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    Toghenma is not what one would call intimidating. His boyish features and effeminate bearing serve to make him someone whom a casual observer would dismiss as a threat. Standing at a mere 5'8, and lacking any real muscle, it’s not difficult to see why. Not that Toghenma minds this of course. Seeming unintimidating has served him well in the past, and besides, he’s not really the kind of guy who likes to ‘out man’ the enemy. Togen's skin is smooth and lightly tanned, lacking any real blemishes. The color of his eyes matches the color of his hair, both of which are dark brown. When Toghenma is channeling magic energies however, his eyes seem to shift closer to a shade of orange, and glow with internal sunfire. The skin of both his arms up to about the elbow is darker than the rest of his body, having a pallor reminiscent of a burnt campfire fire log, a result of a severe overexertion of magic upon first discovering his abilities. The skin there is slightly rougher in texture, having not healed perfectly, even after the ministrations of healers of the Order. His arms are somewhat deadened to physical sensations, though he can still operate it well enough following several weeks of physical therapy.

    When it comes to fashion, Toghenma treats the subject like something sacred, making an effort to remain current with all of the latest trends. This is not particularly fueled by a need to be trendy, but more because he just really really likes buying new clothes. Even when serving drinks, Togen dresses for success, wearing expensive pants or jeans, and shirts that seem like they should be well beyond his supposed salary, all of which he'd probably purchased in the last couple weeks. Toghenma is fond of wearing either all black, or black complimented by bright colors. A commonly seen type of outfit for him is a pair of black pants, a colorful shirt, and a black jacket over it all.

    Toghenma is a fashionista, and greatly enjoys the creation of outfits, clothing and accessories. His closet is filled with beautifully tailored pieces, all of which cost him a majority of his wages to either buy or create. Besides fashion and the best way to make a good mix drink, Toghenma spends vast amounts of his time studying magic and its workings. His work borders on the obsessive, often resulting in a lack of sleep or free time. Toghenma enjoys the challenge of magical study and can often be found in his small flat blasting music and reading some large tome of magical theory, or testing out a spell. There are times where the magus will lock himself away for hours upon hours just tweaking a singular expression of magic until it meets his standards. Even when he fails, he will likely just gather his wits about him and start over from scratch. His patience for the art is considerable, and he rarely lets himself be discouraged by failure. His desire to both experience the wildness of night life in the city, and to further himself in his studies often come to a head and he often finds himself prone to exhaustion. More often not, Toghenma will sleep for 12 hours or so, then spend practically a whole day trying to get everything done. His time management skills are not exactly top notch, so he usually finds himself constrained by a period of 12 hours, tempting himself to push and strain himself for more time.

    Toghenma also enjoys playing guitar and singing, having done both since he was 12. Paramount above all other foods, Togen adores Chinese food and goes to eat out often.


    Toghenma has long been exposed to the intolerance of others in various forms. As a gay teenager, he had to face a lot of discrimination from his peers because of how he dressed, how he talked. His father disapproved of his "lifestyle" and his mother did what she could for him during that time. When the world changed, he now found himself the target of a new kind of discrimination because of the power he wielded. Ignorance and fear have been his personal enemy for a long time. As a result, Tog goes out of his way to fight for those who are oppressed, or to at least help those in need find a platform to speak out against their oppressors. Though he's only one person, he uses his skills and talents, as well as his privileged position in life to give others strength and power.

    However, Tog has also grown rather cynical from repeated exposure to cruelty, and while he may try to project an air of peace and level-headedness, underneath he roils with rage at those who seek to harm others for personal gain. Only willpower and a value for human life stay his hand against more extreme action against the world's tyrants. Even with that in mind, Tog has his limits. There comes a point where if one being or organization perpetrates enough injustice, Tog will write them off as expendable. When soneone has reached that point, no amount of justification will prevent him from ending their life.

    Last but not least, Toghenma has a significant amount of respect and admiration for the distructive potential of fire, and has a great deal of disdain for those who do not have the same amount of reverence. It is this respect that has given him the tools to control fire with such precision. To Togen, fire doesn't have to be a destructive force, and he believes that fire magic only destroys unnecessarily when the person using it is undisciplined and reckless. In the end, he believes fire is an expression of purity, and of life, and that in the right hands, it can be used to protect, and even to create.


    1) Like the element he channels, his power can grow to vast proportions, but it can also consume him.
    2) His skill in fire magic is almost instinctual. It is this skill that allowed him to discover Aether Flame.
    3) A keen mind for the study of magical theory.
    4) Can craft any alcoholic drink you can imagine.
    5) Is skilled at making and repairing clothing.


    1) Can be reckless, and get into terrible trouble in order to protect other people.
    2) Can be arrogant, and sometimes gets into fights that are perhaps just beyond his skill level to win.
    3) Lets his morality control him to some extent, to the point where he can be insubordinate and undermine those he works for.
    4) Is often easily distracted, or forgets about his surroundings when very focused. This can cause him to become surprised.

    Personality Profile:

    Toghenma is a peppy and energetic person who enjoys partying and thrives in large groups. It is for this reason that he became a bartender. Few things bring him as much joy as meeting new people and making them happy by providing them with some drinks and advice, or at least an ear to listen to their problems. He does his best to leave his own problems at home when he’s on the job, and will work with a smile and talk amiably, even when inside he’s balling his fists or sobbing his eyes out. Toghenma is pretty determined to make it seem as if he is perfectly content, if not happy, just about every moment of every day, and to be honest, he is happy a lot of the time. His life has actually improved a great deal following the initial chaos caused by the appearance of the Nevus. Before his life was going nowhere, and he only wished that he could do half the things he could do now. Sure there are many things about this new world that are scary and unpredictable, but to him, it gives him a second chance at doing something that matters.
    Sensor Necklace: This necklace looks like the pointer from a Ouija Board. When magic is near by, it will lift up slightly and point in the direction it is coming from. It doesn't account for walls and obstructions, it simply points directly towards the nearest source, or the largest source if one is vastly larger than the others. The wearer is obviously not detected, nor is anyone touching the necklace, or the wearer.


    FIRE AND LIGHT ELEMENTALISM: Toghenma’s power manifested itself as fire and light when the Nevus appeared. Indeed, he was so in tune with these elements, that his body changed to control them , to bond with them. He is able to manipulate flame with ease, and finds casting spells relating to fire so easy that he can do so without the use of incantation, which is something his teachers marveled at. He can manipulate Fire, light, and Heat.

    AETHER FLAME: Following his departure from the Order of the First Light, he discovered that he was able to access a different manner of magical fire which he could use to cast his spells, though at a massively increased difficulty. Aether flame is a "fire" that is an expression of true purity, an amalgamation of positive energy and sheer willpower that seems to burn. It is capable of destabilizing other magic around it, especially that of a dark or complex nature. The use of this flame in place of normal spell fire even on a low level spell is very taxing, but it's effects are very pronounced. Said fire can be used, if enough is produced, to destroy enchantments, negate oncoming spells, and bypass Magical Resistances with ease.

    Low Level Spells, using this Fire are treated as a spell level higher, and so on for higher levels of spells. High level spells are very dangerous to use Aether Flame on, as they could very well result in Togen's death or at least long term debilitation. In addition, the negative effects of magical overtaxing are seemingly amplified when using this fire. Even if the amount of magic used it relatively small, the backlash is greatly exaggerated, such as headaches even after using Fireball LVL 1, or inability to move after the usage of Fireball LVL2, spells that would normally tax him very little to not at all.

    --(LOW Drain Abilities)--

    ** LIGHT MAKER: He can make light of varying different colors and intensities though never more intense than a 100 watt bulb.

    **FIREBALL LVL 1: His initial line of defense is the generation of small orbs of flame roughly the size of melons. They can be manipulated, and several of them can be generate at one time. If he wanted he could also make a flurry of marble sized orbs of flame and even reconstitute them into a larger mass later if he so desired. These orbs will stay active until they hit something or he snuffs them out. This ability is of course easier to manifest if there is already fire present.

    **SEARING TOUCH LVL 1: He can make the skin of his hand hot enough to burn flesh.

    **BURNING FINGERS: Similar to Searing Touch, except that as opposed to pure heat, there are actual flames engulfing Togen's hand like a gauntlet, which produce a similar effect.

    **FIREPROOF LVL1: His body is immune to heat and any kind of flame as a result of his natural connection to the element of fire. Flame, molten matter, and other heat producing substances cannot harm him in any way, though they'll still burn his clothes off if he's not careful. He cannot turn this ability off.

    --(MEDIUM Drain Ablities)—

    **BLINDING LIGHT: Like Light Maker, except to a greater intensity, enough to blind all of those to look into the light for a few moments.

    **CLOAK OF FLAME: Toghenma can engulf himself in flames, making him difficult to touch. These flames can be of varying intensities. This cloak of flames can be shifted slightly to be projected directly in front of him as opposed to on him.

    **SEARING TOUCH LVL 2: His searing touch is enough to melt stone and make thin metallic surfaces more malleable and even melt with continued exposure. The heat can extend up to a half a foot from his outstretched hands.

    **FIRE STEP: Toghenma can use a jet-stream of fire and force to propel himself forward, and even upwards, allowing him to move very quickly in bursts and even to leap up to 15 feet into the air.

    **FIREBALL LVL2: The size of the fireballs that he can make at this level are more akin to beach balls at their maximum size and he can make up to six of these at one time. Much like the previous form of the spell, these can be sub divided in to many small orbs and reconstituted. This is easier to do if there is already fire present.

    **FIREPROOF LVL 2: Upon coming into physical contact with an ally, he can imbue them with his same resistance to fore and heat that he possesses for a small period of time, making them effectively immune to Togen’s spells.

    --(HIGH Drain Abilities)—

    FIREBALL LVL 3: One of his most powerful offensive spells. Much like the dnd spell that is its namesake, he sends a very small orb of power in a direction and when it comes into contact with a surface, or when he wills it, it will explode with massive force in a 20 foot radius. The range of the spell currently almost 70 ft before he loses control of it and goes only another thirty feet before detonating, and the small orb can be guided to avoid hitting the wrong target when within that distance. Using one of these is n immense strain on Toghenma, and using it twice is enough to make him collapse.

    **HEAVENLY STRIKE LVL1 : Toghenma summons a column of bright orange flame from above the target and sends it straight down at them for deadly effect. The Column is about as wide around as a manhole cover and extends to about 20 feet into the air.
    Toghenma’s primary non combative skills reside in music, writing, and bartending. The second has been long cultivated as a method of escaping the hardships of his life. He loves sci-fi and fantasy and has read dozens of books in an effort to learn how they are written. Though at first, he was rather atrocious, he would write online and get criticism and improve himself. He still to this day writes for fun, though he has trouble finishing large projects for one reason or another.

    Togen has become quite the skilled bartender, able to conjure just about any drink one can think of as long as he has the ingredients. Much of what he knows has become almost muscle memory, allowing him to make drinks and do other things at the same time. In addition, he’s become something of a decent cook as well, though just enough to make some nice flourishes to simple meals, not so much gourmet chef.

    Following his joining of the Order, Toghenma has trained himself significantly in physical combat. He’s no martial arts master, but he’s managed to cobble together a style that certainly seems like a martial art in flavor if nothing else. In addition, he has become rather good at tumbling, and rolling, and dodging overall. Though Toghenma is not particularly strong, his physical attacks can be supplemented by his magic, and his ability to move quickly make physical combat a somewhat viable option in a pinch.
    Toghenma Oshiro, born Sai Izumi in 1988, did not lead a happy life prior to the Event. His mother died while he was still very young, and his father, a strict man even before his wife has passed away, became oppressive and overbearing in the years after she passed. Toghenma was always under the controlling hand of his father, who both pushed him past his limits at school and extracurricular activities. His father’s control over his time hampered his social life, preferring to keep Tog isolated save for where it benefited his studies. Toghenma became rebellious and obstinate in response; sneaking out when his father wasn’t home. When Togen turned 14 he had his first boyfriend, though as a result of the secretive nature of their relationship, they didn’t date very long. It was during this time that Toghenma had his first kiss, and truly came to grips with the fact that he was gay.

    In school, he was not well liked, mainly because of the fact that he didn’t embody the common masculine ideal. Toghenma was never able to dress and act like he felt most comfortable doing, and was forced to maintain a persona that made him uncomfortable on a daily basis. Eventually he just stopped trying to adhere to what people thought he should be and began to express himself. Though he wasn’t able to get his father to buy his preferred clothes for him, he had a couple close friends who would bring him outfits to wear at school for which he thanked them dearly. He would wear tight jeans, torn shirts with provocative designs, style his hair, and paint his nails. The other boys did their best to make his time there a living nightmare, but his friends helped him through. High school was worse in some ways. He had more support from his peers, but the threats began to grow more severe. Toghenma did not live in a very good neighborhood, and had been threatened more than once by other students with really serious violence. Toghenma’s wouldn’t help him at all, having more or less disowned him short of kicking him out of the house. It was one thing to have bullies at school, and another entirely to have one living with you.

    Much to Toghenma’s luck he got out of high school alive. But by the time he’d been through all four years of high school, his father had grown fed up with his son’s sinful and rebellious behavior and gave him an ultimatum. Either Tog would have to be the way he was “supposed to be”, or move out. Tog didn’t think much about it. He packed his bags that night and left. He’s not seen his father since. Unable to go to college, Toghenma went to stay with a friend of his for a while, and together they paid the rent for a rather dingy apartment His friend worked at a strip club at night called the Stag, while working odd jobs during the day. Toghenma ended up working with his friend at the club at night, and eventually learned to bartend. He was able to get good tips from the clients, and had a way making people’s night better with his good attitude and high energy.

    Tog kept working at the strip club for a while, but eventually ended up working at a bar called Fever Pitch, often shorted to the Fev . Though he didn’t make a great deal of money, he was living a life free of his father, and was feeling in control of himself for the first time. The Fev began to gain in popularity over time, and as the end of 2010 approached, the place would be packed during weekends. Toghenma had become close friends with the proprietor of the club, a man named Daron Anders who was about 30. Though they flirted with one another often, nothing really came of it. The club had grown from a small dive bar to a popular club in the years Tog worked there and both Daron’s profits and Toghenma’s pay increased with the surge in clientele. When Toghenma got enough time and money on his hands, he went to the courts and changed his name to Toghenma, the name of a character he’d created in a story in his youth during one of the harder times of his life. Of course he got teased by his friends and boss for it at first, but soon enough they just started calling him Togen or Tog, and they got used to it.

    When the Nevus appeared, Togen’s life changed again, as it did for pretty much everyone else on the planet. There were people in the Fev when it cracked the sky and spilled out horrors beyond imagining. He can still remember seeing people changing right before his eyes into creatures of myth and nightmare. Chaos hit the city like a hammer, and all of a sudden Togen was going into hiding with Daron, who took him from the dangers of the bar and to his home. There was little time to gather supplies, but Daron kept talking about how he knew people who could help, that this day had been a long time coming and that Togen would be alright. Toghenma at first thought that Daron had gone a little bit crazy, but when monsters began prowling the streets he didn’t have much room to question.

    After traveling together for a time, Daron left, stating that he had been called by his superiors and that Tog couldn’t follow. Daron left Tog what supplies he could and told him about afer place he knew of. Then he left, and Toghenma was alone. For a year and a half, Togen made his way from place to place with little more than the clothes on his back. It was at this year and a half milestone that Toghenma realized he was being pursued, and had been for some time. Something had been following him for what felt like weeks, but had not made a move to strike. Perhaps because something was keeping this creature off of Togen’s back. Toghenma made an effort to stay near people, but the creature took advantage of his compassionate nature. It killed off those around him, forcing him to isolate himself to spare the lives of others. When he was finally alone, the beast cornered him. Its time had come. It was a bestial thing, like something an ape, but lacking any fur. Its skin was the color of dried blood and looked as tough as stone, and its eyes were completely black. It was certainly aware, its face being contorted into a hideous smile as it approached Toghenma in the middle of a half ruined building.

    Toghenma ran down side streets and through empty buildings, but the creature was too fast, and too strong. It circumvented all barriers that Tog attempted to put between himself and his pursuer. Finally, Tog found himself without anywhere else to run. Exhausted and hurt, Tog stood his ground against the horror as it towered over him, knowing that he was going to die. In the moments before the creature struck, Tog felt the world slow around him. It was one of those crystallized moments of time where thoughts move like lightning in the space of an second. A burning rage built within him at this creature and at the maliciousness it was capable of. It had hurt people to get to him, and Tog knew that once it killed him, it would kill more. The fact that he could do nothing in the face of this entity was perhaps more than Tog could bear. So when he cast his rage into the face of his foe, it took shape and burned. Fire erupted around him in gouts and waves, encircling him and wrapping around his extended arms. The fire lashed out at everything, melting the stone and metal foundations of the building he inhabited. The fire should have burned Togen, and at first it did. His arms were seared by the first surges of heat, blackened by unnatural heat, though within moments, the fire seemed to no longer have any effect on Tog. The monster shied away from the fire, and was driven away by the expression of power. However, even after the creature was gone, he could not stop the fire from spreading. Though it did him no harm, the flames began to spread to the nearby buildings. It was then he felt an arm clamp down on his, and just a few moments after that, the fire began to die away.

    Some figure had placed some kind of magical seal onto his arm, which cut off his access to his magic. The process was painful and Tog felt weakened by the seal, his body limp and his mind hazy. Toghenma fell unconscious and was taken away from the area by someone. He woke later on a bed, and was surprised to see Daron standing above him, concern written on his face. Toghenma was too weak to scream at him for leaving him alone in the chaos, and Daron explained that he had come back to try and find Toghenma sometime later only to discover that he’d moved on. The only reason he’d found Togen was because of the demon that had been chasing him. Daron then began to explain to Toghenma what had happened to him, and where he’d gone, actually going as far as to reveal the existence of the Order of the First Light to Toghenma. Daron explained that he had to seal a portion of Toghenma’s powers away temporarily or else he’d have caused incalculable destruction to the nearby portions of the city. Daron explained that if he wanted something like that to never happen again, he needed training. So, after offering the potential of having a place among the Order and learning how to control his magic, he was sworn in at the Vatican.

    After being sworn into the order, he began to commit himself desperately to his studies, so that he would never lose control of his abilities again. Mages of the order were impressed by his ability to control fire and light, and marveled at the fact that he could manipulate fire with such precision, without using verbal or even somatic components. Tog was very soon made into a Sword Magus, and was sent on missions with other magi in order to keep the peace. During his years going on missions, while he would often achieve results that were both significantly pleasing and greatly irritating to the Order's superiors. Toghenma was one of the best at hunting dangerous creatures, but when he was sent on mission that were of questionable morality, he would be highly resistant to completing said missions to their letter. During this time met several individuals of note, one of whom was Hector de los Reyes, a Encantado who was the target of the Order's ire, but with whom Toghenma parted ways as friends, and Alec Walker, a man with whom he was rather frequently grouped with on missions and with whom he developed a good report. This conflict of interest caused the Order to send Tog to a different chapter of the Order, in New York.

    During his time in New Yourk he got to know a number of people and he even reunited with Alec, and the two continued to develop their friendship. While things were going well for the fire mage, Toghenma's discontent with the Order continued to grow, and when the war within the order began, he happily joined the group ARMA in order to oppose the Order of the First Light's nearly authoritarian behaviors with regards to magic. It was during this time that he became fast friends with Cassandra Greene, the sister of the leader of ARMA. She had suffered greatly at the hands of the order, and Togen trained with her, helping her develop .

    Eventually, when the Order and ARMA began their fight in earnest Toghenma was reunited with a figure from his past. Daron, who had been elevated to the rank of Inquistor, had been sent to hunt him and other members of ARMA. The man was powerful, able to alter gravity with terrifying potency, and as Togen knew, had the ability to cut off mages from their magic. The man managed to kill a number of young mages before he was confronted by Togen and a group of other magic users from ARMA. The man was able to fight the group to a standstill, but then, seeing that he couldn't win, decided to flee. Togen decided to pursue him while the others remained behind.

    In that conflict, Tog and Daron fought, and the inquisitor sealed away Tog's magic. Daron intended to deliver the killing blow, but then another ARMA mage managed to intervene and gave Tog the time to get just a trickle of magic through the seal. The other ARMA mage had his magic sealed and was immobilized under the weight of several earth gravities. Tog applied all of the theory he knew of the Nevus and of magic in general and use his own magic to tap into a more powerful, more pure source of power, a feat that he'd only managed to successfully perform once before and mostly by accident. Togen created Aether Flame, a magic that was the true essence of purity. It was a fire that wiped things clean, that distorted and warped reality. Channeling this new power, he destroyed the seal upon his body, much to Daron's surprise and then using another large surge of power, he sent the strange translucent/pearlescent fire at Daron. It burned through the man's spells and defenses with ease and set him aflame. Daron was killed. The flame turned everything, even his bones into dust, and he faded away. Tog, triumphant, attempted to rejoin the other ARMA mages, but before he could even take the first step, he found himself falling into a deep unconsciousness.

    When he awoke, it still took him days to recover from the usage of the Aether Flame. No one but he knew of the ability, though he did tell his friends Cassandra and Alec of this new power. The new magic scared him, and wondered just how far he could take the new power. Togen always lamented the sheer power of destruction he possessed and it only ever seemed to increase. Now the war between the organizations continues, and while the fire magus now has a new weapon to fight against the darkness, he still worries about what the future will bring, and even more, if worried about what his place in it will be.

    Just when it looked like ARMA was getting its footing, the leader Alistair Greene vanished, leaving the organization he and Tog fought to create in disarray. Tog could see the writing on the walls, and left ARMA behind, though intending to keep in touch with those he cared about. Knowing he needed to become scarce for a while, he broke the lease on his apartment and got a place under an assumed name. For several months, he simply gathered his strength and studied the Aether Flame magic he’d used against Daron, though for the most part he only succeeded in making its usage more precise, not necessarily easier. At the very least he was able to use it without going into a brief coma now.

    Toghenma went back to something akin to his life before Resonance occurred. He worked a few part time jobs and when he didn’t he studied. However, he then got wind of the trouble brewing in Ireland from a contact in ARMA. Tog was told that the Outworlders in Ireland had fewer and fewer allies to count on, and that Tog could do some good over there. Seeing it as a good opportunity to strike out without the authority of ARMA, he left New York and went to Ireland.

    Touching down in Dublin, he met up with a man name Elgir Cadance, an elf and a community leader for the Dublin chapter of the ant-registration movement in the city. Elgir had connections to the growing underground that was taking Outworlders out of the country and into Spain. The elf explained that riots were going strong in Dublin and that Tog would be useful in helping to keep outworlders safe during the chaos.
    For the first few months, Tog was more or less just introducing himself to families and at risk individuals. He would offer them person protection, as well as education in self-defense and magical theory. He worked diligently both protect outworlders and give them better tools to protect themselves. More than a few times Tog had to step in while an outworlder was walking the streets alone or in small groups to help them fend off groups of muggers or worse. Tog was not shy about leaving those who tried to do harm permanently burned for their attempted crimes.

    Tog began to gain a reputation in various anti-outworlder circles as a dangerous individual who is to be avoided, and in certain neighborhoods attempted assaults decreased for a time. Attacks on younger outworlders especially decreased as now many of them were in the possession of more significant offensive and defensive capabilities under the fire magus’ tutelage, allowing them to resist or escape from harm more simply. It was at this time that Tog as approached by Elgir regarding a job for the underground. There was a group of people that were going to be transported from dock in Cork, a port city to the southwest of Dublin to the city of Gijon in Spain. There were over 100 people that were supposed to be picked up along the way, and they all had to be safely taken to Cork without attracting too much attention.

    Tog, along with a team of several other magi and meta-humans were charged with the concealment and defense of this group from any forces that would wish to accost them on the journey south. The trek was uneventful at first, but upon reaching Cork the group found themselves confronted by a militia of anti-outworlders armed with weapons that were far beyond anything such a small group could reasonably afford or access. Tog and his team of protectors were heavily outnumbered on their own, and even with the help of the outworlders with their unique skills, there were significant casualties. Only about half of the total group managed to make it to the ship leading to Gijon. The city of was ablaze that night as riots spread throughout it in the wake of the conflict.

    The ship managed to get well away from the shore. Tog had planned to remain behind to assure the vessel’s safe departure. That was when an explosive set in the bowels of the ship detonated, sinking the ship and killing its inhabitants. Tog, along with three others of his protection squad looked on stunned. Their mission had failed miserably. Rage filled the fire magus and his magic began to lash out, much as it had years ago as he faced down a rampant demon. Anti-outworlders were turned to ash, and houses burned. Before the destruction could spread indiscriminately, one of Tog’s companions sedated him, and he lost consciousness.

    He awoke sometime later in the back of a truck in a closed back carriage. When they returned to Dublin, they reported what had occurred to Elgir. Elgir, for his part, blamed Tog for his lack of foresight. Tog, not letting this stand stated that Elgir had failed them as well for having insufficient intelligence. They argued for a long time, before Tog had to excuse himself before doing something regrettable. Tog, filled with despair over his failure, planned to leave back to New York. He said the goodbyes he had the will to say, and was going to get on the first ship or flight out of Dublin. Elgir approached him the night before his departure and admitted to his share of blame in the loss of so many outworlder lives. They spoke well into the night and as the sun came up, Tog said that he could stay and continue to do good In Ireland. Elgir said he would be welcome to do so, but that it might be fortuitous that he return to New York. Elgir then provided Tog with a letter and a set of three charcoal drawings. The letter was burnt in places, but legible. It contained a detailed description of Tog’s caravan of outworlders and when they would arrive. The also letter contained orders to kill any outworlders and allies that arrive with the caravan and to cause additional destruction to make it blend in with the riots. Tog, furious, looked next at the drawings. One of the outworlders working under Elgir managed to use their abilities to gather clues about who caused the attack. The first of the images was of a section of Manhattan, a section Tog was fairly familiar with. The second was of a necklace set with a jewel in the center. It was in the shape of a grasping hand with the gem in the palm. The final image is vague, and shadowed. It’s of a man wearing a suit, their face obscured by furious black where the artist frantically drove the charcoal back and forth.

    Tog resolved to look into these things when he returned. There was something going on amidst the political chaos, and he was going to find out what it was. He would make sure that something like this didn’t happen again under his watch. But he would need help. He would need friends. He had some calls to make. Tog soon arrived in New York, rented out a new place and began to search for leads.

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    Toghenma shook his head clear and looked at the man sitting across from him. Scratch that, at the boy sitting across from him, he couldn't have been more than a couple months over eighteen. The hottie had short black hair and a smooth shaven face that one normally only saw on shaving cream commercials. On his lip he had a couple piercings which which Toghenma admired for a moment before looking into his eyes which were...really pretty. They were the color of healthy grass, and were striking in contrast to his hair, which was dark and hung over one eye. The cutey sported a sleeveless shirt which showed off his rather muscular arms. Tog was tempted to run his fingers along the tones muscles there, but then he realized that the man's expression was rather annoyed. Had he been zoning out? Damn, this just wasn't a good night for him.

    Letting out a sigh, he smiled apologetically and shook his head.

    "No, sorry hun, I just have a lot on my mind. I just kinda lost track of myself." Toghenma tried to remember what the guy had just been talking about and also tried to remember if 'pretty eyes' had told him his name.

    'Was it...Tarry, Tommy....no...that's not it. Thompson...there we go.'

    "I got most of it. You're a student right? Just got into college, and studying Computers right?" Thompson's face seemed to brighten a little, though he still seemed a tad agitated. 'Darn. Bad start to the evening, but I am not gonna give up on this guy, he's so pretty I wanna throw this table aside and get up close and personal right here and now...though that would be very unprofessional.'

    "So you were listening. " Thompson said, a trace of wry amusement in his voice.

    "Of course, I don't make it a habit of inviting gorgeous men to sit at my tables just to ignore them." Toghenma said, flashing Thompson a wicked grin. A half smile crept onto Thompson's lips in response and from there they began to exchange small talk and come ons for a good ten minutes. As they did so, they slowly meandered in the booth they sat in until they were sitting right next to each other. 'Green Eyes' eventually placed a hand on Tog's leg, and the fire magus let it happen. For a moment they locked eyes and Toghenma could feel the beginnings of an intense heat there, fueled by the dark atmosphere of the club, the music that pounded, and the closeness of their proximity. Then Toghenma felt himself zoning out again, but he snapped back into focus, and for a moment, confusion slipped through and he began to worry about something. There was something nagging at him and he couldn't point out what.

    'What is wrong with me today?' he thought, as tall, dark and yummy got up and said,

    "Can I get us some drinks?" Toghenma nodded and watch him walk away, giving the hunk a once over and letting his eyes linger on his rear aspect for a moment before turning back to the table. Toghenma smiled to himself, but then began to feel himself getting a big foggy headed again. He magic senses them kicked in, and he sensed the influence. Rage flooded his senses, and he felt fire gathering in his thoughts. Looking around he snapped to focus as he noticed several other patrons of this club were falling languid on their tables, all of them seemingly stuck in a hedonistic trance. Both men and women seemed to be falling into sensual stupors, which Toghenma had originally attributed to drugs. Dancers were just slumping to the ground, glasses fell to the ground and shattered, the DJ slumped over his sound system causing the music to distort and whine painfully loud in the enclose space.

    Thompson returned and said, in an almost drunken voice,

    "Her are your...our...drinks....Tagginma...Togonema...haha, you're name is silly." Toghenma looked up to see the boy swaying on his feet with the drinks in his hand. Then, a moment later, he was falling to the ground, the drinks sloshing out of their glasses and onto the floor. The glasses shattered when they hit the tiles of the club floor. Toghenma got out of his seat intending to check on the boy, but he swayed for a moment, losing focus again. It took considerably more effort this time to come back to attention. His head swam, as if he'd been drinking causally for hours and had a good strong buzz going. At times he vision would fog over, or go double as he gritted his teeth and tried to focus his will. Looking around he could see only one person standing up in the club besides him.

    A woman in a revealing, acid green dress, her body surrounded in a vague, greenish aura seemed to be walking among the fallen bar patrons and tisking to herself lightly. The woman moved with a grace that was anything but human. This thing was a predator, pure and simple. Tog tracked her movements around the room as best he could, but he was having trouble not giving into the sensations of the hedonist trance. With a small noise of pleasure the woman in the green dress used one of her feet to turn the face of one of the unconscious club patrons to the left, then to the right. The afflicted man was in too much of a stupor to react. Then, she leaned down over the man and began to make sucking motions. Light came out of the fallen patron's mouth and into the woman's, and as it did, the unconscious man began to wither and grey. Tog tied to speak, but found that he couldn't, though he began to stumble forward, he had to do something.

    "Oh, what a shame. Looks like they were all lightweights." A women near by let out a moan, and began to move to a different patron, and moved to repeat her feeding process. Toghenma used the table to hold himself up. His foot struck one of the shards of glass littering the ground, and it let out a crackle pop as the glass broke further. The woman stopped what she was doing and her eyes locked on Toghenma, a wicked smile painting her face. 'Not good.' Togen thought as he looked up at his enemy.

    "Well, maybe not all of you." She purred. Walking over to where Toghenma stood, she ran a slender finger along his cheek, her every movement screaming with a succubi's sensuality. He was paralyzed by the fogginess in his head which was becoming increasingly pronounced with every second, and the woman seemed fully aware of this fact. The chuckle that came from her mouth was triumphant and patronizing.

    "Oh the poor dear is trying so hard, don't you just want to relax." she said the last word directly into Togen's ear. Toghenma fell to one knee and felt pleasure surge through his body, like Ecstasy but many times worse. Tog began to convulse at the sheer maddening Euphoria. "Just settle down and let me enjoy you." She laid her self down over Toghenma, and straddled him. The woman, no, the monster ground its hips against his and he reached mentally for his power. She licked her lips with a tongue that was all together too long to be human. "Just like that, yesss" The women bent down to kiss Toghenma with lips that were slowly shifting from rose red to the color of tar, when, with the last surge of strength he had, Toghenma drew up his will around himself and said,

    "I'm sorry hun, but I don't swing that way." And his body erupted into golden flames. The woman let out an ear piercing screech of pain as she leaped off and away from him, the fire licking its way up her arms and thighs. The fog in his mind cleared up instantly and he stumbled to his feet, gasping for breath as sobriety hit him like a ton of bricks. Across from him, the woman was patting out the flames and now stood, her skin peeling off to reveal what looked like green scales underneath, covered in some kind of dark slime. Toghenma kept a strong hold over his magic, and deadly fire flooded to his finger tips.

    Green energy surrounded the sex demon as she looked back at him with rage. Tog had denied her a snack, and no mortal was allowed to do that. The illusion of her beauty had been burned away by the flames. Her eyes were like frogs eyes, square pupiled and orange and filled with monstrous fury.

    "Good god you're ugly." Toghenma said, barely controlling the rage in his own voice. "No wonder you need so much cover up." The creature hurled a bolt of green light at him which he side stepped. With a thought a stream of gold fire surge towards the demon and then past her, hitting a nearby table and destroying it.

    "Ah Ah ah, none of that now. Leave now, or else you'll be just like that table." The woman remained perfectly still and her eyes flickered back and forth as if weighing her options. For a moment, Toghenma thought that the scare tactics had worked. The care tactics almost never worked, but in the creatures eyes he could see the fear of death, and he could see them flicker towards the exit several times and for a second he thought she was going to cut and run. But, sometimes logical thought is not with a monster's capability, and without warning the sex demon seemed to get really pissed off and flew at Toghenma with clawed arms extended and a jaw full of fangs open wider than should have been physically possible. The woman screamed out "DIEEEEEE!!" in a stereotypical fashion, and the fire magus rolled his eyes. Toghenma let out a sigh as fire engulfed his hand.

    "Sorry babe, but you're gone." And with that he summoned six beach ball sized orbs of flame, small suns that shone so bright that the demon shielded her eyes. The orbs then shot out and stuck the woman in mid air. She screamed out and fell just in front of him writhing as she slowly to turned to dust before his eyes. Within seconds, all that was left on the ground was a flaming pile of ash. With a wave of his hand he extinguished the flame and shook his head.

    "I told you."
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  1. Toghenma Oshiro

    Winner Winner Raven Dinner!

    Tog hung up the phone, one eyebrow raised. Had Eric seemed just a little bit too calm, and had he heard cawing in the background? Something was definitely going on here. Tog slurped down the rest of his tea, and made to pour himself a second cup when he heard a knock at the door. He paused and looked towards the door for a moment before putting down the tea bag he'd been about to rip open and strode towards the entrance to his apartment. The very lightest of his wards was giving off a light spiritual buzzing, like feeling static on his skin, which let him know that there was indeed someone standing near his door. Despite the fact that he didn't think this was going to be an occasion for violence, he found himself grabbing hold of his power anyways, ready to will a spell into motion. Pulling the door open, more or less expecting his scheduled visitor, he did not expect to see her made up as if she were going to seduce him into giving her a job. The way she stood, the way her curves were revealed and accentuated in small ways by her clothes and manner, would likely have incapacitated a straight man. Tog however, was not such a man. Instead of standing there with his tongue lolling out of his mouth and touching the floor, he threw his head back and let out a hearty laugh at the sight of her. It was funny enough that it took him a couple moments to stop giggling, and even then he'd just start up again when he looked at her. Once the fits of laughter ceased, he let out a sigh and moved to wipe a tear from his eye. [Togen] Oh that's good. Really quality comedy. Welcome, please come in, make yourself at home. [/Togen] and then he turned back into his home shaking his head in amusement. With a thought, he disengaged the wards that would make it difficult for her to enter the room. Walking to his desk, he opened a drawer and pulled out a plain manila envelope which was closed tightly and appeared to be rather full. [Togen] Want anything to drink? Water, Juice? Or maybe something a little stronger? I have wine, liquor you name it. I work as a bartender a lot of the time for fun. [/Togen]
  2. Toghenma Oshiro

    Winner Winner Raven Dinner!

    Patrick had always liked birds. There were times where he really envied them, able to go anywhere they wanted and travel to places that a human being couldn't. Often times, he would catch himself day dreaming about becoming one, and making his way somewhere where he could be useful, or at least where he could be happy. Of course, he was born without any special gifts when Resonance occurred. His older brother, Roger, who was an asshole of the highest degree, had ended up with at least some useful abilities in the wake of all the chaos that had split their family apart all those years ago, and as a result, Patrick had lived under his tyrannical sibling's torment for a matter of years before Roger dumped him somewhere as useless baggage. To this day, Patrick was clueless as to his brothers location and he was perfectly fine with that. 'Let him live in his own little power fantasy without me.' Roger continued to mop up the slop that some bird had dropped onto the front doors of the Gilded Rooms, letting out a sigh every time he had to wring out his mop. Perhaps it was better to say that he liked the idea of being a bird. As he reached the completion of his task, he stood up straight and it was at that moment that a large white bird seems to manifest of out nowhere and nearly raked its claws across his scalp. In shock, he cried out and stumbled backwards over his own cleaning supplies sending himself and the cart's contents sprawling across the ground. Door Guard Reager stood up, an effort reserved for only the greatest of emergencies, or the most annoying of patrons, said, "What the?", as a giant bird swooped in and cawed at him so loudly that he flinched. The man said, "MOTHER OF...." as he dove out of the way of the mad bird's assault on the lobby. Eric used considerable effort to get to his feet again and inwardly thanked the gods that no one important was there to see this. "Patrick! Get that thing!" Eric said, pointing frantically at the bird. Patrick, who was just picking himself up, cursed to himself and picked up his mop, brandishing it like a quarterstaff. As he got closer to the bird, it let out an angry sound which deterred him from further action. "Now now birdie, just stop right there...and I won't have to mop you..." Patrick said, making a slow approach. It was then that the elevator arrived, which made both Eric and Patrick momentarily confused. At the same time, the phone rang, and Eric scrambled to pick it up. Make himself sound as composed as possible he said, "Uh Hello." [Togen]Has the woman I asked you about arrived yet?[/Togen] Tog said. "Uh no, nope. She's still not here. Sorry. But if she comes, I'll do what you asked. Don't worry." Eric replied in a somewhat calm voice while gesturing emphatically for Patrick to just capture the damn bird already. [Togen]Remember, be very respectful, I want her to feel as calm as possible, not like she's going to be attacked at a moment's notice.[/Togen] "Look Tog, this isn't my first rodeo okay! I know how to handle people. Now lemme do my job." [Togen]Okay okay,[/Togen] Tog said before he hung up. "Jeez," he said under his breathe, "Damn magus is gonna drive me crazy." The elevator doors slid open.
  3. Toghenma Oshiro

    Winner Winner Raven Dinner!

    Gilded Rooms: Lobby Eric Reager sat at the front desk of the gilded room reading a paper back sci-fi novel as the Foo Fighters played somewhat quietly in the background. To most that saw him he was a little bit on the chubby side, he wasn't particularly handsome, and over all he cast a rather unimpressive figure standing at little more than 5'7 or so, though he was dressed in an immaculate suit that befit his station. The portly door man often seemed to be slacking off in someway, and often times so engrossed in his work that he noticed little of what happened around him. In truth, he was actually a rather talented magic user that worked for Tobias, and despite his rather poor work ethic, he was actually rather good at his job. The man was a psychic of a rather rare sort. He was a psychometrist, capable of feeling impressions and seeing the psychic imprints left on objects and people. In it's most light-handed application, he was able to feel what emotions a person who had stood in a specific spot the previous day had been feeling. In it's most extreme usage, it allowed the man to see imagery of events that had happened in a specific area for days, even weeks in the past. Tog found this specific ability very unnerving. When Tog first met Eric, they'd gotten off on the wrong foot, and to show Tog that he didn't merit trifling with, he grabbed Tog's hand and began to relay back to Tog a conversation that the fire magus had participated in the night before. The fact that this conversation had taken place in a private place, away from onlookers, made the man's demonstration of power all the more startling. His ability to read these psychic impression was frightfully clear, and what was worse, the man could more or less figure out all of Toghenma's secrets indirectly without really intruding into his mind. In other words, the guard was dangerous. As Tog wasn't the sort to kill people just because they presented a threat to him, he decided to just give the man his due respect, and from that time on. That and Tog demonstrated his own powers in an extravagant and yet harmless way making Mr. Reager realize that he was not to be messed with either. Their relationship was quite a bit better now than it had been in those days. Occasionally, Tog would buy the man another paperback novel for him to read during his breaks. That being said, he was still a lazy, stubborn, grouchy and rather inattentive asshole when there was nothing to put him on alert. So, when a sandwich had been splatted against the sliding glass doors of the Gilded room, he looked up and scowled. Eric grumbled to himself and picking up a phone next to him, he dialed a number. The man spoke in an annoyed, nasally voice, "Patrick, we have a mess over here. Clean it up. Thanks." then without another word, he hung up the phone and went back to his reading. A moment later, a rather spindly man, more or less the opposite of Eric in many ways, strolled over pulling a small cart laden with cleaning supplies. The janitor's outfit was utilitarian and clean, though it seemed to be a little too baggy for the twiggish young man, making him look more disheveled than he otherwise would have been. Patrick, who must have be fresh out of high school, shot the door man and security guard a defiant look. "The door is right there!" Patrick said gesturing with his mop, "You could have just cleaned it yourself! Or have you gained too much weight to get out of your chair?" "Less talking, more mopping. You're not paid to complain kid." Eric said, turning another page in his book and taking a sip of a diet coke next to a monitor. "And you're not paid to just pig out and sit on your ass all the time, and yet you do it anyways." Patrick walked over to the sliding doors, which parted, and remained so as he picked up the rancid sandwich with a latex gloved hand, and then put it into a small garbage back. Then he took out his mop and a cloth, proceeded to removed any remaining goop from the pristine entrance to the building. "I swear, the building staff might as well hire a pig to watch the monitors! At least the pig has an excuse to act the way it does!" "Ay, you watch yourself kid. I can have you replaced by some other little shit whenever I feel like it." The guard pointed a pudgy finger towards the boy. "You better keep your tongue in your head and mind your manners, got that! Unless Tobias hearin' you've been causing trouble again." Patrick went quite pale and gulped. The guard noted the reaction and give the boy a condescending, yet knowing smile. "That's right. Now just keep cleaning, and zip your yap, and you won't be kicked outta here." Patrick turned away from the guard, his lips pressed tightly together in pent up fury, but he just continued to clean the mess the bird had left outside, his body keeping the doors from closing until he finished his work.
  4. Toghenma Oshiro

    Positive Reinforcement

    Tog sat outside of the ARMA headquarters, enjoying the night air, and resting his head against the stone of the building. The fire magus took several calming breaths and tried to bring his mental space into some semblance of order. He didn't want to put on a face that appeared too damaged or too frustrated when Cass arrived. This wasn't out of some kind of manly bravado, but more out of consideration for his friend's feelings. Though he didn't know too many details about his friend's life before they had met rather by chance months before, he knew that she had a very troubled past, and he felt that it was best that he didn't ask her to carry any of his baggage unless he had to. It wasn't a rationale that was completely based in logic or fact, after all, Cass was very strong willed person to have been through so much nd to come out as the wonderful person that she was, and Tog's problems were far from the worst thing she'd ever had to deal with. It all came back to his desire to eradicate the suffering of others, even if it sometimes came at significant cost to himself. It was that drive that spurred Togen to chase after Daron after he had fought six magi, including himself, to a standstill, just on the off chance that by putting himself in danger, he could prevent anymore lives from being taken. It wasn't even the first time Tog had done something that foolhardy. There had been other close calls before. Hell, one time he and Hector had nearly been overrun by a horde of zombies and ghouls while trying to protect a small town, and he'd some away from things like that and worse before feeling invigorated. But so much about his confrontation with Daron just rubbed him the wrong way. Tog left that conflict feeling like the loser, despite he being the one to survive the final confrontation and not Daron. It had come as a such a painful surprise that the man was an inquisitor, let alone that he was capable of killing so many magi, young magi, with so little emotional impunity. Had the man that Tog had known for so long before and after the Resonance just been a sham? Was there anything that the Daron had said to him, or confessed to him that was anything other than a manipulation? Tog wanted to believe not, considering that he'd known Daron for a more than a year before Resonance. Then again, the ex-mage could very well have been a sociopath, and a very good actor. 'There have never been any shortages of crazy people, even before the world changed.' Tog was bitter, furious that a person he'd trusted turned out to be so monstrous. Usually he was a very good judge of character, it was something he prided himself on. That Tog hadn't been to able see this was a major failing on his part, and one that it would take him some time to get over. But then again, maybe with a little help from his friends and his liquor cabinet, he'd manage to get over this in record time. He wanted, if nothing else, to exercise the memory of Daron Ander from his mind, and from his life forever. The poisonous man was dead, and to let him affect him so, was just giving his specter more power. Tog shook his head and stood up, a resolute expression on his face that slowly changed into a smile. It was the smile he always wore, whether he was laughing or crying inside, but the one even his enemies couldn't keep from his face for long. It was a smirk of defiance, and it gave him strength to wear it.
  5. Toghenma Oshiro

    Winner Winner Raven Dinner!

    TOG'S ROOM The Gilded Rooms, was a colloquial name for a set of condo complexes in the better side of town. The place is so named because it is one of the most ritzy places in the city, and the only reason Tog was able to afford living there, was because he'd done the owner of the Gilded Rooms a very big favor. The owner of the buildings, a man named Tobias Grant, worked out an arrangement where he was able to live for free in the building, and should Tobias need Togen's help again in the future, the fire magus would provide it. Besides, Tobias was rather handsome. He'd help the man just to be able to sit next to him for a couple of minutes. This latest arrangement was not quite as easy to negotiate. While Mr.Grant was a reasonable and even generous man, he was always hesitant to help the magus with his humanitarian projects, as it always involved him losing out on a bit of money. Of course he usually always acquiesced in the end with a bit of haggling, and Togen couldn't blame the man for being cautious with his investments. Indeed, the man was far more trusting of Togen now than he had been upon their first meeting, where he'd had the magus detained for suspicious activity. 'How things change.' Togen thought with a small smile. The price Togen agreed to pay in order to have Tobias grant him his requests was to pay a small amount of rent while the project was in motion. Once it ended, their arrangement would return to normal. All in all, it was a small price to pay, and Tog made a note to buy Tobias an expensive bottle of wine the next time he passed by a store. Togen turned on the tap and filled up one of his ornate tea cups almost to the brim. With a small effort of will, he heated the water until the cup pleasantly warmed his hands and wisps of steam rose in lazy tendrils. He plopped a tea bag into it and waited, watching the water go from clear to faintly reddish, then to something more like purple after a little prodding. Tog had enjoyed drinking tea ever since he was little, and he had a cabinet more or less devoted to different flavors of the stuff. His favorite was Cherry tea, which was just sweet enough not to need any extra sugar to make it perfect. As he took a sip, he found his eyes wandering to the clock. The girl was due to show up soon, and he really hoped she would. Though it would be no skin of his bones if she decided to skip town with the 200 dollars, he would always wonder what she could have become had she made the other choice. A number of new magi serving under him and his allies in ARMA were success stories from his out reach program. Tog stood up and moved to his couch, which was white and covered with a couple of brightly colored throw pillows. He plopped onto it after putting his tea cup onto the coffee table, and let out a sigh. Looking out of the large windows across from him, he could see the city lit up by the lights of other buildings, cars moving to and fro, and people in the windows of neighboring buildings going about their business. A bird of some kind landed on the ledge of his balcony and he glanced at it for a moment before dismissing it. It was a balcony, birds landed there all the time. Besides, his apartment was well protected. Over the past few years he'd had the place warded with numerous deterrence and alarming enchantments courtesy of some members ARMA, just to make sure no one got any funny ideas about breaking in or trying to kill him in his sleep. If an unauthorized aura was identified by the room, many obnoxious things would happen to make sure that Tog was awake and many abrupt and painful things would happen to the intruder. Luckily, Tog had yet to need the enchantments, but it was nice to feel secure at night. As soon as the girl arrived, one of the security guys down stairs would call him, and then accept the girl's money. They would send it straight to Tobias and then step one of the program would be complete. Then when that was done, everything else was more or less on the girl to follow through with. Tog wasn't going to force her into anything, but he was going to be damn certain that the pros of accepting his deal would far outweigh the alternative, which from what he could tell just offering a place to stay, and a potential for a steady income would already improve her living situation.
  6. Toghenma Oshiro

    Winner Winner Raven Dinner!

    Her refusal to go with him outright was actually another point in her favor. Tog would have been just as wary of a such a stranger's motives if he were in her shoes. Not only was she clever, but she was cautious too, levelheaded. Yes, Tog knew that he was looking at a diamond in the rough, someone who could be molded into someone productive, someone useful. Leaning back in his chair, he folded his arms and picked up the little cup which contained a hundred dollars. He placed it closer to the girl, but didn't remove his hand from the mouth of the small receptacle. [Togen] Alright then, let me pose this to you a different way. My name is Togen, and I have a history of helping people out of shitty situations. It's not for any real gain on my part, it's just something of a hobby of mine. I can't stand to see people suffering, and there is a lot of suffering out there. [/Togen] The fire magus reached into a coat pocket with his other hand and reached into his wallet yanking out another hundred dollar bill. Casually, he placed it into the cup. [Togen] Now in my experience, people don't usually resort to petty thievery at Pachinko machines when they are doing well with their lives. Either a thief is killed, they retire, or they graduate up to bigger and more expensive things. [/Togen] Tog let go of the cup. [Togen] That means I've caught you at a very opportune time missy. You haven't really chosen which of those options you plan to take. So I am going to make you an offer. You may choose to accept or decline the offer as you desire, and if you decline, I will disappear and besides happenstance you will likely never see me again. [/Togen] Toghenma swiveled his chair until he was facing the girl directly, his eyes no longer quite so cheerful, his demeanor no longer playful. [Togen] What I offer you here is an opportunity to, perhaps. discover that you are capable of far more than you think you are. In a way, you'd be working for me, though your job would be to improve yourself. To discover your true capabilities and to build yourself a stable living environment. You would not be the first person I've helped this way, but everyone's skills are different, and I can hardly stand by and watch potential go to waste.[/Togen] His eyes locked with her briefly before he stood up. The fire magus stood straight, and despite the fact that he wasn't that tall, he bore himself like someone who towered over others. He disliked being so serious, but he found that the stern mentor approach worked better than the relaxed bartender method when it came to cases like this. A little part of him was always worried that if he acted like this for too long he'd break something and stay that way. Then what fun would life be? [Togen] This is yours. [/Togen] Tog pushed the cup filed with 200 dollars towards the woman. [Togen] Two hundred bucks, no strings attached, they're yours. If you want, you can walk away with them right now and that'll probably be the easiest money you'll even make again. Or, you use a little bit of that money, and meet me at the Guilded Rooms, a few miles away from here, in three hours. When you arrive, leave the rest of the 200 at the front desk. The man there will know what to do with it. Then you'll come up to Room 301, and we'll talk about what happens next. It's up to you how you wish to proceed.[/Togen] He began to walk away from the girl and as he was turning the corner, he flashed her a smile. [Togen] Think carefully about your choice though. Success and stability is always great, but it's hard work too, though you already know that. [/Togen] And with that he turned the corner and was gone. The fire magus headed straight for the exit and his car. He would await the girl's arrival in three hours. Let's see if he couldn't make something out of this thief.
  7. Toghenma Oshiro

    Winner Winner Raven Dinner!

    [Togen] Roulette huh? Not really my cup of tea, especially considering that I don't seem to have the requisite luck to play that game. [/Togen] He smiled wryly, remembering the fifty dollars he'd lost oh so quickly just an hour before at a game of roulette. When he'd arrived Tog had set himself a reasonable fifty dollar limit. Now he'd more or less spent four times that, and while it didn't dent his pocket book too much, he lamented the sudden lightness of his wallet. The fire magus vowed to himself that he would never play that game again if he could help it, not unless he'd found a four leaf clover and seen a shooting star first. Tog was somewhat surprised by his new acquaintance and underneath the mask of cheerful embarrassment, he examined her closely in the magical spectrum. It was said that a very experienced mage could tell what kind of magic a person possessed merely by looking at them, but that had never been Tog. All he could tell was that she possessed talent, and little more than that. Still, he didn't need his senses to know that the girl had skill. She had shifted into their polite fiction rather quickly, hardly missing a beat. Few pickpockets had the fortitude to remain at the scene of the crime, let alone play along with their target after being caught. Not to mention that the girl really had been smooth in her execution of the theft. Anyone without magical senses would never have caught her in the act. Even a less exerienced magus might not have. In short, this woman had experience, and that made her interesting to Tog. Resonance had made many a thief out of formerly straight shooting individuals. Necessity and a need to survive had pushed so many people into avenues of work that they would never have considered in the pre-Resonance world. Yet it was also rare for someone to survive very long in these lines of business without being pretty damn talented, or having an ace up their sleeve. This girl was magical, and she was clever. It was this that made Tog say, [Togen] Well, I am hardly a believer in coincidences anymore. If you're on your way out, how would you like to join me for a drink. By way of apology. [/Togen] To those listening it would seem as if he was apologizing for grabbing her hand, but the small look of amusement he flashed her said that he wasn't the one who would be apologizing. [Togen] And before you think this is some kind of a come on or something, I'll just let you know that I bat for the other team, but you seem interesting, and I'm always looking for new friends. [/Togen] [Togen] Plus, I wanna leave while I still have money to my name...[/Togen] he said, grimacing.
  8. Toghenma Oshiro

    Winner Winner Raven Dinner!

    Toghenma didn't typically go gambling, not because he didn't enjoy it, but more because there were much more productive ways to spend one's money. That being said, he'd felt the urge to do something frivolous that day so to the casino he went. When he first arrived, he'd started with card games. He played some poker with some stone-faced poker veterans who were almost as perceptive as some of ARMA's covert operatives. One man had been able to tell that he was bluffing based off of some minute muscle movement in his cheek, or some silliness like that. Tog thought the poker players had to be magical in someway to be able to read him and one another so well, but his necklace and mage's senses were still and quiet. Sometimes, practice and natural skill could do some pretty spectacular things. Naturally, Tog lost all of the chips he put into that game within a fairly small amount of time, though he got some compliments from a couple of the players who stated that he was quite good for a beginner. They said that if he wanted some pointers on how to hide his tells and on how to catch other people's, that come by at the same time next week. Apparently this group had been meeting regularly for quite some time now. Promising to take them up on that offer, he bid them fair well, and then made his way to something a little less skill intensive. After some bad luck with a roulette game, and losing a series of blackjack games that were almost certainly rigged, he decided to settle down at one of the Pachinko machines. At least if he lost at this machine, he wouldn't feel too bad. Next to him, he had a little cup which was filled with what remained of his converted money. All in all there was about $100 in there, and he'd set it just to the left of his seat. Putting a coin into the machine, the small metal balls shot out and he began to play for the jackpot. That's when he sensed the presence of someone magical approaching him. Tog divided his attention between the machine and the sensation, trying to pinpoint it. For the longest time, Tog's magical senses had been rather untrained, a fact that he mitigated using the sensory necklace he wore which served a very similar function. However, in recent months, he'd been exercising them quite a bit, and now he was able to sense magical power in much the same way that the necklace did though with greater clarity and discrimination, if in a significantly smaller smaller range. The magical entity was now standing more or less behind him, though Tog pretended to be engrossed in the bright display of the machine. Now that she was so close, he could practically perceive her shape in his mind without looking at her, the magic she gave off giving form to the senses in his head. Whoever this pickpocket was, she much not have been very accustomed to robbing those with magical sense. Even someone with as little talent in that department as Tog could more or less see what she was doing. Tog moved swiftly, his hand blurring and he grabbed the hand of the pickpocket as it rested just above his cup of money. Turning his head, he gave the woman a look that said, 'Really sweetheart?' At first, he debated making a big deal out of what she'd tried to do, but he wasn't really one who liked to get people into trouble, and in this world, there were many worse things one could be into than petty thievery. Aware of the cameras, he put on an embarrassed expression and gasped. [Togen] Oh I'm sorry! I was just trying to get my cup! I didn't mean to grab your hand like that. How embarrassing. [/Togen] With that, he snatched his cup and continued to hold onto it so that the woman didn't get any other ideas. He let go of the woman and let out a fake embarrassed giggle. [Togen]So you, like Pachinko, huh? [/Togen]
  9. Toghenma Oshiro

    Positive Reinforcement

    ARMA Gym -- September 12th, 2017 You are all powerless to stop what is coming. With a cry of rage, Tog's fist flew forward and with it golden white flames erupted from his outstretching arm. Like a comet, the burst of fire zoomed towards a target. The flames hit the target with a light boom, and when the flames dissipated, there was a large black scorch mark on its surface, and a portion of the target chipped off. You are an outlaw, a traitor. You deserve to die. Tog let out another war cry and sent another burst of flames at the target, larger this time and when they collided with the target, it was almost completely destroyed. Tog's fists were clenched and his eyes were closed. He could almost see Daron standing over him, his eyes unfeeling, he voice empty of any compassion. Tog's magic had been sealed, he had been helpless. If it hadn't been for the intervention of another ARMA mage, he'd be dead right now. Something inside Tog hated himself for that necessity, and even the fact that he'd destroyed Daron utterly and completely didn't make him feel any better. I will grant you no mercy, and when you're gone, I will spare you no thought. Tog ground his teeth, and felt his anger rise again. With a gesture, he pointed a hand towards a target that wasn't destroyed and power gathered at his fingertips. [Togen]DAMN IT![/Togen] Tog said as he sent a massive burst of fire and force at the target. The target shattered and burned, and when Tog put his hand down, he when he looked up, he noticed there ere several eyes on him. Though this time, there was concern and wariness there, though tinged with sympathy. The fire magus' glance shifted to one of the training room mirrors and he was started by what he saw. Wisps of gold energy streamed from his eyes granting him a frightening, inhuman quality. There was no white in them, only sunfire. Usually, when he used his power, he was able to control the light in his eyes, reducing it to a slight glowing as opposed to a vicious glare, but he'd let his anger get away from him. Closing his eyes, he covered them with a hand for a moment and took a couple deep breaths. Tog released his power and waited until he was calm to look back up at the mirror. His eyes were brown again, though still angry. Looking back at the other people in the gym he said, [Togen]Sorry.[/Togen] Another mage, a muscular man named Freed, and a Seargent under him putted him on the shoulder and said, "You've been training yourself ragged, Sir. You need to take a day relax." Tog didn't say anything. He simply looked at the man for a moment a nodded. Without another word he picked up his gym bag, and left. After showering in the locker room, he took out his phone and sent a text: 'Cass, I think I need some company, and some frivolous activity. You free?'


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