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  1. Grand Opening

    Owner: @Boone (Paddy) Fitzpatrick This is your hometown bar. The one you are comfortable coming to after work or after a day out on the lake fishing. Six pool tables line the exterior walls. Games are free so long as you're drinking. The walls are decorated with an assortment of hunting heads and old photographs of movie stars. Brick and beams gives it an old pub feel right in the middle of New York. Stools line all the pillars as well as the thirty foot long bar with twenty beers on tap at all times, at least six of which are Irish. This bar is being opened to help ALL players have an easy place to have single and group threads - don't need to wait for "permission" or an invite from the owner to use it. This is an OPEN thread for anyone and everyone to join! Post order not required since multiple conversations, groupings can happen in the same thread here! NPCs - Please do not abuse these NPCs as they will be further developed as staples by Boone to run the bar Behind the Bar: Hagan "Hawk" Monroe - Retired Boxer - Powers TBD Don't fuck with the bartender. Attempting to mess with his shit will get you bounced by him personally - possibly through a window rather than the door. Behind the Bar / Waitress: "Blue" - Powers TBD Like something out of a retro diner she is a sleek painting in the moose head on the wall bar. Like Hawk - messing with her will likely lead to pain... lots of it.

    Put on hold temporarily, this Event will be on the near horizon!! Keep an eye out!
  3. (Since we didn't get far on last year's alternate Xmas thread due to site slow down, we are going to hitch it up to the sleigh one more time again this is just for fun! Doesn't count as real play! HAVE FUN!!) The evening is covered in winter, the glow from the streetlights glistens over the fresh powder that covers the world. The city is unnaturally silent. The first falling flakes glimmer unnatural. Like children lost in the stupor of a dream, people find themselves drawn outside, drawn into the crisp cold night air. Inexplicably their feet move one after the other towards lower Manhattan, towards a three story club that has not been open since the Resonance yet now seems to warmly beckon like a polished jewel. But this is the hotel California now - those that try to leave, find they exit the club only to come out through the door on the rooftop deck, never able to get outside. So you think your actions are your own do you? There is mischief in the air. Too long the petite fairies have kept hidden, too long they have restrained their impish natures. Now, in the wake of the Holiday season, they toy with the denizens. Your feet find their way to Delancey, the club rising three levels of lush red velvet enticement, including a rooftop deck. Decorated in dripping snowflakes and dancing lights, the music undulates your hips without your commanding them. Buffet tables of delectable treats line all the walls on all three floors. Drinks appear on the bar continually for guests to partake, a bevy of colors they glisten like wet gemstones on the dark wood counter. Each as unique and lush as New York herself. Each holding a secret impish gift. You may hesitate to join in, yet you find you can not refuse your own curiosity to try. This is no ordinary party. This is a fae adventure! You dont know it, but these drinks may have some...entertaining... side effects: Red Wines: You recite Shakespeare lines in the middle of your conversations Rose Chablis: Your hair turns vibrant pink with glints of snowy blue tips White Wines: Every time anyone drinks red wine gravity quits working for you and you float, every time someone drinks a martini it works again, down you go! Champagnes: You succumb to hiccups that produce beautiful blue bubbles Beers: You think the coat rack is attractive and try to invite it back to your place Rum Mixed Drinks: You cant help dancing with the person directly on your right Martinis: You take off an article of clothing every time someone says "chimney" And the array of multicolor drinks? who knows!! (add any other effect you can dream of - have fun!!!)

    Think you can survive? In anticipation of opening night Satyr Stadium is taking registrations. Register your name and Fight Division below for a chance to be randomly selected for the honor of being the first to grace the Satyr Cage!

    GRAND OPENING SOON! Do you have what it takes to survive the Satyr-dome? The latest venue from Bakkhos is about to have its grand opening. Soon you will be able to test your skills and see just how good you really are. This is your sneak peak at the venue - a chance to see if your interested in trying to hold your own. The countdown begins to the opening of Satyr Stadium!
  6. ......and it erupted again!

    As the elite of New York scramble in the debris and slip on blood, the second floor explodes. Dirty bombs embed shards in walls and fire off the wrought iron stairwell like bullets into the crowd below. The upstairs that had managed to go relatively unscathed now is marred with cries and screams from those caught unaware. The eruptions are significant enough that several walls collapse, plaster ceiling breaking off in chunks to add to the damage below. The luxury event has gone from a swanky affair...... to Armageddon.
  7. And the world erupted...

    As if it had waited for the array of cops and service crews to come to its glowing front door, the crackle of flames is interrupted by the violent eruption of three successive explosions on the roofline. Each a dirty-bomb launching metal shards like rifle fire down on the sidewalks and street below. This is more than simple destruction. This is hate fueled and intended to cause suffering. Roof rocks making the upper floors unstable, debris falls down the stairwell beginning to make it difficult to get from floor to floor.
  8. ......and it erupted again!

    January 17, 2018 7:15pm 15 minutes after THIS blast. It had been in the distance, a thunderous blast that could be mistaken for an earthquake near Times Square. Most people in the casino were oblivious, the thrum of the active casino floor hid most anything from the outside world. The eruption shuddered the building to the core, the parkinglot cracking in multiple directions as the doors of the casino front were blown off, bouncing along the concrete, spinning and crushing swanky vehicles in its path. The artistic sculpture over the valet parking crumpled against the heat that billowed out the front. The second eruption blows out the side wall, brick and mortar blistering out to pelt the BMWs and Porches like machine gun fire as bodies are flung out with the wreckage. The casino was holding a high stakes rollers VIP invitational only weekend, "altered" friendly. Bloody patrons stumble around among the burning tables in their tuxes and tails, glittering gowns frayed and dulled in the smoke. There is the whisper of "Vanguard" in the choking fumes, several moments going by before the world is aware of the second blast, precious moments ticking by before there are finally sirens in the roaring through the main floor of the casino. NOTE: Can be chaotic posting order
  9. And the world erupted...

    January 17, 2018 7pm A thunderous blast is mistaken for an earthquake in a 10 block radius of the old Casablanca Hotel in Times Square. Brick and mortar sent flying into the square, embedding in buildings across the street as flames erupt out of windows that shatter into a dusting of glittered glass to the street below. The hotel was in the process of being converted into small condos and was known for being "altered" friendly. 23 units were already occupied. Blood is staining the sidewalk. It is difficult to tell if its from those inside the building or those unfortunate enough to be on the street at the time. People, injured and uninjured are staggering out of the way, bricks continuing to drop from the edifice as the lick of flames begins to blow out floor after floor of windows from the old hotel, clearly fed by an accelerant. There is the whisper of "Vanguard" on the street while the whine of sirens begins to make its way to the roaring fire. NOTE: Can be chaotic posting order