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    Altheia stands at 5'6 and has a lean, medium build. Her blonde hair reaches down to the middle of her back. Most of the time it hangs free over her shoulders, but when she is working it is help up in a ponytail. Her eyes are a deep blue. When she isn't working she usually wears jeans and a t-shirt of some sort, but when she is working at the hospital she is in her scrubs.
    Altheia is a calm and collected woman at all times because things can get quite hectic at the hospital on any given night and if she wants to save someone she needs to be able to think clearly and focus on the task at hand. She also has been known to be a quick thinker and able to come up with a solution to something at the drop of a dime. It's also important to her to act and "be" as ordinary to anyone around her as much as possible because she figures if anyone finds out what she can do she'd probably be a target and that is something that she doesn't want or need.

    However. When and/or if she gets the chance to save someone that desperately needs it and deserves it she doesn't hesitate to do so, but that is ONLY if she knows she won't be caught using her abilities.
    Her most personal belongings are a watch her mother gave her, which she wears at all times, a necklace with a small star sapphire charm that her father gave her when she was little, and a book of poems that her brother had given her when she graduated high school.


    First off anytime she heals someone she sees flashes of memories of however they obtained their injuries and sometimes even flashes of the persons past.

    Light Heal : This ability is used for only healing inures that are not life threatening and wouldn’t be considered to be needed to be healed at that very moment. Some examples would be light cuts, scrapes, bullet grazings, and small bone fractures. This ability takes minor to no energy to complete. The light heal usually only takes a minute or two to fully complete.

    Medium Heal : This ability is used for only healing injuries that are slightly more concerning. Some examples are deep cuts ( not down to the bone ), broken arms and legs, and concussions. This ability takes a little more energy and can cause a feeling of slight exhaustion. Medium heals can take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on how bad the injury is.

    Big Heal : This ability is only used on very rare occasions and can cause Altheia to blackout almost instantly after doing it. The injuries that would be considered for his would be vital cuts to arteries, collapsed lung, broken ribs, and anything that would be considered life threatening. Big heals take the longest to complete and can range anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours.

    If she ever was put into a position to heal someone with a late stage form of cancer or any other form of near death illness she would most likely lose her own life in exchange for theirs.

    Altheia is also able to cause damage in the same way she heals, skin to skin contact.

    The instant skin contact is made and she is focusing on doing damage instead of healing, the person finds cuts and bruises form on their skin around her hand. The longer Altheia keeps her hand on that spot the bruises and cuts can worsen.

    The highest amount of damage Altheia can do is broken bones. She can’t do anything worse to a person than that. And to do that to a person she needs to at least keep skin to skin contact with them for five minutes. At that time she can mentally pick a bone to break.
    Altheia is pretty adept in all things medical. She went to college and got a degree in the medical field. She knows how to do mundane paperwork and filing, but the main thing is she knows how to take care of pretty much any kind of injury.

    Altheia knows the basics of guns and gun care. She had figured it’d be a good asset to have once the Nevus event happened. So soon after she started training herself, but then got some help from a friend in her hometown.

    Before she learned anything about guns she learned a few pointers of knife fighting. She was taught by the same person who had given her lessons with guns. The most she knows are stances and different types of moves ( and how to properly hold a knife ).
    Altheia grew up in a small town right outside Annapolis, Maryland. She grew up with an older brother, Dixon Martin, and her parents, Sarah and Dean Martin. Altheia also had been raised in a Hebrew family, which sometimes was hard for her since most of her friends had been catholic. From an early age she always seemed to show signs that she would like to work in the medical field. Wether it be playing Operation constantly with her brother or playing doctor with her Barbies.

    It was a lucky thing that she grew up in a wealthy family. They had an estate and a few vacation houses up and down the east coast. So when Altheia graduated high school and decided to go to the New York Medical College it was an easy thing for her to achieve. She had made sure to stay in contact with her parents and her brother throughout her college years and many times she either traveled back home to visit or her family came up to New York to visit her.

    Her brother didn’t feel the need to appease their parents as Altheia did and he moved off to California a few months before the Nevus event happened. It had broke her heart that he had moved so far away. After the Nevus even happened the first thing Altheia did was try her hardest to get back to her hometown to see if her parents were okay. Luckily they had survived, but hadn’t acquired gifts of any form. This worried Altheia mainly because the world had started to go insane and having some form of protection would probably be a good thing.

    A day or so after being back with her parents one of their favorite pets had been hit by a car and had broken it’s leg. Altheia had cried over the animal and felt a surge go through her. The next thing she knew the dogs broken leg had been healed. It was a shock to her and without thinking she told her parents about it, which was just as a shock to them. Altheia decided it best to not speak a work of her abilities to anyone and her parents swore that they would do the same.

    A few months later Altheia moved her parents up to New York with her, letting them stay with her for the time being. A few weeks after that her parents had been murdered by what the police say was a group of thugs, but the crime scene photos had made her think that it was something much different than a group of thugs, but the police had marked the file as closed.

    Since her parents death Altheia has always wondered what the real story was behind their death and has been trying her hardest to find out the real story. She spends her time working at the local hospital near her apartment. She also tries her best not to make her abilities known to anyone. The only people she allows to know about her gift are the members of ARMA which she joined not too long after her parents were murdered.

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