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    Tall ( approximately 5'9') lean and wiry, though its muscle under that skin. Long Dark chestnut hair and large gray eyes.Pretty bean pole or fatal charm depends on who you are and the situation.
    Sarcasm is her favorite flavor of every month. Blunt, honest and very sharp-tempered, Murphy tends to make good decisions on the fly, but can also be logical when dealing with long term situations. She is curious and determined to finish everything she starts. On the flip side, she is funny, irrelevant and likable. Enjoys animals, even the human ones, and a good stiff whiskey. She also dabbles in sculpting ( not well known) and has an avid love of books. The contradiction of all of that warm and fuzzy stuff is that she is a true adrenaline junkie ( by-product of working for the law)

    In short: A Machiavellian schemer and expert in psychological manipulation.
    Her Badge.
    Her guns ( plural)
    Her bike
    Her car
    Personal things
    A bracelet that never leaves her wrist, beads mostly native to the land, and a few silver charms that are also personal to her.
    A flat
    Co-workers eventually
    Brother and sister dead due to the infectious bite of a creature that was later destroyed.
    Parents alive and living off the grid so to speak


    Force ( no pun intended skywalker )
    You can push the objects using chi with your intention. There shouldn't be any stray thoughts in your mind except that of your intention to push the object. You should be completely focused on the object and direct your energy to the object until it moves. When it starts moving, direct its movement with your mind. This of course has limits. A full grown man may only be pushed across a room and slam into an object. It can be both offensive and defensive. The same focus of Chi can create a forceful punch or push of the same ilk. It takes a few moments to focus but lasts only the time frame to utilize it such as a push, and if forced longer will result in migraines of the crippling kind

    Flame On
    Fire is a element that really needs to be controled or else you’ll get injured . Get a tiny candle and light it.Then go into an ethereal trance and stare at the candle in your mind (you could also put yourself in a firey scene) subsequently set your hand out and picture chi coming out of your solar plexus (chi colour = firey yellow) in your chest,subsequently into your arms and into your hand. Imagine the chi going into the fire through a twine. Feed the fire with finger chakra chi and it should get brighter and taller. This sounds amazing but in truth Murphy is limited and can at best coax a candle to flame or a match to light. It is at best a beginning for her in her powers and understanding. Limited : fifteen minutes as most or until the candle flares.

    Note : Murphy is still learning many things about her powers and talents. So there will be added abilities as they become hers in play through story and work.
    Archery adept
    Combat : hand to hand, melee and distance : advanced
    Cooking - only if the fire department is on call
    Cat like reflexes
    Educated in street
    Driver - maniacal
    Good with hands
    Hates country music
    Expertly avoids dresses
    Can walk and chew gum at same time
    Born as the eldest child to Carrie and JosephMcCallister, she is the surviving eldest. The other two passed before their time : Charlie and Jonas.
    Raised in the blue-collar Boston suburb of Revere, Massachusetts, she allways has fought long and hard to win the respect of her colleagues, but it's her relationship with her equally stubborn mother that sometimes proves to be her biggest headache. Shared Temperments go hand in hand with conflict.
    She graduated high school and went to junior college where she played field hockey as an attacker. She applied to the prestigious college Boston Cambridge University. She was accepted and she wanted to go, but her family would not have been able to afford it. Not wanting her family to give away everything they had just so she could go to college, she decided to follow a career in law enforcement. Although this was her own decision, she sometimes still feels like she missed out when she decided not to go to college.

    After training at Boston PD Academy, she worked her way up from being a beat patrolman to a detective, then becoming the youngest officer ever to be promoted to the rank of detective in BPD. She first worked as a detective in the vice unit, then later became the first female officer to work in the drug control unit, working undercover in DCU.

    Then the world changed....

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