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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

April 27, 2019 - Family emergency finally calming down. Hope to get going again shortly. Thanks for understanding. ~ZEPH

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    Dika is a clean-cut early-middle-aged man. He is 6'4", with a large, wide, muscular frame. He has a large face and a very strong jaw, with a wide, flat nose and a big, tall forehead. He has black, tousled hair with scruffy facial hair; he never seems to be clean-shaven but never seems to grow any actual shaped style either. His body is covered with short, coarse hair that he sometimes trims in certain places. He is tattooed with various symbols taken from various cultures around the world; not every inch of him is covered, but he holds no reservations on where his tattoos can go, already sporting several knuckle tattoos that are easily visible, and more on his forearms that can be seen when his sleeves are rolled up. He tends to dress business casual, often sporting dress shoes, jeans, a tucked-in button-up shirt, with a sport coat always nearby.
    Dika is an introverted person in general. He loves knowledge and learning, and loves to share that knowledge with the world. It is because of this that he can come off as a standoffish know-it-all; however well-meaning he is. It is because of this that he stays away from crowded places like bars or clubs, but loves quiet, secluded places like bookstores and parks. He is quick to show care for people, especially those who see beyond their perceived annoyance of him and appreciate his loving nature. He is slow to intimacy and even friendships, preferring to keep things friendly and civil, but again prefers to explore the world and his interests alone. He prefers keeping an open mind towards unusual experiences, at least to be able to chalk it up as something he got to try. He enjoys relaxing and being lazy in his free time, knowing that he needs to let go a bit and enjoy the time he has to spare, because once another project comes up, it overtakes his life.

    Dika is a very hard worker. Once he is committed to a course of action, he does everything in his power to see it through to completion no matter how difficult it may get. It was this mindset that paid off so well during his education, leading him to travel the globe in search of the answers he sought after. He is a very intense person when focused, and this tends to take over all aspects of his life, even when the social protocol may call for different. However, he is very perceptive and logical, even abstractly so; making him a natural at his job; but harms him in social situations where voicing blatant observations can seem rude.

    Dika is very hard to offend, but once bitten twice feared; so he tries to avoid those he knows dislike him. He does his best to get along with everyone, but because he is so critical, towards others and himself, he tends to drive away people who are easily offended. He doesn't mean any harm of course, but he prefers to stay honest and forthcoming. He is independent doesn't like others to meddle in his projects, no matter how well-intentioned they are.
    Lives at and owns Capezio Center, which has been remodeled to be a living space, each studio transformed.

    Owns a custom-built Zero SR motorcycle, with removable charge pack, custom electric violet paint job, and the sound tech from the Harley Davidson LiveWire installed!

    Computer in office, mostly antiquated now of course, but able to connect to internet when able, fairly decent still.

    Moderate collection of books in library, mostly covering anatomy, occult lore, creatures of antiquity now becoming everyday, etc.


    Mana Field Attunement (Ability)

    A Mage, being trained in the art of manipulating the Mana field that permeates everything, is attuned to the field around them. This typically gives them a sense of how strong or weak the field is around them and what kind of effect it will have on their casting, and in some cases those most sensitive to it can even sense if magic has been or is actively being used in an area. Dika is one of these cases; he has honed his attunement to this level and beyond, even developing this ability into mediumship, see below.

    Mediumship (Ability)

    The ability to perceive the mana that makes up spirits of the dead, and communicate with them at will. This ability extends even to spirits that have possessed something/someone. Eventually, this ability may even be extended to view a visual conception of a 'spirit world' in a trance-like state if so desired, completely ignoring the material plane, and viewing just the mana fields in order to better perceive spirits.

    Mana Sight (Ability)

    More advanced Magi are capable of supplementing their senses with their attunement to the fields of Mana around them, most commonly done through the sense of sight, even in the case of rare blind Magi. This allows a mage to 'see' in terms of the mana of an area, giving them a greater ability to see through magical deception or to detect other active abilities being used in their immediate area. This ability is line-of-sight only. Dika has also developed this to the level of his Life Force Perception ability, see below.

    Life Force Perception (Ability)

    The ability to sense the magic field that represents life force within and around a being. This covers knowing whether or not a being is alive and healthy, alive and ill, gravely ill and near death, or dead. Eventually, this ability may become a useful resource for identifying illness and disease, once the different types of 'sick auras' can be identified and differentiated between.

    Soul Calling (Ability)

    The ability to alter the lines and field of mana to create a call to souls from beyond the grave. This ability is used to call spirits forth in order to commune with them. This ability is easily ignored by any unwilling spirit. This ability can easily call a benign spirit as well as a malevolent one, caution is necessary.

    Cantrips (n/a)

    Many Magus, with practice and training, can attempt minor, non-combative spells called cantrips. There is really no limit to the amount of times per day these cantrips can be mustered, since they are such small things. Typical examples are: lighting a candle or snuffing it out, minor telekinesis on small objects such as sliding a coffee cup across a table, and to cause an illusory sound, like a pebble dropping, in order to create a distraction.

    While Dika does have the ability to use cantrips, it seems as though his innate abilites make him unable to cast complex structured spells.
    Knack for Languages

    Some people have an ear for languages. They naturally pick up on patterns and nuances, quickly learn to understand other languages, and are able to speak them fluently in record time. A knack for languages can also enable people to cue in on the cultural cues, idioms, and humor of a culture, which can be difficult for outsiders to grasp. Dika is fluent in English and Spanish, and is able to converse in all romantic languages with only slight difficulty. He is able to quickly understand other languages during travel and research with the use of a translation aide.

    Exceptional Memory

    Having an exceptional memory allows a character to make observations and recall facts better than the average person. Not an eidetic memory but simply a strong ability to focus on and later relay what one has seen, heard and experienced, this skill can be applied to many life situations and be an asset at one’s work. With this ability, learning curves can be shortened and less time is wasted. People with this skill can also keep and share knowledge in a more accurate manner, especially in situations where the subject is broad and other ways of staying on top of information may be cumbersome.
    Dika's life pre-Resonance was a whirlwind of travel and education, he'd been in school the majority of his life at the time of the Resonance. From private boarding school with amazing libraries that held the answers to any questions he had at his fingertips, to holiday vacations spent travelling the world enjoying other cultures at their finest.

    When Dika turned 18, his parents let him run wild and free, having taught him all they wished, they wanted him to go out into the world and learn for himself. He was an adult, and he could do with his life as he pleased. He had plenty of money set up in a college fund from their anthropology work, but they were going to continue to travel as he decided what to do with himself. He chose to stay on the path he had enjoyed so much in life, educating himself and travelling the world.

    Now, instead of celebrations and food and drink being his focus, the mystery of the world's secrets became the things he chased. He spent his time furthering his education during school terms, and chasing his passions around the world in his free time. He met many wonderful and strange people on his travels, shamans and lorekeepers, soothsayers and , taking bits and bobs from different religions and practitioners, even ensuring to record his travels on his own skin, asking for magic markings of any manner that the people willingly offered strange visitors; earning him tattoos and even a few scars as well as the blessings of the people through their magic-workers.

    His education led him to a Bachelor's in Divinity from Senate of Serampore College in South Asia, a Master's in Theology from Oxford in the U.K., and even a PhD in Religion from Harvard in the U.S. This was mostly due to his fascination with the way people handled themselves once belief came into play. He began to educate himself in the field of anthropology, following in the footsteps of his parents, but felt it called to have him focus on one people instead of letting him travel and research more. His travels turned him down a strange path, focusing in on the beliefs and lore of different people, and how they compared cross-culturally. Dika loves learning, and will always love his education, but he often uses it as a running gag, calling himself a Harvard doctor and playing with peoples assumptions.

    Dika's education was freshly complete, and he was back home for a while to visit his parents, staying alone in his family home in Caracas until they returned from their most recent trip. He was milling about the Central University when the Resonance happened. He awoke hours after in a daze, amidst the pandemonium; forever changed. He made his way through the new world on his wits alone, that he had thankfully honed throughout his entire life of repeated, yet controlled and educational culture shocks.

    After surviving for a few years as a runabout rogue mage, still doing whatever he could to learn about his new self and the changes that rippled through the world, he was 'picked-up' by ARMA, who explained they were there to help him. After being whisked away and helped to fully understand the new changes and trained to control his new abilities, they set him up with a job with Pharos and Dika began to work and make a great living.

    Now his life is all about learning, making discoveries, and thriving in the new world.

    There is one piece of unfinished business of course: his parents; but that's for another day.


    Pandora (November 9th, 2019)
    -Introduced to Atticus Gale and Initiated into Pharos ranks

    Ramen? (November 10th, 2019)
    -Introduced to Johann Eligius and discussed possible business ventures

    A New City To Call Home (November 10th, 2019)
    -Introduced to Unnuk Umiaktorvik and her shop 'Northern Delights'

    Something Wicked This Way Comes (November 11th, 2019)
    [Rise of the Blood Moon event]

    Wheeling and Dealing (January 17th, 2020)

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    Dika picked the book up and shook it slightly while shouting "Aha!" It was a book he had asked about from a colleague of his that worked with supernatural creatures, who sent him a copy of a book published about the creatures found in Australia and its surrounding regions. He had found what he was looking for in the section about reptiles, trying to find out more information about the lovely gecko he had won from the festival. There it was, with a picture to boot, under the bold italicized section title. Rhacodactylus Gemmatisque, the jewel-crested gecko. Dika knew that what the shopkeep had told him was all correct, but he wanted to have a quick-reference guide available just to be safe, plus extra reading never hurt anyone. Dika set the book back down and began to read. He scanned over the sections about population distribution, reproductive cycles, and the like. He stopped when he hit the small section on captivity notes. He read the section thoroughly and made a few notations on sticky notes as he went, so he could put them on the vivarium so he could learn as he did.

    The rhacodactylus gemmatisque requires relatively similar captive care as other rhacodactylus species. A constant temperature of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter the time of year, requiring well-maintained climate control.

    Dika made a note about the temperature, and the shopkeep had already shown him the small blacklight heating lamp in the lid of the vivarium, designed to keep one corner of the space warm while letting the other be cool, with thermometer stickers on both corners. One was reading 77 degrees and the other was reading 75 degrees. Dika put up two sticky notes with the temperature range on them.

    Even though common rhacodactylus are always nocturnal, rhacodactylus gemmatisque can be diurnal or nocturnal depending upon their personality and care should be adjusted as necessary. Any gecko in captivity, whether nocturnal or diurnal, should be kept in an aura with plenty of natural light so as to retain a natural cycle.

    The shopkeep explained the blacklight was not visible to the gecko, so that her nocturnal activity, if any, could be easily seen if desired, with the power cord tucked back against the corner without stickers.

    The environmental humidity must be maintained between 50 and 80 percent, less than 50 percent and the gecko will have problems shedding and staying comfortable, while more than 80 percent will invite infection. Twice daily misting is the easiest way to maintain this humidity, with the added benefit of hydration, as the rhacodactylus gemmatisque will drink mostly from the dew that collects on the plants. A small dish of water should still be cleaned and filled daily.

    Dika noted that there was a third sticker, opposite the power cord, and it was labeled as a hygrometer. It was reading 60 percent, and with the time of day Dika made a note of the range and to mist the vivarium in the morning and the evening, with the water dish being changed just before the gecko got up, whether that was evening or morning, he would figure it out.

    Feeding a rhocodactylus gemmastique is very similar to the feeding of any rhocodactylus in that the best and preferred feeding method is a live cricket, 2 to 3 times a week, lightly coated in a powder made from semi-precious and sometimes even precious gems, depending upon taste.

    Dika sighed at this, knowing that he could get crickets from any pet store, but the powdered gems would prove to be a bit more difficult, at the very least more expensive.

    Several climbing surfaces should be provided, as well as basking surfaces near the heat source, the easiest method to achieve this is with a low-water tree, the misting will be sufficient water for it to thrive while the bark and branches have shown to be preferable.

    Dika smiled at the fact that the shopkeep had already planted a small tree called a jade plant like that inside, with some kind of moss, sand, and coconut fiber matting on the ground to make it easy to water and grow, and he recommended keeping the extra growth controlled and therefore keeping the size and shape very manageable.

    Cleaning a rhocodactylus gemmastique should be done weekly with a nub-free 100% cotton cloth to maintain health and shine.

    Dika chuckled at this, as it was the same cleaning process for jewelry and gemstones.

    Captive rhocodactylus gemmastique should be allowed 3 to 4 weeks for acclimation to a new home environment as well as a new owner so that they may become comfortable. Often, they will stay withdrawn until they adjust, letting their personalities shine through.

    Dika finished the section, scanned past the other parts, and closed the book with a sigh. He looked over at the vivarium and sighed again. He smiled again, hoping that she could see him and it helped her feel more comfortable. He stood up, put the book away onto the bookshelf with the rest of his supernatural creature books. He took a longing look at the vivarium, smiled again, and left the office.
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  1. Endika Ofeo

    Vroom Vroom

    Dika chuckled and shook his head. [dika] "You have it all wrong my friend. I know absolutely nothing about any of this. I can help hand you a tool or clamp a bracket in place or give you a guidebook on interpreting these schematics but that is about it. I'm the tool monkey here, just around to hand you stuff. I have no idea how any of this even works."[/dika] Dika waved a gesturing hand at everything that surrounded them; the parts and pieces and tools and plans. Dika took another swig of his beer before adding, [dika]"To be quite honest, I'm almost sure I'll just get in the way, and if I ever do, please say something and I would rather leave you to it, okay? I want to help you, not slow you down; you know?"[/dika] Dika stepped gingerly over and around several pieces and parts to more closely inspect the cooler-looking bits and baubles. He could almost see how everything fit together, but how it was all supposed to was foreign to him.
  2. Endika Ofeo

    What A Booty-full Place

    Dika headed out shortly after the poor girl left. He knew she was pretty shaken up, but they had all survived the tousle no worse for the wear. He decided that it would be best to pack it in for the night, not wanting to stir up any more trouble. He finished his drink, winked at the bartender, grabbed his coat, and left. So much for a fun night out, thought Dika. He hurried home to feed the gecko and catch up on some reading.
  3. Endika Ofeo

    Vroom Vroom

    Dika reserved himself mostly to opening boxes and handing Boone what he needed. He was laying things out willy-nilly but Boone had a plan, an actual concept to the work; so Dika let him do it. He was happy to help of course, dragging around the boxes he was directed to fetch and making a pile of the packaging materials to be pitched later on. He loved watching the gears turn in Boone's mind as he started to piece everything together, referring to the taped-up plans now and again. That part Dika felt was strange, as he knew that Boone could probably do most of this in his sleep. It took Dika several moments to realize that what Boone was doing was double-checking himself, just on the more particular arrangements of similar parts. Dika had opened the last box and stood back, waiting for Boone to finish muttering and arranging. He seemed close to the end of the laying out and the end of his beer, so Dika grabbed a set from the fridge and walked back over to Boone with them in hand.
  4. Endika Ofeo

    Combat 101

    Dika wasn't stupid, he knew something was wrong. He wasn't sure why Gavin went tense when the convoy appeared, nor why he was so furiously writing a message to someone; but something was wrong. Dika's gaze darted back between the convoy and Gavin's typing, not sure what he should focus on more, or even how he should feel. Seconds ticked away painstakingly slowly, Dika's gaze still flicking from the moving vehicles to Gavin's flying fingers. Finally, he spoke up. [dika]"Gavin, what's going on? What's happening?"[/dika] Dika's hand went for his holstered weapon, preparing for the worst because he knew nothing and couldn't presume anything. It was all unknown.
  5. Endika Ofeo

    Vroom Vroom

    Dika nodded, motioning to all of the boxes. [dika]"It looks like we are as ready as we will ever be."[/dika] Dika still had no idea what it was they were doing but wanted to help in any way that he could. Unpacking boxes seemed innocent and easy enough, so he set to work doing that, laying the contents of every box out on it's own individual tarp, like the reconstruction of a body on TV crime shows. Dika didn't know what any of it did, but he knew that it would be easier to see it all laid out like it was on the blueprints, maybe he could figure it out from there as the boxes got unpacked.
  6. Endika Ofeo

    What A Booty-full Place

    Dika hurried over to the mess that had erupted at the young woman's table. He took the cue from Murphy and grabbed the young woman, picked her up, and set her to the side as quickly yet gently as he could. This was the time that the training would come in handy, he guessed; not to complete a mission but to get in a bar brawl of all things. At least the police would actually back him up on this one, he hoped. Dika took advantage of the stupidly-prone drunkard in the chair and threw a strong hook right into his upheld jaw. The blow landed strong, Dika felt the jaw give way as the drunk was knocked out and watched as the man's energy flew towards and around where he had hit. Dika took solace in the fact that he hadn't broken anything before spinning around and sizing up his friends, who had all stood in preparation to defend their friend. The closest one to Dika took a haggard step forward, clearly in no shape for a tussle. Dika scoffed as he watched the man's energy flow, watching for a weak point to make this fight a bit faster. Just there, in the left leg; Dika saw that he was nursing a bad knee. Dika couldn't tell what was wrong but he knew something was, so he kicked for it, turning his body and swinging his foot around to the back before yanking it forward, hard. The man tumbled to the ground, in pain but still conscious and mostly unharmed by the fall, thankfully. Dika wanted to stop them, not maim or kill them. He had been pretty outnumbered but they were clearly outmaneuvered. Dika got back into a fighting stance, holding his ground, waiting to see what would happen next.
  7. Endika Ofeo

    Vroom Vroom

    Dika's face screwed up in honest confusion. He had not a clue as to what Boone was talking about but he had thankfully gestured enough to indicate what he wanted that Dika could infer what he needed to know. Dika just nodded and grabbed a box and turned to lug it inside. Dika hadn't the first clue where to set it down at, but after some looking around he spotted the mostly-empty tables off in one corner of the workshop. Dika silently nodded in understanding, realizing now a little better what it was Boone was talking about. He trudged over and set the box down on top of the table. He turned away to head back and grab another, but curiosity got the better of him and he turned back around. Dika ripped at the tape sealing the box up and flipped the top parts of the box open. Inside was a mess of packing material, which Dika shifted aside trying not to make a mess. He eventually found something hard with his hand and pulled it out. It was a bent cylinder of some sort, the nature of which had Dika completely stumped. Dika chuckled to himself as he realized with a bit more certainty that he had no idea what he was doing with any of this stuff. He gingerly put the piece of equipment back into the box and headed back over to Boone to get more.
  8. Endika Ofeo

    What A Booty-full Place

    Dika nodded slowly and went back to his drink for a long sip. He thought for a moment about pressing Murphy for more but instead decided it would be best to let the two settle in together. [dika]"Murphy, why not go help the girl out? She's obviously studying pretty hard and I bet she could use the help. I always find it nice to be able to help out a newbie, makes me feel extra smart and experienced."[/dika] Dika laughed at his own joke and gestured toward the girl and the table. [dika]"Really Murphy, I think you two could get along; so why not?"[/dika] Dika leaned in close and whispered to Murphy, [dika]"And if I'm going to be completely honest with you, I came in here looking to get laid; and the bartender is a bit more my type if you catch my drift."[/dika] Dika leaned back away and laughed again, he was really starting to feel the drink loosen him up. Dika thrust a hand out to offer a handshake with Murphy. [dika]"It was good to meet you Murphy."[/dika]
  9. Endika Ofeo

    Combat 101

    Dika couldn't help but laugh at Gavin, who clearly wasn't picking up what Dika was laying down. It was fine, Dika didn't expect much anyway to be honest; he was only being playful. In fact, he was rather satisfied with the fight; he was glad to have gotten a few punches in and to have actually held his own for a while. He knew that he was going to be in quite a lot of pain for the next few days, or rather the next few weeks; but it was all worth it. Dika was grinning wide, a bigger smile on his face than he had ever remembered having; at least for a very long time. Dika straightened himself up and only cringed twice at the pain, which he saw as a good sign. Now, the only question was what to do next. Dika pointed towards all of the yet-unopened bags and began to ask. [dika]"So, we've done some hand-to-hand and we did skip firearms a bit; but I want to ask if there's anything else you'd like to show me? If not, that's okay, I'd like to get some more work in with mine if you don't mind?"[/dika] Dika patted the bulge that was his sidearm and waited for direction from Gavin as to what was next.
  10. Endika Ofeo

    Get Your Sparklies!

    Heroic - Stepping in the path of danger at your own risk in order to protect someone else.
  11. Endika Ofeo

    Combat 101

    Dika was in pain and exhausted, and was more than ready for the fight to be over. Dika knew he wasn't going to last much longer up against the barrage he had taken. Thankfully, he had gotten a few hits in and was satisfied that he had been able to put up some sort of fight against a trained expert. He grinned a little at the thought as he reset himself, readying himself for what he hoped would be the last round. He had slowly been realizing his advantages over Gavin, which mostly just the size difference, especially in the amount of reach Dika had over Gavin. He was getting beaten, that much he knew, but at least he was learning while it happened. Dika knew he was done when Gavin came in with a powerhouse blow to his chin. Dika was dazed to say the least, immediately dropping his arms down in an exhausted defeat. Still, that didn't stop Gavin from tackling him to the ground and pinning Dika down in order to finish him off. The point was to really show him how a fight was supposed to go, not just pretend at everything; and Dika appreciated that. He was uncomfortably pinned, yes; but he was glad to be able to stop throwing punches and getting wailed on in return. Dika's pain started to flare up again as Gavin pinned him down more securely so he started to joke it off. [dika]"¡Bien, bien, me rindo, me rindo!"[/dika] Dika started laughing through the pain, trying to get Gavin to loosen and laugh it off. It was clear that the fight was over, now Dika just needed a minute to breathe. Gavin did loosen his pin on Dika, not completely, but enough to give him some much-needed reprieve. Dika cocked his head to face Gavin as much as he could before joking again. [dika]"Bien entonces, it's been a while since someone wanted to be on top, cariño you could have just asked."[/dika] Dika laughed again as he rolled Gavin off of him and sat up, chuckling as he nursed the side of his ribs, feeling extra twinges there and wondering if he had cracked a rib. He was still smiling as he watched the mana flow through him and inspected his side closely as the changes in the streams confirmed something was wrong, although what he wasn't sure; hopefully it was just bruised and not cracked, but it definitely wasn't too bad, he'd feel worse if it was terrible. Dika looked back up at Gavin, grinning from ear to ear, overjoyed with how their tussle went down, and waited for his reaction.
  12. Endika Ofeo

    What A Booty-full Place

    Dika switched his drink to the other hand in order to offer her the same hand she had put out. [dika]"Dika, nice to meet you too, Murphy."[/dika] Dika turned toward the table that she had eyed earlier and offered up his thoughts. [dika]"Murphy, tell me something; did I accidentally walk into a cop bar? I just don't want to invade anyone's space, but with you and the bookworm over there, it just seems that I might have done just that. Who else brings books into a bar, unless the bar is the kind of place that has your people all around, ¿sí?"[/dika] Dika really didn't mind if it was a cop bar, he just wanted to be sure before hitting on anyone too severely. Hell, he might like to hook up with a LEO, he never had before; it could be fun! He turned back to Murphy with a small smile on his lips as he waited for her to tear her gaze away from the girl and answer.
  13. Endika Ofeo

    Vroom Vroom

    Dika looked at the questioning man and smiled politely while lazily nodding his head. He shrugged a little, widened his smile, and said [dika]"No sé exactamente lo que está diciendo, señor. Sólo estoy aquí para ayudar de cualquier manera que pueda por favor no me importa, no soy muy importante para nadie. Cualquier cosa que pueda hacer para ayudar a Boone, estoy feliz de hacerlo. Estoy seguro de que eso es lo que estás aquí para demasiado ¿sí?"[/dika] Dika really didn't feel like making small talk with the man, he just wanted to get to work. It was easier to play the role of the dumb foreigner for him than it was to chit-chat. He smiled at the man, appearing to wait for an answer before shrugging and turning to Boone, reaching out toward the nearly-lowered delivery so as to offer a hand without speaking again.
  14. Endika Ofeo

    Something Wicked This Way Comes....

    Dika's head snapped up at the horrendous noises surrounding him, snarling and screeching and gunshots galore. He gave a guilty look of thanks to the flying woman before she leapt away again to fight off the crazed lycans. Dika knew that was what he should do as well, run off and find a better place to hide and be protected by people who clearly knew what they were doing moreso than he did. He took a tentative step toward the teleporting man, but then looked back down at the ley line. He couldn't just stand there any longer, though; he knew he needed to make a decision. Dika took off in a full run, away from the shouting and fighting and toward the backflow of the ley line. He was determined to find out what was going on, as he knew it couldn't all be a coincidence. Even if it was, he knew he couldn't simply hide in the shadows and wait around while he watched these people kill everything they came across. So, he ran, he ran as fast as he could even knowing he couldn't outrun anything that might come after him; he just knew he needed to traverse the ley line as fast as possible.
  15. Endika Ofeo

    Vroom Vroom

    Dika felt much more comfortable as he made his way to the warehouse in the daylight. The neighborhood was still bad, of course; but at least now he could clearly see everything and everyone as they hurried about their own errands and their own lives. He kept his head down, not wanting a lazy glance to be misconstrued as a rude stare and cause trouble. He had somewhere to be, he hated being late, and he really didn't want to get into it with anyone. Dika checked his GPS one last time to make sure he was nearing the right place before tucking it back away into his pocket and making the last turn down the alleyway that led to the door with the still-buzzing light above it, fired on even in the daytime. He chuckled quietly at himself, remembering his mind racing during his last visit; full of thoughts of creepy alleyways and back street stabbings and the like. Now, in the daytime, bad neighborhood or not, the alleyway seemed almost laughably banal. It was just another alley, between two plain old buildings, filled with the same pavement stains and litter that every other alley had. It was, dare he think it, harmless in the warm light of day. He shook his head, smiling, as he stepped up to the door and gave three solid knocks.


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