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  1. News Around the World


    Lynching in Newark, NJ and Store Bombing in Queens, NY Linked Police are now saying that the recent bombings of a Laundromat on Parsons St in Queens is related to last weeks lynching at Military Park in Newark, NJ. Detective Seiko talked to the press briefly after returning from a follow up investigation in Newark. According to Seiko the Laundromat was owned by Kirin Laise, an outworlder elf that has been a quiet resident of Queens for nearly ten years. The detective went on to state that the victim in Newark had previously been unidentified but is now believed to be Airee Laise, wife of Kirin who was reported missing about the same time. When asked if this was related to the registration violence being seen in Ireland and if more violence could be expected, Detective Seiko stated this was being treated as an isolated incident of targeted violence.
  2. News Around the World


    March 15, 2020 Information is limited but around 2pm this afternoon there was an explosion at the Battery Maritime building that rocked the city for several blocks. Smoke could be seen from over ten miles away and a vacant ferry beside the dock was also destroyed. Eye witnesses state that several individuals were seen leaving the building in a black SUV just minutes before the explosion. Casualties are unknown at this time. The NY City Police are currently on site investigating. Related Thread: Not all is what it seems...
  3. News Around the World


    IRELAND FOR THE EARTHBORN This is the new slogan ringing out across Ireland. Waves of extreme violence have flooded across the country since the Registration of Outworlders went into affect. As outworlders are identified they have been victims of hate crimes. Businesses across Ireland have been burned. Local law enforcement has been ineffective in protecting those targeted by the rioting public. Information is sketchy currently. Sources inside Ireland have estimated deaths across the country as a couple hundred, but these numbers are unconfirmed.
  4. News Around the World


    January 15, 2020 The initial registration vote passed in Gallaway making Ireland the first to pass the Out-Worlder Registration law. In an unprecedented sign of solidarity, several other countries have initiated registration laws that are now pending passage. France, Germany and Spain have all initiated registration laws despite the violence seen when Ireland passed theirs. Meanwhile, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy have spoken out against this calling the move the first step in legalizing genocide.
  5. News Around the World

    NY: Central Park Murder

    November 4, 1019 5:40am In the early morning hours two kayakers in Central Park discovered a body partially submerged in the Northwest quadrant of Belvedere Lake. The victim, a female of Asian descent, had been strangled and has not yet been identified. A homicide investigation is underway by the NYPD. Authorities as yet, have no leads, but believe this to be an isolated incident. Anyone with information regarding suspicious activity in the area is urged to come forward.
  6. News Around the World

    Southern Coalition Backs Galway

    October 15, 2019 Southern Coalition’s President Davenport in a press conference today praised what he referred to as the ‘Galway Act’. Firmly placing his support behind Western Ireland's new registration act for 'Outworlders'. “If we cannot embrace our diversity we need stronger laws to enforce it’s freedoms!” Davenport stated, denouncing the popular stance of President Stanley. “Too long have we cowered behind the arcane arts of sorcerers! Some not even of this Earth. The Galway Act is a world-wide registration of ‘Outworlders’ enforcing compliance to the laws of the lands in which they reside. Our lands!” President Stanley was quick to denounce the need for such unbending laws imposed on our changing world but was met by staunch rebuttals by Vanguard supporters. The Federation’s President Holt also went on record, stating that she “Was not entirely opposed to the act.” “The Prime Minster of Western Ireland wanted to get this ball rolling on December 1st, and I thought that sounded like a good time to get this done.” President Davenport went on to say, further admitting that he was one of many world leaders conferring in Galway. President Davenport and Patriarch of the Vanguard, Delaney Grant have a poor track record with ‘registration policies’. Despite being hounded for their fascist tactics in the Coalition they continue to praise their efforts and welcome anyone from the Alliance to walk their streets. It is this employment of Vanguard regulatory forces that make the Alliance wary of the act fearing that it will only escalate into witch hunts and further tighten the Vanguard’s grip on the free world. EASTERN ALLIANCE NEWS
  7. News Around the World


    Oct 14,2019 In a move that has shocked even the conservative Irish, Galway initiated the first Out-Worlder Registration laws on Oct 10th. In a move that is sure to cause a ripple effect throughout the world as other nations watch closely to see how the laws change the dynamic in Western Ireland; the law gives all "citizens" that are not Earth naturalized until Dec 1, 2019 to be registered. The law decrees that all out-worlders are to register their names, primary residence and submit to finger printing while ensuring that all non-Earth naturalized citizens will not be discriminated against. The government released a statement that this was no different than all naturalized citizens that had birth certificates and other documents that had them "registered" in the world. Not everyone sees it that way. Galway is under marshal law today as in the days after the law was enacted protests sprung up that quickly turned violent. Businesses were torched and vehicles burned in the streets. At least four have been confirmed dead and the local hospital has released they are treating another 38. Thus far there has been no follow up statement from the government. We will bring you more news as it is available.
  8. September 2, 8:30 PM Citing a hallucinogenic outbreak of unknown origin, local authorities are reporting a death toll of nearly four dozen after tonight's disastrous events. Those who survived are being held for questioning and psychiatric evaluation following their exposure to a high level spell early response teams are calling "The Gates of Dis." An early responder from ARMA told us they found burnt chalk residue comprising a partial summoning circle, indicative of that particular spell. The investigation is ongoing, and we will do our best to keep you updated as we learn more about the Labor Day Massacre.
  9. News Around the World

    Time-Warner Center Purchased

    In an unexpected move, the Time-Warner Center has been purchased by an unknown buyer. While the shop owners in Columbus Circle have been informed their leases are in tact, the sparse few tenants in the two towers have been given one month to vacate to make room for the new owner. Current speculation is a foreign conglomerate has purchased the building, making some fearful that a dark element is moving into the Eastern States.
  10. News Around the World

    Suspected Outbreak

    SUSPECTED OUTBREAK January 26, 2019 Last night, Jan. 25, 2019, the NY Downtown Hospital initiated a quarantine lockdown procedure. Explosive blasts breached the barriers and a stand off between law enforcement and an unknown militant group ensued. NYPD and CDC were on the scene in response to a suspected outbreak of a mutated strain of the ‘m-virus’. Infections of the ‘super-viruses’ continue to plague our world. Scientists are ever striving to increase the window of their effectives but as of yet people only have 24 hours to receive the appropriate antidote after they contract a super-virus. The infected individual, whose name hasn’t been released, was reported to have had no response to typical treatment and lockdown procedures to protect the public from a possible contagion was initiated. Hospital administration reported that proper protocol was followed and the infected individual was properly contained. They and the CDC assure the public that rumours of an airborne variety of the morteximius virus were greatly exaggerated. As for the unknown gunmen, the NYPD are not commenting, except to say that their actions were purely a terrorist act. EMERGENCY QUARANTINE
  11. News Around the World

    Unconfirmed Mage Activity

    January 8th- 2019 Saint Joseph’s Cathedral was the site of an alleged personal assault. An unknown assailant terrorized churchgoers in an apparent unprovoked attack. Witnesses report magus activity. Suspect fled the scene, ARMA is investigating. January 25th- 2019 The night lit up in an unconfirmed fire at the historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, formerly St. John the Divine. Church officials report renovation activity caused the odd night blaze in the tower. No other details were available.