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    Lycanthrope ( Were Leopard )
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    Five feet three inches
    One hundred and twelve pounds
    Black Hair and dark blue eyes.

    Altered or shifted form:

    Leopard ( snow white) fur over most of her frame that stretches into a bipedal 7 ft frame. Canines become prevalent, long claws on feet and hands.
    When she is focused on something she tends to be short tempered. Sarcasm and cynicism are her favorite languages. She can be your best friend or your worst enemy. One moment she can be quite child like and the next place a knife at your throat without missing a beat.
    Notebooks by the tote
    Old Telescope ( a gift)
    Assorted odds and ends


    Supernatural Strength, Speed, Endurance and Resilience
    Transformed Lycanthropes are extremely powerful. They heal rapidly (within minutes -- even seconds depending on the wound). They run faster than their animal counterparts by at least twice, and have what may seem to be, endless endurance. Their regenerative abilities allow for incredible stamina needing only rest for a short amount of time to completely rejuvenate their strength.

    A Lycanthrope Human's strength, speed and endurance will increase exponentially as they near the time of the TURN. If brought to anger they could potentially double their current attributes but they are also very prone to completely losing control as well.
    In their Human form, a Lycanthrope will also retain (in varying degrees) some of their animal senses and traits. Often, they are not as intense, but periods of stress and proximity to the full moon will increase them. They are also perceived differently by animals, their scent and magical nature confused them and animals tend to detect what they are and treat them accordingly, often with respect.

    WEAKNESSES — Killing a Lycanthrope

    A lycanthrope is equally resilient both their states. As a 'human' silver is still required to kill them, that and cutting off their head.

    They have an allergy to silver, some theorize due to its antiviral properties. To kill a Lycanthrope it takes an extremely high dosage of the metal in their vital organs. Wounds inflicted with silver weapons take longer to heal, and in some cases will not heal until the silver is removed. The nullification of their powerful regenerative abilities is usually what kills them.

    Silver injected directly into the blood stream can sedate a Lycanthrope, of course it is difficult to know exactly just how long they will remain unconscious. It may also shift them back into human form, as it seems to kill enough of the active virus, but it is just a common for them to remain unconscious in their wild were-form. It is, however, NOT POSSIBLE for a person to prevent the 'change' by injecting silver nitrate in their bloodstream. The energy of the 'turn' is so powerful that no amount of silver can prevent it until half of an hour has elapsed. The only way to prevent the change, is by taking their head off, thus killing them.

    In the absence of silver the only other way to slay a Lycanthrope is decapitation, completely destroying the brain and destroying the heart.

    This goes for the transformed Lycanthrope and their Human form. They can both take an incredible amount of damage but if their brain is completely crushed, their head removed, or their heart completely obliterated they will die.

    Consequently, if they sustain 'partial damage' to their brain or heart that's serious damage that can significantly weaken them. Even knock them out. If they are impaled through the head or the heart their regenerative ability is compromised and they need to remove the object as quickly as possible or they will eventually fall into a coma. This stasis will remain until the object is removed.

    Naturally, the best way to kill a Lycanthrope is to get them when they are most vulnerable, which is in their Human Form. As a Human the Lycanthrope's regeneration is far weaker. Their adrenaline can sustain them for a while after suffering a mortal wound but after enough damage they will succumb to unconsciousness. Their Human state can be killed by mortal wounds inflicted by silver. Thus a shot to the heart with a silver bullet will kill them.

    A Lycanthrope in it's wild-were-form can go without oxygen for a full fifteen minutes! That's if they actually considered holding their breath, which they don't. When the beast cannot breath, it will instinctive gulp for air, prematurely suffocating or drowning itself. They won't last longer than five minutes, which is commonly the maximum amount of time that their Human form can hold their breath. After that they will enter a comatose state, regaining consciousness in a few minutes once they can breathe again. Without air, a Lycanthrope actually enters a state not unlike hibernation and can remain so for months, possibly years, until they finally expire.
    Archeologist *adept*
    Biologist *Learning curve*
    Well Educated
    Marksmanship *adept*
    Well Read
    Does not cook
    Driving *fair*
    Linguist *Nepali, French, Russian, English*
    Sherpas...Sage was grateful some had still remained up above the damned oxygen lines even after things had shifted into weirdness. She was a adept at exploration and her goal had been to get up a bit higher and do some research on the reports that were coming from the small clache of villages still left to their own accord. The laws and the politics changing so rapidly had made it almost impossible to be unnoticed, but here, who would come to notice unless they had a reason.

    The temperatures and the climate was not what most people wanted to spend time in unless they were either masochists or true research nuts. Some would say the dark haired woman was a little of both. Aside those things she and her guides had made good time before a freak storm caused them to set base camp slightly lower than they had previously planned. Safety is also important for survival in the weather here.

    It had cleared late and a full eerie moon had risen causing the sherpa guides to cross themselves and remind the woman to keep her weapon close, hell reminded all of the party to keep weapons close while tucked into their sleeping tents. Sage followed their advice-which might have been a touch better had they offered an explanation for why. Of course no one likes to talk about those things that go bump in the night, especially the one they were supposedly tracking now. Sage did not just do scholarly research. She was researching and hunting. What she hunted had been the cause of the slayings of other guides.

    Later as sleep fell over the camp, some thing entered. Something that made short work of the tents the guides and finally tore into her own tent. Laying on her back she brought the pistol aptly armed with silver, upwards just as the beast slammed down. Fate or destiny as the bullet tore through its hide at the very moment the teeth sunk into her shoulder. It did eventually sag into a dead weight but the smell of her own blood told her that perhaps it was too late for herself.

    Sage rolled the thing off and crawled out into the dark snow, dark for the blood of those who had breathed hours ago. It took her a moment to find her footing and try to stand. That lasted only long enough for her to hear a faint voice and then the world turned void. Void of everything. It would be days later-too gone to recieve a cure-that Sage realized what she was...would be.

    The monsters she had once hunted....may the world be as kind to her now as she was to them....

    --Thus endeth her work with the Vanguard. Banishment was putting it lightly and there is absolutely no severance package-

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