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    Susan Aglukark
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    Fox Shapeshifter/ Shaman
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    New York, New York
    Human Form: http://imgur.com/hn4lkdM
    Fox Form: http://imgur.com/FsAVQlV
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Texture: Wavy
    Hair Style: Unnuk usually wears her hair down unless she is working then she wears it up in a simply pony tail.
    Scars: Bite marks from the fox that first made the soul fur deal with Unnuk on her left wrist.
    Body Modifications: Unnuk has her ears stretched. Roughly 4g in size though she herself isn't sure since her jewelry is the incisors from a former sled dog she used to train.
    Dress Style: Despite the modernity of the Inuit tribes Unnuk dresses traditionally in leather and fox fur. She also pants her face to resemble that of a red fox. These things are done out of a spiritual belief, and she is rarely seen out of the makeup and dress.
    General Appearance: Unnuk's facial shape is Oval, with large brown eyes. She has a thin nose but it is about average in length, if anything it is just shy of average. Her lips are naturally full and she tends not to accent them unless she is trying to impress someone.
    Body Shape: Apple
    Cup Size: A
    Chest: 32
    Hip: 36
    Dress Size: 6
    Her Fox: Unnuk's fox form is similar to a Red Fox's in body size and shape. Her color however is quiet different due to a genetic mutation. Her body fur is white with a dark grey undercoat. She has a red mask that starts at the top of her nose and travels back her muzzle and around her eyes. Her ears have the same red colorings as her face as well as her belly and the tip of her tail.
    Unnuk is a self reliant and hard working individual but in general she is quite friendly as well. she has had encounters with a few others who possess supernatural abilities in her life however they have all been outsiders traveling through the tribal lands. Secretly she yearns for a group to belong to, however she has as of yet found one that she could be a part of.
    Due to the nature of her upbringing Unnuk possess a strong sense of community. This is at once a great strength and a great weakness of her's as she will knowing but herself in harm's way if she thinks it will help her friends and family.
    Unnuk is not one for parties, preferring small gatherings instead. She rarely drinks but will usually accept tobacco if offered.
    Unnuk is a religious individual and follows the old faiths and traditions of her people. Born under the sign of the wolf she has always had a natural affinity for canines which is why she became a trainer for her village, and those around her's.
    Unnuk does not see her new powers as a curse or a disease but as a blessing bestowed upon her by the old gods. This tends to make her more trusting of other shifters, beit wyrs, shapeshifters, or other mages who can change their shape, especially of others who are canine in nature like herself, be they wolves or foxes. This has come to bite her once when a traveling werewolf used this trust to lure her out of the town and rob her.
    Item 1: Fangs: Unnuk wears a fang in each ear lobe from a sled dog that she had grown fond of.
    Item 2: A steel dagger with a handle carved out of Walrus tusk passed along to her through her teacher
    Item 3: A box containing carefully packaged herbs used for healing and rituals.
    * A set of three enchanted throwing knives: each stored in a custom sheath. Maximum return distance of five hundred feet.
    The knives have a bone handle on them, slender and carved from a creature that was never human. The bone is black and hard, polished down so that nothing can stick to the surface. The blade has been forged to a pure silver color, polished and sharpened until it gleams with wicked intent, both sides matched. It’s perfectly balanced for throwing, if a bit on the larger side. Her aim will depend on what she hits, but the blades can be called back to their sheaths or her hand depending on her intent. 
    Yura: Yura is Unnuks pet arctic fox. He has an aura of cold around him and can speak through a one directional version of telepathy.
    Other than her tribe, and the few members of it the traveled south with her Unnuk holds no special Social affiliations or relationships. She also cares little for which faction or not her patients belong to, and she will heal any that come to her for aid, or those she finds that need it.


    Low Level Spells:

    Animal Scrying:
    The power to perceive through any animal's senses.

    The user can "hitch-hike" animal senses and experience what happens as if they were them. This power grants the user with the ability to taste, feel, smell, see and/or hear from animal senses. It allows the user to experience the world as their target/companion would.

    Users own body may be helpless while they are using someone's senses.
    Unless user has some ability to control the animal they are using, they have no control where it goes and what it looks.
    Some animals have so different sensory abilities that they are hard to understand

    Animal Empathy:
    The power to fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of animals

    The user can sense and/or understand the emotions of animals and vice versa.

    Is not a form of mind control, so aggressive, dangerous animals may still attack user.
    User may be limited to species she is familiar with, or that she has studied heavily.
    If the emphatic bond is too strong, the user may act like the animal, and become less human.

    The power to tame/train creature for various reasons.

    User has skill for taming, and/or training creatures to do task that are outside their normal training, such as teaching a dog to pull a lever using his jaws. User is also able to assist in the taming of animals that are normally considered too wild to be domesticated.

    Some creatures may need to see you as their alpha first.
    May take extensive time.
    Feeding and Housing of tamed creatures can be difficult.

    The ability to talk to animal life forms and understand their reactions.

    The user is able to understand the speech and/or emotions of animal life forms.
    Limited to animal species the caster is familiar with.
    Must speak her native tongue when using this ability
    Takes time to gain understanding of new species.

    Medium Level Spells:

    Animal Imitation:
    The power to mimic the abilities, traits, and behavior of animals. Not to be confused with Animal Morphing or Animal Manipulation

    The user can use/imitate animal powers, they can run like an ostrich, swing like a monkey, sprint like a cheetah, move like a cat, take the strength of an ant, track like a dog, hide like a turtle, constrict like a snake, etc. They cannot transform into animals, as this power only enables the user to mimic animistic traits while still in their original form.
    (What follows is locked until Higher casting ability is achieved: Some users can mimic multiple animals at once. )

    -Spending to long mimicking an animal has negative effects brought on by the animal being imitated, such as territorial feelings of lions, or urges to chase balls like a dog, etc. etc.
    -Some abilities may be compromised by size differences.
    -Depending on what is being mimicked with have negative effects along with the positive, such as dogs having to constantly hear ultrasound waves.

    Healing Hand:
    The power to restore biotic organisms to their optimal health.

    User can restore biotic organisms to their optimal health, curing damaged or withered organisms, wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and diseases/poisoning. Though the user may potentially heal any form of bodily damage, the patient must be alive, even if hanging by a thin thread, in order to be healed; once the patient has died, it would transcend healing and would require resurrection instead.

    Only minor healing can be performed on oneself, such as stopping bleeding, or closing small cuts.
    Trying to heal to much at once may weaken or even damage the healer physically or mentally
    Healing large wounds or massive amounts of damage is extremely time intensive, requiring days and sometimes weeks in more serious cases.
    Can heal damage done to the body, but cannot cure diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc. etc.

    Note: What follows is the table that will be used to gauge how much time Unnuk will have to spend on a target to fully heal them. She may not always fully heal a subject, doing only enough to keep them alive and letting their body take care of the rest.

    Basic Level: User can do anything that normal healing would do, simply accelerated.
    Can heal minor wounds such as cuts, bruises and light burns.
    Recovering from minor to moderate blood loss.
    Critical wounds such as lost of limbs or damaged nerves and internal organs cannot be healed, but wounds can be closed.
    Cells that are fatally damaged, such as by burning, cannot be healed, resulting in permanent scarring.
    (Time frame: 1 minute to 1 hour)
    Expert Level: User can do anything that normal healing and modern medical knowledge could achieve.
    Can heal external wounds, including fractured bones and deeper burns, disregarding of severity.
    Lost limbs can be reattached.
    Minor damaged internal organs may healed, but more severity may be beyond repair and may take more time to heal.
    Nerves may remain damaged.
    (2 hour to 1 day)
    Advanced Level: User can heal things that current medical knowledge cannot do.
    Lost limbs and internal organs are completely healed.
    Damaged nerves can be healed to a certain extent.
    Critically and fatally damaged cells can regenerate, preventing scars.
    (1 day to 1 week)

    Summon Soul:
    The ability to summon totem spirits.

    This power allows the caster to summon the spirit of a totem animal to do their biding. It works similarly to the Druid spell “Summon Nature's Ally” in Dungeons and Dragons, except that is the spirt of an animal instead of a physical animal itself.

    - Can only summon one type of spirit at a time, the number is limited by the casters ability (The more spirits summoned the more tiring it is. The same rule applies to size. A single bear is much more tiring than a dozen mice spirits)
    - The spirit retains a level of free will. They can be told to do a task, but no specifically how to do it.
    - The spirits can be physically damaged, or banished but are technically immortal. Dissipating after they have been defeated.
    - Unnuk is limited to the spirits of animal species she is familiar with.
    - Animal spirits may refuse the casters call if the location is to far outside their natural habitat. (For example attempting to summoning a polar bear in the Caribbean islands.)

    High Level Spells

    The power to shift into an animals shape.

    The user can transform into animal(s), whether partially (one she is better at casting) or completely.

    Unnuk is limited to only taking on the form of a fox. (Unless additional forms are gained later through role play)
    The longer the caster spends in their animal form the harder it is to maintain a hold on their humanity. Eventually ending in a form of suicide known as “The final Shift” where the humanity of the caster is completely gone and the live out the rest of their life as an animal.
    Additional forms may be gained but require a deal to be made with the animal form the caster wishes to take. To do this, you must obtain "permission" from an individual of the species you wish to emulate. when you transform, you change into an exact duplicate of the individual you obtained permission from. Should “permission” be obtained the caster gains two things, the first is the ability to mimic the creatures shape, the second is an obligation to raise that creatures young should it die before the can fend for themselves.
    The Animal the deal is made with also suffers gains and loses.
    The Animal will live as long as the caster they made the deal with (If the caster dies before the creature naturally would have the animal will then live out their natural lifespan.)
    The animal gives the caster its spiritual “fur” (aka a part of their soul) which allows them to transform.
    Inuktitut (Native)
    French: (Mostly Fluent)
    English: (Mostly Fluent but certain aspects of the language are difficult for her.)
    Dog training
    Sled Driving
    Basic Medical Training - CPR, bandages, splints, and childbirthing.
    Ritual Knowledge
    Wilderness Survival
    Folkloristic (Collecting of lore)
    Knife Fighting
    Knife Throwing
    About the Tribe:
    Unnuk's tribe is made up of individuals who wished to return to the more classic ways of their people. Unnuk's grand-parents where some of the original members to join the village. Her parents met there and eventually gave birth to Unnuk. The village seeks a return to traditional forms for several reasons. The most important to them is the religious beliefs. Second the tribe serves its neighboring Inuit groups as a tourist attractions so outsiders can see what premodern life was like in the north. Most of their money comes from this tourism and from trading. Lastly the hope the set the location of the village up as a Unesco World Heritage site in order to preserve the sacred lands that are part of the village. There by blocking oil production in that area.
    Unnuk was born in the far north of Canada as part of an Inuit tribe. As far as childhoods go Unnuk's was nothing special. She developed at a normal pace for children. They only thing of note is due to government requirements Unnuk went to school outside of the village, with children who grew up with more modern conveniences. Technology both fascinated and scared her due to her upbringing, but over time she came to accept that some people chose to live there life with technology and some chose to live without it, such as her parents. After grade school Unnuk completed middle school and high school but decided not to go to university opting instead to return to her village once more to pursue a career training the sled dogs her people relied upon when they didn't have access to those with snowmobiles or other forms of modern travel. She spent the first portion of her life as a trainer for the tribes sled dogs, however due in part to the death of her favorite sled dog Umok and part natural ability for the position she was soon taken from that job and began training as the village shaman, along with two other students.

    Resonance: During the events of the Resonance Unnuk's tribe was fairly untouched, however the lack of technology for others meant the tribe was left without connections to the outside world. Unnuk volunteered to go explore the world. She and a few other tribesmen left the village and began moving southward. They made it as far as St. Louis but left due to various factors. This in turn lead Unnuk and the others north to New York, where she has set up her place of work and helps those who need it.


    Address: 103 Prospect Park West Apt. 3, Park Slope, New York City
    (The rest of the tribe lives here as well but in the other apartments, thus taking over the building.)

    Shop location: 368 9th St. at the intersection with 6th ave. Brooklyn New York City, New York.
    Shop Name: Northern Delights

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    It really is a long list so what's above is mostly as sample.
  • Role Play Sample
    What follows is the first ever Role Play Sample for Unnuk, first used on Obsidian Butterfly

    Unnuk awoke in the strange room, still jet lagged from her flight. She had traveled to St. Louis in order to attend to the funeral of a small family of Inuit people. The father had died at it was his wish, as well as his wife's that he be given a traditional funeral. She stretched and yawned loudly as her feet touched the floor.
    She made her way to the bathroom, first to relive herself and then to bath. She added a few handfuls of salt to the water to purify her spirit while she bathed. Once that was done and her hair was dry she sat nude in front of the mirror, painting her face in her usual way after a red fox, since that had been the animal that had bitten her and caused her to shift when ever the Great Mother was at her peak. Once her make up was one she donned "normal" clothing, a simple pair of jeans and a white tee shirt. She then moved back into the main room of her hotel room. There she packed up her traditional clothing, her herbs, and other tools that where needed for the ritual. Her knife, with its' beautifully carved handle was placed in its' sheath on her belt.
    As she left the room she fingered each earlobe, making sure Umok's fangs were still in their proper place. Now ready to go she went to the front desk and checked out. The family would provide her with a place to stay, she had only stayed at the hotel due to her flight arriving late in the evening the previous night. She placed her things in the back of her rental car, a simple white four door Chevy Impala. She made her way down to the river district where the family lived.
    Unnuk did not enjoy the drive to the family's house. She hated driving. Cars went far to fast and weighed far to much in her opinion. She much preferred the "normal" means of travel her people used. She made it however and as she pulled into the short drive way the wife came out to greet her. The exchanged pleasantries and Unnuk offered her condolences to the family once she was inside.
    The ritual passed without incident and once she was done with the final rights of passage for the husband she set about purifying the house. Reaching into her herbal case and pulling out a fist sized glass bottle, which held inside of it water that had dripped of a glacier. She purified the house and burnt s age, a practice she borrowed from the native tribes located in the lower 48 states. Once that was done she at dinner with the family, a meal of boiled chicken, broccoli and milk. It was a simple but pleasant meal.
    After dinner was finished she helped clean the dishes and told the wife that she would be back later in the evening. That she wanted to take the rest of the day an explore the city a little. She left the house in her traditional clothing, her knife hidden now under the upper portion of her leather and fur jacket. She left the herbs inside figuring their would be little need for them, and that they would be safer in the family's home anyway. Her responsibilities taken care of Unnuk set about wandering and exploring the city.
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  1. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    Northern Delights: Help Wanted.

    "Welcome to Northern Delights!" Unnuk called as she stood up from behind the book counter. Yura lay in his usual spot, and even as she stood and spoke her right hand never stopped petting between his ears. As the wind from outside carried the scent of the newcomer over to them however the fox's ears perked up and he looked at his owner. She in turn looked back at him and shrugged before saying out loud: "It's not a big deal Yura." "My name is Unnuk, I am the proprietor of this store. Are you looking for books? Perhaps you're here to try one of our exotic blends of Labrador tea? I am the only one in the area that can make it after all." She said with a friendly wink and a smile as she stepped out from behind the counter. Adorned in a simple white blouse, a pair of dress slacks, and an asymmetric white fur sash around her waist, that was small on the left side but swooped down to her right knee before returning to her left behind her, she cut a rather striking pose and figure. (Sorry, I've been gone from home a lot. Works been having us do 10 to 12 hour days and weekends have just been one event right after the other.)
  2. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    Northern Delights: Help Wanted.

    It had been a long month since the Blood Moon had passed. Unnuk was thankful the Yura had made it through the ordeal safely, her shop however...that was another story. She had been forced to close her store down for most of the past month due to damages to the merchandise, and the storefront itself. Today however, she was about to complete her final piece of work. She hung the "Help Wanted" sign on the door and then flipped the closed sign to Open. She unlocked the door and made her way behind the tea counter, waiting for her customers to begin showing up.
  3. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building

    Unnuk had finally managed to recharge a good portion of her power from what food was left in the service cart. She made her way to the door and saw the girl she had seen from the mouse along with another man. Both looked like very good people to have down here with the civilians. "Hey! Can you guys hear me?" She called out. "If you can take the service elevator down one floor. It'll put you in here with us. The wolves shouldn't be a problem as long as the door closes before the catch up to you! If you don't wanna risk the ride I suggest climbing down." She called out as loudly as she dared. She didn't want to draw to much attention to the area. The gunshots were already bad enough.
  4. Still looking for someone to thread with in Unnuk's shop.

  5. Still looking for someone to thread with in Unnuk's shop.

  6. Still looking for someone to thread with in Unnuk's shop.

  7. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building

    "☶ I'll open up the gateway then. You and the others pass through and I'll stay here as a distraction. " The other mage responded to Unnuk's suggestion. [unnuk] Alright...[/unnuk] Was all she could manage to say. She figured staying up here alone would be suicide but their wasn't much she could do to stop him, and if he was a strong as she thought he might be, he could buy the people on the deck time to escape. Just then she head the sound she had been fearing most. The barrier shattered, the kinetic barrier breaking into thousands of shining pieces. She was immediately glad she had boosted her speed, and that she had summoned the bear. The wolves poured through the doorway, a seething river of teeth, fur, and fury. Her bear spirit swung its massive claws back and forth, throwing wolves off the edge of the building, as she darted back and forth slashing and cutting where she could. The knife sadly wasn't real silver, just highly polished, so all she could do was slow them down while the healed. Behind her the other mage was moving the citizens through the barrier, but it was a bit slower than she had hoped it would be. She wouldn't give up though. Jumping back behind the bear for a moment she sheathed her fighting knife and removed her three bone handled throwing knives. Each enchanted with a returning spell. From the cover of the bear she through the first one, then the second. As she through the third knife she called back the first to her hand. Throwing that one she called back the second, repeating the process over and over, juggling the knives, calling them back into her hands a moment after the sunk into their target. Once in awhile she missed, but the wall behind the wolves caught the knives, keeping them in range for her to call back. She was, at this moment a machine gun of blades, her enhances speed allowing her to through faster than her regular body ever could. One wolf made it past her bear, she rushed forward and slammed into it, driving her shoulder into its solar plexus, her speed granting her extra force to drive it back. Her blades sinking in under its ribs. A scant moment before its claws landed on her she back peddled and recalled her blades. They weren't great for stabbing, but they did in a pinch, and she was definitely in a pinch at this moment. Howling the wolf stood up on its legs. It rushed her, its muzzle covered in spittle and blood. She charged it back and at the last moment she drops to her thigh and "baseball" slides under it. Swiping her daggers at the tendons of his legs. The wolf, as it feel kicked out at her, slamming into her rib cage. Stars spun in her vision, and before she could correct herself a hand grabbed the back of her shirt, pulling her backwards. "☶ I said get through the portal! " The other mage said as he threw her through. Her last thought was to call all her daggers back to their sheaths. The last vision she had of the rooftop was of her bear spirit beginning to fuze out. He couldn't actually be injured, but too many swipes through his form would dissipate him. Then, everything went dark. She landed with an; [unnuk] Umpf! [/unnuk] The sudden shock of the hard floor bringing her back into consciousness. She looked around, the basement was large, but other than a freight elevator and a single door she couldn't see any other way in. Thankfully the power was still on. [unnuk] Bar the doors. Put the heaviest stuff closest to the door. [/unnuk] She ordered, with as much authority as she could manage at the moment. The people began moving to pile whatever they could find in front of the two entrances. She cancelled her speed enhancement. To much longer and she'd be acting like a cat. She already had a craving for heavy cream that wouldn't go away until she indulged it. Back on the roof her bear continued to fight, swinging and biting for all he was worth. The spirit knew it was going to fall soon, but he had been summoned and given an order, and he would follow it as long as he could. The little huntress had entrusted him with this task, she had placed her faith in him. His thoughts faded away as another wolf charged him, He roared his fury and leaned in to clamp down on the wolf's neck, his powerful arms ripping into the soft tender skin and fur of his belly. As he attacked another wolf tried to bite his leg, its jaws passing through his form. He threw the corpse of the dead wolf in his mouth to the floor. But there was always another to take its place. The next wolf came and he raked his claws across its muzzle. Knocking it to the side as he followed up with another swipe, connecting with the side of another wolf's head. Again he cocked his head back and roared up to the blood red moon. The blood that passed threw his body energized him but he was taking more and more hits now. For each swipe, each bite he gave he received three more. The bear was aware of the other human on the roof with him, but he couldn't spare the attention. The human seemed to be holding his own against the onslaught. His magic strange and foreign to the bear. Normally he would try and sniff it, he and his kin loved to learn. Now though...with his energy leaking, and his form fuzzing in and out he made his last moments count. He reared up on his hind legs, taking two big wolf clearing swipes before dropping back to all fours and beginning his final charge. He used his immense size and power to push and knock the beast back and to the side, some falling, others managing to catch themselves before the plummeted to their deaths. As he reached the door his body began to twinkle light stars in the night sky, and with one last roar of fury he winked out. His spirit returned to the ancient astral plane of his people. Back in the basement Unnuk shuddered as she felt the bear spirit return to his home. Such a large and powerful spirit passing back into the veil always caused a ripple through her. [unnuk] Let's hope the doors hold...or that they don't find us. [/unnuk] She said out loud, as she looked around. A few minutes passed and she found a craft services cart, a bit of food still on it. It was cold but at this point she would take whatever she could. She ate quickly and as cleanly as she could. She felt the energy surging through her body as she quickly metabolised everything she consumed. Her body craving the energy. Feeling almost back to regular she pulled her summoning bone from her coat again. This time bringing forth a dozen mice. [unnuk] Spread through the vents and anywhere else you can. If the wolves come down this way, Run back to me and raise the alarm. [/unnuk] She would normally pay them honor like she did with the bear, but they were lower in the hierarchy than she was, so it wasn't absolutely necessary. The mice scampered off to do as she ordered, and after about five minutes had passed she sat down in the lotus position. She trusted her spirits but she wasn't going to put a mouse's speed against that of the monsters above. She closed her eyes, and began to breath with long slow meditative breaths. Her senses expanding to alert her to all the wild-life within her range. All but 2 of the mice were in range. Starting with the closest mouse she joined her astral self with his, piggy backing onto his senses. The world suddenly becoming different as she saw, smelled, heard, and felt what the mouse felt. Back in the basement it would look as though she were asleep. This particular mouse was in the air vent directly across from the basement door, and she could see through his eyes that at the moment nothing was threatening them. She repeated the process with the other 9 mice she could reach. Each set of eyes and ears showing her nothing but calm and quiet. Except for the last mouse, which revealed a woman limping down the staircase. Unnuk mentally cursed, and using her Animal Empathy she encouraged the spirit mouse to go to her, and lead her to the basement. The mouse hesitated but eventually scampered down and began tugging on the female's pant leg. It's little blue and purple body of light a stark contrast to the dimly lit staircase. (OOC: Reference for the mouse https://www.pinterest.com/pin/121456521178017513/ ) She left the mouse to do its job. It would do all it could now to get her to follow, but if she didn't then it was on her. She kept flicking back and forth between the mice she had left keeping a constant surveillance up, and mentally praying to every God and Goddess of her pantheon to keep her, and these people safe. (Parts featuring Towen where written with permission.)
  8. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building

    Unnuk stood at the "front" of the observatory by her bear. Breathing slow and steady. She watched as the barrier shimmered and a wyr's paw reached out towards her. With her enhanced speed she flung her blade out, slicing up the creature's arm from wrist to elbow in one smooth strike with her silver blade. The wolf withdrew its arm and howled as the barrier became a more solid surface once more. She hated injuring them, but at the moment it was them or her. This time she was choosing herself. ⦓ How long can you keep the barrier up? ⦔ She called out as she checked on her bear. He was breathing heavily, ready and almost itching to fight, but they had not actually crossed the barrier so he wouldn't attack until they did. Seeing the desperate look on the faces of those around her Unnuk shouted out to the other mage ⦓ Should we try the basement? Their should only be the service access door once we are below ground. It might make it easier to defend these people. I doubt we can make it on the streets, and even if we did...we'd just be over run in seconds. ⦔ She wasn't even sure they could make it to the basement, but it was a better shot than anything else. Best case they only had to defend on small door way, meaning dealing with one wolf at a time. Worst case they all, or most of them were attacked or bit on the way up. Even still, if they could save some lives it was better than fighting here and everyone dying like sheep caught in a pen.
  9. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building

    Unnuk shook her head and looked up at the man speaking to her. "He will hold off many...that is the strongest spirit my people can summon. Once I get my strength back he, along with my silver knife will be able to defend that doorway. For a time at least...Their numbers...they are so many I doubt we can hold out forever even if I had access to more power. What about your barriers? Can you focus and strengthen specific areas? Or is it a general cover all?" Unnuk got up to her feet. Her energy was returning on its own...but slowly. She picked her knife up, and moved to stand next to the bear. Her body shimmering with blue green light, like that which made up the bear, as she spoke an invocation in her native tongue. Bringing about speed. She had gone to St. Louis to visit one of the few remaining zoos. She had managed to sneak in and make physical contact with most of the animals there, giving her many new powers. This time she was invoking Cheetah. For his great speed. She could have called on a stronger animal, but strength didn't matter as much, when you where half the size of your opponent and they had claws and fangs. While she only had skin, and the clothing she wore. No, she would dodge and dart around, making small nicks and cuts as she went through their lines. The silver would do most of the work. But she hoped it didn't come to that. With any luck at all the barrier would hold, or the Great Bear would occupy them enough for them to realize that they should move on to easier prey.
  10. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building

    Unnuk found herself at the top of the Empire state building on this particular night. She wasn't here for the full moon like the others, just as a typical tourist. However upon seeing the blood red moon and hearing the cries of the wave of lycanthropes, lost in their bloodlust she knew in her heart the night had taken a serious turn. "☶ LISTEN UP, EVERYBODY. If you see one of these papers, DO. NOT. TOUCH. IT. They should keep the deck safe long enough for the beasts to lose interest. " She heard a man shout. She turned to look at what he was speaking about, and wished once again she had been gifted with the second sight so she could see what he was talking about. She believed that his powers were real though, not suspecting him of being a pretender like some scam artist might try and do. No scam was this elaborate or required this many participants. But she also wasn't going to leave matters to him alone. She was forced to make a tough choice. Guard the ledge overlooking the city, or guard the door. She doubted they lycans would be able to climb so high up an almost sheer surface, but she did figure they could easily make their way inside. From there it was a simple matter of using the stairs to get to the heavily populated area. "I need everyone to move. Clear a circle!" She shouted, drawing a silver knife from her coat. Most of the crowd either heard her, or saw the knife and gave her the distance she needed. Then she sat lotus position and drew the blade across her palm. With her other hand she produced a Scrimshawed claw from a bear. She wiped the blood across the engravings and it began to glow softly like the norther lights. She placed this at her feet and began to chant in her native tongue. After a minute the claw's glow began to shift and whirl its way to the door. There, just inside of the magical border the other mage had created a truly great and massive polar bear stood. It's body wasn't truly physical, but it had a physical presence, and was able to interact with this side of the veil. Switching back to English she bowed over the claw and began to speak, her voice radiating with a hint of power. "Great Bear! I Unnuk, you humble and faithful servant do lend you a taste of my life force. In exchange I charge you with guarding these people and this area from the wolves that now prowle outside our door from now until the crimson moon closes its mighty eye. They seek to hunt and to consume the flesh of man, but in this they shall fail, for no wolf can stand up to the might of the Great Bear. He that is second only to the creator of us all, Nulliajuk . Do you accept my trade?" The bear did not speak, but instead lifted his head to the sky and loosed a silent but fierce looking roar. Rising up onto his hind legs as he did so. His roar ending the bear landed upon his forelegs once more, the observation deck shaking slightly with his strength and weight. His ever watchful eyes turning back to the doorway with a determined expression upon his muzzle. Her deal now accepted Unnuk felt strength drain from her limbs. Bear was always tough to bring out, but he would be worth it this time. She then turned her attention upon the people around her. Some staring at her in shock and awe. "Does anyone...have any food or water? I need...to recover...some of my...strength." She asked, her voice just barely loud enough to be heard, even in the stunned silence of the on lookers.
  11. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    Northern Delights Grand Opening

    Unnuk stood just inside the door to her shop. It was finally time. Two weeks had passed with the shop open for short stents. Earning her just enough money to cover the cost of today. Everyone who visited would receive a free cup of tea, any blend they desired. She had Yura upstairs to keep an eye on things. He would warn her if anyone tried to pocket anything without paying for it. She had taken out a few adds, so she was hoping for at least a somewhat busy day today. WIth a heavy sigh she lifted the blind covering the large window of her door, revealing the open sign behind it. She was relieved to see there was a small crowd outside waiting for her to open. With a smile she opened up the door and pinned it open with the stopper. " Welcome to Northern Delights. I am Unnuk and it's a pleasure to see all of you here today. I shall serve tea, and then those that are interested are welcome to stay for the tour, or you are free to wander the shop while you enjoy your tea." She moved behind the tea station, all of her boilers fixed and ready to work the overtime today would bring. She worked hard to serve her customers, smiling the entire time as she brewed cup after cup of hot tea. Labrador being the most popular, due to the fact that only the Inuit new the secrets to brewing it safely.
  12. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    A new city to call home

    Unnuk stood with him, concerned at first, then he made his way out, rather quickly. She frowned and fell back into her chair. She was extremely confused. She mentally called Yura up with her, and the two of them sat there, her hand running softly down his back as he stared up at her. "You wanna go for a run later?" She asked out loud in the fox dialect. Using one of her basic powers to vocally speak to him. "You know I'm always interested in going for a run....but can we do it outside the city this time? I'm not a fan of all the traffic we had to deal with last time." Yura responded back. Unnuk nodded and went downstairs, two more hours and then she would close the shop. This week was all short days anyway, just to start gathering interest before her grand opening.
  13. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    A new city to call home

    "That is closer to what he is, yes and I must admit that it is partially because of Yura that it is so cold downstairs. Though he only causes about a ten degree difference. The rest is sadly poor insulation due to the buildings age. As for Yura's other magics...well there is his télépathie to consider. He may yet manifest more powers, but only time will tell. Truthfully it matters little to me as he provides me with good company, and even better conversations." She took the final sip of her tea and leaned back in her chair. " If you don't mind answering I would love to ask about you as well. Tell me, do you merely have the second sight? Or do your abilities manifest themselves in other ways?"
  14. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    A new city to call home

    Unnuk shifted uncomfortably for a moment. Having someone see that much about her made her feel rather strange. "So you are a seer then?" she mused. She sat down across from him at the table and took a rather long pull off her cup of tea, almost draining it before setting it down in front of her. "I cannot confirm or deny your assesment of my powers. I must apologize as English is not my first tongue, nor is it my second tongue for that matter and I am...unfamiliar with the word. I can tell you however that your evaluation of Yura though is a tad off. He is a friend but not quite a fox spirit. He is culturally closer to what many others would call an... ela..men...tal." She had to sound the word out carefully, having had few occasions to use it before.
  15. Unnuk Umiaktorvik

    Northern Delights

    Welcome Upon entering her shop customers are greeted by a friendly voice welcoming them to Northern Delights. She sits behind the counter top across from the door, softly petting a rather large arctic fox, who looks at each customer as they come in before slowly blinking and laying his head down. The inside of the shop is fairly chilly on the ground floor and as such she wears fairly warm clothing all year around. The First Floor The floors are made of a dark hardwood, and the table area in the center protects them, via the use of a dark green area rug. The single bathroom in the store is unisex and located underneath the upper portion of the staircase which leads to the second floor. Behind the long counter on the right are various containers of herbs and spices. The chalkboard overhead contains over 45 different types of tea, and tea blends. Most given such names as Immuni-Tea, and are given a brief description of what is in them and what they help with. Large shop windows keep the store well lit with natural light during the daytime, and during the night large overhead lights light the floor with their soft glow. Giving the store a warm, and welcoming feeling. The walls are decorated with artifacts and paintings from her native lands, and when asked about them she will happily explain what each is. Items of particular note: -- A block printed set of paintings containing an Owl, a depiction of a journey, and an image of people being chased by a bear. -- A large seal skin drum decorated around the borders with various fangs and claws, and its single drumstick made out of a rather large bone --A glass display case, tightly locked and hung up behind the counter containing the cash register displaying three Ivory bladed knives, each with a scenic image carved into the blade. The Second Floor Customers are welcome to eat and drink their tea on either floor, both offering tables for them to do so, or to socialize at. Upon heading up the staircase the store takes a sudden change. The pleasant scents of herb and spice give way to the soft power of blended incense and books. The upstairs in notably warmer than downstairs and has similar windows to achieve the same soft warm lighting. In the upper right corner of the store are various religious books for sale, mostly containing modern new age books. One shelf however is protected by bulletproof glass and is heavily locked. A note just below explaining that these are rare and expensive books, and are not for sale to the average person. Across from that sit several display cases. Most containing modern ritual items needed to practice the pagan faiths. 7 day candles, athames, various stones, stick and cone incense, and statues of various gods. Once particular cabinet however is dedicated to her people and their craft, and while a sign says none of the items in this cabinet are specifically for sale, interested customers can speak to her about having similar items made by a member of her tribe for them. It should be noted however that these items are not cheap as they are hand crafted and made of raw materials that were then worked in traditional methods to become the item seen by the customer. Across from the staircase in the center of the far wall is a small alcove. This area is used by local bands whom Unnuk allows to play in her store on weekends, and during the weekdays is used for poetry, or small class lectures depending on what day one arrives. The walls are decorated with simple brush painted nature scenes and the northern lights.


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