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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.




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  1. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    You either are or you aren’t. Head shook a bit… she didn’t know how to explain. It wasn’t exactly the same like this world. "Shifter implied control….she had none. She listened as he spoke of outworlders. She knew all too well what the world thought of them. She tried once more to speak of the waters and how his bitter anger pushed them away. Crimson eyes met his snapped gaze without a flinch. Inquisitive brow quirking at him as he tried to deny she was accurate about his feelings. When she beckoned him to pull at her own waters, lips parted a bit in surprise as the globe became nearly crystal clear, the water paralyzed for the briefest moment. It always does that. Her response was very quiet, a gentle curve to her lips as she watched the waters again begin to swirl. My waters do not stand still… Cock of her head studied him as he snatched his binoculars up once more. Gaze sliding down to study his decorated arm. He had done more than he knew to take credit for. So angry he didn’t feel the rushing waters grow still to listen to his call. He was not as impotent as he believed. Flick of her eyes to the portal windows came nearly simultaneously with his own feeling something was off. Shit! Hold on to something. Stay here! He didn’t understand, what she could do, how she could help. She risked her safe passage, but this was close enough to new lands. She could swim for it then vanish once more. She owed him at least the safety of his ship. As he scampered up the stairs she caught a hand on the wall to avoid upending as the boat pitched violently, sending the maps and binoculars to the floor. She doubted the coat would keep her dry enough but it was buttoned up as she made the steps two at a time. Same as fucking New York… Ireland. Fucking rogues sinking shit like landmines. We’re in a debris field. These lands were not as safe as he had thought. Seemed nowhere in the world was any longer. It meant the more people that knew her demon side…. the more she risked being hunted yet again. She was tired of being hunted…. but more… she was tired of running. As he vanished into the water, she made the rail, crimson orbs reading the undulations. The boat was going to need to be lifted over the chaos to avoid ripping the hull apart. Crimson flicked off to the distance as the water let her know they were not alone. Trap. She felt the undulations of the lapping waves, mist beginning to threaten moisture on her cheeks as she pulled ever so gently on the water, density dropping under the hum of the motor that was not theirs, the craft becoming endangered of hitting the same debris they were using to trap others. We have company. I’m not sure if it’s a lighter boat that can skim across the top of this shit and beeline to us or if they have deerpaths like we need to find, but I need you at the helm. Turn the ship and I’m gonna lead us out of here back to open water. If they catch up, at least we'll have the advantage of maneuvering. I’m assuming St.John’s been compromised. When I hit the water, I need you to follow, keep the bow centered on me. Get the Irish girl up in the pilothouse with you, she has a good spotter eye. Don’t run my ass over, I can swim fast, but not that fast. Turning she looked at him as he hitched the lifeline and dropped back into the water. She would be far more useful in the water than in the house above. The haunting eyes met Avi who stared at her a moment before gesturing to the pilothouse. She could help some from there but…… If you can hear me, now would be a good time to finally start talking to me. The soft words caught her attention as she leaned over the rail to look at him. It would.. if he kept asking in moments of need and without the anger. It would. She was sure of it. She could feel the stain on her neck, like the creep of a red rash it began to bleed upward, teasing under her ears as her features dampened in the misting air. Much more salt water and she would have no reason to hide further. She owed him the safety of his ship…. Hand reached out over the rail to pull the depths below him, the water swelling gently under his torso to push both himself and the ship upward. Where is it we need to go…. The words were incredibly soft and yet carried to him on the undulations of watery ripples. The "rash" flushed her left ear, soon she might as well be in the water with him but for now…. she awaited his reply.
  2. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    “You’re a shifter. Is that what you’re telling me?” mmm….. sort of? Head tilted looking for a better way to explain. She had come across shifters on this world and that wasn’t exactly what she was. Her "true" form was her demon form. On her world she had been able to sustain long durations out of the water as an ambassador to the land tribes. It was a rare ability among her kind but it had never come with legs. That was something this world had given her. Maybe now she was a shifter? You know….the more you are bitter and angry with these waters…. the more strongly they will ignore your call. He didn’t like her pressing it. That much was apparent in the grouch lines that darkened the corner of his eyes but for some reason she wanted him to know… to understand. She too had no control at first over these waters, but the period was brief as panic subsided and she stopped trying to force the oceans to listen the way her own had. She had to learn their rhythm and teach them hers. That only came with calm…. not force. “The waters here are apparently too weak to do what I tell them. A lot of things in this world are disappointing.” Head shook at his calm words as the unsettling eyes remained tilted up at him, quietly studying. You are wrong. These waters are powerful and wild…but coy as well. They have not had those that could call it. Now that they do, they can be stubborn in answering when they don’t like the tone of askance. They don’t understand the way the ours did what it is to be in unison. The Irish lilt delicately cadenced her words, the accent the only way she had learned and therefore knew how to speak the language of this world. He seemed keen to ignore them either way but she persisted. Hand reached out, hovering under his fingers. The globe on her finger churned, the water rapidly spinning without any real thought on her part before she stopped pulling it, letting it fall still to instead listen to him. It was the only remnant of her world she had and it reminded her how easy the waters sought to be one when they were called. It was not his world, but she suspected the waters would recognize another manipulator just the same. “The lighthouse is a Siren. It’s tricking people in that direction that really don’t know the exact location. Runs straight into shoals. They’re trying to ground incoming ships.” He kept pressing forward despite her invitation. Siren?... Head tilted as she looked out once more in the direction of the light, frown whispering over the brow. It was a term she had heard in Ireland in reference to… what was it again?...women that tempted. tlhu'moH bIqDep?......a umm…. The harsh language had nothing like it on this world so the sound always seemed to cleave through the air. The pucker over the brow ghosting age as she sought the words to match her own language. ….. um…. seduction witch…? “The ‘lighthouse’ is purposely drawing boats into shoals. I know our heading is correct. Question is… are they keeping travelers and themselves safe by only having people that know the exact location safe, vice versa... may have been taken over and now pulling those that know where it is in to return to Ireland, or worse.” It was an interesting deduction. Eyes lifted to the roof as the tap brought motion above. Flash of silver snapping her eyes back to him and the blades that lashed to his forearms. He was readying his crew for battle. “We’ll know when we get there.” There was a slow breath in her chest that oozed out different than every breath before. She couldn’t run from a fight here. She couldn’t hide from the hate on restless waters. Out here…. she would have to fight and then all secrets would be lost.
  3. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    “Problems are subjective... I don't see your issue, as a problem.” It was a true statement. One person's violence could be another's peace depending on their frame of reference. He was watched as the matter of fact confession that she didn’t always pass left her lips. The complete lack of response or surprise spoke a truth about his tolerance of other outworlders. Perhaps he was what he seemed to be. “It’s not up to us to make others comfortable with what we are. To lash out at those who are different is to act like a spoiled child that doesn’t want to share their toys.” …yes….. but fear often drives people to act like children. Quiet observation stripped the childlike expression from her features as the brow wrinkled gently. So much land on the horizon. It was bigger than Ireland. That much she could see. Maps of this world had been explored, she understood how much land covered it. But that didn’t make seeing it any less daunting. So many land dwellers…. and no humanoids beneath this worlds waters. At least, not any before the events that had led to the outworlder strandings. The soft confession that her world had far less of the earthen surface came unconsciously. “Mine was about sixty forty… in favor of water,” The blink at him was thoughtful. So his world was similar to this one in distribution. Lower lip drug gently under her teeth as she stepped closer to the portal window. More than eighty percent of mine was blanketed in water….. we had only a handful of land dweller tribes. Head titled slightly as she stood beside him, top of her head just barely to his shoulder as she watched the light that flickered, catching the attention both above and of the captain. “I controlled most of it. Lot of fighting, on land… on water. A lot of fighting. There was no difference for me between the two battlefields. Now I have a boat. Just a boat." So angry at his predicament, at the waters that ignored him…. so bitter. It was a vicious circle. They ignored him because he was angry and bitter that the waters were not his own, this made him more angry and bitter, which strengthened the waters resolve to ignore him. I was a…um….two worlder?.... There wasn’t a word in the human language that matched the term in her native tongue. Head shook slightly, betraying the sampled words were not really correct. I passed between water and land…..to keep the peace…. It wasn’t a whole truth. The peace was kept because she was ordered to go instill the fear of god in the land dwellers to ensure they kept to their earthen territories and did not venture across the ocean waters. “Our destination port doesn’t run lights at night. You have to know what you’re looking for to find it. That looks like a lighthouse to me…” He didn’t like the revelation, that much was clear. There would have been a time that she would have been ordered out into the waters to investigate. That distance… that bright.....more likely to be some magic? Eyes drifted to the dark waters that undulated under the fissured sky. Times like this they reminded her of Acarian… the Nevus bathing the blue to a deep purple hue. It only happened at night. Silence lingered as she pondered if something should be said. Finally words breathed from her lips, eyes shifting to the side and up to look at his features in the dark, that etch of a scowl was ghosting there. You know….the more you are bitter and angry with these waters…. the more strongly they will ignore your call.
  4. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    It matters. It matters if it makes money, or secures power. Head shook gently….. she didn’t want either of those things and yet somehow she was dropped in a game where both were needed to survive. Ireland wants its little corner of normal and screw everyone else. New York swallows Outworlders... and altered. Someone can be L-infected and fight in the middle of a cage in front of thousands of people and be cheered on by the masses. Or, an unusual magus can be sought for hire as a bodyguard…horrific powers and all. New York embraces the different if there’s something to be made from it. She was blinking at him a bit dumbfounded. There was no place like that…… was there? She found it absurd that there could be a part of the world so open to accepting the changed…. the outworlders. The mist of a frown tickled her brow. Even in such a place, she doubted she would be so readily accepted in the demon form that itched just under her skin even now. If the people of this world… are intent on slaughtering you… then you slaughter them back. ….that is the problem…. The thick accent still husked in her soft tone, eyes distracted on the map he had rolled up. ….I can slaughter them back. The quiet statement had an ominous ring as she let it hang out there with nothing more said. The crimson eyes met the flick that came her way with a steady honesty, silence lingering as he moved once more to scan the channels on the radio. The silence let the ocean whisper back at them as it lapped against the outer hull. I can pass but I refuse to allow those that can't to be terrorized. If anyone threatens my passengers they will die… regardless of any horrific powers. Anyone attacks my passengers and crew, they will die. Brow quirked at the "white knight" persona that crept into his words. She hadn't really thought he would be. Tilt of her head slid the peach waves along the dark navy. …. I don’t….pass….…… not always….. The tone had a matter of fact cadence, it didn’t have a shame that one might expect. It was just… a fact. As a light extinguished overhead, pupils flushed out wide in the crimson irises, far wider than seemed normal. The violent adjustment to light changes let the water creature adapt quickly to low light, seeing more in the dark than most animals that hunted in the night. Not my place to judge, only protect. That’s what Mr. Caranthir sought me out for. Sometimes the most passable have the worst secrets. She watched him pick up the glasses, studying the unsaid more than the said. He was an odd one, that fought so hard to find his harmony with this world's waters, a fight that was likely causing the disharmony. If you’re restless, I could use another set of eyes on the horizon. St. John has been safe in the past, but things change. She watched the caution, the way he resonated communication through the hull of his ship. Sound was the ultimate way to communicate beneath the watery undulations as well. Glasses were picked up and studied, long fingers that preferred baking to slaughter flipped them over several times before peering through them to see what he saw. It was strange, as it focused the view closer it felt like she saw less, the area that could be studied in the window restricted compared to the natural eye, even if it was closer. She watched with him a moment before the silence was barely broken. …. mine didn’t have so much land…. The quiet reference clearly indicating her own world.
  5. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    "Why?" It was a loaded question that drove her to cast crimson orbs another time to the briny deep. “....seems like the water controls you, because you think too much.” Not the water….. She easily corrected his matter of fact delivery. The unnerving gaze slid once more to the captain of the vessel. A sharpness to the pupils that still undulated with the connection to the ocean waters. ….the people of this world….ten years and they still slaughter what they do not recognize…… There was a thick scar on her thigh, a third of one of her oceanid tendrils missing that spoke of this slaughter. In the form the water gave her, the people had nothing but a raging need to rend her limb from limb…… they had nearly succeeded more than once. Eyes slid around the deck to the small crew - wondering which would start the battle cry if the "demon" was suddenly unleashed on their deck. Collar again was lifted to dry the salty moisture as it taunted her blood, the blue veins just under her skin beginning to peek through the pale skin. “Got a towel for you, the others below deck aren’t dry yet from cleaning your friend’s last round of festivities.” ….acquaintance….. It wasn’t the first time the soft correction had been made. She wasn’t sure what to call the man that now seemed content to sleep the entire trip away. Turning away from the crew and open waters, she followed him down the stairs, hitting the bottom in time to take a towel from the bench to wipe over her head and face. “St. John. Quiet, sympathetic friends there. Cruise ship sank right here, I buoyed it on my last run. It shifted during the time I was gone and the buoy moved, tore the hull on the stack. We were anchored for a few days while I fixed it, that’s why we were late. Docked in St. John instead of open water and I can do it properly.” Eyes followed his fingers, tracing the coastal lines with the recognition of a sailor, noting bays, peninsulas, places that were likely deep…. likely shallow. The land said much about the waters that caressed it. “We stop here, this is where I live. I wait for enough that want to go south and then I make this run. A lot stay in New York, they can blend in with the magus. The more physically unique usually decide to seek refuge with the Fanya Niasa, Durion Caranthir has a particular protective nature. It’s isolated, and he is able to find ways for them to live comfortably and make a life.” Her eyes followed the entire "story". It was an undulating southern route. Pupils lifted to him when his gaze moved to blades on the wall, tracing their markings with a faintly raised brow before returning her attention on him. “I can pass, so I do what I can to get people where they need to go. I'll get you where you need to go.” She was quiet as she studied his expression. That was the rub of it wasn’t it…. passing. That is all they care about isn't it….. Shoulder leaned against the wall as arms folded over the chest that didn’t bite of cold but instead panged with longing for another place…. a very different place…... It doesn’t matter the horrific power one might wield…. just that they can "pass"…
  6. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    She had such a flash of hope. Even his skin held the cool bite of a water dweller like herself. And yet there was no recognition of her words, of the ocean's nature on this world. Maybe he was more of an elemental of some kind…. or a magus. She was suddenly even lonelier than she had been every day before. He glowered at her. There was a hate there for what she could pull from this world's ocean and now she understood it was because he tried and couldn’t pull the same. He thought too much. Thinking fought against every ebb and flow of the waters here. It had to be pure instinct, without thought, it had to be as natural as breathing. “This water needs to start doing what it’s told,” Ears itched against the language that had some of the same harsh tones as her own but still felt so foreign. He was angry with the water so it spite him. Her own gaze moved from his scowl to the dark waters. It was there, for the very briefest breath of a moment… a longing for the touch of the wild wet thunder. Blue ghosted just under the surface of her neck, veins undulating a moment as her form tingled at the mist that was seeping into her skull from the water avalanche of her own doing. Much more moisture on her skin and……… “Be dark soon, it’s going to get colder, we’re shifting north slightly. Might want to find some more warm layers if you’re going to be out here.” Head shook as the collar of the coat was pulled up over her ears, wiping away moisture that trickled at her cheekbone. I don’t get wet…… It was barely audible and made absolutely no sense considering what she had just pulled off. It was her turn to scowl. As hands shoved into her pockets the longing gaze stole a fraction of a glance back to the undulating waters before snapping around to head downstairs herself. Staying above deck was asking for a revelation she had not made in nearly five years. She needed a towel… maybe a bed.
  7. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    Her eyes were locked on his as she watched the shifting flickers behind them with a blink of surprise. He was more than a captain. He had a love…. and hate… for these ocean waters. There was a tensing in her gut as he hopped up onto the rail, perched on it as she could, ebbing and flowing with the movement of the ship. She had not seen that in other sailors of this world. Blink was potent. He was not of this world. She had noticed the strange tattoos and had guessed as much earlier. But now, seeing the way he could feel the water and its motion. She wondered………. She didn’t breathe as she watched him call to it and it teased a response. Eyes flew open as he jumped down. The ocean was bating him, teasing him. And he was frustrated. “It doesn't work. It can’t be tamed. I've tried." Could it be? Was she not alone? Had another from BaS qIj made this horrible journey?He was moving to pass her, to retreat below. He was frustrated. The water teased and he was frustrated. She ignored the beckoning of food. His hand was snatched as he pushed by, the slip of a girl was far stronger than she seemed as she yanked him around, small hands snatching the front of his shirt to pull him down to her level. Hands pressed to his cheeks as the crimson orbs bore into his gaze, mere inches away, looking for…. something. SoH 'Iv? Her intense gaze tried to peer into his soul. She didn’t see any flicker of recognition. veHHeHDaj DaSov'a'? Pupils flushed and still did not see what they were seeking, drawing a soft sigh from her chest as she released his face once more. He wasn’t of her world. There had been no spark of understanding behind his pained gaze. Scowling she looked up at him, any assumption that this was some mouse was quickly being proven wrong as she was content to go toe-to-toe with anyone. It was the cruelty of bigotry that had sent her into hiding, it was a concept she did not understand and didn’t know how to live in. ….you think too much….. The thick accent remained as she turned to the rail. Air disturbed around her, peached waves billowing upward before the word spoke with a strength that didn’t need to shout. The harsh language caused some of the crew to take an unconscious step back. There was no language on earth that came close. HoS lughoStaHvIS… The effect was instant, a columnar vortex erupting on either side of the vessel causing the crew to scramble away from the rails. Several meters across the twin water spouts raced upward some fifty feet, gyrating in unison forcing an even rock to the ship. It was about as big as she could go without being in the water… without becoming the demon. Breath pulled deep into her chest as she let the connection go again, the watery cyclones falling like cascading waterfalls back to the sultry black waters. Coat was yanked up over her features, hiding from the cascade of droplets that came shedding down from the sky. Crimson orbs peeked out from the navy to ensure the danger was gone before the pea coat was allowed to fall back onto her shoulders. Turning she met his gaze again, the shrug very matter of fact. ..this water doesn’t like lots of thinking….. As if that explained everything she slid by him to trot down the stairs once more.
  8. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    She didn’t hear the plummet of the captain off the stairs. Scowl deeply etched over a brow that suddenly betrayed she wasn’t as much of a child as her features seemed to hint at. The growly language continued to spill from her lips as she "argued" with the ocean that didn’t always seem to understand the alien language. 'OH MEV!..... JIHVAD LOB BIQ'A' The dark water was a belligerent child and for all her fear of exposure, she was fed up with its petulant tantrums as again it tried to press into the flawed seam. This world had never taught the raging oceans how to obey. The last year on the run, her fear of being "known" for the demon this world believed her to be, all the hiding. It culminated now in a raging annoyance as she refused to back down from the ocean's fury. The first strike on her door and her hand snatched the handle, the second strike fell further forward than the first as she yanked the door open. "Is that you? If you're going to sink my boat we need to talk." SUQ MIW The "get out of my way" was clearly understood in her tone as she pressed past him into the hall. Her irritated steps marched to the stairs, left foot slamming onto the first tread where it all paused, the coat that swallowed her brushing against the step and sticking on its surface. She hadn't gone up since they took to the ocean waters. Scowl looked up the stairs as though she was heading to conquer the roman empire, the expression moved to him. Not sinking….. putting ocean back in place…. Unlike her previous dialogue… this tone tainted heavily of an outworlder accent, her home language still growling under her tongue. Chest heaved before her hand clutched the rail and movement finally came to her feet once more. Petite form marched upward for the first time since she had come onto the boat. Heart was thundering in her chest as she glanced at the small crew that all suddenly looked up as the redhead that hadn't made a peep since they left was suddenly on deck. Swallow was thick as some of the raw confidence waned. Second swallow finally found her feet moving a bit closer to the rail, still far enough to avoid the spray that misted over the edge as she glared out over the ebony waters. Chid jey …. Voice barely seemed to carry over the winds. CHID JEY! This time the small form let loose a violent strength in her words that still did not seem to shout. Effect was eerie and immediate. The churn of dark waters almost instantly began to calm, flowing along the sides of the ship, letting it slice through them with an ethereal smoothness as no longer the tendrils of water fought to reach into the old seams. Hands that had fisted the moment she had hit the deck finally unclenched though the scowl remained over her brow as she turned, crimson orbs finding the captain's. ….was misbehaving….
  9. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    She was vaguely aware of the cry for overboard but was too wrapped up in her own annoyance to pay it much mind. Chili was attacked with a vigor that her appetite had been missing for some time. As the heat settled into her gut it began a vehement reminder that she was half starved having been on the run for some time now. Truth was she didn’t remember her last decent meal. Each shoved spoonful was underlain with foreign mutters, swears so vile she would have made sailors blush if any of them could have understood the aggressive language. Eyes flicked up as he entered and headed to the sink but they quickly returned to her bowl and the remaining chili. It barely had time to cool she devoured it so quickly. "Docking before morning to repair the boat," Crimson orbs flicked back up at him with a decidedly unfeminine grunt of acknowledgement considering her diminutive nature, watching him abandon her to the meal before her once more. He was an odd duck. Bowl was vacated and she found herself filling it a second time. She was not usually a glutton, but her gut was now bottomless, as though it was concerned it might not be filled again. Slowing down she actually enjoyed round two. Bowl was rinsed and put away in the sink before she decided she would finally follow in Will's footsteps and grab some sleep. She slipped back into the small cabin where she had taken the coat from the closet and was about to shut the door when the seam that the captain had ignored gapped further and the seep into the ship became a more threatening rush of water. DOR… The snapped "stop it" was accompanied by a violent rock of the boat onto its side, off-kilter far enough that objects began to drop from their perches before it eased back into an upright position. Scowl was directed low on the wall, where the seam beyond had "challenged" her. Now she dared the water to keep trying to come in, ocean finally obeying and flooding unnaturally out of the hull again.
  10. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    Her senses were unconsciously reaching into the alien waters, each surge of water that worked to seep through the small crevice pushed against with more intensity. By the time he climbed on the boat and unharnessed himself, the push held a bit too much strength, the surge of water away from the ship causing it to rock without warning violently to the other side before rolling back into a more sedate position. The movement caused her to snap a hand to the doorframe of the galley, awareness of the unconscious engagement seeping in and instantly the ability was halted. Hu'tegh The language she hadn't let pass her lips in nearly two years blurted out the nasty swear as the nose wrinkled up in disgust at her own lack of control. Bare feet pivoted on her heel and her mug was snatched from the small table to head over and search for water. She didn’t want to be greedy and take another mug of what was clearly an indulgence for the captain that had saved them. Stomach still raw she glanced at the pot of chili and finally decided she would have a bowl. The thick gruel was ladled into her bowl as a string of alien swears continued to mutter under her breath. In trying to avoid the water, she had nearly capsized the damn boat. Her fear was chasing her with a self fulfilling prophecy. The unladylike grunt escaped her lips as she dropped back into the chair, the oversized coat swallowing her as she leaned over the table to attack the chili, the soft mutter of complaints still whispering under each mouthful.
  11. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    “Nobody is on your tail here Rhyse,….Ain’t no one close enough to catch us, nobody deft enough to find us. Just you and your friend made it on this trip, and my crew are all here to help you.” Lower lip was gnawed gently as the unusual eyes were clearly sinking into thoughtful contemplation. The people in her village had once been there to "help" her too. Finding out she was a monster had changed all that. Nostrils drank in the warm scent of the mug, relishing the aroma before noticing his cocked brow at her comment on allspice and anchos. Throat cleared ever so slightly as she drank from the mug to cover up the discomfort. “Hiding is hiding,” Crimson orbs stared into the steaming mug. There was truth in the statement, then again she had been viciously attacked and hunted for more than six months. That was a truth as well. His posture changed and with it she cocked her own head, seeking what had caught his attention. She regretted the search as all too quickly the dangerous flow of water told her it was bleeding into the ship before he even told her to "sit tight". She stood even as he leapt up the stairs, a mist of panic in her dark pupils. They were taking on water. Her secrets would soon no longer be her own. Lips parted as he came down the stairs and passed the galley. They clamped shut, a rose hue climbing up her cheeks as he slid off his shirt vanishing within his cabin. “Keep my hot chocolate warm..” Her tongue didn’t find itself as he passed her by once more, peeking out the door at the bare feet disappearing above. She had gotten a good look at those markings. They were not like the tattoos she had seen in Ireland. Pupils flicked to his mug, keep it warm? She was often mistaken for a fire elemental. It was the heat colored orbs and Irish saturated waves that seemed to make them think so. Truth was she could make it colder…. but not keep it hot. The haunting eyes glanced around the galley, finding a small plate to set over top the mug to hold in the steam before she crept into the narrow hall outside the galley to look up the stairs. She took a hesitant step towards the first stair, but feet froze as the flow of water caught her attention once more. The push against it was powerful and unconscious, reversing the flow into the ship until it was suddenly gurgling outward, contrary to the laws of nature. She couldn’t let the water in….. she couldn’t let the truth come out.
  12. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    "I was referring to you. I know your friend found the rooms, he snores." His return nearly had her jumping out of her very skin. Pallor drained to nearly translucent, blue hued veins playing peek-a-boo on her cheeks as crimson blinked at him… lips murmuring nearly inaudibly… Not really….a friend… Lips pulled through her teeth as she shimmied to the wall on bare tiptoes to be out of his way. She had only met Will the same day she had met this stranger, didn’t really make them friends. Though even drunk he had tried to help her, so not enemies at least either. Eyes caught the "ink" again. It had a light of its own which wasn’t something she had seen on this world, at least not in Ireland. Toes slid along the wall as she crept off to the room… a quiet "sorry" repeated before slipping in to seek something more to wear. Slender fingers fiddled along the sides of the coat, seeking pockets that were a hanging a bit too low on her form as she finally peeked into the mess hall. "I'm Calder." She nearly popped out of her skin again. Damn she needed to settle down! Waves bobbed as she nodded faintly at him, nostrils filling with whatever he was stirring in the bowl. Now closer it was becoming apparent it was chili. Rhyse…. Response was soft as the eyes lost interest in him, focusing down instead on his bowl. It smelled like a pretty good chili actually. Definitely more the traditional end of chili which she appreciated. Hers was chocked full of pumpkin which seemed more popular in Ireland. "Best chili anywhere." Brow lifted a bit over the crimson orbs as she slid her lower lips through upper teeth, lowering into the seat and plucking the spoon up to swirl in the bowl. "I picked this up from a trading post in the gulf. It's a cinnamon hot chocolate." Nostrils flared at the mug, thick lashes half closing as for the first time the lips turned ever so slightly upward enjoying the scent. Murmured words were not really meant for him. …be even better if added some allspice and sweet ancho peppers…… The lashes lifted and saw him, almost startled he was there as the tone turned to something almost apologetic, as if she could be mistaken as complaining. … cinnamon is very good too. As if to shut herself up she pushed a large spoonful of chili between her lips and lowered her gaze back to the bowl. "New York isn't Ireland. You hide, people will think you have something TO hide. Huge magus presence there. Respected, in positions of power. You can pass, but not if you hide." Lashes lifted to him, his words pondered a moment as lips were licked over. Didn’t used to be hiding…. Her English had been learned in the welsh continent…. the lilt of Irish tingeing her accent. I um….. wore contacts…. lost those….. but that was it….. I mean…. I had my own shop and people didn’t seem to….…. Voice trailed off. It was more than she had spoken in a while and she was suddenly acutely aware of it, lips clamping shut as she realized he had not really intended to engage in conversation, already turning to leave. To cover up the awkward moment she quickly took another scoop of the chili. It had been a long time since she had been without those damn contacts. The eyes that were so mundanely average on her world, were unheard of and demonic on this one. Truth was it was the first time in ages her eyes didn’t ache and water.
  13. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    Swirl was becoming violent. First clockwise…then counter, water sloshing faintly over the side despite the fact that crimson orbs had departed from the glass of water. The push against liquid was innate, despite having spent several years avoiding it. Lashes flicked upward as the ship shifted course and the slap of water against the hull elicited a flinch through her spine. Arms tightened their grip around her knees, more for comfort than any protection against the cold. This was a mistake….so was staying in Ireland….what alternative did that leave? "Rise and shine…" She nearly jumped out of her skin having missed him coming down the stairs over her head. Glass upturned, water flooding outward into the walkway. Sorry…. Apology was incredibly timid, barely audible over her breath. "It’s going to keep getting colder for another day or so, there are warmer clothes in the two rooms aft. Sweaters, coats, scarves, hats… whatever you need. Food’ll be ready soon in the galley." She had half tripped face first to the floor untangling herself from the shirt she had pulled over her knees. He's sleeping in one of…… He was already gone. ….them. Quiet word sighed from her lips. She had found one of the rooms and half drug Will into it to sleep off his liquor and then just…. sleep…it seemed. She had checked on him twice to make sure he hadn't died… he hadnt. Sleep seemed to be deep for the man as he cuddled into the small bed. She had not wanted to be presumptuous and take the other room. There were others on the ship and frankly…. sleep was elusive ever since she had been on the run. She couldn’t recall the last time she had slept. A jacket wouldn’t hurt…… Lip was chewed as she peeked into the second room, the tight quarters were not so tight for the small frame as she hesitated opening the closet. There was an array of clothing haphazardly hanging in the gap. She wasn’t really cold natured but she was barely dressed in the oversized garments so the navy wool jacket caught her attention. The arms were slid over pale skin only to hang four inches beyond her fingertips. Grumbling under her breath she rolled them up as she stepped back into the hall, the hem nearly brushing the ground. She wasn’t THAT small…. was she? Buttoning the middle button she decided the coat actually belonged to someone extra tall because she was NOT that small. Closing the door quietly again she padded bare feet towards the galley. There had been no talk of payment, at least not yet. Problem was she had nothing to give. She could cook…. that was about all she could offer. Peach and amber waves peeked around the corner into the galley as a faint waft came of something warm. Crimson tried to avoid contact with anything… or rather…. anyone as she sought the source of the scent. Sleep eluded her… but not hunger as the stomach rumbled beneath the oversized navy wool.
  14. Rhyse Falmarin

    The Great Ocean Escape

    @Calder Muireadach, @Will Tennesen After the escape from Ireland.....HERE She had managed to keep up with the stranger. Making his ship before too many stirred in the town center. By some miracle the drunk Will managed to follow them as well. And thus she found herself at sea. They were three days out now. Three terrifying days. Will had been her excuse to stay hidden below deck, the man had been sick at first. But truth was Will was sleeping most of the time now so she spent the time curled in a dark corner instead, careful that no one could find her on accident, hiding out and barely having eaten. She didn’t dare go on deck. The simple sway of the ship on rough waters was enough to draw out absolute terror. This much movement meant that the spray up on deck would be enough to lure her demonic nature out. They would kill her, toss her overboard, lock her up to be tortured later….. the imagination ran rampant, fueled by the horrors she had been subjected to in Ireland. No matter what Will thought, she didn’t believe the ship was "safe" for her kind despite the fact that several on board seemed to be clearly outworlders. She sat under the metal stairs, arms wrapped over the bare legs, the shorts she had stolen off a clothes line in Ireland tugged down to her knees to keep warm. The oversized shirt was pulled over the same knees to try and cover the shins, hem of the neck gaping dangerously wide as she rested her forehead on the drawn up limbs, strawberry and peach waves covering her shoulders and sides like a blanket. Contacts had been lost in all the commotion leaving crimson orbs staring in the dark at the glass of water sitting beside her. For all the terror the undulations of the foreign ocean waters instilled, they also beckoned at her, taunting her psyche. The water churned in the glass sitting on the floor, spinning first to the left before slowing and then spinning to the right. The simple push against the liquid done without thought as she huddled beneath the stairs waiting for the end of this horrible journey.
  15. Rhyse Falmarin

    Walking without moving

    “Need to find a place to sleep it off mate. Streets are for shit this time of night.” Her back had been turned and the voice nearly had her jump out of her skin. Wide crimson orbs hit the stranger with a palpable fear. A foot was already sliding back behind her. She was about to bolt, held only by his own expression like a deer in headlights. He was looking at her like he knew… only his expression didn’t hold the visceral hatred she had seen in so many eyes that had come before his. "Come with me" Eyes darted to Will. Were they going to go with this man? The question was still in her eyes when she looked back at the stranger in time to see the sea green patterns on his forearm. The brow that had furled so tightly a moment before seemed to wash away into something almost serenely smooth. Crimson lifted to blink at him, pupils still flushed with doubt but the absolute terror had receded for the time being. “If you can’t keep up you’re going to die.” Lower lip drug through her teeth as she watched the man pull his rucksack back onto his shoulder and begin to walk away. Breath stuttered as she looked at the man on the curb that had been trying to help her. Are….are you going with him…? Her voice shook as it whispered. The stranger was beginning to get further away. They needed to decide now. Head shook slowly as her hands wrung inside the too long sleeves. I… I have to go with him…. I cant stay here…. Door to the bar slammed shut, the oceanid jumping to look up…. a patron staring at them both before heading in the opposite direction. ….I cant stay here….. The whisper held the fear she had been suffocating under for the last few months. The faint nod was a goodbye if he decided not to follow, or just an invite to follow if he was. Bare feet slapped the pavement rapidly as she moved to catch up with the stranger whose long strides had put too much distance between them already. The scent of ocean waters was getting stronger. They were moving towards the water…. this birthed a fresh fear in the outworlder…


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