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    Italian lineage shines through in Matteo's 6ft frame. The dark hair and smoldering amber brown eyes only add to faintly exotic features that are right at home in the Bakkhos clan.

    Born and bred of the mob, Matteo is as comfortable in his tank and jeans as he is in a tailored Armani suit, his preference being somewhere between the two. Over the years he has established a fairly large collection of tattoos including the Bakkhos club emblem on his lower left pelvic muscle, a St. Christopher medal around his left ankle, and a massive kneeling fallen angel covers his entire back to name a few.

    He always has on the two wedding band styled rings with a grape vine encircling the thick of the silver on each to designate his status in the family. He is also never without the silver cross that dangles from a chain around his neck and the gold Patron St George medal.
    Matteo has a strong sense of loyalty to the family. He also has a very low tolerance for traitors, making him ideal as the Senior Capo. Raised within the fold of the mob, he carries a familiar Italian arrogance. The caporegimes and soldiers beneath him emulate his loyalty because the man has earned their loyalty and trust. He doesn't sit upon a pyramid but rather is in the thick of the fray with his people.

    He has a reputation for being a womanizer, not looking for a relationship as he is being groomed for the next Boss opening in the Bakkhos family.
    Owner of Satyr Stadium

    A couple Desert Eagle .50 calibers engraved just for him.

    One of the nicer Bakkhos penthouse apartments above the club. With a masculine flare and hint of old Vegas style, this home puts him close to Gaspari and the other bosses.

    Matteo also maintains an apartment away from the Bakkhos hotel in downtown NY. Less extravagant than his hotel penthouse, the apartment is a secret from most of the family. Its his place to get away.

    An immaculate black 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda 440-6 Barrel. The car is recognized among the Bakkhos and the family know better than to lay a hand on the Senior Capo's ride.


    Self Teleportation/Matter Transfer
    Matteo can transfer his own matter/energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. He is able to displace himself dimensionally and reappear in his targeted location. Extensive practice has taught him that the limit that he can carry with him is ~40 lbs which typically includes his clothing, weapons and perhaps a backpack of things. If he attempts to take more with him it does not all reappear and he is unable to retrieve it as he is not cognizant of the dimension he displaces through since it occurs almost simultaneously to his reappearance. He is also unable to bring living creatures/people. This was done once with catastrophic results to the passenger and nearly killed himself; the next time, it might.

    He can easily move again and again up to 25ft but as the distance gets larger it becomes more taxing. The outer limit is 150yrds. The ability is also limited to line of sight. He must see the fixed point at which he will emerge so he cannot go through walls or buildings. A neat parlor trick in the beginning, this has become a frightening ability when used in combat as he has paired it with his speed to allow for attacks from nearly any angle. He can reappear off the ground which allows him to attack even from above and the ability is so ingrained in his fighting style that he can use it again right after connecting a punch or kick, making him difficult to hit back.

    Each teleportation is characterized by a faint trail of dark smoke and a hint of cinnamon scent. Matteo's best guess is it's something he enters and pulls out from dimensionally

    Enhanced Speed
    Before he ever learned he could teleport himself, he figured out the Nevus event had granted him an acceleration he had not possessed before. Falling far short from the average vampire, Matteo is about three times faster than the average man. This is most often used when pulling his guns but he also pairs it with his ability to teleport in hand to hand combat. Used only in short bursts he can accelerate numerous times without exhaustion if the acceleration is maintained for 30secs or less. When he starts using it for lengths of time it has a toll. For this reason he tends to use it in 10 second flashes when fighting which can make him an infuriating opponent.
    Gaspari chose Matteo to lead because of he has a real knack for strategy. He has a keen ability to look at a situation and make the best choice. He also is silver tongued, negotiations often falling to the younger Italian.

    Matteo also has a real head for numbers. It is not a good idea to try and skim the books within Bakkhos, he notices when the numbers don't add up.

    Matteo is a fighter. Fists, knives, guns - he can use them all. He grew up among the mob greats and learned how to take care of himself. Among these skills is boxing, his is an avid fan of getting into the ring.

    His own fast car he leaves in the garage to keep it from being damaged, but he has a real need to feel speed under his feet. He has a dodge charger and a beat up mustang that he takes out to race.

    In his down time, Matteo is wicked with a pool cue and its not wise to sit at the poker table with him and lay money on the table.
    Matteo was a child of the mob when the mob was divided and under siege. The 80s saw turncoats and federal investigations that began to fracture the New York mobs. Matteo was born into the Genovese Family, a childhood filled with unrest as the ruling families splintered. The Gambinos had just suffered the loss of Castellano to John Gotti who took over the Gambino family and the Genovese did not take kindly to the murder not having been sanctioned through the Commission. However with the attempt on Gotti's life failing to kill the man, the family soon made peace with John as Gigante assumed his place as largest crime boss in New York.

    Matteo was fascinated with the workings that went on well above his father's soldier status. By six he was more a child of Gigante and Esposito than his own father as he began shining shoes for the bosses. By eight he had learned that sitting in on the meetings and keeping his mouth shut he learned far more than when he asked questions. By twelve he was running dangerous errands for the Capos of the family in a time when turncoats were everywhere. By fourteen he had held his first gun in his hand and used it.

    In a time when crime bosses were ratting out eachother to the feds, Matteo was being groomed in the strongest family. The Genovese managed to stand where others crumbled because they understood that the open mob of the 60s and 70s was a thing of the past. The family had learned that ultimate secrecy was their greatest family asset, Gigante's name never spoken even within the family as it was punishable by death.

    By 2010, Matteo was one of the three-man committee of administrative capos with Tino "The Greek" Fiumara. The youngest of the three he expected to be a part of the committee for years before he saw the chance to become a street boss. But expectations often are disrupted by history.

    The Nevus event was a disaster for the strongest surviving mob family in the US. The Greek was killed, as was Liborio "Barney" Bellomo, the boss of the family. Both the Underbosses and Consigliere were not heard from after 2010 so they too are assumed dead. Other than a couple smaller capos and some soldiers, the family was lost.

    So was Matteo.

    The family had been his life, his entire life. He didn’t know how to exist in the world without it.

    Matteo was a part of the mess after the event. Trying to claim back the territories that had belonged to the Genovese for no one in particular as there was no head of the family, but his gut told him he had to defend what was, had been, theirs. Late 2010 his efforts nearly got him killed when he came across a man that didn’t seem at all like a "survivor" of the Nevus. In a clean suit and polished speech, Angelo Gaspari spoke of making the mob the greatest force of the Northern Hemisphere. He spoke of phoenixes rising from ashes and as much as Matteo tried to hate the man that was no family to the Genovese, he found himself captivated by the vision of a single family. Recruited by Angelo himself, Matteo went from soldier of Bakkhos to Caporegime in less than a month. The boss himself had recognized that the kid from the filthy streets of Queens was born and bred to lead in the family.

    About this time he also began to learn he had been altered. The speed he had slowly begun to acknowledge was increased but it wasn’t until nearly two years after the Nevus that he discovered his ability to teleport. A deal had gone bad, a remnant from an old family had reached out to become a part of Gaspari's vision, only it was a trap. A gun to Gaspari's head and Matteo shifted his weight to sprint there only to "blink" out of existence and reappear between the two men twenty feet away. Matteo was shot twice in the ordeal but also managed to slit the throat of the would be mutineer. He had proved without a doubt his loyalty to the Bakkhos family and set himself on a path for bigger things as gym training became a norm for him as he worked to perfect what the apocalypse had given him.

    Matteo helped Gaspari grow the Bakkhos family from a couple dozen to hundreds in the first years after the Nevus. By 2017, he was named Senior Capobastone to both Gaspari and "Lucky" Cavalli who had taken a shine to the old school mob beliefs that Matteo clung to. He is trusted so much that he has been granted a minor "boss" status of not a territory but a venue. Satyr Stadium opens with Matteo at the helm of the endeavor.

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  1. Cleared throat behind him caused the chin to turn, dark eyes glancing before the brow lifted. Mythos. Well this was a surprise. “ Matteo, I see you've added Bartender to you're skill set. Can I hire you for my next soire?” Brow lifted higher. The Bakkhos money launderer had been on the road for nearly two years. He was well behind. Missed the hell storms…. his taking over and building out the Satyr stadium… the Winery purchasing an additional 200 acres……the Blood Moon fiasco…. the finding of radar equipment in Italy that now allowed them to more safely transport goods along their trade routes… even missed Gaspari leaving for a month tour with the "family" on the other side of the world. He had heard a rumor that the man was back but it was only yesterday heard and not yet confirmed. Now…. It seemed it was confirmed. "It would seem that I'm also early to this party. How odd. I'm never anywhere before things get going. I'll have a vodka martini good sir, and some information on what the fuck happened while I was gone. I leave on business and shit went to hell right quick. At least this place is still standing.” Now he was pushing it. Arms folded over his chest as brow quirked. Nearly wasn’t. Bottom coupl'a floors of the hotel were toast after damn Blood Moon events here… missed all the werebitch killin' Bottle of vodka was slid on the bar as was a lowball glass. ….and pour it ya damn self Vistani… this aint no caterin' hall. "Sorry man, i'm still a little upset over the damage to my place." Head shook with a shrug. Wasn’t only one…we had a few big hits…. good bit of our businesses in Queens were destroyed, includin' the liquor depot. We got family still displaced all over the city. Eyes dropped to watch the man play with the zippo. Hand ran through his hair as head shook. Shit man… why not just tattoo "Anne Rice" on ya ass. Joey was blinking at the two, uncertain what was happening. He only joined the family in the last two years so he didn’t know the stranger nor that he was Sheut so the exchange didn’t make much sense. Matteo knew him… that much was clear. ….or better yet….cover ya'self in glitter so you can sparkle under the light…. Fingers "jazz handed" on the "sparkle" in his accusation. Smirk betrayed the ribbing was not malicious, he just couldn’t help pointing out the ridiculous irony of a real Sheut running around with a cliché human symbol of vampires.
  2. Feb 1, 2020 6pm (currently Bakkhos only) Fingers drummed on the dark bar. Cool gaze watched the sun begin to sink out the windows of the club. Gaspari had put him in charge of the club while the head of Bakkhos was travelling to Italy and then Spain to meet with the Family there and discuss how to increase their trading routes in this still challenged world. The steel doors were still closed to the public, the red velvet rope outside lonely and unmanned. It was early yet. Bakkhos only opened at 9pm. The soft click of heels behind him betrayed the beginning of staff arriving through the private entrance. NPC: "Matty!" Trish. The squeal gave her away before the small hands wrapped around his waist from behind, slinking under the gray blazer to tickle over the deep wine button up, following the buttons until they opened at his chest. Her fingers snaked inside the silky shirt for a feel of the dark hair and to play with the gold chain hanging there before his large grip caught the invaders. Head turned and dipped to catch the ruby lips behind his shoulder only briefly. 'ey Trish. Hand lightly pushed her hands down and untangled from his torso. NPC: "Whatcha doin' here?" I'm in charge while Gaspari is away of course.... so get yer pretty tail off and into uniform.. Hand swatted the thick meat of her ass sending her off to the back with a playful yelp. Waitresses were always in slinky black cocktail dresses at Bakkhos, even when serving those that decided to slink into the pools……and he had slept with half of them. Smirk slid his lips as he moved around the bar and poured himself a lowball of straight scotch. They had a couple hours before the door was opened to the public for the first time since the Blood Moon fiasco three months ago. The club hadn't suffered any damage but the lower portions of the hotel had. Because the club could be locked down like a steel trap, they used it instead as headquarters while they rebuilt and waited to see if the sky would continue to "fall". Between the unnatural Blood Moon events and the anti-outworlder sentiment growing around the world it was collectively decided that Satyr Stadium was on hold for the time being. Instead, Gaspari was trusting his Senior Capo to run the prized Bakkhos club and their hotel while the head of the Family was jet setting around the world and growing their connections. It was good for the Family, but the Capo wished Gaspari would take more muscle when he went. Gray was good and all, but the Family head should have dozens with him, not a team of ten. He had lost that argument however, so he was left behind to run the business. In and of itself, it was a huge honor. Dark eyes lifted at the heavy steps coming through the private entrance. 'ey Joey….. The young lycanthrope smiled at him as he walked over. NPC: "Hey Boss…. you're here early." Nod came as the scotch slid smooth down his throat before he pulled the glass away. Ya… wanted to be sure we were ready…. checking security cams etcetera. Joey unbuttoned his blazer to sit on the leather stool on the other side as he nodded. NPC: "I made sure we have some extra muscle tonight since we haven't been open in a while and aint sure if we gonna see just the regulars or some wild cards. Bringing in all seven bouncers and three on cams." The Capo nodded as he finished his scotch and set the glass in the bucket under the bar. Ari would be pissed there were dirty glasses before they even opened but he would face her fury. Another glance outside confirmed it would be a brisk but clear night. A good night to reopen Bakkhos and help the upper echelon find a playful norm once more.
  3. (Etan skipped but feel free to jump in) Muscles burned as he sprinted up the street, apparating mid-stride before re-appearing half a block down the street in a swirl of ebony smoke tendrils, his momentum continuing to press forward. It was several blocks to the liquor store, the Capo vanishing twice more as he drove towards the Bakkhos base. Final apparation took him to the middle of the street in front of the entrance but as the wisps curled through the break in the air, the steel projectile came nearly flattened him. Gasp filled the air as he reappeared and re-apparated almost in the same breath as the vehicle flew through the excess of smoking tendrils, air burning of cinnamon as he appeared nearly six feet off the ground, dropping back to the street in a three point stance. DA FUCK?!? Expression flung from his lips as dark amber orbs caught the flash of what he thought was a woman fly after the hunk of steel to finish off a were. Shit… they were here already. Gaze snapped to the sky looking for Calista, she was lagging behind, his attention pulled down the road from which he had come in time to see her go after another beast as that damn man stood in the middle of the road still. What the hell?!? Had the whole world gone nuts? Snorting he snapped open his phone, autodial quickly ringing Nicholas inside the locked up store. 'ey Nick. You got the place locked up? Any breaches? He listened as the old gruff declared the place locked tight and defensible, clearly irritated at being followed up on. Nuthin is defensible tonight it seems. Keep the place tight an' arm yaself. There's hundreds of 'em comin'. With that he snapped the phone shut in time to catch a shadow pass over his head, the wereleopard having been trying to get into the building from the roof but decided the man on the ground was easier prey. Moon-thumpers were always hostile transformed but this level of aggression… he had never seen it before. Gun pulled free as he was charged. He held his ground till the very last moment before the space he once filled was replaced with wisps of ebony and scents of cinnamon, the beast slamming into the brick wall from its own momentum as he appeared above, explosion ripping the air, bullet lodging in the back of the creatures neck as gravity pulled the Capo down from his seven foot floating perch. Again he was struck by the fact that they would be lucky to survive the night.
  4. Body again apperated, the tell tale wisps of ebony smoke curling like fingers after the air as the creature charged him, the lunge into a space he no longer filled resulting in it slamming into the brick wall just heavy footfalls came up behind him. He was already spinning when the intruder dared to grab his arm. Gun whipped around dead center for the man's forehead expecting another lycanthrope, the trigger half pulled as brows gnarled over his expression. ..da fuck?! Expression spat from his lips just as he spun, the lycan once more on its feet coming for them. Gun leveled shot ringing out just as a mass of fur and wing slammed into the street beside them. Flinch controlled as he lifted a brow at the woman. Well that was one way to make an entrance. "Hey, are you seeing this?" Spinning to look at the guy that had nearly had his brains blown out the other brow quirked. Nah… I didn' see nuthin' tryin' t' attack me. Sarcasm dripped. Who was this guy? Dark eyes flicked to her as she mentioned her sense of direction was scrambled, the faint nod acknowledging as the business mind quickly started running down scenarios. There weren't really many where they were not fucked. Hand snatched the phone from the air despite seeming distracted, reflexes lethal. "They aren't stopping. Orders boss?" The liquid gaze slid to her, clearly still pondering options when the damn phone rang in his hand. The Germanic voice barking their location and asking for the same orders. He heard the roar of the army now bearing down on them. The phone first. Etan…. Market on Elizabeth. Largest number of family will be there. Send a crew to protect 'em. I am headin' up to the winery up by Broome. The winery was the reception point for Finger Lakes, a distribution center and massive liquor store which also made it a large laundering location for their international funds. He knew Etan would come join them after he set a team out to the market. Phone snapped shut and slid into his pocket. Calista…. yer with me… Finger pointed to the sky. Get me some eyes….but stay close. She had proved she could be lethal from the sky and that would be handy since he couldn’t see everywhere, particularly when he apparated. Pause came as he blinked at the guy that stood in the middle of their mess. Who the fuck he was wasn’t really high on the Capo's list of things to figure out at the moment. Suggest you get yer ass outta the street if you plan on livin' through the night. With that feet started sprinting up Mulberry, body vanishing into swirls of mist only to appear again a block down the road just in time for the front line of lycans to catch up and begin to spill into the streets of Little Italy… They all would be lucky to live through the night.
  5. Don’t do something stupid. That was the last thing she had said to him. Somehow, charging down the street listening to the howls and snarls getting closer without a form of communication back to the rest of the family and only carrying a single machine gun and two glocks, even if they had high capacity magazines, seemed a bit "stupid". Problem was, they had small mom and pop places in Little Italy. Not exactly an armory of safety. This part of the family ran the "legit" businesses and would never be able to defend themselves, not from this. The club, the casino, the wharf… they all swarmed with armed soldiers, they could hold their own. Out here…. they were dogchow. He felt naked. He missed the annoying sound of Mason in his earpiece telling everyone where each and every enemy was located. He hated the way she could do that but right about now….. he would give his left nut for her voice. Just what the hell did Gaspari mean she was "away"…. she should be here Dammit! Calista in the air was new for him. They had not fought together per se. She was more a Lucky soldier than a Gaspari. Of course he wasn’t sure what good she was going to be to him since he didn’t have a damn phone. He really hadn't thought that through when he gave it to her and didn’t take another for himself. Cinnamon filled the air as the ebony smoke curled in the spot he just vacated, stride reappearing a block down the street. Body spun on the heel, gun pulled from behind him as the howl came far too close. Back up….. she had said she had back up. He hoped she got them out here soon. Spinning he sprinted towards the bakery, first family shop in Little Italy. Joseph. Idiot kid was standing in the street watching the red moon rise. [matteo]JOEY…get the fuck inside![/matteo] The teen's eyes snapped to the Cap in surprise just as a shadow erupted from the alley to thrust itself for the older Bakkhos. Gun broke the night a split second before the ebony wisps billowed in the hands of the werewolf that tried to grab him, the Capo apperating several feet above the creature, leg swinging to clobber the side of its head. Glance told him the teen had froze. [matteo]INSIDE!!![/matteo] Gun snapped off again as the creature spun only to again grab wisps of ebony, its nostrils sneezing at the scent of cinnamon left behind. Capo appeared from nothing behind the teen, foot planting on the kids backside to send him sprawling towards his family's bakery door where his mother had just emerged having heard the Capo's scream. Her wits were better than her sons, snatching the kid by his shirt and half throwing him inside as the gun went off again. This was going to be a blood bath… where was Calista and her back up? Come to think of it… where the hell were his guys?
  6. (Etan skipped with permission) Huff was agitated as he stared at the blinking numbers slowly decline. He half listened to Etan make a few calls, the most important of which sending some protection to Frankie's place. The club was safer on the top floor but it meant the trip down to the underground parking was ridiculously long, the car stopping to pick up passengers twice who were snarled a warning to stay off as the Capo slammed the door close button each time. Fingers were itching to have his wheel gripped tight and tearing off towards the smaller districts where the rest of the family probably didn’t have the itchy spider sense he did that now had him prickled to heated agitation. Dark caramel snapped up as the phone rang almost the moment Etan snapped it shut on the call to get Frankie some support, the German didn’t even answer seeing the call was from the Capo's phone. Scowling he took it and snapped it open, rewarded with the heavy breathing from the other side. What the….? Weres. They’re everywhere… overrunning the ESB. I’m going to figure which direction they’re coming from. [matteo]What?!?[/matteo] He had frozen, the question rhetorical just as the doors FINALLY opened on the basement level of the parking lot. They need to warn….everyone. The small businesses in little Italy would struggle the most to protect themselves… that’s where he needed to go. Get it together… [matteo]…ok…ok… we're gonna head t' Grand and Mulberry… speed dial on m' phone has Lucky… heads up the bosses an' I will start warning the others.[/matteo] Hand ran through the dark locks as he stopped at the open door and scowled… words quieter. [matteo]…shit……Cal… we will need to know how far and how many are comin'….fast as you can feed us the info………….we're so fucked….[/matteo] The last not really meant for her but breathed before he snapped the phone shut and tossed it back to Etan. [matteo]…..headin' for lil Italy. You get…. everyone…. its fuckin' lycans run amok…overrunnin' the place.[/matteo] Etan would understand the seriousness and communicate appropriately. He sprinted for his Cuda…slipping into the seat and snarling the car to life, wheels squealing as he tore out of the underground parking lot. The family had a couple run ins with lycans but one at a time, never "overrunning" volumes of them. Car tore down Hudson, making it all the way to Canal St. That’s where everything went to shit. Cuda snapped left and right with violent jerks to avoid the smoking vehicles that had already crashed, forced to exit at Broadway rather than Lafayette, nearly tipping as he yanked the wheel. [matteo]…FUCK.[/matteo] Forced to stop he was quick to get to the trunk and yank open the treasure chest. Two guns were slid into the back of his jeans, machine gun slung over his shoulder as he strode down to Lafayette, the Capo apperated into thin air mid stride, foot hitting the pavement two blocks further down. An Italian Nightcrawler heading into the streets as the first screams began to pierce the air. ((This thread is now open and can begin chaos post order - meaning you can post out of order of the previous set of posts - just please don’t post more than one time in every 3 posts to allow others to react))
  7. Dark caramel flicked more than once to the feathered princess beside Lucky. She was agitated in a way he had never noticed before. Lucky clearly felt it too as his hand moved closer to her position as it rested on the arm of the chair. The Senior Capo was often dismissed as a lucky playboy who got his position just because he understood the inner workings of the family more than anyone else. Truth was he was very observant and made it his business to absorb nuances about everyone in the family. He protected them and he did that much better if he could anticipate their reactions and understand their triggers. Cal wasn’t usually triggered by anything which definitely caught his attention, eyes flicking when the softest sound of feathers shivering against eachother reached his ears. Just what the hell was going on in the city. He was the first to notice the flush to camouflage of the exquisite feather structure, brow lifting slowly just as she spoke. She never spoke at these meetings, none of the right hands did. It drew his brow even higher. Orbs flicked to Gaspari as she "ordered" them all to stay put. The head of the family had a frown beginning to descend on his brow. The Capo wasn’t sure if it was because he was mad at the Bakkhos bird or if it was like himself, a feeling of dread that one that was normally so silent was so forcefully instructing. Brow lifted higher as she approached him. Just what the….. His phone? The dark eyes met hers with a curious yet concerned expression even as the phone slid out of his pocket and into her hand, his grip overlaying her fingers for the briefest moment with a faint squeeze. He suspected he knew what she was doing. Still…. he didn’t like her heading out into who knew what without support. He didn’t like any of the family out without support. Dark eyes flicked to the heads of the family as they all watched her perch on the rail outside and take off. He knew what he needed to do, and he knew they were all NOT going to like it. About to move away from the bar, Etan came back to his side. Gaze didn’t move to the German, instead it remained on the heads of the family to ensure none had their attention on them. Etan's inquiry on how he could help met with a chin jutting slightly back to the club doors and the hallway beyond. Etan had been with him long enough to read the Capo well and moved again quietly back into the hallway. Confirming attention was not on him he watched those within as he moved to the door himself. Stepping into the hallway he began to punch a never before used code into the security panel just outside the club entrance. Words were quiet as Gaspari had already snapped around and was frowning at him. The Capo offered an apologetic smile. [matteo]…. You can thrash m' later. I put a little somethin' extra into the club design.[/matteo] [gaspari]Matty!....[/gaspari] Head shook even as metal could be heard turning and clicking, the glass windows suddenly going dark as steel storm shutters began to slam shut on the outside of each including the door to the balcony now forbidding the Bakkhos bird her re-entry. [matteo]…sorry Boss… the family needs her heads more than her soldiers.[/matteo] Head inclined slightly as Gaspari began to move towards him, Lucky standing from his chair as Carmine merely grinned, clearly the only one not surprised that the Capo would move into protection mode. The steel door shut in front of the Capo just as the head of Bakkhos nearly reached him. The entire thing electrifying with a hum which meant Gaspari would think twice about fazing through it. Turning he strode towards the elevator, fist hitting the down button as he turned to Etan. [matteo]…phone.. PHONE…[/matteo] He needed to warn her. As the German offered his phone he quickly dialed his own phone, frowning as it rang several times before finally the sound of it flipping open, wind rushing over its speaker. He didn’t need her to talk, only listen. [matteo]…Cal…. I put the club under lockdown with the heads inside. Ya won't be able to get back in through the balcony but when I designed it I left you an entry from the roof. Southside of the large air unit you'll see a steel door on the floor with a panel. Just give it yer first name. It will voice recognize you.[/matteo] He wasn’t about to explain how he had managed that one and she would figure out the steel stairs down under the door would lead her back into the offices of the club. [matteo]…. too many family aren't protected. Am headin' to the streets to ensure we got security where it needs to be. Need heads up as soon as you know what the hell is goin' on. Call this number.[/matteo] With that the phone was hung up and tossed back at Etan the moment the elevator doors slid open. Stepping inside he growled softly under his breath as side of his fist hit the ground floor. [matteo]…we need everyone in the streets moving the family to shelters….[/matteo] Elevator was going way too slow for his patience. Shit…Frankie was recovering from a big healing job when some of the family got ambushed by a start up gang. [matteo]..Etan… can you get one of our guys to Frankie's… he aint going to be up for any fightin'.[/matteo]
  8. Eyes flicked up as Ethan joined, the head of his security taking up a quiet position in the room near the bar. About time he showed up. [gaspari]We need to warn the family that something is coming. Bring in more to watch over the key venues in New York. [/gaspari] The Capo nodded, right elbow leaning on the bar as fingers played with the large flip knife he always had stuffed in his pant pocket. Point pressed against his thumb as the blade turned slowly in the other hand. He wasn’t really one for these United Nations of political heavyweights. His position had him with a seat at the table but he really preferred the trenches with the rest of the family. Problem was, he was a victim of his own insights and Bakkhos smarts. [matteo]….should keep the club closed. Just put up a sign there's a private event.[/matteo] Quiet words broke the heavy silence that was lingering as everyone tried to make sense of the "warning" signs they were now discussing. [gaspari]…not sure we want to set alarms off with…..[/gaspari] Carmine didn’t let him finish. It wasn’t often the oldest of the bosses had something to say but when he did….the family listened. [npc]Matty is right Angelo. We don’t have the luxury to be "visible" everywhere. The casino will be packed right now, to vacate it would be chaos and I have three ships coming in tonight so I need my guys at the warf. The club here and Lucky's are not currently open… we keep 'em shut and move those guys to the other venues to ensure we got the protection if something goes down. Matty puts his security detail off the stadium to cover the rest.[/npc] The head of the family was quiet, arms folded behind his back as the gaze flicked to Matteo thoughtfully before slipping to Carmine then Lucky. [gaspari]….we leave Nuzio upstate and hope whatever this is doesn’t have that far a reach?[/gaspari] It was Lucky's turn to say his peace nodding as his arm draped over the square frame of the leather seat he had once more sunk into. [npc]…we give 'im a warnin' , but ya… think we gotta make the assumption he can handle the vineyard. Besides… he has that underground bunker.[/npc] Matteo nodded to himself, watching the blade spin in his fingers. He had said his peace already, now he just needed his orders. Gaspari turned to look out the windows, the frown betraying thought as the mind that had pulled them all together was working through scenarios probably faster than most of them could come up with them. [gaspari]…ok. Lucky, get your club security to the casino. Since they swap there they don’t need any instructions on how to get around and take care of the place. I will call and get the Club's security to the warf to back up your men Carmine.[/gaspari] The head of Bakkhos looked his way and instantly the Capo's gaze lifted to meet it. [gaspari]….need your guys on the streets. We need to get the small businesses warned and get them out of harms way.. to the casino might be good place since there will be heavier protection there.[/gaspari] Nodding he pushed the blade closed and slid it away into his pocket once more, gaze slipping to Ethan and giving a slight nod. The other man would know to step out and already start making calls. Their security was off duty tonight due to the stadium still not being open. They had to call in everyone if they were tasked with guarding the streets. Eyes went back to the head of the family. [matteo]… and you…. where will you be boss?[/matteo] He wasn’t even trying to hide that he was demanding the head of the family also took up in a place of safety. But it wasn’t Gaspari that answered… it was Carmine. The older boss knew their young head could be reckless, in this however, he needed to show stable presence to the family. [npc]…the casino… that is where most of the family will end up and we can reconvene in the upstairs offices later tonight to reassess where we are.[/npc] Faint smile tickled the head of the family's lips. The nod almost a "touché" to the head of the docks. [gaspari]…the casino it is. [/gaspari] Nod was dismissive to them all as Angelo slid out his phone to start getting his security detail moved, walking to retrieve his coat and head down to the underground parking. Matteo made a point of lingering to walk the head of the family out. He wasn’t taking any chances, but before any of them made it out something was off that the young Capo couldn’t place until he moved to the sliding doors that went to the club's outdoor balcony. The darkened windows of the club had kept it hidden but the moment the dark glass slid open the crimson flushed in. [matteo]….um….. was it supposed t' be a lunar eclipse? Aint that the only time the moon is red?[/matteo] Now he had a distinct chill up his spine as he watched the beginning of a red full moon rise. What the hell had the lycanthropes sensed?
  9. He had taken up a spot not far from Gaspari, glass of scotch swirling in his hand but hardly touched as the dark eyes watched out the window. The buzz of the phone caught his attention, glancing over at Cavalli. He listened to the man speak of Cal. He didn’t know her well, seemed loyal and Lucky spoke decent enough about her. As Lucky pushed from the chair the Senior Capo lifted a brow. Words quiet to his second boss. [matteo]…need me?[/matteo] Lucky grinned and shook his head. They got along well, they both had an old school mob mentality and were dangerous when the family was threatened. Where they differed was Lucky was content to be the dictator of his limited castles… the younger Capo was content to climb wherever the head of the family wanted him to climb to….and every indication was it would be high one day. Nod accepted the answer as he lifted the glass to his lips and finally sipped from the glass. Wasn’t like Lucky to go check on someone himself. What the hell was going on? She coming in injured or something? Even that seemed off…. Lucky would have sent him or the right hand soldier he had brought to fetch her if it was just a messed up family member needing to whine about something. Lucky knew things…. danger sense on the Boss was ridiculously accurate. The fact that something had gone off for the man made the possibilities even worse. Hairs on the back of his neck bristled. First the moon-humpers jumping ship… now this…. Frown lingered over his expression as he glanced again to Gaspari who continued to quietly watch out the windows. He had finished his drink and was putting the glass behind the bar when the man returned, the woman just behind. She was a good looking woman in the same way Derrick was. Dangerous and keep your damn hands off good looking. But where he was sure none of the family messed around with Derrick, he wasn’t sure about Calista. The performer was more of an enigma than Gaspari's pit bull. Eyes moved to Gaspari suspecting they were all there now. It was his place to kick them off. The head of the family nodded slightly to the woman in greeting before sliding his hands into the pockets of his slacks and facing the family. [gaspari]….time I think is really limited… but we need to get the entire family warned and under lock down.[/gaspari] The "what"s! came from several before the head of Bakkhos flicked those dark eyes around shutting them all up. [gaspari]…. Tino and Bazzini both skipped town.[/gaspari] The gasps again were quieted with a look. Everyone knew the two were lycanthropes, key protectors of the family. [gaspari]… Tino just left a note but I spoke with Bazzini. Seems instincts had gone into overdrive that something very bad would happen if they stayed here…. Bazzini was worried he would hurt us no matter what precautions we took.[/gaspari] Matteo was leaning a hip against the bar near Carmine, head nodding slightly. Quiet words added to the ominous weight that suddenly was hanging over them. [matteo]…Joey said same thing.. headed outta town 'bout an hour ago.[/matteo] That was almost more disturbing. Joey was young and stupidly reckless at times. He didn’t back down for anything even when told to. That he skipped town too meant something had actually been stronger than his need to be a "bad ass" soldier. Glance to Gaspari held the frown that had been etching on his brow ever since. [matteo]…wanted me to come with 'im…. was that spooked.[/matteo] Gaspari frowned for the first time. There were not many Lycanthropes in the family, it was disconcerting that they all felt the need at the same time to bail on them with ominous warnings. [gaspari]We need to warn the family that something is coming. Bring in more to watch over the key venues in New York. [/gaspari] Fuck… there went opening Satyr stadium again. It had been one catastrophe after another and they still hadn't gotten open. Though he wouldn’t have wanted to open without Joey anyway. A werewolf on security duty at a venue that likely would turn into Mad Max would come in too handy. Meant he and his guys could take up security detail for Gaspari in Derrick's absence…. Gaspari wasn’t going to like it. The Capo never understood why the head of the family was completely cool with her watchdogging him all the time but in her absence wanted no one to "waste their time" trying to take her place… that he didn’t need it. This was different. He was getting some guarding whether he liked it or not… whether he knew it or not. Bakkhos was becoming a damn global conglomerate… they couldn’t lose him… it would all fall apart if they did.
  10. Cuda roared into the private parking under the Standard. Engine snapped off even as he was hopping out of the car. Strides were long, disapparating midstride and apparating more than twenty yards down the long corridor to the main elevator banks. Foot tapped impatiently waiting on the club elevator. He had a bad feeling. Joey was one thing… but Bazzini skipping town on them was unsettling. The car zipped up the eighteen flights, opening up on the club. He nodded to Jimmy at the door and walked in taking a quick accounting of who was there. Gaspari glanced up at him and nodded from his spot by the wall of windows, Lucky was lounged in a leather couch with a drink already in hand, his right hand was standing nearby. Carmine was perched on a stool by the bar talking with Alessia with his own right hand standing behind him. Nuzio was missing but then he had to come from a lot further, likely Gaspari had him stay put. In addition there were four Capo's and six soldiers. Fairly complete turnout. Wilson was missing but the Cleaner tended to steer clear of family gatherings. The one that was more conspicuously missing was Gray. Hands slid into his pockets as he moved to stand beside Gaspari. [matteo]Gray?[/matteo] [gaspari]..hmm?...oh… she is off getting something straightened out overseas for the next couple weeks. [/gaspari] Frown was instant. Gaspari didn’t have his guard dog and that he didn’t like. He also didn’t like that he hadn't known Gray was AWOL. He was quietly protective of the headliner. He didn’t give a shit what anyone thought of her, she protected Gaspari like no one else, taken more than a single bullet for their head of the family and just kept going. Damn energizer bunny. If something big was going down he really didn’t like that Gaspari didn’t have her watching his back. Bazzini was the other obvious absence. [matteo]…we still expecting?[/matteo] The head of the family glanced over and offered a faint smile and nod. [gaspari]…got two more coming that I am aware of. Only want to discuss this once. [/gaspari] Hand reached up and patted Matteo's cheek with a wink as he jutted a chin to the bar. [gaspari]….grab a drink Matteo…. take a deep breath and relax a bit.[/gaspari] That calm was why so many followed Gaspari… it was also what could be infuriating in times of crisis. Perhaps sometimes it was OK to get worked up. With a faint nod he made his way behind the bar to grab himself a scotch…..and wait. Not one of his virtues.
  11. Very cool - ya we will be starting with Bakkhos only at the club but then it will move into the streets and become an open thread so be fun! Might take a little bit to get there (we never run very waiting on couple Bakkhos to join it... but definitely tag you when it goes open so you can hop in!
  12. FYI - Bakkhos is into this fray now : Since the Standard Hotel (where the Bakkhos club is located) is just a hop skip and jump next to Whitney Museum it is likely this thread will lead to a sigil find! Thread is closed to Bakkhos at first but once they have their family meeting it will become an Open thread.
  13. Rise of the Blood Moon Event Thread November 11, 2019 - 2:00pm (open to Bakkhos entry first but will spill into Open after the "Family" meeting) [matteo]…but Joey…[/matteo] [npc]…sorry man… can't explain it… but am outta here for now.[/npc] With that the kid revved his bike and was skidding out of the stadium parking lot. Amber eyes blinked dumbfounded at the trail of smoke the bike left in the cold air before glancing over at Tony and lifting and snapping both hands towards the bike in a giant "What the fuck was that!?" gesture. Tony only shrugged which drew a shriveled frown onto the Senior Capo's features as he pivoted on a heel and marched back into the stadium and up the flights to his office in the box seats. He was already dialing by the time Tony came in, the agitated Capo pacing behind his desk as he waited for the line to pick up. He was talking the moment it did. [matteo]…'ey…Angelo….. Joey dun skipped town too. What the fuck is happenin'? That’s the fifth moon-thumper I know that’s up and skidaddled outta New York.[/matteo] [gaspari]….its Lycanthrope, Matteo, and I know. Talked to Bazzini a bit before he left and he said it was just a really bad feeling he had that he needed to be away from here and people before the moon rose tonight.[/gaspari] Really?!?... THIS was the time to be correcting his slang?? It was the rest that gave him pause though. He hadn't known about Bazzini. Bazzini wasn’t afraid of anything, yet even he had left town. His tone was quieter, more respectful of the head of the family when he continued. [matteo]….what the hell could be scarin' 'em bad enough to split Angelo?[/matteo] The long pause on the other end of the line didn’t do much to make him feel better. [gaspari]…I don’t know Matteo. Come in. We need to get the family on alert. Whatever is coming, I suspect it will be a long night.[/gaspari] With that the line went dead. He suspected Gaspari was calling in the other Bosses. Thumb came up to bite on the side of his skin, a bad habit he had never fully ditched. Amber flicked up to Tony, the head of stadium security was patiently awaiting orders. Hand fell to his side as he slid his top desk drawer open and pulled out the box of extra ammunition. [matteo]…lock 'er up. Then meet me at the club. Family's gonna group on this one.[/matteo] Tony simply nodded and headed out to secure the stadium. The young Capo quickly secured his ammo into the leather sling bag he tossed over his shoulder, hand reaching inside the leather bomber jacket to ensure his Eagles were tucked securely in the harness under his arms before slamming the drawer a bit hard and snatching his keys from the desk. The 'Cuda roared down the 495 towards the Lincoln tunnel. The frown remained etched on the Sicilian features as he sped towards the Standard Hotel. The club would be closed now. If Gaspari was calling in all the Bosses and their right hands the club would allow the family to meet without the eyes of the public on them.
  14. "Lugs in the can Merlin..You'll forget they're in your pocket and knock your front teeth out……" There was a quip on the tip of his tongue regarding knowing perfectly well where his nuts were at all times, but he kept it to himself as he dropped the lugs into the coffee can after she set it down on the trunk. He waited until she was back to tossing things in her truck before he crouched down and worked on the brakes. He was waiting for the next spit of venom. Silence had returned and he was content to work in the absence of sound, fingers gliding over the cylinder and checking the springs. Completion came too quickly as he finally stood and moved to add to the items in her truck, gaze following as she had moved away. Now what? He was tempted to stay by her truck. He had swallowed enough venom for one day. But as she lingered and began to remove tires off of tarps he sighed silently to himself and pushed away from her tailgate to follow. But he drew up short catching the emotional movements of a hand to her face and wiping over her cheek. Brow quirked. "Last person to pull parts off this was my dad." Ahhh.. that explained it. Hand snapped up to catch the keys, brow lifting over the dark eyes at her wondering just what the hell she wanted him to do with them. Why was she explaining what the lanyard key opened? Or what to bring back to the garage? Puzzled expression remained as he looked at the Skylark. The only Skylark he had was….. Brow lifted higher watching her pull the hood back against the drizzle. It was the first he even realized the rain had started once more. "Family is more than blood…" Was she agreeing with him? And did she just give him her blessings to work on her dad's car? He was confused now. Glancing back at the parts-mobile he laid a hand along its edge, feeling the metal and wondering if she was human after all. " You bring anyone, especially chicks out to that back lot quarter mile run for a romp fest I will cock block your ass so hard you won’t get a date for months. You, your Mustang and your 'Cuda only!" Aaaand there was the venom-monster once more. Who the fuck would bring a fuck out here? Especially when they had a place like his. What kind of place was she running out here? [matteo]…ya…. cuz this is my first thought for a romantic getaway…….[/matteo] He couldn’t help the sarcastic remark. Hell, girls weren't allowed in his garage at his uptown place, why would he bring them out here. Eyes watched her leave, head shaking a bit as he turned his attention back to the old Skylark. It definitely had some pieces he needed. He set to investigating the vehicle, opening doors and checking interior, there was a lot here he could use.
  15. His explanation of the 'cuda he was driving seemed not to assuage the concern about her father's ride. It was the only explanation for why she would have even asked him about the car. But he was distracted from the viper by the mutilated carcass she unveiled. People who had an adoration for the metal beasts just didn’t let this sort of thing happen. There wasn’t an excuse for it. It had been a beauty, before it had been murdered that was. Her lack of response when he asked if it had been her work was enough to confirm it had been. “You don’t need to make small talk. You don’t like me and that’s fine. Don’t feel like you have to talk to me unless it’s about your car.” Eyes rolled behind the fender. Why was he here again? Viper didn’t want him here, likely drop the jack at an opportune moment to crush him. He should be at the club checking on inventory….or at the stadium checking on last construction elements. Hell, he should be out dropping their little traitor in the harbor with a set of cement shoes. Anywhere but here getting venom spat at him. "…yah." Fingers paused on the metal. Her quiet affirmation of his original question unexpected. Clank of the tire iron on the trunk brought fingers up instantly to retrieve it, slipping around to the other tire and making short work of the lug nuts. He was missing a few on his car, these would actually come in handy. Silence lingered unnoticed by the Italian. He had a bad habit of working days without talking to a soul when it came to his cars. More than once a Bakkhos member had come breaking down his basement door, the senior capo having been missing for days, forgetting to charge his phone, or eat for that matter. Tire iron was spun with an assertive crank, nuts spinning free as his right knee sank into the muddy gravel unnoticed. He had one that was nearly bald on his. He could use a swap out. As the nuts were saved and the tire was being pulled from the wreckage, he had almost forgotten she was there before she broke the silence again. “…this is the last car pops and I worked on together.…before he found other things more important.” There was a frown as he freed the rubber from the vehicle before starting on the brakes. [matteo]….family is important. Blood and otherwise….[/matteo] Quiet words were likely to incite her but he didn’t care. He wasn’t here to coddle. She would need to go to Bills for that. He was here to speak truths and right some wrongs that had been made by both her dad and Bakkhos along the way. "Sat for a while in pieces after the world ended. Couldn’t make ends meet… you have to make some tough choices when you’re not king of New York" ….aaaand there was the viper again. Hidden on the other side of the car his hand rubbed over his features. His basement was quieter…..and less hostile. Fingers pushed into the center of the wheel, lifted with one hand, crate in the other to follow her suit and place them in the truck. Spares?...nodding his agreement the weight of his tire sunk the truck bed another half inch. “Your call Merlin.” Head tilted looking at the side of the vehicle. Nodding faintly. [matteo]… much better shape than mine despite how she looks.[/matteo]