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    Altheia stands at 5'6 and has a lean, medium build. Her blonde hair reaches down to the middle of her back. Most of the time it hangs free over her shoulders, but when she is working it is help up in a ponytail. Her eyes are a deep blue. When she isn't working she usually wears jeans and a t-shirt of some sort, but when she is working at the hospital she is in her scrubs.
    Altheia is a calm and collected woman at all times because things can get quite hectic at the hospital on any given night and if she wants to save someone she needs to be able to think clearly and focus on the task at hand. She also has been known to be a quick thinker and able to come up with a solution to something at the drop of a dime. It's also important to her to act and "be" as ordinary to anyone around her as much as possible because she figures if anyone finds out what she can do she'd probably be a target and that is something that she doesn't want or need.

    However. When and/or if she gets the chance to save someone that desperately needs it and deserves it she doesn't hesitate to do so, but that is ONLY if she knows she won't be caught using her abilities.
    Her most personal belongings are a watch her mother gave her, which she wears at all times, a necklace with a small star sapphire charm that her father gave her when she was little, and a book of poems that her brother had given her when she graduated high school.


    First off anytime she heals someone she sees flashes of memories of however they obtained their injuries and sometimes even flashes of the persons past.

    Light Heal : This ability is used for only healing inures that are not life threatening and wouldn’t be considered to be needed to be healed at that very moment. Some examples would be light cuts, scrapes, bullet grazings, and small bone fractures. This ability takes minor to no energy to complete. The light heal usually only takes a minute or two to fully complete.

    Medium Heal : This ability is used for only healing injuries that are slightly more concerning. Some examples are deep cuts ( not down to the bone ), broken arms and legs, and concussions. This ability takes a little more energy and can cause a feeling of slight exhaustion. Medium heals can take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on how bad the injury is.

    Big Heal : This ability is only used on very rare occasions and can cause Altheia to blackout almost instantly after doing it. The injuries that would be considered for his would be vital cuts to arteries, collapsed lung, broken ribs, and anything that would be considered life threatening. Big heals take the longest to complete and can range anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours.

    If she ever was put into a position to heal someone with a late stage form of cancer or any other form of near death illness she would most likely lose her own life in exchange for theirs.

    Altheia is also able to cause damage in the same way she heals, skin to skin contact.

    The instant skin contact is made and she is focusing on doing damage instead of healing, the person finds cuts and bruises form on their skin around her hand. The longer Altheia keeps her hand on that spot the bruises and cuts can worsen.

    The highest amount of damage Altheia can do is broken bones. She can’t do anything worse to a person than that. And to do that to a person she needs to at least keep skin to skin contact with them for five minutes. At that time she can mentally pick a bone to break.
    Altheia is pretty adept in all things medical. She went to college and got a degree in the medical field. She knows how to do mundane paperwork and filing, but the main thing is she knows how to take care of pretty much any kind of injury.

    Altheia knows the basics of guns and gun care. She had figured it’d be a good asset to have once the Nevus event happened. So soon after she started training herself, but then got some help from a friend in her hometown.

    Before she learned anything about guns she learned a few pointers of knife fighting. She was taught by the same person who had given her lessons with guns. The most she knows are stances and different types of moves ( and how to properly hold a knife ).
    Altheia grew up in a small town right outside Annapolis, Maryland. She grew up with an older brother, Dixon Martin, and her parents, Sarah and Dean Martin. Altheia also had been raised in a Hebrew family, which sometimes was hard for her since most of her friends had been catholic. From an early age she always seemed to show signs that she would like to work in the medical field. Wether it be playing Operation constantly with her brother or playing doctor with her Barbies.

    It was a lucky thing that she grew up in a wealthy family. They had an estate and a few vacation houses up and down the east coast. So when Altheia graduated high school and decided to go to the New York Medical College it was an easy thing for her to achieve. She had made sure to stay in contact with her parents and her brother throughout her college years and many times she either traveled back home to visit or her family came up to New York to visit her.

    Her brother didn’t feel the need to appease their parents as Altheia did and he moved off to California a few months before the Nevus event happened. It had broke her heart that he had moved so far away. After the Nevus even happened the first thing Altheia did was try her hardest to get back to her hometown to see if her parents were okay. Luckily they had survived, but hadn’t acquired gifts of any form. This worried Altheia mainly because the world had started to go insane and having some form of protection would probably be a good thing.

    A day or so after being back with her parents one of their favorite pets had been hit by a car and had broken it’s leg. Altheia had cried over the animal and felt a surge go through her. The next thing she knew the dogs broken leg had been healed. It was a shock to her and without thinking she told her parents about it, which was just as a shock to them. Altheia decided it best to not speak a work of her abilities to anyone and her parents swore that they would do the same.

    A few months later Altheia moved her parents up to New York with her, letting them stay with her for the time being. A few weeks after that her parents had been murdered by what the police say was a group of thugs, but the crime scene photos had made her think that it was something much different than a group of thugs, but the police had marked the file as closed.

    Since her parents death Altheia has always wondered what the real story was behind their death and has been trying her hardest to find out the real story. She spends her time working at the local hospital near her apartment. She also tries her best not to make her abilities known to anyone. The only people she allows to know about her gift are the members of ARMA which she joined not too long after her parents were murdered.

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  2. I need some plots for Altheia!!!! Healer / awesome fun girl! Lol. Let me know if you have ideas or in need of a healer to help ya out!
  3. Ugh. And THAT is why I do not like doing coding stuff. :/ It makes my brain hurt way too much.
  4. The only issue I'm seeing so far is that the customized talking things ( that make our speaking text all pretty ) isn't working. Other than that it is beautiful!
  5. After recovering from the pain in her toe she had opened up the fridge slightly more, but stopped once she heard his voice. "…you eat my bacon and we’re not friends anymore…" Boone's words had barely made it to her ears as he said them into his pillow, but she heard them well enough which caused a slow smile to appear. She didn't think he'd actually wake up from her soft swearing, but obviously not. She closed the fridge slightly, looking over at him and then opened it once more looking into the fridge. She more often than not wasn't too much of a breakfast person. Hell she wasn't really much of a morning person either. She much preferred night over day. Even though her job did consist of her working during the day, but what can a girl do. [altheia]Really? You aren't going to cook me some bacon when I saved your life last night....[/altheia], she said in a jokingly tone. She was picking oh him, but she figured he deserved it. It was obviously to her that after last night he could have his fair share of moments that he probably picked on women. Her eyes moved over to him for a moment, seeing him now sitting up. She stifled a laugh at his adorable messy hair and then thought to herself for a moment, moving up her free hand to her hair smoothing out what she could of it. Normally she wouldn't bother if she were at home by herself, but this wasn't the norm and she wasn't alone. Satisfied with her hair she moved her hand down, keeping her eyes on him. "Good morning dear…" Dear... She heard his words and for some reason they made her cheeks blush softly. Her head turned back to look into the fridge, hiding her face from him slightly with the door. She wondered what she should make of all of this. It was quite an awkward situation. She had spent the night, but... Was this supposed to be thought of as something? I'm just over thinking this... that's all I'm doing... [altheia]Good morning,[/altheia] she said softly still looking into the fridge. The next minute she felt him near her before he even spoke. "Not kidding about the bacon." Her head had turned slightly at the sound of his voice, looking at him, but trying to make sure she wasn't so close to him that their heads would bonk together. [altheia]I mean... really... come on... it's just bacon... Bacon is my favorite breakfast food...[/altheia], she said in a somewhat pleading voice. She noticed him take the OJ from the fridge and watched him drink from the carton. She shook her head and kept watching him. She pulled out the milk carton and set it down, then looked over at him. [altheia]Where's your cups? Or should I just drink straight from the carton too...[/altheia], she said the words again in a teasing tone. She didn't give two shits if he drank from the carton. Truth be told she did it at her own place. She was happy he was going to make some bacon. She actually was really kind of craving for some. Cereal was her breakfast of choice most of the time and that gets quite old really fast. Her eyes rose at his display of spinning the pan. Apparently he's good with his hands.... oh god.... "As long as you got time?" His words interrupted her train of thought and she was thankful he did so. [altheia]Yeah I've got some time. I'm sure the boss man would understand if I was late to work. And my shift at the hospital until later,[/altheia] she said as she stood there looking at him. [altheia]What about you though? You don't have work today?[/altheia]
  6. The next day... 8am No dreams. Just sleep. Deep, endless, relaxing sleep. Her eyes slowly drifted open and she looked up, realizing that she wasn't staring at her normal every morning ceiling. Then she vaguely remembered the wine and sitting on Boone's comfortable couch. The next realization was that he obviously hadn't taken her home. So she must still be at the warehouse. She blinked a few times and half sat up, elbows resting on the bed as she looked around. Yup. Defiently still in the warehouse... She sat up completely and yawned softly, then looked over to her side, seeing that he wasn't anywhere on the bed. Her first thought was that that was weird, but then the next thought was that he obviously was a gentleman. Even though she knew he had quite a few dirty thoughts that ran through his mind constantly. This was only proof that he was kindhearted. There's always a soft center in a hard shell. She lifted up the sheets before completely agreeing with herself and smiled, seeing that her clothes were still on. Her body turned slightly as she threw back the covers and got off the bed. She walked quietly into the main area where they had conversed most of the night before she had passed out. A soft smile painted itself on her lips as she noticed him on the couch. She had already noticed that he was a gorgeous man, but seeing him laying there asleep on the couch made her notice the soft cuter side of him as well. She slowly and quietly made her way to the kitchen area, opening his fridge, but in the process she stubbed her toe on the door. [aingeal]Ow...shit...[/aingeal] she whispered and winced in pain. Her eyes moved down to her foot, glaring as if her toe could even care or see that she was angry. Then her eyes glided back up to look at the couch, seeing for now that he still laid still.
  7. Usually after healing someone she would go to a quiet room in the hospital or go to her office at ARMA and take a nap. So this whole circumstance of actually being somewhere else and staying awake was something that was new and maybe a little dangerous. After all she had only just met Boone, but for some reason she felt comfortable with him and didn't think he'd do anything that would warrant her punching him. Then again punching him would probably not be enjoyable... If there was one thing she was sure about it was the fact that she was getting extremely tired. With healing him and mixing the drinking of the wine she really did not think she would make it back to her place. If she took a chance and drove she'd probably either get pulled over for a DUI or get into an accident. Neither of which were very appealing to her. Granted if she got hurt in the accident she could just heal herself, but then probably pass out in the process. Too much healing equals too much strain on her then that results in a black out. $ "WOOO!!" Hearing him whooo however did wake her up a little and she laughed once more. It didn't come as a surprise to her that he would like the reply from her. She could tell he was the kind of guy to joke around and would like sassy replies. Hell. She thought that's what the world needed more of. There was already enough heartache and destruction in the world. Some laughter was needed now and again, just to find something good int he world. [altheia]I figured you'd like that response,[/altheia] she said softly. She smiled softly at his telling of how he found out about his ability. She was glad he ruined someone's Beemer. Stupid, ugly, and over expensive cars that no one needed to be driving. After asking her question toward him she figured she would just rest her eyes for a second. It would only be for a second. At least she had wanted it to just be for a second, but then she felt herself drifting off to sleep on his couch. She didn't even get to hear the reply to her question.
  8. "For you and your sanity." The mischievous smirk he gave her made her think it was a mask for what he might really be thinking. Altheia always found that it was so hard to get to know people. Everyone was afraid to let their walls down. To open up completely to someone. To have someone else know completely everything about yourself. Granted that very thought also terrified her to death as well. Her fingers picked up the wine glass once more, taking a few more sips, and placing it down gently once more on the table. The glass was once more almost empty and she could feel the wine making it's way through her body, making her start to feel somewhat tipsy. [altheia]It isn't so much my sanity that I'm worried about. It's more my ability to be able to function that would be the issue,[/altheia] she said the words and kept her eyes on him as she explained to him. Her ability certainly was one of a blessing and one of a curse. Not so much a curse to other people, but to herself. She was halfway sure that her little speech that she had given him would have showed him that no matter what a person has done in his/her past that it didn't make her look at that person any differently. It was no surprise to her that everyone had their own kinds of baggage. Be it small or little. Then again she also knew that everyone's reactions to different situations were also something that were never the same. "I’ll be honest. I killed them. I beat their faces in with a pipe. I wanted to." For half a moment she wanted to get up, walk over to him, and sit in his lap to give him a hug. Instead she sat there looking at him, feeling like she'd been rendered speechless. That rarely ever happened. She always felt like she had something to say that would make a person feel better. Some sort of combination of wise words and compassion that would lift a person up. How do I do that with him... [altheia]If they deserved it and you truly believe that they did... then I trust you,[/altheia] she said the words with clear truth and understanding. She had paused and was going to speak again, but stopped as he began to talk again. She listened to his words and giggled softly. Though not so much at the TV, but his last words. "Just don’t heal those assholes or I’ll shoot them again and drop them into Lucifer's flaming butthole." [altheia]I promise you that healing assholes who go around murdering or hurting people for the fun of it or even just because they get pleasure out of doing it is the last thing I would ever do. I would rather die than heal someone like that,[/altheia] she had sat up slightly, picking up her glass and drinking the last of her wine, then set down the glass again. She relaxed back into the couch and kept her eyes on him, feeling completely tipsy now. "Favorite sex position." Laughing wasn't something that she did too often. In fact it wasn't something that she had done recently. Most of the time she saw people that were hurt and hurt in a way that almost made a person never want to laugh again. After hearing his words though; they made her laugh. Not only did they make her laugh, but a fairly obvious blush appeared on her cheeks. [altheia]Well... I would tell you, but it would be so much more fun to show you,[/altheia] she said her words, knowing that it would have quite an affect on him. I'm way too drunk to still be here... "How’d you figure out what you could do? The healing thing I mean." She cleared her throat nervously, thinking for a split second that things were going back to being serious, but the last of his words brought her back to him being that smartass that he is. She smiled a little more and bit at her bottom lip before speaking. [altheia]It was a little after Nevus happened. At the time I was still living with my parents and we had a family dog. He had gotten out one day and ran out into the road. Driver obviously didn't see him, who knows why, and hit him. Bastard kept driving too. I went to him and it just happened. I just healed him,[/altheia] she replied to him and realized that she found out about her ability in the most non-drama filled way. How anti-climatic... [altheia]So what are you going to choose this time? Truth or dare,[/altheia] she said the words softly. Her eyes felt slightly heavy, but she fought to keep them open.
  9. $ "Safer for you, if you don’t know." If it was going to be safer for her to forget about it then she would. She was all about being safe and trying to not get herself killed. It was very easy to find yourself in trouble and either shot or even killed. There was hardly anyone to trust anymore or at least that's the way she always felt now. Even though Boone seemed to put off a kind of air about him that would suggest that he wouldn't be one to trust or confide in. She was willing to bet that that was all just a mask. That maybe underneath it all he was completely different. But then again that was just what she thought and she could be totally wrong. Hell I might be... "∇ Alright. I guess I'll let it slide and forget all about it.... just... don't let it hurt you. I'm already wiped after healing your shoulder," she said the words with a playful tone to them. There was a certain confidence that she had that he would take extra care with the charm. That still didn't mean that it wouldn't do some random voodoo to him and then she'd be right back over here trying to figure out what the hell she'd do to reverse the effects. $ "My ma would’ve loved you." After hearing those words out of his mouth she became quite flusterd and a blush crept up onto her cheeks. She realized that some sort of thought of her meeting his mother must have fleetingly crossed his mind. She blinked a few times and didn't quite know what to say. Being rendered speechless was something that was slightly new to her. Is this going to be a thing with him.... please let that be a no... $ "I will require proof." "∇ Now what are we talking here? Do you want video proof or is him just calling you fine? Just wanna make sure I get the rules right. That way I won't have to do it again," she giggled softly after speaking and began wondering just how that whole situation was going to go down. It could be an interesting conversation. Ali couldn't have been that boring as a senior in high school. Then again. Her senior prom wasn't really all that eventful. Maybe I'm the boring one... She could tell that he had been wanting to stall as his eyes stayed glued to the TV set like it was the most interesting thing in the room. She had an inkling that his past before all the shit that had happened would probably be interesting. Drama filled was the thing that she was betting on, but not what he had told her. She didn't think he'd have lead any kind of life like that before the Nevus happened. $ "Still want to play with a confirmed dirt bag?" "∇ First of all. I don't know the full story behind all of that. So I can't really confirm that you're a dirt bag. You may have had a good reason for doing what you did. I wasn't there. I don't know that. People do crazy things all the time for different reasons. Nine times out of ten they fully believe it's the right thing. So who am I to judge you," she asked the question and then fell silent, thinking and deciding on if she should choose truth or dare. It's only fair if I choose... "∇ Truth."
  10. Altheia really needed to stop saying comments that would lead to Boone laughing. It wasn't that his laugh was infectious. It was the problem and trouble that his laugh made her want to spend the rest of the night listening to him do just that. She didn't want anything between the two of them to lead into a great relationship which would only then be torn apart and break her heart. She didn't need that. She didn't want that. But she really did enjoy listening to his laugh. Such a major problem... $ "True." [altheia]Now don't get me wrong. The second you do do something that is total dirt bag worthy. I'll let you know and then my arse will be out that door....[/altheia] she paused for a second. [altheia]Although probably in a very stumbled walk.[/altheia] She didn't realize it at first, but she was beginning to notice his little mannerisms that he would do. A few of them, like seeing his teeth touch his lower lip, made her stomach do sort of a weird flip. It made her feel like she could get up and be brave enough to make a move. Or maybe that was just the wine talking. Yeah. It's the wine... $ "People die Miss Doc. We turn to dust. She sighed softly, composing herself and listening to his words with careful ears. It was always hard for her to try to get people to see how she felt about the world. About her gift. Sometimes she wondered if she was just wired differently. If maybe something else had changed in her that wasn't related to her ability. [altheia]We do turn to dust. However. The ones we leave behind don't,[/altheia] she spoke her reply short and sweet. Seriously though, not something you should have seen. You know nothing John Snow. She smiled at his finger wiggling and raised an eyebrow. [altheia]If you really think it's going to be easy to just forget about that. Then you are more crazy than I first thought,[/altheia] she paused a minute before continuing. [altheia]I'm a curious one, but if you need me to not think on it, I won't.[/altheia] And she wouldn't. Or at least she would do her best to not dwell on it. Could be like Cheers. Except mages. Drunk mages. "∇ That could be interesting... Though I admit might be a bit dangerous at times. Drunk mages could probably get out of hand, but would be awfully fun. I do have to admit that truth," she replied to his bar idea and smiled through her words. She didn't go out to bars too often to party it up. Never seemed like something she really wanted to do. Drinking was something she did enjoy. It was just the fact that more often than not there were fights or drama that she would just not be interested in or to be involved with. Damnit. Even his chuckle is alluring as hell... $ "Extreme Accounting, Indiana Jones method." "∇ Well. I can see where you get the Indiana Jones thing from. Especially with that bike of yours. ... Also if that's the case. I don't think I could be into that then. Too much risk and danger involved. I need to be around to heal people. I'm not the one that needs to be getting shot at," her reply was filled with teasing and truth. If there was one thing she completely didn't want to happen to herself it would be getting shot. Granted she could just heal herself, but still. Pain is not her friend. The way you’re slicing through that wine you’re probably not going to remember any of this. "∇Oh please. I'm still going to remember everything. I may not run around getting shot and injured, but that doesn't mean I can't hold my liquor," she spat back quickly. There had been many a night where she had went back to her apartment, after a long day, and downed a bottle of wine on her own. Sometimes her job was extremely stressful and wine seemed to sometimes be the best way to ease that stress. A small laugh came from her lips at the dare that he had given to her. She lifted her glass of wine and took a few sips before placing it back down, looking at him. "∇ I suppose that can be done." $ "Truth... Altheia sighed softly and closed her eyes, trying to think of the best question to ask him. What was something that she'd want to know about him? Should it be personal? Deep? There were tons of things she truthfully wanted to know about him. "∇ What were you doing when the Nevus happened," she asked the question hoping that it would give her a little more insight to who he was before everything. Maybe a glimpse at who he use to be.
  11. Altheia caught his chuckle and thought for a second that he was indeed laughing at her, but the hint of guilt in his eyes told her that he wasn't. When in fact he was probably thinking about something that just made him laugh. There was a video she saw once, that was actually for married couples, on tv where a guy was explaining how different guys and girls brains were from each other. It had made her laugh, but on the other hand she had a sense that what the guy had been talking about completely made sense. Boone made her think that the guy that had been on the tv probably had the whole truth on the matter. His laugh though. She could listen to him laugh everyday, all day. Don't think that... $ "C’mon I’m just like every other guy... [Altheia]You may be like other guys, but I'm fairly certain that you aren't like every other guy out there. The world is full of dirt bags that I'd rather punch in the face instead of heal any day,[/Altheia] she meant every single word that she said. "∇ At least so far you haven't showed me any signs that you're a dirt bag. ...Just for you though." [Altheia]Really,[/Altheia] she smiled wide at him. [Altheia]That makes me feel special.[/Altheia] Yup. Still digging that embarrassment hole, I see. If there was one thing that Altheia was really good at, besides healing people, it was putting herself into situations that tended to cause her enormous amounts of embarrassment. Though typically those situations involved her dropping things or putting a foot in her mouth while talking to her boss, which was never good for anyone. This was one of those rare special occasions when she wished she was a mute. Dumb, pretty, and lonely. No. Instead. Smart, cute, and hanging out with a really cute guy. No really. It's okay, I can handle this evening... ...Good to be all “save the world” but you can’t save the world if you’re exhausted from it." She thought about his words for a moment. [altheia]You're right. It is good to be rewarded now and again for something you've done. It's just...Take tonight for instance. If I hadn't been able to get here in time and heal you... would you have just bled out either outside the door or inside? Would some stranger have come by and helped you or would they just have taken all of your stuff... your bike, your charm that you seem keen on keeping, or even the clothes off your back? I don't think of what I did as a job. I think of it as helping someone that needed it.[/altheia] A soft giggle escaped her lips as he grabbed his chest as if he'd been shot at her comment of not liking beer. It wasn't her fault that she didn't like it. To her all beer just tasted like nasty cornflakes. The kind without being coated in sugar. Maybe it had something to do with having weird taste buds. She didn't know. ...But, if you’re tired we can wait ‘till another time." [altheia]I agree. I'll look forward to that day or night when you can introduce me to a better variety of beers. Heck. Maybe then I'll change my mind about beer all together.[/altheia] The movement of sitting up to reach for the glass of wine was slow. She picked up the glass and lifted it to her lips, tasting the glorious wine. She licked her lips and had then bit her bottom lip for a second before, taking another sip and relaxed back into the couch once more. Another sip was had and she looked over at Boone, realizing that he looked a hot mess. Ha. A hot mess....yes. Yes hot. ...You can stay as long as you need. [altheia]Thanks, I really do appreciate it. I hate needing things from people. I hate feeling like I need to be taken care of...[/altheia] she spoke. She must be more tired than she had originally thought to be admitting those things to a person she had just met. It was hard a hard thing for her to admit those words and feelings to people. So why was it so different from him. Has to be the lack of sleep. [altheia]Yeah. This wine is pretty good.[/altheia] Or I'm just crazy... She had finished her glass of wine and sat up slowly once more, placing the glass on the table, picking up the bottle of wine and pouring some more into her glass. Although doing it with way less finesse than Boone had. ...Wish I had the time, but being an accountant and all… [altheia]I'm wondering if that is really the case.... How does an accountant come into the line of work of getting shot and acquiring a charm all in the same night?... I might never want to become an accountant if I get tired of being a doctor,[/altheia] she smiled as she spoke. She wasn't a fool and she knew that something was slightly off about the whole situation that Boone had been in tonight. She wouldn't push for details though. She would, however, tease him a little. Altheia jumped a little as he smacked the side of his TV. She never understood why she was so jumpy all the time. She'd never been that way before.... Well. Before. Maybe it was just something that happened over time. Something she hadn't realized. ...Truth or Dare?" "∇ Truth or dare...really," she laughed and thought for a moment, biting her bottom lip. Why not take a leap...surprise him a little... "∇ Dare." This should be interesting.
  12. $ "I think… I think I got a bump on my head too.." Slowly her eyes raised and for a split second she thought that he might be serious which had her really worried for a moment. The last thing that she wanted to reveal to him was that this whole process was probably either going to leave her with a nasty headache or leave her completely exhausted. There's no way he can have a concussion or a skull fracture. Please don't let it be a skull fracture. Her hand had moved from his chest to his head where he touched for a second, feeling his hair under her fingers and wondered for a second what it would feel like to have all of her fingers in his hair. She blinked fast and removed her hand. $ "Nah, just fuckin’ with yah. A swift and soft slap went to his chest and she glared at him. Yet she was extremely relieved that he wasn't injured any more than what he had been. God, why did he have to be handsome, funny, and a bit of a smartass. She didn't need or want to be getting distracted by a guy right now. He was going to do that to her. She could feel it. Kinda like a sixth sense that whispers in the back of your mind. Only right now it seemed to be screaming at her. [Altheia]Don't do that... Because I think you've been hurt enough for one evening...[/Altheia] her voice was soft. Damn, that sounded kind of deep and really meaning full. I mean, I did mean for it to be meaningful, but... Yes. Here I go. Just keep digging myself further into the void of embarrassment. I wonder if I'll be able to dig myself out after tonight. Probably not. $ "Really?" [Altheia]Yes really! I mean you can completely change something with your physical body into something that it SHOULDN'T be. I mean. Before everything. It's really fascinating. That could also just be my medical brain talking though.[/Altheia] she always had finding out about different abilities that people had developed. It was amazing to her, but at the same time a little sad because she knew how hard the change was from being normal to not so normal. "So far, just parts… but not the fun parts, because I figured out that was really uncomfortable. God she wished he would stop doing that. How many times can someone blush in a night before they just stay red all the time? Was that even a thing? Was it even possible? She hoped to hell it wasn't. $ "Sorry.. sorry. Nope, not sorry." [Altheia]That is very obvious. You, sir, have a very dirty mind...[/Altheia] she paused for a second. [Altheia]I'm not complaining... it's just.... new to me. Haven't met anyone quite like you.[/Altheia] she finished and then blatantly reminded herself once more that Ali DID warn her about how much of a smartass he was. $ "Really?" [Altheia]Yes really. It seems more masculine and I don't know. I just feel like it fits you more than Paddy. Even though I literally just met you... so I have no idea what I'm talking about.[/Altheia] she added. Great. Now I'm rambling because nothing says cute or sexy like a rambler. ... Even my thoughts are filled with rambles. Am I nervous? Maybe I'm nervous? But why does he make me nervous? So many questions. "Nah.. only I get to say that in my bar, it's not for true work. On the house is for booze. Which sounds good. Beer? I’m not trying to get you in bed, promise." Maybe I'll get use to his dirty mind. Wait. If I do, will my mind become dirty. Oh god... [Altheia]I just meant that I don't consider my ability to be a thing to be bought. It's for good what I do. It's to help people. If I don't do it... Then who would. It's just how I've always felt since I've developed my ability.[/altheia] she paused for a moment. [altheia]Beer sounds alright. Never been much of a beer girl though....... and to be completely honest. When I tend to heal someone it sorta takes a lot out of me, energy wise.[/altheia] she stopped talking. Are you really doing this, Altheia? Turning his offer of drinks down. Are you freaking crazy?! She watched him and almost said something about taking it easy. Then stopped herself from seeming a little too concerned for his health. Even though she had almost basically turned him down she still followed him inside and looked around the area. She followed him over to the lit corner that seemed to be his place. She looked at all the bike parts and thought that that was also a very good trait to have. To be able to build, repair, and tinker with a means of transportation. She could barely even change a tire. $ "Relax a bit." The word relax did appeal to her very much. She had been following him and as he passed by the coffee table she sat down on the nearest coushion. A soft sigh came from her lips and as she did relax she became immediately aware of just how tired she was. Apparently the adrinaline had been keeping her going. Maybe it had been a bad idea to sit down. Just don't close your eyes... $ "Oh wait… I just got a sample of this wine from the Finger Lakes Winery. [altheia]Wine sounds absolutely perfect to me. At least better than beer.[/altheia] she smiled at her last words because she had a feeling that Boone was probably a beer kind of guy. She could definitely see him lounging around drinking beer as must as possible. $ "Wait.. do you want to go home? I didn’t even ask.. " Her eyes had stayed on him, watching him grab what he was after. She sat up a little more, trying to make herself a little less relaxed because if she would stay relaxed a moment longer she would probably pass out and that would be the cherry on top of the whole embarrassing evening. [altheia]I think it would be best if I did stay here for at least a little while. Let me get my strength back. I normally don't tell people that down side to my ability. Kinda have always thought it made me vulnerable in a way.[/altheia]
  13. Do I get free shots? *Smiles.*
  14. The glare didn't last but only a few seconds because who the hell could glare at a good looking guy who starts smiling at you all charming like. It just isn't possible and if it is she'd like to meet or talk to the woman who was able to do so. Maybe get a few pointers or tips. That would be… awkward.." She chuckles softly at his words and shakes her head. This man is going to make her act like a fool and she isn't going to like it one little bit. It wasn't enough that most of her friends thought she was awkward and a little accident prone, but for a very handsome guy to think that would almost kill her. She'd just have to play it cool as much as possible. No walking fast, running, skipping, or anything that could cause her to fall flat on her face. Her left hand patted his chest lightly and then gently rubbed as she saw the pained look on his face. She hated seeing him in pain, but that bullet did need to come out and there was no other way to do it. Well. There had been, but that would have been way more time consuming. Might have been a troll involved…" [Altheia]Wow. Trolls. Sounds like you had a pretty rough night. I'm surprised you managed to escape with just one bullet wound,[/Altheia] she smiled at her own words. It didn't take her long to realize that he probably did get hurt quite a bit and it wasn't because he seemed totally calm with being shot in the first place, but because she reckoned that he probably obtained that charm illegally. Then she began to wonder just how often he did get himself into situations that weren't good for his well being. Why am I even thinking things like that. I'm sure he can take care of himself... Most of the time...hopefully. Her eyes moved to his quickly as he grabbed her wrist, stopping her. $ "Hang on… " Then her eyes moved to the wound seeing his skin ripple, then her eyes moved to his neck as she noticed him tilt his chin away. Her brows creased slightly as she watched the silver move. The next instant her scientific brain kicked in, getting extremely excited to see something so interesting and new. [Altheia]That is freaking cool and...[/Altheia] her words trailed off as she stopped herself from sounding too much like a science nerd. $ "Don’t know how I’m reacting, it’s getting hot." She took a deep breath at his words and knew that he wasn't fully healed so she hesitantly placed her right hand back on the wound lightly. She did feel as though she was getting burned, but it wasn't too bad to the point she would pull away quickly. It was only a matter of seconds before she was completely done and he was healed. Her hand pulled away and she looked down at her palm, seeing a slight burn. Well, I guess that's something to keep in mind with this one if I ever need to heal him again. It only took her a few seconds after closing her hand to heal her own hand. Her hand opened up once more and the burn was completely gone from her palm and then nodded at his next words, realizing that it probably made sense. She wouldn't want someone going after her just because she knew what exactly he had. Toys.. I mean. Like fun things you do. Not like.. those toys." She chuckled again and felt herself blush even more at the mention of toys. It was sudden and slightly awkward, but it was the funniest thing that anyone had said to her in a very long time. She turned her head away from him for a moment, looking up at the "porch" light of the warehouse, trying to gain some sort of composure before looking back down at him. It was easier said than done and it took her what felt like forever to do so, but she looked back down at him after a few seconds. That's always the next question." [Altheia]I...I...I was not going to ask that question,[/Altheia] she replied back in a stammer, then continued, [Altheia]...but thank you for the info....[/Altheia] Oh how embarrassed can I get in one night? Am I going for some sort of record?? She watched as he touched his own skin and also as his skin seemed to turn to metal and then back again. She was very curious about his ability and what all he could do. Which in return made her feel like she had a dirty mind of her own, even though that isn't at all what she was thinking about. Medical reasons and that was all. After he stood up so did she, taking a step back and then reaching down to pick up her first aid kit, unzipping it and pulling out some fresh gauze to wipe her hand off. At first when she had her first job working as a doctor blood sort of creeped her out and in a way it still did. That might just be because she hated seeing people hurt, in pain, when she had the ability to make it all go away. $ "Boone." [Altheia]I think I'll stick with Boone. I actually quite like it...[/Altheia] She paused for a moment and then replied. [Altheia] nickname for me. And you don't owe me anything. On the house. If you will. It's what I do.[/Altheia]
  15. All of his moving around trying to find the charm in his pocket made her want to knock him out, but instead she opted for giving him a glaring look, keeping her hand on the wound. It would only take a few seconds more and then she could pull out the damn bullet. It was always bad when the bullet didn't exit, those were the injuries she hated the most. Well. I did have a feeling tonight was going to be interesting... Her eyes flicked to the charm that now hung from his bike. It wasn't that great looking so it couldn't be for a lover or a girl for that matter. So it must be something that isn't meant as a gift. Another glance to his face and she wondered if he had stolen it. Yeah...zombies....mmmhmmm. $ "You know.. you know the bullet is still in there. A second later she removed her hand and looked at him for a second, [Altheia]This might hurt just a little bit...[/Altheia] then she put her right hand pointer finger right next to the bullet hole and placed her left hand just to the edge. A second later and the bullet came out slowly. She removed it and placed it down on the ground before replacing her right hand on the wound. [Altheia]Oh. So zombies use guns now? Hmmmm. Well then I guess we are in more trouble than I thought,[/Altheia] she said the words jokingly and smiled down at him. It was easy to tell that he most certainly was a joking kind of fellow. He seemed to be in good spirits even though he had been shot which made her wonder if this sort of thing happened all too often to him. $ "No, not that. That’s my thing. No, not that thing. Not what you think. She chuckled softly and shook her head a little. [Altheia]I'm sure that your skin has interesting abilities. Don't worry. I've pretty much seen it all...[/Altheia] her words trailed off followed by a faint blush. Great, now I sound like some sort of hussy... [Altheia]I mean, being a doctor there's pretty much nothing that hasn't crossed my path that's out of the ordinary,[/Altheia] she sighed after her words and felt better as she rectified her last statement. Her eyes flicked back to the charm and then back to him. [Altheia]So what is that thing? And I'm also guess that is why you got shot in the first place. Not crazy evolved zombies,[/Altheia] she spoke as she lifted her hand a fraction of an inch to see how far along the wound was coming and it looked like it was almost healed. [Altheia]Just a little bit longer to go.[/Altheia] She rested her weight on her knees, trying to get a little more comfortable and used her left hand to check to see if he had been injured anywhere else. In the next instant she stopped and realized that he probably would have told her. Darn instant instinct to check the body for injuries. It was a good thing she supposed, but in this situation slightly embarrassing. [Altheia]Sorry. Habit to check out the rest of the body...[/Altheia] a small sigh came from her lips before speaking again. [Altheia]I meant that it is instinct, being a doctor and all, to make sure there's nothing else wrong with the patient.[/Altheia] God this just got really embarrassing.