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    Eris is tiny, curvaceous and powerful. Possessing the physical prowess to do dangerous work before the Resonance, her appearance now is quite deceptive to the casual observer. Standing barely 5’5”, she has a medium long length mane of slightly curly, thick chestnut hair. Eyes are large and dark, face cherub-like and seemingly innocent. When the darkly lined lashes narrow, it’s best to back the hell away or risk something much worse.

    She prefers elegant suits and sharp formal wear, everything she puts on whether it utilitarian or dressy is high end and polished. She can often be seen sucking on a mint of some kind and never touches anything in public.

    Her entire personality can be summed up in one word. Eris didn’t always have a penchant for arrogance, the cutting personality trait developed over time and a long series of unfortunately linked events. Before the Resonance and subsequent infection, she already held abhorrence for the social aspects of life. Relentlessly tortured as a youth by peers that couldn’t fathom the depth of her genius level intellect, it pushed her away from society in a negative light- perceiving interactions with others more of a nuisance in the way of her goals. A business-like demeanor reigned in her communications with others as she grew older, making her prime for difficult and heartless work. Shortly before the Event, devastating news toppled her from her solitary Ivory Towers. Terminally ill, the end of the world and infection was regarded as a blessing since it gave her a second chance at life and the physical prowess to match her mental capabilities.

    Now, she is dangerously cunning, quiet, straight talking and ruthless. She keeps a drawn up list of transgressions and revenge appropriate for those that have wronged her, and plans to deal with each of them on the time she has been given by the Resonance. She has no friends, only people she deems as useful or irrelevant and has an unshakable need for justice- though she is not above heartless nastiness out of spite.

    Eris is best kept on your side of the table- which unfortunately is very hard to do.
    Eris lives in a large warehouse on a former small airstrip near the harbor she has commandeered from the Resonance. Formerly a DEA location and her point of assignment, it contains a small personal jet, a helicopter, and a non-working single engine plane. She has an exclusive list of clientele she ferries for when she is in the mood, the bankroll allowing her to live the lifestyle she has become accustomed to and keep the engines running.

    Surrounded by razor wire, the large complex is a place of business, hiding a rather lavish loft above her aircraft prized possessions.

    NPC's- access to mechanics, etc. to care for her property.


    Sun sensitivity, frequency of feeding, speed, strength, senses, and regeneration - all the typical strengths and weaknesses of the N-infected.

    Shapeshifting- Eris has the lingering ability from post-Resonance magus mutation to take on other human forms that she is familiar with; the Event originally producing a burgeoning shape altering magus, but the assault producing a N-infected, cancer-free Sheut stripped of nearly all the previous affinity. Most effectively, she is able to shift into the form of her late fiance'; the only person she let through her arrogant shell. The more familiar she is with their form, the better the transformation. Often during her brief encounters in public she will take on another face to assist in self protection, able to hold it in place for up to six hours. It isn't without consequences, doubling the frequency in which she needs to feed and almost completely draining her N-infected physical prowess. If unrequited, the frenzy is terrible and weakness lingering. She retains no magus ability to increase the range or scope of the shifting, it is what it is... and has no hope of ever becoming more.
    Gifted Pilot

    Basic combat, firearm and interrogation/questioning

    Extensive knowledge of drugs and drug related activities

    Multiple degrees from various universities (chemistry and aerodynamics), high IQ, genius level
    A native of Albany, Eris was considered a child virtuoso. Blessed with a genius level intellect that reared its head very early in life, the brace-faced tiny girl was tortured in school by her peers- human interaction aspects of her education particularly excruciating. Instead of enduring the constant torment of a hopeless social life, she buried herself in pursuance of her education and becoming a pilot. She earned her basic pilot’s license at 14 and continued to refine her abilities while chewing through grade school requirements and into college credits, completely indifferent to any aspects of normal social interaction. Finishing her Bachelor’s degree by 20, she had also already been employed by the DEA as a generic special agent in pursuance of piloting as a career. Two more degrees and numerous years under her belt doing the dirty work, she landed her job in the sky.

    Shortly before the Resonance, Eris was diagnosed with terminal cancer- which she hid from her employer. Devastated, the crack in her shining future allowed someone in; the self-assured, business-like woman feeling the hammer of mortality for the first time. Recusing himself from her care when there was nothing more he could do, her oncologist became closer than anyone ever had before as she spiraled further into sickness. Missing and presumed dead after the Resonance, Eris struggled with powers from a burgeoning magus status and did whatever she could to find him... making herself a target for the new predators, and becoming one herself.

    She now has embraced her role as the predator, finding it an ironic twist of fate that someone who had been marked for death now has forever to confront all those that wronged her- and make them regret their brutality.

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    Soft breath moved between her lips, drawn in and out methodically before darkness was allowed to penetrate her lids. She’d been crouched for a long time in the shadows, waiting till the sun fell to scale the building, scenting the bastard... The ledge was a perfect one, just along the side of the building to shift her into nothing, hiding her until the morning; content at the moment to just watch, learn, roll plans over in her brain, make decisions.

    It would be so easy.

    Eyes reflected the meager light, swollen dark opal glowing with iridescent gleams, watching the particularly dashing elf wander across the room to select something from his bookshelf and then seat himself near the fire to read as fingers drew absently along the bough of his cello. It literally burned against her skin, lips pressing to a thin line as she watched the calm relaxation with a vivid hatred. Fingers that lingered over her knees twitched unconsciously, going through the motions as they remembered the last time she skinned an elf. The screaming, whimpering blond hadn’t been particularly dead yet at the time; a passion she’d developed when she mostly fancied the promises they would make her if she left them alive. Her own lips always asked where there were more elves, sometimes obliged, sometimes not. The last had been particularly loose lipped.. which had led her... here.

    Dark eyelashes lingered together, the deep smirk lighting up the glitter of her eyes. It had been too long. Tthe world had driven too many into hiding, her own prowess having to hunt more. Further away to places of the world she loathed going. This elf of particular interest, willing to cross the entire world to find him; and kill him. Her tribe eagerly awaited the silver braid that she would bring back on her belt.

    Fox fur swirled, tickling the edges of her cheeks from the hood drawn over her features. Now she knew where, she needed the how and when. The more she watched the angrier she became, flirting with self control, playing with her ability to bide her time, to wait. She knew the city, rather well and hated it distinctly. A memorable failure still bristled under her skin, the life she still could see in the goliath buildings something she could use and perhaps even tend again.

    In the meantime, she had decisions to make.

    Slipping from her perch, she slid a dainty pair of gray leather gloves on, wisping down the fire escape to the alley below, stepping over a slumped figure that reeked of alcohol. Taking a moment to smooth her appearance, she began her trek, short legs making fast work of the distance to her office, leather binder in one hand, sliding on her glasses. The glint of silver from the delicate chain that held them around her neck caught the light, stark against the dove gray turtle neck at her tiny throat. Footsteps behind her were heard even before they were audible. The vibration.. the scent of alcohol..

    She did look quite the target; tiny, bookwormy, barely a hundred pounds soaking wet and dressed impeccably in black slacks and boots, the silver chain at her waist over her thigh length sweater turtleneck swanky. Grey fox fur swirled as she turned, head cocked slightly at the shadow under a rusted awning. Fingers were nowhere near her hip, black eyes blinked quietly, pale pink lips calm without a smile. She shook her head slowly, the light catching the peak of her ears, finally sliding her coat back slightly to reveal a holster of some kind at her hip, the alcohol laden shadow moving back within them before she turned and finished her way.

    The steps were light, trotting up the stairs to the office and surveying the bustle, eyes lifting upward to the glass railing to scent something before spotting a seat near a conspicuously placed office door. Sitting quietly, she crossed her legs and folded her hands in her lap demurely as she watched the workers, eternally patient.
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  1. Inspection took a long time. Every part, piece, scratch and scorch. The imposing figure crouched and tilted a scrap of metal backwards to peer under it. It was fractured. High altitude impact. Of course it was a lot to ask to find clean parts, even if the world was half dead. Technology had rotted in the misuse of what once turned the world. Metal was of the earth, and it would return to it given enough time. These guys seemed to just be selling parts, not any reason for him to decimate the damn place for doing stupid crap. Not in his domain. Shame, hadn’t seen her brute adopted L.A. brother in a while. No need or reason to call him now. Might as well try to get something useable, at least make the trip worth it. “You said they were flight worthy.” Voice was calm, grimy fingers running along it again. The voice was never something she had been able to master. On the outside, yes, it was a coating. Inside, was more difficult. She’d only managed not to sound feminine even after all these years. There was no response as dark eyes flicked up at them through annoyed brows and he stood. Hands moved to his hips, fingers tapping there a moment as he thought and scanned the derelict bunker. Everything seemed to NOT be what he was told. It was a weigh station of sorts for black market mechanical needs. Eyes squinted up at the flood light, then cooled on the dark sky. Helluva lot of parts. The smells in the hyped up senses weren’t just parts. There was something else. Chemical maybe? “Pass. I can’t use broken shit,” he gestured to the outline of a chopper he could see in the darkness. “What about that?” *npc* Koala. Recently flown, stripped to bones but it flies. Not for sale though. Hm. Hands slid off his hips to rest quietly at his sides. Koala’s were hard to find. Stripped ones were unique. The only place they were being used that he knew of at the moment was in the police fleet of New York. He’d seen them in the air, and the hangar where they were stored. Of course they could have gotten them from somewhere else… but he knew there weren’t many somewhere else’s with useable parts. Why would they have a working police chopper? To blend in? Blend into what? What were they ferrying back and forth? Just parts? Koala’s weren’t a cargo chopper. Eyes narrowed, then slid back to the man after regarding the other two. Tickle in his ear brought eyes to scan the darkness beyond the flood light. It was the hiss of static. Click of equipment. There were sights trained on them, him at the very least. Normal. They were protecting the merch. “Maybe next time, take care now.” Ahanu began to fire up the engine, the popping of glass bringing a violent snarl and face twisting toward his chopper. Flashes erupted from the darkness into the windshield. Whine had become powerful, the stumble of Toby from the co-pilot seat allowing him to lean out and cover the wheeling and dealing Aussie that was caught in the open. The windshield was shattered, he couldn’t see a clean shot otherwise. Blood. They’d hit him. They’d tried to snipe his pilots through the windshield??! Was Ahanu hit too??! “GO!” the camouflaged vampire snarled. There was no question of the order, the peppering of bullets plinking into places that weren’t plated… harmless for the most part. The specialized beast lifted off the ground, straight up as fast as it would carry itself. The air suddenly seethed. More gunfire. He was hit, he knew it, hands slapping a gun from his face to grab the closest body and break bones. Gun was pulled, every one of the bastards’ foreheads rupturing with a keen shot, stumbling forward slightly as a bullet ripped through his shoulder from behind. The fuckers in the bushes were no longer shooting at his chopper, the weight of the churning air still pulsing the trees. Growl wasn’t defeated, it was purely homicidal, walking into the darkness and shooting at the Koala’s tank repeatedly. Fuel spilled. Contrary to shitty movies, gas tanks didn’t blow when you shot them. Sparking the fuel did. The crap piece of Cessna they tried to peddle was spun through the air, snapping, scraping and sparking across everything as it went into the darkness of the garage. Small glow seethed into a fury, then… boom. Nobody. Hurt. Her. People. She would burn this thing to the fucking ground. Whatever it was. Whoever it was. They would be decimated simply for hurting her family.
  2. Starting at Eris' Airport Compound. Finishing at the Bakkhos Liquor Warehouse. She felt the air quiver before a thundered rage hit the fence several hundred yards out from her window, partially from force, partially from the thousands of volts that were always throbbing through it on the full moon. They were testing the fence. Large eyes narrowed, peeling away from the entertaining melee on the news to her phone that began to rattle on the marble side table. Frown tickled her brows for only a split second, listening to the garbled voice. It was pure will that the message was even getting through at all. “I’m coming.” The rest of her brandy was downed. The tiny form seemed to slice through the room with purpose, silk cami rippling over the light skin. Designer business suit was off in stride through her apartments, replaced with leather flight pants, boots, thigh holsters of all sorts of fun toys. Flight gloves, shoulder holster and flight jacket in hand, she merely leapt over the side of the stairwell to land several stories down into the hangar, dark ponytail in a sharp whip. She slammed a short machete into the side sheath of her boot. Girl had rough and tumble clothes, made by the best craftsman of course. Ahanu had already started the engines as the irritated Sheut stuffed in her earpiece. “Toby, fluff the cocks and get in,” she quipped through the com. “People are breaking my shit.” In a furl of dark hair from the updraft, Ahanu changed positions to co-pilot, Toby snapping the side door open to take point with more firepower than a vampire would rightly need. By shit? She meant booze. By booze…. she meant, well… booze, and also Mouse. Mouse went out every so often, and was due back. Apparently, back meant hunkered down in the liquor depot with her driver. “We’re going sightseeing.” *npc* Mouse? Toby waited for an answer. She was silent. Nobody broke her shit. More importantly, nobody threatened her people. She had ripped people limb from limb for less. Jacket pulled on and earpiece replaced with the headset, furl set her brow as the chopper left the ground in only the sharp ‘cutting it close’ fashion that the expert pilot could get away with. The Sheut ruled the air in this city. Sure, there were others that had smaller operations, but she had the choppers and the planes, and the runway. Everything else a busted up nightmare... Fires, smoke, accidents, sections of the already fragile electric infrastructures flickering and taking out city blocks. It was the moon. Early, odd, and full of the whispers she had her finger on lately with all the magus problems. This was definitely Sheut business. Everyone’s business was Sheut business. Since this was her side of the world, she was responsible for figuring out this mess. First. Mouse. *npc* Christ, they’re everywhere. It was Ahanu this time, lifting the rifle to take a shot at one on a nearby rooftop. The blades would chop the thing to bits if it took a leap at the low flying chopper, but not before mangling them and taking the whole craft down with it. The Sheut Viceroy angled around a building, the glass thundering in percussive rattles as the craft’s vibration echoed from the brick, nodding to her. “Going down,” she said quietly into the com, passing off to Ahanu, headset off and exchanged for the earpiece once more. “I’ll let you know where we are when I get her.” She stood next to Toby for a moment before stepping out and into the air. Leaps rivaled the power of the beasts, with much more finesse as she descended into the city, landing with the grace of a dancer in front of the Bakkhos liquor store- another thing she was responsible for keeping tabs on. Too big for their britches in her honest opinion. Eyes already had gleaned what was happening… front lobby windows shattered and lights sputtering as a Were was banging against the set of steel doors to the warehouse that had been closed for protection. Mouse was in there, beyond the doors, the Were turning and pitting it’s ire on the vampire instead. Calm lashes blinked, leather gloved fingers creaking slightly as they tightened to fists and released, the thing starting its charge, and her foot hitting the bumper of a car to send it slamming toward the thing. Steel door made a horrendous noise as the Were smashed back against it, followed by the buckled car crushing the beast and the quiet footsteps of crunching glass into the destroyed lobby. Machete pulled from her booth sheath, she made several leaps up and over the twisted metal to decapitate the thing. Shame. It was a nice car.
  3. Midst of the Blood Moon Eris' Compound The petit Sheut put her tumbler down on the coffee table, amber liquid barely trembling. Eyes peered over the ledger she was going over. Fucking coffee. Made her planes smell like coffee. She. Hated. Coffee. And waterfalls. And South America. And fae. Hand reached to the remote to turn up the television, watching the quivering camera work and pure turmoil unfold over the screen. [eris]Christ... what now.[/eris]
  4. -I am imagining Ahanu found a family and, more importantly, a lot of peace in joining the Sheut Nation because of her background/personality (which I would partially hash out in her profile later). * Eris picked up a few "strays" during the Nevus when she was trying to save as many Sheut as she could. Ahanu was picked up because she could fly and was fearless about it. The actual events of their meeting I never hashed out, but that's the gist and up to creative interpretation. -If it works with your image of her, I plan to write Ahanu’s background heavy on the military side, rather than her time at the DEA. I think it would fit even better for her being a PA (and a resourceful “cleaner”) and, of course, being a body guard/someone who can hold their own in a crisis. *Yes, she is heavy military, but very proud of her Iroquois heritage. Before the Nevus she was a vocal activist for her community. Personality-wise, she's tough and sassy- very Blair from Terminator Salvation. -Do you have a specific history of how Ahanu became Eris’ employee? *Only that they met trying to save Sheut during the Nevus. Eris can't fly during the day, so it was a mutual need. -I'm kind of obsessed with the idea that Eris will let Ahanu split some of her time trying to work her way into Bakkhos since that's a North Am Sheut goal. i.e. Maybe they try their hand in larceny, stealing magical artifacts for safe keeping in the Sheut vaults and it gets her an in with the crime ring? (Just spit balling here…) *Sheut don't deal much with local groups, think a bit more global. If the artifacts pertain to a global crisis, yes they'd go after it. If Pharos was moving artifacts that threatened her East Coast territory's security, she'd go after it and Ahanu and Toby would be her right hands to shut that shit down. The potential for big moves and plots rather than running small jobs is huge. Eris does answer to a higher authority, but doesn't have any qualms kicking ass and taking names, then asking permission later. -Do you have descriptions of the three established air spells you wrote in her description? *Nope, totally up to you to change and modify. -Could she be a tad older? *Sure -And could I change her name from Walker to Locklear? *I like Walker because the name flows well and Eris calls her Walker, but it could be her middle name and you definitely could change her last to Locklear if you want. Hope that helps get the ball rolling!
  5. Hello! I haven't forgotten about you. Work all of a sudden needed me STAT so things got hectic. I'll have more time to give you detailed feedback tomorrow. In the meantime, take a peek at the Sheut nation descriptions, background, and the major players. I know you're hyped about the Bakkhos idea but the Sheut mainly just keep an eye on them and only interact if it's to their benefit. Check out some of Eris' threads too ( just do a name search or title search from the ones on her profile). She's extremely salty. Just want to make sure you know who you're potentially jumping in with >. < Great to have you aboard!
  6. HI Guys I'm looking for characters for general plotting because Eris is Viceroy- she should have played characters as part of her organization. Before I shift them to canons, I wanted to toss them out for individual development. Of course they need to be admin approved first, but here are a few teasers for your perusal. Message if you might be interested. Listed in order of importance. +++++ TAKEN - Reid Thomas, 35, Pilot, DEA Affiliate, whereabouts and fate unknown (scruffy Bren Foster PB) Reid was Eris' fiance before the Resonance. He is/was an Aussie special operations, also highly trained in martial arts, that was "loaned" to the DEA for a specific assignment. They were separated during the Resonance and she was unable to locate him due to her seclusion in South America when she was hospitalized for injuries/illness/subsequent infection (detailed in Eris' profile). HUGE leeway for character development. He is the only person that she truly trusts/trusted. Big drama potential. +++++ Ahanu Walker, 33, Air Magus and Pilot (Moon Bloodgood Terminator Salvation PB), current love “interest”. Occupation- Personal Assistant- Face of the Company, Pilot, Bodyguard. Loyal to Eris London. Race- Air Magus Former Military Cargo and Commercial Pilot, she was born and raised to an Iroquois family and raised in upstate New York. An activist in her community, she still chose to move on to the military and become a pilot. Abilities- Low Level -Updraft -1 more of player’s choice Medium Level -Pressure Change -1 more of player’s choice High level -Storm Front (summoning “The Thunderer”) -1 more of player's choice Other details/spell specifics subject to player's preference. +++++ Toby Lavoie, 30, Sheut Ka, Sheut Constable and Security (Taye Diggs PB) Occupation- Vampire Nation Constable, Security, Driver, Novice Pilot. Loyal to Eris London. Race- Sheut Ka Age- 30 Born on Prince Edward Island, Canada, Toby was a dance and drama student at Julliard before the Resonance. Infected shortly after. Abilities- -Heightened abilities and distinct weaknesses associated with V Infection. -Photographic Memory- an innate talent amplified by the V infection. Other details/spell specifics subject to player's preference. +++++ Stevie "Mouse" Hayes, 24 'Data' Magus, Mechanic, "Pilot" through her magus abilities (Noomi Rapace “Dragon Tattoo” PB) Occupation- Mechanic/Techie/Security Guru. Loyal to Eris London. Race- ‘Data’ Magus Already an incredible techie before the Resonance, Evie’s gifts were transformed to a new level. Nobody knows where Evie came from. Rumor is from the underground of Detroit, becoming wealthy by picking up the remnants of money left electronically scattered by the endless corruption in the city. She is a tiny, quiet girl with a tough appearance, rarely speaking to anyone unless absolutely necessary. Her skill with anything mechanical is awe inspiring, able to repair machines that require computer interfacing as well as old school mechanics. Abilities- Low Level -Data Streaming- can jack into data streams and actively read anything transmitted through waves. This includes cell conversation, wireless networks and even satellite transmission. -1 more of player’s choice. Medium Level -Electrical Decoding- can speak with machines for diagnostic purposes. If the electronics are simple, she can give them basic commands and sometimes commandeer a machine through touch in the electrical stream. -1 more of player’s choice. High Level -Electrical Disruption- can ‘fry’ electronics -1 more of player's choice Other details/spell specifics subject to player's preference. +++++
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  10. Eris and Kashmir were separated at birth. *inward scowls, inward scowls*

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  11. He seemed to respond to her confession about the DEA and her schooling, feeling something dark creep into their conversation before he seemed to blurt out a fact she never would have expected. ♉ " I'm a dragon. Well, a dragonian... well, on Earth, I can really only get halfway there. If dragons went full-size all the time, there would be no more magi, no more mana for people to pull from the air. We'd probably destroy the world with our territorial infighting, and it would be Eligius weapons that would cause it." She blinked once. Well shit. ♉ " Like I said before, we are weapon smiths. Some work best with steel, others with explosive compounds... I work best with magics. Rather odd trait for us, to be honest. " Puff the Magic Dragon was eating at her table. She was so fucking excited she was going to jump out of her skin. The things she could do with his expertise. Fork slid around the salad quietly, letting him talk. She wasn’t going to interrupt the sudden onslaught of information where he had been so questioning of her before. The vampire knew it was coming, and exactly what she would answer. ♉ " So, if you're not elf, not fae, not a "meta" human, what are you? Weres don't keep their strength after the transformation ends, and no normal human could make some of the jumps you did back there at the building. Usually, magi have to report in to their supervisory organizations to disappear off a case, so there goes that theory. " She took a drink of the concoction in her wine glass, savoring it a moment before speaking. [eris]I’m not an elf or a fae,[/eris] it was honest. She never agreed to tell him anything more than whether she was an elf or fae. It wasn’t trying to be deceptive, she was the furthest from fucking someone over as one could get. She also wasn’t a liar. What you saw, was what you got. It was exactly what she told him she would tell. [eris]Don’t let Weres fool you. Strong fuckers even on the off days. I wouldn’t want to piss one off, then again I don’t care if I piss anyone off.[/eris] She stared at her uneaten salad for a while. [eris]I’m hunted. I don’t exist, and I’ll do anything to protect those that I call friends. I’ll do anything to destroy those that threaten any of the above.[/eris] It was as close to the truth as she was going to get. [eris]Since you’re here eating my food, under my invitation, that friend designation includes you.[/eris] Fork was placed on her plate, knowing he was probably expecting more from her than she was willing to give. [eris]Just know that your secret stays with me here, even from my employees, and I hope you don’t mind me calling on you once and a while for your help.[/eris]
  12. Wine glass was savored and she poured another, finally able to relax enough to eat something. Bah, who was she kidding? She was wound up tighter than a top. Ready to kill someone. She wanted to kill someone. She also wanted to grab the man by the neck and demand exactly what he was. She couldn’t, and still be a good hostess. Fuck what you want, and get what you need. Right now she needed to chill,and find out more about this man. He was useful, and useful people fascinated her. ♉ "Sorry. What is this DEA? I've never heard of it. It doesn't seem, I guess. " She blinked at him in mid-drink. [eris]Drug Enforcement Agency. Chemical compositions fascinate me, went to school for it. Flying fascinated me more. Somewhere in the middle I think I found a little penchant for helping people, maybe. Maybe I just wanted to fly to exciting places and watch people’s asses get kicked,[/eris] she smirked and began to eat a rather ornate salad slowly. It was the easiest thing she’d found to go down, not really enjoying the taste of food anymore. It was a pre-Resonance thing. When you spend the last moments in the the normal world dying of cancer and chemo, food was just a nuisance. ♉ "It's just a thing I can do. In that other form, I can see chemical composition of materials. Helps when forging. I can smelt until the impurities are gone from the steel. " That other form? She caught the clearing of his throat. Too much? Interesting. [eris]You tell me what that is, I’ll tell you I’m not and elf. Or a fae.[/eris] So yah, she went in for the kill. Hell, she was eating a fucking salad and trying to be nice, what more did he want?
  13. ♉ "Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Have you figured out what was salvageable? " She didn’t want to talk about her chopper, really. She knew he was being nice, and a conversationalist… she had opened that door anyway. From anyone else she would have sent them off with a sharp quip, he was her guest, and she supposed the conversation was well placed. [eris]It’s incoming as we speak,[/eris] expression was dark. Somebody would die for this. [eris]Unfortunately what was bumps and bruises before, are complete losses now. Not many left to salvage.[/eris] Interest picked up again, a soft smile on her features as he brought her one step closer to what she was looking for. ♉ "I don't have names, but the tech was military. Looking at Semtex, and this was no home brew. At the same time,the packaging was burned and torn to shreds. No way of telling what kind of plastic it was. " He was an interesting sort, hungry to boot. Trusting. That either meant he was naïve, or confident in his abilities to kick ass and take names. Accepting an invitation to dinner from a stranger after what they’d been through? ♉ " So you're a pilot? " She redirected her thoughts, taking another drink. She hadn’t touched the food yet, though she could have. The smoke had taken its toll. Contrary to popular belief vampires did have to breathe. A little recharge before dinner. [eris]I worked for the DEA before the Event. Flew mostly the gamut from the tip of Florida to Panama. Saw a lot of interesting things. Got shot at a lot. Thought afterward it might be helpful to have someone commercially that could fly. Someone that knew what the hell they were doing instead of self-taught hacks.[/eris] Of course, she was somewhat self-taught, hack was not a name she would apply to herself. Another drink, curious eyes over the rim. [eris]So what exactly allows you to know already what kind of explosives were used? That’s one helluva talent.[/eris]
  14. Thumb twiddling, how adorable. He was just so fucking adorable on so many levels. ♉ " The harbor? " She nodded, [eris]a level of privacy that you really can’t get anywhere else in this city.[/eris] It was true, so very very true. If it weren’t for the sanctity of her harbor haven she would have gone insane some time ago. Few would have probably survived that tirade. It gave her a chance to re-center her psyche when the entire damn world was losing its fucking collective mind and refused to keep their stupidity out of her way. Except, he wasn’t part of the minions of stupid, he was as fascinating as his answer to her simple question. ♉ " I honestly don't know. I heard humans had been hurt, and I hate to see that, so I made my way down to see if I could help at all. Plus, I wanted to do a primary analysis on the explosives before they were contaminated by other human contact. Molecular analysis can be thrown off by anything left behind-a skin cell or two can change the perceived composition of an object. " Hands folded in her lap as the hangar door was pulled open for the car to pass through, an eyebrow rose slightly. Curioser and curiouser. It was rare she met a true, genius? What a damn snag she’d made. ♉ " And I guess you were there out of the goodness of your elfin heart? " It was her turn to laugh again. He had done it twice in as many hours. Elf. Good guess though. [eris]Sure,[/eris] it was cyptic for a moment as she pushed the door open and held it for him. The massive hangar was mostly dark, but already a flurry of activity as they started to bring the part of her chopper back in. Ahanu had appeared at her side in a moment, the nod from the woman bringing one from the tiny vampire. Dinner seemed to be ready. Without looking to make sure the man was following, she crossed the short distance to her office and opened the door. Only then did she wait quietly for him to enter. The small dining area was already set with an array of food. She was starving, and pissed, and intrigued, and was hoping this dinner would put a douse on her anger that lingered from losing her chopper. [eris]Explosion crashed my chopper,[/eris] she started, slipping off her sooty designer jacket in exchange for one that Ahanu handed to her. [eris]So I went to kill whatever had ruined my helicopter. Found a bunch of people in need of saving, so I figured I should probably help.[/eris] Sitting at the table, the first thing she went for was the brandy mixed with good old blood that looked strikingly like red wine. A trick she’d learned a long time ago. Napkin was laid across her lap, gesturing warmly to the other chair across from her. [eris]Tell me more about the analysis. Who do I kill for this mess?[/eris]
  15. (Cont. from "And the World Erupted") She was being pondered, good. Not about to spill all her secrets in the middle of a chaos aftermath, she was being patient. She could be when the situation required it. Hooking this interesting creature definitely fell into that category. " Dinner and a chat with a beautiful woman or spending all day in a forge... I think my choice has pretty much been made for me. " Her head cocked slightly, the smirk there on her lips. Very few people also made her smile. Him getting into her car made her smile more as she fluidly slid in next to him and closed the door. Toby had tried to do that once for her, it didn’t go over well. ♉ " Don't worry. I don't fuck business partners over. " [eris]Remains to be seen,[/eris] she seemed to settle into the seat, comfortable now that she was in the confines of her security team. She most definitely could make it on her own, but having them working in such a tight group made her world quite a bit easier. With the world riveted on what was happening on the streets, Toby zipped through traffic with no problem. What traffic there was seemed scarce as they made their way to her harbor compound, large gates peeling back to virtually the only working small airport on the east coast. [eris]So I know what I was doing there, what compelled you to jump into the burning building,[/eris] genuinely curious, the snark seemed to be stowed for the time being until she got what she wanted. What exactly that was yet she didn’t know. It was fucking helluvalot better than listening to morons wail about getting blown up. You conglomerate in one place with people like the Vanguard promising to kill you, you get your ass handed to you. There was no sympathy there. Secrecy saved lives at this point in time, and those that couldn’t get that through their dumbass heads were going to get gutted. Either by the groups that vowed to, or herself. Preferably herself.