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    Hight: 5’, 11”

    Weight: 162

    Eye Color: Chameleon-like hazel eyes tend to shift based on his mood from greens to blues and using his innate powers become a beautiful dark sodalite blue.

    Hair Color: Sunflower blond with darker caramel highlights

    Brandon’s appearance is that of a young human male in every aspect. His light locks seldom are so meticulously groomed and trimmed that the wavy, wild, strands are kept in a tamed and restrained manor. He has tried though with various hair products but even the strongest holds won’t last a day and in the winds of city often break free anyway. Arguably his best feature is his eyes though the somewhat unnatural manor in which the change, especially the shift to blue after using his powers can be unsettling to many.

    His active lifestyle and physical training is evident by his chiseled mesomorphic physique, though at times it appears more ectomorphic, Many scars mar his otherwise smooth skin. Several small to large scars are visible on both his forearms and legs tell significantly more about his life experiences than his young face.

    There is some body art, art that has been there since his discovery at the age of eleven that he has tried to keep rather secretive. It is located in the center of his back between his shoulder blades and is approximately six inches in diameter. The round tattoo looks like a globe though decidedly not of earth based on the continents. The sphere is surrounded in the same Celtic looking pattern of knots as is found on a brooch he owns.
    There are few people that rally know Brandon that don’t like him for who he is. Selfless to a fault this Yale educated man would and has given the shirt off his back to help someone in need, even if they despise everything he is. That said there are limits and principles that he won’t cross and the man isn’t a pushover.

    Valosa has a knack for survival. Fostered by the environments of homes he was in and the rough treatment handed down by care givers and others Brandon has learned to fend for himself in a less then perfect world. This has not diminished his desire to serve others though it cannot be said it has made him believe in the best of humanity.

    Brandon is a man of conviction. Though he knows he and others like him are considered a threat to humanity he is always

    Shy and reclusive around people he doesn’t know the man seldom initiates a conversation for anything other than business purposes. With a past that is unpleasant enough and the possession of strange powers Brandon is unsure who is trustworthy enough to share the information with or that would not be endangered for just knowing. Feeling isolated as a result he often reverts to a more melancholic view of life.

    Beer: Brandon can enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages that fall into this category. From Ales to Stouts and Loggers he enjoys them and will go from time to time to have a pint.

    Live Music: He enjoys seeing people perform a variety of styles of music from classical to Rock and Roll. Often he will go to hear a bad at the bar but never goes on karaoke night.

    Women: Brandon enjoys a lot of things about females. Though he will seldom if ever just strike up a conversation with a stranger a woman might be able to get him to do it.

    Nature: Although a city boy Brandon enjoys the parks and has even gone camping from time to time though it is often not safe to do it.
    Volunteering: Brandon has made a habit of volunteering at soup kitchens and other non-profit organizations.

    Thoughtless People: Most if not all the actions Brandon takes are purposeful. He dislikes when other take things for granted, especially people or take advantage of others because they can.

    Responsibility Dodgers: Brandon can’t stand people who can’t take responsibility for their actions, especially if they blame others for them.

    Tardiness: He is always on time and doesn’t like when others intentionally or perpetually are late.

    Bigotry: Brandon tries to accept everyone for what they are and has a hard time with people who dislike others because they are merely different in some way from them.

    memory: Though not perfect he has an excellent memory that has helped him reach his goals in spite of setbacks.

    Intellect: Brandon in highly intelligent and able to learn quickly. Even though he cannot remember anything until he was eleven he was able to graduated with a PHD at 21 and receiving high honors.

    Magically Endowed: Though some might consider this more of a curse than a blessing the young man is making the best out of a less then perfect situation as he chooses to use is powers for good.

    Patient Endurance: One outstanding trait he has is the ability to wait for what he wants even in the face of opposition.

    Inferiority: Brandon has a deep set feeling that he is not as important as others. This does not mean he cannot see he has value as an individual but just that it is set lower than those of others.

    Troubled past: Having grown up in abusive situations, being rejected by so many and passed from one temporary parent to the next has not only left him with feelings of inferiority but memories that don’t seem to want to go away.

    Forgotten Past: Unable to remember his childhood has left him with the dilemma as to whether to make up a history for himself or merely to keep from looking like an off worlder or simply tell the truth and have people think he doesn't belong.

    Pub Food: as odd as this may sound if Brandon is going to eat more than he should it will be the fair served at places like this.
    Brooch: In his possession is a singular piece of jewelry. It has a beautiful sodalite stone in the center with clear white lines resembling electrical arcs such as lightening. The stone is one and a have inches and perfectly round and so perfect it has been thought to be cultured rather than natural. Around the edge is a delicate, finely scrolled border of silver. The design is similar to Celtic knots but the meaning is unknown. This boarder is a half an inch bringing the overall size to two inches.

    Folded Paper: The brooch was found within this folded piece of 14”x 18” parchment white, paper.
    None Yet


    Brooch and paper: Of themselves they are rather benign but together they become a magical item intended to give information to Brandon about his past and who he really is. It also contains a map to his actual homeward and information regarding why he was in a place for the resonance to take him to earth.

    When the brooch is placed in the center of the rectangular paper things become visible in both two and three dimensional manor both on and above the paper. When this happens the first thing seen is a handwritten letter telling Brandon some information about his past, the planet he is from and why he does not remember. When the broach is rotated to the right something else else is revealed. For instance the letter will vanish and be replaced with spherical magical markings intended to lead him home. Each time the brooch is turned in a clockwise direction it reveals other informations and magical marks designed for Brandon’s edification.

    [b]Note:[/b] It is important to know that Brandon has no idea there is any magical potential to these items. He dies know that they were in a pocket of his grimy and tattered pants when he was found during the Resonance event. It should also be noted that this is the only powers that the items have and that Brandon may be needed to activate it powers. Although he may have this information he will never be able to actually make it home, permanently stranded on Earth.

    <b>Dimensional shift:</b> Brandon can shift his entire body into a dimension that offers him intangibility. That is because he is not within the same dimension as the three we commonly think of. He can move through solid objects such as walls and other barriers as if they are not there. This also offers him invisibility as in not being able to be seen while within this parallel dimension. It also means he is impervious to attacks that are outside of this 4th dimension. He can hear and see to some extent while using this power. Words spoken seem as though they are distant and in a tunnel while his vision is like looking though a less then completely transparent glass, slightly distorted and a little unclear. While in this dimension he cannot talk to others or communicate with them.

    <i>Low Level:</i> Shifting by himself for less then two minutes can be done up to 20 times within a 24 hour period with virtually no effect other then draining his energy and making him extremely tired.

    <i>Medium Level:</I> Shifting by himself for three to ten minutes at a time can only be done 10 times within a 24 hour period and will cause him to become extremely exhausted. He will need to rest ten minutes after each use.

    <i>High Level:</i> Shifting by himself for 11 to 25 minutes at a time can only be done twice in a 24 hour period and will cause him to need to rest 20 minutes after each use.

    Brandon can take a single individual into this dimension. This does however double the drain on him. This effectively cuts down the number of times he can perform the feat in half per 24 hour period and doubles the amount of time necessary to recover. So at a low level he can only perform it 10 times a day and at the high level it can only be done once a day and requires 40 minutes of rest to recover.

    Additional limitations to his shifting include if he comes out of this state too soon he can become trapped in whatever he may be passing though which could if not would be fatal.

    This can however be a form of attack in that he could grasp ahold of someone, take them into this dimension and pull them into a solid structure. If he were to let go the result could cause serious harm, loss of limbs and even death. Of course his success in this is dependent on several factors. The abilities of the person he who is the intended target. While the other person is in this state he is vulnerable to their attack as they are in this dimension with him and he could then become the victim of his own attack. There is also the potential seeing he would have to come out of the dimension to grasp the person of being harmed while attempting to grasp the individual. This is an extremely risky, and for Brandon desperate maneuver that although he is aware of the potential has seldom even thought about trying.

    <i>Medium Level:</i> Mental telepathic shield: Telepaths while in the altered state provided by shifting in the dimension are unable to read him. While outside of the dimension Brandon’ thoughts and emotions are difficult but not impossible for skilled telepaths to detect. However those with touch telepathy that he willingly allows to do so can read his thoughts without interference.
    PhD in Metaphysical Micro Biology and Forensic Investigation Yale University, Class of 2019
    MS in Forensic Science, Syracuse University, class of 2017
    BS in Forensic Biology, Syracuse University, Class of 2015

    Mixed Martial Arts training: Brandon has received a few years of martial arts training while attending Syracuse University. His skills would earn him a second degree black belt in the MMA system.
    Before May of 2010 and the Nevus event there is no history of Brandon. He cannot remembers anything before finding himself in a alleyway off Junction Boulevard. The boy appeared to be only about eight years old though later it was determined he was eleven. A man also in the alleyway claimed that before the even he had never seen the boy and that he, “suddenly appeared out of nowhere, right in the middle of everything. Another woman that was outside the alleyway claims to have seen him, “flickering into existence and that his back was smoldering as if on fire.

    Brandon recalls being in the alleyway and looking over watching a man change into an elf before his eyes and feeling like his back was on fire. Not long afterwords a woman named, Sarah Hensley, spotted him curled up against the crumbling wall of a building looking dazed and afraid. She was one of the cities first responders though with government in such upheaval and so much distraction she had little to offer the survivors. It took her and others three days to finally catch the frightened boy as he ran as hard as he could avoiding people and vanishing out of their sight as he turned around an alleyway or darted in and out of broken buildings.

    His belongings were simple and quite puzzling once Sarah was able to calm the boy down and convince him she wasn’t going to hurt him. He had on a pair of tattered blue pants that didn’t fit well with tears in the legs and fit loosely around his skinny waist. The shirt he had was a stripped button front collard shirt where the collar was half off and so many buttons were missing that only three remained. Both sleeves were a mess, the left was completely gone and the right torn off just below his bloodied elbow. Then the was the tell tale burnt circle on his back revealing the tattoo between his shoulder blades. In his right front pocket was a neatly folded piece of paper and within it a round broach that mirrored in design the tattoo.

    The boy was taken to what remained of an overcrowded hospital and after a long wait was found to be in relatively good health considering his ordeal. Malnourished and with minor injuries Brandon seemed a rather typical lad that because of his malnutrition appeared younger than he should. It was determined that he was actually eleven years old but with the communications grid down and no services of any kind there wasn’t a method to find out who his parents were. The final conclusion was that Brandon had been a homeless child and that now he was to be considered an altered human.

    There was no welfare system and with no organized foster care system for him to become a part of Brandon Valosa, a name given to him because they couldn’t understand what the boy was saying, to a couple who had survived the ordeal.

    From there e was bounced around from group to group as their ability to care for a growing boy would ebb and flow. Most of these temporary arrangements were fairly good but there were those filled with violence and abuse which left both physical and mental scars on the growing youth.

    Brandon was a bright and inquisitive child that quickly learned to adapt and gather information though he faced many difficulties. He only appeared to know a few words in Latin, Spanish and some languages that no one else seemed to know anything about.

    By the winter of 2011 Brandon was in his fifth group of survivors. Most of these arrangements offered him some form of education though nothing organized and books were hard to come by. He tried really hard but struggled with sentence structure and verb usage. At first it was thought that he might have some form of dyslexia but by June of 2012 his communication skills had improved dramatically.

    Brandon never complained about his treatment though many of the people he was with were abusive in many ways. He had leaned the lesson that if he said something things would only get worse and running away didn’t solve anything, it often put him in a worse situation. There were no social workers, school nurses and teachers to report incidents if violence and abuse towards children and so it would continue until someone with enough courage and strength intervened and they might be as brutal as those they were trying to protect him from.

    Later as formal schools began to function Brandon was tested and earned a scholarship to the newly reopened Syracuse University. He may have been there on a scholarship but it was hardly enough pay tuition let alone provide food and board. Needing a place to stay and a way to get food he was offered a room not far from the campus above a Mixed Martial Arts studio. The manager, Salomao Guo, agreed to allow him to stay there if he would do all the cleaning cooking and assist in teaching the classes. The man was of Chinese heritage but was himself an altered human. He began training Brandon in all the forms of martial arts he knew which really boost his self esteem.

    On January 7, 2014 was at the rally for altered humans and in New York City. He was only mildly injured but many around him lost their lives. He saw how the police and first responders that came to help after the bombing.

    2018 brought the Resonance Wave. ON November 2 Brandon was in is first year of his Ph.D and was at Yale when the event happened. He saw the fear and the damaged caused by the event and used his abilities as best he could to help his fellow students and staff. The result was devastating for both the infrastructure and the people. Though he wasn’t looking for recognition he was unprepared for the loss of friends and shunning that happened afterwards. Brandon never talked about his abilities and now that people at his university knew their fear and hatred became quite evident.

    At the end of the 2019 school year Brandon graduated with high honors. He had tried to find jobs locally using his education but has been shut out of the surrounding communities and has chosen to return to New York. He was there for the eerie Blood Moon on November 11 and did what he could though he was not a part of the official response. He was hospitalized several times for exhaustion though physically unharmed by the lycanthrope attacking the city.

    Currently Brandon is trying to get interviews with agencies that could use his skills and as of yet he has not found a position. He has been volunteering as he can and taking odd jobs to sustain himself. He is staying in a cheep hotel in Queens hoping to at least get an interview somewhere.


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    Actually I love fantasy and science fiction. I'm a dyslexic and thought writing for games such as this would help me keep the skills I have and improve on them over time. This has worked and I hope to continue that here.
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    Date: Aug 7, 2020
    Time: 4:37pm

    The familiar sound rang out as the door opened slapping its wooden surface against the tiny metal bell that announced the arrival of every patron to the bar Brandon had been frequenting the past few days. Mandi’s was one of the few establishments left untouched during the onslaught of lycanthropes that had attacked the city of New York. He had been there the night of the blood colored moon and had gone out several times to bring in the wounded and dyeing lining them up on the floor and badging what wounds he cold with tablecloths and curing much to Mandi’s dismay.

    Mandy was behind the bar when the university grad had pushed open the door with one hand and held onto his black backpack with the other. She wore he long brown hair pulled back and in a ponytail that came down her back to just below her shoulder blades and for a women in her forties had only a few greying hairs to show for it. She wore a green and brown checked blouse with black likes that criss crossed threw the pattern that buttoned up the front and the sleeves rolled up just below her elbows. Her brown eyes danced a little as she smiled at the approaching man. The black skirt came just above her knees and was draped with a pristine white apron, no frills, just a typical garment for work in such an establishment.

    “Any luck Brandon, “ she yelled above the den of patrons already gathered. She followed his movements as she wiped out the last of the glasses stacking them neatly behind the bars smooth countertop. There were only a handful seated at the bar and tables as Fridays didn’t draw a large crowd for another half an hour. Even with the loss of community from the loss of life she still could fill her place up.

    Brandon shook his head and pursed his lips as he slid his backpack from his shoulder and sat it on the seat of a corner window booth with his back to the wall. The man stared out the window blankly for a moment then drew in a deep breath.

    The woman made her way over to where he Brandon sat pulling out a pad of paper and a pencil to take his order. Mandi offered a smirk and tilted her head hoping to catch his attention, “shame a smart, good looking guy like you can’t get a job even in Queens.”

    Lowering his gaze he looked at the woman, “Mandy, why is it that crime on the rise everywhere and candidates that are qualified short that experience is all they are looking at?”

    “Why not just volunteer for a while, let them see what you can do,” the woman replied as she held the order pad a bit higher and tapped the edge of the pencil against the folded side of used pages.

    “Tried that,” the light haired man replied shifting a little in the Burgundy cloth covered seat. “They say they don’t have time to train.”

    She paused a moment studying the man for a moment then tapped again on the pad, “I got it Brandon, your aimin’ too low Brandon you need to aim higher, Queens isn’t good enough for you.”

    “Higher,” Brandon replied as he furrowed his brow.

    “Yep,” she said as she heard another patron call err, “that’s it you need to aim higher.”
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  1. Brandon Valosa

    Lifting Spirits

    June 12th, 2021 8:22 pm Oak & Henge Tavern, Omenwich Square The clouds above Broadway hung dark and heavy as Brandon made his way down the busy sidewalk. He threaded through the crowd pulling the collar of his blue jacket up against a chill that really wasn’t there. The air was getting cooler though as a storm moved in blocking off the sun enough that the shop lights glistened off the wet pavement. He took in a deep breath as he glanced over at an old-style tavern sign, “Just the place,” he muttered to himself as he moved through the crowd and walked into the Oak & Henge. The door closed behind him as Brandon took in the aroma if old wood and aged spirits. There was something special about the place, mysterious and yet inviting that lured him further into the establishment. He let the door close behind him as he nodded to a man that passed to exit and he made his way towards the tavern’s bar. Brandon had found employment though it wasn’t with the police force. He was earning a steady wage though the work was hard and didn’t require him to use much of his intelligence. The structural restoration company was consistent with hours though it was on a contract basis. He was tearing down walls and helping to rebuild them, restoring old buildings and battered housing. He still was living in a Hostel though unsure how stable it would be. at least he could afford three meals a day, a pint or two and a better wardrobe. The man sat down on a wooden stool absently running the tips of his fingers along the smooth wooden edge as many patrons before he had. He drew in a deep breath and offered a smile to the man behind the raised counter.
  2. Brandon Valosa

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    Brandon chuckled and sat up on bed grateful that the pain was gone, “I hope by tomorrow my moment of fame will be forgotten.” He tilted his head and gazed at the woman, "actually, I like bar food as much for the taste as the atmosphere.” The university grad hated attention, especially for having any sort of special ability. He still believed he was human, still thought that his change was merely a variant that had happened to him for the worst and wasn't about to believe he was any sort of hero. if there was too much fuss Brandon would have to move on for his own safety. Life for the "freaks" that had been changed by the Resonance. He took in a deep breath and glanced around, "getting attention for being different hasn't proved too helpful for me." Brandon's face reddened as he realized how undressed he was, "um I should probably get dressed."
  3. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    The man with the Brooch had tried to act as if he wasn’t curious as to what was going on. He had seen Rorye talking to the man with the giant cat and thought perhaps he was the person she had sent form. In all reality he certainly wasn’t sure and wasn’t about to make an unsafe assumption. Then he noticed movement towards him and he put down the large tome he was hiding his face in and offered a puzzled but pleasant smile. “Brandon, this is Alec Walker from ARMA.” Brandon stood and nodded towards the man as he studied him form a moment as if the act would actually yield some useful information.The acronym ARMA screamed danger but he managed to hold himself together enough to get some words out. “Nice to meet you Mister Walker.” he said but hesitated in offering his hand not knowing the proper etiquette for the situation, ”thank you for coming, I… I do hope you can help me.” He watched the man close as he offered a hand in greeting. Was this Alec safe he really had no clue but he really didn’t wan’t to loose the brooch, his only connection to his past that he knew of. “The questions you’re asking, and what we’ve talked about are important,” “There are groups at work right now in this city that have a penchant for not having an altered persons best interests in mind. I really do think Brandon you might fall into the altered category, and I’d hate to see any of those people take advantage of you or knock on your door in the middle of the night.” “Yes,” Brandon began, “I see.” Although the unemployed man was well aware of his altered state he wasn’t about to admit it openly, not now at least. He knew she was right and they had given him trouble in the past, it’s what kept him on the run more than anything. “Alec would know more of what to ask and how to proceed, but you can trust him. Unreservedly. Why don’t you give him a rundown of what you’ve been looking for, and maybe anything else about yourself that you think might be important.” Brandon drew in a deep breath and sat back down after giving the woman a long hesitant look. Revealing his secrets wasn’t easy, in fact he made a conscious effort to ensure he didn’t but now seemed to be the right time to break with his previous misgiving. “Sure,” he began letting a faint smile cross his face as he took his seat again and picked up the wood box he had recently acquired. Carefully he opened the box and withdrew the piece of jewelry and placed it on the table where Alec could readily see it but fairly close to him. “I was telling Rorye that I was interested in learning about the knots on my brooch,” Brandon stopped and looked at Alec carefully as he continued, “I believe it was my mothers though to be honest I remember nothing from before the Resonance so I don’t know for sure.” He drew in a deep breath and looked at Rorye for a moment then back at Alec, “here’s the part I haven’t told her, I.. I am an altered person and yes I do know there are those that would like to harm me.” His eyes dropped to the wooden container as a hand reached for the folded paper that was still inside, “it was in this paper sir. I’ve always kept them together though I am not sure if there is a connection between them.” Unfolding the paper he sat it next to the blue brooch and glance back up at the two, “from what Rorye has shown me and what I have been able to find these knots are rare and possibly dangerous.”
  4. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    Branden caught the man come in through the corner of his eye and his attention to reading was broken. The feline was huge and that made him more than uncomfortable seeing he had never had any pets and the animals he had seen were often not that friendly to him. For a moment he fought the urge to slip into his dimensional hiding place but he remained where he was when he saw Rorye greeting the pair. The shop was unique enough to Branden that he had no idea what sort of clientele might be coming through the door. He brought his eyes back towards the books and his brow furrowed into a series of wrinkles. Again, his eyes darted back and he sat the book down picking up another and sliding the wooden box just a little closer. The book he picked up wasn’t as highly illustrated as those he had been looking at. Every word though seemed to scream its warning in a clear and concise way. “These knots are often considered runes and contain a hidden magic that when activated may prove more powerful than the individual activating it. Caution should be taken to ensure that no harm comes to the user or to others. It is recommended that one seek out expert advice before attempting to utilize such symbolic and magic containing artifacts.” He shook his head and glanced over again towards the man and his cat and then back towards the tome.
  5. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    Brandon had been listening in but not trying to look as if he was letting his eyes dart up towards the dark haired woman and then back to his reading. He had noticed Rorye had picked up and left for him to read. The pile of tomes on the table was growing though he had managed to keep them in neat stacks as he would have at Harvard. He squinted as he looked at an illustration. “He’s on his way….” The words hung in the air long after they were spoken. Now Brandon knew at least it was a male though he wasn’t sure that was a good or bad thing. He sat the book he was reading down and picked the one just opened and sat for him to peruse. “Thank you Rorye,” he said letting a smile cross his face, “I really appreciate your help.” The man drew in a deep breath as he watched the woman leave then turned back towards his books, “this is either going to be very good or...” Brandon had muttered the words absently and fought himself shaking his head then turned back to his reading.
  6. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    “Safe as you get,” The phrase sounded more ominous in the man’s ears then he thought it should have but then again Brandon was dealing with something well over his head. The idea that Rorye might be setting him up for something played in the back of his mind. There was no reason to doubt her intentions and he merely nodded his reluctant submission to her superior knowledge. He glanced back down at one of the books that remained open on the table trying to glean something, anything that might jog his memory or at least give him some information he didn’t already have. “… such markings are often extremely dangerous because of the magic held within. Great caution should be used with any item bearing knots similar to those shown.” The warning hadn’t fallen on him on the man’s mind without leaving the desired impression. Brandon had never considered the brooch to be dangers. To him the piece of jewelry was jus that, a Memento of what life used to be before, before the hell that was the awakening of the world to the reality that space and time, magic and technology were not all that they appeared. Brandon heard the name, “Walker,” it meant nothing to him. There were no emotions triggered, recognition awakened as the woman spoke and though he seemed calm a fire was burning inside him as to whether or not this had been a good decision to investigate his trinket. Only something the next few hours might reveal.
  7. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    “Really,” Branden questioned, “I, I have time but…,” His words halted as the reality of it all began to set in. There was a cold chill that ran down his spine, one he had become accustom to whenever he was afraid of being discovered for what he really was, a freak, a monster, a weirdo. The where all words he had heard used about him from people who claimed some semblance of normality though was anyone rally normal? It wasn’t as if he remembered a time when he was like them, without being “special.” The gift he possessed was one Branden had always used to help others though afterwards he would have to leave, seek another place where they didn’t really know him and start all over as if he had done some horrible thing, done something wrong, committed a horrible crime. It was all because he just wasn’t normal. He wasn’t just like everyone else and so as with many thing they don’t understand they feared. The same was true about him though it was the others he feared. He tilted his head as he watched her holding the phone and activating it to ring up whomever it was that would help. Help was a rarity and Branden was anything but sure it was a wise decision. “If you think it is, safe,” Brandon finally finished his thought. Although he had been seeking employment in his field he had not really thought out what would happen if they really knew what he was capable of. Running seemed to work best but it certainly wasn’t the best option. Having some form of deniability also worked but if he went through with the plan would he even have that option anymore?
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      lol.... glad to hear it - we understand the heavy work days!!!

  9. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    Branden tilted his head as he pondered all the woman words. She had been honest with him, at least as far as he could tell and he had no reason to doubt her. The shop owner had even shared a little of her own struggles and her connections to the somewhat questionable organization ARMA and, other sources, however reliable they might be. He drew in a breath and glanced over at her feeling a bit sheepish for his childish eagerness to solve what could be an ancient mystery shared by all those affected when paths of so many world collided in a single day. Many changed forever and the rest wondering how to cope with the aftermath. “Do,” Brandon began as he glanced at the wooden box again and then back at his hostess, “do you know where I might be able to, um, explore this in a little more safety and secrecy?" He sat the box down gently on the table and added, “I’d like you there, that is if you could spare a little time.”
  10. Brandon Valosa

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    Branden smiled and chuckled slightly as he heard the physician’s question regarding eating. He drew in a deep breath, “not normally, but for you, I could make an exception.” His head stung a little still but for the most part he felt tremendously better. He was for the most part healed as the woman suspected and Branden really wanted to show some appreciation even if he didn’t have a lot of green backs. Life since his graduation had been one of constant searching for work and not much time chasing romance. This was turning out to be an unexpected opportunity to do just that and he wasn’t about to let it go without trying. Work would have to wait and searching for a permanent position in his field may be a long shot but getting a girl, why that might be doable. The man smiled and sat up a little on the bed and gazed at the doctor, “besides how often do I get the chance to take a woman who thinks I’m a hero?”
  11. Brandon Valosa

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    August 18th, 2020 8:47 pm New York Hospital Brandon’s eyes burst open as he came back to consciousness. He could feel the gurney he was strapped to roll towards the ambulance door and the small wheels drop onto cracked pavement still not repaired after the cataclysmic events that had changed the city of New York and the world forever. The jolt as much as the two EMT’s tried was still jolting to the injured man and he gritted his teeth to keep fro yelling out. His eyes were that dark sodalite blue, the tell tail sign that he had used his abilities that separated him from the average human. He had been walking out towards the harbor and got as close as he could look over the harbor to take a look at the ships and feel the cool breeze coming off the deep waters. There were so many things on his mind as he walked down first street in Brooklyn. The sidewalk was still broken up and and though the road was still usable the paved surface that the occasional vehicle traveled on was in need of much repair with deep pot holes and uneven pavement. In the twilight the shadows were longer but that didn’t seen to bother him. Having found a goldenrod yellow paper flyer hanging on a street corner hours earlier for a part time job on forty-third street to clear out a warehouse at eight o'clock the next day. It would be for ten hours a day for as long as it took. The pay wasn’t much, eight dollars an hour for hard sweaty labor but Brandon would be grateful for any occupation that kept him off the street, food in his belly and the occasional beer. He had worked for about six hours that day helping remove debris from a lot not too far away but that was for only one day. He was still In his work clothes, a worn plaid shirt with red and blue stripes on a white field and a pair of faded jeans that were more than threads but not much better. Turning to his left he made his way across the street onto forty-third and glanced at the dress, “two blocs from the docks,” he said as he read out loud from the advertisement and began walking towards his destination. He hadn’t gotten far before he spotted it, small plumes of whitish grey smoke rising up from a warehouse a block away. Fire, he thought as he rand towards the structure. It was blue thought the paint was chipping and the windows boarded up. The narrow overhead door had been welded shut and replaced with a pair of hinged steel ones. Someone had place a large chain and a padlock on the outside though he could hear the yells for help from the inside and the battering on the door from the other side. The door itself seemed off color somehow and the lock was already a hue of red. Brandon slipped off his backpack and sat it on the edge of the sidewalk near a light pole and ran over to the door looking for a way to unlock the thing. Their desperate cries for help grew louder and the hazel eyed man felt he had little choice. He took off his shirt and held onto it with both hand and grasped the lock just as he phased into his other dimension separating himself from the known world a bit and taking the hot metal lock with him. With a set of clinched jaws and lips pulled up as he grimaced in burning pain he started to move to the side so he could throw the object away safely. Coming back into form as he did hoping no one would notice but too soon as the metal doors flung open under the weight of a centers massive rear hooves. The door closed to him struck singing his right arm and the side of his face as it struck and he went flying loosing the lock in the process and coming to a stop against the side of the building. If the lock had not been as if it were from an oven, not enough to scorched right through the crumpled shirt to char the skin off the palms and fingers of his hands he could have remained in his own dimension as the hoards of trapped outworlders escaped the inferno they were in. Yet he hadn’t and by coming out too soon suffered even more injuries, more burns and lacerations. Numb with the adrenaline that coerced his veins Brandon staggered to his feet and dimension shifted again to walk back in hoping to save at least one more. The smoke was thick and those that had made it out already coughed and choked on the oxygen robbing plumes and made his vision even worse then it normally would have been where he was in an altered state. The pain wanted to make him leave but he could hear what sounded like a child crying finally he saw movement and and the voice faded as the small horned figure slumped to the ground. She couldn’t have been much older then him if that and only about four feet in height. Her hooves feet and furry legs making her stand out even more from most humans. Coming out again he scooped the now unconscious woman up in his arms and then shifted once more to escape the smoke that burned his eyes and singed his throat. Within a few steps he had made it out the doorway and to the sidewalk on the opposite side before he began to set her down by the wall behind the group that he escape that distance. Now visible for a moment he created quite a stir then came the explosion during which he went back into the dimension to cross the street and retrieve his pack before heading somewhere to address his wounds. He didn’t make it far only a block before he collapsed coming back into the three dimensions and forming a heap, shirtless, bruised and burned on the decaying sidewalk. His thoughts returned as the woman EMT that had found him spoke up. “There are those gorgeous eyes,” The words came from the dark haired woman who had first found him curled up in pain not far from the exploded warehouse on a usable but not well kept 43rd street. “What,” he heard the dark man pushing the gurney reply with a chuckle, “you don’t like mine?” He grinned and added a touch of humor, “dark chocolate babe, now that’s where it’s at.” Brandon didn’t respond to either, only checked to make sure his backpack was still there and the small round container was still in his pocket. His wallet was missing but that was understandable as they needed the ID . Then he noticed the bandages, heavy, thick bandages that turned his arms into clubs and wrapped his chest fairly tightly. “That centaur you saved their lives,” The male EMT said trying to keep the conversation going as he wheeled through the doorway into emergency and even more people in scrubs began to huddle around him. There were many others there who had arrived before him, a virtual who's who of the outworlders. At the moment their glaring eyes still filled with fright offered little in comfort. “But you sure got yourself messed up in the processes hero,” the woman answered sounding as if she was chiding him a little. “Yep and them went ninja like to rescue a girl,” the man with dark curly hair pushing the card replied with a hint to teasing, “just couldn’t leave well enough alone.” He hadn’t got either of their names although he was sure they had said them. The pain was intense and he knew they had given him some sot of injection, just what he wasn’t sure. “Just relax big boy we’ll get you taken care of,” he heard again before fading out of conscious again. Everyone at some point, or even all the time, were stubborn. Altheia even had her moments of stubbornness and she was sure that there would certainly be more of them to come. It wasn't one of her most liked traits about herself, but it kept her morals in check and seemed to help keep a level head. Sure sometimes being extremely stubborn had it's downfalls and tended to land her in situations which she'd rather not be in, but those situations mostly tended to lead to friendships. Her hands still stayed on him, feeling that she was almost done with healing him, but also feeling that slight hint of dizzyness start to hit her. Typically she could fight it off, but it had been a rather long day and she had been working for quite some time at the hospital that day. Healing this man would probably take a bit out of her and she wondered if she should call someone to take her home; Boone perhaps? Inwardly she shook her head and decided against that real quick. “it’s alright, I, I am, different.” She looked down at his hand as he touched her and then back to his eyes as he explained that he was indeed different and explained just what it was that he could do. It never ceased to amaze her just how many extraordinary people there were in the world now. Sure, there were still some bad apples that had been blessed with a power, but for the most part it was the kind hearted people that she tended to keep her eye on. It gave her a sense that there was indeed still good in the world. Something which at some times seemed like there wasn't any of. "That is quite interesting," she said softly with a smile. "Obviously you aren't the only one in the room with an ability. I can heal, but I can also do damage to some one..... I just tend to hardly ever use the bad side of my powers. It makes me feel like someone who has no morals." She spoke to him softly and blinked her eyes a few times as another wave of dizziness washed over her. Her head shook slightly and she looked down at him, smiling slightly. Keeping a brave face was patient care 101. “Easy,” Branden said furrowing his brow, “I’ll be fine now so please don’t overdo this.” The man’s eyes were nearly all his normal hazel with only a faint hint of the blue that had overtaken them. He smiled broadly trying to reassure the blonde doctor he was going to be alright. Being a burden was the last thing he wanted to be and it seemed he was becoming one. “I know I’m not the only one,” Brandon continued offering support to the woman, “and yes I can hurt others too, though I really don’t like to.” Unlike when he arrived he was having no pain, perhaps a bit of stiffness though nothing he couldn’t handle. After the trauma he had put himself through being in this good of condition was completely unbelievable. Though he had been injured before he had to heal, the hard way, this time things were quite different. He chuckled trying to lighten the mood a little, “besides, how can I take you to dinner if you’re too tired?”
  12. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    Brandon watched curiously as she walked over to withdrew the small wooden box. His brow was still furrowed as the questions played on his mind with few answers and more questions arising as he tried to answer the ones he already had. The woman had been kind, a trait he didn’t see often, and he was grateful for it. Her help had gotten him this far though Branden felt with the knowledge he now possessed he was in a more precarious position then ever before. If his mentor, of sorts, was correct there really was more to worry about, more to explore and more to keep hidden from prying eyes. "No, I don't think you should stop looking. Just be prepared for what you find.” “So if I put this in the box," he asked tilting his head as he looked at her faint smile, “if it has magic others won’t be able to detect it?” Brandon shook his head and smiled sheepishly, "sorry warding wasn’t covered in any of my classes.” Without allowing time for a clear answer to his question he posed another that was probably more urgent on his mind, “I’m up for the chase, but if it does have real magic how will I know and how do I, um, prepare for it?”
  13. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    Brandon furrowed his brows and she reached out toward him closing her hands over his. “You need to keep this closer to the vest.” He had never thought of it as more than a trinket, a souvenir of a past he couldn’t remember, and now it seemed to be becoming something of importance. His hazel eyes had settled heavily on hers as he listened to her advice and warning, still, how was he supposed to research the broach if it was to be done with such secrecy. The man’s thoughts were that of puzzlement though he knew what the shop owner was saying was for his own good. “Was your mother a magus?” “Not to my knowledge,” Brandon admitted taking in a deep breath and shaking his head to the negative, “I cannot remember anything about my life before I was thirteen.” What he said was true, honest to a fault one might say as being so forthright could be as dangerous as his behavior had been with the brooch. Still, if he was to learn, if he was to gain her trust enough that she might help him honesty was to him was still be best policy. “The Resonance,” Brandon began taking back his treasure and placing it back inside of the worn metal safe he carried, “it destroyed my memory of anything before it. I’m just trying to see if something will trigger those memories.” He picked up the lid and began closing it on his treasure then looked back up towards her, “perhaps I should just let it be I guess.”
  14. Brandon Valosa

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    “You are a stubborn one, aren't you?” Brandon just looked at Altheia, listening to her words and gazing into her pale blue eyes. She was right and he knew it. He was a stubborn one. Being stubborn was how he survived. It was how he managed to stay in school and prepare for a career that was a far out of reach now as it was when he took his first class. But that same stubbornness might be the thing that actually earned him a position. "Just because you refuse to admit that you're a hero doesn't mean you aren't one” The man nodded knowingly still gazing steadily into her eyes. The color on his face becoming more ruddy as her words it their intended mark. He knew she was correct but he wasn’t one, was he? Had he done something others wouldn’t have done if they could? Then she asked “the question” and his cheeks turned beet red with embarrassment. He shook his head as she apologized and put his hand out to touch her, “it’s alright, I, I am, different.” He blushed even more and looked away, “I can go to another dimension, it’s how I got the lock and chain off the door, took it with me so it was no longer keeping them in.” Brandon sighed and looked back, “I don’t do it much but sometimes it, helps.”
  15. Brandon Valosa

    The Eclectic Charm

    Brandon nodded as he took in her words He was trying to remember the last time he had the opportunity to really treat a woman like a lady and realized it had been some time, too long in his opinion, and now he was able to do something about it. Classes at Yale and working to keep his bills paid had squelched out any social life like pouring a whole bucket of water on the embers of a fire. Now, with tests and exams behind him, he wasn’t going to let things happen the same way in this budding relationship. He glanced at the woman singing for a moment admiring her talent. It seemed odd to him that in spite of her unusual appearance he still found her attractive and he didn’t notice the differences as much. In his mind Brandon imagined she had been morphed into the creature she now was and based on her grasp of so many songs written before the Resonance he was pretty sure that she had not just appeared from another plane of existence. He knew from his own personal experience of seeing someone become something they previously were not that such metamorphoses had taken place. He thought that this was what happened to him though not in as visible a manor. Either way she obviously had a great deal of talent and Brandon was grateful to hear it. He walked over to the opposite side of the table pulling out the chair and slid into it. He slid his backpack under the table and drew in a deep breath returning his gaze back to the attractive reddish haired Phoebe. “She’s great isn’t she,” Branden taking in a deep breath. Behind him the dark haired waitress made her way towards their table. There was a broad smile on her face as she approached clutching the two menus Brandon had left behind at the bar. Her deep chestnut brown hair was parted down the middle and brought to the side in tight braids tough she was probably in her late twenties with bangs trimmed straight across her forehead. She grinned broadly at Phoebe as he came closer, “how is everything tonight?” She looked over at Brandon and offered him the same expression, “Jack said you left these and I should find out what you wanted to order.” Placing the once menus in front of each of them she continued, “I’m Sarah and I’ll be your waitress this evening.” The woman looked over at Phoebe again, “can I get you anything to drink before I take your meal order?”


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