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    Abby has always been underestimated for her looks. Dimples peak at the slightest of smiles and smirkes, sable hair tumble past her shoulders and midway to her back in soft curls. She stays fit and active, so she is fairly thin but by no means petite. She has acquired muscles over the years, while still retaining some of her soft, feminine attributes. Abby has always favored floral print and maxidresses when the weather's warm. As it gets colder, she dons a lot of coats and more neutral colors. She rarely has an outfit for a nightout unless her sister convinces her. Most of the 'sexy' outfits were chosen by or borrowed from her sister.
    Friendly, witty, with also a bit of sass, Abby is often underestimated for her looks. One could say that she wasn't at all fazed by the new world, but in fact, she's quite shaken. She's just good at hiding her worries and insecurities. She's tough and is extremely protective of her younger sister. There's still a wary nature about her and trust is definitely an earned rite. She stands by "don't judge a book by its cover," especially with things as they are now. People are still people, regardless of how they look on the outside - and people can still be monsters regardless of how they look. It's hard to not judge, but Abby's doing her best to stay true to her good morals and beliefs.
    Her NYPD Badge
    A police issued smartphone
    A Galaxy Samsung for personal use
    A Smith & Wesson M&P9
    A rescued white Siberian husky named Ghost (slightly altered after the Nevus; Ghost can literally walk through walls and take on a transparent form)
    A pearl white G35, 2019 model
    Margaret Wynn, younger sister.
    Ghost, pet/best friend.
    Faye Johnson, TBD
    Raeden Seiko, Detective


    Not exactly an ability of hers per say, but Abby came across a stray majestic creature - a white Siberian Husky when taking a turn at Central Park one cold morning. Not a werewolf, not a beast of any kind, but a stray dog starving for human affection. It didn't have a collar, and since Margie wouldn't mind, she took the stray in herself.

    Abby later learned that the stray wasn't just an ordinary dog however. Already well-trained, the dog earned his name when he badly startled Abby by literally jumping through the door to greet her with slobbering kisses when she returned home late from work.

    Ghost abilities are limited however. The transparency is an unconscious effort, akin to Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Usually when he's sleeping, his body would flicker in and out of sight or remain in a transparent stasis. It seemed sporadic in the beginning, but Ghost seemed used to the idea that he could do these amazing things. When he's well fed and adored, Ghost can walk through thin plaster, wood, metal, and thick steel.

    The only downside is that Ghost can only carry one object at a time through the wall/floor. Smaller items, he can gather together to push out at once but the bigger the item, the most likely it'll tire him out. Ghost is 60cm and weighs 27kg. He has to maintain contact with whomever and whatever he is carrying through the wall at all times. The most taxing for Ghost would be taking a human with him, but Abby has yet to test herself or anyone else since she's a little afraid of what might happen.

    Once he masters this ability however, he is only limited to that one person for the day. It takes more time getting used to a human being dragged through the wall as opposed to an object that he can push through. People are... well alive and complex, and there are risks in dragging them along if he isn't at his best. Again, he has to maintain contact at ALL times for the transfer to work. If he so much as let go an inch, the person - or he - would end up stuck. Otherwise, once he is used to the mass and size of the person - for example, Abby. He'd be able to perform this trick more than once - up to a max of three times (note that it's always after a meal or a treat), four is pushing it, and five would lead to a fatal collapse for the poor dog. Inanimate objects are less likely to tax Ghost since he can easily recover. Other animals carry the same limit as people - judging by the mass and size, he'd have an easier time dealing with other animals. Like all living things, Ghost requires sustenance to be able to perform his abilities and to use them to their fullest potential. Already well trained, he has shown an immeasurable amount of intelligence that may or may not be from the Nevus.
    Standard hand-to-hand combat and grappling
    Accurate shot
    Motorcycle license
    Long distance running (compensation for her height)
    Proud-to-be Sushi Chef (some women like to bake; she likes to make sushi)
    Degree in child development and criminal justice
    Born to a middle class family in Brooklyn, Abby learned to take no one and nothing for granted. Her dad (Errol Wynn) was a police commissioner and her mom (Lilian Wynn) was a high school teacher in the slums. With a younger sister (Margaret Wynn) born six years later, Abby took it upon herself to be helpful around the house since her dad's work meant his constant absence at the dinner table.

    Already dedicated to being a role model to her baby sister and the ever helpful daughter, Abby worked as a babysitter throughout high school in order to save for her college tuition. She was adamant about not relying on her parents' help, and attended Brooklyn College first before following her father's footsteps into the police academy. The first four years after high school was devoted to her criminal justice degree, because she believed that a higher education was just as important for a more solid and credible career in the force. She also minored in child development because even with all the schooling and hard work, she still made time to volunteer at children hospitals and elementary schools. Somehow, she managed to fit in a social life (however little it was) and part-time work.

    So, Abby set her goals and did was required of being the next great detective. She finished college, enrolled in the New York State Academy, and left no room for romance until she got to where she wanted. The toughest part was working under her father's shadow in the Brooklyn Precinct, let alone deal with the gender-bashing stereotypes with being a female cop. But, Abby persevered. Despite seeing a different and demanding side of her dad, she worked even harder, taking risks, experiencing near death encounters, but never putting any one else's life on the line aside from her own.

    For two years, she was given ridiculously high expectations, but that was because her dad was trying to keep her safe. He wanted badly for her to pursue a safer and less life-threatening career, like her younger sister's choice in becoming an elementary school teacher. In the end, Abby stayed on the path but that meant having to leave her dad's precinct, so that she could really do this on her own.

    By the time she was twenty-four, she had proved many wrong. She wasn't just a pretty face on the field, but a tough one. But it was by this time, when she was finally donning street clothes in crime scene investigations that the Nevus hit. She thought she was already prepared for the worst of the world, but the universe apparently had more things to toss their way. The first thing was to ensure mankind's safety, despite her need to panic. Reality was already a quesitonable aspect in Philosophy, but it was very concrete and well, real.

    Abby's world flipped upside down, but she had no time to dwell on her shock as others did at the station. She had to shut out the urge to run and hide, and throw herself out there to make sure that no one was hurt and provide a shelter for those in need. Like everyone else, she had no time to cope, but to watch as reality shifted. She took action when necessary and when she could, she went to see her family. Unfortunately, the precinct her father worked at had been destroyed with little to no survivors. Her mother however was safe and sound, as well as the elementary school her sister worked at.

    But another problem came into fruition - her sister was missing. As the world slowly started rebuilding itself and with the government in shambles, Abby wasn't able to continue that linear and dedicated path to homicide detective until a resolution. Magic became a part of the norm, myths into reality as monsters and strange being roamed the streets. Abby had never been one for discrimination. She took the change in stride but was much more focused on keeping her family together and safe.

    Eventually, she did find her sister. Margaret, after a year gone, showed up at the family home in Brooklyn looking a mess. Turned out that Abby's dear sister was affected by the Nebus, while she and her mother were not. The lycanthrope virus was definitely not a walk in the park. Margie would disappear whenever the full moon came around and there was no knowing what terror or havoc might be wrought. This put Abby in a great predicament, but she had to return to work. The NYPD were in need of officers to brave the new frontier the world became, and she returned further enlightened and with a fiercer determination to help. Although she couldn't fly or shoot lasers out of her eyes, Abby still believed that she could make a difference by proving to society that she could still be unafraid and moving on after the major crack in the universe.

    It was a brand new learning experience as a detective in these times, but Abby was humbled as each day, month, and year that passed. Her sister badly missed teaching, but understood that her condition was a danger to children and should be kept a secret. With hate groups rising as well as support groups, Abby took it upon herself to help her sister Margie. Their mother found new love when she started teaching at a university campus, and the sisters decided to move in together. They found a one story home with a basement, which they turned into a containment facility for Margie's lunar problem. When things seemed to be getting back to normal - or as close to normal as this new world could get, Margie took on teaching again. Abby believed in her sister and that a cure was possible some day. For now, she had some new world problems to deal with as a detective.

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    "Abby..." The tone in Margie's voice on the phone was enough for Abby to push her jeep to the limit. With the Brooklyn Bridge disappearing from view in the rearview mirror, Abby's sole focus was avoiding any collision while making her way home. She could already picture the basement now and the hard work they'd put after saving mounds to get the safe room built. She blinked rapidly when she got a sharp image of the claw marks slashed along the titanium walls. The panic room had a tiny window that opened on the outside so that she could see in, but Abby to this day had yet to see the transformation. The screams were enough to project visceral images into her brain.

    Tribeca was the part of New York dominated by lofts and skyrise apartments with classic fire escapes. They had managed to find a quaint home with a garage, but it was the basement that sealed the deal for them. They didn't mind having neighbors for the pretense of normal day-to-day living, but the basement allowed Margie to lock herself up and muted the sounds that would otherwise haunt their neighborhood. Ensuring that their walls were soundproof had been a good investment, but so did having a dog that would explain the faint howls.

    Abby didn't bother opening the garage. She just pulled up to the driveway and gunned for the front door with her things left in the jeep. Margie was already in the basement hugging herself because this was going to be another painful night, and another painful reminder of the strain they had to live with. Margie was the same height with a lighter shade of brown hair. Her eyes were more doe-like and filled with emotion as she turned to Abby. The silent conversation passed between them and Abby sighed. She moved in to embrace her younger sister.

    "I'll be here until the change. Did you eat already?"

    "Enough to last through the night."

    "Do you want me to leave anything... in there too?" The question was odd, but not unusual between them.

    "No, it's okay. I'll eat after it's over. Just... don't leave until it happens, okay?"

    Abby smiled softly and kissed Margie's temple. "I have and will always be here. I haven't left - yet, mind you. Let's... get you shackled up." She grinned sheepishly at her attempted humor at such a grave moment. Margie laughed, a little weakly since she seemed a little green like she usually did before the full moon. She was an elementary school teacher after all. Tiny and bubbly... None would ever thought that she'd turn into a scary, furry beast every month.
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