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  1. Yoga Butts

    Lian gave an almost absent shrug to the information about a dead hooker. Neither truly care either way whether he had or had not. When she had to be social awkward as it was she could be. When they met she had been social. Lian spent most of her time with people of few words and less drama usually so the blunt askance was appreciated. A small hand deftly caught the bottle and she studied him a moment as she continued to listen to this proposition. Not having to deal with idiots other than to end them did not bother her much. It was after all part and parcel of how she lived. Someone always had to remove the trash, she got paid and the trash disappeared. That was usually how it always went. Very few times save perhaps twice had the removal had to be public and clean. Those had been anomalies and though worth it just for the sheer challenge, they were not the norm. “Well, I am not a huge decorator, but the rest is pretty doable. Unless you feel the unusual urge to explain any of the aforementioned stuff, I really don’t need to know.” The wolf was used to working on little information. The fact was, in her line of work the less you know the less to clean up should something go awry. Thankfully that also was a rarity. That probably came from only working with those she got a good sense about. Boone may have appeared a stiff suit but she had noticed the movements and caught what some poor human would have missed. That told her more than all the words and ties and coffee ever would. “Color me interested. “
  2. So, I have a character - a pooka- and will be, once she is all set, starting a tale in Earthborn ONLY Ireland. If you are interested in kicking in or joining or brainstorming PM Lian account. Thanks Oh and the Character in Progress is Rhue Vestele.
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  5. Yoga Butts

    Lian reached to tug the wayward tendrils into a leather wrap, in her line of work hair no matter the length could be a liability sometimes. She had memorized the location and destroyed the card because she was never one to leave anything in her wake. The personable creature that most saw was merely a shard of the truth, she was more often than not less than social. However one must do what one must do to survive. Though the yoga struggle had been wholly amusing. Things that impressed her – amusement, honesty and well lets face it the sheer absurdity of yoga pants in the world gone mad. … She had arrived earlier and sat within shadows against the warehouse external wall cross legged upon a dumpster. Large haze eyes had spotted the little sporty car with its occupant and merely waited for the proof of solitary arrival, Attired in dark wear, a old leather jacket her buffer against the sea’s icy breath, and at ease there amid the dirgish world of dark, she finally decided to slip off and make her way towards the automobile. The faint smell of hops told her the chosen libations and she grinned. Guys. Predictable. Also admirable that beer remained itself. Lian lifted a hand to offer a simple signal to identify her own approach, courtesy really. Well he was prompt. She however had arrived in her usual fashion, checking out the area. When you have ducked enough things aimed at you-you learn the wisdom of knowing the lay of the land. A svelte shadow of smaller stature paused distinctly ten feet from Boone. Well she had given her word to appear. She never broke her word, not even when betrayed. A persons word was at the end of the days all they had as a mark of their character. You don’t get far in this business If you are a questionable make. Lian knew that anyone worth their salt never accepts face value- she herself was a fairly good judge of people and she pegged Boone as one of those. Her own racial traits were doggedly handy in small ways. Smells, sounds even the very movement of air gave small indications to her sensory receptors much keener then if she had been just a human. Human- that was such a multi layered word now that everything had changed. She recalled when her kind had hidden in shadows, how their existence was but a rumor. Now the world had far worse out there. Far more obvious and far more deadly at times. Husky tones broke the weighty air between them. “Evening Boone”

    The world as you know no longer known. Hey still healing it's the best I had
  7. Want to stretch ma legs

    Sounds healthy LOL
  8. Want to stretch ma legs

    Sounds good to me.
  9. Want to stretch ma legs

    I am in. Sage is not exactly warm and fuzzy either color me in.
  10. Want to stretch ma legs

    Me or any of my crew. Sage Monroe is the new lycanthrope.
  11. BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building

    The ruffled head bobbed an approval of the bar’s demise. They were not tasty but in her line of work they helped. She was not human, not a single bit, and she needed protein. It was really that simple. The smell of magic was very heavy about Sarge but she was cool with that, after all she had a few tricks herself. The sounds above echoed shortly after the smell hit her acute senses and she followed his own gaze up as she lifted her hand to flash fingers to imply many. Okay a shit ton really. In her head she counted the ammunition again she had as well as canted to the muse voice that came from below. Before she could offer the fact it was probably the mouse lady, Sarge caught her attention and to his words she gave it, though her own ears were counting steps. The lot would catch a few trips in the glue and buy precious moments but as he made sure to impress the need to get to the elevator and the rest she merely nodded and turned to measure the distance to its doors. That familiar spark traveled up her spine and an almost gamin grin of pure joy lit those features. Yea…junkie… She followed him to the elevator walking backwards slightly and watching behind with that pistol held in a careful manner. Every shot had to count. Nothing yet burst upon them so she glanced to him before lunging into the elevator “See you on the other side partner” she slid into the box as the doors slammed and the thing rocketed downwards. The clip clattered near her and she scooped it up and prepared to unlight the way. If he wanted dark she could and would do it. Her nightvision was expert. Well….wolf…night vision …good stuff. She never had to wear one of those damned miner lights or carry a flash light much. Less to tote less to lose or have some sort of clue grafted from. Smart waif is good waif. As she steadied her stance and took out each light, she also listened to the above noise, even from her descent she could pick out the smell of blood. At least it reeked of Lycanthrope and not humanistic. That meant so far no Sarge steak for the beasties. The darkness fell hard and she braced as the floor of the elevator slammed down and shook her through her boots into her very bones. JEESHSUS…She released a long breath and then holstered her own weapon to dig out a blade small and sharp to help achieve pressure to pry the doors apart. While she worked she felt the tingle of warning again and paused as her fingers had pushed the doors enough to slide through. Some thing large struck the top of the box and once more shook it like a small earthquake. Damm…Lian released the doors and lifting one foot drug up on the wooden accent rail along the half way point in the wall of the battered box. Carefully pulling her other foot up she angled herself so she could use her pouch strap on one of the busted fire extinguisher holders as a brace for her hips, and reached to twist on the little key holder latch. If a Lycanthrope fell in, she was gonna blow its damned head off, if it was something else..well scent would really decide if she shot or not. Which lead to her leaned back and sniffing, sniffting enough to smell the mud and blood of her new ‘friend’. Lian held the edge of the security door or emergency exit thinger while her other hand dug for the lock pick. It took a few seconds once she worked it and the thing fell open to reveal the back of what had to be a body. Yea it was alive. Well sorta. Her hushed tones whispered “Sarge…get in here “ and she dropped the pick and reached for her weapon. She had a small opening between his shoulder ( it looked like his shoulder anyway) and the opening. Obviously, if he fell, the rest might think about stomping down here. Fudge kittens! Well hell, shooting ducks in a pond backward right? Lian slid her wrist with a twist past him and held that pistol steady once more trying to get his attention, “Get in here, I think the monsters like going down” Hazel eyes swept back up and she hoped he was conscious enough to drop down, then they could get out of this box and blow it. Hopefully with a batch of those nasty things inside. Hopefully without blowing them up. Did she mention explosives…yea she was not just stealing some information tonite ( well before the Lycanthropic meat heads burst in ) she had been leaving a message for the director. Listen sometimes small booms with little messes make a real important impression. She was not sure the why of the thing- just it paid well and frankly she lived for challenges. But right now that pay out really did not mean much because even if she got it, she would have to probably split it with some Lycanthrope who ate the guy….
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  13. BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building

    Hazel eyes wandered up and watched her new ‘friend’ stride down. Yup, military type, smelled about as good as she did. Well, killing things tended to have that splatter, and contrary to the telly shows it stunk when it was Lycanthrope innards or brain bits. Obviously, she moved to let him make the last leg- or leap down to avoid her slight amusement ( diversion) because again- wits. Pretty big fella and obviously already seen some action top ground. Lian was not surprised or shocked- let's face it you do what she does and he actually looks normal. This, of course, means she probably had a pretty frigged up way of life. But it was never boring. “Think I had a shaman or something sent a little message out before you tore up the floor up there. That is why I was heading down to check for who ever was still human” yea you can get the sickness, disease, infection, whatever they called it when those nasties bit ya. Of course, if they eat you that whole infection thing won't matter unless some rat or something eats your infected carcass. All the ingredients of a good horror movie right there. When he got down so as to have her look up, she struck out her own hand and took his without a concern for the mess. This was her job so it was par for the course, she just did not get the cool uniforms and shit. “ Lian. Good to meet ya Sarge. Welcome to hell” What an understatement. Her grip was firm, for such a wee thing she was always judging handshakes and eyes. Body language was something akin to sure-fire signals. No matter what the mouth said, that language unheard told you volumes. It could keep you from trusting the wrong person or getting shot in the back. When she released his own larger hand, she reached into the small pack at her hip and dug about bringing out the promised protein bar. “Okay so it is not a taco, but better than hoping for something safer to toss in your stomach. The door is down here, sorry for the bodies…they kinda pissed me off” Yea she had no patience for the meat head bouncers. It was obvious they had wanted to scratch that door down, why was a toss. Either they wanted to eat the poor people or there was something more hiding in the base level that no one but the dogs knew about. “Only saw those two when I got down here, most of ‘em where crawling through windows and the elevator shaft when I managed to duck down here. They had busted into one of the offices in a small group. They were hunting”
  14. BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building

    Lian rolled her shoulder and cocked that head listening to the words coming down from the very masculine fellow. Well hell, either militia or police? Either was possible and since she highly doubted anyone had suddenly realized there was a few missing bits of important information -ya know since everything just went straight into the doggie shitter-she was not really worried about getting arrested. Not that she had ever…okay maybe once…or twice. “Well I think there is a safe spot behind me, I spotted a big door…cant promise tacos and who the hell does soft shells? Anyway I probably have something in my pack” to be honest, she was sure she had a few protein bars and twizzlers..( dun judge). She was fair, if it was not one of those damned Lycanthropic meat heads, she was all about sharing is caring. Whichever Mister personality was, he probably was armed. “No worries, I sure as hell aint wasting ammo” Wisdom-use it wisely or lose it stupidly. She glanced back at the brain splatter and pile there by the door. Well, they would not be eating anyone anymore at least. Thing is, it seriously was weird to see two let alone a herd of those beasts working in unison. It was unheard of and just damned impossible. To work like a group or cadre of crunchies, they had to use intellect. Lycanthropes don’t get that, they have a brain, its just mushy and full of grim thoughts. Equal opportunity digestive things. Definitely not logic or strategy. The weird feeling that kept running along her spine told her magic of some sort was stirring, not the usual kind that she got used to after the sky had its day, but something that felt much thicker. Couple that weirdness with the red moon and it can only spell a connection of gigantic proportions- to whit-Lycanthropes with brains eating the city. Since it got less chatty, she turned her grip about on the pistol and checked it again. The glue was still shiny, probably gonna have to warn Mister Taco that it might be best to skip two steps, nothing spells friendship like gluing some poor guy to the stairs. It had been merely amusing diversion had it been needed. Fact is she was not going to just waste her own stash on random bad tempered dogs if she could use it in a more effective way. Destruction only works if it is encompassing. Well and it was a matter of pride that she hit what she aimed at. She heard another step above sort of and chuckled. “Well I took two down but from where I was, it looked like a damned army. If it’s a convention then they came to the wrong place for the hookers…oh and watch the second and third steps, they are glue” Listen sometimes a girl has to think with what she has on hand. Wits have kept her alive, and wits were gonna continue to be her best back up. People came and went but your mind was always there, ready to give you the most outrageous ideas and also cheering you on when you commit them. She really doubted she looked deadly to whomever was gonna come down, ripped jeans, briused up a bit and looking like the cat drug her about. But of course this was how she usually looked when she was deep into work. She just hoped that whoever had sent the day glo mouse was still alive, she was pretty much banking on some survivors down there holed up in what had to be a safer place than anywhere else in this building. Security would have been overrun pretty fast, lets face it who prepares for such an attack , let alone even expects it. Anyone who has to deal with moon leds, you know that full moons are a sucky time to do business, it can wait till the phase is over and they are human sort of again. But this magnitude of mangy mutts in the city and on a rampage but with a purpose-because of their actions and movements with such focus-was something that both should be feared by most and also made her curious as hell to know what exactly caused it because anything that powerful was something to get a look at. ( okay yea, pillage the village sort of thought form) Everything after all has a purpose.
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  16. BLOOD MOON - Empire State Building

    There is went. That shiver along her senses that paused her step and had the slender female turn slightly to lift her head and scent the air, parting lips to let the air redolent of mangy reeking refuse, burnt fur, blood and cordite bring a thoughtful expression-which was followed by a quirk of brow as she heard the feet ( now elephants in the Empy building overrun with smelly oversized eating machines!) and gun fire. There beyond the stairwell door the smells and sounds swelled. There were she had left the two fire extinguisher yetis, there where tacs and glue had bought her ass time. But then again mangy eating witless monsters did not fire guns. See that took thought. That was what made werewolvies and their other werethingers different from most of us supernatural types. When they changed into heaving drooling masses, they lost the ability to reason. They had little to no intellect, they had no means to an end thought patterns. They knew eat-shit-feed-kill-maim-sleep-shit-shed-kill. You kinda get the gory picture? This made them both dangerous and stupid. The problem with most face offs- is panic sets in, fear. They are big and usually not the type to heed the word *stop*. The thing is, for all that their brains are useless, they are a weak spot. Making a head or heart shot with silver or at least a good combustible bullet was the best way to stop the progress of their pattern. Lian knew this, she also knew as she stood there, something, something that pulsed with madness coupled with that moon that was not really like your run of the mill moon out there had created a recipe for true shit cake. It was driving them sort of to run together. Were’s were not pack animals in spite of their animal of change. Wolves for instance ( she was a shifter and part of her was very canine ) were pack animals in their own way. For Lian this manifested in usually adopting people and things that she deemed as ‘pack’, this of course made up of friends and connections of the years, this was what substituted for pack in her world. Were’s however saw each other as a meal, as something to subjugate. This is where pack becomes moot. Pack is just another word for meal. Lian understood this, just as she grasped that with them moving in a flow towards the building earlier was a sure sign of something wrong and twisted. They just don’t hang out together. The fact they were moving as a herd or pack mentality was alarming because that amplified the dangers. ( this goes back to the fear principal. Lian failed to get that when she was born. Maybe next Christmas?) Her hand adjusted its grip on her pistol and she rolled that shoulder slightly. If anything was getting chased in this direction, glue on the steps notwhithstanding for a diversion, she was going to have to take those shots – which was gonna piss her off-she was trying to manage her bullet count. Breath left her body and a stillness poured over her momentarily as the wolf focused to the hunt. Or in Lian’s case, the shot or shots she would have to take with expert aim. Missing was not an option. Then as she lifted those hazel eyes to the entryway a churlish voice thick with masculine flavor belted out some sort of feckin remark about killing and stepping, and the head shook slightly. “Step up my ass! Don’t you dare shoot me dammit, I am not one of those damned freaks” Right and she was not eating anyone. It’s a well known fact in the world of wolves, humans tasted like ass plain and simple. Well that and she was not some monster trying to chew off flesh. “Friend or foe ?” Her luck it was gonna be some pencil pusher security guard who suddenly got a Dirty Harry complex….. Did she feel lucky? Every damned second of her life.
  17. Gyre and gimble

    November 2019 Nighttime Wintery conditions Central Park. The bastion of twisted plants whose aura was of confusion and acceptance. That pretty much summed up a whole lot of beings. Lian was not too much one but was still working on the other. Nine years of traveling and watching change that was both abrupt and yet almost fated. Her kind understood the fates, the wheel turns and does not merit a plan in its path. A way better way of saying 'yea we are fucked so lets just work with it guys' But...she could still recall older memories and that is why what she 'accepted' was done in a oddly wary manner. She had not seen the city since the before. Before when she had ended up sailing off a rooftop to strike a stairwell and turn aiming the one last pistol with the one last bullet upwards towards a very pissed off were creature with an attitude problem. That seemed to be eons ago and yet it was not even a decade ago. Time moved swiftly once the changes had come. It had left so much almost scarred beyond repair. But in Lian's world, scars held a measure of character. They were the marks of survival at great cost. Their presence was an assurance that life went on. She had chosen Central Park rather than a hotel or motel in the area, those places much like in other cities were not exactly going to guarantee a good nights rest. What had taken to staying within them usually was looking to strike up a tussle. Lian never minded a good tussle but there is merit in sleep as well. She had shifted and found succor in the broken and bracken roots of an old tree. Wolves are good like that really! When the moon rose and swung in the weird sky above, she had stretched out and changed once more into the fluid petite creature adorned in faded denim and a warm jacket. A duffel was slung across her shoulder and a mop of pale hair dusted the gamin features with whispy strands from a breeze that carried a myriad of scents to her nose. What once would have been indicative of known things had also changed. The fabric of reality had been changed and that too changed those things one depended on. Everything in a sense was new. Well, she had arrived, slept and perhaps - not denying the wolf had found a measure of meat now-eaten. Two things that are sorta important to sanity usually. Now she needed to see what this dark world offered. Her exit from Pennsylvania had been a great idea. The lesson you learn from working for two opposing factions was that in the end, they would always turn on you. Lian should have just killed them both however, the response would have been a target on her tail which she really did not need at this time. She turned to the different directions as if choosing by those odd scents her planned path. There was nothing wrong with staying among the wood, but she needed to do some thing. Lian was a strangling in a stranger city. All the familiar was no longer what it once was, and that meant finding these things out a step at a time. It also meant achieving work and maybe connections. Wryly she also knew it meant finding a place to be- an apartment or base of a sorts. She had one had a very neat flat but it had been destroyed by a very unusual attack. She should have known that staying where a known rebellion housed itself was gonna be trouble. It had been a good place for a few weeks at least? Ah, to the right, because the smells were a bit more familiar. And with that she pivoted on the heel of her boot and took up her pace towards a less thicket like area. There was bound to be a coffee shop somewhere right? Coffee survived everything.
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  19. Gyre and gimble

    Now there it was the beast beneath the suit. Lian did not look from his own eyes for that dollop of humor that swirled was the only surface. Lian was a beast, small and usually underestimated, but a beast nonetheless. What others shirked she thrived upon and courted as surely as any lover. Boone spoke about his own predilection for endings and a very female smile tugged those lips before an inclination of that head came. Beast understands the beast. Killers always know one another. She was well aware most would never consider her in that category because it was not rage that brought the violence, it was a strange love of the game, the adrenaline, the challenge. Nothing more. The longest relationship that the shifter owned too even in business was Ollie. Boone was a bit like him in the looks department. Ollie had been dispatched to kill her, and she had been dispatched to kill him. They had alternately attempted to end one another as well as screw each other to death. It had been interesting till Ollie took a bullet that had her name on it from a whacked out agent with far too much alcohol in his head. Lian had skinned him…alive. [storm] Boone, I highly doubt you need yoga pants to separate anything[/storm] a hint of humor as she watched him withdraw the card. She had considered getting cards but she tossed phones constantly so that might have been a bad idea. And anyway yoga pants were just another body language translation for my baby needs a new step daddy. Lian reached for the card and arched a brow. Midnight, the witching hour, that time when the division of the night truly had stark differences. What happened before was tepid compared to what occurred later. [storm] Midnight is one of my favorite times Boone, I will most assuredly meet you when the clock strikes twelve[/storm] The idea of anything mysterious and possibly a little dark had her feeling that tingle along her spine that was damn near foreplay for the petite creature. Definitely far better than growling in the park.
  20. Gyre and gimble

    Those hazels watched him as she lifted the cup to sip. She could smell the smoke moving along throughts and figured he was trying to decide whether to help or not. When he asked what his benefit was, she sat the cup down and leaned a lil closer lifting that same warmed hand to turn his head so she could whisper in his ear. Of cour, e it looked all sappy and shit but frankly Lian was not about to sky write her skills….damn that would take too much weird ass sky. Breath danced over the husky words as she offered them. [storm]Mister Boone, I do many things. I find things, I lose things and sometimes…just sometimes …..I end them[/storm] Lian leaned back and released his cheek ( which was kinda scratchy in that light five o clock shadowy thing that makes your fingers tingle) and primly placed her hand atop the other. [storm] So Boone, I think if you let me know what you need I might be able to fill it. If you were thinking along the lines of wrestling…well..[/storm] Okay so it’s entirely plausible some really nice coffee smelling guy wanted to toss the sheets, break some furniture scratch and claw their way through some passionate moments. Though she was in doubt that was his pickup line- one never knew. Lian had no qualms with a barter if you will. If he knew where she could flop or at least call haven for a bit, it was worth it. Anyway watching him manuever the yoga pants situation already told her he was no more human than she was, that too played into this little scene. What indeed would he want for a little honest help. With a dark glimmer of humor she laughed before reaching for her coffee [storm] However, I do not nor ever will own yoga pants[/storm]
  21. Gyre and gimble

    Well the fact was, she could smell like a mile away. This may look like a suit but the frame that she could spot during the coffee shower told her he was not some office prick. We all do things that might not be who we really are. Lian had been many things for the right reasons, work was an adventure she thrived on, but to do it often meant having a cover. Then again the cover never lasted too long because the end result usually meant someone was gonna bleed. They always underestimated her. Little thing with nothing scary about her---yea still pools run deep and have monsters. She could be that monster. [storm] Well…I need a sorta flat maybe. Fact is I work odd hours and I really do not want nosy neighbors who are gonna get all freaked about things[/storm] Or get too jumpy when sounds indicated things they could only imagine. Lian rarely brought work home but sometimes, you don’t have a choice. [storm] I mean lets face it, you are kind of easy to look at, you smell good and you have a good sense of humor. That makes you clearly the most intelligent creature in the place Boone[/storm] Lian never was big on facades. Working and covering the truths was a paying method of excitement, but meeting people, you should just be you. In this world, there was really no need to pretend that creatures and humans could not spot one another, the once secrets that divided the supernatural from the norm had been dumped in the dink and now it was a methodology of different secrets. It was not always about hiding what you were, now it was different. Power shifts were heavier, end games far more fatal. Now it was about hiding what you were after. Frankly if asked she usually told, because whether someone knew she was coming or not-they never really expected what they got. [storm] And money is not an issue, I save well and make a decent way all by my lonesome[/storm] she was a saver in fact. The thing was she never spent much on things that were superfluous. There were needs and then sometimes impulses. The biggest impulse was usually weapons or boots. Other than that, her money was safe. Unlike some females, shopping was never her addiction. Trouble however…..well….yea that was one.
  22. Plotting control of the world...or a hamburger

  23. Plotting control of the world...or a hamburger