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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.




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  1. Altheia Martin

    Not Again....

    The hospital had always been somewhat of a safe haven for her. Granted for most people it was a place that they didn't want to go to. More so for those who were in dire need of healing and medical attention. To Altheia it was the one place where she knew with out a doubt that she could help people that were in need of it. 90 percent of the time anyone who came through those ER doors were innocents that had either been caught in crossfire or had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was never any drama at the hospital. Unless you wanted to count the love affairs that would happen every few months or so. None of which she was even remotely interested in being apart of. Never mix work and love, she thought. The day had ended with her heading home after healing only a total of 3 people during the day. It had been somewhat of a quiet one. These were the days she was thankful for. It meant that she still had enough energy to actually do other things than just plop down on her bed and pass out. Instead of going straight to her room to get her warm pj's on she opted to go into her living room and turn on the TV to channel surf for about an hour. It was something she usually didn't do, but she found that she was getting tired of her same routine day in and day out. I mean she knew she had a knack for getting involved in some not so boring events, but for the most part her life was completely and utterly boring. Dinner was decided on some Ramen with slices of chicken added in. As well as various other spices. Her phone sat on her table as she took a small bit of her food. She always kept her phone out and on because she never knew when she was going to get a call. The buzz and ringtone blared at her as she began to take another bit. Well would ya look at that, she thought. She lifted up the phone and saw a number that she didn't quite recognize, but she picked it up and answered, "Hello, Altheia speaking." She brought up another bite of her food as she waited for the person on the other end to speak. For some reason she had a feeling it was someone that was going to need her healing abilities. Looks like I'm in for a long night, she thought.
  2. Altheia Martin

    Let the Master Answer

    “The trouble I deal with is fair penance for my crimes. This though, was unprovoked.” The first sentence kind of made her hesitant about her thinking it was okay to trust him. Then her mind went back to the fact that everyone had a past. Everyone had skeletons in their closet and things that they weren't proud of. She figured he was no exception and if he was trying to turn over a new leaf it wasn't up to her to judge him on things that he might have done in his past. However bad those things he did were. It wasn't that she couldn't really tell there was anything out of the ordinary going on. She had spent most of her time, day and night, around blood and people that have been hurt more than they needed to be. However. She had always had fairly good hearing. Ever since middle school and they did those stupid hearing tests she always did extremely well. In fact, at one point some of the examiners thought there might be something wrong with her, but she had been just a normal person. Now, as it was with most people, was completely different. *npc* “Rhome, I know you’re in here. We can talk about this.” The voice wasn't someone that she knew and it wasn't anyone from the hospital. She stopped moving abruptly and turned around slowly, thinking she'd see someone down the street, but it was empty. Must be coming from down an alleyway, she thought. She took a few steps forward and then stopped for a moment. Is this really a good idea, she thought. She hadn't had much hand to hand combat or even any combat for that matter. She did have a way of putting someone in pain, but that required skin to skin contact. She continued to walk back to the alley way that she had passed only moments before. She tried to be careful and quiet with every single step. Hopefully whoever was cornering Rhome was too focused on him to even notice that she was now just around the corner of the alleyway. She kept her body close to the wall and then slowly leaned over slightly, peering from behind the wall to the scene that was unfolding. She could see the man had a gun pointed at Rhome. This was very bad because she didn't know if she would be able to heal a gunshot wound. Even just healing Rhome's broken ribs had taken a lot out of her. Could she push her abilities even more? "Wouldn’t want to look like the Order. Kinda defeats the purpose of being the good guys." Wait a second, she thought, is that guy ARMA? Bad situations were never Altheia's strong suit, but it looked like she was in just that spot. The second in time she had no idea what she was going to do. There were many variables to think about. Many different outcomes that could come from this one situation. She could feel her anxiety beginning to climb as she mentally debated about what to do. “Leave me alone. You attack me, I will defend myself.” She wondered if Rhome really thought this guy was going to just let him walk away. If he was the guy that had jumped Rhome before she knew the answer to that already. She took a deep breath in and let it out slowly before walking out into the open at the end of the alley. "Excuse me, but I don't suppose either of you could tell me how to get to the nearest drug store. I heard voices and figured I'd see if ya'll could help me out," she said as she stood there. She positioned herself so that she wouldn't really be able to tell the guy was pointing a gun at Rhome. And she also knew that there was a drug store 4 more blocks down the way she had been going. She hoped Rhome would go along with it. She figured this would be her best shot at interrupting what was going on. "I really don't mean to interrupt anything, but a neighbor friend of mine is really sick and she isn't able to get out of bed to get herself medication. So me being me decided to help her out and go out for her," she said the words kind of in a nervous ramble and hoped that the stranger wouldn't be able to pick up on it, but if he was anything like Rhome he probably would be and then she would be fucked.
  3. Altheia Martin

    Roll With It

    “I heard that.” "Oh no he heard that," she whispered to herself in a hushed tone and giggled softly. She couldn't help it was the truth. Boone could drink her under the table in a heartbeat. Sometimes she wished she could handle her liquor a little better, but if there was one thing that she was certain of it wouldn't take much to have her feeling awesome and tipsy. “Well we do like to eat but there are other ways to our hearts.” Her eyes looked over at Brandon and she nodded slightly. "You are right about that too..." she stopped talking and blinked a few times. There were many ways. Lots of ways. Too many ways. It had been a while since she had to worry about any of that. Finding someone didn't seem as important as it had been before everything changed. Took too much time. But she couldn't help but feel a sense of loneliness most days. And most days it was pretty much unbearable. “I’d pour you another.” At first she felt like she was going to shake her head, but she didn't because she would have probably made him pour her another. But she had already taken another drink and it was half gone. She wasn't too sure if she should have another drink after this one. Would probably not be the best idea, she thought. “Gotta keep my beer belly fluffed somehow.” What beer belly, she thought to herself. There was no way in hell she was going to open her mouth to make any sort of comment to those words. Nope, she thought, nope nope nope. She sighed softly and looked at Boone, then at Brandon. She was getting too wasted to be here..... The plate slid in front of her and it stopped her in mid thought of wanting to leave. The sound of her grumbling stomach was more than enough to overpower her urge to leave the two boys to hang out. She picked up a fork with her right hand and cut into one of the four potato cakes on her plate. She blew lightly on the food on her fork and put the food in her mouth. It was literally to die for. Her eyes moved between Brandon and Boone, then stayed on Boone. "I'm wondering if the way to a girl's heart might not also be food," she said, then looked down, blushed lightly and smiled. "I mean. These are really freaking good," she said. That feeling of wanting to flee the scene of the bar came back. This whole making a fool of herself was just too much to handle. She couldn't help herself. It was who she was, but that didn't mean she liked it. "I might have to take some cooking lessons," she said softly to herself as she took another bite of the food, feeling slightly better.
  4. Altheia Martin

    Let the Master Answer

    "They tried to kill me, I did what was necessary." She couldn't help but study him. She was curious about him. About who he was. How a priest could end up being hunted after. Then it sort of clicked. A light bulb going off in her head. He must be someone dangerous. There was no way someone would go after a priest. Then again morals didn't really matter much anymore. "Then that is even more of a reason to not be blaming yourself. Survival is important. If someone goes after you it's only fair that you protect yourself," she said softly to his words. “Then who would walk you home?” His question she seemed to think was sincere. Was he really concerned for her safety? Or was he just wondering if she'd go tell someone what had happened tonight? It wasn't easy for her to believe that he didn't trust anyone. There probably isn't anyone in his life he can count on, she thought. "My.... myself.... I mean. I usually always walk home by myself," she looked at him and smiled. "I don't typically have a problem when I do, but.... I suppose you never know what could happen." And that was the honest truth. Anything could happen. The way her luck was going. She would probably end up dead tonight, somehow. And without even having a good proper date with Boone. Now that's a sad thing, she thought. “Don’t believe what you hear about me.” A slight nod was made toward him after his first words. At least I made an effort, she thought. She knew it was probably for the best. Rhome probably didn't want anyone walking with him and especially anyone he just met. Granted she did just heal him at a cost to herself. But ya know, whatever. His next words though slightly worried her. Her head tilted to the right slightly and her forehead creased with a worried look. "What exactly do you mean...." she said softly. Mostly to herself. If there was one thing that she didn't let people do was tell her what to do or what and how to think about someone. So far there was no reason why she shouldn't trust him right now. He had done nothing to harm her. People change. All the time. If there were bad things about him she was more than sure, without a doubt, that it had probably happened in his past. And well. The past was the past. “Thank you.” She nodded once more at him as he said his thank you. "Mmmhmm..." she said as she watched him leave. A soft sigh came from her lips and she closed her eyes for a minute, taking some time to collect herself. She turned back to look at the room, seeing everything was in it's place. Like nothing had happened. She moved through the door and looked at some of the people moving about. She smiled at one of the nurses. "Hey, I'm heading home. I'm exhausted. Give me a call if there is an extreme emergency, okay," she asked. NPC : "Yeah. No problem, Altheia," the nurse smiled at her and nodded. Altheia headed out and rubbed her arms slightly, feeling the slight breeze. Crap, should have brought a jacket, she thought. Most of the time she didn't really care about what the weather was like, but tonight she kinda wished she had. She turned to the right, heading toward her apartment. It wasn't that far of a walk. Five or six blocks both ways a day seemed to pretty much keep her in shape and in the morning she tended to do it in a run. Exercise was important to her some of the time. A high metabolism helped her keep a nice shape, but endurance was something you had to work for. She passed by an alley way, glancing down it for a split second not noticing anything alarming. She turned her head to look straight ahead, keeping her feet moving and her hands still rubbing her upper arms slightly, trying to warm herself up.
  5. Altheia Martin

    Let the Master Answer

    “My fault, I should never have landed here in the first place.” Her head shook a little before she spoke, "Don't be blaming yourself because someone else beat the crap out of you. That isn't any way to live. Things happen and you just have to go with the flow," she said softly before taking the gauze that he handed her, wiping the blood away from her nose. She sighed once more and placed the used gauze down at her side as she stayed on the ground and said her next words. Her eyes stayed on him as he got the blood off of himself. The blood on his knuckles she had noticed and she wondered just how bad the guy was that attacked him, but she instinctively knew better than to ask. “I’m not a very good priest.” She watched him get up and smiled softly as he extended his hand toward her, helping her up. She took a deep breath in and let it out slowly, making sure she could stand on her own two feet without falling over. Luckily it seemed as if she was getting her strength back. Totally not healing anyone else though, she thought to herself. Her eyes stayed on him and she smiled a little more. "I guess we all can't be perfect at what we do or who we are," she said. And that's the fucking truth, she thought. If tonight was any indication she needed to be more aware of how much healing she did. The one thing that was on her mind was if she should tell anyone just how bad things got tonight though. Letting people know just how weak healing made her made her feel nervous. Her head tilted to the side as she watched him pick up the mess he had made. It was interesting to her to watch. That this man, who was obviously very dangerous, could still care so much about picking up a mess. There has got to be more to his story, she thought. There was a tiny voice in the back of her mind that was telling her to not get involved with this one. If there was one thing she didn't need. It was danger. "You really don't have to do that," she said softly before he spoke. “Is there anything I can get you before I go?” She watched him take off his bloodied hoodie and shook her head, but then shrugged. "Not that I can think of, but...." she paused and stared at him. "Should I walk you to wherever you need to go," she asked the question hesitantly, thinking without a doubt that he was going to decline, but she was going to be going home after he left anyway. That was the best part about being her, she could leave work when she wanted. "I'm not feeling all too hungry right now. I had a fairly large lunch," she looked at him then moved to the window of the trauma room, seeing what everyone was doing. There wasn't anyone milling about to see what was going on which was a good thing. She turned back around to Rhome and looked at him. "The coast is clear," she said.
  6. Altheia Martin

    Roll With It

    Her eyes had been stuck on Boone over at the jukebox. She couldn't for the life of her figure out why he was so angry at a thing that gives so many more people joy. Music was something she'd always loved. Her mother and father would always play anything from opera to classic rock. They had been a very diverse couple and it had leaked from them to her. She could listen to anything and find the joy or beauty in it. Boone, does not seem to think that way, she thought. Brandon was distracting her from her thoughts and her eyes blinked a few times as she looked back at him, hearing him reply. "I suppose so, but curiosity is the best way to acquire knowledge! That's probably why I became a doctor. I'm a very curious person," she said back to him as her eyes stayed on him for a moment before Boone made his way back over to them. “From a rum and coke?” There was a slight nod in toward Brandon. "Yeah. That's what I get for being such a light weight. I'm not too much of a heavy drinker. No where near as much as Boone is," she remembered the night that she had healed him and how he had just right into drinking. "Eat some food before you fall down. Not everyone is a functional drunk like me.” Eyebrows raised at him as she took another sip of her drink, set it down, and then pointed at Boone. "First of all. Who said that I will be falling down? Second of all. Who said I'll be getting up," she asked the questions with a smile on her face. "Although. I am quite hungry.... I think I forgot to eat today...." she said the last few words with a little bit of disappointment in them. She should know better than to take care of herself as much as possible. Too many people depended on her. Some knew it. Some didn't. “Do you have bacstaí?” Her eyes moved over to Brandon with a questioning look on her face. She had no idea what that was, but she had a gut feeling that Boone probably did. Her eyes moved over to Boone as he had his reaction that she figured he'd have, a smile on her face. Yup, I was right, she thought. "I'm so glad both of you know what that is and have something to bond over," she said, pausing for a second. "I guess the way to a man's heart really is his stomach," she said and giggled softly. At the movement of Boone going over the counter she sat up a bit straighter and looked at him, "If you had spilled my drink....." She eyed him as she spoke and then took another drink. It was so hard not to laugh at Boone as he went on his rant. She looked over at Brandon as Boone asked how many whatever it was that Boone was going to make. Her eyes went back to Boone, "Um.... Okay.... What if I don't want that many," she asked. Him and his thinking that he can just decide things for me, she thought. Oh shit, she thought.... Whoa, okay, things got weird. A very slight blushed was apparent on her cheeks. "I.... I didn't have that bad of a hangover. I mean.... I've had worse hangovers..." she said to him and looked down at the drink that was almost empty in front of her. "Probably will have a worse hangover...." "You Irish mate?" That was a very interesting question, she thought. The only thing she really knew about him was that he was in essence a hero, but there is always more to people. Onions, people are like onions, she thought. "Yeah, are you Irish." she asked as well. Curiosity is coming through loud and clear, she thought.
  7. Altheia Martin

    Let the Master Answer

    “Rhome.” Now that is an interesting name, she thought to herself. "Well, my name is Altheia," she said while deliberately withholding her last name. She replied to him as he went quiet, thinking that that was probably all she was going to get out of him conversation wise, but she was surprised when he spoke up again. To her though it sounded a little off. "Times are so bad that people are willing to attack a priest," she asked mostly to herself. "These really are shit times we're living in," she said softly and in a sad tone. It was the truth though. Times were rough and more often than not there were more bad things going on in the world than good. The feel of his rib popping into place made her wince a little. Even to this day it still made her a little uneasy to feel the major wounds repair themselves under her hands. She knew it wasn't and shouldn't be a normal thing that happened, but that wasn't how things were now. She looked down at the hand on her arm and looked back over at him. "Sorry. Repairing things can almost be as bad as being damaged. You....you should feel a lot better now though," she said softly and closed her eyes for a moment to try and regain a bit of her strength. Her eyes re-opened and her hands slowly slid away from his ribs. She took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. "Ya know.... you're pretty warm. You sure you don't have a fever," she said not really thinking that him having fire abilities wouldn't mess with his core temperature. “Only what’s necessary." Her hand reached up and touched his face lightly, healing the cuts and bruises within a moment. "Don't be silly," she paused for a second. "The cuts and bruises are the easy things to heal," she said as her hand drifted away from his face, leaving him looking brand spanking new. "Besides the hardest things and the most draining things to heal are bones and gunshot wounds," she paused for a second. "And obviously ribs are a pretty important bone. So those needed to be healed." She smiled softly and moved away from him slightly before moving to sit next to him, using the wall as support. Is it just me or is the room spinning, she thought to herself. Her eyes closed and her head leaned back against the wall, trying her best to take a moment to recuperate. In a second her eyes opened as she felt something dripping from her nose. Her right hand went up and wiped away a little blood. Well, shit, she thought. "Huh, that's never happened before," she said softly. "My fault.... used my abilities a little too much today it seems," she said a little disappointed in herself. "Looks like I'm not that great of a healer," she laughed softly. A moment passed by as she stayed there on the ground, leaning against the wall. "Not going to be doing much healing the rest of the night. So please. For me. Don't go and get yourself hurt again."
  8. Altheia Martin

    Let the Master Answer

    The notice of his brow cocking at her words made her realize just how much she should have kept those words to herself. She didn't want this man thinking that she was some sort or any kind of threat to him. In all honesty she wasn't. She was the furthest thing from a threat, but she wondered if he had had much contact with anyone who wasn't a threat to him in some way. Well, she thought, that's a fucking heartbreaking thought. Also the fact that his brow had raised made her stay her ground and for the moment not move an inch closer to him. “…and attention for me is a problem, so that’s the last thing I want to be.” A very soft sigh of relief passed through her lips. "Well then I guess that's a good thing for me. I mean, not that you don't want attention, but that you aren't going to set anything on fire," she said her words and then blinked a few times. Why do I always make myself look like a weirdo to people, she thought. Her eyes focused on him and she could still see that he needed medical attention, but most of all healing attention. If he would just let me get close to him, she thought. It almost made her mind go off on a tangent of how people get stray abandoned dogs to let them get close to the animal. Treats, she thought, yeah I can't see that happening. She smiled slightly and bit her bottom lip. No time to smile, she thought. “I’m conscious.” Ever so slightly her eyes rolled as he said his words. People just do not understand medical stuff, she thought. Then as she saw him slide back down the wall she took a few more steps toward him. Now she was only about a foot away and she knelt down slightly, looking at him. It was easy to tell now that his rib or ribs were most certainly broken and her only concern at this second was that him moving around so much might cause them to puncture his lung and if a rib did that then it would mean way more for her to heal than right now. Which then could lead to her possibly blacking out. "I don't think you understand, but you are badly injured and there is no way you are getting out of here until you are healed," she said softly. “I think perhaps it’s best I let you continue, for a short time at least.” Another small sigh of relief came from her lips because of his words. "Thank God you came to your senses," she said as she moved up next to him. She hesitated for a second still very unsure if she should even touch him. With Boone it was different. She didn't feel in danger at all around him, but this man. He was different. He was extremely dangerous. Not right now obviously, she thought. But there was no doubt in her mind that he could cause damage to people. "I just need to place my hands on your sides," she said, giving him notice of what she was doing before she moved. Her hands rested on either side of him lightly above his ribs. Her eyes stayed open and she watched him the entire time. This was weird for her because when in the ER she found that she had been closing her eyes more when she healed someone. It's because I don't trust him, she thought. "This is only going to take 10 minutes, then you are good to go," she spoke softly, feeling the energy slightly drain out of her. "I'm guessing I don't want to know why this happened to you," she said, trying to make conversation with the man. "And I'm also guessing that if I ask your name you probably won't tell me, right," she said with a smile on her face.
  9. Altheia Martin

    Roll With It

    Her eyes stayed on Boone pretty much the entire time that he spoke. Her left eyebrow went up as he pointed at her and then her eyes narrowed slightly. When Boone didn't want to tell her something it usually meant that however he had gotten hurt involved some events that she probably shouldn't really know about, but the need and curiosity of wanting to know almost always weighed on her. It wasn't that she wanted to go beat the poop.... like she even could.... out of whoever had done that to him, but maybe she could find a better or safer way for him to do what he does. “No.. and we’re not gonna talk about that…” The sight of him pointing a finger at her made her left eyebrow lift up slightly. "Really? Cause I think we will be," she said as a matter of fact. Oh, she thought, I know we will. Now more than before she knew that she would be cornering him at some point to get him to tell her just what the hell had happened and maybe even heal him a bit. She did not want to see his face like that. Granted some girls thought it was sexy.... she was not one of them. It just made her angry. Her eyes moved to the bottle that he picked up and sat back down before returning to Boone's face. “…you would know the GOOD shit, is what I just gave both of you.” Son of a, she thought, bitch. This was not a good thing. She knew that downing a drink that strong was more than likely going to knock her on her ass and that is not what she wanted right now. Either that or it was going to make her start acting a fool and that was something she extremely did not want to happen in front of Boone or Brandon...... hell even anyone for that matter. A small sigh came from her mouth and then she blinked at Boone. “You… yourself… Altheia, and only Altheia, can order five more." A small laugh came from her lips before she spoke, "You have got to be out of your mind if you think I'm going to drink another one of those. If I do someone is going to have to carry me home and that is not something that I really want happening." Or the fact that someone would probably have to nurse my hangover tomorrow, she thought. There was one thing she was more than determined to have happen in this world and that was to not let anyone besides herself see her throw up. Another sigh came from her lips as she began to feel like it felt it was getting a little hot. She pulled up her hair into a ponytail and leaned her arms against the bar. Oh please do not let me make a fool of myself tonight, she thought. “Anywho, I’ll leave you two to your date." It felt like it took all of her self control to not spurt out the words 'we're not on a date' because it wasn't like it was his business if they were or weren't. I mean, we aren't, she thought. Still, Boone was being so infuriating to her. She almost got up right after that to follow after him, but she sat there and watched him walk away to the jukebox. Altheia closed her eyes slightly and took a deep breath in then let it out slowly before opening her eyes again and turning her head toward Brandon. “Guess I read that wrong.” A slight shrug of her shoulders was the beginning of her reply to his words. "I didn't know Mexican Coke was better than all the rest. ... I tend to not drink too much. Pretty much on call at all times," she said and looked down at the bar for a second before lifting her head back up to look at Blue. "You know what. I think I'll go ahead and take another one of those, thanks," she said softly and then looked back over at Boone. To hell with acting like a crazy dork, she thought, I don't really care at this point. “Haven’t had any experience with Zombies.” Her eyes turned back to Brandon and she smiled. "I don't think I'd ever want to have a run in with zombies. Though.... it would be kind of interesting to find out if I could heal a zombie bite...." she said the words and then her mind started to wonder as she began to sorta zone out. Her eyes blinked a few times and she giggled softly. "Sorry, kinda feeling that drink a little," she said and soon after Blue had placed her second drink down in front of her. She smiled and lifted it, this time taking a small sip instead of taking an enormous gulp like before.
  10. Altheia Martin

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    “I’m not even claiming the first part of that.” His reply had made her laugh and that made her happy. Being happy nowadays was hard for everyone. All the time bad things happened. People died. Things were either sad or angry. Neither emotion Altheia liked very much. So she smiled at him and watched as he dug around in the clothes bin. "So what you're saying is that you ARE a psycho killer," she asked and laughed again. "Well, just to let you know. I don't just heal people. There's a completely opposite side to my abilities. Now. I don't use that side of my abilities very at all. I'd rather heal than cause pain," she said her words somewhat quietly. Not many people knew that she could cause damage. She liked it that way, but times were tough and maybe people knowing that she herself could be dangerous might end up keeping her safe. She watched him pick out a shirt and held it up. She held back a giggle as she looked at the bowling league shirt and nodded at him. "I think it's perfect. Bowling is my favorite sport," she replied to his question and chuckled a little. She was sure he'd changed out of it the moment he got the chance to, but walking around half naked was always kind of awkward. At least to her it was. She turned her head to the side slightly and put her right hand over her mouth as she yawned. "Sorry. Side effect from healing too much. One downside to me being me," she apologized softly and smiled.
  11. Altheia Martin

    Let the Master Answer

    There was one life lesson that she had been taught early on in her schooling and that was to be as observant as possible when it comes to your patients. Things like noticing their movements, listening to them as they talk about their either existent or non-existent problems, and making sure that they don't do anything to harm themselves while under her care. So when she slightly noticed his cheek flinch it should have been her first clue to perhaps back the fuck off, but that side of her that had to help every single person who was injured was telling her to ignore the movement. The sound of whatever was wrapped around his wrist and it hitting the gurney was probably another good sign to back off, but she could feel his cheekbone healing and he hadn't woken up yet. Maybe I can finish this healing before he completely wakes up, she thought. In times like these when things were somewhat dangerous she always tried to think on the bright and positive side. The next instant almost kind of had her wishing that she was more careful and not as positive as she had been a second ago. The second he thrashed her hand pulled away quickly and then she took a couple of steps back as she saw the fire in his hand. Great, she thought, fire.... just great. For a moment she had a thought of going out of the room and getting someone to help her, but then she wondered if she would be putting someone else in some kind of danger. No, she thought, I better not do that. She had taken a couple of steps toward the door just in case though, watching him now crumple down onto the floor. The sight of his hand up almost made her dash out the door, but the sound of his voice made her stay. “Where am I? What hospital?” First thing that came to her mind was that he was okay enough to talk, but second thing that came to her mind was that he was still in pretty bad shape and he wouldn't let her come near him. So, she thought, I'll talk and try to let him let me finish healing him. She sighed softly and smiled softly and kindly, "You're at the New York Main Hospital. I'm a doctor here. They brought you in not too long ago. Some server at a restaurant saw you outside and called 911." She explained to him everything that had happened because she knew that sometimes with head injuries there was some memory loss that tended to go along with it. “You're a healer....” This could be dangerous, she thought. She already knew that he was a magus of some sort, but she didn't know who he was or who he worked for. However, she nodded her head at him slowly and took one step toward him. "Yes. I am. And you're still in pretty bad shape, but I'm sure you know that. So if you'll just let me finish healing you.... you can be up and out of here," she said the words softly as she took a few more steps toward him cautiously. "I just need you to not start any fires. Especially on me," she took another step and stopped. She wanted some sort of reassurance that she wasn't in any immediate danger from him. She wanted to make sure that none of her staff at the hospital was in any immediate danger from him either. "And if you're going to be a problem I don't just heal," she said the words not as a threat, but as a slight warning. I'm fairly certain that he could kill me in two seconds though, she thought. It also came to her that she probably should not have said anything like that toward him. Someone like him probably gets provoked easily, she thought.
  12. Altheia Martin

    Let the Master Answer

    The ER hadn't been too busy in the afternoon and she knew better than to say anything like, 'It's quiet tonight.' Those were typically the words that always brought something bad into the ER, ranging anywhere from people being shot up badly to car accident after car accident. It was nights like this that she was most thankful for. The quiet ones when there were hardly any injuries coming in at all, which for the most part in the city were few and far between. Altheia had decided to take a bit of a break before her night would more than likely get busy. Daytime was always pretty much calm, but nighttime seemed to bring out the crazy people. The break room near the ER wasn't the best one in the hospital, but it did have a mini fridge stocked with some drinks and a few snack which she was indulging on when a nurse quickly came to the doorway of the room. Her eyes looked up quickly, food making her cheek look like she was a chipmunk. Go figure, she thought. NPC : "Altheia you need to come quick. There's a guy banged up pretty bad that they just brought into the ER. He's in trauma 2," she said quickly before leaving the door way and hurriedly going back to the ER. Welp, there ya have it, she thought to herself. She got up quickly and grabbed a napkin while doing so. She threw her drink and the wrapper of her snack bar into the trash bin before heading out the door, swallowing the last bit of food in her mouth. This was supposed to be my quiet night damnit, she thought. She rounded the corner and went into the trauma room two, almost taking a step back. This guy looked like he had been beaten two ways from Sunday. It almost hurt her to look at him. For the most part it was almost impossible to make out any complete features on the man's face and she knew without a doubt that his cheek was badly broken. After initially taking in his face injuries she moved into the room and to his side. Some other surgeons and nurses bustled around the man as they assessed his injuries as Altheia stood there for a moment taking in the sight of the man. After hearing a couple of the surgeons and nurses agreeing that he had some broken ribs, two broken fingers, a broken cheekbone, and tons of cuts and bruises she cut in. "Can everyone leave the room," she asked as she looked around at every person. For the most part they all knew what that meant and no one said a word in disagreement as they all left the room. One nurse turned the blinds down and closed the door behind her. Her feet quickly took her to the man and she stood to his right side, peering down at him. As she looked at his cheekbone she spoke softly, "Hey, can you hear me?" She waited for what seemed like forever to see if the man would say anything and for the moment he seemed to still be unconscious. "Listen if you can hear me and possibly wake up within the next 10 minutes, please do not freak out on me," she said the words as a soft plea to a man that probably can't even hear her in the first place. I hate it when they are unconscious, she thought. She always ran the risk of the person waking up to her hands on them and them potentially freaking out on her. That she most certainly did not need. Her right hand moved up to his cheek, lightly touching it, but then pulling away quickly as she noticed he was a bit warmer than your average person. Hmmmm, she thought, could he have abilities. Her hand laid back down on his check, hesitating before actually starting to heal him in case he did respond or wake up.
  13. Altheia Martin

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    Her eyes looked at him and she sighed softly. Then shook her head slightly before replying to him, "You don't have to bring it back. Trust me that more often than not when people forget something here they typically don't come back to get it. It's a very rare occurrence. Plus, who doesn't like free things?" She smiled and giggled softly at herself. “Let’s do this before you change your mind.” She nodded at his words and then turned on her heel and went through the door of the trauma one room. She glanced around for a second and spotted a nurse, nodding to her for a second. "Hey. Do you mind cleaning up trauma one?" She had stopped for a second as she asked the woman the question. NPC : The nurse smiled at Altheia and nodded while saying, "Yeah, sure no problem." Altheia smiled back to her. "Thank you!" She said her words and began walking again toward the lost and found which was right behind the desk in the ER. She pulled out the bin and placed it up on the desk, staring at him. "Why would I change my mind," she asked while smiling. "You're not some guy who makes it look like he's a hero, but when in reality you're some psycho killer?" She laughed softly and waited for him to riffle through the clothes.
  14. Altheia Martin

    Roll With It

    In the back of her mind, even now, she kept wondering if things were going okay at the hospital. It scared her so much to be away from that place for long amounts of time. There were always people getting hurt and there were always people that needed the extra healing care only she could offer. Well shit, that sounded sort of dirty, she thought. Crap, I'm turning into Boone, she thought again and then shook her head slightly at herself. “I can get that way from time to time.” She smiled at his words and nodded in agreement. "I'm sure at some point in their lives everyone has those moments. For me, it's just a little more often than I'd like it to be. I'd love to find something that would tear me and my attention away from the hospital. Some days it really feels like I'm getting burnt out," she said the words as her mind reeled. Maybe I should just go work for ARMA full time, she thought. There were many questions that she had floating around in her head of what she should and shouldn't do with her life. She wanted more to it than there already was. “Actually I found some steady work.” It wasn't too hard to be happy for him. "I'm happy that you found some steady work! I know how hard it can be to find a job you're able to stay at. I've got tons of friends that can't keep their jobs. For various reasons," she said her words right before she heard a laugh. Her head turned in the direction of the stairs and she blinked a few times. After she heard Boone's voice she sighed softly and wondered why he hadn't come down a little before. Her eyes moved back to the direction of the bartender after Boone had spoke and watched as her drink was made. Her head turned back to Brandon as she was curious as to what else he was going to say. It must be important, she thought. Then her eyes shifted back toward the stairs, watching Boone come down then. Another audible sigh came from her lips as she noticed how much of a mess he looked. Always with the getting hurt, she thought. It drove her nuts how much Boone got into trouble. She had already had a long night and morning healing a few people and didn't know if she should or even if he would want her to patch him up.... again. "Save the good shit for friends." Her eyebrows raised slightly at his words. Not friends, she thought, my ass. There was no way in hell he didn't think of her at least as a friend. Not after she saved him from basically bleeding out. Her eyes then narrowed at him before speaking. "We aren't friends?" She asked as her right eyebrow stayed up for a second. "Or is this just you being you?" She had an inkling that maybe Boone had been somehow watching her and Brandon. Her eyes moved around the bar slowly and spotted a camera. And where there's one there's more, she thought. She watched as Boone gave Brandon another beer to try and glanced at the bartender as her drink was placed in front of her. She didn't say a word to the bartender and only nodded as she picked up her drink and took a slow and long drink, downing half of it and then placing it back on the bar. Her head turned back to Brandon as he spoke his last words and she blinked a few times. “You ready to go Altheia?” Ummmmm, she thought to herself, shit what do I do. Her eyes turned back toward Boone and she smiled at him before turning her head back to Brandon. "Oh don't worry, Brandon. Boone can't hurt my feelings," she said before looking back at Boone. When in reality she had a feeling that Boone could certainly hurt her feelings if he wanted to. "We can stay for a little longer or at least until we get kicked out." She said the words as her eyes stayed on Boone. "So what's up with you today? Hiding because you got ruffed up?" She asked Boone the questions before drinking the rest of her drink and setting it back down on the bar.
  15. Altheia Martin

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    As Brandon pulled out his belongings from the bag she couldn't help but notice that the shirt that he was supposed to be wearing seemed to be non-wearable. She sighed inwardly and thought for a moment then smiled at him. "I do believe we might have a shirt that you could borrow in the lost and found," she said as she moved toward the door, standing next to it as she still looked at him. “The offer still stands Altheia, let’s get something to eat, right after I get another shirt.” She looked at Brandon and sighed inwardly one more time, still feeling somewhat tired from all of the healing she had been doing for the whole day. Then she felt and heard her stomach growl softly. Maybe I am hungry and should probably get something to eat, she thought. "Alright. I don't suppose it could hurt anything. We'll just go get you a shirt and then we can just take a walk and randomly find some place to eat?" The question was asked and she shrugged slightly.


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