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    Pandora is a very pretty girl, and she knows it. Her body is very slim, with "all" her 5'6 ft tall and 110 pounds, yet, she has beautiful curves. Her skin is pale, and her face has very delicate lines, with a few freckles on her nose and cheeks (that she covers with makeup). Looking at her in the sunlight is dangerous, she will take your breath away with the long natural red hair and hazel eyes. Both hair and eye color may change a little bit with different illumination.

    Pandora likes to dress comfortably, usually wearing snickers, jeans and a sweatshirt when is cold, and a dress or a skirt and simple blouse when is hot. She wears very light makeup when going out. Unless of course, she is going to an event that needs more. When this woman wants, she can dress up like a fashionista, having the potential to be the most beautiful woman in the room.
    Trained to behave and dress like a princess until she was 16, Pandora grew up knowing exactly how to behave to please the high society of Brazil, and specially, her parents. Feminine, delicate (or even fragile), polite, gentle and always with a smile on her face, that's what they expected of her, and that's what she showed to the world.
    She may know how to act like a princess, or rather, a doll, and she can hold a smile on her face even thought she's in pain. But that is not who Pandora really is.

    Pandora's nature is best described as chaotic good, meaning that she has a good heart, but is a bit rebellious, acting more as her conscience directs her, and not caring about what others expect of her. She believes that goodness is the way, and in that way, some rules must be broken.

    She may look shy to those who don't know her, but truth be told, Pandora is just trying to avoid awkward situations. After being isolated in that island for so many years, made her unease around people she doesn't know, and because she doesn't how to properly behave around them, long conversations usually tend to end weirdly. Whenever is possible, she blames that english is not her mother language.

    But if you pass the appearance of a shy little girl, the weirdness of a teenager who looks like she's trying to be someone she is not, and the young adult who doesn't know where she belongs, you'll find someone quite adorable, a loyal friend, who is always trying to please the ones she cares about, and even more, you'll find that is pretty damn hard to make her stop talking whatever comes to her mind!

    Pandora wants to be "normal", and even though she is afraid of her abilities, she is eager to learn how to control it, so she can be around other people more easily, and finally, have a normal life that she thought it would never be possible. If that means putting herself to through challenges, she'll do that!

    The young woman should be better described as a teenager, since she's very innocent and naive about the adult world, including romance, alcohol and drugs. She trust other people too easily, and that has the tendency to put her in danger.

    She is still very confused about her new abilities, and will take some time for the woman to know how to control them properly, which means that her state of mind will change a lot.
    1. A photograph of her brother damaged by time.

    2. A star-shaped golden necklace that was a gift from Thor.


    About Pandora's abilities: She doesn't know how they work yet, so she can't control them at will. Since she doesn't even know about mana, she doesn't know how to channel it properly, so her mana is mixed with her own energy. The more abilities Pandora use, the more tired she becomes. She never used most of these abilities, I'm just putting it here for future use.


    - Emotion CopyCat*: This is Pandora's "natural" ability. It makes her copy someone's emotions and absorb it. Since she doesn't know how to control, the ability triggers itself at random times.

    - Intuition: When Pandora has to be very close physically to someone, but she can "read" that person's intentions. For example, she can tell that someone is lying, but can't determinate what about. At this level of Pandora's lack of control, she may read the intention wrong.

    - Aura reading: Instead of absorbing someone else's emotion, Pandora now can see a glowing aura around their bodies, and determinate which emotion the person is feeling (sadness, happiness, love...). The target must be at a visual distance for this to work.

    - Emotional Thief*: Pandora can "steal" someone's emotion. Just like that. By physical contact, the girl can do more than just absorb an emotion, she takes it away from that person, transferring the emotion to her. But is not just the emotion, Pandora gets sensitive with the object of that emotion². For this ability to work correctly, Pandora has to hold the target for five seconds and concentrate on the emotion. If the connection if broken before that or Pandora gets distracted, many things can get wrong².
    Example 1: If she takes love from a boy, she won't feel just in love, she will be in love for the same person of that boy, or some look-alike. If she takes sadness of a girl who is on PMS, she will have all the symptoms of PMS.
    Example 2: She'll have one or more of the above: emotion switch with the person, wrong emotion being taken, only copycating the emotion, heavy headache, Copycat frenzy (she will copy many emotions from people around in a very short period of time), and some more.

    - Personality Copycat*: Pandora's ultimate power. By touching someone or something that belonged to that person for ten seconds, the girl can absorb one's completely personality, and randomly have some visions about his past and feel what that person is feeling at the time¹. Pandora may become a completely different person while using this one, because she cannot control her own emotions, leading her to do things that she would never do, like kissing a strange in the streets or stealing something. This ability can copy more than just the personality, if not performed correctly, it can produce psychosomatic symptoms (allergies, diseases or addictions), it can take too much energy of Pandora, making her sleepy and tired all the time, or even costing Pandora's energy to keep the ability going on. If this ability is used too frequently, it can cause brain damage and mental confusion, and if Pandora copies the same person more than once, she'll incorporate permanently a random aspect of that person personality.
    Example 1: This ability may take a few days to wear off, meanwhile, Pandora can randomly experience the emotions and sensations (heat or cold, love, pain...) the person is feeling at that moment.

    * This three abilities doesn't have a time to wear off. Pandora can stay with the emotion/personality for hours or days, since she doesn't know yet how to control it. One thing is certain: the stronger the emotion or personality, the longer it stays with her.
    Cooking, gardening, sewing and cleaning the house are her most practical skills. She is also bilingual (English and Portuguese) and very good at yoga and meditation. She sucks at pretty much everything related to sports except running, swimming, and gymnastics (includes dancing).

    Her hobbies are drawing and painting, specially people and clothes. She likes to sew her own clothes, after drawing them.

    Fast learner and fast reader, but terrible with technology.

    Very good at acting, specially if is as a socialite.
    TLDR: Pandora was born in a very rich family in Rio de Janeiro, and she had some psychic abilities since birth. Her older brother, Thor helped her managing her skills to keep it under control and not affect her so much.
    After the first resonance, her abilities started to expand, going to a extreme level, and she could feel the energy of others from miles away. She was taken to a private island, where she lived for the next eight years, all by herself.
    When the second resonance arrived, Pandora's abilities had changed: instead of energy, now she could feel the actual emotios of others, and it was a lot easier to control.
    After discovering her brother was missing, she went to New York decided to find him, even though she still didn't knew her new abilities so well.

    Fernando Reis (father, 54);
    Luciana Faustini Reis (mother, 51);
    Thor Reis (older brother, 29);
    Isis (younger sister, 19)


    Born in Rio de Janeiro with a silver spoon in her mouth, Pandora is the middle child of Fernando and Luciana Reis, owners of the biggest Brazilian pharmaceuticals company, the Reis Med Corp.

    Pandora always felt a little bit out of place in her family, specially in the parties she was obliged to attend, because she usually felt ill at places with too many people. Her brother, Thor, has always been the closest person to her, someone she could trust and count on, no matter what.

    Growing up was not easy, in her first years she cried a lot, and no one knew what was wrong with her. As she learned to talk properly, all she could say is that she sometimes was dizzy, with a strange sensation in her chest, difficulty breathing, and about to throw up. There was no doctor around that could find anything wrong with her health, so, reluctantly, she was taken to a psychologist at age 8.

    Not even the psychologist knew what her problem was, but at least he tried. By realizing that Pandora's illness was always triggered when she was around too many people, he said that she had Social Phobia.
    At that time, all psychological and mental illnesses were associated with "being crazy", and it was NOT a good thing. So her family kept it as a secret, and forced her to adapt, to "be normal".

    It took some time, but Pandora learned how to "close" herself when she was around other people. Things like biting her tongue until it bleeds or closing her fists until it got numb, shutting down her mind and going to her inner palace, or even making excuses to be as far as she could.

    What no one knew is that Pandora was born with a psychic ability, being able to "feel other people emotions", such as anger, sadness, fear, happiness, joy... She could feel anything! And without knowing how to filter, she felt it all the emotions around her at the same time, thus, feeling so much that her body and mind couldn't handle it.

    Seeing Pandora suffer in silence every time her parents dragged her somewhere full of people, Thor started helping Pandora understand her sickness. He researched in libraries, old book shops, internet, even with Pandora's Psychologist a way to help her. At Pandora's side in several situations, with simple questions, Thor realized that his sister "illness" didn't had anything to do with how many people were around, but with the intensity of the situation.

    Working side by side and researching together, by the time Pandora was 10, they found a method to calm Pandora's mind and search for the answer they seek. By meditating, the girl was able to identify the real source of her sickness, and going deeper, she realized what it really was: other people's energy. The stronger the emotion of the people next to her felted, the stronger the energy released. Unfortunately, knowing what it was, didn't change a thing, she still felt sick.

    As time passed by, Pandora though she was getting better, and other's energy wasn't affecting her so much. She didn't knew, but the truth was that she was getting stronger and better at processing and absorbing or blocking the energies.

    The girl grew up, able to live an almost normal life. Until the day that changed everything.
    It was may, 2010, Pandora was at a beach party with some friends. As the sun sets and the sky begins to get darker, people start to notice some strange purple coloration, and Pandora starts to feel sick in a way she didn't felt in a long time. Immediately she calls her brother and tells him "It started again, help me!". Thor gets in his car and goes to pick up his sister.
    Unfortunately, he is not fast enough. The streets are crowded with people trying to look at the strange thing that is revealing at the sky, and as darker the sky gets, the worst Pandora feels.

    When the night finally arives and the strange-purple-thingy (that was latter called Nevrus) is at its full potential, Pandora is lost in the middle of so many people that arrived at the beach to look at the sky. Her heart was beating extremely fast, vision was blurry, she was so dizzy that she had to lay down on the sand because she kept losing her balance, her chest was aching, like someone was crushing it, her head felt like it was about to explode any second and even though she was hyperventilating, she felt like no air was going to her lungs.
    Pandora was about to ask someone to please, kill her, when Thor finally found her. Not being able to take it any longer, she passed out.

    Waking up in a hospital room several days later, Pandora was only able to grab Thor by his shirt and say "Get me out of here" until she fainted again. Even in her sleep, she could still feel the energy, and her body couldn't take much more.
    Two days later she woke up in her own room. Her brother sitting by her side, reading a Douglas Adams book to her.
    "It's your favorite, right?", said Thor
    "The Hitchhiker's" Pandora replied, with a weak smile.

    After the initial questions "how are you, how are you feeling" and a doctor's checkup, Pandora was informed about what was happening with the world. Several people missing, strange things happening everywhere, technology failing, and that was just the beginning. She was confused, to say the least, but not as much as her family, that didn't understand what happened.
    Could it be that her phobia returned - and worse? Could it be that she finally had lost her mind? Pandora and Thor never told them what really was going on with her, they wouldn't understand.

    As the concerned family started to clear the room, leaving only Pandora and Thor in there, Pandora started feeling a bit better. "It's strange, the more people around, the more I feel sick... But is not only in my room, I can feel them moving in the whole house. Can't say where, only that they are near... Fuck, I can even sense some energy coming from 2 apartments bellow!"
    Pandora's psychic ability had developed, gown so much stronger than the could contain or even understand.

    In the next few days, every time Pandora tried to leave the house, go somewhere, she got really sick. What they didn't knew is that her power was still growing, and as the days passed, even locked in her room, she could feel so much energies and so strong that she couldn't handle it anymore.
    On the 15th day after the Nevrus appeared in the sky, Pandora tried to kill herself. It was too much for her, too painful. Unsuccessful, she told Thor, amid tears what she did.

    The next day she was being taken to a private island far away from the continent, her new home for the next 8 years. Pandora was completely alone there, she had to learn how to take care of herself, learning how to cook, sew and cleaning the house. And even though someone would bring her some fresh food every week, she made a small garden. Living a whole completely different life, the girl had to adapt. The most difficult thing for her was that Thor never visited her, not even once.

    Years had passed, and and the teen had grown up to be a beautiful woman, completely adapted to that life.
    It was the day her mother would visit her and bring some food. Unlikely her daughter, Luciana did not aged well. After the resonance, Reis Med Corp had to adapt to the new reality: new viruses showing up, extincted diseases coming back, and the lack of technology to work with. They'd lost half of their properties trying to research ways to "cure" the world, but the answer was not in their reach.
    The Reis family didn't knew how to live a simpler life, and it was being specially hard for Luciana, Pandora's mother.

    Mother Reis arived at the beach as usual, at the same time as always, but something was not right. Pandora wasn't expecting her there, as usual. Luciana walked to her daughter's house just to find her unconscious on the floor. No one knew, but when the second resonance happened the night before, Pandora's psychic abilities had changed.

    **Pandora woke up a few days later, in an odd building. It wasn't her place at the island, it wasn't anywhere she'd seen before. Later, she was informed that it was a hospital. And unlike the last time, she didn't felt sick, instead, she was feeling the emotions of people around her.
    It took some time to get it out, but her mother finally told the truth about Thor: he never visited her because at the same day she was going to the island, he was going to New York to research about her condition. He was close to find someone there that could help Pandora, when Rio changed overnight, and he lost all communication with the Reis Family.

    Still having to learn about her new abilities, Pandora decided to go after her brother. She took some money with her and some clothes, a photograph of Thor, and went to the adventure of her life.

    Traveling by foot, train and boat, it took her weeks, not to say maybe a month or two, she couldn't say for sure, but she finally arrived at New York! Pandora went to the family apartment right away, but there was no sign of her brother there. By the dust in the furniture, he hadn't been there in a long time. She waited and waited, but nothing. Where was he and what could had happened to him? That's whats she was going to find out!!

    ** For more details about this part, please check Roleplay Sample.


    After arriving in NYC, Pandora began to look for her brother without luck. So far, she has only one clue: he used to order coffee at a coffee shop every morning before going to the NYC's Public Library.

    02/02 - Back to the Future

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  • Role Play Sample
    The white brick walls and the smell of cleaning products mixed with sickness could easily tell anyone that was awake that they were in a hospital. But laying in the most uncomfortable bed she ever laid, there was a girl who was taken there without her knowledge, and she was about to get really confused about what was going on.

    With a long breath, Pandora was about to wake up peacefully, when she smelled something wrong with the air. That was not her island. Confused, she opened her eyes and sat, startled. It took some time to realize where she was, she didn't knew however, why and how she got there, specially why she was in such a poor hospital.

    Looking at the side of the bed, the girl could see a wooden chair with an open blanket on it. Someone clearly spent the night there. Her thoughts went right away to Thor, her older brother, who stayed with her the last time. Hoping she would see him again, her heart almost jumped with happiness.

    "Can I get out of bed?" she said out loud, with no one to hear. Pandora didn't expected any answer, she was just used to talking alone. After spending so mych time by yourself, you kinda need to talk, even if no one will answer.

    Taking one careful step out of bed, and then another, she walked slowly to the window, and opened the curtains. "WOW". It was the first time she saw the "New Rio", like her mother used to call. Of course Luciana told Pandora thousand times about how different the city was, but her active imagination couldn't compare to what was in front of her eyes.
    A completely different city, like it was taken from a fairy tale. It looked so beautiful, and yet, somehow, so... "Sad?"

    As the feeling started to deepen, behind Pandora. a door opened. It was like a strong, blue smoke was entering the room, and in the middle of it, a teary face Luciana entering the room.
    When the mother looked at the daughter, with surprise and then relieve in her face, the smoke cleared, but Pandora was about to cry. Why was she so sad?
    Dropping what seems to be her breakfast, Luciana ran to hold her middle child in her arms, and Pandora cried like a baby in her arms. Showing a compassion she never had, Luciana held her daughter for a while, and both cried together.

    "Mom, what's going on?" Pandora was able to hold her tears and asked, sobbing
    "I should be the one asking that! You scared me!"

    After both calmed down, Luciana told Pandora about how she found the girl collapsed at the floor and took her to the hospital. While listening to the story, Pandora was trying to remember what had happened, but all she could remember was that it was getting dark outside and she had forgotten to water the garden.

    "So, how are you feeling?" Luciana asked

    Pandora had to think, she was feeling sad, but no reason to be. Wait... Something is not right...

    "Mom, is the hospital empty?"

    "No, darling, why would it be?"

    They stared at each other, and her voices sound almost like one
    "How I am/you are not feeling sick?"

    "Wait, do you know the reason I used to get sick?", Pandora asked her mother, confused

    "Of course, why do you think we would accept you moving to that island all by yourself? Thor told us everything before he..." Luciana
    hesitated, and Pandora somehow knew, Thor wasn't visiting her because he was gone...

    "Mom, what happened to Thor?" There was fear in Pandora's voice

    "Oh, darling... He didn't wanted you to know...", Pandora saw in her mother's face there was regret, and the same fear she could hear in her own voice.

    "Speak up, mom!!", Pandora's voice was almost failing, and she could feel tears coming to her eyes.

    "When you fainted at the beach, Thor started to make calls and research in the internet. He was like a crazy man, obsessed with finding an answer. But he never left your side, he stayed here all the time, like a loyal dog"
    The image of her brother with the body of a dog made mother and daughter smile
    "He got in contact with someone in New York, that knew what was going on with you, and could help. When you woke up, he told us the truth, that you didn't had social phobia, but you actually could feel other's energy and that we had to take you to our island or you wouldn't get better. We didn't believed at first, but he didn't rest until we took you there. Seeing you there, like there was not even one problem in the world, it made us think about..."
    "Mom!", Pandora interrupted. "Thor!" She couldn't even talk properly. Why was her mother taking so long to tell what happened to him?

    Luciana took a deep breath and nodded.
    "Yes... On the next day we took you to the island, he took off to New York, searching for that man. As you know, lots of things have changed since the last time you were around. Communication became every time more difficult, but we still had some contact. Until the day everything changed and they came... Since that day, we didn't had any kind of contact with him anymore..."

    The last few words were difficult to come out of her mouth, and even more difficult for Pandora to hear.

    "Since 2013?" There was panic in Pandora's voice now. Luciana nodded. "And no one went there to search for him?" The mother denied.

    Pandora went to bed and no one heard a word from her until next morning. She spent the whole night thinking about how much Thor had done to her, how much he helped, and when he needed, no one was there for him.
    The young adult didn't knew yet how her ability had changed, nor the extend to it or how long it would stay that way. Maybe it was because she stayed at the island for so long? Could it be that it would return in the future? She didn't had the answers, there was only one thing she knew, and she announced to her family the next morning.
    "I'm going to New York, I'll find for Thor."
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  1. Pandora Reis

    Back to the Future

    Pandora knew she had said something wrong when the man replied angrily. ҉ "Eres una piña bajo el brazo." ҉ "I'm what?..." Pandora didn't understood much of what the man said. She had a few spanish classes while in school, but always focused more in english. She tilted her head again, when the stranger started to talk again. ҉ "The next time you link to someone you don't want to link to, you need to work on breaking the connection. You tried to center yourself and calm yourself down, but you were still connected to whoever was making you freak out. Find someone calm, focus on them, shift your bond to them and you will then become calm." ҉ The woman opened her mouth, but the stranger had already turn his back to her and started walking. What did he just said? Link to someone, break the connection... Was that really possible? Shift bond? "But... How?" Pandora was lost in her thoughts and mixed feelings. She was scared to move, due to the fear that was not hers, but she fought against the feeling to stay still and began to run towards the man. Her first few steps were unbalanced and she looked like a drunk trying to run, but she made it. Reaching the man, she tried to put her hand in his shoulder to have his attention. "Wait... please!" Her breath was getting shorter again, not because of the running, it wasn't that far, but because of the anxiety that was flowing in her body. She took a deep breath, trying to remember the feeling of having the stranger breathing with her. "What do you know about... .... this.... thing I have?" Apologizing for being rude didn't even crossed her mind. She wanted answers, and she felt like the man could give to her. But at that moment she was a bit worried about whoever was having that "connection" with her... If she felt that freaked out, what would the person be like? "Tell me everything you know about this!!" Pandora was actually asking that as a favor, but out of her mouth, the words sounded like an order. "...please?" She tried to fix, but already knowing it wouldn't help much...
  2. Pandora Reis

    Back to the Future

    Pandora was freaking out, her breath was so short that she was feeling like she would faint any moment due to lack of oxygen. Her mind couldn't control the body, and she couldn't control her mind. Feeling completely desperate and alone, she had no idea what to do next. That was when a stranger came to her side. She stared at him, frozen in fear and without being able to say a word. As he lower down to look into her eyes, Pandora tried to ask for help, to anyone who would listen, but no voice came out of her mouth. Her head was spinning, conscious about to fade out. (Is that how dead feels like?), she thought. The stranger moved, weirdly. For what seemed by Pandora's eyes, trying to cover her head with his body. What? She looked up, what was he doing? And the tears she was fighting against, finally came. Her breath was getting sorter by the second, if that could even be possible. Whatever the men was trying to do, it wasn't helping. If anything, it was making the girl even more scared. Pandora had no control over her body as the stranger laid above her. With a weak voice she said her first words to the man: "Help me!", except, it wasn't FOR him, even if anyone there could think that, she was actually just asking anyone to help her WITH him. The next few seconds felt like minutes, until Pandora was able to see what he was doing. The stranger was trying to calm her breath! Her face relaxed and the tears stopped, and slowly the woman's breath returned to normal, and her head was a bit clearer. She could still feel all the desperation, anxiety and fear, but now, she had the control of the body again. "Th.. Thank you", she said, still week, not believing how a stranger would help in such odd situation. Pandora waited for the man to move, before she could get up. Even if she was calmer, her strength wasn't at her best, and she could use some help to get up. Her whole body was shaking, the adrenaline produced by the flight or fight mechanism was still bumping in her veins. The woman looked at the tall man in front of her, not knowing what to say. She had questions, a lot of questions. Who was him? What did he do to help her? How he knew that would work and how did that worked? Did he knew anything about her condition? What was going on? Pandora tilted her head like a puppy when confused, trying to say anything but not being able to. She looked at her hands, trembling like crazy, and the only words getting out of her mouth were rude. VERY RUDE. "You could at least helped a little more, couldn't you?" Her voice wasn't angry nor anything like her words would suggest, but it was actually just confused, like it was a question she would ask to a teacher. "Sooo... What did just happened?"
  3. Pandora Reis

    Back to the Future

    02/02 4:42 AM - Reis' Penthouse, Manhattan - NYC Someone once sang that New York is the city that never sleeps. In a huge penthouse, laying down, with eyes wide open and heart racing, Pandora was remembering Sinatra's song and wishing that wasn't true. If only she knew that in the apartment bellow her there was a housewife going thru a mid life crisis and having insomnia, maybe she could do something about it. But no, Pandora didn't knew that, she didn't even knew at that time that she could capt someone else's symptom. So, the young woman blamed her concern about her brother's whereabouts for her nightmares and lack of sleep. She was scared, and that feeling was her own. Although that wasn't her first time in New York, it was the first she went all by herself, and the first in 12 years. She barely knew the city! But the worst part was, of course, the fact that the only reason she went there was to reach for her brother, and she couldn't find him. So, completely on her own, without knowing anyone nor the city, with abilities she didn't even knew she had or how to control it, there was Pandora, a girl who lived eight years isolated from the world. Taking a deep breath, hands in her belly to feel the movement, Pandora forced her eyes to close. "Inspira.... segura.... expira...." [translates to: breathe in, hold it, breathe out]. Using a breathing method she learned with meditation, the young woman slowly calmed her heart. After feeling her body completely relaxed, trying to eliminate all her worries about her brother (she would have time to think about it in the morning), Pandora went to her inner palace. On the outside, it was a wooden cottage in the heart of a forest, It has been like that since she was a child. To get there, she had to climb a mountain, walk by a narrow path in the woods and then find a clearing. There she would find a beautiful garden, a small lake and the cottage. It didn't took much more time after opening the door until the girl was asleep. 6:58 AM - Reis' Penthouse, Manhattan - NYC The sun was rising, and the old curtains, thinner by the time, let the sunbeams into the room and gently woke up the girl. As she scratched her eyes and got up, the freezing temperature in her warm skin startled her. "Ugh, shit!! Everyday..." Used to a lot hotter weather, specially in February, the cold of NY made her remember she wasn't at home anymore. And it did that every morning since she got there. "How long has it been? Days... weeks... months..." Everyday was the same. Pandora wakes up, feels the cold and remember she's there, eat breakfast looking at the window view to Central Park, and get ready to search for her brother in the streets of New York. She's been all around the city, showing his picture to strangers, posting flyers of missing people, asking if anyone saw him... But everyday ends the same, with Pandora defeated again, going home without finding anything... The young woman didn't knew yet, but that day was going to be a lot different from what she was expecting! As she put on her clothes and snickers, and looked at the mirror, a face of disgust reflected back. "Ugh, I look like a homeless..." Her messy hair and tired eyes were only the beginning. The faded black sweatshirt she was using had holes in it and her pants were dirty. No one would listen to a woman looking like that. Grumbling, she walked to the bathroom and took a long shower. 11:22 AM - Central Park - NYC It was a specially windy day, and the cold breeze felt like knives in Pandora's face. She was completely covered, except for her face. With a long coat, wool cap and leather gloves, she was looking not very different from a homeless, but at least, her hair was impeccable. After spending the whole morning in Central Park, asking around and freezing, she decided that the cold was not for her and began to ask in stores nearby if anyone had seen her brother. It was in a coffee shop that, while ordering for a hot cocoa, she got her first clue! "Heeey, do you by any chance have seen this guy? He looks almost ten years older by now, but should have the same smile..." Pandora showed the old picture she kept with her at all times, since she was sent to the island. It was her and Thor laughing at Isis, that had ice cream spilled all over her dress. "You mean Ed?" "Ed?" The attended took the picture from Pandora's hands and took a closer look. "Yeah, that looks like Ed Reyes, the guy that was always going to the library... He was from Argentina, right?" "Could it be Brazil?" Thor Eduardo Reis, he could had changed his name to a more American one, Edward Reyes, the girl though of that immediately. "Yeah, yeah, I guess... You know what? You two have the same hazel eyes!" With a heart full of hope, Pandora asked for any more information the attendant had about her brother, but all he could tell was that for years "Ed" used to go there every morning in his way to the library, and ordered a double black coffee, but he didn't showed up for the past few weeks. With a happiness she didn't felt in a long time, the girl took her hot cocoa and left the shop in a hurry, running to the library. 11:29 AM - NYC Public Library Panting, with a hot cocoa mustache, and a big smile on her face, Pandora stared at the huge building in front of her. "Is this really a library? A PUBLIC Library? .... Wow" She took the last sip from her cup and put it on the thresh. Took a deep breath and walked to the doors, hoping to find Thor or someone that could give her any information regarding her brother. Inside was, of course, warm, and after running "so much", her body was also warm. Pandora took off her coat, folded in half and place it in her arm. Holding the cap in one hand and the picture of the Reis' siblings in the other, she walked to the information desk. But something was not right. Since she had opened the door, Pandora started to feel a pain in her chest. As she got closer to the desk, her feet seemed to be heavier and heavier. Her breath was terribly short, and the air was so dense, she could barely breathe. Pandora stopped walking and looked at her hands, they were shaking and sweating. Suddenly, she felt nauseated and the library started to spin. "No, no, no!! Not nooww!!" Pandora never felt so vulnerable in her life. It was like everyone there was a threat to her life, and her body was getting ready for the fight or flight defense mechanism. She didn't knew, but she was having an anxiety attack, just like the lost little boy crying a couple floors above her. She tried to concentrate, calm her breath, but it was impossible at the moment. The hand that was holding the cap clenched, while the other, holding the picture, was weak. Pandora walked weirdly to the nearest branch and sat on it, her hole body was shaking, and she had no idea what to do next. She tried to sit straight, closed her eyes and tried to meditate again, but no use. She couldn't concentrate. She was too scared for anything to calm her down. Pandora had some idea that it was because of her abilities, but she didn't knew at the time how to properly control it. And she would never had guessed that it was THAT that would give her the chance to learn it.