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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

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    Peaking at just about 73 inches, excluding the sprawled mound of tight curls that crown his head, Haslan's lofty height is accompanied by his torso that is moderate with brawn. From the waist down, his gluts are robust and his thighs are stalwart, which have been conditioned from his primary mode of travel through active transportation by foot, bicycles or skateboards. He is indifferent to the idea of regimens, yet is mindful of wholesome foods (even fatty wholesome foods) and how less resistant the body is to them, though he is not a committed health enthusiast, but is mindful enough to subconsciously exercise through his travels and physically demanding hobbies that inform his lean and athletic profile.

    His facial features - from his eyes to lips - are slightly more obtuse than average from what he learned as an Eritrean 2nd generation refugee in Los Angeles City in the United States. He was exposed to many "National Geographic" tropes and stigmas about East Africa from his classmates, which reminded him attributes did not coincide with the norm, even among his African American peers that posses more keen West African features, due to the gene flow of their ancestors from the transatlantic slave trade that alludes to such compared to the difference in his visage.

    His skin is a sun-beaten umber brown, manifesting genes that flow from relatives that often labored in scorching conditions throughout the Serengeti Plains and Horn of Africa. Also, his complexion deepens throughout the benchmarks of heat in the drag of summer.
    Often through the gradual meandering of his eyes, the introversion of Haslan is most noticeable. Eye contact was not encouraged in the etiquette of his household he grew up in regards to the elders that taught him. This helped him as much as it hurt in social interactions in school growing up. Teachers usually found him to be suspicious, despite not displaying actions to reference their assumptions. As the youngest and most dark skinned in his immediate family and classrooms, he was a target for jokes and favored less among family and peers. Conscious of his anger in his younger years, he suppresses his inhibitions to further his own agendas in solace at times. He has honed this trait into maintaining a calm disregard for competition and confrontation. With this paradox of mindfulness and indifference, he is emotionally keen when it comes to others that are picked on and is loyal to a fault to which his beliefs can lead him to martyrdom without intentional glory. Though he has many reasons to lose himself in his introversion, his heavily observant behavior and self-consciousness allows him to be social enough to merit him at Staff mixers, Suit and Tie affairs, where his self-depreciating humor works as a dynamic with his quiet confidence he worked on through trials and tribulation. Perhaps all of what he compartmentalizes and does not let go pushed the margins to make room for a high retention of memory that is sharper than average, and has led him to be a researcher at the Ward organization.
    This item consists of Photos and notes of Dogon hieroglyphics etched in sands or cuneiforms that he hopes to eventually interpret to learn spells.

    Always adorning Haslan's wrist is a faux suede leather corded bracelet with an Ankh piece festooned between hemp strings that hold it in place. The symbol holds much significance to him. Despite its mystery, he is aware that the symbol existed prior to the Christian and Islamic diffusion of practices in North and East Africa. The closed loop at the head of the cross he understands symbolizes infinity and reflect's the god particle of Ra. Although his family practices Coptic Orthodox Christianity that is most prominent in Ethiopia, Haslan demonstrates his tolerance through sharing parallels of Kemetic spirituality with his family members.

    Worn as a tandem with his Ankh bracelet, the plain wooden Mala beads were given to him by his Childhood Best Friend Vannak Soun. Prior to his research of Kemetic Egypt, Haslan found the Buddhist philosophy on suffering to be instrumental in raising his awareness to be accountable for his own actions in the universe compared to theodicy - the fear of religion - he grew up as a result of the tension it brought on in his homeland and even on American soil. Vannak, a Cambodian refugee himself and follower of Buddhism, helped Haslan internalize his his battle with theodicy. However, he has not seen his friend since 2010 months after the Nevis event.
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    Currently he has no abilities available to his knowledge, as he has just begun dicphering Dogon hieroglyphs to inform his acquisition of spells.
    Because of his fascination with understanding how the history and sociology of cities came to be, it was inevitable that he was going to be a researcher. Ethnographic research is a method in which the researcher interacts with their study population through face to face interviewing and engages as a guest in the cultural practices of the population studied as well. This method is also approached with analyzing various time periods of Census Data and Local Government Demographic Data to report levels of demographic change in a city, community or culture. Haslan's inspiration stems from W.E.B DuBois and his well-renowned study "The Philadelphia Negro" in which observed the social characteristics of the Black Community in Philadelphia soon after slavery. It is one of the earliest examples of statistically based social science research.

    Almost all civilizations are born by bodies of water or natural resources that facilitate trade and commerce. It is no surprise that Haslan's love for Humanities translates into a passion for maps as well. GIS is a computer system and software in which users can analyze geography and create visuals related to the specific approach for an analysis. Haslan's purpose for using the software is to visually document the funding distributions of Los Angeles' historical resources to illustrate the favoritism of particular organizations that receive funds from private investors and the government for historic preservation projects. Also, he uses this to map information about soil levels, elevation, slopes and other relative information about particular excavation sites throughout Los Angeles County. It also can be used to detect levels of seismic activity in real time, which Haslan has been utilizes for his own personal research in his spare time since "The Event."

    In addition to his knowledge in urban archaeology, Haslan indirectly gained agricultural knowledge as well, as he became more familiar with soil levels and other sediments. When he further took it upon himself to research agriculture, he learned about Biointensive Farming, which is the practice of producing a lush amount of crops on a small-scale plot of land. This is fostered by planting carbon and compost crops, such as rice, oats, sunflowers, wheat, rye, clovers and alfafa that help build nitrogen in the soil to keep it heavily fertile within the small amount of space. He is quite secretive about this practice outside of the people he knows at the community garden he has a plot at in South Los Angeles.
    Gun-shy yet charmingly stubborn, Haslan is an idealist and Eritrean refugee that still attempts to solve the aftermath of wars that plagued his home, as if it was an equation that would test the future of the country. After his family sought for refuge to West Los Angeles in the United States by way of consecutive attacks throughout Eritrea in the late 1980s, his obsession with morality fostered his commitment to Anthropology to study societal systems, uncover clues, items left behind, and other collateral damage associated with the spoils of war, or civilizations and communities under distress. Once his endurance as a listener was challenged throughout several dozen lecture halls at Los Angeles City College and the University of California Los Angeles, his passion became action in 2010 once he received his Bachelor's of Arts in Anthropology, where shortly after the Nevus event occurred days after his graduation. What felt like purgatory in the absence of information as of result from the tear in earth's electro-magnetic field that had disrupted satellites, Haslan learned later that year most of his family in Eritrea vanished, along with majority of the populous in Africa. Often referred to as the cradle of civilization, and commonplace of oppression, Haslan had his suspicions and theories at to why his people disappeared in Africa. However, he needed the resources to look for tangents tied to the event. His hunches led him to desire employment under The Ward Institute to rationalize his assumptions and temper his impulses of anger, though it would be deferred by the disarray of Nevus events.

    During the years of reconstruction after The Event, Haslan yearned for any iota of a lead or exploration of the existing conditions of Africa. Despite his completion of work as an undergrad in the Anthropology program at UCLA, Haslan lacked credibility as a student in the eyes of most faculty secluded in their figurative ivory tower. They always found his research methods too idealistic or impractical. He did not conservatively replicate existing studies as exemplary students did, and his hypotheses for assignments often were always nuanced. Hence this was why his Senior Thesis study that addressed the praxis of Ethno-mathematics as a quantitative research method to effectively observe relics in historically overlooked cultures was met with contempt by most of the academy, except for one: Her name was Dr. Tamika Champion. In 2015, Dr. Champion received a grant from the Ward Institute for an assistant researcher to bridge the gaps of literature on the Dogon Tribe and observing their system on mathematics. This would involve interviewing a rare Dogon Spiritual Master and Elders that migrated to preserve the knowledge of rich spiritual traditions. Haslan's humility made him the perfect candidate to assist and record information about the Dogon mathematics system, as she knew he would be discreet with the research and maintain tact with she and the Dogon Elders, unlike her obsequious students that wanted favors. As Haslan had been an unemployed bookworm over the years, Dr. Champion was privy to Haslan's hunger to excel in research when he proposed theories on the Dogon electromagnetic grid and its potential correlation to the veil, and the theories that the Sirius stars hosted souls that crossed over after death. She did not entertain it much when he discussed it her, though she would utilize her research connections and write him a letter of recommendation for a opportunity to work at The Ward Institute by the beginning of 2016 to indirectly nurture his scientific curiosity under watch of her colleagues that work at the Los Angeles branch.

    With just about two years under his belt at The Ward Institute at the time, Haslan's zeal for theory had been tamed by clerical work and writing general archaeological research the office, until the series of Nevus events began to catch his eye in 2018. The veil has caused him to become more reclusive and reminded him of his family that has been gone for almost a decade. One day, Haslan decided to breach his trust with Dr. Champion and met with a Dogon Elder that was a healer that he believed would help develop spiritual strategies to help him overcome his losses. As Haslan closed his eyes, The Dogon Elder made prayer in the form of an offering to the heavens for Haslan to "find adequate strength to internalize his losses." No mana occurred in real time, but Haslan found himself in a deep transcendent state of meditation, where his minds eye witnessed a spectrum of colors flowing from red to a stark violet that was similar to the glow in the Nevus veil. Ever since, his perception of his environment and consciousness has heightened. He has been conducting his own personal research to find documentation on his own for Dogon drawings that may indicate teachings of Dogon magic, for he did not want to further contrive his level of trust with Dr. Champion by utilizing the Dogon Elders. Little does Haslan know, the Pharos and the Doctor are aware of his paranoia, and that he is on the watch as a potential recruit beyond his soon to be 'front' as a general researcher.

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    Urban Studies & City Planning, Afro-Futurism, Comic Books, Skateboarding, Urban Agriculture, Underground Hip-Hop, Blues music, Ranchero Music, Sitar Music, (I think it's apparent I just love music)
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    Started off as a hormonal Pre-teen that immersed himself in RP sink or swim style at the Red Dragon Inn Chatroom on AOL back in 2000. I sunk a lot of times, until I began to write credible characters. My first character was a Super Saiyan Jedi (let that sink in)... so that says a lot, but I now write realistic, modest, dark characters that really engage the politics of any storyline I'm in. I'm trying to find my niche in Political Science Fiction, which is how I ended up here 16 years later, evolving from mostly Modern Realistic storylines to Fantasy/Sci-Fi.
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    Rhythm in his wrist ceased as his fork laid stationary along the rim of his plate. His eyes lifted reluctantly as if his eyelids halted the motility of his gaze. How his shoulders rose and fell so squarely indicated his contribution to the stiff social climate that he fell under the weather of. The broad margins that were his lips broke their seal as he carried out the pathway of his coarse, but lulling voice, "Read a lot of papers on the economy. Figured I needed to learn to crunch numbers before numbers crunched me." As he affixed the knot of his solid dark green tie that was held in place by a gold clip at its median along his black-on-black plaid silk dress shirt, he felt a pins-and-needles esque sensation from Syleena's glare. The occular rivalry between the charades they played with their eyes were practically audible to the body language of the other two that sat adjacent to them. Syleena and Shante only spent a quarter of the day in the residence of the man who they learned to be his father over the past year. However, he felt the cost of life in the group home system could never be recouped. He clearly went back on the verbal and physical caveats his wife gave him about visitor's etiquette throughout the duration of black bands of asphalt roads that went on for what seemed like an eternity before they yielded their rental car in the affluent Garden City of Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

    Grace saved face with a hesitant smile behind the flute glass of white wine she ingested before she continued, "That's wonderful, Shante. I've always been into economics as I feel they're inherent with political science. You city planners and us political scientists need to collaborate more often. Understanding the economics of public goods is a crucial theory to know." Leonard's lean and lofty stature erected upright in his seat as his succession of nods followed right after Grace's words. His skin definitively reflected the saturate shade of chestnut and his voice was baritone with a distinguished clarity that was clasically conditioned through his workplace protocol as a Medical Doctor, "Most certainly, but there's always the tragedy of the commons with a public good, once one person's consumption delays the access and social mobility for another person. That's been the conflict with social medicine as well. The public option is ideal but people fear that loss efficiency and quality they may get with a private good." Leonard's voice was stifled by the barrage of salad he continuously pushed past his lips until he mustered his breath between a swallow, "That's good, son. You know..your lovely wife, and my daughter in-law, Syleena? told me about you helping people in New Orleans get reverse mortgages. It's a big deal you know.." Leonard's eyes took flight across the table, lining his pupils as best as he could to compromise his son in a stalemate of eye contact.

    Shante's blinks were still emphatic as ever, monitoring the man inevitably wide-eyed as he sat there. His hands coped in how they nested in their fold upon his black slacks beneath the table. The social stimuli that riddled the air caused his active conscious to succumb to an anxious level of adrenaline that caused his head to swim. Each breath he made between pronouncing his words felt like the air resisted against his lips, "It ain't a thing...really. Home is where the heart is, Leonard, as long as that heart ain't available for collateral.." It was as if his face lost an element of dimension or perspective to it, just like how flatly he ended that last sentence. His eyes averted to the grandfather clock that was situated to the rear of where the living room was in the in the distance.

    Grace, in a delayed shot of breath, "Hm. I've got Georgia on Mind. Syleena dear, would you love to assist me with the Peach Cobbler?"
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