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    New York City Police Department - 10th Precinct
    Raeden Seiko ('Ray-den Say-ko')
    At 5'6" Rae's imposing personality can at times make up for her more diminutive stature. Her father was Asian and her mother Irish/Italian, making her mixed heritage very evident in her features. Light brown eyes often fall into a more hazel or amber hue, particularly when focusing on a crime scene.

    She is almost always dressed to work. Slacks or jeans and a tank under a button up is her go-to look with her piece tucked into the back of her waistband. When she does dress up she is stunning. Just exotic enough to turn heads.
    Behind her back she has been called a Barracuda. The moniker is fairly well deserved. She is a tireless workaholic who believes deeply in what she is doing. The job comes first. She is also fiercely protective of her "blue" family. She opened the gym to give them a safe place to go and has used her position often to fight the take over of New York law enforcement by any private sector including the Vanguard and New World Defense Division. She wont admit it but she has also been known to quietly bail her "family" out of troubles.

    On the flip side, in those rare times she relaxes she is funny and playful. Her wit can be a bit dark and wicked.
    Owner of Precinct Gym - formerly Gotham Gym in the West Village. She rehabbed the gym in 2013 so those on the force had a place to work out. The gym is on the second floor, the entrance a non-descript door with no signs to indicate what is up there nor the cops that might be working out there. The gym is not open to the public, its private and for the "men in blue" only. Its anonymity to the public is her way of keeping the police force safe.

    1988 Jeep Wrangler - black with both a soft and hard top but she prefers to drive it convertible when the weather permits. In fairly good shape it still drives decent even in the New York winters.

    Like many on the force, she has a large collection of guns. The piece she normally sports in the back band of her slacks is her Glock 22.
    While she works with both ARMA and Vanguard she holds no love for either.


    Rae is able to enhance or detract all her natural senses except taste and touch. She can enhance her eyesight to see at microscopic levels, hear heartbeats from meters away, and even determine the chemical composition of objects by smell. Paired with her FBI studies regarding chemical compounds, and micro-biologic structures she at times becomes a "walking crime lab". Her ability is incredibly useful in criminal investigations.

    Rae is only able to super-enhance one sense at a time. The more she enhances one particular sense, the less effective her other senses become. In some circumstances, the other senses shut down all together. For example, talking to her while she is visually inspecting a crime scene can result in no response because she has not heard a thing.

    Magnifying Vision:
    When enhanced, Rae is able to "zoom" into her surroundings. It acts almost like a zooming lens, shifting inward in stages. She cannot magnify from normal to 100x, she goes through several stages of "zooming" in. Because of this she tends to tune out everything around her as the focus gets clearer and clearer. Rae can go as deep as 300x magnification, the equivalent of a fairly good microscope.

    Rae has the ability to enhance her hearing far beyond the scope of normal human capability. She can hear soft sounds and pitches usually reserved for dogs. Her enhanced hearing can block out ambient sounds to focus on a specific source or frequency. As such, she can pick out a single voice in an cacophony of noises. Her acuity can go as far as 500 feet but after that she cannot hear any better than the average human.

    Rae can magnify scents and detect specific people, objects, substances including chemicals, and track a scent from up to a mile away. She can even detect sicknesses by which hormones/smells a target excretes.
    As part of her training pre and post Resonance, Rae is a highly skilled kickboxer as well as a lethal marksman. She puts in time in her gym daily as well as hits the range at least five times a week to ensure she never gets rusty.

    A bit of a health nut, Rae has developed some mad cooking skills.

    Negotiator - as part of her FBI training she had studied multiple forms of negotiations including hostage. When put to the test it turned out she had a natural affinity for the skill. More than once this has diffused a potentially explosive situation. It is also how she has managed to keep the New York precincts a public service and not fall to the private sector.
    Special Agent Seiko. She had fought hard to earn the title. She grew up with little but a strong sense of ethics from her parents. Her dad had made it onto the New York Police force and she had looked up to him for as long as she had understood he protected everyone. He had specialized in narcotics but had an eye on the FBI, an impossible aspiration for one not born in the US. Unfortunately, the man she revered was lost to her just shy of her twelfth birthday in a hostage shoot out. She then spent the rest of her time planning her life with the golden ring being a spot in the FBI that her father couldn’t reach.

    She had dual majored in finance and accounting knowing that it was the best chance for getting into Quantico. She was a gym rat throughout school, always preparing. In college she had actually made time for a relationship. Justin had proposed the night of their graduation and she had accepted. But the happily ever after they had envisioned was short lived. An engineering major he found work in Texas while she made it into Quantico. They tried to make it work at first, but he tried more than she did. Her drive had taken over until she got a letter breaking it off, and that was all she wrote. Seiko had been one of the youngest to get through both the New Agent and Intelligence training, and was a Field Agent only two years before she was given the prestigious title of Special Agent, leading investigations. Even back then she was an animal. Focus was intense as was her dedication.

    Respected and running massive investigations by 2010, Rae was running one in New York when the Nevus occurred and turned her world upside down.

    Losing her mother and her beloved FBI she had to find a new purpose. The world needed protectors and she was at the ground floor of rebuilding the New York Police Department. Asked to be the chief, she turned it down. Seiko was never a desk jockey. Shorthanded, she is the lead detective for Narcotics and Homicide for the 10th precinct.

    It was her first homicide that triggered her Synesthesia. It had been disorienting and yet quickly she understood the value such a gift was giving her. Her studies in the FBI had exposed her to so much that she was a walking crime lab, add her gifts and she didn’t even need to collect evidence half the time.

    Protective of her fellow law enforcement she has found her natural place in the new world.

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