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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

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    Italian lineage shines through in Matteo's 6ft frame. The dark hair and smoldering amber brown eyes only add to faintly exotic features that are right at home in the Bakkhos clan.

    Born and bred of the mob, Matteo is as comfortable in his tank and jeans as he is in a tailored Armani suit, his preference being somewhere between the two. Over the years he has established a fairly large collection of tattoos including the Bakkhos club emblem on his lower left pelvic muscle, a St. Christopher medal around his left ankle, and a massive kneeling fallen angel covers his entire back to name a few.

    He always has on the two wedding band styled rings with a grape vine encircling the thick of the silver on each to designate his status in the family. He is also never without the silver cross that dangles from a chain around his neck and the gold Patron St George medal.
    Matteo has a strong sense of loyalty to the family. He also has a very low tolerance for traitors, making him ideal as the Senior Capo. Raised within the fold of the mob, he carries a familiar Italian arrogance. The caporegimes and soldiers beneath him emulate his loyalty because the man has earned their loyalty and trust. He doesn't sit upon a pyramid but rather is in the thick of the fray with his people.

    He has a reputation for being a womanizer, not looking for a relationship as he is being groomed for the next Boss opening in the Bakkhos family.
    Owner of Satyr Stadium

    A couple Desert Eagle .50 calibers engraved just for him.

    One of the nicer Bakkhos penthouse apartments above the club. With a masculine flare and hint of old Vegas style, this home puts him close to Gaspari and the other bosses.

    Matteo also maintains an apartment away from the Bakkhos hotel in downtown NY. Less extravagant than his hotel penthouse, the apartment is a secret from most of the family. Its his place to get away.

    An immaculate black 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda 440-6 Barrel. The car is recognized among the Bakkhos and the family know better than to lay a hand on the Senior Capo's ride.


    Self Teleportation/Matter Transfer
    Matteo can transfer his own matter/energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. He is able to displace himself dimensionally and reappear in his targeted location. Extensive practice has taught him that the limit that he can carry with him is ~40 lbs which typically includes his clothing, weapons and perhaps a backpack of things. If he attempts to take more with him it does not all reappear and he is unable to retrieve it as he is not cognizant of the dimension he displaces through since it occurs almost simultaneously to his reappearance. He is also unable to bring living creatures/people. This was done once with catastrophic results to the passenger and nearly killed himself; the next time, it might.

    He can easily move again and again up to 25ft but as the distance gets larger it becomes more taxing. The outer limit is 150yrds. The ability is also limited to line of sight in unfamiliar surroundings. He must see the fixed point at which he will emerge so he cannot go through walls or buildings. When within proximity of a place he knows intimately he can go beyond the sited spot, like through a single wall. A neat parlor trick in the beginning, this has become a frightening ability when used in combat as he has paired it with his speed to allow for attacks from nearly any angle. He can reappear off the ground which allows him to attack even from above and the ability is so ingrained in his fighting style that he can use it again right after connecting a punch or kick, making him difficult to hit back.

    Each teleportation is characterized by a faint trail of dark smoke and a hint of cinnamon scent. Matteo's best guess is it's something he enters and pulls out from dimensionally

    Enhanced Speed
    Before he ever learned he could teleport himself, he figured out the Nevus event had granted him an acceleration he had not possessed before. Falling far short from the average vampire, Matteo is about three times faster than the average man. This is most often used when pulling his guns but he also pairs it with his ability to teleport in hand to hand combat. Used only in short bursts he can accelerate numerous times without exhaustion if the acceleration is maintained for 30secs or less. When he starts using it for lengths of time it has a toll. For this reason he tends to use it in 10 second flashes when fighting which can make him an infuriating opponent.
    Gaspari chose Matteo to lead because of he has a real knack for strategy. He has a keen ability to look at a situation and make the best choice. He also is silver tongued, negotiations often falling to the younger Italian.

    Matteo also has a real head for numbers. It is not a good idea to try and skim the books within Bakkhos, he notices when the numbers don't add up.

    Matteo is a fighter. Fists, knives, guns - he can use them all. He grew up among the mob greats and learned how to take care of himself. Among these skills is boxing, his is an avid fan of getting into the ring.

    His own fast car he leaves in the garage to keep it from being damaged, but he has a real need to feel speed under his feet. He has a dodge charger and a beat up mustang that he takes out to race.

    In his down time, Matteo is wicked with a pool cue and its not wise to sit at the poker table with him and lay money on the table.
    Matteo was a child of the mob when the mob was divided and under siege. The 80s saw turncoats and federal investigations that began to fracture the New York mobs. Matteo was born into the Genovese Family, a childhood filled with unrest as the ruling families splintered. The Gambinos had just suffered the loss of Castellano to John Gotti who took over the Gambino family and the Genovese did not take kindly to the murder not having been sanctioned through the Commission. However with the attempt on Gotti's life failing to kill the man, the family soon made peace with John as Gigante assumed his place as largest crime boss in New York.

    Matteo was fascinated with the workings that went on well above his father's soldier status. By six he was more a child of Gigante and Esposito than his own father as he began shining shoes for the bosses. By eight he had learned that sitting in on the meetings and keeping his mouth shut he learned far more than when he asked questions. By twelve he was running dangerous errands for the Capos of the family in a time when turncoats were everywhere. By fourteen he had held his first gun in his hand and used it.

    In a time when crime bosses were ratting out eachother to the feds, Matteo was being groomed in the strongest family. The Genovese managed to stand where others crumbled because they understood that the open mob of the 60s and 70s was a thing of the past. The family had learned that ultimate secrecy was their greatest family asset, Gigante's name never spoken even within the family as it was punishable by death.

    By 2010, Matteo was one of the three-man committee of administrative capos with Tino "The Greek" Fiumara. The youngest of the three he expected to be a part of the committee for years before he saw the chance to become a street boss. But expectations often are disrupted by history.

    The Nevus event was a disaster for the strongest surviving mob family in the US. The Greek was killed, as was Liborio "Barney" Bellomo, the boss of the family. Both the Underbosses and Consigliere were not heard from after 2010 so they too are assumed dead. Other than a couple smaller capos and some soldiers, the family was lost.

    So was Matteo.

    The family had been his life, his entire life. He didn’t know how to exist in the world without it.

    Matteo was a part of the mess after the event. Trying to claim back the territories that had belonged to the Genovese for no one in particular as there was no head of the family, but his gut told him he had to defend what was, had been, theirs. Late 2010 his efforts nearly got him killed when he came across a man that didn’t seem at all like a "survivor" of the Nevus. In a clean suit and polished speech, Angelo Gaspari spoke of making the mob the greatest force of the Northern Hemisphere. He spoke of phoenixes rising from ashes and as much as Matteo tried to hate the man that was no family to the Genovese, he found himself captivated by the vision of a single family. Recruited by Angelo himself, Matteo went from soldier of Bakkhos to Caporegime in less than a month. The boss himself had recognized that the kid from the filthy streets of Queens was born and bred to lead in the family.

    About this time he also began to learn he had been altered. The speed he had slowly begun to acknowledge was increased but it wasn’t until nearly two years after the Nevus that he discovered his ability to teleport. A deal had gone bad, a remnant from an old family had reached out to become a part of Gaspari's vision, only it was a trap. A gun to Gaspari's head and Matteo shifted his weight to sprint there only to "blink" out of existence and reappear between the two men twenty feet away. Matteo was shot twice in the ordeal but also managed to slit the throat of the would be mutineer. He had proved without a doubt his loyalty to the Bakkhos family and set himself on a path for bigger things as gym training became a norm for him as he worked to perfect what the apocalypse had given him.

    Matteo helped Gaspari grow the Bakkhos family from a couple dozen to hundreds in the first years after the Nevus. By 2017, he was named Senior Capobastone to both Gaspari and "Lucky" Cavalli who had taken a shine to the old school mob beliefs that Matteo clung to. He is trusted so much that he has been granted a minor "boss" status of not a territory but a venue. Satyr Stadium opens with Matteo at the helm of the endeavor.

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  1. Matteo Carducci

    Double..double.. toil and trouble... fire burn and cauldron bubble...

    Hand shifted over his head, fingers combing through dark curls that were a bit too long. Gaspari had it in his head which meant there was no changing his mind. It was a good PR move but shit were they going to be scrambling for four weeks to pull this off. As the head of the family mentioned there wasn’t a fight that night, but there were for the next three weekends so it wasn’t like he could just pull down his security or ask Tom to back off on his liquor deliveries. "I think they are getting tired of fighting me, anyway. It would be good to be seen in public outside of the arena." The senior capo half frowned, half smirked at the man. He wasn’t helping matters. Great help you are… He half muttered it under his breath before turning back to Gaspari, tone more serious. He was known for being a playboy and a slave driver when it came to his venue going off without a hitch. But truth was the capo had a strong business mind behind the bravado which was why Gaspari had made him Senior. Well with Satyr still havin' 4 sold out fights between now an' then, we can't reduce stock ahead of Halloween. Dark eyes glanced to Tom. Gonna need to loop in Vick….I suggest we back down the high end wines heading for Satyr and keep those for the Bakkhos party…. my crowds more the liquor and beer types anyhows… The Boss of Finger Lake Winery would understand, but he left talking to him to Tom. Victor rarely came into the city, preferring his upstate solace and he had a tendency of not answering phones. The Senior Capo had no desire to make the trek up there to talk to him. Besides, he had to be sure to adjust the stock at Satyr. Start holding the high end liquor back, put a premium price on it so less was sold. That would help them have enough of the luxury items for this "soiree" Gaspari wanted to throw. Wait… Masquerade..? There was an internal groan. You don’t mean we gotta dress for this thing do we? Gaspari's broadening smile only made him roll his eyes and sink into one of the leather club chairs. Dress up wasn’t really his thing.
  2. MASQUERADE EVENT THREAD You wanna do what?! Left side of his upper lip perked upward in disbelief at the head of the family as Gaspari smirked at him, leaning back against the bar. "Hold a masquerade ball here…. for Halloween." He blinked at the man. Did he have any idea that Halloween was like… barely a month out. Satyr had been blowing up so much of their liquor supply had been funneled there. The club had been quieter by design, family, associates the elite… which allowed business to happen at all times. To open it up and plan something as "luxurious" as a masquerade ball… get the liquor there on time.. set up security for it… advertise…. they didn’t have the time! Raised brows looked at the purveyor of their liquor as if looking for alignment that the head of the family was nuts. "There isnt a planned fight for Halloween and the club could use some exposure. Time to move it from family only to back to public. Show that we aren't running scared like the other businesses that have been shuttering after hours because of the unrest in the city." It made sense but… fuck this was going to be a scramble. Fingers ran through hair that needed a cut. Ok... but ya know this gonna be a clusterfuck to plan on time. "Why do you think you all are here?" That damn smirk literally made the senior capo smack a hand over his face and rub it aggressively. Yea yea.... I get it.... He looked at his brothers in planning and shook his head with a faint smile finally perking up around his mouth. Masquerade huh..... this could be interesting.
  3. Matteo Carducci


    “And if I said none of the above?” Then I have to wonder if you are up to no good.. Smirk again had that devilish charm. For all the polish of the Bakkhos "uniform" of mob perfect suiting, the man's rough around the edges, thrill seeking persona bled out into his aura. Matteo had a natural magnetism that made him perfect for heading up such a huge venture as Satyr. Dark liquor came up again, light bouncing to catch its amber glint in his eyes as he sipped the rim watching the cheers ripple through the entire club. The energy manipulator got cocky, letting himself get too close and therefore hammered by the hulk. The cloaked form thrown halfway across the ring in a heap. Fight might be coming to a close if Kirren couldn’t get back on his feet and toss a bomb at the freight train roaring his way. The Capo couldn’t complain, this had been the longest clocked fight to date. It gave real hope that this Clash of the Titans series would really bring in the hauls. “Honestly I was invited by a friend, but he wandered off. So since I was already here I decided me and the bar should get better acquainted. “ Gaze slid over to her as she hopped up onto the barstool, chuckle dark and rich in his chest. Bar always makes the best acquaintance. "So far it’s turning out to be a pretty good decision. How about you?" He was used to flirtations…. lots of flirtations. "I’m guessing you’re not here for any of those either." Chuckle bubbled up again like rum in his chest as he noted her surprise at her empty glass. She had acquainted herself a bit too much with the bar it seemed. If she wasn’t careful, she would make an easy mark if someone was looking to warm their bed. Warm tones rolled from his tongue as head shook gently. I am here for them all of course. The glass drew up to his lips as the smirk danced across them again, feline focused gaze watching the monitor again as the elemental saved his own hide with only a breath to spare. The attack messy and disoriented but at least managing to throw the tank off his course to hit the cage instead of the man that was still struggling to get to his feet. The Capo suspected the elemental had only prolonged the inevitable, the guy's bell had been rung too hard that last time, he wasn’t getting his wits or legs about him quick enough. Amber watched the newcomer as he came to the bar as if he owned it. Cloak caught his trained eye. Someone had come in with his weapons still in tact. The Capo was a bit annoyed that this hadnt been caught at security, unless the guy was NYPD… the blues were allowed in with weapons to show they were legit, but this guy didn’t feel like a blue. Flick of the pupils to the heavyweights at the door was all that was needed to ensure the man was now tagged by the entire Bakkhos security. Smile returned to the woman next to him. You need another… Glancing over his shoulder he nodded to the Champion behind the bar to refill her again.
  4. Matteo Carducci


    The amused smirk that sought him once the drink was acknowledged didn’t feel disingenuous. Just an intense customer checking out what the big deal was then? Still could be up to no good but his gut said otherwise. The first sip of her new glass was met with one of his own, charming grin flashed over its rim before the dark liquor vanished back. Amber eyes studied her reaction to Tom. Interesting. The move to pick up her jacket and move further away was telling. Knew Tom?... knew what he was and didn’t like it? Tom smelled? A silent chuckle rumbled deep in his chest at the last option, sly gaze flicked towards the lycan behind the bar as if to check if he had heard the silent joke. The two new ones at the bar draw a quirked brow for ordering coffee. Not completely unheard of but considering they didn’t seem to be together it was unusual to get two such customers at the same time. Woman looked familiar… that cop…. what was her name again? But the man he absolutely recognized. Before they opened... was there challenging that Satyr security wouldn't be enough without even knowing what they had in the building. What was he doing in here now?.... surveying? Blink was almost seductive as the woman approached him, the rest of his liquor sliding back before the glass was set back on the counter, finger tapping the rim for Tom to refill. " To what do I owe the honor?” The devilishly disarming grin was flashed as he waited for his glass to be refilled. You just didn’t look like you were having nearly enough fun. As dark ambrosia filled his glass once more it was slid from the bar by deft fingers. Here for the show… the booze…. the crowd….all of the above? Brow lifted questioningly as he brought the refilled glass to his lips.
  5. Matteo Carducci


    The chuckle from the Bakkhos champion kept the smirk on his own lips. Matteo didn’t avoid anyone, unlike others of the family, so he and the beast got along just fine. Brow quirked as he brought the highball to his lips, watching the man head behind the bar. Risk still existed. The thought evaporated the smirk for the briefest moment as Tom spot checked for a tainted batch. Muscle through his cheek flickered before relaxing once more. It annoyed him. They should be above that sort of exposure and yet somehow…. they weren't. I’ve come to accept that hiding is outside of my abilities anymore. Sad as that may be. The dark moment passed as quickly as it came with Tom's grin. Not many got the grouchypuss to grin like that which gave him a healthy dose of self satisfaction. But it was short lived as the gaze sharply met his and then slid off to the Capo's right. Brow quirked as the dark gaze followed, observing the woman as she seemed to study the boisterous crowd. Tom didn’t faintly signal, it always meant something. Interesting. She didn’t seem like much to draw attention but he knew better than to dismiss the signal. Turning he leaned his back against the bar once more, drinking from his highball to watch the crowd, the woman in his periphery to scrutinize. It was her behavior. She wasn’t here for the fight. Nor did she seem to be here to enjoy the club. She was studying. They had received some veiled threats of a potential terror attack at the event, so it wasn’t abnormal that she caught Tom's attention. Someone not there for the festivities might be there to plan something wicked on the venue. Faint nod to the bartender as he glanced to the woman resulted in a second round of her current drink being slid across the bar to her. Disarming smile greeted her when the glass came to a stop near her elbow, his own glass raised slightly in greeting before he drank again. Fucking with his place… was a dangerous game. For her sake, she better not raise too many red flags.
  6. Matteo Carducci


    Out of the corner of his eye he watched the exchange just outside the club between Gallo and the idiot who thought he was "all that". He was impressed, Gallo handled it well. Whiskey was slid his way just as the clap came on his shoulder, smirk lighting up his expression even as Thomas started to speak. “You are making my life more complicated by the day, you know that?” Me? Chuckle bubbled up as he turned to lean against the bar and look at the older man. Pretty sure you won all your matches on your own. Not my fault you have fans now. Highball came to his lips as dark pupils flicked to the big screen, the club erupting in cheers. Fight was proving to be a good one as the young energy manipulator was thrown up into the first cage, dropping hard to the ground below but managing to get his wits back enough to erupt energy back at the freight train coming his way, sending the hulk flying halfway across the field himself. Good fight kept people in the stadium spending money. Also helped build the hype over the place - best type of advertising for this sort of venue was word of mouth. Attention returned to Thomas with a smile and half shrug. I mean… you could have just stayed in the Bakkhos box… hiding in the dark…. sniffling into your snifter…wallowing in self pity. Smirk lit even brighter as he teased the man.
  7. Matteo Carducci


    A faint smirk lifted the right side of his lips as forearms leaned on the rail of the upper deck watching the bloodbath below. He had to admit, this had been a gold mine decision. The venue was sold out all four nights, the elevated box seat prices only making people clamor for them more. Behind him music thundered out of Bakkhos Minor, the club as packed as the stadium below with fans watching the match on the massive screens inside while the liquor flowed. Brown eyes lit bright amber as the energy bomb went off on the opposite side of the cage, throwing Moren more than 70 yards across the field. The man could really take a hit, rolling several more yards before getting back on his feet. This fight was likely to last longer than most which was good for business. Hands pushed up on the cold metal rail. The January cold was biting outside the stadium but the massive heaters that ran on every floor and pushed up through vents under the stadium seating managed to keep the amphitheater at a balmy 50 degrees. Not exactly warm but not so cold that the patrons wanted to pack it in and leave either. This year they would look into the possibility of a covered dome, but for now… this did the trick. Hand slid into the fitted jeans, gray blazer shifting upward over his wrist as he strode into the club and smiled at the flirty hostess, making his way to the bar for a fresh glass. This was going to be a good night.
  8. Matteo Carducci

    Countdown Begins...

    As he strolled across the manicured field, dark eyes caught Tom heading down in their direction, faint nod tossed up his way as they both moved to make introductions. "Come now. You didn't have to do all this for little ol' me. Tom Gallo, pleased to meet you." …pft…please…. you aint that special Gallo…. Wink was easy as he extended his hand to the Pharos guy after Tom. Now this... this is a masterpiece. Are you the genius behind all of this? Genius…. madman…… in th' eye of the beholder I guess….Matteo Carducci…. He didn’t miss the wide-eyed wonder. The Senior Capo was jaded, too much time spent on the grounds had stolen his amazement of the place. But if he stood back a moment… it was a real wonder of engineering and magic. Darius Kayne, at your service! Eager beaver. Though most that got a chance to get inside the dome were. Just in time for the fireworks, I see. I don’t think any of us wanna have to active this bad boy after today. You two are the lucky few to get an exclusive demonstration... and hopefully the only demonstration. Well, I hear it can help us hold back the lions, tigers an' bears… Smirk was friendly at Tom before shrugging. Not to mention the witches an' wizards. Trotting down the steps back to the main field he nodded up at the cages. First one just a reminder for fighters to stay on the field. Second one's the real enhanced one. Spinning on a heel he walked backwards to face them as they followed. Not failed a test in two months but…… ya never can be too careful..
  9. Matteo Carducci

    Countdown Begins...

    He watched his leather toes appear and disappear as he sat on the edge of the stage, legs swinging in the vast space. The original grid-iron was the first cage, hundred by fifty four glorious yards of fight space. Reinforced steel that seemed thick but at a distance was easily seen through as the gaps were over nine inch square. The second cage was at the edge of the old stadium seating, a good ten yard gap around the first that could be walked by the security team. This second cage was the one that was heavily enhanced, more spells and enchantments than he could count. Enchantments against fire, against power, against ice, against electricity, even against certain spells. To protect the audience the first nine rows of seating had been removed, which was where the third cage was surrounding the field. This one was to keep drunk idiots from grabbing the enchanted cage and getting themselves half killed. The second cage was the one this artifact was supposedly going to make nearly invincible to anything that spilled out from a caged fight. Buzz in his pocket made him slip out the phone to glance at the text. Pharos was here. He waited as Frankie escorted the guy down the steps of the stadium to the cage openings. Around the massive arena the huge televisions were playing the Satyr logo as final tests were being run on all the equipment. 'ey Chin lifted in greeting as the guy got closer, hips sliding off the stage, hands sliding into his pockets as he strolled in that direction. Watch that second gate…. touchin' that one be a bitch… Grin was easy and welcoming as he let the guy drink in the size. It was always overwhelming to new comers. The stadium had always been huge, but with the six story tall massive cages that enclosed the field even on the top standing like monoliths in the center, it was awe inspiring. Particularly right now with no one to fill the seats, its very size was daunting.
  10. Matteo Carducci

    Countdown Begins...

    Hands rubbed over his features as he stood on the field of the massive stadium. It was tee minus just days and counting before their grand opening and there was as always still too much to do. Wrist turned over to glance at his watch again. He was meeting some Pharos guy in twenty minutes. It had been an odd phone call. Gaspari had apparently reached out to the head of the organization who in turn reached out to him offering to add extra security opening night by adding some artifact to his outer enhanced cage. He was supposed to be getting some sort of demo today. He had immediately called Gaspari to confirm this bizarre turn of events only to be told yes this was his doing. After arguing that the cage was already enhanced nine ways to Sunday, he was told a bit more security didn't hurt their image. Gaspari was probably right, an audience injury opening night could kill the endeavor dead in its tracks. Still... they had six different mage enhancements on the damn place. This seemed like overkill. NPC: You want me to just lead the guy down here when he arrives? ya.... may as well get right to the point on it. As security walked away he moved to the stage, hopping up to sit on its edge and wait. The massive platform was for the show before the fight. Derrick was supposed to play, something Gaspari seemed pretty excited about. She was good and all, but for this size crowd? Then again, Gaspari always seemed to know something he didn't. Legs swung back and forth off the edge as he looked at his watch again....... three minutes since the last time he had looked.
  11. Matteo Carducci


    He was exhausted at a level that was almost inhuman. When had he managed more than an hours sleep? He couldn’t recall. Hand scratched over his head, reminded again that he needed a haircut before opening night so he could be all professional….presentable. He should have just walked by….. why was he engaging? Because Gaspari wanted him to be the smiling face of Bakkhos to the public and "sell" the stadium. Thing was the event would sell itself…. and the Senior Capo wasn’t the best diplomat. Hairs on the back of his head were standing on end as he muttered about people not thinking he had taken all these things into account. The stranger was too quiet and it was setting off deep seeded alarms that the Capo wasn’t consciously processing but the fighter in him already was taking action against. The soft huff through nostrils only setting the edge further up on the blade. Of course…. I wish you the best with it. His own huff answered as he realized he had lost the damn key back into the army of others on the ring while gesticulating. It happened without the Capo thinking… as the man knelt there was a soft pop of air, wisps of ebony curling in the space the man had just been standing as instincts had triggered the aperation without any real thought. Air hanging thick with a scent of warm cinnamon as the Capo was no longer anywhere to be found. This was no ordinary target. Blink was pronounced as he found himself on the other side of the door, standing in the thick darkness of the stadium underbelly. Glancing down to the keys in his hand and then back to the door he tried to remember going through the door…. Fuck am tired…… Checking he had locked it, he set out to find the office and go over the latest list of "not yet done" items that seemed to constantly grow rather than shrink the closer to the date they got.
  12. Matteo Carducci

    Bakkhos Champion??

    You know...that Barracuda would be a nice prize...for the winner. What do you think about that...bub? Scowl at the man was instantaneous. Fuck you Tom.... gotta better idea.... lets put up that little liquor store of yers huh? Think about it. Could be fun. After all...I am the best in the world at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice. Smirk returned as he was slapped on the shoulder. The shrug was nonchalant as he slipped off the bar stool to head out with the man. He had a pair of long legs waiting for him back at his pad that he wanted to get back to before he caught a few hours sleep. 'ey. At this point for all I know ya fight like a pansy in the ring and I'm gonna lose my shirt in the whole endeavor. Wink teased as he headed out. He had signs to get made tomorrow and an upgrade to their adverts to make. Time to push this thing. ~Fin~
  13. Matteo Carducci

    Bakkhos Champion??

    A "pft" escaped his lips as the Capo growled at him. Matteo didn’t put off easily, especially by anyone in the family and Tom was no exception… lycan or not. Besides, Tom knew not to take the Senior Capo too seriously. A vision...we can call it that. A dream, really. That's all that will ever be. Smirk lit his own lips, wondering if the guy got the Wolverine reference. I swear Tom… one of these days gonna get some pixie to zap yer ass into a fluffy purple puppy….. just so you can get cuddled ta death… He couldn’t help the jibe, smirk broadening a bit. No, I do not plan on losing. Just don't insult me. Make the purse big. Head shook as he rolled his shoulders. Nah… gotta be big to pull the players in. Probably toss in an elite car from the family stock as well, something reinforced…..flashy… Groan came half heartedly as he added… ….expensive.
  14. Matteo Carducci


    "No… you don't." Eyes rolled. He KNEW he should have kept walking. Why did he get himself entangled into these things. Trust me…… there isn't security like this…… anywhere…….. Soft words came under his breath as he turned to go to the side door. “Unless you have cameras broadcasting the fights in reinforced steel boxes, they’re in cages. What happens if the Weres are tranq resistant? Cages aren’t enough.” Hand ran over his features with a bit of exasperation, head shaking as he mumbled under his breath to just get inside. “How could you possibly plan for whatever Were walks through that door…” He really should keep walking… but something about the guy's arrogance to assume he knew what was beyond the walls itched at the Senior Capo. Turning he shook his head. You really think weres are the worst that could walk through here? Please. This place has to withstand fourth and fifth level mages…enhanced that can cause small nuclear explosions…. earth elementals that can cause magnitude 8 earthquakes. Turning he kept shaking his head as he ranted, normally he wouldn’t be talking about any of this stuff but the guy had gotten under his skin. Hands gestured upward as he kept talking to himself more than the other. A little cage will hold all that?.... ya right….. why is it that everyone thinks they know how this will work without havin' a clue whats behind the walls… thinks I am an idiot puttin' t'gether a straw box to hold back fire?
  15. Matteo Carducci

    Bakkhos Champion??

    He couldn’t hold back the rich chuckle that bubbled up in his chest as Tom groaned at the spandex reference. “You are enjoying this way more than you should be.” Maybe a little….. but ya gotta admit… be a vision in canary yella tights… Smirk was wicked as he glanced sideways at the Capo to be sure nothing was thrown at him. Tone went serious again as despite the fresh opening to poke fun at their situation, neither could shake the feeling that this was still a terrible idea. Brilliant…. but terrible. “If a challenger steps up…what do they win?.....What do I win?” Brow quirked at the man. You planning on losing? Smirk shot back at Tom. They get bragging rights that that they beat yer ass….. and a cash prize… haven't set that yet…. Hands slid in his slack pockets as he smoothly rose from the barstool, the impish grin back at the Capo warned responses could not be trusted to be serious. And yer ass…. IF you win…. you get perty tags on the bottom of your three story banners on side of the stadium declaring yer record 1 and 0….. Huff through his nostrils was teasing… And that’s it… ain't forkin' any cash over to your ass….


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