strikes, and Pandora quickly severed her connection with the statue before she became too injured with it under her control. "You're dead little girl. You better run back to your sanctuary, priest, or you'll be next for distracting my men." "Listen, buddy.... Can't we just-" Pandora fought to stand but a gasp of pain and she slid back down, "-work this out?" She had been thrown into the dumpster pretty hard. It didn't help that the almost ten foot tall behemoth of a man was extremely strong. Which meant he could probably snuff her out in a second. Not like she could fight a giant stone man with twin ax's and a nasty look in his eye. "No, we can't. You die, I live on happily ever after. Sound good?" "Depends... Can we amend that with-" Another forced back sound of pain and Pandora shook her head in hopes that would lessen how much she hurt, "-I don't die? And we both live happily ever after?"
  7. Sorry for the inactivity ya'll. Trying to repair a broken marriage. :/ I'll try to get back to posting soon.

  8. Sorry for the inactivity ya'll. Trying to repair a broken marriage. :/ I'll try to get back to posting soon.

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    From Yesterday

    [pandora]Of course I care asshole... More than you think.[/pandora] She dropped her voice and averted her eyes away from him. Pandora knew she couldn't get back in with them. With him. He'd helped her so much in the past. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt him, but if they stayed together for too long, that's what would end up happening. She hurt everyone that stuck around. Whether purposefully or on accident. Pandora was a walking hazard and with Nix around she was more likely to hurt others than she cared to believe. What had her life become? She'd killed more people than she'd hugged in the past two years. Whether she disliked it or not it's who she was. A cold blooded murderer. Half the time they didn't even deserve it, but Nix's diluted ideals made it seem like they did. Which in return made her think they did. Nix was after all a much more major part of her mental health than she liked to admit. He was everything she wasn't. Brave, smart, ruthless. He completed her. As much as she hated to admit it. -You liked this man Pandora? I am... seriously disappointed in you. He didn't feel the amount of affection in that hug that I did? You know how to pick them Ms. Chapel.- -Can you just give me, like a half an hour without blabbing your stupidity?- -No. Probably not- -Well fucking try- Pandora didn't know how she would handle the situation. Wes knew. At least he admitted to knowing. This entire time and he never talked to her. Tried to help her. She was in deep. Nix was trying to be best buds with the head of OL. In turn dragging Pandora with him. It was a sticky situation. One that she was no longer getting out of. There was no escape. Which he most likely didn't realize. He'd been on the right side of the fight the entire time. At least to Pandora. Nix only saw them as traitors. [pandora]So what you're saying is that you aren't upset? Everyone else is.[/pandora] Panda's face pulled into a disappointing look itself. [pandora]I... I've failed everyone Wes. Kelly. Alec. You. I've killed a lot people... Innocent fucking people Wes. I'm not the Pandora that you knew... Or I knew.[/pandora] -I told you Pandora. They were far from innocent.- -I don't fucking care what you say Nix, they didn't need to be killed.- -They didn't need to live any longer either.- The magus felt her emotions slipping. Her head began to spin and she looked at Wes. He was naive. Too naive. She had become a monster. Not the trooper he knew. Nix made her do plenty of what she didn't want to. He had utterly taken control. She knew he was joking about the cookies, but about her joining ARMA? Against her brethren? She was loyal to a fault and wouldn't turn her back against her OL kin unless it came to nothing else. Nix helped with that. He love for the Order was deeper than any love Pandora had ever felt. It made her feelings for Kelly look like a high school crush and towards Wes as her first real relationship. Not like they ever actually had one but she'd do anything to protect him. For him. But not this. [pandora]I don't want your fucking cookies![/pandora] in a moment she snapped and jerked her hand from his grasp. Pushed to her limit she threw her heels in his direction and looked at him as tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. [pandora]I'm here! Right now! Because I just finished murdering four magus. Four fucking magus. Because they wouldn't join us! I'm a fucking monster now! Have you not heard?[/pandora] She turned and began to walk away, her bare feet slapping against the concrete with each step. Though she whipped around and aimed a finger at him. [pandora]You don't understand! ARMA is my enemy. With this fuck in my head everyone is my enemy.[/pandora] Pandora jammed her finger into the side of her head several times before her arms flew up in defeat. [pandora]I can't be anyones friend anymore. I have no one. Just Nix and myself. We've survived this long we can survive longer.[/pandora] -So ruthless Pandora. I like this side of you.- [pandora]SHUT THE FUCK UP![/pandora] She screamed out unintentionally but meant every word. Nix retreated at the outburst and remained silent. She was in control today.
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    From Yesterday

    If only things had gone differently. Pandora had spent so much time with Nix that she found herself harboring an uncontrollable hatred for most things ARMA. Kelly, Alec, the rest of them. Yet the only person the parasitic mind leach couldn't make her hate was Wesley. Wesley Evans. He was really something else. Everyone else turned tail and ran from her. They couldn't handle the out of control magus from all those years ago. Hell she had no control over anything at that time. With overt Nix freakouts she had pushed plenty of her friends away. Mostly because she didn't want to hurt them. She didn't know how much control she had over Nix, and after the 2 haunting years she'd endured... She was glad she had distanced herself. Here Wes was though. Acting as if she wasn't a part of the enemy. An OL scum that ARMA had to look out for. He had a genuine look of friendliness. Which was a surprise to her. Especially after her infamous disappearance. Nevertheless she'd wished things had gone differently between them. At first Wes was just some pervy magus with a cool ability that Panda wanted to exploit. Or was it Nix? Either way it quickly turned into something more. A friendship maybe. A friendship that she wished hadn't actually split apart like it did. -You're getting soft Pandora... Do not let him blind you- -Fuck off Nix.- -Gasp. Pandora, are you... In love?- -No... That bridge was burned long ago remember? Wes is an old friend, and I doubt it'll ever be more than that again. You made sure of that.- -I'm actually hurt that you'd assume I took part in this. You are after all, the controller of the vessel.- -Just... Stop talking for a little while. I want to catch up- -Catch away my dear... But remember he is the enemy.- -He's your enemy.- He held out his arms and Pandora actually hesitated. Her butterfly filled stomach raged for a second before she shoved that feeling away. He didn't know. He didn't know what she'd become. Maybe it was salvageable. Although she wanted it she threw the coffee to the side and embraced Wes. Her head tucked under his chin and her face pressed into his chest. [pandora]Oh Wes... I missed you.[/pandora] She'd never thought she'd openly admit she missed the dorky magus. They had more in common than she'd ever thought possible, and although a flame never sparked between the two she always found herself hoping in the past. Maybe, just maybe he'd grow the gonads to ask her out. On a date or something. Perhaps she was just too much of an old school romantic. Perhaps it was for the best. Although the hug needed to end she really didn't want it to. Her hands felt good against his back, her face felt at home where it lay. Her eyes closed and she took in his scent. As creepy as it sounded she'd missed the way the man smelled. Missed his voice and how even though he didn't do it very well, he still tried to understand her. The covert flirting was more than just a way to get him to train her. They were hints. Ones that he never took. Probably because he was a man. That's when the bomb dropped. He'd wanted her to come back. He wanted her home. What was home? She'd never felt at home anywhere. Pandora pulled slowly away from the hug, her head dropped and faced the ground. She didn't want to tell him. Hands remained on his sides for a few moments before she sighed and looked back up. [pandora]I can't,[/pandora] she removed one hand to grasp at the Order pin attached to her blouse. [pandora]I'm on the wrong team.[/pandora] Pain filled her eyes, she knew he'd be disappointed, or feel betrayed. This was the last friend she had, and she was already on the fast track to losing him. [pandora]It's actually why I never reached out to you... To avoid this conversation[/pandora] She chewed on her lower lip and let her hands drop to her sides. [pandora]It's more painful than I thought it'd be.[/pandora]
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    Reunited and it Feels So Good?

    Pandora had backed off and even called Murdock off the hunt. Yet Kelly just had to act like Panda was the bad guy here. She'd ridden New York of nests of baddies, helped rogue Magus find their way. Yet here she was. The villain in the story. Pandora sighed at Kelly's words and only shook her head. [pandora]Strength doesn't protect me. I would've been dead long ago if that was the case.[/pandora] In the next few moments so much craziness broke out that Pandora could barely keep track. Nix on the other hand was analyzing every moment. He had been ready for a fight the moment he'd woke up that morning. But, he was gonna let Pandora deal with this. Who knows, maybe she'd get killed and they could all move on with their little lives. Well except for her. She'd felt the connection with the statues cease to exist and they fell lifeless in their spots. It was a neat trick, but in the end pointless. Everything was as depressing as that sounded. But Pandora didn't act. Not when the gorilla and armadillo came blasting through the wall with Alec on their heels. No she stood their, arms behind her back and her fingers intertwined and clenching to the point of pain. [pandora]Alec... It's been a while.[/pandora] she offered like it was any other day. The inside of her was screaming to run, but Nix made her body stay. If they were gonna fight, it was going to be on their terms. She'd backed down. [pandora]I told you I'm not here to fight. Nix was, and Murdock is like his lost puppy. It seems the tables have turned though. If you want this I'll only be acting against you.[/pandora] A statue on the other side of the wall sprang to life. It stomped around the corner to reveal a human with two torsos each with two arms and separate heads. In it's hands were an array of different medieval weapons, another statue shortly followed, an iron manticore that stood as tall as a horse, it's scorpion like tail swaying this way and that and it's mouth agape revealing it's sharp teeth. They both came to a stop next to their controller. [pandora]I only want you to know which side I stand on and I wanted to give you a proper farewell... If that means you killing me[/pandora] She looked between the two with an almost sadness in her eyes before she shrugged, [pandora]So be it. But I won't go down easily.[/pandora] The room began to grow dark again, but Murdock remained hidden in the shadows.
  12. Pandora Chapel

    Reunited and it Feels So Good?

    Pandora had written a letter. Short, sweet, and to the point. "Meet me." An address scribbled lazily at the bottom followed by her initials. "P.C." She'd hoped that would strike a few chords in her vibrant haired acquaintances brain. It had been three years since she'd been back to New York. After Nix took over and Pandora tucked herself away things had gone south for the Magus. She unwillingly joined the Order of the Light. Joining the OL wasn't the worst thing she'd done though. Nix had pent up anger he had to get out. Several people had fallen to his wrath, and with his newly found powers he made them painful and gruesome deaths. Like two statues that slowly pulled a man apart. A Rogue Magus that refused his offer to train under the Order. Nix had hoped the man would change his mind after a bit of coercion. It wasn't until the mans spine began to split and crack that he gave in. By then it was too late. At least to Nix. He had denied him the first chance he got, and when he was terrified and on the brink of death he finally gave in. The OL didn't need that kind of weakness. He, didn't need that kind of weakness. Pandora was forced to watch on in horror as the mans body pulled apart and everything that was once inside, fell to the floor. Nevertheless there she stood. A short white dress hugged her newly toned body from the years of service and training to the Order. Her hair pulled into a loose bun that allowed some strands and her bangs to fall around her face. The only makeup apparent around her eyes, once a bright yellow, now turned a dark golden. Not the Pandora anyone knew from before. She stood straight, her arms folded neatly behind her back with fingers intertwined, and she held an air of sexuality, authority, and intimidation. Men stared from a distance, women hated their men for doing so. Although they were in an art gallery, how still she stood, and how pristine her image was, made her look like a work of art herself. Nix prepared her body though, felt for every sculpture in the gallery and found several decent sized ones, all with a vantage point around the building. Which meant she could keep watch for her former friend. Pandora's eyes shut and she let her vision flick between the different statues, like a surveillance system. Ever watchful for Kelly Collins. Rebel. Traitor. Whore. -You don't need to go that far Nix.- -I only speak the truth my dear friend. She is a menace... Alas I've come to this meeting for you. Although the Order has decided to turn a blind eye to the ARMA scum I refuse to. But I know you need closure after the abrupt ending of that friendship all those years ago. So here we are- -They're good people... I don't know why you can't see that.- -Good people don't rebel against an organization that's trying to make the world a better place. We've done so much for this city, yet they turn their backs on that. All for some self-righteous cause.- -Maybe because the Order isn't as good as you think they are.- -I know what the Order is. I know what they do. It's all for the better of the world... Nevertheless. Like I said, we're here for you. Doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.- -Thanks... I guess.- Pandora fell silent. She knew that no matter what she said, she wouldn't change his mind. Nix was stuck on his organization being the only good one. The only one able to fix the world and make it safe. Hell the way he painted it's picture the more she believed it. Her thought process was cut off as Kelly's familiar figure came into the view of one of the statues and a devilish smile crossed her flawless face. Eyelids finally lifted to reveal the golden orbs hidden behind them and she took in a breath. [pandora]This man once said, 'You must be the change you want to see in the world.'[/pandora] Pandora's voice was thoughtful and bathed with a sweetness that almost sounded dangerous as her eyes looked upon a painting of Ghandi, never once did they look towards Kelly. [pandora]I wish to fix the world. Make it safer. A better place for everyone... What is it you want? To throw a wrench in the plans of the Order for your own benefits? Cause unreasonable chaos and distrust?[/pandora] Pandora turned then, the OL's pin flashed in the light as she did so. It sat proudly upon her chest, like it's partner the Signet Ring that hung around her finger. Another ring sat above it, covered in runes and gave off a strange magic, though it was hard to detect. The ringed hand waved through the air and she turned back to the painting. [pandora]Peace is a fickle thing. As far as I'm concerned this... cease fire... between the Order and ARMA isn't going to last. I look forward to the day I can lay waste to your silly headquarters. Alas that's not why we're here is it?[/pandora] Nix cleared her throat and sighed. Pandora slowly slid into place, though she was still heavily controlled by the mental parasite. [pandora]I came for some closure. We may not have been the greatest of friends back then. But we were still friends. Shit you were the only person that really accepted me after Ireland... So, I figured I'd give you a proper farewell.[/pandora] Her eyes remained their new golden hue and she still didn't face Kelly. Instead her head tilted towards the ceiling, where a mural of angels rest in a circle around one she could only guess was Jesus. Pandora felt like Judas. She'd betrayed her old friend. Instead of getting the help she needed. She just ran. Exactly what Nix had wanted and exactly what he got. [pandora]Your lover has kept you quite the company I'm sure. Most likely helped with pushing me to the back of your mind. Not sure if I should care or not, but it should help a little in letting it all go. After all we are no longer on the same side of the rope, and I can't imagine a friendship between us would be too intelligent.[/pandora] Nix snapped into position and Pandora retreated back into the corners of her mind. He could feel her breaking beneath the emotion and the last thing he needed was an emotional Pandora running amok within their noggin. [pandora]Not that I'd allow it anyway.[/pandora]
  13. Pandora Chapel

    From Yesterday

    -I'm never going to get used to that much blood- -It just takes time my dear Pandora.- -You can't put a time limit on watching someone get pummeled to death by the fists of one of my statues. Especially since you like to not look away- -I prefer to not look away from the kill. Keeps my senses in check and stops me from faltering in less than comfortable situations. Those Rogue Magi killed our partner remember? Each one of them deserved the pain we put them through. Jackie was a good person. Those Magi refused our offer and decided to try and kill us. It's a dog eat dog world my Irish friend. You of all people should know that.- Pandora's frame sauntered down the street, specs of blood dotted her newly cleaned blouse. The semi-transparent white shirt showed the darker bra beneath and tucked in to a mid thigh length skirt which wrapped around a pair of stockings clasped somewhere underneath her clothes. One of her usual get-ups. Though broken heels she carried in her right hand stated she was having a pretty rough morning. Her hair was matted, and pulled into a loose ponytail that only added to the illusion that she'd been drinking and whoring around the previous night. Also that she was taking the walk of shame from a one night stand. Aside from the fact her face held no signs of being tired, or a hangover she was quite the sight to behold. Especially since the blood on her shirt, cut on her temple that ran blood down her cheek, and bruised lip made it look like the fun night ended rather violently. -Can't wait to take a shower and change. I look like a crazy person- -I don't know, I think you look quite flawless, even with the added... characteristics- -You distracted me... That man came out of nowhere.- -I apologize, I've been thinking about ARMA- -You're always thinking about ARMA- -In a better light my love. But we need some coffee, our day is just starting- They crossed the entrance to a comic book shop and walked on. Pandora had the slightest urge to enter and maybe get a few oldies. Alas Nix saw those things as pointless material possessions that only distracted her from becoming a better her. Which in a way was true, didn't stop her from drawing her own when she had the free time though. She turned in to a coffee shop, bare foot and all with her slightly torn stockings and approached the counter [pandora]Can I get a coffee, black please.[/pandora] -And you say I don't give you any freedom, you did pretty well until you needed me to step in. Plus your body is yours today, I'm a bit tired.- -I don't understand how you're tired when we share the same body and exhaustion level. -The world is a mysterious place my dear- Pandora paid with what she had and walked back out with the coffee. "Panda? Is that you?" That voice sounded extremely familiar. Nix gave a push to walk away, forget about it. But Pandora was in control today. He promised that much. So she turned towards the approaching magi and furrowed her brows. It took a moment before it struck her. The attractive metal magus from ARMA. Oh how sweet a time for this to happen. After that fight with Alec and Kelly. They must've been sending another crony to finish her off. [pandora]If it isn't Wesley Evans. Done any world saving today? My hero.[/pandora] The flirt kicked in, involuntarily this time. She'd gotten so used to using it as a method to get information, and sex it was almost second nature. After all she did get pretty good at it. Without thought she sipped the coffee and wiped away the little extra liquid on her lip with her thumb and batted her eyelashes at him. She wasn't going vixen, more high school crush flirting. [pandora]You're looking as ravishing as ever.[/pandora]
  14. Pandora Chapel

    Reunited and it Feels So Good?

    [pandora]Oh my dear Kelly. I'm already dead. This is our friends life that's on the line. Why be so reckless?[/pandora] Nix laughed then. Kelly actually thought he was concerned for their well being. No. He wasn't planning on killing anyone. Hurting maybe. But killing? Not in this situation. [pandora]You see Kelly, this isn't either of us dying. Or going on a murdering spree. It's a warning. Murdock? He's not actually a part of the ranks. I saved his life, he protects us. He's a very honorable man. As for the balls comment...[/pandora] Pandora's hand patted at her crotch before she lifted her shoulders [pandora]Guess you're right[/pandora] The Murdock man flickered to life next to Pandora, a shadowy mass with glowing eyes. [npc]We knew you wouldn't come alone.[/npc] His voice sounded distorted, as if several were talking at once from different corners of the room, and that glowing look in his eyes illuminated his mouth when he spoke. [npc]So we didn't either. Whether you knew you'd be followed or not.[/npc] [pandora]This is where I say blah blah ARMA cowards, Blah blah. But I think we should let Pandora speak... Seeing as that's what you wanted correct? To hear your friend tell you how much she loves you, and would do anything to have you back...[/pandora] Murdock stayed by the Magus's side as again the two switched places. Pandora was still in emotional turmoil, but she was given a chance to breathe and calm down before making a fool of herself. [pandora]It won't work Kelly... You have this delusional plan of saving me from the big bad Nix. This OL bad boy that infiltrated my brain and fucked it into submission. It's just shite to think it ya know? Murdock, go make sure they don't come barging in.[/pandora] The man nodded, flickered out of existence again, and the lights slowly returned to normal. Though the statues stood close enough in case Kelly decided to make a move. Panda's instinct said she wouldn't. [pandora]I found out that killing me, is the only way to get rid of him. You're better off just staying away from me. Don't forget, you're the reason he's stuck here in the first place[/pandora] She tapped her noggin slowly and sighed, [pandora]In the end it turned out for the best right? I'm no longer a weakling.[/pandora]
  15. Pandora Chapel

    Reunited and it Feels So Good?

    Pandora wondered what the silence could've been meant for. Kelly talked a mile a minute, and before was quick to long winded speeches. Which was what caught her off guard when the kiss happened. Off guard to the point that Nix quickly flipped the switched and landed in place. [pandora]That was adorable Ms. Collins.[/pandora] The air around her quickly shifted and a smirk slid ever so slightly across her face. Panda had gone into emotional turmoil in those moments. Begging, pleading for Nix to let her out, to not do it, but he wasn't going to let that happen. Not just yet. [pandora]It'll take more than a kiss to ruin what I and Pandora have. Didn't I tell you? We're friends now... I won't let her make the same mistake of falling for you, just to get ripped to shreds again. It was hard enough the first time we walked away from you.[/pandora] A man appeared in the doorway at the exit. Almost as if from the shadows. The room grew darker and several people hurried off as far away as possible. The trap had been triggered, though a kiss wasn't exactly what he was aiming for. He was hoping for her to hurt his Pandora. She did. That was all he needed. [pandora]You see, Kelly.[/pandora] Her name was purred, almost as if a wild cat was playing with it's prey. [pandora]I told Pandora that this would happen. You'd come into our lives and try to hurt her and take me away. The hurt part you got down. But getting rid of me, will require killing her. Now we don't want that do we?[/pandora] The room was dim, as if someone had slipped the dimmer to mood lighting. The windows writhed with shadows and the man that was in the door was barely visible. He appeared to flicker and writhe himself. As if he were made of smoke or darkness. The sound of stone and metal statues filled the room as they stirred to life. [pandora]It really was sweet of her to bait that kiss though. It means my friend Murdock here can have some fun. Ya see. Some of us OL aren't as keen to the higher ups ways... But hey. I got caught rambling before, how about we just get down to business.[/pandora] The man in the door disappeared in an instant, only a brief cloud of darkness left in his wake. [pandora]Let the fun begin.[/pandora]
  16. Pandora Chapel

    Reunited and it Feels So Good?

    -And the plot thickens. Kelly Collins so willing to leave ARMA just to protect whom she suspects to be her friend still. I don't think she realizes you aren't the same person you used to be.- -I have not changed that much...- -Like you didn't know about the little trap that's been placed but here you are... Stalling like a professional- [pandora]It's... Not that easy Kelly.[/pandora] The dark haired female sighed and slid her hands down her body to even out the wrinkles on her dress. [pandora]Before I let him take over I attempted removing him. Fucking bastard had pushed me to the last straw. Obviously it didn't work... I accepted it though. He gave me someone to talk to, even though it was really just myself. Helped me get better, stronger, and gave me something to fight for.[/pandora] She slid forward, heels clicked deliberately on the tiles of the gallery and she reached her right hand out to place it on her old friends cheek, a hair brushed to the side in a swift motion and she left the hand to rest on her shoulder. [pandora]He's a part of me now Kelly. The Order... Nix... They aren't that bad. Honestly. Just like you aren't, or Alistair, or Wesley. I've seen a lot of the Order with my own eyes...[/pandora] Golden orbs flicked up to look into her friends eyes, [pandora]You've nothing to worry about. I'm protected, and safe. If I can't handle myself Nix can for me. He's good for it... Hell he's done it for the past 2 years.[/pandora]
  17. Pandora Chapel


  18. Pandora Chapel

    Reunited and it Feels So Good?

    [pandora]"Oh I did. Did you not like it? Took you so long to get here I prepared it just for you. Hell I figured for a speedster you'd be able to move that tight ass of yours a little faster."[/pandora] -Nix, stop it.- -Stop what exactly? She's the one antagonizing this fight. I've been nothing but cordial to her.- -Just... Stop.- [pandora]Oh but she was talking. I was only part of that conversation. I've rightly convinced our dear friend that the Light is the only way![/pandora] The magus chuckled and played with a strand of hair by her face, [pandora]Honestly didn't take much convincing after you and ARMA practically turned your backs on her. She stepped aside and let me take the reins. You left a poor, broken, and scared Pandora to fend for herself whilst you lay in bed with your red haired vixen. Jocelyn.[/pandora] Nix had won Pandora over. Long ago. He had become a better friend than most in the past. She still questioned his morale's and goals but he'd always helped her. Emotionally during the turmoil that was the past few years, and physically whenever needed. He treated her body better than she did, so she gave it to him. She was practically a backseat driver and did her best to talk him down when he got too unstable. [pandora]I built your friend up. Fixed her. Bettered her. Useless ARMA scum.[/pandora] -You're just being rude now Nix. Dial it back a bit.- -Your wish is my desire princess.- A face slipped it's head from around a doorway behind Kelly after her tirade of exorcising what could only be considered a parasite. A part of Pandora's very own life force and it made Nix a little warm inside that he was considered that big of a threat. Even without his own body. He shook her head though and sucked air between her teeth. The face retreated again though it's expression did not look to happy about it. [pandora]We're on the same page here Ms. Collins. I want whats best for Pandora, as do you... The only difference is I proved myself to her. Showed that I would do anything to keep her safe. All she needs is ask.[/pandora] -Let me speak Nix. Or you'll just make things even worse.- -If you think you can handle yourself... Feel free.- Pandora took a moment to prepare herself. She had learned from Nix to control her emotions better, even if she was still bad at it her ability had increased substantially in hiding her feelings. With that she swapped places with her new friend and turned to Kelly. Balled fists at her sides as she looked upon the friend from before. She hadn't actually changed much. It left a fluttering butterfly feeling in her stomach but again Pandora ignored it. [pandora]Removing him would remove a part of myself as well...[/pandora] Pandora began with a frown and furrowed eyebrows. She was much more serious than their last encounter. The flirting at the door. They needed no distractions now. Since they were a part of the New York OL. ARMA companions would ruin what they built so long to become. [pandora]You aren't safe around me Kelly. Never will be. There are some radicals among the Orders ranks that still harbor a hatred for ARMA. Nix is one of them but I've made him promise to play nice today... Which doesn't mean he will.[/pandora]


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