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    Mythos Vistani stands 6' 2" with dark brown, nearly black hair and vivid blue eyes (colored contacts ) that generally stay hidden behind lightly tinted sunglasses or on occasion he will wear a pair of fake eyeglasses. Mythos can always be found dressed in a finely tailored Italian suit and expansive custom made loafers. He has small silver hoops in each ear and a fine silver chain around his neck that carries a ring. The ring is clearly meant for a woman or a reminder or something.
    First and foremost Mythos is the life of the party where he is. Never at a loss for words, always getting in the last word. He can have a short fuse at time, but is working to control that. He carries a flaw that has been with him since childhood, one that landed him in juvenile detention and more recently a small stay with the NYDOC ( six months for a misdemeanor possession charge.) Mythos is a full blown, can't help it if he tried, Kleptomaniac. If it's shiny and he wants it. it's his. On the flip-side to that, when he is doing business he is all professional and almost OCD about things.
    Mythos is soul owner and proprietor of the Hush Clubin Brooklyn, New York. It a dimly lit, smokey, speak-easy type bar, where things aren't always what they seem. Mythos doesn't drive but owns a Mercedes G63 Amg. The only modification to the SUV is bullet resistant glass and darker than legal tinting. Mythos carries with him at all times a Sig Sauer p229 in .40 cal. in shoulder harness on his right side. Mythos' living arrangement is a reflection of his love for the finer things life has to offer. Penthouse apartment is a gadget geeks dream, with a 90" flat-screen T.V. and remote or voice activated lights, and environmental controls it's almost scary. Mythos also has two very loyal animals. His Bull Mastifs Caesar and Brutus.
    Mythos has being doing business with the Bakkhos for years. Though not officially part of the organization, he is a trusted partner and ally to them. His affiliations are spread far and wide across the U.S. and into Eastern Europe.


    Mythos was infected 8 years ago with the nocturnaeximius-virus giving him enhanced speed and strength making him three to four times faster and stronger than the average human. He also has a quicker than normal healing factor like other Sheut - Ka . No other abilities have surfaced thus far.
    Mythos is a silver tongued devil in a five thousand dollar suit. He can steal not only your girlfriend but have you pay for their first date with the wallet he stole from you. This is a skill that he has honed since his early teens. Mythos also holds a black belt in Judo and spends several hours a week shooting to improve his skills.
    Mythos was born to Mahail and Elena Stanislov, first generation immigrants from Romania. Mythos learned from a very early age how to pick pocket and use his slight stature and nimble finger to his and his families advantage.

    As he grew older and learned more about to use his burgeoning gift of gab, his father taught him the art of the Con. Not only did Mihail's son learn very quickly, he seemed a natural at it. By the time Mythos was twelve years old he was running cons and grifting the kids at his school, much to his principle's dismay. shortly after these "games", as Mythos called them, were ended , Mythos was expelled from school. Luckily Elena, his mother, had been a teacher before marrying Mahail. So Mythos was home schooled from that point on.

    One day several years later Mythos was walking down the sidewalk near his parents aparment building and saw police and ambulances parked all over the street in front of their building. Not wanting to be seen by the cops, Mythos sneaked down the alley beside the building and scrambled up the fire escape. When made it to his apartment, the last of the police were leaving and the EMT's were pushing a covered body out the door. Mythos' heart fell instantly when he saw his mother sitting at the Kitchen table crying. At that moment he knew his father had crossed the wrong person and had paid with his life. Opening the window , Mythos eased into the apartment and crossed the room to his mother. Silently they both sat and cried. Mythos was now the provider of the family, he had to man up and make sure his mother was cared for, no matter what.

    A few weeks later Mythos found his opportunity to do not only provide for his mother, but himself as well. He started running errands for one of the "Families" . it wasn't much at first, but it was enough for food and paying the bills. This went on for several years with Mythos slowly working his way up the ranks within the " Family ".

    On his thirtieth birthday Mythos took his mother back to Romania for the first time since they left. Using his connections from being involved with one of the "families" of New York they stayed in nice hotels and ate the finest foods. Mythos had never seen his mother any happier than he did on that trip. Sure she wasn't depressed or suicidal but after his father died, the light in her eyes faded and she just kept going on and not really living. So, Mythos cam up with a solution. He called around and found his mother an apartment in Constanta, a nice city right on the Black Sea. Once his mother was moved in Mythos decided to do some traveling. That's when the resonance hit.

    One night, in club somewhere in Prague, Mythos met a very attractive woman who made all kinds of promises of dreams coming true and living forever. Being drunk, high on ecstasy, and very willing to do things to this woman that would be illegal in some places, Mythos followed her back to her place. Once there the only thing he could remember were flashes of color and pain.

    When he woke, she was still there and watching him from a chair across the room. He thought that was sorta creepy, but she still looked good. Like almost too good. she led him from the bedroom to a parlor type room with a number of drugged looking girls who looked just over the age of 18. She explained that he had become now , Sheut-Ka, or Vampire for lack of a better word. Initially repulsed and sicked, Mythos lashed out at her cursing her and at one point attempted to strike her, but before could bring his arm around he was looking up at the ceiling and flat on his back. She held him there till her quit trying to resist and finally bagan to realize he was hungry, very hungry. By the look in his eyes, the woman could see the hunger growing and smirked. "You need to feed. Now get up and pick one. I don't have all night. You are now Sheut-Ka. " she spoke barely above a whisper and let him off the floor.

    Sheut-Ka, the word echoed in his head, but seemed wrong at first. raising himself to his feet he readjusted his shirt and ran his hands through his hair. Then the first cramp hit, and he was back on his knees. Closing his eyes, Mythos concentrated and found to his astonishment he could barely hear the other heartbeats in the room. When he raised his head to looked around again and locked eyes on a small blonde in the corner and almost as if her blood sang to him he was on her like an animal. His canines elongated as he opened his mouth and bit the poor girl's neck. The rush was unlike anything he experienced in his life. The hunger began to subside almost instantly and soon the woman was pulling him away from the girl. Once he let go of the petite blonde's form it fell to the floor like a rag doll.

    The woman lifted his face to her's and smiled. This time Mythos smiled too. This was going to be interesting he thought as she used a towel to wipe the remaining blood from his face and neck. Now life was going to get much more interesting.

    Mythos spent the next six years learning what it was to be a Sheut - Ka from the woman. During those years Mythos also became involved in the arms trade and learned how to find and procure certain hard to get items.

    Upon returning to New York, Mythos found the "Families" had been reformed into the Bakkhos. Still having friends in the organization, Mythos reached out and worked his way into business with them. This time it was on his terms.

    Mythos quickly pruchased a penthouse apartment and a cozy little bar/club out of which to do his business. The Bakkhos now frequent this establishment and Mythos is only to happy to do business with them. His only companions are Caesar, Brutus, and his body guard/ barman/ driver, Brett. Who always seems to know things about people and can read a room's vibe like Kreskin.

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    The light was fading from the sky as the Gypsy, Mythos, walked through the lobby of  theatre he had called home for  years now. It's garish colors and ostentatious décor we a reflection of it's owners own decadent lifestyle. A set of double doors greeted him when he reached the far end of the spacious lobby. They had been “removed” from an abandoned building several blocks away and lovingly restored and painted by an elven artist that had thought the theatre abandoned and was looking for a place to sleep off a hard night of drinking. That notion quickly evaporated when the frail man came face to face with two huge English Bull Mastiffs, Brutus and Caesar. The twin guardians of the theatre were soon joined by their master, in the guise of Marius Nightshade. If the poor elf  had nearly had a heart attack when he saw the dogs the presence of Marius would have surely sent the man over the edge.
    Normally Mythos would have killed the intruder without a thought, but this Elf  made him pause for some reason. Mythos knew the frail folk were known for their attention to detail and artisans of the highest caliber. The edge of the Ravnos' mouth twitched as he formulated a plan. A plan that would bring his visions into reality, and this wayward intruder was just the person to do it. Even if it was against his will.
    Stumbling through an overly elaborate apology, the elf,  promised to leave immediately and never return. Marius though, had other intentions. Guiding the elf into the lobby, Marius, talked about looking for skilled labor to refurbish the some of the more rundown parts of the theatre. Since the plague and other mini cataclysms of this Cain forsaken rock had taken it's toll on the beautiful interior of the palace theatre. The small frail elf  was awestruck when he entered the lobby, and listened intently to the owner's vision for the restoration.  When Marius finished the elf spoke with growing interest and enthusiasm about how he was an artist and would love a chance to help Marius reclaim the grandeur of Acacia's only place of culture. 

    That night was six months ago and the elf had held true to his word, bringing hastily sketched plans and half formed thoughts into reality right before the Baro's eyes. The whole place gave him the feel of a speakeasy from the time of the prohibition on earth. Dark woods dominated much of the landscape along with small candles placed on each table,and some added flare here and there. Like a raised area in the corner that would soon have a piano and a microphone for patrons to sing. Yes, his Elysium was coming along nicely. Elysium, the thought made the Methuselah almost laugh out loud. How many of his fellow Kindred were left? A dozen, maybe. Maybe less because of the plague. 
    Mythos moved from the interior of the lounge back into the lobby of the theatre and sat on one of the refurbished settees. Absently he reached under his shirt and pulled out the small vial that hung from his neck. The tiny crystalline vial contained blood. Kindred blood, from Nila to be precise. Nila Faulcon, his oldest and closest friend had given it to him centuries ago as a present. He in return had given her a vial of his precious vitae as well. Holding the vial in his hand he closed his silvery blue eyes and thought of her. Wondering if she could feel him wondering about her. 
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  1. Mythos Vistani

    Nighttime is Playtime

    Just as every cop is a criminal And all the sinners saints As heads is tails Just call me Lucifer 'Cause I'm in need of some restraint A smile played at the corners of his mouth as he hummed the tune and stepped from the backseat of his mercedes. Turning to Brett, Mythos raises an eyebrow at his surroundings. Had it really been two years since he'd been in New York? Sighing inward he nods to his bodygaurd and friend. “ Go back to Hush and keep an eye on things for me. I'll call when it's time for a pickup.” Turing back to the building, Mythos opens the back door adjusting the platinum cufflinks on the custom tailored hunter green shirt. He steps into the elevator and felt the vibration of the phone in his pocket. Pulling the device from his pocket he swipes the srceen to read the text message from Brett. Nodding he returned the phone to his pants pocket just as the elevator opened up and he stepped out. Seeing Matteo infront of him he clears his throat. “ Matteo, I see you've added Bartender to you're skill set. Can I hire you for my next soire?” Smirking he comes around to the front of the bar and unbottons the charcoal colored blazer and finds a seat next to the bouncer. “ It would seem that I'm also early to this party. How odd. I'm never anywhere before things get going.” Shrugging slightly he looks to Matteo again and chuckles. “ I'll have a vodka martini good sir, and some information on what the fuck happened while I was gone. I leave on buisness and shit went to hell right quick. At least this place is still standing.” Running his lithe fingers through his hair he calms a little and holds his hand up to Matteo. “ Sorry man, i'm still a little upset over the damage to my place.” The Hush club had sustained considerable damage during the bloodmoon event and had only reopened a couple of weeks ago. Standing again Mythos waits for his drink and absently fidgets with the curiously decorated zippo( Ravnos cross with a Raven perched on it) he fished from his pants pocket.
  2. Mythos Vistani

    A Night Ruined...

    Sitting in the overstuffed leather chair, Mythos leaned back and glanced at this phone screen. One missed call from the beautiful English ballerina, and one from a buyer interested in some automatic weapons. “Business can wait. Hot international dancers get pouty, and leave.” A low chuckles rumbles in his chest as he prepares to dial the phone, but is interrupted by the buzz on the intercom system. “Boss, its Rico. Gotta woman down here wanting to speak with you.” Sighing audibly, Mythos clicks the mouse on an icon and brings up the security camera feed for the bar. Double clicking on the camera feed for the bar area, the image goes full screen. A sly smirk tugs the corner of the Gypsy's mouth as he sees the woman in white. Short, maybe 5'5” and a nice ass. She's either a pissy socialite looking cause a scene, or a potential customer. Exiting his office, he straightens his jacket and tie and he descends the short staircase to the floor. Admiring her backside still, Mythos slides the lightly tinted sunglasses off and replaces them with needless eyeglasses and fixes the platinum cuff links on each sleeve. His approach to bar brings him up on her left side and past her, almost brushing her shoulder and definitely close enough for him to catch a whiff of her perfume. Though he knows she's the one who wanted to talk him, he looks to Rico and receives a subtle nods from the bartender to indicate Eris standing behind him. Turning to face Eris now his face changes slightly, going from business to pleasure. A sly grin breaks across the Gypsy's face, and those too blue eyes fall on Eris. Spreading both hands out his sides, he bows deeply at the waist. Righting himself , he steps a little closer and speaks. The words dripping with honey, and filled with innuendos. “Madame, I am the owner of this humble establishment. What, may I ask has offended you? If it is was one of my staff, trust it will not happen again. Please, Join me for a drink so we may discuss this?” Motioning with his left arm, he indicates a small out the way corner booth that is obviously his. “ Please, it's the least I can do to help erase this black spot on your fist impression of my club.”
  3. Mythos Vistani

    A Night Ruined...

    June 25, 2018 The sounds of Kamelot's Silverthorn CD filled the air in the penthouse apartment as it's owner stood on the balcony over looking New York City sipping a glass of red wine. The slight breeze made the humid night air almost bearable. The small vibrations from his cell phone brought the Sheut Ka gypsy back to the present. Sighing inwardly, he retrieves the phone from his suit coat and checks the caller ID. It was Brett, his body guard, and closest thing to a friend. Sliding a thumb across the screen he places the phone on speaker and answers. “ Yes, Brett?” he asks with a hint of resignation in his voice. He had plans to stay in tonight. The Hush Club could do stand one night without his, or Brett's presence. Apparently not. Brett's voice sounds strained when he speaks. “ Sir, we have a small situation. I got a call from Rico, and he said someone was at the club asking for you and being pretty belligerent about it. I have the car ready to go downstairs when you're ready. I told Rico to keep the guy there and keep an eye on him till we get there.” Nodding to himself, Mythos sighs again and hangs up the phone. Tonight was not the night to get on his bad side. As he makes his way to wards the door, Mythos picks up the Sig p229 and slides it into it's shoulder holster and pockets his keys. He punches a series of keys on the pad by the door and the lights dim, the music stops and a light chirp sounds as the alarm system comes online. When he exits the elevator in the lobby his phone vibrates again. Once he checks the caller ID again he swipes the screen and sends the call to voicemail. She'll understand, maybe. Exiting the building , Brett opens the door for him as he slides into the backseat. After closing the door Brett slides into the driver's seat and pulls away from the curb and into the flow of traffic. Twenty minutes later the Mercedes G63amg pulls up to front of the club and stops. Brett opens the door, and waits for Mythos to exit. Adjusting his coat as he exits the luxury SUV, Mythos scans the sidewalk in both directions and heads for the entrance of his club, followed closely by Brett. After entering the club , Mythos heads for the bar , making eye contact with Rico as he crosses the room. Rico nods once and motions to the guy at the far end sipping a glass of whiskey on the rocks. A slight course correction bring Mythos and Brett directly to the man they had been called about. “You looking for me?” Mythos speaks as he slides onto a barstool next to the man, and letting Brett take up position directly behind and within arms reach of the guy in case any trouble should start. Brett was very unassuming to those who simply looked at his outward appearance. Truth be told, Brett was ex- Navy Seal and had the scars to prove it. The guy nearly jumped off the stool as Mythos spoke. Immediately he began to sputter and stammer, unable to string together a coherent sentence much less be threatening about it. “ Uh, Uh, I.....Uhm...Fuck it.” The guy's body flinched a fraction of an inch towards Mythos, but Brett was already moving and had his hands on the guy before he got close. Smirking slightly Mythos, looked at the poor guy whose head was now firmly planted on the bar under the weight of Brett's forearm. “I think you and my friend here are going to have a small chat about etiquette in public. I had plans tonight, but you, you, interrupted them. Now I have to make a call and apologize to a very beautiful, woman. That's going to cost me a lot of money.” The look on the man's face was utter panic as the realization washed over him and Brett pulled him off the bar and lead him towards the back exit. “You Bastard! I'll be back....With friends!” He screamed as Brett now forcefully, removed him from the premises. Pulling a silver cigarette case from his pocket he opens it and removes one. Tapping it twice on the case he slips the cigarette between his lips and lights it with the zippo from the same pocket. After placing both the case and the zippo back in his pocket, Mythos takes a nice long draw and exhales to calm his nerves. That sly smirk of his slides into place as he makes his way to an open area of the floor and with presence worthy of a celebrity brings the room to a dead quiet before he speaks. “Ladies and gentlemen, please for give that sudden outburst. That poor deluded man thought to come in here and cause a disturbance, but thanks to the quick actions of myself and my security staff we avoided an incident that could have caused serious harm to anyone of you in this establishment. As an apology from me to you, your next round of drinks is on the house!” With those words, the place erupted in applause. Laughing along with the customers, Mythos made his way through the throng of people towards the stairs at the back of the room. A slight nod to the security staff at the bottom of the stairs lets them know he does not want to be disturbed and Only Brett is allowed upstairs......


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