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    Sonata was always a smaller girl. Standing at only 5'2 and topping the scale at a hundred and eight pounds. Less than intimidating and always with a smile (hence the name Sunny). She keeps herself more than well groomed and attempts at a cleanly appearance at all times. Which does not mean she's never dirty. She can throw down and get in the mud with the boys, but she prefers to keep her cutesy appearance. What with her pearly smile, nicely kept hair, and smooth skin. There isn't much in the way of flaws to her physically. With deep green eyes set within her angular face and her lightly tanned skin. Her body is a marvel to behold, mostly because she can eat whatever she wants and not gain an ounce. Her body toned, but not muscular from years of yoga and Zumba.
    Sonata wasn't given the nickname 'Sunny' for no reason. She's all smiles, laughs, and humor. She cares too deeply for people she just met and trusts far to easily. Even after all of the crap that's happened since the world was plunged into chaos. She's passionate about everything and believes there's a little bit of good in everyone, even if there really isn't. One of her strongest characteristics is her bravery. On the day of the terrorist attack at the Casablanca Hotel she jumped in to help people out and risked her own life to save others.

    Now let's not think that Sunny is nothing but smiles, unicorns, and rainbows. She has anger, and because she feels so passionately about everything her emotions can run rampant. It's easier for her to have conflicting emotions that set off certain powers that cause even worse conflicting emotions. She's hard headed and often doesn't think before acting. She'll run in head first to a dangerous situation without any thought of how bad of an idea it could be. Mostly because her optimistic attitude makes her refuse the fact that anything bad can actually happen.
    On Person:
    Old MP3 player
    A Pendant with a picture of her grandma

    In Apartment:
    Old School Gaming Consoles (n64, ps1, xbox)
    Plenty of games collected over the years
    Comics / Books
    A large projector TV
    A closet filled to the brim with clothes and shoes.
    Uncontrolled Terrakinesis: Sunny was cursed with the power to move Earth and it's Earthen materials. Dust, rocks, gravel, sand. Not in the way she or anyone else would hope. Unfortunately Sunny's powers are uncontained, and more often than not end up hurting others or herself. Emtionally, she has to be stable. Happy, or neutral. Where negative feelings don't slither their way into her heart and cause problems. It is the only way she can keep her abilities from destroying everything around her. Which is easy for her. She can keep her emotions in check more often than not and usually only needs a good slap if she starts spiraling out of control. Like a reset switch on her emotions.

    Emotional Break Level 1: Minor

    With just a bit of sadness, or anger in her veins Sunny's powers do the slights things. Mini dust tornadoes at her feet, levatating rocks, the occasional crack in concrete. This is all extremely minor and barely noticeable.

    Emotional Break Level 2: Slight Danger

    Sunny's emotions are starting to slip into the unsafe level. Again nothing major happens but she starts to get slightly more dangerous. Rocks will sometimes zip from by her feet, strong enough to bruise and break smaller bones (in the hand, foot, or maybe a cheekbone) Maybe even cut skin.

    Emotional Break Level 3: Dangerous

    Sunny has started to lose it, her anger or sadness has begun to reach it's peak. Roads and sidewalks begin to shift and crack. Small to medium rocks or chunks of concrete and earth begin to float around her in a sort of gravitational rotation, every now and then shooting off at dangerous speeds (possiblity for larger bones to fracture.)

    Emotional Break Level 4: Extreme Danger (usually passes out after a good half hour)

    The ground quakes slightly, anything and everything begins to happen. Sand or dust lash out like whips at anyone close by, rocks shoot out at anyone who approaches. The ground beneath Sunny cracks, falls apart, and almost seems to sink.

    Emotional Break Level 5: Run For The Hills (has only happened once before and she passes out after 10 minutes) ((Extreme dip in vitals, may die))

    Sunny has snapped. No one is safe from whatever happens now. The earth beneath liquifies, the ground quakes more violently than before and cracks apart, dust and sand kick up and around her in a protective circular barrier that hurls about like a natural sandstorm (a lot of pain if one were to step into it without sleeves or a face mask) Sinkholes form engulfing cars and trucks (not buildings cause that's a little excessive.) Concrete slabs the size of motorcycles and smaller rocks lift from the ground and fly towards anyone who comes too close.

    These are general "danger zones" to Sunny's powers. Guidelines if you will to how bad it can get if one were to tip her over the edge on purpose or accident. (added in the death on the last tier so we're not sending her into crippling bouts of rage or sadness every day.)
    Sunny surprisingly doesn't have the typical torn backstory. Her parents are alive and healthy, her siblings as well. Born in a backwoods, small, not even a dot on the map township. Sunny was raised to be humble, kind, and above all else happy with what she has. Her parents didn't make a bunch of money, but what they did make supported her and her two older brothers. They were a very strong, and close family. Though she wasn't as close to anyone as much as she was her grandmother. Every day Sunny went over there to visit, and talk. Listen to her grandma tell her about the 'old days,' and her grandpa. She even got her grandma into a few video games which they'd play together for hours on end before they'd go pull weeds in the garden.

    After everything went to hell the small, quiet town became a lot more interesting. People Sunny had known her entire life lost their minds. Fires started, her friends killed by other people in the town. She may have lived on the outskirts of everything but she knew eventually they'd make it to them. Her parents weren't the most liked people in town because of her eldest brother Garret. A trouble maker to the core that brought the drug trade into town. A story for another time though. Sure enough a few men came up the drive towards the house and she cowered with her parents. Hidden in the upstairs master bedroom. When something urged her out of the house. With a 'it'll be okay' to her parents she stepped out the front door and confronted the men. After a bit of screaming Sunny lost it. Anger overtook her small body and she blacked out. When she awoke her mother sat next to her crying, the house was destroyed and where the men stood before, there was nothing but a whole that she couldn't see to the bottom of. Like an earthquake cracked the ground itself. Her parents thought she had died.

    After a few short years of wandering aimlessly Sunny's parents decided to head west, and her east. They hadn't heard from her brothers in quite some time, and last they had known they were heading towards California. With a sad farewell Sunny headed to New York City. Where, word had been a group of magical humans trained and fought to protect the city. She'd found out that she had destroyed her house and killed those men, and she wanted to learn to control her powers, so she wouldn't kill without reason again. Sunny had lost her cool several times afterwards and nearly killed her older brother Preston over him saying she was dangerous. Which she only proved with her actions.

    Now she resides in New York. Hidden away in an abandoned apartment complex, which she claimed for herself and a friend with the ability to create and manipulate electricity. A handy tool to keep a building running on power.

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  1. Sonata (sunny) Cross

    Ladies and Gents I give you Sunny. She's a bubbly, happy go lucky annoyance with a powerful set of abilities. Terrakinesis. Or she can create, shape and manipulate earth and "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, etc. Now what i need help with is Executing such power in a small frame. With the twist that her emotions can set off a chain of events that aren't good for anyone. Say she gets extremely upset, bad things start happening and her abilities go out of control. She doesn't really have a lot of control over them as it is, which is why in the future I hope she'll join a group that'll help her get a grip on them. So shoot me some ideas peeps, cause I hit a wall.