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    New York Transplant from Philadelphia
    Height : Five Feet . Weight : Seven stone ( 100 ponds)

    In the shifted Wolf form : Seventy Pounds ( 5 Stone )

    White hair with streaks of random red or black, Large hazel eyes and very defined features. She is usually found choosing comfortable fitted attire, denim or leather and perish the ideal of dresses ever.

    She bears a few scars unseen unless nude, one that is most prominent, it begins at her left shoulder blade and curves down to her right hip. She has no piercings, the only marking that is also on her changed form is a dark sort of tree shape on her right ribs ( right flank).
    Lian can be abrasive, cynical and often blunt in her dealings with most people. She has little time for fools, and often will make it her business to call them out. She has a history before the Event of being a Mercenary of a fashion. She is skilled at combat, stealth and has very little fear.

    She is also kind. There are those creatures who she without question feels protective of. That is not negotiable and will often be the least likely type of creature to need such.

    When she has defined the trust given, or earned, she is loyal to a fault and will never stray from that unless truly betrayed. Betrayal is usually a reason for the shift of her temper (which was legendary) and can end badly for he or she who considered betraying her.

    She has little filters, and there is rarely a predictable behavior with her. Her sense of humor is wild and her sense of her own self is complete.
    A Titanium vial that she wears on a leather thong.
    A charm bracelet with small charms from various places.
    A bank account - it was suggested she do this.
    A pelt. It is her own and required for her shifting magics
    Clothing : comfortable and usually changeable due to work.
    Presently none as of yet.


    * Information on the race as per guidelines *

    Skinwalkers were the witches or shaman of Southwestern tribes before the Nevus. Individuals that tended to shun all society and who were in tune with spirits, particularly animal spirits. After the Nevus event these attuned individuals developed a unique shapeshifter ability, they can alter their shapes at will to assume the characteristics of certain animals. These shaman are the only ones that turned into Skinwalkers during the Nevus event. They usually stem from the Navajo people, but deeply spiritual shaman and witches from other Indigenous Tribal Peoples have also been found to have changed. While many changes caused by the Resonance were spontaneously applied at random, the Skinwalker ability has only transferred to these indigenous heritage with this deep shaman link. There are two other well know skinwalker types — The Selkie and Swan Maidens. (See below). These sub-races of the skinwalker may possess different traits and abilities.

    Skinwalkers need the pelt or skin of the animal in it's ENTIRETY. A 'rabbit's foot' is not going to allow them to take on the form of a rabbit, feathers of a bird are not enough to turn into a raven. They need the whole skin — and there is nothing magical at all about these skins. They are just normal pelts and obtaining them will not give a 'non-skinwalker' the power to transform.

    *Mind touch with animals : wolves/canines
    * Keener senses ( smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight )
    * Nature lore and affinity ( knows the herbs that heal and kill )
    * Tracker expert/ subterfuge expert
    * Spiritual Lore ( as per her own tribe/clan)
    * Marksman
    * Combat/melee and hand to hand- Has been involved in fighting with blades, guns and hands. Training was of the on the job sort as jobs came. She moves fast, is agile and thinks just as swift when involved in close combat.
    * Writing and reading of course
    * Tracking/scout
    * assassin ( past and sometimes present )
    * Healing ( natural and field dress)
    * scary driver
    * Practical thinker
    * Cat like reflexes
    * Intuition
    Was pulled through the veil to Earth during the first resonance in 2010.

    - In a time long ago -
    Magic users were experimenting. Their goal was the harnassing of something that could be bred true, and used in combat during the wars. They worked tirelessly on this goal… and finally it happened. On a dismal night in long ago, the answer was stumbled upon, and the experiment conducted. Two creatures/individuals placed into a breeding force. The female escaped and eventually returned almost dead to her tribe....birthing child that took the rest of her own breath to bring into this world.
    . What was birthed was a wolf unlike any other that had come before her… for Fate made stepped in on paws that night. With the ability to assume two forms… that of a human and wolf. In time the girl child would begin to study her own spiritual paths,, seeking solace with some of the Heathens of the Wild and growing into her own in that arena.

    *side note* During the Victorian age ( poofy hair and poofy men) Those involved in the test were decapitated in their earth beds. *

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    Tabletop - ten years
    Writing - over twenty
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    ]I had to stretch out as the cab wove thru traffic. I trusted the driver because money talks and bullshit walks - and because frankly so far he had managed to duck the dark blue pontiac that had ghosted us for hours. And now all I could think about was sinking into a large claw footed tub surrounded by antiques and listening to some old jazz. Maybe even duck out and do a little shopping?

    I had while listening to some odd rave soundtracks been turning over in my head remembered places. There was Di Napoli's , which while not my type of cuisine- I tend to order in unless I am lucky enough to be close to flora and fauna, but I did enjoy the smells and the sounds when near it. A deep sigh was heard and I straightend up when my driver tossed " 43rd up ahead Miss" over his shoulder. Thank goddess, between flying and now sitting in this damned automobile I was stiffer then a ...well stiff. I lost my wit at these times and just wanted to stop being in motion.

    Chilly as it was I felt sticky from all the travel. While we had taken a scenic route, I had called to reserve whatever was open and *fortune* had it that a minisuite was indeed open. That meant privacy, room service and I would be up near the top of the quaint boutique hotel and not down amid the traffic and populace. Up where the balcony let you see forever....The hotel had become a godsend once I realized why it was called that.

    I like old movies....* know how to whistle just put your lips together and blow *... By the time the cabbie jostled up to the corner I had grabbed my duffel and with a toss of another c- note and a whistle , I was out the door and striding swiftly to the foyer.

    Trust me, forget the Ritz, screw the best of the best, always find something quaint. When you walk into this place it just oozes another time , Wood work, real and finished adorn the walls, the stair case makes me want to just toss it and slide the bannister like a half punch drunk pup, and the service is top of the line. They spotted me and already a fellow wanted to take my bag and escorted me to the desk to check in. [ you know it would have been a wonderful thing to have the black mastercard when I was scraping to pay for arrows? ] And they are polite and warm even while you stand there for the usual small time to check in, they even brought me coffee. Not that shit they had in the airport but COFFEE.

    A addiction I think I got when I was traveling with Rod over in the European areas, they literally swim in the stuff. But it does warm you up and make you feel better. Though once I shift, I have a stomach ache for a few. I blame my biology for that. But all in all , no cars roared up, no odd strangers appeared and other then a very frou frou lady with far too many boas and a trench coat reeking of some rather pesky perfume that I wager cost more then my room for a drop, I was simply a world traveler seeking a bit of quintessential peace in a rather bohemian place. And...I had money. See that makes a difference. Means you get the treatment or the door.

    The young man followed me to the elevator and within moments I was standing in front of the door and sliding the key card in to enter. I tipped him and once the door shut I just twirled like a child thing as I tossed off my bomber and wandered this mini suite.

    I love these! You get a sitting room with a wonderful view, a huge bed and the bathroom was enormous! And the colors were so fundamentally noir that you never wish to leave, and the request I had made while enroute had indeed been heard. There was live plants least I could have a piece of gaia inside.

    While I settled in and wandered to run a bath , I opened the small note book and scanned my own writings. So Frostwire? Well what else do you name somethng covenish and owned by a cold hearted bastard?

    The owner I knew, well had known. And yes he is cold hearted , he is one of those nocturnal creatures. A really old fang. Gods had it been so long?

    The steam made the notebook go wimpy, an elemental way of saying - get in the tub and stop reading! Which was exactly what I did, I had been standing there with nothing on but a smile and now just stepped into this huge tub to sink in and just for brief moments be female.

    And when room service arrived that was where I was, one leg outstretched while bubbles slid like a lovers caress from the flesh, and the other was bent and half submerged..

    Without much though I rose and grabbed a towel to allow them entrance.. Did I mention they dont mind people ordering really rare steaks?

    So as the door opened this bright eyed fellow pushed the cart that was bringing me my nightly needfuls, and as much as I am sure the fellow sought not to stare..I do have a habit of not realizing that when you are wrapped in a towel and all legs that males of every species have to look. Somewhere there is a huge rule book on human etiquette. Its in there I just freakin know it.

    And that is about the time I blush. Because as long as I have been aware of myself, I forget at times that I am to their eyes a female and that I am different. The flesh that covers me is toned and looks nice and for the most part save of course my spine and ribs, unmarred. I have even really looked at myself in the mirror...but I judge as wolf not woman and thus I just sort of look like this elfish girl with really big eyes and alot of hair. This is why I know I would suck as a human, I see things differently. But for whatever confounded damned reason, I blush. No idea why really save that whoever triggers it- they blush.

    So there we were, and finally I turned and went to reach for the small money clip tossed on top of my jacket. I had to stretch and the breath I heard suddenly reminded me......towels are like hospital gowns...see what I am saying? Suffice to say the fellow probably felt he got the best tip of the night and then some!

    He was polite and kept asking if there was anything else I needed, which meant it took me almost walking him dripping and wet out the door before I leaned against it and laughed, For all the things I see and do , life always reminds me to laugh. That was a lesson I learned from a horse. Laughter defeats all things. And life , repeatedly has gifted me the humor to survive anything.

    Well save one....I am pretty sure the bubbles in my water have faded ...which meant more water , more of that bubble stuff and now meat. The night could not get better really. I had landed safe, and was in one of my favorite haunts, in a city that according to every song *never sleeps*
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