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    Altheia stands at 5'6 and has a lean, medium build. Her blonde hair reaches down to the middle of her back. Most of the time it hangs free over her shoulders, but when she is working it is help up in a ponytail. Her eyes are a deep blue. When she isn't working she usually wears jeans and a t-shirt of some sort, but when she is working at the hospital she is in her scrubs.
    Altheia is a calm and collected woman at all times because things can get quite hectic at the hospital on any given night and if she wants to save someone she needs to be able to think clearly and focus on the task at hand. She also has been known to be a quick thinker and able to come up with a solution to something at the drop of a dime. It's also important to her to act and "be" as ordinary to anyone around her as much as possible because she figures if anyone finds out what she can do she'd probably be a target and that is something that she doesn't want or need.

    However. When and/or if she gets the chance to save someone that desperately needs it and deserves it she doesn't hesitate to do so, but that is ONLY if she knows she won't be caught using her abilities.
    Her most personal belongings are a watch her mother gave her, which she wears at all times, a necklace with a small star sapphire charm that her father gave her when she was little, and a book of poems that her brother had given her when she graduated high school.


    First off anytime she heals someone she sees flashes of memories of however they obtained their injuries and sometimes even flashes of the persons past.

    Light Heal : This ability is used for only healing inures that are not life threatening and wouldn’t be considered to be needed to be healed at that very moment. Some examples would be light cuts, scrapes, bullet grazings, and small bone fractures. This ability takes minor to no energy to complete. The light heal usually only takes a minute or two to fully complete.

    Medium Heal : This ability is used for only healing injuries that are slightly more concerning. Some examples are deep cuts ( not down to the bone ), broken arms and legs, and concussions. This ability takes a little more energy and can cause a feeling of slight exhaustion. Medium heals can take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on how bad the injury is.

    Big Heal : This ability is only used on very rare occasions and can cause Altheia to blackout almost instantly after doing it. The injuries that would be considered for his would be vital cuts to arteries, collapsed lung, broken ribs, and anything that would be considered life threatening. Big heals take the longest to complete and can range anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours.

    If she ever was put into a position to heal someone with a late stage form of cancer or any other form of near death illness she would most likely lose her own life in exchange for theirs.

    Altheia is also able to cause damage in the same way she heals, skin to skin contact.

    The instant skin contact is made and she is focusing on doing damage instead of healing, the person finds cuts and bruises form on their skin around her hand. The longer Altheia keeps her hand on that spot the bruises and cuts can worsen.

    The highest amount of damage Altheia can do is broken bones. She can’t do anything worse to a person than that. And to do that to a person she needs to at least keep skin to skin contact with them for five minutes. At that time she can mentally pick a bone to break.
    Altheia is pretty adept in all things medical. She went to college and got a degree in the medical field. She knows how to do mundane paperwork and filing, but the main thing is she knows how to take care of pretty much any kind of injury.

    Altheia knows the basics of guns and gun care. She had figured it’d be a good asset to have once the Nevus event happened. So soon after she started training herself, but then got some help from a friend in her hometown.

    Before she learned anything about guns she learned a few pointers of knife fighting. She was taught by the same person who had given her lessons with guns. The most she knows are stances and different types of moves ( and how to properly hold a knife ).
    Altheia grew up in a small town right outside Annapolis, Maryland. She grew up with an older brother, Dixon Martin, and her parents, Sarah and Dean Martin. Altheia also had been raised in a Hebrew family, which sometimes was hard for her since most of her friends had been catholic. From an early age she always seemed to show signs that she would like to work in the medical field. Wether it be playing Operation constantly with her brother or playing doctor with her Barbies.

    It was a lucky thing that she grew up in a wealthy family. They had an estate and a few vacation houses up and down the east coast. So when Altheia graduated high school and decided to go to the New York Medical College it was an easy thing for her to achieve. She had made sure to stay in contact with her parents and her brother throughout her college years and many times she either traveled back home to visit or her family came up to New York to visit her.

    Her brother didn’t feel the need to appease their parents as Altheia did and he moved off to California a few months before the Nevus event happened. It had broke her heart that he had moved so far away. After the Nevus even happened the first thing Altheia did was try her hardest to get back to her hometown to see if her parents were okay. Luckily they had survived, but hadn’t acquired gifts of any form. This worried Altheia mainly because the world had started to go insane and having some form of protection would probably be a good thing.

    A day or so after being back with her parents one of their favorite pets had been hit by a car and had broken it’s leg. Altheia had cried over the animal and felt a surge go through her. The next thing she knew the dogs broken leg had been healed. It was a shock to her and without thinking she told her parents about it, which was just as a shock to them. Altheia decided it best to not speak a work of her abilities to anyone and her parents swore that they would do the same.

    A few months later Altheia moved her parents up to New York with her, letting them stay with her for the time being. A few weeks after that her parents had been murdered by what the police say was a group of thugs, but the crime scene photos had made her think that it was something much different than a group of thugs, but the police had marked the file as closed.

    Since her parents death Altheia has always wondered what the real story was behind their death and has been trying her hardest to find out the real story. She spends her time working at the local hospital near her apartment. She also tries her best not to make her abilities known to anyone. The only people she allows to know about her gift are the members of ARMA which she joined not too long after her parents were murdered.

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  1. Altheia Martin

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    The words that came from him made her hesitate for a second. Was this guy really hitting on her, she thought. I mean it wasn't something that she wasn't used to. It was just that after her brief time with Boone she had hoped that something would become more between them, but he had been busy. Though so had she. Working at the hospital was no walk in the park. Still. It almost felt wrong. This interaction that is. However. Life is short and nothing had been set in stone between her and Boone. "Well what happens to be your favorite food? There are lots of restaurants here in the city to choose from. Maybe even too many," She said, staying in the chair still trying to regain her strength. That was the only downfall of her ability. It could make her incredibly tired if she used it too much. Which as of lately that had been quite often. She had been thinking for a while that she should take a vacation. Maybe just stay holed up in her apartment for a week or something. Binge on tv shows and movies. “Besides how often do I get the chance to take a woman who thinks I’m a hero?” She smiled at his words. "I'm sure after tonight there are more than a few people that probably think you're a hero. Saving lives, hell even a life, is no easy feat," she said as she tried standing up slowly. She sighed and smiled more, realizing that her strength had come back to her.
  2. Altheia Martin

    Silence, My Brother

    Her mind had begun to wonder as her eyes flitted across the bar, seeing if there was anyone else that she might know or recognize. There wasn't anyone that really jumped out at her, but that wasn't too surprising. Bars typically weren't her scene too often and if she really wanted to be honest with herself she half hoped that she would see Boone tonight. Maybe he's busy doing work, she thought, or maybe off trying to get himself killed. She inwardly sighed and felt like the later part of her thoughts were probably correct. "Just taking a few minutes away from my desk. You wouldn't believ... Well maybe you would. Is hospital bureaucracy still as bad as it used to be?" She blinked her eyes a few times and moved her eyes back to Alec, smiling at him as she heard him speak. She half shrugged at his question as she took another sip of her drink. "I mean there are days when it feels like the paper work will literally never end, but I tend to try to get it done as soon as possible so that I can be out there doing what I need to do. Saving lives takes a lot of work," she replied to him and took yet another sip of her drink. It was true about the paperwork, but she knew that she'd rather be healing people and saving people than stuck behind a desk. She felt like it was her life's purpose. Her mind slightly began to wonder again. This time going to work and slightly being somewhat of a worrywart. Sometimes the ER staff just did not work as smoothly and efficiently as it should and she knew that most of the time they relied heavily on her ability and her expertise, but damn sometimes she just needed to get away. She placed her drink on the bar and then moved her hand to the back of her neck, rubbing slightly. A move that she usually did when she began to feel stressed out. "Right... yes, paperwork. Pretty much Mount Kilamanjaro in my office back there. Sometimes I wonder if anyone would notice a page catching fire." She removed her hand from her neck and giggled softly at his words. "Ya know. They might not. Sometimes I wonder if the higher ups even bother glancing at all of the paperwork. Sometimes things don't get noticed around the hospital so I'm sure it probably happens in all aspects of life," she paused for a second. "You could always try burning a few to see if anyone says anything." She said her last words with a smile on her lips.
  3. Altheia Martin

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    “Easy,”...“I’ll be fine now so please don’t overdo this.” She heard his words and blinked a few more times. He was almost fully healed and she was sure she could finish before letting him go on his way with a concussion. Though she was sure even if she didn't fully heal his head that he would be fine as long as he stayed awake. "Just a second more, at least," she said and closed her eyes for even a few more seconds which actually turned out to be 30 seconds. Her eyes opened and she looked down at him as she lifted her hands away from him. All at once she felt dizzy once more and took a few steps back before landing in a nearby chair that was mostly in the trauma rooms for an extra person or for someone to place their belongings on. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, keeping her eyes closed. She sat there for a moment and opened her eyes as she heard him speak again. "I'm glad you realize that because there are so many people out there that have special abilities that it isn't even funny. And not all of those people can be called heroes. In fact most of them can't be called that. There's too much evil in the world nowadays," she spoke softly trying to conserve and regain some energy and strength. “Besides, how can I take you to dinner if you’re too tired?” A small laugh came from her lips and she kept her eyes on him, "You really eat supper this late?" She asked the question with laughter in her voice. Typically she tried to eat at around 6PM every night when she was pulling a late shift, but tonight it had been so busy that all she had been able to snag was a banana. Breaks sometimes were few and far between, but you best bet that when she had the opportunity to take one she defiantly did.
  4. Altheia Martin

    Silence, My Brother

    Alec Walker. I think we've met a few times at the office. It really did bug her that she couldn't have thought of his name before he told her. After he had replied to her though she realized who he was. Well, now I feel like even more of a dumb dumb, she thought. She smiled and lifted up her drink to her lips, taking another drink and placing it back down on the bar. Softly she laughed to herself and her thoughts of just how scatter brained she could be. Her body turned more toward Alec so she could face him without having to turn her head. "I'm sorry. Now I recognize you.... More often than not I really do not know where my brain is. Especially if I have been working a full day at the hospital," she paused for a second before continuing. "Then if I get called in to do something for ARMA it tends to completely knock me on my arse." She spoke somewhat loudly so that Alec could hear her over the loud bar noises. Random people talking here and there, but at least no one was getting into fights. The last thing she wanted was to be in the middle of a fight. She was not in the mood for that. She cleared her throat slightly and took another drink before asking, "So what are ya doing out tonight? Blowing off some steam from work or just restless and bored?"
  5. Altheia Martin

    Silence, My Brother

    The drink that she had ordered appeared in front of her rather quickly. A good sign, she thought, of people being able to drink more and get drunk faster. Her fingers played along the rim of the glass for a second before picking it up slowly and taking a small drink. Her hand set down the glass and she resisted the urge to smack her lips together like a little kid. After her eyes flitted around the room once more they had stopped for a second at the guy that had obviously been looking at her to her left. He really does look familiar, she thought. The hard part for her was that it was basically impossible for her to remember everyone that she came into contact with. Too many people passed through her life on a daily basis. Sometimes it was a miracle that she remembered her own name. Just then she noticed the man walk over to her, seeing him move from her peripheral. Her head nodded slightly at his words before she spoke. "Yup. That's me...." she paused for a second. "I'm sorry. I'm really bad with names.... You are?" She felt horrible asking him since he had somehow managed to pull her name out of his head. Damn my horrible memory, she thought silently.
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  7. Altheia Martin

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    Everyone at some point, or even all the time, were stubborn. Altheia even had her moments of stubbornness and she was sure that there would certainly be more of them to come. It wasn't one of her most liked traits about herself, but it kept her morals in check and seemed to help keep a level head. Sure sometimes being extremely stubborn had it's downfalls and tended to land her in situations which she'd rather not be in, but those situations mostly tended to lead to friendships. Her hands still stayed on him, feeling that she was almost done with healing him, but also feeling that slight hint of dizzyness start to hit her. Typically she could fight it off, but it had been a rather long day and she had been working for quite some time at the hospital that day. Healing this man would probably take a bit out of her and she wondered if she should call someone to take her home; Boone perhaps? Inwardly she shook her head and decided against that real quick. “it’s alright, I, I am, different.” She looked down at his hand as he touched her and then back to his eyes as he explained that he was indeed different and explained just what it was that he could do. It never ceased to amaze her just how many extraordinary people there were in the world now. Sure, there were still some bad apples that had been blessed with a power, but for the most part it was the kind hearted people that she tended to keep her eye on. It gave her a sense that there was indeed still good in the world. Something which at some times seemed like there wasn't any of. "That is quite interesting," she said softly with a smile. "Obviously you aren't the only one in the room with an ability. I can heal, but I can also do damage to some one..... I just tend to hardly ever use the bad side of my powers. It makes me feel like someone who has no morals." She spoke to him softly and blinked her eyes a few times as another wave of dizziness washed over her. Her head shook slightly and she looked down at him, smiling slightly. Keeping a brave face was patient care 101.
  8. Altheia Martin

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    A soft smile touched her lips and she shook her head slightly. "You are a stubborn one, aren't you?" She asked her question, but in the back of her mind she already knew the answer. Anyone willing to run into a building that was on fire to save a bunch of civilians and strangers was by definition a hero. Those people owed him, but she really doubted that any of them would do anything for him. Sure people's lives get saved everyday. Hell. She saves lives every single day, but she hardly ever receives any kind of thanks. There are, of course those odd instances where people will send her cards and give her updates on how their life was going, but for the most part it was healing them and they poof. "Just because you refuse to admit that you're a hero doesn't mean you aren't one," she paused for a second. "You don't have to say it out loud or think it for it to be true." After she spoke her eyes moved to his hands seeing that they were healing up quick quickly. Maybe my powers are becoming stronger, she thought, that would be nice. She sighed soft and really doubted that was the case. Then her eyes shifted back up to look at his face, taking notice of the shift in color his eyes did. Hm, she thought, it looks like he isn't just some ordinary human. "I take it you have some abilities of your own, yeah?" Right after she asked the question she slightly wished she hadn't. It was probably somewhat rude and really none of her business. "I'm sorry... I shouldn't have asked. I know for the most part I tend to try and keep my abilities on the down low," she said softly before he spoke. "It's fine, it will just take a bit more time to heal."
  9. Altheia Martin

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    As she saw the man nod and smile at her she figured he'd probably be okay as long as she was able to stay focused enough and not pass out in the middle of healing him. She had already been up for about 10 hours, taking care of the in's and out's of the ER. It had been a slightly rough day and night. In fact she was pretty sure after Brandon was healed and on his way she would more than likely head to her apartment to pass out. Typically she had the fortunate opportunity to be able to take off a day or two when she needed to. “I’ll try,” "Thanks. It's just a lot easy to be able to keep myself from passing out if I'm able to keep an eye on a person and focus on them not passing out on me," she spoke her words as she felt her healing energy still flow from her hands into his body. She could already see the healing of his injuries taking place. A small smile formed on her lips, relieved that it was working. She was half afraid that it wouldn't because of how tired she already was. Small favors, she thought, are something that I'm always willing to welcome into my life. “You, you are healing me,” A small nod from her to him to confirm what he said. "Yes, I am," she said. "But don't take this as an opportunity to run around saving people left and right even though it could come at a great cost to you. I'm not around 24/7 and that could potentially be very bad for someone who tends to get hurt a lot," she said softly in a teasing voice. Though mostly it was a true statement. She wasn't always at the hospital and sometimes she did have to make house calls. "Should only be about 10 more minutes.... I think you've got a small concussion, which is going to take a little bit more time and energy to heal."
  10. Altheia Martin

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    As she noticed that he was keeping his eyes open, but that he was having sort of an inner fight with himself. He probably wants to close his eyes and fall asleep, she thought, and that is just not a good idea at all. Her hand stayed on his cheek for a second before she started moving quickly. The blinds to the room were closed and she made sure no one could look inside. "I swear I'm not going to be a perv, but I need some privacy for what I'm about to do." “I have a wallet…, I think they put it in a bag attached to the cart. It has my ID in it.” At the mention of his name she stopped for a moment and looked over to a rolling table that had also been brought in by the doctors. On it she saw that there was a bag and it looked like there was a wallet in it. Her head turned back toward him and motioned over to the bag. "Yeah. They brought in your wallet. It's probably over there waiting on you after you get all healed up." She moved her left hand onto his right cheek and then put her right hand on his chest lightly. "Okay. So I need you to not freak out and just relax, but do not close your eyes please." After the last of her words were spoken she focused on his injuries and felt her healing energy start to move through her hands and into his body. After about a minute it was noticeably clear that her healing was working. Well, she thought, hopefully this won't take too much time. Then again she bypassed the idea of getting him into an x-ray or an MRI. She figured that both of those would take way more time than just using her abilities right here and now. Problem was that she didn't know how much energy she would lose. "I also need to warn you that after I'm done I might be extremely tired and or might even pass out. All depends on how much time and energy this is going to take," she paused for a moment. "Don't worry. Nothing bad comes from this. It just sometimes takes a lot out of me."
  11. Altheia Martin

    Silence, My Brother

    It had been a very very long day at the hospital. It had seemed like people were coming in waves at some times. She hadn't really gotten much rest aside from a few power naps here and there, but now she found herself restless. Her mind wouldn't slow and it was making her jumpy as well as anxious. It had become clear to her that she probably go out and get a drink or two just to get herself out of her apartment. She had heard that Boone had opened his bar. If memory serves me right I should probably be getting free drinks, she thought to herself. So she found herself in front of the bar, looking up at the sign and then down at the door, almost second guessing herself if she really should go in, but she went ahead. The place seemed somewhat busy and she smiled, glad that good fortune was coming into his life. Her eyes skimmed around, looking to see if she knew anyone that was already here and she didn't see a familiar face. She walked up to the bar and raised her hand to get the bartenders attention. "Rum and coke, please..." Why not go for something hard, she thought. She sat on her stool and casually glanced to the left and right. No one was on her left, but there was a man to her right that she thought she had seen around ARMA headquarters, but she wasn't too sure. For the most part she hardly ever went to headquarters. It was more of her running around healing people.
  12. Altheia Martin

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    As soon as she saw his eyes open an inner sign of relief happened. Him opening his eyes was a very good thing. Good indication that he was conscious enough to be aware what was going on and that meant that there wasn't anything extremely serious with his head. "Ah. There you are..." She smiled softly and placed her hand in his, then looked over at the other doctors. "Let's take him to trauma one," she said and the next instant they were moving to the room closest to them. They entered the room and people rushed around doing this and that to check on vitals. Her head lifted and she looked around. "Alright. I need you all to leave the room please," she said calmly. Everyone looked at her and left the room. It wasn't too unusual that sometimes she would ask this of the doctors and by now they somewhat knew what was going on, but she was beyond thankful that none of them really ever confronted her about it or constantly asked her to heal people for them. Then again she was pretty sure that if someone happened to come in in pretty bad shape she'd probably get a page. “I, “I can’t afford to pay." Her eyes squinted and she looked down at him. "Don't worry about that.... Just relax and let me take care of you," she paused for a moment as he spoke more. "The other doctors are more than capable to take care of the others. My main concern right now is you. You're in pretty bad shape." She placed one hand on his cheek lightly and kept her eyes on him. After completely assessing his injuries she was completely aware that he should probably feel beyond lucky to even be able to be aware of anything going on around him. It would take 15 or more minutes to heal him. Lots of injuries meant lots of things for her to focus on. Lucky for me the doctors know not to disturb me until I leave the room, she thought. "What's your name?"
  13. Altheia Martin

    Oops I Did It Again

    “Sorry… forget that most people don’t drink in the morning.” She smiled at his words and felt like she could totally be one of those people that drank in the morning, if her life would only allow that. "I would totally drink in the morning, but my life doesn't allow that. I need to pretty much be one hundred percent aware one hundred percent of the time....If I went into work drunk I'd be fired on the spot," she said softly. Though I could probably find a freelance job healing random people for a fair amount of pay, she thought, but that would mean completely exposing myself. “Makes life interesting.” A slight nod of her head before she spoke. "I have no doubt that it does, but that doesn't mean you don't need to work for people that at least mildly treat you well and respect how you work," she said softly and realized that she kept lecturing him. It almost made her want to bite her tongue. She hated when people lectured her. Though she wondered with his attitude if he didn't really care. “That’s a snazzy gig.” Another smile graced her face and she shrugged slightly. "It pays the bills and it's pretty much all my life is for the most part, but when ARMA calls in a favor I pretty much feel it's pretty high on my list and needs to be taken care of first and foremost," she replied to him and sighed. There were times that she would like to have a more free felt life, but she really didn't think that that would ever happen. Unfortunately. "And i was asleep when I got the call. So you are very very lucky I came over...... I love my sleep..." “I can walk you out at least… gotta do the locks on the door for ya or you'll be stuck with me forever...” "I think you've had your fair share of beers this morning," she said with a small smile, teasing him slightly. She watched him and gave him another slight nod, accepting him walking her out. "That'd be nice. Even though, to be honest, I was way more nervous waiting out there for you last night than I am walking out to my car in the daytime." Yep, I'm a wuss, she thought silently to herself. For a moment she wondered why he had handed her his phone and watched him be his apparently usual self of being somewhat protective and looking out of the door probably checking to make sure there wasn't anyone who might have stayed behind from early. That wouldn't surprise her though. Those guys were such freaking assholes, she thought. She saw his hand and unlocked her phone, then handed it to him, wondering if he was gonna put some weird tracking thing on her phone. “Put your number in my phone, make up a cool name for yourself… like…. BringerofAwesome or AssSaver or some shit, makes it more fun with caller I.D.” "Oh.... okay," she said as she imputed her info into his phone. For a moment she thought of what exactly to put her name as and decided to go with AssSaver because well.... she wondered who WOULDN'T want to save his ass. A soft smile hit her lips as well as a soft blush, but she kept her mouth shut and kept that thought to herself. "Alright. Got it in there," she said as she closed his phone and held it out for him to take as her other hand opened, waiting for her phone.
  14. Altheia Martin

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    Tonight she had had to pick up a shift on the ER because too many people had been out sick with the flu or some other reason which she couldn't really fathom or explain. On one hand she knew that people did get sick and that there were emergencies which needed to be taken care of, but these people were doctors. Their job was to serve the city and community, helping people, and keeping them from dying. Sometimes it felt like all those things fell onto her shoulders, but you have to do what you have to do. Luckily though tonight it hadn't been too busy, but she dared not say that out loud because usually once you do things get very crazy very quickly. She had been sitting at the ER desk area, talking to another employee that usually worked the ER at this time, about nonchalant things. Then a call came in and the woman looked at her. Not even two minutes after they heard a faint sound of a siren which then lead to the loud blare of a siren. Altheia was up and off her seat within a few seconds and over at the door as the paramedics came in. About five more doctors came around the man that just came in and Altheia looked up hearing the paramedics explain what all had happened. How he saved numerous people from a burning building, not to mention a little girl. "Sounds like quite the hero," she said as she began to look him over, seeing if anything was something that immediately needed to be repaired. She could tell that he probably needed healing, but she wouldn't do it right here in front of a ton of people. Once they got him into a room she would just ask everyone to do mundane tasks so that she could do her job. "Hello, sir.... If you can hear me can you open up your eyes for me.... I need you to look at me," she said in a normal tone of voice. Before they did anything she wanted to make sure he could even be aware or conscious of what was all going on first. Hell she didn't even know if he had a concussion which would only add to the list of things that she would need to heal. Which was another reason she wanted to wait and get some x-rays done on him. The more knowledge she had of how extensive his injuries were. The more she would know just how exhausted she'd be, but that might lead to her needing an excuse to take a break and breaks were rare around here.
  15. Altheia Martin

    Oops I Did It Again

    There could be the most emotionally handicapped person in the room and even THAT person would be able to feel the anger coming off of Boone. It was almost like it was coming in waves and for a split second she almost felt nervous to be around him for the first time, but she had an inkling that her being in his presence when something dangerous happened probably was something that set him on edge in the first place. Did he care that much? She wasn't about to ask that question. Not after only meeting him last night. That was way too serious even for her and she had a feeling that he wasn't about to get that serious with anyone any time soon. So she kept her mouth shut as she watched him down the beer. He really is on edge, she thought. Then she suddenly wished that he had killed those men..... which was weird for her, but the thought was there. “Always ready to open one.” It had been a risk asking him to open the beer for her, but she had hoped it would stop him from essentially freaking out. She didn't need him to be so angry. She didn't want him to be so angry. She watched him use his ability to open the beer and smiled at him after he took the top off her beer. "Thanks..." she said before taking a few sips, making a weird face and suddenly realizing that she was DRINKING beer. A beverage that she really did not enjoy drinking. “I actually am.” A soft sigh came from her lips. "I really have no doubt in my mind that you aren't. You're probably the most crazy and in a way brave person that I will ever meet, but I wouldn't even allow them to hire you again. They really don't deserve you," she said the words and set her beer down on the table, shyly admitting to herself that she wouldn't probably drink it. “Let’s get this place cleaned up. You probably got places to be.” After hearing his last words she walked quickly over to his bed and picked up her phone, checking the time and noticed that she had about 30 minutes until her shift at the hospital started. She was needed else where to save more lives. She placed her phone in her pocket and picked up her keys, hoping no damage had happened to her car during the night or the morning. She made a quick turn back around and walked over to him. "I actually need to get going... I've got 30 minutes until my shift at the hospital starts...." she paused for a second. "Also. That beer is totally all yours if you want it."


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