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    Lithe, lean and compact, Calista stands at 5’7”, tan with a professional “dancer’s” body and defined musculature. She typically wears her dark brown hair in a careless, elegant updo. For performances, it can by anything from sleek and simple, to dramatic and impressionistic depending on the performance. Facial features are unique and sophisticated, giving the impression of grace and a privileged upbringing. Lips are full, nose straight and noble. Irises and pupils are larger than a human's and are the color and luminescence of tiger eye stones- their unique light refraction unsettling and stunning.

    Ears have also evolved; at the back they have separated and pointed in shape like an Elf’s physiology. They are notched three times on the backside visually similar to layered wing feathers, and at the bottom still posses a somewhat normal lobe usually adorned with diamond studs. Each notch has been pierced; multiple small hoops through the piercings.

    Clothing is dressy, tight and artistic. She is on the front edge of old and new fusion fashion and a bit of an experimentalist. Black and tans accented with corals and cobalt blue are common colors. She is fond of Mandarin coats, fitted blazers with knee-length billow and a sleek wide-leg dress pant. Heels are usually chic heeled ankle or knee boots under her pants. Her usual attire is NEVER mistaken for “stripper” clothing just because she works at the gentleman's clubs- though she is absolutely comfortable in leather pants and corsets too, often wearing one beneath a blazer as a ‘shirt’, or nothing at all.

    Calista has very large, black feather and iridescent wings that have erupted and fused to the shoulder blade physiology of her back. They are elliptical and rounded at the base, and taper to broad and slotted near the tips. The base of her neck to mid-spine has also developed the feather and b-keratin scale mutation to accommodate and blend the appendages into their surrounding human physiology. Her wings are not stand-alone things sprouted from her skin, they are a part of her, connected by bone, muscle, tissue. The beautiful array of feather patterns on her spine and shoulders around the mutation seal the deal and balance their presence to her once “normal” appearance. In the winter, they are dark with a tiger's eye shimmer. In the summer, they move to sold black with an iridescent purple and green blended hue.
    Calista is typically a quiet, reserved observer that is attentive to whomever she is assigned with as company to protect. She is capable of a tight-lipped, even-keeled demeanor in public at all times, and a violent, explosive lack of mercy when necessary without question. Even in violence she is graceful, yet biting; that bite carrying over in normal every day operations. If positive, she will leave well enough alone. If negative, she fights a constant adage to "cut-a-bitch" if they so much as twitch an eyebrow in her direction- a gut instinct brought on by the avian mutation. Though cordial on the surface, she has already judged and finds most to be wanting. If someone is inconsequential and no longer necessary for business, she will send them on their way. If they’ve pissed her off in the process, she’ll make sure they remember it every time they look in the mirror. Otherwise, they don’t exist.

    In private, she reads and enjoys the simplicity of life, also working with birds of prey in her aviary while constantly trying to kick a habit of smoking cherry Kretek cigarettes. Her personal life is cultured, sensory and laced with intimate company. She has a specific circle of favorites that she sees often in her penthouse.

    Cali spends a great deal of time when not on duty working in her activist role of snuffing out the sex-trafficking trade in New York, and her ultimate goal to allow all altered humans to live a free life without having to "take a side". One of the primary reasons for her being defrocked as a sister, she continues her work to this day, as well as monetarily supporting a local children's home as an anonymous donor. Cali LOATHES the Order of the First Light, and by proxy- ARMA and the Vanguard. Any magic slinger or their opposition is under that umbrella, without exception, and there is little to no mercy if confronted with such.

    She prefers not to walk the streets because people seem to gravitate toward staring at or touching her, and also because she finds driving a car difficult. Travel is mostly in the back seat of a vehicle with a driver, with other obvious methods when she feels inclined.
    A set of hammerfists and brass knuckles

    Set of custom Iron Reaver claws for both hands, built on a sleek black leather glove base with buckles at the wrists.

    A pair of ASP 26” expandable batons with rotating side break holsters and wrist straps.

    Her habit. She keeps it neatly folded and cared for in a small cedar chest.

    A flat in the top penthouse of a vintage highrise near Central Park, complete with an aviary filled with a half dozen birds of prey.



    Calista has the ability to change her colors, much like a chameleon in response to threats. It is instinctual, and unable to be turned off. Hair, skin, wings, and even clothes are affected. Unfortunately, it is attached to ALL adrenaline reactions. Intended obviously for response to a threat- she has found it responds to various other surges of adrenaline as well. Excitement, fear, sometimes during a particularly exhilarating performance, even sex. It is part of her commercial draw, audience goers often attending a performance several times to catch a glimpse. It is incredibly useful in a dangerous situation and a wonder to watch on stage, but something she would rather live without.


    Physical Change- Internal
    Her bones took on the characteristics of avian physiology: high bone density, fusion of some, and altered shape to accommodate the rigor of flight, with muscle strength to match. Cali’s sight is also 20/20. Though most raptor or high range avians develop incredible sight for hunting, hers remains as sharp as human eyes can be. Before the change, she required glasses, afterward she found they were no longer needed. Calista also has a great sense of direction, even without external landmarks or sun references.

    Physical Change- External
    Calista has very large, black feather and iridescent scale wings that have erupted and fused to the shoulder blade physiology of her back. Their structure is very similar to the avian raptor wing composition, bending almost to 90* angles to create lift and glide, as well as twist under air pressure to maintain flight. They are elliptical and rounded at the base, and taper to broad and slotted near the tips. The shape gives her fast and accurate maneuvering capabilities, as well as sustained float and glide ability. Though they may appear at first like angel wings when tucked, they are anything but. Formidable, strong and capable of tremendous strength, their grace comes from the agility at which she wields them and her own physical skill and not from some mythical garbage she no longer believes in. In addition, the base of her neck to mid-spine has also developed the feather and b-keratin scale mutation to accommodate and blend the appendages into their surrounding human physiology. Her wings are not stand-alone things sprouted from her skin, they are a part of her, connected by bone, muscle, tissue. The beautiful array of feather patterns on her spine and shoulders around the mutation seal the deal and balance their presence to her once “normal” appearance.

    Personality and Instinct Changes
    Silently strong, observant and resigned as a human, she has also unfortunately adopted avian personality traits as part of the transformation. She has an impulsive urge to attack anything she feels is a threat (including things larger and considerably more powerful than she is), balanced out by the still-human intellect that overrides the instinct and replaces with logic. When she does choose to engage, she is fearless, vicious and is not above gutting, sabotaging, or destroying a competitor or opponent’s cause to make her point.

    Strength and Physical Power
    Calista is lethal. On a purely scientific level, a strike from a raptor's talon can exhibit twice the force of a rifle's bullet, the hit from a wing at full speed can break a human's neck. Cali does not have talons, but the weight and speed behind her physical ability is exponentially congruent to an avian raptor. She has no enhanced strength except the ability to carry her new body, the density and re-fusion of her bones, and whatever strength she works (through exercise) to achieve. Her punches hold no more effect than a human's except less risk of breaking her own bones, but coupled with inertia, agility and speed, she is formidable. As with a bird of her mutation type, she CAN pick someone of similar weight up off the ground- limited to the basic laws of physics and resistance. If she can't hold onto them, she can't pick them up- she has human hands. If they're falling and she attempts to catch them, she has to rely on her human strength to hold on; she either can, or they die.
    Aerial Performer-Dancer
    Cali is a performer at the Empire City Casino as well as other sophisticated Bakkhos venues. Her specialty is Aerial Silk for the higher end performances, and acrobatic freestyle pole dancing for the more... earthy basal rich guys and gals. Whichever she chooses, her appearance and skill bring elegance and class to the arena.

    Physical Fighting
    Has the privilege of Bakkhos training. A fierce hand to hand fighter with obvious vertical capability, she excels in the use of blunt force objects instead of blades or firearms. It's simple logistics- too difficult to carry and discharge a firearm or control a long blade with her acrobatic flight capabilities. Weapons must be attached to her hands, or innocuous to her if they hit her wings. her wings are also a brutal weapon, capable of bludgeoning a foe.

    Calista can be anything, to anyone. From a suave and elegant partner on an arm at a black tie event, to a surly and nothing-clad femme-fatale on a pole, she crosses all boundaries in behavior, demeanor and appearance.

    Her vertical capability is an incredible natural defense. Physical threats become inconsequential because she can simply move above them. Magic is a hit and miss because of her maneuverability and ability to move beyond range if the spells have them. She is not immune to any type of magic, nor does she have the ability to heal faster than a human. She just, prefers not to get hit.

    Public and Persuasive Speaker
    Cali's past gives her the patience to work with even the most out of control situations. It makes her a prolific activist, and a calming force to rein in the crazy.

    She owns a half dozen bids of prey in her aviary and is a skilled falconer, preferring longwings. Recently she has begun to work with owls and eagles, learning as she goes.
    From my last confession, handwritten and sealed in a plain white envelope with my habit.


    I have no memory of my parents, my family, even if I spent my childhood with brothers and sisters. No joy, no dark sorrow, nothing… just a deep hole where at least some sort of happiness should have been. My first memory was of a hand, cold and wet, lingering on mine as I walked toward a goliath of a building in the night rain. I couldn’t have been more than, four? We’d been walking it seemed for hours, finally stopping at the steps of a large cathedral in which it was our apparent break from the shivering- releasing that hand and running toward it as the doors opened to the glow of warmth and gowns of black. I looked back to make sure my hand holder was with me.

    The street, the steps were empty.

    At first I hated it. Strangers, children my age… younger, older, dressed in uniforms during “school time” and whatever clothing was donated to the home by generous donors afterward. Some were mean, some kind, others so vapid I wondered what broken worlds they had come from. Many would go off later to homes, parents that loved them. I always found a way to sabotage any prospect I had to leave. I liked it there, it was a freedom those that went on their own way would never have. If I wanted quiet, I could always find it and nobody would ask questions. I sat in the company of angels and colored glass, gargoyles and grotesques on rooftops over the city I never could wander through, reading, writing… left alone to my own thoughts. The routine was comfortable, and when I was old enough to leave, I stayed to care for others that would be dropped off like me- discarded by the uncaring, or given mercy by the incapable in order to have a better life.

    It also meant pledging myself to something that I didn’t necessarily believe in and a hella itchy black habit, but… the work I did brought so many of the lost peace. The outside world was such a faraway and dangerous place, and I was completely content to remain within the walls that had cradled me almost all my life… and eventually saved my soul when the Resonance took my old body. At first I hid, ashamed of what had happened to me, I refused to acknowledge that whatever gods that had ripped apart the world were more powerful than the one I had pledged to serve. Then, accepted and treasured by those from the Vatican that were looking over our welfare. I was not a monster, I was special- wanted and encouraged to continue my work when the world so needed a kind hand. I did, the nickname “angel” by the youngest of the children something I was still uncomfortable with, their innocence encouraging me to accept the inevitable reality that this was my new normal. I was able to counsel those close to adulthood that were also blessed with changes, some abilities so frightening it was difficult to calm their fears, and ours at what to do with those that had been changed so drastically.

    I’d first noticed something odd less than a year after the Nevus split the world apart. The comings in and out by our overseers felt, uncomfortable. I kept telling myself they were here to help, but could never shake the feeling of predatory glances. We almost overnight became a home for those that were different, changed, looking for answers. I was oddly a mascot for the misfits, they came to the church with the "real angel" to find answers and help for their terrifying powers. If I had found peace, so could they. They would come to us, and we would send them to a better place, somewhere that could teach them how to use their gifts.

    I asked questions, wanting to know more in order to help more, growing attached to those that were so frightened. Never hearing from any of them again, I continued to ask where they had gone. I was lied to. I knew a lie, could feel an infected sore growing in the center of the church I had loved so much. All the history the world over burned in the back of my brain- the wiping out of people that were different, demanding me to look closer, ask more questions… and that’s when I discovered the Order. We were nothing but a farm for an army that claimed righteousness. I was told otherwise, that they were all being taken to a better place. Still, it felt wrong. Dangerous. Like a knock in the middle of the night and told to come with or else die, and then my world fell apart.

    There is one thing that can make even the most pure of souls scorned for life. Sex. Accused of an inappropriate relationship with someone in the church, the “trial” was swift, the punishment severe. I was defrocked, and told to leave. I screamed to the world, anyone who would listen how wrong they were, what they were doing to those that were taken. They knew, they knew and didn’t care. If I had simply walked into the streets and disappeared there would have been nothing more of it. I couldn't allow it. I chose to stay and fight, and with that choice came a near death beating that I will never forget. Left in an alley within an inch of my life, next to a dumpster in piles of trash, I was found by a Bakkhos bouncer on duty at a strip club out for a smoke. A devout, altered human that loathed not only the persecution of his faith, but of his kind as well. A frocked sister, with broken wings and a bloody habit left to die behind a strip club. It was the nails in the coffin of that wretched church, the way they solved their problem was the sealing of their fate.

    It never occurred to me that I was a curiosity, or beautiful. I was just, me. Unique, with a fire for revenge that lit my eyes when I spoke and caught the attention of people who made decisions, and here I am. Someone that pledged their service to a higher power and was yanked from that grace by those that had also sworn to do the same. Some might say I’m a traitor, a sinner. I say, fuck them all. Adults make their choices, but the innocent, those that needed a hand up were betrayed by those of faith, and by every magic slinger that was involved. Order, Arma, even the Vanguard. They're all the same, preying on those that need someone to watch over them, not a side to belong to- they need the freedom to simply live without fear. I may be in the worst thick of it, the criminals, the sex, the violence… but it is a means to an end. I owe Bakkhos my life and my loyalty, but in the end my life is my own, and my heart belongs to those that can’t fight for themselves and I will do anything… anything to save them. If that means cutting a bitch that stands in my way while I'm half naked and smoking a cherry cig, then so be it, blessed be, and amen.

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  1. Something Wicked This Way Comes....

    Eyes had already completely scanned the situation, avian reflexes inherent in the change. It pissed her off to some extent, she rarely slept, the tiniest noises catching a flick from the black irises. Phone. The German again, eyes narrowed at the Capo on the phone, then back to the guy that seemed to be focused on something else. It was itching in her ears, that strange directional issue that had been bugging her for some time- now amplified, this entire night of hell bringing her agitation to a boil... …and a charging Were became the pinpoint of her ire. She knew what she heard, nodding to the Capo as he"poofed", knew what her walking orders were, but the seemingly oblivious guy was about to become puppy chow and the predator in her met it full on. The world spun into motion, click of reavers and snap of asps sharp. Blood. Everywhere. Flurry of predator feathers and fur; final strike splattering a surge of blood against brick in arching arterial spray, the thing clattering to the street. The rest was up to him. Asps clicking back to thigh holsters, fingers lightly traveled over a slashed bicep. Teeth, claws, she didn’t know which. Fuck. Eyes narrowed at the mage before she disappeared into the sky in a blur after the Capo.
  2. Something Wicked This Way Comes....

    Crack of an Asp across bone was tremendous, spin of the giant thing away from her as blood spurt from its maw was followed with vicious slashing from someone that seemed to defy gravity. Throat was opened up with razor sharp synchronized blades, another crack of the Asp twisting the head to expose the slippery white of cervical bone, a final slash snapping its head clean off. Mountain of fur and blood heavily collapsed. Somewhere in the middle, she’d become only slightly aware someone was running away. Probably for the best. The last thing she needed was to be in a full on confrontation with a damn Were and having to protect a runner at the same time. Tight sigh heaved once and she was in the air…. climbing. Little Italy was more on her mind, things to do first. One more thrust upward crested her ascent and ended her barrage of phone calls. Casting a glance above, her pets were doing their job. Circling on hot spots. It was a pattern, weird… but there. Just southwest of Little Italy there was something…. all four directions, there was something. Power flickered in certain blocks, smoke rising from others. Shadows streaming like water into a cut in the metaphorical turf. The swan dive was graceful, falling backwards and tucking as the descent brought severe speed… keen eyes flicking to the path that she had been taking before the Were incursion. The Capo was distracted, dammit, distracted! Kids, women, another guy. Strike boneshattering, the Asp almost buckled under the weight of the death strike from above, black cloak snapping open to halt the dive, heels on its back to ride the furry fucker to the ground. Crushed skull, but not done. Wolverine-like claws sheered neck bone and spinal cord. [Calista]Magic. Like a magnet. It’s bypassing us, toward Tribeca… more north, east, west.[/Calista] She stood still for a moment, foot on the back of the pile of bloodied fur, catching her breath. Glance was quick at a sheered cut in her shoulder. Well fuck. [Calista]…my sense of direction is scrambled… reinforcements in the air, called the heads, they’re in similar quagmires…[/Calista] Gold eyes fell on Dika a moment, collapsing the Asps and clicking them back into her thigh holsters, thumb pressing the release on her reavers to click them harmlessly back and pull her gun to check the mag before returning it into the kidney holster. The damn straps were the only thing keeping this party from becoming a peep show, shirt held down with leather like a Spartan woman’s damn toga… or whatever the fucking thing was called. [Calista]They aren’t stopping. Orders boss?[/Calista] She deferred to him, tossing him his phone. She wasn’t leaving his side, because somebody obviously did. Dumbasses.
  3. Something Wicked This Way Comes....

    "What?!?" His voice crackled over the connection. Bows came down. Wavy tendrils had slipped from the once sleek ponytail, lifting upward as the updraft shifted and the black umbrella also shifted accordingly to maintain her position. The signal was crap, he was underneath the casino. Getting his car. To go out on the street. Fucking. Hell. That boy was never going to make it to the top if he kept sticking his neck out. That’s what soldiers like her were for. "…ok…ok… we're gonna head t' Grand and Mulberry… speed dial on m' phone has Lucky… heads up the bosses an' I will start warning the others." Warm glow lit the gold in her eyes as she flipped it to speaker and scrolled through the numbers. Watch the sky. I have back-up. You shouldn’t be on the street, that’s what we’re for. Voice was eerily calm. "…shit……Cal… we will need to know how far and how many are comin'….fast as you can feed us the info………….we're so fucked…." Don’t do something stupid. Matteo! She was already moving, an arch of incredible gymnastic skill as she kicked off buildings and surfed the updrafts to gain speed and simultaneously made calls. At least she hoped they could hear her over the sound of rushing air. Phone clicked closed, feet hitting the top of her penthouse already running, slamming the door open and flicking all the switches. She’d never used them for this, but hey… it was worth a shot. A thirty second stop into her flat had her Asps strapped onto her thighs, reavers snapped on. Her own phone retrieved… her mistake the first time she went to the Casino. She’d serve penance for that later. Diving off the side of the building, they followed. It’s wasn’t often she flew with them; they were actually faster in their dives, and more agile. Diving was not something she needed them for. Smoke signals. First. He wasn’t hard to find, the sound of the thing was a dead giveaway- but it was the vibration of the engine that drew her ears to it. Then it was silent. Something had happened. Sluicing through the alleys, the scent of cinnamon on her nostrils was like breadcrumbs. He was heading for little Italy. Where the hell were his people?! Securing the Capo and giving him back his communication seemed a helluva lot more important than eyes in the sky at this very second. She was a soldier, and there was a distinct lack of them by his side at the moment. Her “pets” would automatically circle over interesting targets. They could be left to their own recognizance for a moment. Quietly touching down on top of a dumpster, eyes narrowed at the screams. The scent was strong, he’d either passed this way or she was gaining on him. But first, balancing on the edge, she leaned back slightly- an eyebrow arching at the breath she had heard behind it. A crack caught her attention elsewhere. Gold flicked past the fence as they caught a shadow, senses feeling the rustling of a beast moving so fast toward the first thing that caught their rage. It was following Matteo’s scent as well. She was fast, but barely upward before a roar leapt at the fence, a blinding weight of muscle and ferocity yanking her out of the air. Slight and as graceful as a ballerina, she was still a heavy girl… and her weight hit the brick wall hard enough to shake mortar and send shards bursting outward. Grunt was sharp, echoing in the alley as she ricocheted off the wall and smacked onto the ground. Back of her hand wiped blood from a split lip, eyes wicked as black pupils expanded wide and engulfed the gold sheen. Oh honey… you’re going to have to beat me up worse than that to get past me… She had a gun. Gunfire would only attract their attention. She was on her feet with speed to rival the beast that towered above her, Asps snapped out, kicking off a building to take the fucker down. She didn’t have the limitations they did. Fist fights took place on a horizontal plane, on the ground… she didn’t have that limitation, and a helluva lot more rage.
  4. Something Wicked This Way Comes....

    Standing on the edge of an abyss was freedom. She sometimes thought she, more than anyone else she’d ever encountered, was truly free. At the drop of a hat she could simply take off into the darkness and never return. But here she was, no barriers between her and the sky above, and the vast stories below. No fear, her pause feeling like an eternity. Updraft ruffled her shirt a bit, probably not the best to be wearing during this, but a flash of tits if the wind shifted was not the most of her worries. The enforcer was always interesting to listen to. Her ears never missed anything. Neither did her instincts. She was not used to anyone giving her concern. Lucky knew she hated being doted on, so he didn’t. It was an unusual relationship. Right hand in public, business partners behind closed doors. Where he was living large and enjoying it, she was always quite cool. Business. The Capo’s concern had been met with suspicion, muscles tight under his squeeze. She didn’t like being touched where she was not in control of the situation, and she didn’t like being seen as if she needed help. Gold sheen had flicked up to him. She also didn’t meet people’s eyes, she could watch them without looking at them. Looking at their eyes was distracting. Eyes said too much. Into the abyss it was, escaping her thoughts. Blood red shadows and quick moving flicks inbetween buildings. Phone, listening. She told them to stay inside! She ended the call with a scowl. Wings snapped out several stories below to sluice the bird of prey through the brick Labyrinth, a rocket of fur and teeth out of nowhere avoided in a split second. Shoulder clipped a downspout and she tumbled with unusual grace onto a roof, literally hitting the ground running to scoop up the phone that had clattered from her hand. She was not fast enough! She was not fast enough to outrun this… leap off the edge held the grace of a diver in full twist to fall backward and face her attacker, firearm snapped out and discharged with accurate aim in the neck. It was enough to discourage the swipe of claws that had attempted to bat her out of the air like King Kong. Mother fucker. The split second flinch of the beast opened an inch, and it was all she needed to fold in and dive like a falcon in full prey mode. Were. Weres! She couldn’t shake it, the monster leaping back and forth downward in full bounds to keep on her tail. Updraft. Updraft. Dangerous, but necessary. Wings snapped out, halting the descent like a parachute, kicking off a building in time to avoid another swipe and gain altitude. She didn’t stop until she was so far above the city it looked statuesque. They were everywhere. Pistol snapped back in, she frowned at a cluster of loose feathers the thing had tried to grab, plucking them out as she hovered in the immense updraft and dialed the phone. “Weres,” a breathless, shouldn’t have been calm but was, voice murmured. She was out of breath. “They’re everywhere… overrunning the ESB. I’m going to figure which direction they’re coming from.” Bakkhos had the upper hand at least, she was in fact the eyes in the sky.
  5. Something Wicked This Way Comes....

    Where there normally was the soft mysterious smile at the head, today only held a lowering of the dark lashes. The world was vibrating against her skin, enough so that Lucky shifted his hand from his knee to the arm of the chair near her. He could feel it, and without alarming everyone else, he acknowledged to her that he was concerned too. She had already spoken her peace to him, he would use the information when he saw fit. "….time I think is really limited… but we need to get the entire family warned and under lock down." She had said the same to Lucky…. "…. Tino and Bazzini both skipped town." The Weres. Were they skipping town because of a threat? If so, they were leaving for a reason, it was a bad omen. "… Tino just left a note but I spoke with Bazzini. Seems instincts had gone into overdrive that something very bad would happen if they stayed here…. Bazzini was worried he would hurt us no matter what precautions we took." Just a Were thing? Attention was keenly on the figure that entered and lingered in the shadows near the bar. An itch in her bubble. He always was. "…Joey said same thing.. headed outta town 'bout an hour ago." Eyes slid to Lucky, then the younger Capo. The flipping of the knife was driving her instincts batty. Everyone poking at the edge of her tolerance, the world pressing in from all directions. She wanted nothing more than to go over there, grab it from his hand and smack him with the fucking thing. Only boys played with toys. "…wanted me to come with 'im…. was that spooked." "We need to warn the family that something is coming. Bring in more to watch over the key venues in New York. " "….should keep the club closed. Just put up a sign there's a private event." A tight inhale and exhale brought a quiet shiver of feathers in the silence, again Lucky’s fingers tapped gently on the arm of the chair. "…not sure we want to set alarms off with….." •npc• "Matty is right Angelo. We don’t have the luxury to be "visible" everywhere. The casino will be packed right now, to vacate it would be chaos and I have three ships coming in tonight so I need my guys at the warf. The club here and Lucky's are not currently open… we keep 'em shut and move those guys to the other venues to ensure we got the protection if something goes down. Matty puts his security detail off the stadium to cover the rest." Why wasn’t Lucky saying anything? Eyes closed quietly, reopening to watch the lights. To this point, hands had been calmly at her sides. She could turn into an elegant statue when she wanted to, silent, forgotten if not for the curiosity she was. It seemed when she stood still people were more apt to stare. It didn’t bother her most of the time, tonight? Eyes flicked darkly to one of the other's right hands, his eyes averting. She was in attack mode. Pure and vicious. "….we leave Nuzio upstate and hope whatever this is doesn’t have that far a reach?" Again that fucking blade, gold sheen lit up as she moved the dark orbs back to the fidgety capo. "…ok. Lucky, get your club security to the casino. Since they swap there they don’t need any instructions on how to get around and take care of the place. I will call and get the Club's security to the warf to back up your men Carmine." No. It was stupid to show their faces. "….need your guys on the streets. We need to get the small businesses warned and get them out of harms way.. to the casino might be good place since there will be heavier protection there." No! They needed to shelter in place. Again the soft quiver, the sound like a rustle of leaves in the silence of autumn. "… and you…. where will you be boss?" As she listened to the plans, jaw set. Christ, Lucky. Fucking say something! Hand moved to grasp the back of his chair. He held up a finger to her to wait. Fuck waiting! It was that moment a red sheen flushed over her features, inky feathers blushing in the iridescence to flicker a blood hue. The Meta was blushing into camouflage mode. “Don’t leave,” dark vocal chords broke the silence over the sliding of doors to the balcony. She would deal with the repercussions of speaking out of place later. The sky had indeed cleared, long strides pushed the doors shut in front of the younger capo. “Don’t go outside." It felt wrong. It felt wrong for any to leave the building, to catch attention. Of what, she couldn't explain or pinpoint yet. "Anyone.” Chest drew in and let out a controlled breath, not sure if she was expecting a backhand or a verbal lashing, hand still on the handle to prevent the capo from opening it again as the proximity flickered a red in her eyes before moving back to the black gold. She’d never spoken in a public meeting before. Most other than Lucky had ever heard her speak at all, eyes flipping back to the glass. If not for the window, she wouldn’t have seen it. Movement brought attention to the outside. Shadows, flickers, so fast through the buildings even her eyesight was only catching glimpses. Firearm was reached for, then paused, still as a cat watching prey. Instinct, she was moving on instinct. “I need your phone…” she said quietly. She could get an eye on this. …at some point they should probably get her something hands free… maybe, the thought only partially erupting as he handed it to her. Doors were slid open again silent, agility gliding her nauseatingly on the railing with a tightrope walker’s balance and she was still again. She was a predator, but she felt like prey. Everything told her to remain still. The smooth black cape always so elegantly tucked away curled like an archangel before she leapt, disappearing into the blood red shadows.
  6. Something Wicked This Way Comes....

    Phone buzzed, about fucking time. It clicked open as he took a long drink, watching the overly ambitious younger Capo take his impatience to the other side of the room. The call ended before he could utter a word, eyes on the screen before it slid back into his pocket. The woman was known for being intense, but this was not a good sign. Cal, he looked at Gaspari quickly. Coming in top side. Said not to leave and stay inside. Whether ominous or otherwise, the woman knew something the others did not. It was rare she came in topside, having the ability to see things none of them could without drawing attention. She was her own brand of different, and he knew better than to dismiss her instincts. She sounded, off, though. It was disconcerting. He nodded at them, pushing up out of the chair the second he felt her hit the roof. Something was definitely wrong, the gambler moving out of the room and signaling for his right hand to stay put. Purposeful footsteps made their way down the corridor to the roof access. It was at that moment the door opened and the drenched headliner stepped in. Jesus. “I need a moment,” her breath was heaving, pushing past him to make a beeline to her own rooms. True to form, she polished up in record time. A grey silk halter that barely skimmed, or covered, anything was slid on in favor of the soaked cami. It rippled as she moved to grab dry clothes and wipe the rain from her limbs with soft towels. Dark charcoal pants, creased sharply over vintage Versace heeled boots. Silver tangle of decorative, glinting chains down a bare sternum. Water was pressed out of her hair, smoothed and twisted quickly into a unique spiral plait that snaked down her spine. She didn’t need anything else, effortless grace compressing hairtriggered agitation. Lucky had made himself comfortable in her room as she pulled herself together, fingers on his temple. “I know you can feel this,” she said quietly, leaning down to snap the cuffs of her designer slacks over the heels. It was rare she carried, pants unzipped as she pulled on her inner pants holster, settling everything up. A shiver ran through her back, shuddering the feathers to a ruffled arch before they smoothed and she seemed to be within sorts. “What the fuck is going on?” He shook his head, their way back to the club in short order, the man retaking his seat and the headliner taking up her normal residence behind his left shoulder. She almost looked normal as the unique appendages sank to rest on the floor like an inky black cape. Gold sheen glinted eerily in her eyes as she looked over the gathered assembly, she hated half the people here. She wasn’t spilling anything yet. Not yet.
  7. Something Wicked This Way Comes....

    She’d been standing on the edge of her loft for hours, cold rain at the top of the world hammering the crown of her head so hard it peppered mist, sluicing in rivulets down the black waves that flowed freely on her back. Feathers heavy, toes curled over the edge as she stared into oblivion below, rain turning into mist halfway down the hundred floors to produce just a dreary day on the ground. Breath pulled into her chest. It itched. Burned. Head spinning, muscles twitching. Something was happening. Something that rivalled the viciousness of the rip in the sky. Normally graceful limbs hung in exertion, breath labored. The world, was throbbing. Taking a step back, the huge appendages merely flowed behind her as she walked, unwilling to pick them up. Her phone had rung several times, the green face lighting up her glass penthouse in the gloom. Light hurt her eyes… water across her tile floors as she entered the warmth to pick it up. Three missed calls, three messages. Lucky. She was… a mess. She felt, like death. It was the crack all over again, the delve into a darkness of golden eyes and a changed being. The avian Meta could feel the full moons, a product of the change of worlds like the Weres, this felt… like a full moon on steroids, but it was messing with her head in ways she couldn’t explain. …picking up the phone, black flicked to the ruckus in her aviary at the edge of the roof, and she felt it too. Phone shook and clattered from her fingers, bouncing off the tile. The air, shuddered. Hand caught a chair. This was not good. Dizzy. Disoriented. It took a moment to pass. Yoga pants clinging to vetted muscle, she scooped up the phone, thumb on speed dial. Soaked black cami fluttered suddenly as she began to move, glint of a gold ankle bracelet sharp as the graceful dancers feet turned to pure power. She was already running, through the double doors back into the frigid rain, picking up speed. “I’m coming in… get off the streets, stay inside,” were the only words spoken when the other end was picked up. Wings snapped out in a spray of droplets as she pushed off the ledge, fist closing around the phone. It was worse in the air, vibration in her brain like a freight train. It bounced back and forth between her ears like a ping pong ball, stretch to her muscles anxious. Thankfully, the flight wasn’t long… skidding to a halt on the roof of the hotel with an aggressive landing. Teeth edged, muscles shivering fiercely, eyes black. Half dressed, agitated, soaked to the bone. Strike mode. It was rare she was this hostile, she could control it. Now, she felt completely out of control, glass crackling beneath her fingernails crushed the phone's screen that was still in her hand.. She couldn’t be in a room with the family. She shouldn’t have come.
  8. Above the Hawa

    Gold flashed, a quick glow in the darkness as her eyes moved to follow her peregrine. She was above him, watching him fly in the same circle she’d seen the last few days. Orion looked confused. Skin itched, the world seemed to pulse with agitation. With its anxiety, hers was escalating. The world was going to hell. It was as if it was spinning, her sense of direction spinning with it. What would do that? A change of the rip in the sky? Birds could navigate in such ways, and she was more like them than she wanted to admit. There was also something else. Orion liked this spot, something in the buildings beneath his circle had caught her attention too… though not it seemed as much as her falcon. Pulse of deep black paused, catching the updraft to hang like an archangel above the glow of the city below, watching Orion spiral downward to a place she’d seen him go after before. He hovered over Stuyvesant, then landed on a building near it. This time, she descended with him, soft landing in the darkness on the edge of the same building. Inky with shadow, the gold sheened eyes surveyed closer to try and figure out what was attracting her bird. She felt it too, most likely not as strong as the bird next to her. Cringe was deep, turning her stomach. She didn’t eat a lot, and fried food was definitely not on her menu. The scent of it below billowing out of a kitchen vent brought a creased brow, soft ‘thwpt’ of her lip calling the peregrine before her own massive shadows pulsed once in the darkness and picked her off the ledge to head home.
  9. Nevermore

    Under the awning was as good as a place as any to lean. She wasn’t above getting soaked to the bone, but it tended to be a bit easier to dry off in the long run if she didn’t lavish in the downpour. A black bulb had been placed in the light next to the door. She’d noticed it before on a few others. It meant something, not quite sure yet what, but enough that it seemed to be a common thread between the strip club shitholes that had been spitting out girls to the morgue. The odd color made her eyes an even stranger hue when they caught the light, embers of her cig glowing every so often before the white, now pale lavender tendrils blew out only to be squashed by the massive droplets beyond the lonely awning. The water was literally running through the alley, center worn by foot traffic over the years in the older section of the city. It was no longer crowned in the center, a small impression that ran at the moment like a stream. It gurgled over cracked bricks, catching the keen attention of her eyes. The Resonance had changed her body, her demeanor with it, sharing the once human space with that of something not quite. Vision a bit keener, attention more focused, eyesight uncanny, enough to distinguish the ripples of water in the dark. They flicked toward a door that was bobbing open ever so slightly about fifteen feet from her. Every time it would move, a thin strip of pulsating light would pierce the rain and bounce of off the raindrops in glittering shards. She knew that behavior, the place was too hot, and someone was standing in the doorway to open it every so often and let out the pressure. Someone would eventually sneak out for a smoke. Apparently sooner rather than later, she stepped backward out of the awning into the dark. A thin figure slid out, they wouldn’t see her for at least a minute. Pulsating and piercing lights took a bit to clear out of one’s eyes. They would be seeing spots for a bit until their eyes adjusted. Glaring up at the sky, she was lost in shadow as the door closed and he took her place under the awning, a slow sniff catching the cigarette smoke that was lingering in her dry spot. It seemed to completely slide by him that there had been someone there just seconds ago. Not someone she had seen before. “So how does someone get a job around here.” His eyes lifted toward her, black hair matted “fashionably” over his forehead. Cigarette hung between his fingertips as he lifted his hand to cover his eyes from the black light in efforts to see her. He was obviously not going to introduce himself. Beady eyes peered up at her as he took a long drag and blew it out. He was pretending he could see her. *npc* Not hiring. “Shitholes are always hiring,” she said quietly, taking a step back in to finish her cig, wings lowering to lie along the shadows. “I heard you had a vacancy.” His blinking was telltale. He was either scared shitless or he was desperately trying to see if she was worth pulling a weapon on. Maybe a little of both. She leaned a shoulder on the wall, taking another drag from hers before smashing it against the wall and field stripping it to leave to the gurgling alley stream. “Jessica’s spot still open?” Hand touched his waistband under a jersey. “Why’d you go and have to touch your gun?” her sigh was palpable. “I just asked a question.” Kick off the wall was brutal, the snap of death stopping the momentum upward to hammer down her fist into his jaw with all the weight of her body and more. Eyes flicked at a few white sprinkles of something that plinked into the rushing water. Teeth maybe. Asp snapped from its holster and he was battered again with an equally cruel hit on the back of his knees as he tried to get up. Fist grabbed his wrist and dragged him from the sight of the awning further down the alley into the driving rain. He most likely hadn’t gotten a good look at her yet. His eyes hadn’t had enough time to adjust. Now, even if they did they were in relative darkness, he was in pain and only wanted to curl up on the cracked pavement. “Why is Jessica’s spot open?” she knelt next to him. *npc* F.. f.. fuck you Jaw set, standing in a twirl to bring the asp snapping against his collar bone this time. It broke. He screeched, then babbled. Something about overdose. Bad product. “Who.” *npc* Don’t know…. we just get it shipped, give as partial payment. “How is it you can afford to go through girls like that?” *npc* There are always girls.. Homeless… Eyes narrowed. That didn’t help. It was impossible to monitor every shelter in the city. “Tell your ‘we just get it shipped’ to stop experimenting.” It was two-fold. He probably didn’t know, in which case he mentioned what had happened here to the wrong person and they would kill him for knowing. He would end up in the morgue, and she could narrow her search. If he didn’t get offed, she might be able to milk him for information in exchange for his life. “Or, I will kill you.” It wasn’t a threat, it was a certainty. She was suddenly gone in the darkness, only a story up, but far enough away that he was stumbling to get up and figure out where his attacker had gone. Fear. Fear was a great motivator it seemed as he bee-lined for his safety, and hopefully to lead to some information.
  10. Calling all Law Enforcement and Medical Examiners

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  11. Calling all Law Enforcement and Medical Examiners

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  12. Nevermore

    September 4, 2019 11pm Bakkhos Club, to some shithole stripper dive Lights. They trailed against the blackness beyond even after spotted, the iridescent feathers caught in an intricate dance of irrevocable grace. Lithe muscles simply moved beyond a normal physique, beauty of a master ballerina twirled with the weightlessness of elegance in aerial flight. Bi-colored locks extended their curls with speed, relaxing at the gentle rallentando of motion to a cascade of spirals. The pause, hang time of complete silent nothingness before a crowded audience began a slow clap to build a heavy thunderous applause was the measure of a performance. Some silent moments were almost ten seconds, collective breath of a thousand souls caught in complete harmony in anticipation she would do something else… synchronized exhale as the lights changed and slippery silks were wound around a toned and tan thigh to release her to the stage floor. Gasp was palpable as she let go twenty feet up and the iridescent purples and green caught the light of the night raven’s wings as they snapped out. Delicate touch down was silent, as was her exit from the stage as the lights completely disappeared to the darkness of a black glow. No encore. None. Not even as the formidable sound of applause outside from the audience bled into the stage wings with pressing echo. It was always give them more, now it was let them buy another ticket. Lucky, Matteo... whoever the hell she reported to these days with chess pieces moving after the club disaster wouldn’t be pleased she left her tuxedo and evening gown fans wanting, but tonight.. truly.. she didn’t give a fuck. She didn't know Matteo well, and wasn't in the mood at the moment to care. Costume mistress was pulling pieces of her scant attire to place back on the racks as she walked, bottle of water in her hand per usual, towel wiping the sheen from her limbs, hair wound into her fist and wrapped into a pile on the top of her head with one of the sashes that was part of the costume covering her breasts. Behind the stage, nobody cared two shits. Everyone had seen almost every inch of her, besides, her hind-side was usually the point of most people’s attention. They weren't just a prop, muscles in her back moving in sync as the shimmering things lowered to dust across the floor like a black cape to keep from hitting shit. Elevator was waiting to take her up to the dressing halls near the top grid of the building. Tiger eyes were quiet, door to her dressing room closed just as silent. Black open back tee shirt was peeled on over an already naked torso, tied at the back of her waist per usual. The bottom of her scant costume was pulled off with a lift of her foot and a snap, laid over the back of her vanity chair as a knock preceded her dresser’s entrance. *npc* Car? “No,” the gorgeously timbred voice whispered. Just before. She’d learned just before stepping on stage. Black lace thong slipped up over hips, followed by low slung jeans. Window was pushed open, the barefoot superstar climbing onto the ledge from four stories up, it was raining- hard. In the dark the droves made the lights of the city fade in and out in waves. Stepping onto the grate of the fire escape, she was soaked within seconds, climbing onto the slick railing with impeccable balance to stand and survey the city in the midst of a thunderstorm… leaning forward to fall into the black. Speed increasing, cloak of shadow snapped open in a razor slice to arc water in every direction and create lift to cut between several buildings. Barefoot, the Meta sluiced through air within the storm, sliding after nearly a half hour on top of an impenetrable high rise. Pushing through glass double doors of a dark studio never locked, the intent artist pulled on boots with a slam of each heel and snap of wet denim over them. Breakaway holsters were snapped on her thighs as she dripped on the marble floor in heavy rivulets. Sheen of tiger’s eye flicked to the light leather jacket on a bar stool. She pulled it on, reaching behind her to buckle it at the base of her spine. Everything worked that way. Hammerfists checked in her pockets. Cell phone went off on the counter. The club. Fuck the club. Again into the rain, the hospital wasn’t far. It was a small one, in shit-storm central of the city. Too much lately, too much. The alley was almost flooded, the run-off rushing down the ramp to the bowels of the building circling a stinking drain. One knock on the door with no window under a flickering light got someone's attention, it opened a crack. He was a waif of a young man, but one she’d rather wished she didn’t know. He welcomed her in from the rain, a nonchalant shiver of feathers shaking the water off in a spray of droplets. She hated the walk. One door, two door, three… the stainless steel had a smell. Not cold or antiseptic, but barren. Devoid. A place where only things that didn’t exist lived before becoming nothing. The small door was opened, long tray pulled out with a smooth tug, moving to demurely fold back the white cloth that had been seeped slightly with red. She didn’t even need to see. She knew. The kid… no longer a kid, nineteen these days had seen so much darkness they were seasoned vets of a shit world. Lips pressed to a thin line, bubbling anger held in with a soft sigh. Bruises had turned to cuts had turned to this. A headliner in a hole-in-the-wall strip club, now on a slab. Someone was dealing these girls like money. Shifting them around to keep under the radar. Using them up until curb appeal was gone, then shipping them off someplace else to count money, then test product, then… this. A production line from stripper pole to death. Not Bakkhos business officially. It was her business. “You know what to do.” The young man nodded at her. He was her “in” to most deaths before they were sent to proper morgues, most likely be fired if anyone ever knew he was her contact. But, he also did the right thing. Handled the “lost” off to morgues with instructions from their “families” for burial. Otherwise, a pauper’s grave in a pine box with a number for a memorial, for nobody. She'd lost this round with the dark underbelly. They all hurt, but this one... hurt more. The Meta knew their names, and their stories, and she knew this one’s last address. She nodded at him once, a wet lock that had escaped the large wrapped bun tucked behind her ear as she left for the same door she’d come through. This was going to be a long, bloody night.
  13. Looking to work a plot arc with some sort of "human trafficking" element. People being taken advantage of by a rebuilding world tilted to the powerful. Just throwing out ideas here... drug rings of baaaad stuff, people being paid to ship "loved ones" from devastated places around the world and never delivering- or delivering them in terrible shape/infected (Were, etc.), gun runners inundating the city with junk products, collectors/kidnappers of "altered" purely for amusement. Thoughts?
  14. The bitch is back

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  15. The bitch is back

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