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    Rhyse (Reese) Falmarin - Red Sea Spirit
    At a petite 5' with a shy tendency to cover up and fold her hands into her pockets, Rhyse could easily be overlooked if not for two very distinguishing characteristics; her cascades of strawberry red hair and the crimson stain to her irises. She has been fortunate thus far that most mistook her for a native Irish girl with her flaming hair and pale complexion.

    Doused in the salty waters of the ocean, she is a different creature all together. The metamorphosis is not something she can stop, reminiscent of the earthen fairy tales of mermaids. But that is where the comparison stops. Hair strands fuse as legs peel apart into tendrils longer than she is tall, resembling that of the earthen squid, skin thickening like that of a porpoise and staining crimson. Tendrils are pure muscle, dangerous weapons by themselves as they end in points that hold small barbs down the inner ridge. (See About Me tab)
    Almost painfully shy, Rhyse has managed to stay "under the radar" by not drawing attention to herself. When she is relaxed she has a lyrical laughter that can infect those around her. In the kitchen is where her confidence shines, able to forget the world and take charge of those around her.

    In the water, the warrior in her can come out. Protective of those she cares about the warrior has only been present once since she was sucked through a maelstrom to this foreign world. This led to a devastating encounter where she learned she was a "demon".... "evil".... "disgusting". This perception has stayed with her, ashamed of her alter ego, fearful that revealing it will lead to instant death. This has led to a fear of the ocean, even the thought of being on a boat sends her skittering away as her transformation is triggered when doused in as little as a gallon of ocean waters.
    Rhyse came to the world with nothing but a very simple ring. The twisted silver cradles a small sphere that holds the only remnant from her lost world, water from its oceans.

    She had built herself a small life in Ireland where she owned a café, but that was lost to her in the recent tumult over registration when it was discovered that she was indeed an Outworlder. In the violence her café was burned to the ground and she herself has been on the run ever since.


    Water dance: (can be done in Human and Serpent form)
    More parlor trick than power, Rhyse can make small pools of water dance. Droplets bounce on the surface of water in a glass, puddles can throw small spouts in the air, tendrils of water up to a foot tall can pull up from a pond and intertwine in beautiful forms. When done in Serpent form, the size and impressive nature of this trick is tripled. Rhyse can do this with both salted and unsalted water.

    Water whip: (can be done in Human and Serpent form)
    The water whip is one of her most commonly used moves that involves creating a lashing tendril of water to swipe at an opponent. The water is compressed into nearly a solid form, its strike equivalent to that of a bullwhip. This is done from an existing water source such as a pitcher of water, a pond, the ocean. In human form these are searing straps that can be as long as eight feet and nearly four inches in diameter. In Serpent form these can be nearly thirty feet long and over a foot and a half in diameter. Rhyse can do this with both salted and unsalted water. (size restricted by the volume of water she has access to)

    Water wall/water shield: (can be done in Human and Serpent form)
    Water can be molded into a variety of viscous shapes and can be used to deflect/slow an attack. This wall/shield can also be shoved outward, propelled at attackers. In human form she can make a wall ten feet wide and high and nearly two feet thick but in serpent form she can dredge up one over seventy feet wide and high and ten feet thick. (size restricted by the volume of water she has access to)

    Water spout or "water vortex": (can be done in Human and Serpent form)
    Rhyse can control a whirlpool-like pillar of water, rotating it and directing its movements at the same time. In human form this can be a scary 20 foot tall tornado of water that is as much as seven feet across its vortex. In serpent form this can be a terrifying 100 foot tall cyclone that is as much as thirty feet across. (size restricted by the volume of water she has access to)

    She has not performed any of the following yet on earth so perfection will only come with use.

    Maelstrom: (can only be done in Serpent form)
    In a large body of water, she can create a gigantic whirlpool capable of pulling ships down into the murky abyss. The typical manifestation she will create has currents as swift as 10mph and as large as 250 ft across. However, she can create the very channel to Davy Jones locker with currents that surge as fast as 30mph and a vortex north of 600 feet across. This size will render her unconscious for days. She can create a maelstrom in semi-fresh water but it needs to hold at least a 1.5% salt weight (a little less than half the 3.5% of ocean waters) In these diluted waters however she cannot make anything much larger than 50 ft across.

    Pull the tides: (can only be done in Serpent form)
    Rhyse can push and pull the tides outside of their natural gravitational pull, lifting waters along a coast as much as four feet or pushing them out to dry bed the beaches. This ability can be very dangerous if she chooses to pull the tides against the ocean currents, altering the natural flow of the warm and cold streams, upsetting the very climate balance. Can only be done in salt water.

    Tsunami: (can only be done in Serpent form)
    With the violent ripping of the tides, displacing large volumes of the water, she can stir great bodies of ocean into a frenzy that can launch seismic sea waves or tsunamis outward from her location. In its largest state, she can create devastating tsunamis, walls of water over 90 feet tall that can obliterate a coastline, however anything of this size or more than 3 rippling outward from her position of 20-30 ft tall will cause her to lose consciousness. Can only be done in salt water.

    All abilities that manipulate water are restricted by having access to water. She cannot create it from thin air unless it is actually raining (no matter how high the humidity).
    All abilities beyond Water Dance and Water Whip are draining on her energy. Maelstrom, Tsunami and Pulling of the Tides can actually leave her unconscious if taken to their largest incarnation.
    She has no tolerance for alcohol as it dehydrates and she is susceptible to dehydration. A glass of wine has her well beyond tipsy.
    She tends to consume large quantities of water because she dehydrates easily. If she has no access to water she will begin to weaken within 24 hrs. Her thoughts grow scattered and she has difficulty with balance.
    Great chef but an amazing baker. Her sweets have been seen as works of art.

    She has a soft and delicate siren's voice when she sings.

    A child of the ocean she understands the push and pull of the tides, the habits of the creatures within the waters and how currents work better than most any. However she knows them for her own oceans, she has avoided these foreign waters and would need to spend some time in them to fully apply this understanding.
    Born to a warrior race of the tumultuous Acarian lavender oceans, Rhyse was always a bit lacking in the cold hearted nature expected of her people. And yet she had abilities and skills for fighting that her brethren lacked. While comrades could perform parlor tricks in the water, Rhyse was able to destroy armies with her ability to manipulate the waters around her, transforming waves into spears that could render through flesh without mercy.

    Commanded often to bring her abilities to bear, she lived with the self loathing afterwards far too often. It was during such a calling for her powers that the world turned inside out. A maelstrom of her own making was about to win the battle for her people when it turned itself inside out and took her with it. What followed is a blur for her, a gap in her memory that only picks up when she was found on the rocky shores of Ceide Fields, Ireland by an old fisherman, naked and in a form she had never before taken.

    Fergus had been his name. With kind eyes and rough hands he had taken her in, mistaking her for a child of the Island that had been swept away in the tumult of the first event. It was Fergus that had named her Rhyse Falmarin - Red Sea Spirit - when it became clear she lacked memories of who she was. It was living in his home that she learned to bake and cook and found a peace her life before had never offered her. But the idyllic life was only to be hers for a year.

    The dragon wars spilled into Ireland and when the small town she lived in suffered from the overflow of the battle, her attempt to save those that had fallen from rocky cliffsides awoke her memory and who she really was. Her form was met with disgust by those that had once called her friend and with Fergus dying in the aftermath she had no home there anymore.

    Rhyse moved south and inland to Drumalaheen, swearing to never again take her ocean form. In time she opened a small café and bakery and made a good life for herself there.

    Her abilities have diminished to little more than parlor tricks now that she has been nearly 9 years out of the ocean. Minor skills that had those in the town believing she was just another altered human. This changed recently. The Outworlder Registration came knocking in Drumalaheen. Rhyse didn’t really understand the fingerprinting process or the reason they pricked everyone's finger in town. She went along with it all.

    Then her world crumbled around her. Marked an Outworlder she has been hunted for the last 3 months in Ireland. Forced to keep to the rocky coasts that are less inhabited, far too close to the waters she has sworn off.

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