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    Italian lineage shines through in Matteo's 6ft frame. The dark hair and smoldering amber brown eyes only add to faintly exotic features that are right at home in the Bakkhos clan.

    Born and bred of the mob, Matteo is as comfortable in his tank and jeans as he is in a tailored Armani suit, his preference being somewhere between the two. Over the years he has established a fairly large collection of tattoos including the Bakkhos club emblem on his lower left pelvic muscle, a St. Christopher medal around his left ankle, and a massive kneeling fallen angel covers his entire back to name a few.

    He always has on the two wedding band styled rings with a grape vine encircling the thick of the silver on each to designate his status in the family. He is also never without the silver cross that dangles from a chain around his neck and the gold Patron St George medal.
    Matteo has a strong sense of loyalty to the family. He also has a very low tolerance for traitors, making him ideal as the Senior Capo. Raised within the fold of the mob, he carries a familiar Italian arrogance. The caporegimes and soldiers beneath him emulate his loyalty because the man has earned their loyalty and trust. He doesn't sit upon a pyramid but rather is in the thick of the fray with his people.

    He has a reputation for being a womanizer, not looking for a relationship as he is being groomed for the next Boss opening in the Bakkhos family.
    Owner of Satyr Stadium

    A couple Desert Eagle .50 calibers engraved just for him.

    One of the nicer Bakkhos penthouse apartments above the club. With a masculine flare and hint of old Vegas style, this home puts him close to Gaspari and the other bosses.

    Matteo also maintains an apartment away from the Bakkhos hotel in downtown NY. Less extravagant than his hotel penthouse, the apartment is a secret from most of the family. Its his place to get away.

    An immaculate black 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda 440-6 Barrel. The car is recognized among the Bakkhos and the family know better than to lay a hand on the Senior Capo's ride.


    Self Teleportation/Matter Transfer
    Matteo can transfer his own matter/energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. He is able to displace himself dimensionally and reappear in his targeted location. Extensive practice has taught him that the limit that he can carry with him is ~40 lbs which typically includes his clothing, weapons and perhaps a backpack of things. If he attempts to take more with him it does not all reappear and he is unable to retrieve it as he is not cognizant of the dimension he displaces through since it occurs almost simultaneously to his reappearance. He is also unable to bring living creatures/people. This was done once with catastrophic results to the passenger and nearly killed himself; the next time, it might.

    He can easily move again and again up to 25ft but as the distance gets larger it becomes more taxing. The outer limit is 150yrds. The ability is also limited to line of sight. He must see the fixed point at which he will emerge so he cannot go through walls or buildings. A neat parlor trick in the beginning, this has become a frightening ability when used in combat as he has paired it with his speed to allow for attacks from nearly any angle. He can reappear off the ground which allows him to attack even from above and the ability is so ingrained in his fighting style that he can use it again right after connecting a punch or kick, making him difficult to hit back.

    Each teleportation is characterized by a faint trail of dark smoke and a hint of cinnamon scent. Matteo's best guess is it's something he enters and pulls out from dimensionally

    Enhanced Speed
    Before he ever learned he could teleport himself, he figured out the Nevus event had granted him an acceleration he had not possessed before. Falling far short from the average vampire, Matteo is about three times faster than the average man. This is most often used when pulling his guns but he also pairs it with his ability to teleport in hand to hand combat. Used only in short bursts he can accelerate numerous times without exhaustion if the acceleration is maintained for 30secs or less. When he starts using it for lengths of time it has a toll. For this reason he tends to use it in 10 second flashes when fighting which can make him an infuriating opponent.
    Gaspari chose Matteo to lead because of he has a real knack for strategy. He has a keen ability to look at a situation and make the best choice. He also is silver tongued, negotiations often falling to the younger Italian.

    Matteo also has a real head for numbers. It is not a good idea to try and skim the books within Bakkhos, he notices when the numbers don't add up.

    Matteo is a fighter. Fists, knives, guns - he can use them all. He grew up among the mob greats and learned how to take care of himself. Among these skills is boxing, his is an avid fan of getting into the ring.

    His own fast car he leaves in the garage to keep it from being damaged, but he has a real need to feel speed under his feet. He has a dodge charger and a beat up mustang that he takes out to race.

    In his down time, Matteo is wicked with a pool cue and its not wise to sit at the poker table with him and lay money on the table.
    Matteo was a child of the mob when the mob was divided and under siege. The 80s saw turncoats and federal investigations that began to fracture the New York mobs. Matteo was born into the Genovese Family, a childhood filled with unrest as the ruling families splintered. The Gambinos had just suffered the loss of Castellano to John Gotti who took over the Gambino family and the Genovese did not take kindly to the murder not having been sanctioned through the Commission. However with the attempt on Gotti's life failing to kill the man, the family soon made peace with John as Gigante assumed his place as largest crime boss in New York.

    Matteo was fascinated with the workings that went on well above his father's soldier status. By six he was more a child of Gigante and Esposito than his own father as he began shining shoes for the bosses. By eight he had learned that sitting in on the meetings and keeping his mouth shut he learned far more than when he asked questions. By twelve he was running dangerous errands for the Capos of the family in a time when turncoats were everywhere. By fourteen he had held his first gun in his hand and used it.

    In a time when crime bosses were ratting out eachother to the feds, Matteo was being groomed in the strongest family. The Genovese managed to stand where others crumbled because they understood that the open mob of the 60s and 70s was a thing of the past. The family had learned that ultimate secrecy was their greatest family asset, Gigante's name never spoken even within the family as it was punishable by death.

    By 2010, Matteo was one of the three-man committee of administrative capos with Tino "The Greek" Fiumara. The youngest of the three he expected to be a part of the committee for years before he saw the chance to become a street boss. But expectations often are disrupted by history.

    The Nevus event was a disaster for the strongest surviving mob family in the US. The Greek was killed, as was Liborio "Barney" Bellomo, the boss of the family. Both the Underbosses and Consigliere were not heard from after 2010 so they too are assumed dead. Other than a couple smaller capos and some soldiers, the family was lost.

    So was Matteo.

    The family had been his life, his entire life. He didn’t know how to exist in the world without it.

    Matteo was a part of the mess after the event. Trying to claim back the territories that had belonged to the Genovese for no one in particular as there was no head of the family, but his gut told him he had to defend what was, had been, theirs. Late 2010 his efforts nearly got him killed when he came across a man that didn’t seem at all like a "survivor" of the Nevus. In a clean suit and polished speech, Angelo Gaspari spoke of making the mob the greatest force of the Northern Hemisphere. He spoke of phoenixes rising from ashes and as much as Matteo tried to hate the man that was no family to the Genovese, he found himself captivated by the vision of a single family. Recruited by Angelo himself, Matteo went from soldier of Bakkhos to Caporegime in less than a month. The boss himself had recognized that the kid from the filthy streets of Queens was born and bred to lead in the family.

    About this time he also began to learn he had been altered. The speed he had slowly begun to acknowledge was increased but it wasn’t until nearly two years after the Nevus that he discovered his ability to teleport. A deal had gone bad, a remnant from an old family had reached out to become a part of Gaspari's vision, only it was a trap. A gun to Gaspari's head and Matteo shifted his weight to sprint there only to "blink" out of existence and reappear between the two men twenty feet away. Matteo was shot twice in the ordeal but also managed to slit the throat of the would be mutineer. He had proved without a doubt his loyalty to the Bakkhos family and set himself on a path for bigger things as gym training became a norm for him as he worked to perfect what the apocalypse had given him.

    Matteo helped Gaspari grow the Bakkhos family from a couple dozen to hundreds in the first years after the Nevus. By 2017, he was named Senior Capobastone to both Gaspari and "Lucky" Cavalli who had taken a shine to the old school mob beliefs that Matteo clung to. He is trusted so much that he has been granted a minor "boss" status of not a territory but a venue. Satyr Stadium opens with Matteo at the helm of the endeavor.

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  1. Blitz

    There was two days still until registration was open. Six days before the last construction was complete. Couple of weeks until the grand opening. ……and just a few days before he lost his fucking mind. He was practically living at the stadium these days. This endeavor was costing them a fortune. Between the security needs, reconstruction, mana wards, huge stock of antivirals in the event of audience or fighter exposure, staff hiring, bar stocking, re-reconstruction when the barriers failed early tests and all the ridiculous electronics installed, this place was bleeding money and yet Gaspari still thought it was more than worth it. So…… no pressure at all to deliver a successful opening night. No wonder the Senior Capo was stressed. It didn’t help that lately there were lurkers outside the stadium CONSTANTLY. Let them register early…. let them take a sneak peek….let them have a job…. let them be a distributor…. let them show him a good time so they could get tickets to opening night… which….. surprisingly or perhaps not…. was sold out. It could hold 30,000 but they only had 10 thousand for sale for the opening night. A precaution to see how the place held up under the first real altered fight. The limited tickets had made it an "exclusive" show that a population that had been without big entertainment for so long, scrambled for. Then there were the ENDLESS inspections. By the feds….by the medical board….by ARMA… by Bakkhos security….fuck…. there was nothing that existed anymore on the god-forsaken planet that had been checked over more than the stadium. Car parked to do the night inspection and work on the damn books and instantly the groan came seeing two figures lurking. Of course. He had started coming later to avoid the daytime public gawkers but seemed they had gotten savvy and were coming all times now. Black 'Cuda rumbled to a stop as he stepped out, hand stuffing in his black leather bomber pocket to pull out the ring of forty odd keys that all went to something in the stadium. He really needed to put a cord or something on the access door one so he wasn’t constantly fumbling to find it as he came each day. Keys jingled slightly as he walked past the two figures. Careful not to make eye contact. He used to be real friendly, play the pied piper role to a tee... but then he got grabbed, caught, stuck outside making explanations for over an hour every time. It was a huge waste of time. Instead he had gotten more abrupt and usually mistaken for a basic security guy. Tired words came as he walked by them, heading for the massive steel side doors more than 30 yards down the sidewalk that required the key and his hand print. No…. we are not taking registrations early….. Keys jingled as he flipped the ring around. No….. there are no early tours of the place…… No…… we don’t need to fill any jobs at the moment…. Yes….we are really opening next month….. No….. we currently don’t need any suppliers… Fingers found the nondescript key as he kept walking, hoping the rattled spiel would appease.
  2. Bakkhos Champion??

    Fuck he should have stayed between those thighs. This was insane! And it didn’t help that clearly Tom was "agitated". Was a moon coming? He wasn’t really good at keeping up with that. Toni usually reminded him. At least Tom got that this was insane….. right? I am honored that you would think of me, but may I ask why? The Family has many competent warriors...many of whom fighting is simply what they do. What brought your attention to me? Mouth nearly gaped open at the Capo. Honored?.... he didn’t exactly sound like he was going to push back on this asinine plan. The head slid out of the chair with the fluidity of a feline, last of the liquor slipping between his lips before walking to the bar. Gaspari:…. They don’t need it….. you do….. As Gaspari set the glass into the sink behind the bar the Senior Capo was trying to digest this comment, dark Italian eyes flicking to Tom with a faint quirk of the brow. Needed it? That put a different spin. He should have known Gaspari had an "angle" here. Matteo was normally fairly observant. He knew the lycanthropes had a tough time near the full moon. But Tom wasn’t the only lycan the family was harboring….so why him. Brow remained faintly furrowed as hands shoved into the pockets of the dark slacks, gaze flicking back to Gaspari. So let's say we do this……. Ya know might turn int'a constant head hunt…….people comin' outta the woodwork to take 'im on. He already knew this was a done deal. Gaspari wouldn’t have drug him out of bed in the dead of night if it was a discussion. Fuck. Hip moved to perch on a stool at the bar, gaze flicking to Tom again as head shook slightly. Might bleed into every day huntin' him too… not just in the arena. Bring the crazies right to our doors. He knew Gaspari had thought of all this. But damn it needed to be said aloud. Gaspari:....yep And with that the head of Bakkhos grinned, saluted faintly "good night" and headed to the back offices leaving the Senior Capo frowning at the Capo. Shit this was fucked up.
  3. Bakkhos Champion??

    January 21, 2021 - 2am @Thomas Gallo This isn't a good idea Gaspari… The frown knitted down hard as the dark Italian gaze flicked to Tom and then back to the head of Bakkhos. Arms were tightly folded over his chest as he leaned against the front of the bar eyeing Gaspari as the older man sat in the leather chair with his glass of whiskey resting on the arm. What the hell was he thinking! We 'ave a million clauses signin' away that the death of fighters aint our fault for a reason. We have no idea if both fighters would even walk out of the ring openin' night!.... hell dunno if ANY fighter walk outta first fight! Hands threw up in the air in frustration. And what if he accidently kills the opponent? Then we are the bad guys… and if he loses on the openin' night??..... the "champion" o' Bakkhos defeated by a street fighter? Then what happens with our rep? Geez Boss… this is just a recipe for disaster. This was NOT what he had expected when he got the 1am call dragging his ass out from between a pair of extra long gams attached to one hell of a tight ass, a fact not apparent in his appearance as the slacks hung neat on his hips, the leather bomber still over his gray turtleneck, gun flashed as he gestured his frustration. Gaspari wanted to bill Tom as the Bakkhos champion and toss him out as the "fighter to beat" on opening night, help drum up business. The head of Bakkhos never did anything rash but damn if this didn't feel like a wild throw. Yet there the guy sat…smirking at the Senior Capo's complaint as he sipped his whiskey. The dark eyes met Tom's with a "come on…back me up here" expression.
  4. Nighttime is Playtime

    Phone slid from his tailored slack after feeling the vibration, seeing the message a faint smile played at his lips. Tom was too worried. The club was clean, there was nothing to hide. Still. Phone slid away as the gaze lifted to see who he was talking about. It took him a minute but he spotted the women just as Tom slid up beside them. He knew her…. Detective….something….crap he was bad with names. Gaspari was always getting on him for that. It had been a couple years back at Leo's murder… he had been cut in pieces and put into wet cement only whoever had done it hadn't taken the time to be sure the body parts were pushed down and when the construction crew showed up in the morning there was a hand with an sleek watch still peeking out of their freshly hardened parking lot. Matteo had been called because the watch had the image of the club on the back. The Detective never had a chance to solve the murder…Bakkhos took care of it. No one fucked with family. Still he had played the part of concerned employer and followed up with her a few times over the next several months to see if she had any leads before finally it all dried up. Fuck what was her name again? Walking over he couldn’t help but smirk at the poor shmuck that had caught Angel's attention. He was thinking he was getting ass tonight… she was thinking he wouldn’t be leaving on his own power tonight. He nearly made the bar when everyone's attention moving caused him to look to the door as well. Well fuck me….. Words murmured on his lips. What the hell was the liquor store lady doing here? She wanted something. Or…… boys were still sniffing. If that was the case heads were going to roll. He didn’t give a shit if Gaspari was away, his word still stood. Seeing Tom take the lead with her, he decided the bar it was. Though not before looking the woman over. She fit in at the club, moreso than most there. The club was a throwback to the discos of the late 60s early 70s and her classic style slid authentically in. Derrick always did that too. With that long unfussed hair and feminine black jumpsuit with the plunging neckline, she always looked like she had slid out of a 70s club magazine when she was working Bakkhos. Moving through the empty crowd he set his empty class on the bar for Ari as he leaned an elbow on the counter beside Wynn. Devilishly genuine smile shared with her and her sister. Its Detective isn't it?
  5. Nighttime is Playtime

    The blond had a stiletto dangling ankle rubbing up his calf, his lips quirking upward as he gave a little shake "no" of his head. He picked up his glass from the bar, nodding to Ari who had refilled his whiskey. Leaning down he put a slow kiss on the blond's cheek, lips passing near her ear. Some other time Libby promise…. on duty tonight… With that he slipped out of her clutches. Libby was a good fuck but too clingy. The Capo shifted through the crowd of partygoers dressed in their best cocktail attire. It was good to see Bakkhos living again. Grin smirked upward at the beauties that came to show off their assets, splashing in their bikinis in the hot tub. Glass was lifted towards them as they drank from their own crystal before he moved towards the balcony. The air outside was bitterly cold but the balcony was littered with heaters, towers of flames that bathed the spaces in warmth, though still in places one was whisked over by the frigid air. It was a stimulating experience that many reveled in as they lounged near the outdoor bars. Pushing through the well wishers he small talked as he glanced to make eye contact with Toni just long enough to ensure there was no funny business going on yet in the club. Satisfied he shook hands with the old regular who was gushing he was so happy they were open again. Thanking him he nodded and made his way back inside. Opening night was proving to be a big success.
  6. Nighttime is Playtime

    He spent the last forty minutes checking all the security for the club. They had a steel monitor room behind the bar only staff could enter with their security key. It had a screen for all of the thirty five cameras that were hidden in every corner of Bakkhos; nothing happened here without eyes on it. Considering how much damage the hotel had suffered during the bloody moon, he was impressed that everything seemed to be going smoothly for their re-opening. Nine bouncers was a bit of overkill for Bakkhos but for a first night where they were not sure about what crowd would be coming it seemed appropriate. Two manned the door, tonight everyone was getting a pat down and weapons would be "held" until they left, all the signage had warned people so frankly if they were dumb enough to try there was a good chance they wouldn’t be let in. The rest of the muscle couldn't be discerned from the regular patrons. Angel was great for that, sexy woman at the bar was never suspected of being a bouncer. By the time he had checked everything the rest of the crew were already there and dressed for the occasion, music beginning to thump rhythmically through the empty space as the dying sun gave way to the glow of the bubbling spas and ambient lighting. Hey Alessia… He kissed the older woman on the cheek that was presented him. She was a beautiful woman who had earned a fair amount of respect in the family. When the club was in normal operations she was more its manager than hostess. She made sure everything, and everyone, was perfect. NPC: Evening Matty. Got everythin' set then? Yes maam… He offered a big grin as he was hit in the chest. She didn’t like to be treated like she was pushing up the average age of Bakkhos. Glance to his watch said it was time as did a glance to the small screen hidden behind the bar that showed the line behind the velvet rope was already elongated to the exclusive elevator. Showtime. He nodded to Vinny at the door who dropped the steel bolts from the ceiling and swung the heavy wood door outward to grin at Gino standing like a golem in front of the impatient crowd. Time to let in the masses and have a little fun. ((OOC - THREAD NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!! )) THINGS TO KNOW: Bakkos Club is upscale- cocktail chic or swimsuit (not getting in w/ ripped tee & jeans ) All are checked for weapons by the two bouncers at the door for this opening night Smoking on the large balcony only Don’t abuse the NPCs People around: Ari - Main Bartender - Alessia - Hostess (directs to different areas and checks on people) - Tony - Hidden Bouncer - Angel - Hidden Bouncer -
  7. Tee minus 2 days and counting........

    Hope that works… Smirk lit up the Capo's eyes. The lycan was such a glum guss and he just couldn’t help himself when it came to teasing the man. Well I can aim fer yer balls if ya think that'll work better. He was pleased the man took the doubled order in stride. He really didn’t need anymore problems to arise on this damn opening. He wanted to push it back.. everything in him said push it back… just two weeks even… to get their shit in order. But Gaspari had set a date and Bakkhos lived up to their commitments. Tom's gutteral laugher was met with a chuckle of his own. It was a rare thing to hear the grump guss let go like that. Thanks, I think. I'm not THAT old! Hey…. least didn’t compare ya to Carmine… Now THERE was an old goat. Conversation turned to Angel. Woman would probably do it but hold his proverbial dick in her hand after until she decided what she wanted in return. Oh, she'll collect. Don’t you worry. Groan murmured in his chest as Tom seemed to voice what he was thinking. It was a really good… and really bad idea…. for totally different reasons. I'll make sure everything is in order for the fights...only wish you'd schedule these things for when I'm not a liability. Clap on his shoulder was taken in stride. He was kinda used to the grumpy lycan. 'ey….blame that shit on Gaspari…. swear he does this shit to stress me. He has Family comin' in from Italy and wants t' show them a good time while they're here… so he tosses a date with no regard for work to get us there. Hand rubbed over his features with a mutter in his chest. I mean I get it… but it’s a pain in my ass!
  8. Nighttime is Playtime

    huh..?....oh... eight... Glance to his watch quirked a brow. So little under forty minutes now..... Pushing from the bar he adjusted the hems of his blazer sleeves down over the cuffs of his shirt. He had to represent after all, Gaspari wouldn't be here for the re-opening. Need to make 'nother round of reviews on the security cams an' make sure we got all our muscle here. Brow quirked at the older man. ....ya stayin'?
  9. Nighttime is Playtime

    "Yeah...she didn't seem too pleased about it either. She did give me her card, though. Offered to pilot for business or pleasure." Brow quirked slightly at the last, watching the faint shake of the head. Was Tom taken with the woman? That could be….complicated. Though truth be told he was impressed someone caught the Lycan's attention. He always seemed so….stiff. Guy needed to get laid more. Of course the older man was likely to say the senior Capo needed to get laid less. The thought drew a hint of a smile behind the glass as he sipped his drink. "If our boys are sniffing around there, they should stop...especially if Gaspari has already spoken to it. Sounds like she is trying to broker a friendly relationship with Bakkhos. Even someone as bold as she recognizes when someone makes a better ally than enemy." Wonder if that’s all she recognizin'…. It was said more to himself than the older man. Head turned at the soft clank of steel door in its frame. Eyeing the back hall to see the petite Asian stride in, her leather jacket slung over a shoulder, pausing only long enough to assess who was at the bar before pushing past Matteo behind it. NPC: you in my way Matty… Chuckle came as he moved out from behind the bar. Ari liked to get her bar set up ahead of time so it wasn’t surprising to see her. They were getting close to opening. I will talk to Lucky… make sure his boys aint bein' stupid round her place. Finishing his glass he slid it towards Ari, her fingers deftly catching it and vanishing the dirty dishware below the bar once more.
  10. Tee minus 2 days and counting........

    "I agree. I think I might stay in town anyway though. I'll be ok as long as the sun is up...especially with Roderick around to keep me this side of sane. I'll do all that I can with Thyrsus to keep Satyr's opening going as smoothly as possible." Nod was faint, hint of a shrug in his shoulders. Your call t' stay… but you try 'n bite me and gonna put a bullet in yer ass… The twinkle in his eyes was clearly teasing before the lips smirked upward while he drank from his glass. Buzz in his pocket drew an eye roll.. the expression clearly one of "what now?" Ya… He listened a moment. Well… we'll make it work. Phone slid shut as he sighed, hand scratching the back of his neck. Gonna hold ya to that promise for Thyrsus to keep us openin' right. Looks like word got out finally. We at double expected attendance. Gonna need to double that original order. Phone was rolled around in his palm while he joked about getting Angel in on the action. "Yeah, but ending the night with a Bakkhos squash might inspire the right sort of feelings in others inspire them to send their best next time instead of holding out. As long as the action doesn't spill out into the audience...I believe that'd be the perfect way to end the night." This time the chuckle was deep and whole-hearted. I swear ya sound more like Lucky every day… Lucky was big on "Bakkhos must be respected and feared"… moreso than Gaspari. But behind the smile it was clear the wheels were turning. Dark eyes focused beyond the bulletproof windows. Tom had a point. Phone slid open again, autodial hit leaving him waiting for the inevitable digital answering machine. Angel never picked up. 'ey Angel. Need a favor… gimme a call back tonight wouldya. He shrugged and offered a half smile to Tom. …will owe her a pound of flesh later am sure. By the way... turns out Gaspari be in for the openin' so gonna need extra of the good stuff stocked in the VIP suite.
  11. Nighttime is Playtime

    Smile lingered as the older man finally broke his grouch expression with a genuine smile. The lycan was too serious, it was rare to see him loosen up. "Yeah, I have. She's…something." Brow lifted at the man as he poured himself a drink. Wasn’t like the lycan to be impressed by anyone either. Oh..? “On the surface, it seemed like she was paying up to earn some good will because her next question was rather abrupt. Apparently, she owns an air strip and some of our boys were sniffin’ around there. I told her to ask you about it if she were concerned. Which reminds me…she ever get ahold of you?” Head was shaking slowly as he idly scratched his chin. Must be the old strip on the north side. We'd seen lot of activity last six months or so. Didn't think much of it but you know Lucky… convinced someone was musclin' in. Had some of his guys pokin' around till Gaspari told him to back off. Gaspari be pissed if Lucky still got 'em goin' out there. The older man's chuckle drew a raised brow from the Senior Capo. “I don’t know how to feel about this one just yet. Part of me thinks she’d be a worthwhile ally…or a real pain in the—” The nod came with a knowing grin. Pain in the ass…. all women are. The glass was about at his lips when it paused with the older man's attention moving to the masquerading Sheut. “Mythos. Do you know an Eris London? I think the two of you have quite a bit in common." Brow lifted at the Sheut - his circle? Not surprisingly the vagabond didn’t seem to be paying much attention, the blink at Gallo accompanied by a shrug with a shake of his head seemed honest enough. As much as Mythos was gone he wasn’t really surprised he didn’t know the woman. Did Gallo know about the vamps? Truth was the Senior Capo wasn’t sure. Mythos was the only one he knew of in the Family and they didn’t go around advertising his unusual "situation". The fact that Mythos was overseas a lot also meant it wasn’t hard to "hide" his unique infection. But Lycan tended to have stronger senses that could decipher people's secrets. Was that woman one too? Now this woman was suddenly interesting ….and dangerous. Glass was sipped thoughtfully. How much longer ya got on the repairs?
  12. Tee minus 2 days and counting........

    "Yes, I change day before and after. Moon LOVES me." Huff escaped his lips as he swirled the glass of dark liquid. Well that is inconvenient. Head shook as he lifted his glass slightly at the older man. Sorry… don’t mean anythin' by that. Just dun like the idea of potential lycan in the audience on the edge of out of control on the first night. Sip of the glass was thoughtful as he glanced out the windows at the stadium below. Despite the problems, damn thing was impressive. Doubled up on security already. Hand scratched at the back of his neck, annoyed at the curls that were getting long. "Who is the fighter you have booked already?" Huh..?...oh….. some level two altered that seems to think he is a big deal and will make a great first fight. Liquid slid past his lips as he watched a crew beginning to pull the destroyed speakers out of the northern section. "This is a big deal and I thought Gaspari would want a show of force. What do you think?" Blink was a bit surprised as he glanced back at the older man pouring himself another drink. Doubt he wanna ragin' lycan on the loose in his new venue… The chuckle was warm as he put the glass to his lips once more before letting it dangle from his fingertips, index tapping the rim thoughtfully as the frown ghosted on his brow. Suppose could see 'bout Angel takin' him on. Though she more a three than two… poor slob get his ass kicked by her.
  13. Tee minus 2 days and counting........

    "Sounds... fantastic. I could try to get the crew that fixed up Thyrsus to come down here. Once I weeded out the skimmers and lazy ones, they did quick work." Glass was just at his lips, it paused before a genuine robust laugh rumbled up from his chest. He didn’t have an opening night fight and the older man fixated on the fact that he could help fix leaky roofs. Yea…. Might take you up on that. Though that dun change the fact I ain't got a fight at the moment. Lips curled over the edge of the glass. He might need to tap the family to find his second fighter. He had really wanted to leave that to outsiders in the event someone came out on the ultimate "losing" end of the first fight. Fighters basically signed waivers acknowledging that while Satyr would do everything possible in instances requiring medical attention, there was a chance they could die in the arena. Be a sour pill if it was a family member. "Don't suppose Gaspari will let me go upstate for opening, no?" Glass lowered as he glanced to the older man. Why?... he say ya can't? Whiskey swirled in the glass as thoughts churned behind the dark eyes. Ya shift day before the full? It was a very personal question but he asked it for practical reasons. Gaspari had set the new grand opening date and looking at full moon calendars wasn’t really his thing. Not all Lycan shifted the night before the full moon but most were rowdy. There was a good chance that the audience would be littered with Lycan that could tear apart the damn stadium before the night was out. A few Bakkhos Lycan around could be a good thing to control the crowd. Particularly if any numb nuts showed up who DID shift on the night before. Bunch of beasts running around loose outside the cage could shut him down for months. Joey dun't so he be here on security.
  14. Tee minus 2 days and counting........

    Fingers pinched the bridge of his nose as for a split second he considered picking up the phone and telling Gaspari he was pushing back opening a month. Just a split second though. They missed their grand opening date last year when other priorities made it too much of a resource drain on Bakkhos to consider opening it. More importantly, this opening was more highly publicized which meant a lot more explaining when it didn’t happen. Sighing to himself he moved away from the windows, fingers scratching at the curls tickling the back of his neck as he walked to the long buffet under the big screens. Pulling the top off the whiskey decanter, he pour himself a glass just as Tom came around the corner. Timely as ever. Fingers flipped over the second glass and poured the Caporegime one of his own. “Matteo, how are things coming along up here? Or more like…what are today’s setbacks?” Smirk lit his lips at the forced smile as he held out the second glass sipping from his own. Amiable doesn’t suit ya Tom. It was the Senior Capo's way of saying "no need to force it around me". Hip rested against the large leather chair facing the window. Tom wasn’t like Joey. Joey was sunshine and smiles right up to the full moon; it was after that the kid was sullen and moody. Tom…. he had the animal at the surface much sooner from what Matteo had surmised. Today's?....well lessee…. Mason blew out an entire section of speakers last night…. think the beer order was underestimated based on cheap seat ticket sales... lights in the fighters locker rooms gone out and no one can figure out why there ain't power now there.... got two boxes whose ceilin's leaked in the rainstorm two days ago that likely cant get fixed before openin'…which means got two reservations gonna need to tell ain't gettin' private boxes.... Glass came to his lips but paused, lifted instead towards the man in a grand gesture that licked of sarcasm… Oh… and one of the combatants got cold feet so I currently 'ave no actual fight for the openin' night fight. Glass lifted higher before the entire contents was downed and he walked back to the decanter. Shrug was a bit accepting of the whole thing as a grin slid his lips. Welcome to paradise right? Fresh glass was cradled, hanging from his fingers as he glanced out the windows to the arena, watching the elongating shadows as the sun fell lower than the outer walls of the stadium. I know this will be a huge money maker once it really gets goin'. But damn if she bein' a huge bitch to get there.
  15. Satyr Stadium - August 28th - 4pm @Thomas (Tom) Gallo Delay….after delay……after fucking delay. Head hit the wall gently as he stood in the large office trying to stay awake. He had been up for three days trying to make the September first grand opening. It had been one nightmare delay after another. First the sewer backed up into the public restrooms, then the southern stadium that had required the most repair after the Nevus event developed a major crack in the foundation that had to be reconstructed. Then the first cage had blown up in a mild field test requiring it to be fully rebuilt. Then the damn city government refused to pass the cage until it was "properly" tested. Which wasn’t a "bad" thing in the end as it revealed the damn thing would fail in an all out altered battle and put the audience at danger. That had led to a week of re-engineering and hired magic users crawling all over his stadium to rebuild the cage. Then it still didn’t get clearance until he agreed to remove the lower seating rows and encased the first cage with a second safety cage. Joey had snuck into the doorway so quietly he had almost missed him, brow quirked up at the sheepish expression the lycanthrope was wearing. Wha'? NPC:…um…. so Gray's dry run last night…. Yeeeah..? Eyes narrowed slightly not liking the hesitation in the guys voice. The dry run he had not authorized… the one where she just showed up at the stadium at 2am and somehow sweet talked the head of security then lit the sound system up like a beacon to another fucking dimension. Derrick had come back from Egypt just… pissed. He had almost crossed her about the attitude but a single look from Gaspari had told him to back the fuck off. Something was up with the head of Bakkhos' guard dog and the head would have no one looking at her wrong at the moment. Wasn’t like he disliked the woman. Hell she had saved their asses on too many occasions to count. But something about her since that trip felt feral… on the edge of out of control. NPC: …ya…well….. the session sort of… blew out the in stadium speakers of the north section. Head hit the wall again as the laugh came out with a bit more hysterical edge than intended. Of course it did. Hands rubbed over his features as his head hit the wall a bit harder, peek over at Joey warning that the man was wondering if he was losing his mind. This time the chuckle sounded more like the Capo's usual self. Ok, Joey. Let's get the engineerin' crew out here to fix 'em. Tell 'em we gotta amp up the intensity they can withstand. Rewire 'em… replace 'em… don’t give a shit but they need to handle….more. NPC: Boss? Trust me on this one. What she intends to play will…..just…. they need to handle more. He had come to investigate the silent alarm she missed disarming and when he got there… it had been earth shattering to listen to. He always knew she could really play but this had been…. a whole new level. Old school metal, rock at an intensity and skill that put the original artists to shame. Unlike the sultry sound she elicited in Bakkhos, this had been the kind of music to whip a crowd at a cage fight into an absolute frenzy. He wasn’t entirely sure the damn place would be left standing after the fucking opening number let alone the actual match. One more thing to fix before they opened in TWO days. 'ey Joey…. Tom was still on for delivery tonight right? NPC: Far as I know he was. At 5. 'kay….thanks. As Joey headed out to make the calls, he walked to the massive wall of windows that overlooked the stadium. It was the best view of the massive caged arena. The office was on the upper ring, above the private boxes, a luxury suite that had been converted with bullet proof glass and a steel door to ensure security. He preferred to be in the fray with his people, the office was more for when Gaspari or the other Bosses were there, but it had come in handy the last few days for naps between overseeing stocking, construction and the never ending minutia of preparations.