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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

JUNE 13, 2019 - Family emergency  took a bad turn so had to stay away but now things are finally calming down. Hope to get going again shortly. Thanks for understanding. ~ZEPH

Durion Caranthir

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    Mixed Elf - Southern/High
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    Lord of Megildur / President of Narwa
    Amapa, Brazil - Tumucumaque National Park
    Corporate Oligarchs
    5'5" - unusually tall for a Southern Elf but he is mixed blood
    Ebony hair flutters down to his hips, often intricately woven in patterns down his spine.

    While he has the slender form of the elves, he is a bit more muscular than the average Southern Elf. His mixed heritage on his world blended Southern Elf, High Elf and what is believed to be simple human as close as his Great Great Great Grandfather. But his larger size and more muscular form which made him an outcast on his world, has also made him stronger and more durable, better suited to the less hospitable Earth. He has adapted his elven flair to the clothing of this world, his range going from simple jeans and elaborate t-shirts to flamboyant velvet coats with tails.
    While incredibly charismatic and people are drawn to him in droves, the elf is also a bit of a megalomaniac. He has a need to seek power. He also suffers from a fierce sense of entitlement for all the "wrongs" he was done in his previous life.

    Durion is as comfortable seducing his latest conquest as he is doling out punishments for those that he feels have crossed him.

    He loves a good party and throws big ones.

    He is one of the few elves that while flamboyant does not exude "dandy" but rather some haunting sensual prowess that tends to attract others like moths to the flame.
    Megildur (formerly Amapa - Tumucumaque National Park) This is a former preserve in Brazil that extended approximately 15,000 sq miles; one of the smallest national parks in South America. As one of the first stranded elves in the territory he did not gravitate towards the cities as the displaced humans had, Durion instead headed for the elven nirvana, claiming the difficult to traverse wilderness. Now Megildur boasts his large manor and a number of smaller homes, owned by his "people".

    Narwa - the export company is based in Megildur and the core of his financial stability.

    His elven harp - a masterpiece of elven carving that somehow had come with him in the great break between worlds

    An elven bow and quiver also from home.


    Durion had a mild ability to encourage things to grow on his world but nothing that rivaled most elven. In 2010 when he was dropped on this world he found the plants responded more readily to his encouragement. Still not a big power but it was more than he had once had. But then 2013 corrupted South America. When he woke from his unconscious stupor he found he was cocooned in an exquisite hammock of wood that had molded into a shelter against the world. His power had magnified to something so much more than simply encouraging plants to grow.

    Inherent Weakness: These limitations apply across the board to all of his abilities.
    1) Durion must be able to move. The fluid motion of the elf is like a reed on the wind. If he is bound tight enough, or incapacitated, he cannot use his ability. Movement functions as a connecting meditation to the earth and plants around him.
    2) All material moved/shaped must be natural. Processed steels, concrete, and other man-made materials, despite their original earthly derivation CANNOT be moved or worked with. This also means that if he attempts to pull Earth or Stone through concrete, it can take time for him to access it as well as extra energy expended.
    3) Extensive and focused use of his abilities has a debilitating effect on his body. His fluid motions begin to stiffen and slow. His reaction times degrade, until he is eventually unable to move. If he takes it this far he will fall into a stupor like sleep for a full day as occurred when he terra-architected his glorious manor.

    If a vertical surface has enough natural earth, stone or plant in it, he can cling to those surfaces with his feet or hands like a bug climbing a wall. His feet, for this to work, would have to be bare. Limit: it must be natural materials (dirt, stone etc), he cannot, for example, climb up a skyscraper in this manner.

    By causing the earth around him to vibrate back and forth, he can create dust clouds of various sizes to provide cover. Will not work if he is on manipulated earth (streets, tar, concrete)

    Taking Terracloud to the next level he can force the ground to crack and open up into a fissure. The size will vary based on the stability of the ground to begin with but typically it can be a gaping hole 5-6 ft wide, 12-20 ft deep and 20-50 ft long. In an unstable Cliffside he could potentially cleave a section of stone right off the side to fall below. Something much larger than his typical will drain him.

    Durion can forcibly sink an opponent into the ground, imprisoning or even suffocating them in the earth. As the distance his ability has to travel in the earth weakens the effect, the person needs to be within 75 feet for this ability to sink them more than to their ankles. At 100 feet away there is no effect. But within 30 ft can be very dangerous as the elf can sink a person up to their neck in the earth around them.

    Terrawall: Is able to cause a wall of earth up to five feet thick, fifteen feet high and thirty feet long to rise out of the ground in a single formation. This wall will offer as much protection as the earth that created it, if the earth is sandy it will be weak but if the earth is riddled with stone this wall can be like a concrete structure. The wall can be erected no further than 50 feet away from himself and doing it more than once will deplete his reserves.

    Terralaunch: He can cause blocks of solid earth and stone to rise from the ground up to four feet in diameter and then by either kicking or hitting them can launch them with inhuman strength at a target. These can be launched up to 50 yards and with the force of a Mack truck.

    Terra-Manipulation: He can make things grow as well as invoke movement in the plants. Vines for example can be used to snap like a whip or to ensnare. The plant must be within line of site for him to do so and causing anything to extend or grow beyond a natural 20 yr growth pattern is draining.

    Terra-Architect: Durion is able to create monolithic works of art from earth and plants. Encouraging trees to grow and the rock to reform until structures such as his own manor are created. Able to manipulate the rocks and earth around his home, he even realigned waterfalls to come down in the roof of his bathroom and run under the wood and stone floors to exit from under his porch. This is a much more intense focus ability and he is often forced to rest during larger creations or else suffer from his stupor sleep to recover.
    Charismatic leadership - Durion still managed to have an interesting following on his world despite his outcast status. He has a knack for making people follow him and even go so far as protect him, putting themselves in danger.

    Archery - One thing he truly had excelled at on his home world was his skill with a bow and arrow. The contests he had been permitted to enter were always won by the dark haired beauty. Now it has become what it was truly meant for, a survival skill that helps put meat on the table and keeps invaders at bay.

    Harp - His long fingers are best suited for two things, playing a woman, and playing his massive harp. The elf learned from his mother, a skill he didn't share on his own world but on earth it has become something he enjoys to do, particularly as it often leaves the people around him in awe.

    Seduction - in earthen terms, Durion is a playboy, and a good one. He likes his fancy things and his fancy women. It seems almost an unnatural skill the way they often will fall to his feet, but in truth it is simply his personal magnetism mixed with a real flare for seducing.
    The dark haired child was born under a bad star. His mother was high born, his father.... was not. She had tried to lose the pregnancy on more than one occasion, unsure if the child she carried belonged to her high born husband, or the fling she had dared to have. The answer came when the child of the angel blond couple came out dark as the devil. The birth had been particularly hard on his mother as well, she had been petite even for an elf, his mixed blood had made even his bone structure large for a baby. The father he would never know clearly had human somewhere in his heritage.

    He was outcast immediately. His "father" instantly recognizing the child as not his. Without his mothers knowledge, in the middle of the night the child was whisked away and left on the doorstep of an old woodland elf woman.

    That might have been the end of his story, but the old woman had spent her life childless and marked "evil" by her own village which was how she had come to live alone in the woods. And then there was his mother. By the time she had recovered, the child was gone two months. It was from one of their servants she learned of his fate. When her husband was away, the delicate woman instead of seeking the bed of other men, now sought the side of her outcast son.

    The two women raised him with all the strength he would one day "rule" his domain on earth with.

    Falathiel, the old woman, taught the boy the woodland skill with the bow. He was barely more than a child when he began to best her with his own skill. Meanwhile his mother taught him the manners of the high born, and with them, the beauty of the harp.

    As a young adult the elf had learned to "blend" in regular society. His mother had given him a taste for the finer things and he sought to garner a place in the society that shunned him that would grant him those things. He was forever learning he was not as "good" as others, yet forever proving he could perform better than those "above" him.

    His personality warped in the world that didn't agree with his lofty goals. Those of even lower status were drawn to him and he was content to entice them to wait on him hand and foot. He also was a favorite in the beds of high born girls that would in public never admit to even looking at him but were all too eager to thrill at his dark caress.

    Durion early had a taste for the finer things that his mother had but never shared with him, a fact that as he grew older made him bitter towards her. She was trying to hold him down like everyone else. He grew into a devious nature that bordered on megalomaniac.

    After the 2010 Nevus Event:
    Durion had come into his full adulthood as Captain. It was about the highest rank he was going to be permitted considering his lack of lineage. He had an entourage of nearly 20 that looked up to him and cater to his whims much like servants did the high born.

    It was about then that the world ripped asunder.

    It was 2010 on earth, the world that he and a portion of his home was torn and dropped upon when the worlds overlapped. All the work to gain what he had... decades of scrapping... and he was now on a world, alone, with nothing once again.

    But this world he quickly learned was "new". the hierarchy of his old world didn't exist here. He was no less than any other soul scrapping for survival. And that was something he could exploit.

    While people were scurrying to get to cities and find supplies. The elf that could live in the woods with just his bow and arrow, hauled his harp into the wilds of Brazil, finding nirvana in the Amapa national park. Once he had established a home, Durion began to venture out to find new "followers", quickly learning that his charm drew people to him. The ease with which he settled into a life in the new world was a draw to elves and fae that found themselves struggling to come to grips with their new life. He was the example to live by and many came with him into his wilderness retreat, slowly building a village unto itself.

    But people were only part of power on this world. The other part was riches. He needed to send something into the big world to be able to truly gain the status he was after.

    Narwa - The time he had on earth before South America was glutted with elves from a dozen other realms was used wisely. His charisma drew the destitute quickly to his flock. It was not too long before he began to understand the way the world had been before the 2010 event and what it was now. There was a dire need for supplies that he readily had at his fingertips in Amapa. Narwa was born. The company is the single largest exporter of Iron Ore, Soybeans, Sugar and perhaps most profitable at the moment, Coffee.

    His power had grown but nothing like it did after 2013. The blend of worlds that occurred in 2013 across South America was unprecedented. When Durion woke in a tree cocoon protection of his own making, he knew that he had finally come into real power. Now to see what he could do with it.

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