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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

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    Eris is tiny, curvaceous and powerful. Possessing the physical prowess to do dangerous work before the Resonance, her appearance now is quite deceptive to the casual observer. Standing barely 5’5”, she has a medium long length mane of slightly curly, thick chestnut hair. Eyes are large and dark, face cherub-like and seemingly innocent. When the darkly lined lashes narrow, it’s best to back the hell away or risk something much worse.

    She prefers elegant suits and sharp formal wear, everything she puts on whether it utilitarian or dressy is high end and polished. She can often be seen sucking on a mint of some kind and never touches anything in public.

    Her entire personality can be summed up in one word. Eris didn’t always have a penchant for arrogance, the cutting personality trait developed over time and a long series of unfortunately linked events. Before the Resonance and subsequent infection, she already held abhorrence for the social aspects of life. Relentlessly tortured as a youth by peers that couldn’t fathom the depth of her genius level intellect, it pushed her away from society in a negative light- perceiving interactions with others more of a nuisance in the way of her goals. A business-like demeanor reigned in her communications with others as she grew older, making her prime for difficult and heartless work. Shortly before the Event, devastating news toppled her from her solitary Ivory Towers. Terminally ill, the end of the world and infection was regarded as a blessing since it gave her a second chance at life and the physical prowess to match her mental capabilities.

    Now, she is dangerously cunning, quiet, straight talking and ruthless. She keeps a drawn up list of transgressions and revenge appropriate for those that have wronged her, and plans to deal with each of them on the time she has been given by the Resonance. She has no friends, only people she deems as useful or irrelevant and has an unshakable need for justice- though she is not above heartless nastiness out of spite.

    Eris is best kept on your side of the table- which unfortunately is very hard to do.
    Eris lives in a large warehouse on a former small airstrip near the harbor she has commandeered from the Resonance. Formerly a DEA location and her point of assignment, it contains a small personal jet, a helicopter, and a non-working single engine plane. She has an exclusive list of clientele she ferries for when she is in the mood, the bankroll allowing her to live the lifestyle she has become accustomed to and keep the engines running.

    Surrounded by razor wire, the large complex is a place of business, hiding a rather lavish loft above her aircraft prized possessions.

    NPC's- access to mechanics, etc. to care for her property.


    Sun sensitivity, frequency of feeding, speed, strength, senses, and regeneration - all the typical strengths and weaknesses of the N-infected.

    Shapeshifting- Eris has the lingering ability from post-Resonance magus mutation to take on other human forms that she is familiar with; the Event originally producing a burgeoning shape altering magus, but the assault producing a N-infected, cancer-free Sheut stripped of nearly all the previous affinity. Most effectively, she is able to shift into the form of her late fiance'; the only person she let through her arrogant shell. The more familiar she is with their form, the better the transformation. Often during her brief encounters in public she will take on another face to assist in self protection, able to hold it in place for up to six hours. It isn't without consequences, doubling the frequency in which she needs to feed and almost completely draining her N-infected physical prowess. If unrequited, the frenzy is terrible and weakness lingering. She retains no magus ability to increase the range or scope of the shifting, it is what it is... and has no hope of ever becoming more.
    Gifted Pilot

    Basic combat, firearm and interrogation/questioning

    Extensive knowledge of drugs and drug related activities

    Multiple degrees from various universities (chemistry and aerodynamics), high IQ, genius level
    A native of Albany, Eris was considered a child virtuoso. Blessed with a genius level intellect that reared its head very early in life, the brace-faced tiny girl was tortured in school by her peers- human interaction aspects of her education particularly excruciating. Instead of enduring the constant torment of a hopeless social life, she buried herself in pursuance of her education and becoming a pilot. She earned her basic pilot’s license at 14 and continued to refine her abilities while chewing through grade school requirements and into college credits, completely indifferent to any aspects of normal social interaction. Finishing her Bachelor’s degree by 20, she had also already been employed by the DEA as a generic special agent in pursuance of piloting as a career. Two more degrees and numerous years under her belt doing the dirty work, she landed her job in the sky.

    Shortly before the Resonance, Eris was diagnosed with terminal cancer- which she hid from her employer. Devastated, the crack in her shining future allowed someone in; the self-assured, business-like woman feeling the hammer of mortality for the first time. Recusing himself from her care when there was nothing more he could do, her oncologist became closer than anyone ever had before as she spiraled further into sickness. Missing and presumed dead after the Resonance, Eris struggled with powers from a burgeoning magus status and did whatever she could to find him... making herself a target for the new predators, and becoming one herself.

    She now has embraced her role as the predator, finding it an ironic twist of fate that someone who had been marked for death now has forever to confront all those that wronged her- and make them regret their brutality.

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    Soft breath moved between her lips, drawn in and out methodically before darkness was allowed to penetrate her lids. She’d been crouched for a long time in the shadows, waiting till the sun fell to scale the building, scenting the bastard... The ledge was a perfect one, just along the side of the building to shift her into nothing, hiding her until the morning; content at the moment to just watch, learn, roll plans over in her brain, make decisions.

    It would be so easy.

    Eyes reflected the meager light, swollen dark opal glowing with iridescent gleams, watching the particularly dashing elf wander across the room to select something from his bookshelf and then seat himself near the fire to read as fingers drew absently along the bough of his cello. It literally burned against her skin, lips pressing to a thin line as she watched the calm relaxation with a vivid hatred. Fingers that lingered over her knees twitched unconsciously, going through the motions as they remembered the last time she skinned an elf. The screaming, whimpering blond hadn’t been particularly dead yet at the time; a passion she’d developed when she mostly fancied the promises they would make her if she left them alive. Her own lips always asked where there were more elves, sometimes obliged, sometimes not. The last had been particularly loose lipped.. which had led her... here.

    Dark eyelashes lingered together, the deep smirk lighting up the glitter of her eyes. It had been too long. Tthe world had driven too many into hiding, her own prowess having to hunt more. Further away to places of the world she loathed going. This elf of particular interest, willing to cross the entire world to find him; and kill him. Her tribe eagerly awaited the silver braid that she would bring back on her belt.

    Fox fur swirled, tickling the edges of her cheeks from the hood drawn over her features. Now she knew where, she needed the how and when. The more she watched the angrier she became, flirting with self control, playing with her ability to bide her time, to wait. She knew the city, rather well and hated it distinctly. A memorable failure still bristled under her skin, the life she still could see in the goliath buildings something she could use and perhaps even tend again.

    In the meantime, she had decisions to make.

    Slipping from her perch, she slid a dainty pair of gray leather gloves on, wisping down the fire escape to the alley below, stepping over a slumped figure that reeked of alcohol. Taking a moment to smooth her appearance, she began her trek, short legs making fast work of the distance to her office, leather binder in one hand, sliding on her glasses. The glint of silver from the delicate chain that held them around her neck caught the light, stark against the dove gray turtle neck at her tiny throat. Footsteps behind her were heard even before they were audible. The vibration.. the scent of alcohol..

    She did look quite the target; tiny, bookwormy, barely a hundred pounds soaking wet and dressed impeccably in black slacks and boots, the silver chain at her waist over her thigh length sweater turtleneck swanky. Grey fox fur swirled as she turned, head cocked slightly at the shadow under a rusted awning. Fingers were nowhere near her hip, black eyes blinked quietly, pale pink lips calm without a smile. She shook her head slowly, the light catching the peak of her ears, finally sliding her coat back slightly to reveal a holster of some kind at her hip, the alcohol laden shadow moving back within them before she turned and finished her way.

    The steps were light, trotting up the stairs to the office and surveying the bustle, eyes lifting upward to the glass railing to scent something before spotting a seat near a conspicuously placed office door. Sitting quietly, she crossed her legs and folded her hands in her lap demurely as she watched the workers, eternally patient.
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  1. Eris London

    Sheut Happens

    Very few things made her move like a bat out of hell. Those she protected being in danger was at the top of that list. Holding herself together until she reached home base was the ultimate challenge. Crashing the party weak and half-cocked would benefit no one, but it would give an excuse for the violence she was about to unleash. Not that she needed one. The weather didn't make for great “bat out of hell” driving. She knew she could move faster on foot as the crow flew, pulling into a dimly lit parking garage and backing into a space. Trunk was popped, another reason she wanted to stay with the car as long as possible. The floor of the trunk clicked open, a cornucopia of items she knew she needed in any situation readied for last ditch states of affairs. A scenario didn’t exist that she didn’t have a plan for. Discarding clothes that were too big and rightfully chaffing in everywhere they shouldn’t, she tossed them in a corner of the trunk one by one as they were replaced with slick tactical gear. Fashionable, of course. Much less stiff than what she’d been wearing earlier. Basic gear always was, this was formulated for her to be able to move between known and unknown and not be noticed either way. Ready for a fight, still suitable to walk through a crowd without alarm. Weapons snapped into place, a pair of breakaway Asps on her thighs just under the longer coat. Hair was slicked back into a tight ponytail, the entire change taking merely moments before the trunk slammed shut and she was on the move. She was going to burn that shit when they got back to her compound and scrub her skin raw in a shower. The Were owed her one for that. +++ “You said you are an Air Magus. How much air can you move, and how quickly?” The arched brow was neutral, still not amused. This was a place Ahanu was pretty sure she didn’t want to go; definitely not because she was concerned with Gallo’s safety. Her primary concern was her boss, and the fact she’d been told to stay put when she knew London was off on her own doing something she should have back up for. The woman didn’t share much with the air magus lately, and she’d begun wondering just who this Were was and where he fell in the Viceroy’s bigger plans. Her quirked, deadpan expression may have betrayed her thoughts, she didn’t care about that either. His opinion of her wasn’t a worry she entertained. She moved with him, watching the gears turn in his head. Answering was pointless until she knew what the parameters were. “Could you turn that room into a vacuum? If two men entered, could you suck the air out of the room fast enough that they could pass out?” *npc* “People don’t pass out right away,” she said quietly. “The room isn’t built for it… walls would implode before that happened.” His idea did have merit though. *npc* “Mana can sense mana too. If he’s true telekinetic, he’d push the walls out before I could do it.” Realistically however, the air magus was as close to telekinetic as one who wasn’t got. *npc* “But, I can move air so he can’t take a breath and objects so he couldn’t get hold of one. Think, small tornado,” she smiled lightly. “He might control an object, but I control the flow of air around it and could send it right back at him or rip it out of his control.” Tug of war, in hopes he wasn’t as strong as she was. *npc* “Get him in here to chat, and I could. Distract him while I do it, and it’s an even better chance. Shoot at him or something,” she said plainly. “Knocking you out isn’t an option.” She smiled slightly. Because the Viceroy would have her head. *npc* “The bigger problem is none of Jerry’s goons were magus. He’s going to sniff me out in a second.” Lights flickered a moment, the magus barely blinking. The lights were a silent signal of some kind. Mouse was in the house; the off the grid member of the petite Sheut’s team that had been the starting point for the partner-up with the Were some time ago. The woman had already no doubt slipped in undetected. She was like an eavesdropper from hell, able to hear and disrupt communication, and even tell electronics what to do. Mouse could potentially disrupt Jerry’s power, not destroy or negate it, just make it go haywire. They were going to find out soon. *npc* “He’ll definitely know both of us are here. Mouse can potentially disrupt the man’s telekinetic signal. Can’t stop him, just can make it so he can’t control it.” Every instinct told her they should go, Jerry would know they were there. Eris told them to stay, meaning they were there to protect Gallo and his holdings. The Sheut had some fucking explaining to do. *npc* “I can take him down if Mouse can frag his signal. Hard part is getting him in here once he knows we’re here. Though, if he’s as much as a pompous jackhole as he seems, that might not be the problem.”
  2. Eris London

    Shall We Play a Game?

    “The vampire... the Sheut Ka- -it wasn’t like you. It was...unfinished? Younger maybe? “ Eyes narrowed slightly. She didn’t know the rogue, so it would make sense he was new. The woman could see things others could not, and could also recognize one of her own in varying stages of strength it seemed. “It’d probably be better if I started by telling you what I can do. You probably figured out my eyes aren’t exactly normal. I can’t see anymore. Not like you. Not like anyone. Most of the time things are...dull. Faded. Most of it’s just shades of grey. Makes it hard to make sense of things sometimes. A lot of the time.” She listened with keen interest; motionless as she studied her, contemplating her words. “I’m not sure what to call what I see. Mana? Life?Aura? ARMA or the Order could probably tell you. Sometimes it’s just there, pouring out of the hole in the sky. Usually I see it in people. Everyone actually. It’s stronger with some people. Usually Magi, or gifted like me, other things that aren’t from here.” The discomfort was noted, eyes unflinching as the apartment owner stared back at her. Normally completely at ease with eye contact, she had the distinct feeling that wasn’t what was happening. The eyes that looked at her were seeing something completely beyond the Sheut's senses to detect. “Your aura looks bloody. It pulses, like a heartbeat. I can smell it from here. The guy we encountered didn’t look alive to me. He was grey. Except his veins. They gave off the same color as you’re aura. They pulsed just like your aura, but he smelled different. Like death, and fear. My best guess is he hadn’t been Sheut-Ka long. A guess is all it is though. I’d never seen him before so that’s all I’ve got for you. I know even less about the other guy.” Her guess was correct, the ability fascinating. As the discussion switched to the hunter, it was apparent the man terrified her. She could hear her pulse change; smell the scent of blood when it ran hotter and closer under the skin. It was that fear and adrenaline that some vampires got off on when they hunted. Personally she thought the practice a bit vulgar. Food, was food. To torture someone to get the rush was just so… newbie, and complete bullshit. Sparkly vampire bullshit. “Pretty much all I can tell you about him is he’s gifted and he’s with ARMA. That’s all I can tell you because I can’t see him. At all. “ That, was invaluable information. She knew he was gifted, and with ARMA. The other part, gave her exactly what she needed to know. He was fast, he was trained, enough to have killed a Sheut. The fact this woman couldn’t see him meant a lot of things, and when she separated all those minute details one by one with her extensive mental repertoire it boiled down to very few conclusions. She knew how to kill him, in several ways, if the need ever arose. “Everyone can be killed,” she said quietly, hands still folded. "There is no reason to be afraid of anyone." This was most definitely worth her time to have come here. She’d considered it might be a dead end… but her hunches were almost always fruitful. It was evident now that the viceroy could hear her heartbeat, smell her fear when she spoke of the vampire and the hunter. “You just need to know how to kill them. For Sheut, you stab us in the chest,” she had no hesitation telling her how to take care of a Sheut. Most were never fast enough to make it happen anyway, but those that already knew they existed could help get rid of rogue problems so she would never have to bother dealing with them. “Then you cut off their head. For the other, you contact me and I would be happy to take him off your hands..” She wasn’t sure how a phone worked if you couldn’t see it. Mouse would find her as enthralling as the petite viceroy did. The corner of her lip curled upward at the woman’s display of ability, and the fact she was finally seeming to relax. “You’ve already seen my best trick. Or part of it anyway.” As the bottle was slid across the table to her, eyes were still on the woman. “That’s a fascinating ability you have there,” she leaned forward with an oiled grace, picking up the cup to run her fingers over it before pouring herself a drink. Not her favorite, and she had an aversion to touching anything someone else had handled, but it would be rude to refuse. She didn’t give a shit about being seen as rude at any time, to anyone. This exchange however was important, so she appreciated the hospitality. She savored the taste a moment. “Now, I’m interested in you. What do you do,” she asked quietly. “Other than stash pills in coffee cups, drink and occasionally find yourself at the fang end of a Sheut?” It was absolutely not condescending, it was curious as if she had something waiting in the wings to offer her. She did. The woman seemed snarled, bogged down with so many uncertainties that the sense of helplessness emanated from her. So complex, so many more strands at work than she could entangle in one evening. But, she had an ability that she was immensely interested in. It seemed like nobody else was seeing the potential, and she wanted it in her corner. She just had to find if she had any ties to anyone she could cut, and she would use every resource possible to make that happen.
  3. Eris London

    Sheut Happens

    Gallo’s smile stuck with her as she left the building and made her way to the car where her adventure waited. Sincerity. It irritated her. Hell, the whole world was irritating her at the moment. Eris London didn’t get involved. She didn’t make friends, and she sure as hell didn’t share private moments. That was the second damn time it had happened with the Were. Damn it. She gave orders, and her orders were followed or consequences were swift and unforgiving. To expand her circle meant trust, to trust meant building relationships. Building relationships meant letting people see things she didn’t want them to see. Break the illusion that she was impenetrable. Unshakable. Fuck Calloway. She couldn’t let loose on anyone else at the moment, so Calloway was the only person she could rightfully curse silently for making her expand her “collegial” relationships. Hand smacked the side of the car door where the two were housed. Whether or not Jerry would have done such a thing was secondary, it satiated her irascibility for that moment and got their attention. They were excited as she jingled the keys and opened the door, slicing the zip ties with a box cutter that had conveniently –and logically- been in the rear pants pocket. She tossed the keys at one, who jumped into the driver’s seat, the other stayed in the back as she rode shot gun. Pulling Trevor’s phone out, she motioned for the driver to hurry up and figure out the unfamiliar car as she continued to look over her shoulder for “someone” to be following them. She’d pretty much resolved this one of her car fleet was either getting trashed or they’d have to retrieve it later. *npc* “Holy shit…” The one in the rear seat was babbling out loud, watching behind them as they drove to make sure they weren’t being followed. The driver was actually going somewhere with purpose. There was a contingency plan in place. *npc* “…what the hell happened? They came from nowhere!” She made a point to check all her weaponry, and could scowl really well, letting the two babble to each other about how horrible the whole ordeal was and even going so far as to verbally ogle Ahanu, their captor. Good grief. They were heading toward the upper east side. Interesting. *npc* “We going back to central?” That was a good question, were these guys grunts or planners? They knew the contingency plan but seemed to have no understanding that they could be followed or the car could be jacked. They were grunts, they were told what to do. Trevor, as much as she hated to admit it, was the brains? She nodded and resisted the urge to roll her eyes. They also seemed to not question “Jerry’s” presence. That could mean several things: they accepted Jerry got them out of trouble personally when things went sour and things went awry often, they expected it to go south, or they were green as hell and Trevor was put in place to make sure things went south. Was this a set up? Were these guys not supposed to make it out? Shit. How long had Gallo been looking for these guys? They had to know Bakkhos wouldn’t just let this issue go and they would be actively and aggressively pursuing the problem. It had all the marks for a trap. That took balls. Jesus, they were trying to rumble Bakkhos. She was reaching into her pants pocket for her own phone when Trevor’s sprang to life. She answered it, the accusing string of profanity making her eyebrow quirk slightly. Jerry? Well then, he was a joy. She hung up. “Stop the car,” she said quietly, menacing. All it took was hearing his voice once. It wasn’t perfect, but it would do. She was never great at voices, especially men. It didn’t matter at the moment. They pulled over in front of a shuttered store and she got out, closing the door and waiting for the call she knew was coming again as she watched the two in the car keep glancing nervously in the direction they had come from. Phone rang. Jerry again. Now, she had to be a baby asshole vampire. She could do that without changing her appearance, but it took effort. *npc-Jerry* “Trevor what the HELL is going on? One of your grunts just called and said you left? Where’d the hell you go? That shit wasn’t supposed to be moved until morning!” “That’s not what you told me,” she hissed. Playing the fool and picking a fight. *npc-Jerry* “You were supposed to hold there until morning and bring it back in! Damn it Trevor! I’m at the east site, west and north are already set. I don’t have time to deal with this shit. Get your ass back there, I’ll be there in twenty to make sure you didn’t fuck anything else up. Get there and HOLD there. CALL me if there is any contact.” “Got it,” she hung up. Contact? Interesting. Lifting and dialing the other phone, she rang Ahanu. “Incoming in twenty. They were supposed to hold the shipment there until morning, then pull it. They have three other sites in the city right now. I think they’re specifically bread-crumbing to see if Bakkhos is on to them. I think their endgame is Gallo... to kill him, provoke him, take him… I don’t know yet. Don’t let him out of your sight.” *npc-Ahanu* “Got it.” She got back in the car. They were reaching the point of no return. She could only hold this form for so long, and it would take a certain amount of time to make it back. The test was if she could hold up the charade to the end of the line to get enough information to be of use without leaving herself so weak she couldn’t defend herself if necessary. The bigger question was if Jerry was ready at any point to encounter Bakkhos, what kind of magus was he, and what kind of muscle did he have behind him? It was no secret Gallo was a fighter. She knew that damn stadium could come back to bite them in the ass. What group would have the guts to do this to a Capo, let alone Bakkhos? They were flying in the face of the most powerful group on the east coast. It left very few options, and none of them she liked. He was an example. If they could take down the strongest fighter, how would that make Bakkhos look? This was meant to break their reputation and destabilize their hold. It wasn’t about killing people, it was about putting Bakkhos into chaos. They rolled to a stop, turning and going underneath a high rise into a parking structure. This was no fringe operation in an empty warehouse. It was bankrolled. This was as far as she could go with these two, and Jerry would have to disappear as well. As the car parked in the quiet underground garage, her movements blurred. Behind her a broken neck, the driver was food. Sitting in the dim darkness and feeling sustenance soak into her veins like water on cracked earth; she didn’t have much time left, even with recharging. The mana was not bound to her vampire side. It would fade out, and leave her exposed. Dumping the driver into the back seat, she situated them neatly and slid over to drive. She would head back to the warehouse and drop the charade as soon as she was clear from this building. Seems she would be able to save the car too. Heading toward the exit, she had to get past the gate guard. Stopping, she expected it to just go up. It didn’t. Window slid down a crack, glaring up at the guy. *npc* “Sorry, you just always do it yourself…” She shrugged slightly with a Jerry smirk and rolled the window back up. The gate lifted and she was on her way into the snowy darkness. Phone was snapped open as she drove, allowing everything to slide away. It hurt like hell coming out of it, bones melding back into their memory, muscles knotting and finding their normal positions. As soon as Ahanu picked up, the words were quick. “I think Jerry is a goddamn telekinetic…” she said quickly. “I’m on my way back, get Mouse over there, NOW...” Ahanu knew why. She HATED telekinetics. The wild card of the magus world. They were unquestionably up there with magus that could screw with somebody’s mind. Strength was a crapshoot with someone that could just as simply throw you across a room. Stop bullets. Choke you to death. Rip you in half. Impale you with shit you didn't see coming. They were sleepers. Dangerous and unpredictable. Mouse had skill that could circumvent him, if given the right set of circumstances, and she had the speed to knock him on his ass if necessary. Otherwise, it didn't matter how strong or skilled you were... he was minutes from them, and she was weakened and not going to be there in time. This was the moment when she hoped his people were ready for this....
  4. Eris London

    Sheut Happens

    He had locked into the plan that was sliding in place. Months of frustration over this impending catastrophe seemed to suddenly have a direction, a bullseye, or at least the means to one. She could lie and say it wasn't self-serving. It was. It was also her looking out for Bakkhos' best interest. Dealing with those that didn't exactly follow the rules in order to keep some semblance of social order had been what she did before the world came to an end. Bakkhos was a social entity. You didn't infiltrate and tell them what to do. You let them manage the community they knew better than you. If Gallo pulled this off and smashed this poison sabotage disaster, she would have all the ammunition she needed to tell her "superiors" she was right. “Strollo’s room has a slab we can strap him to. I was strapped to it once.” Brow cocked. It was such an odd thing to know given the gentleman he was. She had a room as well for urging people to talk. Seemed all the cool people had them. “Strollo’s upgraded the room since my visit. I’m sure it will hold him until we’re ready to speak with him.” His smirk was savored, truly wondering if it was possible to be cured he would ever go back. She would never. What she was, she was born for. Him, she wasn't so sure. He seemed to enjoy his darker side, though tortured by it. His family probably didn't know how to handle him other than lock him up. Perhaps he needed someone who could help him embrace that side. Eris London, helping people. She was getting soft. After this she was going to excessively use the word fuck for about a week just to shake the puppy dogs and unicorns from her system. She might kill someone that deserved it too, just because. Setting her people into place to lock down the area was followed up with his own, slight smile as he called them into play. She liked playing with the Were. They needed more play dates. “Allies in play. Assume all friendly until I say otherwise.” He seemed to not have picked up on the fact she was giving him her protection as well. An intense amount of trust was being placed on his shoulders not to screw this up. If Ahanu had to stay because this went south, and then her end went south, she would be a near coma Sheut Ka close to dawn with no backup. She would survive by any means necessary of course, but a risk was a risk. Her preference to protect him and his own at all costs was the price of being a leader, and why Ausar had given her the job. His response to her regard of the turncoat was a bit troubling, but not unexpected. There was an order to things, and death was a hammer not swung lightly. It was rare to see a human weather the storm like this one had. Help from Roderick perhaps, but impressive nonetheless. Deaths on her watch always served a purpose for the greater picture, something she wasn't sure Bakkhos grasped. “Hope he doesn’t have to. He has more risks to take yet.” "You'll make the right choice," she responded quietly, arms crossed in her stoic fashion as she watched the human recover from their barrage. His hand on her shoulder eerily received no outward response. Internally, claws snapped out and teeth bared, not from anger. First instinct was to keep him away from her. There may come a time when she would be ordered to do the unthinkable to this man, and her justification for standing between him and the world that threatened him couldn't be personal, she liked him nonetheless. Personal feelings though had no place when she fought for her own with the Nation. He seemed to need to do it, so she allowed it. “I’ll take care of yours. Get in touch when you can.” Nod was light, her hand moving up to rest on his momentarily. Why, she didn't know. Eris London didn't do that. If anyone asked, it never happened. He was left to his duties, and she began hers. A chameleon of the highest level, approach to the car was swift, presence heavy. Without a word, the door was pulled open and zip ties cut. Time to go. +++ “Ahanu. I’m loathe to admit it, but I’m leaning heavily on you when dealing with our new magus friend. Anything that you’d like to share with me before this begins that would be good to know would be appreciated.” She was quiet a moment, watching the clean up. *npc* "If he powers up I will strike, I won't wait for him to do damage to anyone. If that's necessary, do you want him alive or dead?" Her words were ominous, but fairly straightforward. *npc* "I'm an air magus, I can tear the breath from his lungs if you give the word. Or, let him choke for a minute or two until he's compliant." She was calmly watching the activity. "Ms. London has given up her backup to make sure you're fully protected. You need to know that too," glance to him was serious before she watched Toby a moment and turned her attention back to the clean-up. A lot was riding on his shoulders.
  5. Eris London

    Sheut Happens

    Brow cocked gently as Tom grinned at her study quip, there was more going on under the controlled façade than he let on. So many layers. His thoughts seemed congruent to her proposed plan. When she’d put the tac gear on earlier in the evening to merely keep up her skills she never imagined this would be the closer to the festivities. Such was being a leader she supposed… she wasn’t sure if she liked this brand of crazy. It was incredibly lonely, the master villain kind of lonely. “When we work together against a common enemy…yes…dangerous is a good word. But I’m afraid the world will have to wait…for now.” “Promises, promises,” the response was in humor but delivered deadpan, almost disappointed they had to leave their devious mutual plotting behind and put it into motion. She enjoyed getting things done too, but it was rare she was able to plan with someone that she could see eye to eye with. Unfortunately, there were several more levels they had to pass before he knew the full range of this relationship. She truly hoped it would weather the stress of what was coming. Afterward, a formal meeting of sorts over dinner. They had much to talk about. “I’ll make sure our cooperative friend isn’t anywhere to see ‘Jerry’ leave. I’ll plan to take Trevor to one of Strollo’s ‘Conversation Rooms.’ I’ve…stayed a few nights in one of them in a pinch. It will keep him there.” She nodded. “How long do you think he’ll stay unconscious? Do you think he needs another kick in the skull to keep him down for another hour or so?” Smirk was cognizant of his eagerness. There was a point when even vampires could be mush after you hit them enough. Knife was pulled from its sheath and flipped to the tip in the blink of an eye. She held it out for him to take by the handle. “Stake him, take all his… loose parts. Don’t wake him until you speak to me again, I’ll let you wake him up this time. It’s fun. Kind of like wrestling a Were.” Lip smirked again. It felt almost like a predator teaching another how in a different fashion, passing on knowledge of the most brutal type. Maybe that’s what was happening here, a relationship the Capo couldn’t have with other heads of his family. She wondered silently how many of them truly understood the turmoil in this man’s blood. Probably none. She wasn’t a bad influence… not exactly anyway. Maybe more of an outlet. “I’ll have our new friend call Jerry to get him out here. He and I will have a discussion about how we proceed from here.” That portion of the game worried her. Jerry was a magus, and variables were something she didn’t like. Not at all. She thought a moment. Ahanu would stay here. Ahanu was one of the most powerful magus she’d ever met. The woman could rip an airplane in half in the sky at her peak. It didn’t sit well with her that she would leave here and they would have limited backup. Phone was dialed again, what she requested was brief, almost in code with as few words as she used. What was evident was that some kind of team would be in place around the building, and Ahanu was remaining here. Once it was determined to be under control, Ahanu would relocate to her. “I’m not leaving you here alone with Roderick and an unknown variable with Jerry,” she said shortly. “I have a small team that patrols my hangar at your disposal in five minutes. They will stay outside and monitor. You say shoot, they will without hesitation. Don’t get too attached to them. You can’t keep them, they’re my toys.” She nodded to Toby, who brought their first friend into the room and laid him on a desk before leaving. The man in captivity out in the main room seemed quiet, almost resolved. Coming down from adrenaline perhaps. Maybe he felt like he might survive this. “That man is loyal to you for life,” she commented quietly, looking up at the Were before dark eyes wandered back to the guy who’d been mentally stripped bare. “He would take a bullet for you, don’t let him regret that choice.” For the first time ever, she seemed… small, human. The power and stature around her had peeled away for the moment in the privacy of the room they were plotting in. She breathed in and nodded to him, motioning for him to skedaddle. Door closed. Alone with her deceased friend she began pulling articles of clothing off and prepping her new ones. She would have to stash hers somewhere, Toby would find them and bring them back. After she’d changed completely and sat in the desk chair in impossibly large clothing, the photo was brought up again. They were just waiting on her. She could never explain what it felt like, there was no comparison. Floating possibly. That time between times when the heaviness of the sun was being crushed by the vastness of the dark sky. Dry sand being pummeled by a crushing wave. That limbo created tension, and the tension created something new. Those that had seen her do it, said it merely changed, like the photos that were scrambled until you focused and saw the picture. A refraction of light changing to a prism. Regardless, when it was done she felt like she was always punched in the gut. Moving, was also odd at first, sometimes even nauseating as muscles learned a new rhythm. Weapons secured, phone secured, she pushed the door open slightly. A viper with the face and stature of an enemy magus nodded to Toby and the Capo from the shadow before retreating calmly back into the darkness of the room to go out the back and cut loose the other two to "escape". Several moments later, Ahanu took her place next to Toby and Toby departed. Showtime.
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    Sheut Happens

    “Thank you.” Eyes narrowed slightly in response, arms crossing and she nodded in concession. “I worked in the DEA before the Event. In the field,” she said shortly. It explained her attire, and her penchant for coarse language when she was working in this half of her “duties”. It wasn’t an excuse, it was a reason. Behavior was learned, and being her size in the work she did was damning already. You adopted behavioral norms, or you were shoved out. On the outside though in public view? Dressed in a suit? Never. Smooth as glass with impeccable manners unless she was one on one, then all bets were off. "That means I can help you figure out your poison too." “Warehouses and small freight…seems to fit. Does the proximity to the water make up for the poor fuel quality? Seems short-sighted.” “Something able to avoid Bakkhos’ resources for this amount of time is extremely well planned. There’s a purpose here.” “This operation is intended to be disposable. A kamikaze attack. If what you say is true, then that tiny, barely useable helipad with terrible fuel can’t be expected to be a long-term setup. Either they are desperate, or they are testing us.We need to be careful how we proceed. I don’t enjoy being studied.” “Well there goes my night,” she quipped with deadpan humor. “You’re a good study.” She thought a moment, watching the rogue on the floor. “There is so much mechanical slag, junk out there. A lot of amenities were absorbed by other companies when their owners never returned or were killed a decade ago. Survivors didn’t take the junk, so now there are fleets of old vehicles nobody wants. Untraceable, nobody will miss them, nobody keeps track of them… disposable, anonymous.” Brow cocked as she looked up at him. “Sludge fuel isn’t a worry. They just dump the vehicle and find something else. I’d bet in a few weeks, the trucks will be different. I have a few ideas where they may have come from. Equipment is rotting Gallo, harder and harder to keep planes in the air when nobody is making parts and they’re rusting on runways. Vehicles are the same way. They think they're being sneaky. To someone like me that regularly scouts for parts, it's like a fingerprint. I'll make some calls.” Then, the bombshell. It was a sure fire way to get immediate answers and get several steps ahead, if only for a hot minute. “Are you suggesting speaking to the two with Ahanu as Jerry?” She nodded slowly. “You’d have to be angry, think you can handle that?” The glare was hard, “…did you seriously just ask me that?” “While you do that, I’ll have a crew come in, clean up, and collect our new friend and escort him somewhere safe where he can be looked after. We get the Hesek and the man out of here. Clean up the mess we made, and let Jerry find the warehouse. Without his crew. Without his cargo.” A corner of her lip curled up at his smirk. “This relationship is a dangerous,” she quipped. “One of these days I might ask you to take over the world with me.” Humor was evident, but clearly she was happy with her choice to work with him on many levels, though she would never admit it. “I need Ahanu, that’s part of the risk. You’ll be on your own. Toby will stay to help with the rogue, then he’ll have to follow me when your people arrive. Ahanu will have to tail us from the start. When this is done, I'll need their help. Nobody is all powerful Thomas, not even me.” It was the closest she would ever come to conceding she had limits. “You’ll get your information.” “Then maybe Jerry meets a friend of his he didn’t know before.” Brow cocked, and she laughed quietly. Eris London did not laugh. “I’d like to welcome him to my new warehouse, personally It would be important to know what sort of mage he is first. Think our boy out there knows?” “Probably. If it was an unusual ability he may have seen it. Magus are so layered with power though that knowing what kind of magic he slings won’t necessarily give us any advantage other than to watch out for his hocus pocus.” Long breath was pulled in and released. “I’m trusting you not to hurt my people,” her voice was incredibly quiet, lethal. Eyes found his without hesitation. “I will not be able to protect them, from you, after I do this.” Her expression held no question she could and would rain down hellfire if something happened to them. She knew he was aware she'd been watching him all evening. It was dangerous to be involved with her, but it also held incredible benefits. “People that are my family, I will protect with my life,” that also included him, though she didn’t say it out loud. She would stand in front of him if Calloway raised a hand to the Capo. Her loyalty to the Nation was unshakable, but she would never betray those that had her back either. It had caused considerable tension between her and other leaders in the Nation. In the end, it seemed Ausar supported her for that very reason. Her loyalty to those who were trustworthy was unshakable. Gallo had split loyalties, and the fate of how the Nation treated his family rested squarely on his shoulders. The Nation wanted them as puppets. She wanted them as partners. A conversation they would have to have very soon. She nodded once, phone pulled out to ring Ahanu and explain what was going to happen. She did the same for Toby even though he was in the other room, it was just quicker and cleaner. The goon on the table would have to be brought back to where she was… she needed his clothes. “When he brings in our first friend and I close this door, I won’t be able to talk to you again until this is over. When I’m good, I’ll call Ahanu to leave the two outside and come in. When you see her come in, I’m going to cut them loose outside for the 'getaway' and see where they take me,” she motioned for Toby to grab their deceased friend and bring him into the room. “Once I get all the info I think I’ll get, I’ll take care of the two friends outside. Let’s get this done.” She held the door for him, ready to close it behind him… quirked brow indicating she had to do this in privacy. “Only because I like you,” she grouched.
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    Sheut Happens

    His smirk amused her, she liked it. The woman was the epitome of a poker face, but when things went well and were tipped in her own favor the wicked little personality could be set forth. This is what her crew knew her for. So business-like, rigid and arrogant to the world… when in fact she enjoyed these moments the most. She despised the hunt, she loved the endgame. She nodded once when he agreed, stepping back and speaking with Toby inaudibly. “Yes. Please ensure that our guest is cared for.” She couldn’t take her eyes off the rogue, but they could remove themselves to a room where the man couldn’t hear them. Toby could, but she wasn’t concerned. He knew this information already and seemed to enjoy it when she stepped out in this way. Following the Were, she managed to not appear small next to him. It was an impossible task for most, for her it came naturally. Stepping through the doorway, she positioned herself so she could see the broken rogue. Toby was fine. Arms crossed, voice low, she wasted no time. “It’s not an airfield, it’s an old heliport. I looked at it several years ago as a dock. It’s really only good for warehouse needs and small freight docking. The fuel tanks are sludge so it’s useless to me. For old trucks, it’s passable but it will destroy the engines… it’s their fuc…” She stopped herself, eyes flicking up to him. Head cocked slightly as her eyes narrowed at the man almost accusatory. He didn’t like coarse language, it had just dawned on her. Well fuck… that was half her vocabulary. “It’s their screw-up,” she finished without missing a beat. He was going to be a bad influence on her. “Could land a helicopter there, but I don’t know of any pilots that service there. Helicopters that accurate are not common either. I have an idea who could do it. I’ll make some calls.” She took a deep breath, reaching down quickly to adjust the thigh holster with her thumb before crossing arms over her chest again. They were not made for short women, even when they were made for short women. Thoughts were wrestled with a moment. Perhaps the reason she bucked Calloway’s insistence on building a network is she would have to share bits of herself with people. Small circles meant secrets and weaknesses could remain clandestine. With Bakkhos, it was absolutely unlikely they didn’t know each other’s secrets. Maybe unconsciously that was why she approached Gallo and not the others. He was more refined of course, but he was also… a gentleman, and gentleman didn’t discuss the affairs of others without good cause. She caught herself staring at him for several moments before she decided to move forward. If she was going to commit to this, this was a level of trust she extended to no one but her inner circle. When she shared, it was as powerful as her stoicism when she didn’t. It was a story and tragedy all in one to make sure he understood the magnitude of what she could do, and how important it was he kept it confidential. “People die,” she said quietly, eyes shifting to Toby as her chest rose and fell in a small sigh. “Doesn’t matter how smart they are, how young, how powerful, how important, how loved. Mages… everyone dies. All the knowledge in the world couldn’t cure my cancer, all the power in the world the Event gave me couldn’t cure me either. I refused to die. Not because I was afraid of it, but because... I simply refused to be beaten.” She let it rest there. It still perplexed her why she’d fought so hard against the vampire intent on killing her when she was going to die in that hospital anyway. That defiance was why the other that gave her the gift saved her. She fought for herself when no one else would, or could. She’d shared too much, cheeks burning with a lick of anger. He made it easy to tell him things, she didn’t like it. ‘This virus was given to me because someone believed I could be more than just a single force of nature. I’ve lived three lives, as a human, a Sheut Ka, and a mage. When we’re infected, most change from one life to the next. Mage to vampire. Human to vampire. Some of us, very rarely, keep parts of our former selves. I am one of those. You are the only one outside my circle that knows this. It needs to stay that way.” Narrowed eyes were definitely mischievous as they looked back at him. He didn’t need to know how adept she’d gotten at Matteo, not yet anyway. “I can be Jerry,” she said quietly. “There are risks, so we need a definitive plan of action, but I can be Jerry. It would have to be now, once word of this night ripples through whoever we’re chasing, we might lose the chance. Introduce Jerry to the two outside. See where that takes us. Pull Ahanu, have Jerry cut them loose. Put one behind the wheel to escape…” Brow cocked. it was a lot to take in. “It's not glamour, it's an actual shapeshift. I will be recognized as not Jerry to anyone with a sense of smell acute enough to know it's not him. We’d have a little less than an hour, I can duck out once we’ve got substantial intel but... that would open up the risk of the real Jerry finding out someone is impersonating him. We could take care of them before they can tell anyone, but that will take coordination. I pull Mouse in, and she can scrape out any communications and assist with that.” Gallo might actually finally get to meet the member of her team responsible for his place of business being partially destroyed. "The fact I'm willing to wear someone else's shi... clothes means I like you," jaw set. He was SUCH a bad influence on her, however his needs and goals were hers as well. She couldn't wave their flag to the Nation without getting her hands dirty. She believed in his cause. "Remember that Gallo." She didn’t need to go into further detail unless he asked. The shifting wiped her out, it always did. Toby and Ahanu knew what to do when that happened, it was not their first rodeo. The viceroy’s expression was expectant, waiting for his thoughts or questions. Had she impersonated anyone from Bakkhos? Yah... she was not answering that damn question...
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    Shall We Play a Game?

    She didn’t overtly try to look like a statue, it was just a byproduct of being something unnatural. Had she been given a proper choice, she most likely would never have chosen it. It was still better than being zombie food by a long shot. The viceroy was not a patient person, it was a skill that had to be honed over and over again the more she dealt with people. Her days of shooting someone in the damn face and getting to say “oops” later were a bit over. The woman seemed to be coming around, a physical and emotional response like that hinted she'd been terrorized in some way. There was a time she was not unlike her. In so much pain it felt like bones were glass and she would die if she took another breath; afraid of what was around the corner because the world had been so incredibly cruel. She got better when she stopped fearing death. “He’s not my friend!” That, was absolutely a boon. The outburst seemed to stall the composure progress a little, but the fact she wasn’t particularly attached to the hunter meant there was no loyalty there to hold back information. Since the woman also seemed to believe the petite vampire was there under aggressive pretenses, it would grease the wheels even more perhaps. She wasn’t intending to play that card, she was cruel but she wasn’t unnecessarily sadistic. “If I wanted you dead, I would not torture you like this,” she could also be kind. Words held truth. "That's only reserved for those that have betrayed my trust. It is a fate that's earned and I've never met you before." Dark eyes watched the need for alcohol. She too liked a good drink, a bit disappointed when the woman grabbed only one glass. The alcohol would stay the scent of a wound the woman had that was itching at her senses. The viper had control of the highest order, and she’d already eaten this evening. It still couldn’t be completely ignored, only placed to a peripheral awareness. The eyes that looked up at her were so intriguing, beautiful. “What do you want to know?” “The vampire, and the hunter, and perhaps a little about your abilities,” her words held truth. This woman reminded her so much of Mouse when she’d first found the magus in Detroit. Now, the vampire would destroy a city block- and had, to protect her employee from danger. “I’m not interested in how you came across the Sheut Ka, the vampire, you encountered, or why you were there. I would just like to know if you know anything about him. Let’s start with that.” Putting an actual name to an amorphous "monster" was purposeful. It meant they weren't just a fluke, or a wild beast that ran free to slay at will with no checks and balances. They were a race, and they had laws, with terrible consequences for their transgressions.
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    Sheut Happens

    His ring. That was a tell. Interesting. He liked finite control, order. They were all things she liked as well, but she’d earned her teeth in chaos and she was comfortable flipping back and forth on a whim. He liked order and comfort, his influence was strong in that arena. Good to know, this was great progress. She was also becoming used to the occasional growls from Gallo. They were interesting, as telling as the buckle of someone’s brow when they were displeased or the twitch of her lip over her canines when she was irritated. Each one had its own personality, like a canine’s expressive features. She realized she was smiling to herself as she listened to his conversation and started going through Trevor’s phone. The comparisons she was making in her head were amusing, if only to her. He would likely not appreciate… but it didn’t mean she couldn’t. Jerry. A magus. Damn. It ticked at her that the phone wasn’t password protected, smirk disappearing after a few moments. Just an idiot, or a burner phone. Maybe a bit of both. She had an idea, and it wasn’t one that Tom was expecting. All she needed was a… “Where do the trucks get gassed up? Where else have you been ordered to watch crates?” *npc* “The old airfield, just… a bit from here.” Her eyes slid up. What. The. Hell. Was he talking about hers? That was not possible. Toby’s gaze hadn’t moved from the man but she could see his confusion as well, subtle. Tom just needed to play it cool, the man was either lying or there was a component here they were missing. Her mind flipped through all the places she knew. The old heliport. It was just a strip of concrete now, but all the amenities were still there. She’d checked it out when she’d built hers. It was a depot for shipments of varying sort. The fuel was sludge, so she never did business there, but it would run old trucks. There was storage, warehouse space, access from the water and old passageways. It was a quiet but thriving shipping spot. Inconspicuous. *npc* “They gas up there, sometimes deliveries come in on a boat.” Her airfield couldn’t take deliveries, the breakwalls were substantial. Tom would know that, she wondered if he knew about the old heliport. Attention went back to the phone, thumb pressing unusually hard to get it to work. Damn vampire temp. It clicked quietly. Did she just take a picture of the floor? Arg. “Have you ever been commanded to watch the same place more than once? How often are you made to do this sort of thing?” *npc* “Couple of times… ummm… there’s just two I know of.” The man was thinking, he was more observant than he thought he was. *npc* “I just get a call from Trevor and he tells me which one to go to… We never know where until they call. Been here a few times this month, another place on the upper west side most often. I only see Jerry here.” Bingo. She held up the phone to the man. Apparently Trevor had trouble with phones too, and in attempting to use the phone like her he had captured a slightly blurry photo. It was clear enough to see the face, at an odd angle and trailing lights behind him, but it was a face. The man nodded. *npc* “Yah, that’s him.” When she had a face, she could do the impossible. Smirk was slight at Toby, who returned the expression. She was well fed. She could do it tonight. They could get answers tonight. Trevor, she couldn’t, he would know it was her. The humans? Put them all in a room together, and she could get Tom answers tonight. She had to talk to him first, so he didn't end up using the damn axe on her. She knew she had a scent he recognized, but sometimes senses didn't trust what eyes could see. She put her back to the man, standing at Gallo’s shoulder. “Can we speak?” her voice was almost inaudible, the urgency of her expression hopefully was enough to gain an audience.
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    Sheut Happens

    Most people she could read like a book, the ones she couldn’t she could care less who they were or what they thought. Tom was different. Every moment she thought he would go one way, he went the other. At times, he did exactly what she predicted. She would have to answer a lot of questions on her choice. Ausar wouldn’t have put her there, in the most volatile place on the continent at that point in time if he didn’t have confidence in her choices. It wasn’t Ausar she was worried about. She wasn’t sure how Adrian would deal with him. It was his reality warping and emotional control that concerned her… and if he didn’t like the Capo, he would definitely push his buttons. Roderick could influence Tom and that meant Adrian could most likely. Damn. He would find a way to undermine her choice in front of Ausar. She was pretty sure the Oracle would have her back on it. There was something about that woman that inspired confidence in the viper but it could go either way. Regardless, they had to develop some kind of unspoken communication, like with her own crew and he with his. It would be the only way they could get past Adrian, and Ausar could be convinced Bakkhos was to be left to its own devices instead of the Nation’s influence. It was a serious conversation she and the Capo had to have, and it was unfair to leave it to Tom instead of Gaspari… but she knew none of the others would play the game as well as Gallo. It had to be him. When he held her gaze for a moment, it seemed he could almost read it in her poker face. After this they would have to have a business conversation, he needed to know the finite details. Her immediate concern, was making sure Bakkhos, and more importantly him got through this debacle with his product. Keen eyes were learning the cues. “You mentioned that you could take us there. Where were you offering to take us?” She was listening to the human, but watching the Were. *npc* “I know where they gas up the trucks… I… I’ve seen Jerry there once or twice.” Once or twice, she could pick out a scent. If it was recent. That would give her something to go on. She wasn’t sure if Tom worked that way or not. “Tell me about Jerry. I know Trevor takes his orders from him…but tell me what else you know about him. Is he like them?” *npc* “No… no, he’s a magus.” That complicated things. She would rather they be vampire rogues. At least she could be judge and jury with her own. This brought in ARMA and the Order. If they were a rogue magus, even the Nation as a whole may have to be put on alert. Damn it all. Toby released the man and took a step back, arms crossing as he waited patiently. The Viceroy watched the man settle in on his newfound comfort. It was tentative, but seemed trusting. He’d thrown in with Bakkhos, and had said he was willing to talk for protection. It was something that should be honored, word would get around about this and it might encourage more deserters. No matter how tight situations were controlled, people talked. Even if an event was wiped from the earth, there were still rumors. What might come out of this was that to switch hit meant protection. It depended how afraid people were of whoever was in charge of this whole poison conspiracy. If they were low level enough, they might not realize it so the results would be moot. There was also the chance they would get the one shred of information that could break it all wide open. Here’s to hoping this guy had it. “Please be as detailed as you can. But don’t take too long. Once Trevor wakes up, we’re done here.” *npc* “That’s all I know. I’m just a babysitter for the crates.” He stared at the floor for a while, and she could tell he was wandering through his brain trying to find a shred of something that could be helpful. Even peons saw things, and he was trying to remember anything. Conversations he wasn’t privy too, sights, smells, any tidbit that wasn’t thought twice about in passing. *npc* “He’s… a pilot? Maybe?” The viper’s brow cocked visibly, that… was important. There weren’t many air fields in the area, and there were even less that had working aircraft. It also opened up a few points of reference to where these crates could be coming from. In New York, there were few airfields. Beyond New York, there were even less. She knew most if not all of them within a helicopter or a plane’s fuel limit and for stop points. It was necessary to know when transporting Sheut. Daylight was deadly. *npc* “He mentioned landing somewhere… in a twin engine?” He shook his head. He seemed done. Even if he wasn't a pilot, flying anywhere was in her wheelhouse. Her eyes came to rest on Tom, that was a helluva lead.
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    Sheut Happens

    Roderick’s facial expression caught her attention, as did his movement. Oh? She had the distinct feeling this would get even more interesting in a hot second. When Tom moved, she didn’t. Was she going to see what this man was truly capable of when he lost his cool? Roderick’s reaction revealed he’d seen this before. What was the trigger? The rogue hadn’t threatened her. Insulted her? ‘Why did he have to say that?!’ The corner of her lip turned up as the human began to squirm. *npcTrevor* "You want information, I have it!" Most would have probably recoiled at the brutality, she was intrigued. Her world was brutal under the guise of being civilized. No matter how those in power tried to spin it, this was what brought loyalty and obedience from an outer circle. One’s inner circle was family because they chose to be despite the consequences. That’s what made them family; they were fearless in the face of danger. Those were individuals you wanted at your back at the end. She needed information about the man, now she had it. Roderick seemed to have focused on the human, leaving the Were to his own devices though she couldn’t be sure. Were those standing orders? Also, unclear. Her own worked much the same way, with practiced precision on what to do in any situation even without speaking. If that was the case, there was a trigger concern with the man. She needed to find out what exactly triggered the response. The vampire would heal, completely if given enough time. It was one of the horrendous realities of her kind. Injuries were never final, unless the blow was. “I’m sorry you had to see that. I would encourage you to be polite and helpful, yes?” The human captive nodded. She caught his eyes as he looked in their direction, something in his gaze held mirth, as if he wasn’t done with the Hesek. This was getting more and more interesting. “So, friend…as I’m sure you’ve gathered, my name is Tom Gallo. You are right to be afraid of her. Why did you not think it wise to also fear me?” As his continued his psychological lean on the human, she knelt next to the idiot vampire, quietly lifting and checking his pockets. “You mentioned some things earlier when you were shouting over Trevor, here. Please elaborate.” *npc* “…ah… Jerry gives us points of drop off, they always change. We hold the stuff there until someone comes and picks it up. I… I don’t know who, I… we just watch the crates and make sure they don’t get taken by accident. Trevor deals with whoever is driving the trucks.” She could feel sorry for the guy, barely able to find his voice between panicked gulps of air. Glancing over at him, she continued the search through Trevor's coat. *npc* “…trucks are.. uh.. dark gray with a white stripe on the side… Um, that’s all I know. Wait.. wait… the trucks bringing them to the dock are old. White, kinda box truck. No markings… we load them into the gray ones that come to get the stuff.” Bingo. Crumpled paper. Cell phone. Paper clip… keys. She slid them out, melodic jingle like a pot of gold as she held them up to twinkle at Gallo. *npc* “…look, I’m just a guard. Trevor tells us what to watch. Jerry tells Trevor where to stash the crates. Where they come from I don’t know…” She was able to relax, a little. It would be a bit before the rogue would come to. He might need a little help, and the frenzy might be an issue again. C’est la vie… Straightening, she made her way to the table and placed her findings there, reaching with the back of her hand to wipe blood spatter from the side of her cheek. “Dry cleaning… you owe me drycleaning,” she said under her breath before taking her gloves off and putting them in her back pocket. It was exceptionally rare she touched anything in public. Unfortunately, her skin was so cool that cell phones were a pain in the ass through gloves. She had to impatiently fiddle for it to even work, holding it out to Gallo for his inspection. Numbers. Jerry was one of them.
  12. Eris London

    Sheut Happens

    Pistol returned to its holster, arms crossing over her chest again. She was determined to ride this out wherever the Were wanted it to go. The rogue was steadfast in trying to engage her. Regardless, the petite Viceroy’s expression remained aloof and deferred to the Capo. It was thrumming at her patience, however necessary. Toby was honed on his prisoner, waiting for any cue from her to act. Calloway. Only someone that thought they were on good terms with a powerful ‘friend’ would throw around their name as a threat. Threat, promise, it was definitely something. The only way a Hesek would know about the minister was if someone had told him. She had a traitor in her midst. Or, Calloway himself was the problem. Either scenario wasn’t in her favor, more accurately- their favor. There was no outward reaction from her, feeling the air shiver around Gallo as he changed tactics. “I tried to keep her from you as long as I could. You and Eris are going to have a…more private conversation. I trust you’ll find that I was…much more kind than she will be. But I’m guessing you knew that. Good luck.” Brow cocked slightly at the Were. She wasn’t going to do anything to this rogue, this was where it was going to get interesting. The rogue stared at him, then her… expecting an answer to his demand to speak with her boss. No. She didn’t even bother with another glance, watching the Capo approach the other captive. She could play the long game too. “You and I are going to have our own conversation. Then I am going to speak to your friends. If I like what I hear, I think we can find something for you that you will find acceptable. If you and your friends tell me something that doesn’t ring true…then I’ll give you and your friends…and Trevor…some time together to get your stories straight.” The human was breathing steadily, almost calm. He seemed more than ready to play. With his cooperation and her silence, the rogue was bouncing in the other direction. He was getting desperate. *npcTrevor* “Did you hear me?” He hissed at her under his breath, an edge of concern finally to his voice instead of the smug unhelpful ‘immortal’ as he tried to get a rise out of her. *npcTrevor* “I want to speak with Calloway.” She didn’t respond. *npcTrevor* “I’m talking to you, you stupid bitch.” He’d gone from fear, to desperate anger. Dark eyes snapped to him. She'd torn people apart for less. *npcTrevor* "You want information, I have it!" NOW he wanted to deal. The humans were going to buckle thanks to Gallo's expertise. This rogue was either trying to ride their coattails, or pick a fight. Either way he was going to lose.
  13. Eris London

    Sheut Happens

    At one time, she had been a patient woman. She was no longer. The Viceroy could have answers spilling from their gullets in less than sixty seconds; brutal and efficient. No mercy flowed through her veins, especially after all the news of late. She was willing to be patient to learn what she was dealing with when working with Gallo. He’d done this before, which was absolutely clear. Despite the beast rattling its cage, his method seemed to be what kept everything orderly and under control. Regardless, it itched at her. “Come, Roderick.” Interesting. Russet watched the man come forward and try something with the vampire. She was about to learn where some of the boundaries may lie with his sway over the Capo, a wealth of knowledge in her book. Head cocked ever so slightly as it sounded like he was simply turning the volume down on the human’s heart. Nice trick. The rogue though, didn’t seem to respond at all. Not surprising, but noted. “You gave me Venom.” Brow cocked. “You gave me that Jerry was in town.” She could have lied and said the sudden snap of the axe into wood hadn’t prepped her to move. Another person was in play. Four in the room, three outside. She could do the impossible, but this chess game was getting crowded. If something happened, Toby was her first priority, then Roderick oddly enough. Gallo would heal if the vampire struck, or survive long enough for her to get to him. There were so many ways this could slide. It was almost like being back in a helicopter on duty when everyone was trying to kill each other. “Round one is a draw. Everyone gets to keep their hands. Round two…” His question about the venom urged her to say something. She stayed silent. It wasn’t a poison, it was actual venom. It would be interesting to see if the guy knew that. “You need to tell me all about Jerry. While you’re at it, I want to know every detail about the operation that lives within your memory. Who is Jerry? Where is Jerry? Who does he take orders from? How much of the logistics of this operation do you know? It is very important to you that you speak the truth.” That damn Were was going to give her a heart attack. She hadn’t moved a muscle, but her poker face couldn’t hide the heaviness that rolled from her presence. Four in play, three outside and now Gallo was in the rogue’s face. He was either testing her capacity to keep an umbrella of control over the situation, or he was really getting reckless. Maybe both. Maybe neither. He might just have been fucking losing his mind. “I know others like you. There are some within my organization who have sought shelter from those who would wish them harm. Angelo Gaspari owes me a favor. If you can prove yourself to be valuable and trustworthy, I can find a way for him to forgive you of your transgressions against not just myself, but of Bakkhos itself.” For. Crying. Out. Loud. She was going to kill this man. Bluffing or not, a good ear boxing in the very least was going to happen. This was exactly why she’d told Calloway to piss off. He said she needed to learn how to play well with others. She’d said he could kiss her ass. He said be social anyway. That conversation hadn’t ended well. Any conversation with Calloway hadn’t ended well. And now he was too close to the rogue. Don’t touch the rogue. Don’t touch the rogue. Do not trust a rogue..... Aw hell… “Take your time, get your thoughts in order. But don’t take too long. I have all day.” The sharp snap of a hammer suddenly reminded the world how deadly a vampire could be. Before the sound reached the human’s ears, the Viceroy had moved. She’d seen the rogue’s twitch of muscle, and now her muzzle was on his temple in her two-handed grip. Toby had also moved, the human shoved forward with his muzzle at the base of the man’s skull. “Don’t try that again,” she said quietly to the vampire “or any promise he makes won’t matter for either of you.” He glared at her, then exhaled slowly and glowered at the floor. She took three steps backward, but kept on point. Toby relaxed and pulled his captive back up, who was faring much worse than the vampire. He was having a hard time pulling himself back together. *npc* “You need to check your distribution centers...” Words were sullen, but full of mirth as he looked back at her. *npc* “Doesn't matter if Bakkhos forgives me, you'll hunt me down.” She didn’t confirm or deny his observation but he was right, there was no way out of this; even if Bakkhos forgave him and protected him. He’d betrayed his own kind and that was a death sentence. The only way out was to get a pardon from her and he knew it. He knew the inner workings of the Sheut. She needed the name of his maker damn it. She had a pretty good idea, and this would just confirm all suspicions and send her in the right direction toward her traitor. Gallo was running out of time. The clarity in the vampire’s eyes said to her he was healing. There was a very good chance he was going to go for the human that Toby was keeping, or even Roderick. Feet or not, a vampire was fast. He wouldn’t get very far, but he still could do a lot of damage before either of them could get out of the way. His movement had tested how quickly he could twitch before she was on him. *npc* “I can’t tell you any more because I don’t know!” Toby straightened him up, he was starting to support the man. It was taking its toll. *npc* “But I can take you there… if you… protect me from him. Jerry… and Trevor.” Hm. Now she had the vampire's name. She could do the impossible with just a name. Getting somewhere, but the rogue wasn’t budging. He was fed enough that his pain tolerance was holding. He was healing. Stalemate unless she intervened she suspected. *npc* “I'll tell you everything, but I want to speak with Calloway.” Or an ultimatum. Shit.
  14. Eris London

    Shall We Play a Game?

    Eyes closed as she waited. She didn’t need sleep, but she did fall into unconsciousness from time to time. Out and about in the city she didn’t fucking ever dare. Being away from her compound and in the midst of mundane society had a lull of its own though. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d bothered to grace an apartment building. College maybe? After that, living on a base, or a camp, even sometimes in a helicopter or plane on a runway when nothing was available. Stark contrast to the effortless and impeccable way she now lived. She hated people. Loathed them. People were selfish, filthy little creatures. Ego driven. Worthless where she was concerned. Very few were even remarkable enough to pay attention to, let alone remember. They transferred their inadequacy and pain onto others every chance they got. No concept of loyalty, or honor. Even then she could hear it in the apartments around her. Somewhere a floor away people were fighting about… who used up all the hot water? Kids crying. Doors slamming. The stink of a trashcan that needed to be taken out that only a vampire’s senses couldn’t tolerate. Scrape of chairs. Television. The cacophony in her head was deafening. Though the sensory noise, a scent cut, coming closer. Dark eyes opened. Finally. The door clicked, opening and closing. Locked. Settling in. A routine well-rehearsed over time. The woman found her almost immediately, the eyes bringing a slight Grinch-like curl upward on the edge of her lip. Magus. Empowered at the very least, exceptionally interested what the gold eyes could see as she looked at the Viceroy. As the pills dropped to the floor, a small sigh escaped the vampire’s nostrils. Fair reaction she supposed, especially after the bloodbath she’d probably seen or been a witness to in the warehouse. The roles from that night between the rogue, the ARMA attack dog, and this one were starting to click together. Why she’d been there in the first place was the question lingering in her mind. Viper eyes watched the scene unfold, the gold shimmer, the limb lost. Panic. Lip twitched slightly over a calm canine. When they were afraid their heart beat so fast, blood hot against skin. Either she was a good actress and was about to mage rage against the Sheut, or she was really having a nervous breakdown. Silence hovered for a few moments. “For God’s sake I’m not going to kill you,” she said quietly. The small frame hadn’t so much as even moved save for speaking. “Quite the opposite actually.” She left it to rest for a moment, giving her time to compose herself if she could. “My name is Eris,” her voice could be amiable and gentle when she wanted it to be. “I understand you’ve met one of my kind and I want to apologize for his transgressions. We are all not so ignorant and agressive. I want you to tell me as much as you can about him. I can take care of the situation so it doesn’t happen again.” Then business. To know vampires existed was to be in her cross-hairs. To have survived, and be a magus, was potential employment. Calloway was on her ass to make her network. Fuck him. She would do it but she didn’t have to like it. “Then we’re going to talk about you and your friend from that night."
  15. Eris London

    Sheut Happens

    Her hands relaxed to her sides, one on the holster for her pistol, resting there. It was a visual cue to push the two to talk, but mostly because Gallo’s growl could be felt in her bones. Eyes never left the rogue, even as the other started blurting out information. “Tell me about Jerry. The one of you that pleases me the most with your answer gets to keep their feet.” Mob mentality came to mind. Not the mafia mob… though of course that had some similarities here for all intents and purposes. It felt like they were feeding off each other’s emotions until something broke loose. The Were’s restraint had pressed anger tightly into a box and she could feel it. Smell it even. She was no longer human, a beast in her own right. A lethal, calculating, predator and Gallo was needling at her buttons. Unaware of course. She’d never been this close to a functioning Were still within their senses. It was… intoxicating in its own way. “Wait. My apologies. I had forgotten. Winner keeps their hands.” Lashes lowered slightly, eyes shifting to Toby. The human’s heart was insanely fast, she was checking up on her protégée. Nervousness forced blood close to the surface, fear triggered their chase response. As elegant and romantic as people made them in popular culture, they were still animals. Primal could kick in at a moment’s notice. He nodded lightly to her unspoken question. He was fine. As the human’s skin lit up with the perspiration of fear, a scent lingered. Breath moved in and out to “taste it”. She knew that smell. The stench from the bottle was still with her, mixed with something else. That something else was on the human’s skin. Or clothes. The cold had congealed it, but his warmth in panic was causing it to aerate. *npc* “Wait, wait! I’ll tell Gallo everything for protection. Eris. London. I know who you are. Please. I’ll tell you everything. I’ll tell you who made him!” He knew about the Nation? This was getting more interesting by the second. He was appealing to the wrong person. *npc* “Shut up! Shut the fuck up!” They’d turned on each other. Nice work Gallo. Apply pressure, be calm, and just let them stew until they start biting each other’s throats. The human was in the midst of a complete meltdown, close to sobbing. He was in the panic, hopeful phase. She watched the human, for the first time an expression emerged from her features. Curiosity. She was still trying to place the scent. *npc* “I’ll tell you what it is!” *npc* “He’s lying, he doesn’t know!” *npc* “I do! I do!” “Venom,” she said quietly as the pieces clicked into place. *npc* "Venom" They’d said it at the same time. She nodded to Gallo to confirm he was telling the truth. It was the pure saturation that was throwing her off. She’d never smelled it this concentrated before. No wonder Gallo recoiled so sharply. Sometimes when the lords, or even local grunts, were sure someone was stealing or embezzling their product, they would taint it with different substances to see where the overdoses or symptoms popped up. They got inventive sometimes. What she’d seen in her short career before the Resonance was brutal, and evil. This might go further up the pipeline than Gallo realized. Where did he get his supplies from? Someone that was selling him his supplies may be purposefully sabotaging the man or were seeing whether or not they were supplying to the “mob”. Either way, it was targeted. Tom potentially couldn’t trust someone he was doing business with. That led to another problem, were the crates poisoned here? It could potentially be on them, anywhere. The human, not likely. The vampire? Who would have fewer problems handling something like this? A vampire. They were either being made to handle this, or they were being made when a human was poisoned with it to keep them alive. Fuck it all… Crates were already here, made somewhere else most likely, so perhaps they’d dodged that bullet. The vampire had slouched a bit more, sullen, eyes narrowed. Maybe things were finally catching up to him. “On purpose?” she asked him quietly. Was he made on purpose? He shook his head. She nodded once. He was an accident then, made from someone being a careless ass. That was another level of transgression in her book. Didn’t mean this idiot was innocent in the very least, but it helped focus her anger on whoever was doing it. They needed to let the human and the vampire go. After whoever was responsible found out this cache was ruined, they would come looking for them. Bait. The two in the car were forfeit. Of course, it was Gallo’s call. His business, his call. *npc* "Jerry is in town," the Hesek finally mumbled. Oh really?


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