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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

JUNE 13, 2019 - Family emergency  took a bad turn so had to stay away but now things are finally calming down. Hope to get going again shortly. Thanks for understanding. ~ZEPH

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    Concerns and Hopes

    January 10, 2022 Time: 1:30 PM Brandon stepped out of the warm taxicab into the cold New York Winter and took in a deep breath. The man was unemployed once again as construction jobs had dried up as the temperature dropped. Snow fell gently around him as he pulled the collar up on the warm black coat he was wearing as he stood outside the ARMA building. He was told it was the former Federal Reserve building, not that he knew anything really about that. For a moment he stood there admiring the old grey brick structure. He gazed up at the tall arched blackened windows loomed far above his head as he gazed upwards. The building was a fortress. Rumors about the magic that guarded it and how members would hunt for and take magical artifacts from their owners. What brought him there was his brooch, oddly enough, a magical item that he feared they might want to take from him, and the paper in which it was folded. Something had happened while examining it that really threw his mind for a loop and he needed answers. There was something else, something that perhaps was even more important, the prospect of a Job. The Sandy-haired man had polished his resume hoping that perhaps they would find his skills useful, even if he was a novice. Having graduated at Harvard was no small achievement but landing that first job in his field had proved to be elusive. His inexperience, lack of memory regarding his past and perhaps the fact that he had a gift other human didn’t could all have plaid a factor, course he now knew he wasn’t. Finding out he was an Offworlder was a shock. He had always believed what had been assumed about him that he had been changed into what he was now rather than just being displaced from where he had been. What was even odder is that it had all been planned. Brandon’s parents had carefully crafted his escape feeling that a strange new world and the loss of all his previous memories would be better for him than the prison he had been placed in. The sacrifice that it entailed for his parents was beyond his comprehension, the desperation that would drive them to forever be separated from a son they loved rather than see him unfairly and wrongfully treated. Walking into the publically available area of the first floor he gazed up at the painted arch ceiling that gave it a look that reminded Brandon of a cathedral. For a while, he pretended to be just another curious visitor among the tourists. He had noticed the guards, the magus that kept the visitors from venturing too far into the facility and how they kept an eye on everyone, especially him, or was that something he was imagining. “I hope Alec is in,” he said softly to himself as he gathered the courage to approach the large reception area. Alec Walker was the only ARMA person he knew and for the moment trusted. He knew more about his little treasure than anyone and perhaps his finding could help in some way. Even with the prospect of finding the man he met at the book store the other matter, that of getting placed in a position where he might be able to do some good lurked in the back of his mind. He flashed a nervous smile as he approached a blonde haired receptionist that seemed to be the friendliest of those working the desk, "Hello, my name is Brandon Valosa." He breathed and then continued, "do you know if Alec Walker is in?" The woman smiled and shook her head, "I'm sorry sir I don't believe Mr. Walker is expecting you." "No, I'm sure he's not," Brandon replied, "I just need to talk to him, it's, it's important."
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    Roll With It

    Brandon laughed openly seeing Boone pick up a pancake as he did, “you might want to consider a roast beef and cabbage sandwitch with these as the bun.” He was teasing of course but hay if fast food places can do waffles and regular pancakes why not these masterpieces?” “Call it the Boxty and hoof special.” Brandon was on a roll and he had a few others up his sleeve, “take a banger and wrap it one of these like a hot dog bun. “Maybe I’ll start a cooking class.” Brandon’s eyes followed over to the bartender as he chuckled at his words, “I’ll sign up for that if I can learn to make slow cooked corned beef and Boxty.” “Brooch eh?” “Are we talkin’ like cameo hoity toity or like... kaboom kind of thing? “Were talking grandma style round brooch with hoity toity decorative knots around a fake blue stone, supposed to look like a sapphire.” Brandon chuckled to himself at the other man’s curiosity in his keepsake, “no kaboom, costume jewelry I think they called it.” He drew in a breath as he squared another piece of pancake with his fork tines, “so why are you so interested in my mother’s brooch, it’s not worth anything but sentimental value?” Actually, he had a good idea that people might like to steel the thing, that’s why he was playing down as if it had no value to anyone other than him. He tilted his head and raised an eyebrow at Boone, “you might be even more interested in, why I love Irish food so much if I don’t know for sure I’m Irish?” It was an attempt to get Boone off the trail of the brooch and Brandon was sure the potato pancake maker was already aware of that. Still, it was worth a shot and he was going to take it. He glanced over at Althia and grinned, “Bridget’s kitchen, she sure could feed a hungry boy.”
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    Roll With It

    Brandon had glanced in the kitchen to see how Boone was coming along and watched as the pancakes of potatoes plates and threw the griddle around by its hot surface as if it was as cool as cellar cooled tuber. His eyes widened and then his brow furrowed but he didn’t say a word knowing that the world he lived in allowed people to do feats that others could not. His smile broadened and the expression turned to normal as he saw the bar owner emerge with his creations, “look at those beauties.” Casting a glance at Althea the man gave her a big grin, “hope you’re ready for a masterpiece of flavor.” The smile on his face couldn’t have been bigger as his gaze turned back to the browned potatoes that occupied the plates. "Do you cook?" Brandon’s gaze came back to Boones and his eye twinkled, “I sure wish I could cook but what I manage to do is burn my food though I’m better over an open flame like a campfire.” "I'm wondering if the way to a girl's heart might not also be food, I mean. These are really freaking good.” Oh great, Branden thought as he watched the woman, lost her already. He just shook his head and chuckled, “most Iris food is amazing.” "I might have to take some cooking lessons." Brandon chuckled as he glanced over at the woman, "I should join you on that." Taking in a deep breath and allowing the smile on his face to become a little wry, “alright," Brandon said as he grabbed his fork and knife, “I said I’d let you decide if I’m Irish or not so here it goes.” Brandon glanced between the three others around and he nodded, "the Resonance is my earliest memory so I’ll have to start there.” The man shook his head as he recalled the ordeal, “I watched a man not ten feet from me change from a human into an elf in an alley.” The man drew in a breath and continued preparing to slice off a piece of the fantastic edibles before him, “evidently I was living on the street and there are no records of my parents.” Brandon slid the tines of his fork into a small portion of a potato pancake, ‘there is one clue I have, just one, a brooch I believe was my mothers.”
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    Roll With It

    Brandon’s head tilted as he saw the man’s antics and the catapult over the bar from his question. He chuckled and shook his head trying his best not to laugh at the man. He glanced over at the blonde sitting next to him and grinned as he muffled the humor that wanted to escape. "I'm so glad both of you know what that is and have something to bond over.” "I guess the way to a man's heart really is his stomach.” The man nodded as he chuckled, “well we do like to eat but there are other ways to our hearts.” He watched as Boone disappeared into the kitchen and listened to the other man’s banter as he started to cook and the aroma escaped into the bar area. “We need to get someone who can make this stuff… besides me.” Brandon looked over the Blue and just shook his head, “not sure if that’s necessary,” he took a breath in, "there probably isn’t that much demand for potato pancakes.” When the bar owner asked how many he wanted Brandon started to speak and looked over at Altheia and held up four fingers but didn’t get the words out before Boone made his own decision as to how many they would get. He chuckled and looked down for a moment before looking back up, “smells really good.” He saw the woman blush as Boone said she had slept over and hadn’t eaten his pancakes. Brandon chuckled and blushed himself. He hadn’t thought Altheia lived a chased life finding out she had been with the man and her reaction had brought about even more humored and yet a little uncomfortable. "I.... I didn't have that bad of a hangover. I mean.... I've had worse hangovers..." "Probably will have a worse hangover...." “I got some secrets on that,” Brandon said with a grin trying to distill her discomfort, “but food does help.” "You Irish mate?" "Yeah, are you Irish." The aroma was making his mouth start to water and was taken off guard a little by their question but he quickly, “Tell you what, you come out with those boxties and I’ll let you decide.”
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    Roll With It

    “Haven’t had any experience with Zombies.” "I don't think I'd ever want to have a run in with zombies. Though.... it would be kind of interesting to find out if I could heal a zombie bite...." Brandon smiled and chuckled, “I suppose it might seem like morbid curiosity.” He shook his head and looked back over at Boone in time to see him kick the music box. Sorry, kinda feeling that drink a little." He looked back at the blonde he had been smitten with and nodded as he picked up his glass of beer, “from a rum and coke?” Brandon tilted his head slightly and raised an eyebrow before offering a broad smile, “you eat a little and that feeling will go away.” “You know what helps with the tipsies? Bar food.” Letting his gaze travel over to Boone as he offered his advice Brandon grinned and took another drink from his glass. He glanced over at Altheia with a knowing look then back to Boon as he spoke again. “There’s a reason bar food is hearty. Eat some food before you fall down. Not everyone is a functional drunk like me.” "There see both of us can't be wrong about that," the man seated at the bar took another sip and swallowed it. Brandon remembered an act of kindness from a woman when he was much younger and on the run and gave a more thoughtful smile. He placed his glass done on the bar before speaking again, “do you have bacstaí?”
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    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    August 18th, 2020 8:47 pm New York Hospital Brandon’s eyes burst open as he came back to consciousness. He could feel the gurney he was strapped to roll towards the ambulance door and the small wheels drop onto cracked pavement still not repaired after the cataclysmic events that had changed the city of New York and the world forever. The jolt as much as the two EMT’s tried was still jolting to the injured man and he gritted his teeth to keep fro yelling out. His eyes were that dark sodalite blue, the tell tail sign that he had used his abilities that separated him from the average human. He had been walking out towards the harbor and got as close as he could look over the harbor to take a look at the ships and feel the cool breeze coming off the deep waters. There were so many things on his mind as he walked down first street in Brooklyn. The sidewalk was still broken up and and though the road was still usable the paved surface that the occasional vehicle traveled on was in need of much repair with deep pot holes and uneven pavement. In the twilight the shadows were longer but that didn’t seen to bother him. Having found a goldenrod yellow paper flyer hanging on a street corner hours earlier for a part time job on forty-third street to clear out a warehouse at eight o'clock the next day. It would be for ten hours a day for as long as it took. The pay wasn’t much, eight dollars an hour for hard sweaty labor but Brandon would be grateful for any occupation that kept him off the street, food in his belly and the occasional beer. He had worked for about six hours that day helping remove debris from a lot not too far away but that was for only one day. He was still In his work clothes, a worn plaid shirt with red and blue stripes on a white field and a pair of faded jeans that were more than threads but not much better. Turning to his left he made his way across the street onto forty-third and glanced at the dress, “two blocs from the docks,” he said as he read out loud from the advertisement and began walking towards his destination. He hadn’t gotten far before he spotted it, small plumes of whitish grey smoke rising up from a warehouse a block away. Fire, he thought as he rand towards the structure. It was blue thought the paint was chipping and the windows boarded up. The narrow overhead door had been welded shut and replaced with a pair of hinged steel ones. Someone had place a large chain and a padlock on the outside though he could hear the yells for help from the inside and the battering on the door from the other side. The door itself seemed off color somehow and the lock was already a hue of red. Brandon slipped off his backpack and sat it on the edge of the sidewalk near a light pole and ran over to the door looking for a way to unlock the thing. Their desperate cries for help grew louder and the hazel eyed man felt he had little choice. He took off his shirt and held onto it with both hand and grasped the lock just as he phased into his other dimension separating himself from the known world a bit and taking the hot metal lock with him. With a set of clinched jaws and lips pulled up as he grimaced in burning pain he started to move to the side so he could throw the object away safely. Coming back into form as he did hoping no one would notice but too soon as the metal doors flung open under the weight of a centers massive rear hooves. The door closed to him struck singing his right arm and the side of his face as it struck and he went flying loosing the lock in the process and coming to a stop against the side of the building. If the lock had not been as if it were from an oven, not enough to scorched right through the crumpled shirt to char the skin off the palms and fingers of his hands he could have remained in his own dimension as the hoards of trapped outworlders escaped the inferno they were in. Yet he hadn’t and by coming out too soon suffered even more injuries, more burns and lacerations. Numb with the adrenaline that coerced his veins Brandon staggered to his feet and dimension shifted again to walk back in hoping to save at least one more. The smoke was thick and those that had made it out already coughed and choked on the oxygen robbing plumes and made his vision even worse then it normally would have been where he was in an altered state. The pain wanted to make him leave but he could hear what sounded like a child crying finally he saw movement and and the voice faded as the small horned figure slumped to the ground. She couldn’t have been much older then him if that and only about four feet in height. Her hooves feet and furry legs making her stand out even more from most humans. Coming out again he scooped the now unconscious woman up in his arms and then shifted once more to escape the smoke that burned his eyes and singed his throat. Within a few steps he had made it out the doorway and to the sidewalk on the opposite side before he began to set her down by the wall behind the group that he escape that distance. Now visible for a moment he created quite a stir then came the explosion during which he went back into the dimension to cross the street and retrieve his pack before heading somewhere to address his wounds. He didn’t make it far only a block before he collapsed coming back into the three dimensions and forming a heap, shirtless, bruised and burned on the decaying sidewalk. His thoughts returned as the woman EMT that had found him spoke up. “There are those gorgeous eyes,” The words came from the dark haired woman who had first found him curled up in pain not far from the exploded warehouse on a usable but not well kept 43rd street. “What,” he heard the dark man pushing the gurney reply with a chuckle, “you don’t like mine?” He grinned and added a touch of humor, “dark chocolate babe, now that’s where it’s at.” Brandon didn’t respond to either, only checked to make sure his backpack was still there and the small round container was still in his pocket. His wallet was missing but that was understandable as they needed the ID . Then he noticed the bandages, heavy, thick bandages that turned his arms into clubs and wrapped his chest fairly tightly. “That centaur said you saved their lives,” The male EMT said trying to keep the conversation going as he wheeled through the doorway into emergency and even more people in scrubs began to huddle around him. There were many others there who had arrived before him, a virtual who's who of the outworlders. At the moment their glaring eyes still filled with fright offered little in comfort. “But you sure got messed up in the processes hero,” the woman answered sounding as if she was chiding him a little. “Yep and then went ninja like to rescue a girl,” the man with dark curly hair pushing the card replied with a hint to teasing, “just couldn’t leave well enough alone.” He hadn’t got either of their names although he was sure they had said them. The pain was intense and he knew they had given him some sot of injection, just what he wasn’t sure. “Just relax big boy we’ll get you taken care of you Brandon,” he heard again before fading out of conscious again.
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    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    "So what you're saying is that you ARE a psycho killer.” There was a wry smile on Brandon’s face as he heard her words. He knew she was teasing and really didn’t mind. Life was often harsh so any chance to escape the horrors was gladly taken. "I think it's perfect. Bowling is my favorite sport." Brandon’s grinned broadly and shook his head as he watched her yawn. “Then I’m going to have to make things a bit more exciting.” He chuckled and his eyes sparkled as he put on the garment pulling in down with his hands and taking a deep breath. It fit fairly well surprisingly just a bit tight in the shoulders. The man shook his head and laughed, “Quite flattering don’t you think?” “Perhaps I should have photos taken in it?” Tilting his head slightly he motioned with his hand towards the exit, “ready to go or do I have some paperwork to fill out?”
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    Roll With It

    Brandon watched and Boone began his sarcastic teacher mode and listened carefully but wasn’t too concerned the man would start something. His head tilted slightly doing his best not to become too annoyed with the arrogance being displayed. “This… is Mexican Coke. As you know, Mexico, or the ability to get to Mexico or even WANT to go to Mexico because it's zombie-land no longer exists… The ability to bottle this shit, no longer exists. It’s bottled in glass, which preserves the flavor bite, and it's slightly sweeter. It’s preferred for Jack and Cokes, and rum and Cokes. You add a spiced rum and it’s arguably better than drunk sex. There are a half dozen bottles left in the known world. One of which, you… Altheia, my dear, just drank. Which means, if you followed the math I mentioned just moments before I poured you a glass of my mama’s Irish beer instead of getting all cranky-pants...” In spite of his best efforts Brandon a smile began to play with the edges of his mouth. As he heard the man refer to him as “cranky-pants.” It seemed sort of ironic seeing how cranky the accuser seemed to be himself. Brandon breathed normally allowing the man to make his teaching lesson uninterrupted, from him at least. “…you would know the GOOD shit, is what I just gave both of you.” That wasn’t the point and Brandon knew that much. It was how Boone made his appearance and how he worded things, how he seemed to disrespect Altheia was where he was coming from. The corners of his mouth crept up even more. “You… yourself… Altheia, and only Altheia, can order five more. Half dozen left, minus the one you drank, is five. There are only five more left in the world, and Blue here will save them for you. Unless you don’t want them. In which case I’ll sell them to someone. For a lot of money ....because I don’t really feel like going back to Mexico. And I still owe you, so... we're even maybe.” ‘Even?,’ Brandon thought as he listened carefully to the man. “There’s zombies there, and one bit me.” The smile on Brandon’s face had grown even further in spite of the schooling from the man on the other side of the bar, ‘seemed to explain things,’ he thought listening to the end of the rant. “Anywho, I’ll leave you two to your date. That beer,” he pointed at the tap he’d poured from. “is the tap only I give permission to use. Mama was Irish. This was her bar, and she made the best beer in the world. There’s not much of it left and it’s the best shit in the house, only for friends. But, if you don’t want to be my friends, I get it. I’m an unapologetic asshole... but at least I'm a dick with great booze.” Brandon watched him walk away and took in a deep breath and chuckled, “guess I read that wrong.” He looked over at the blonde woman and smiled, “sorry, thought I was doing the right thing.” He glanced back over at the Boone as he talked on the phone near the jukebox and waved for him to come back over with a smile. “Wonder if we can exchange stories,” Brandon began looking back over at Altheia, “haven’t had any experience with Zombies.”
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    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    "You don't have to bring it back. Trust me that more often than not when people forget something here they typically don't come back to get it. It's a very rare occurrence. Plus, who doesn't like free things?" The fact was Brandon loved free things, finding abandoned things on his way from one place to another was the closest thing to Christmas he could imagine. Each was a surprise, some good but mostly bad seeing it was left behind for a reason. Those that were good may have been left due to lack of space or too heavy as its owner needed to lighten their load. He smiled and nodded his assent to the truth of her statement then watched as moved towards the doorway. Quickly he grabbed his belongings moved to the side of the bed to stand casually checking his pants pocket one more time for his treasured keepsake before making it to his feet. He was just a little behind Altheia as she headed her make the request for a nurse to clean up after them and looked back momentarily to ensure he hadn’t left anything he shouldn’t have and then began stepped into the hall realizing he was bare from the waist up. "Why would I change my mind?” "You're not some guy who makes it look like he's a hero, but when in reality you're some psycho killer?" At first, Brandon thought about making some smart comeback, something about him just being a lady killer and thought better of it through the smirk still crossed his face, “I’m not even claiming the first part of that.” he admitted as he began his search through the box of left-behinds. Grabbing the collar of a polo style short sleeve shirt he raised it up and studied it for a moment. On the back was an add for Starlight Bowling emblazoned in white on the navy blue surface. Beneath a picture of a ball striking a group of white pins with a red stripe near and eyes underneath with mouths that gave the impression that they were in pain from the impact. “How about this one?” He chuckled as he pulled it out of the box, “from the font it doesn’t look so bad.” Holding up the garment so Altheia could see the plane front and then turned it around revealing the cartoony image on the back.
  10. Brandon Valosa

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    "Alright. I don't suppose it could hurt anything.” Brandon grinned widely though he had reservations. He pondered all the problems borrow something, anything, It made you indebted to whomever you borrowed from. Taking something with the expectancy that it would be returned would lock him into staying in the area at least until he had the chance to do so. With the prospect of going out to eat with this woman, the downside seemed like a small price. “Then let’s see what I might be able to borrow,” the man replied almost too eagerly, “I promise to bring it back.” The image in his mind as to what they might have that he could wear was horrifying. Something with printed words declaring some hate-filled sentiment or indicate a change in his perceived gender, neither of them was something he would look forward to. Brandon chuckled and drew in a deep breath, “let’s do this before you change your mind.”
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    Roll With It

    Brandon nodded at the bartender as she brought his brew and gave her a quick smile before turning his attention back to the blonde nurse sitting next to him. His smile broadened and he Listened intently to every word. She had helped him out when he really needed it using her powers to do so and was kind to him, Besides her winning looks, it was enough to win his affection. “Being in my apartment all the time, aside from the hospital, is getting kind of boring.” “I hear you there,” the man replied with a slight chuckle. He played with his glass by lightly tapping the sides as he loosely clasped the base and the edge of his hand rested on the counter. “I can get that way from time to time.” "So what have you been up to? Anything interesting?" “Actually I found some steady work,” Brandon replied with a smile, “the rest I’ll need to fill you in on a….” Brandon’s thoughts were called away not so much by the laughter as by the unusual directions given the bartender regarding the coke. He glanced back over at her admiring her gentle blonde curls and taking in a deep breath before looking back at the man as he purposely brought a seat over to set his himself directly in front of them as if they wanted his company. Brandon watched as he poured the extra beer he hadn’t ordered. "Try that one" Brandon merely watched as the man poured himself a tall one and then spoke again. "So what brings ya'll here besides boredom?" “Well I had planned to find a great place to kick back and down a few beers,” Brandon began, “thought I might make some new friends, shoot some pool, drop some money in the jukebox and have some great food for dinner,” he hesitated for a moment letting what he said sink in a bit, “but I don’t accept drinks from people who insult women and the rest of what I came here for is the good shit and I save that for friends.” His eyes never left the Boone as he spoke to his friend, “you ready to go Althia?”
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    Roll With It

    Brandon’s face lit up as if someone had thrown a switch and the bulb had turned on, “Altheia!’ Most of his teeth could be seen in his broad grin as he stood and offered her the stool next to his, “I’m doing great.” Music from the jukebox began but Brandon could care less, more intent on the woman who had joined him. His arm started to come up as if to give the woman a hug but thought but then thought better of it. The man’s eyes twinkled as he walked back to his seat, “what brings you here?” As he spoke he caught sight of the bartender approaching and smiled listening to her come up, “I’ll take a stout off the tap if you’ve got it and I’ll pay for whatever she wants.”
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    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    “Not much I can assure you,” Brandon replied with a smile. He examined the destroyed henley shirt charred by the heat with gaping holes making the garment rather unwearable, a leather wallet so thin and worn it embarrassed even its owner, and of course keys to his room at the hostel. Brandon chuckled as he looked closer at the damaged garment, “guess I could make a short sleeve shirt out of it.” He shook his head, “I think I got a pair of scissors.” Realizing he was talking out loud he rolled his eyes and turning a deep red hue, “never mind, I can work a day and get enough to replace it.” He gazed back at the blonde woman who had been so kind, “the offer still stands Altheia, let’s get something to eat, right after I get another shirt.”
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    Roll With It

    The bell chimed as Brandon pulled on the glass door's metal handle. He had noticed the name emblazoned on the door and the marque of the establishment, Slainte, but paid little attention to it. The fact it was a bar with a beer that could be bought was all he really cared. His eyes glanced around the place and a smile crossed his face as he made his way to the bar. It was just the sort of place he wanted to be in, a place that looked more friendly than the snooty upscaled one his lunch had been spent in. It was the second bar he had been in that day. His lunch was at one that didn't really didn't seem to suit his fancy. The place was too upscale for his less than refined taste and even the fish and chips had an odd seasoning which he left half eaten and even less appreciated. The whole day had been a loss. Without work for the day his melancholy mood made it's way closer to the surface. He pressed the rolled sleeves of his black button up collard shirt up as he slid onto a stool and rested a palm on the edge of the smooth bar. Breathing in deeply he inhaled the smoke-laden air and eased forward until his forearms rested on the wooden surface.
  15. Hay Boone


    Want do a thread with Brandon? Right now he could go for a beer. lol 


    Just finding out he's not human has left him in a funk and, well, he likes bars anyway. lol

    1. Boone (Paddy) Fitzpatrick

      Boone (Paddy) Fitzpatrick

      Should do a pub crawl and come to Boone's pub! 

  16. Hay there


    Saw you were looking for threads. Any idea what you could do with Branden? Just a crazy idea I guess but you have multiple characters and I'm sure we could come up with something.




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    2. Brandon Valosa

      Brandon Valosa

      lol ok so let's iron out some ideas then. I just have the one character. so let's look at what you think would be a good match?

    3. Bo Salvatierra

      Bo Salvatierra

      I would say to look at the major site story arcs and figure out how your character fits into them- that will help guide which character he could interact with.  Meeting up in a "cold call" situation is great for conversation, but I've found it doesn't connect my chars into anything deeper that could lead to more threads.  I would suggest the Outworlder threads.  Calder, Durion, Rhyse are in that one.  He could also link with anything Pharos because of his artifact- Boone, maybe Darius as well.  The collapse of ARMA and rash of assassinations in the Order may also affect him if he starts to show any type of magic affinity- Rhome and Raeden are tied into that.

    4. Brandon Valosa

      Brandon Valosa

      Currently, he is in New York City. Brandon is working for a company that restores houses though he has a degree from Harvard, the new one so not nearly as good as it would have been before the Resonance, and has been looking for work with the police as a forensic scientist/investigator. 


      Writing with Boone at the moment and enjoying that. 


      If you have read any of the threads he has been in Brandon has just learned he is an outworlder.  Up until that time he believed he was an altered human.  The artifact he has will certainly place him in the magic area seeing he just used it in a bookstore, see "Words in Wax." There was somone from ARMA present when he did it as well.


      Hope this helps.


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    Lifting Spirits

    June 12th, 2021 8:22 pm Oak & Henge Tavern, Omenwich Square The clouds above Broadway hung dark and heavy as Brandon made his way down the busy sidewalk. He threaded through the crowd pulling the collar of his blue jacket up against a chill that really wasn’t there. The air was getting cooler though as a storm moved in blocking off the sun enough that the shop lights glistened off the wet pavement. He took in a deep breath as he glanced over at an old-style tavern sign, “Just the place,” he muttered to himself as he moved through the crowd and walked into the Oak & Henge. The door closed behind him as Brandon took in the aroma if old wood and aged spirits. There was something special about the place, mysterious and yet inviting that lured him further into the establishment. He let the door close behind him as he nodded to a man that passed to exit and he made his way towards the tavern’s bar. Brandon had found employment though it wasn’t with the police force. He was earning a steady wage though the work was hard and didn’t require him to use much of his intelligence. The structural restoration company was consistent with hours though it was on a contract basis. He was tearing down walls and helping to rebuild them, restoring old buildings and battered housing. He still was living in a Hostel though unsure how stable it would be. at least he could afford three meals a day, a pint or two and a better wardrobe. The man sat down on a wooden stool absently running the tips of his fingers along the smooth wooden edge as many patrons before he had. He drew in a deep breath and offered a smile to the man behind the raised counter.
  18. Brandon Valosa

    Would Be Reluctant Hero

    Brandon chuckled and sat up on bed grateful that the pain was gone, “I hope by tomorrow my moment of fame will be forgotten.” He tilted his head and gazed at the woman, "actually, I like bar food as much for the taste as the atmosphere.” The university grad hated attention, especially for having any sort of special ability. He still believed he was human, still thought that his change was merely a variant that had happened to him for the worst and wasn't about to believe he was any sort of hero. if there was too much fuss Brandon would have to move on for his own safety. Life for the "freaks" that had been changed by the Resonance. He took in a deep breath and glanced around, "getting attention for being different hasn't proved too helpful for me." Brandon's face reddened as he realized how undressed he was, "um I should probably get dressed."
  19. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    The man with the Brooch had tried to act as if he wasn’t curious as to what was going on. He had seen Rorye talking to the man with the giant cat and thought perhaps he was the person she had sent form. In all reality he certainly wasn’t sure and wasn’t about to make an unsafe assumption. Then he noticed movement towards him and he put down the large tome he was hiding his face in and offered a puzzled but pleasant smile. “Brandon, this is Alec Walker from ARMA.” Brandon stood and nodded towards the man as he studied him form a moment as if the act would actually yield some useful information.The acronym ARMA screamed danger but he managed to hold himself together enough to get some words out. “Nice to meet you Mister Walker.” he said but hesitated in offering his hand not knowing the proper etiquette for the situation, ”thank you for coming, I… I do hope you can help me.” He watched the man close as he offered a hand in greeting. Was this Alec safe he really had no clue but he really didn’t wan’t to loose the brooch, his only connection to his past that he knew of. “The questions you’re asking, and what we’ve talked about are important,” “There are groups at work right now in this city that have a penchant for not having an altered persons best interests in mind. I really do think Brandon you might fall into the altered category, and I’d hate to see any of those people take advantage of you or knock on your door in the middle of the night.” “Yes,” Brandon began, “I see.” Although the unemployed man was well aware of his altered state he wasn’t about to admit it openly, not now at least. He knew she was right and they had given him trouble in the past, it’s what kept him on the run more than anything. “Alec would know more of what to ask and how to proceed, but you can trust him. Unreservedly. Why don’t you give him a rundown of what you’ve been looking for, and maybe anything else about yourself that you think might be important.” Brandon drew in a deep breath and sat back down after giving the woman a long hesitant look. Revealing his secrets wasn’t easy, in fact he made a conscious effort to ensure he didn’t but now seemed to be the right time to break with his previous misgiving. “Sure,” he began letting a faint smile cross his face as he took his seat again and picked up the wood box he had recently acquired. Carefully he opened the box and withdrew the piece of jewelry and placed it on the table where Alec could readily see it but fairly close to him. “I was telling Rorye that I was interested in learning about the knots on my brooch,” Brandon stopped and looked at Alec carefully as he continued, “I believe it was my mothers though to be honest I remember nothing from before the Resonance so I don’t know for sure.” He drew in a deep breath and looked at Rorye for a moment then back at Alec, “here’s the part I haven’t told her, I.. I am an altered person and yes I do know there are those that would like to harm me.” His eyes dropped to the wooden container as a hand reached for the folded paper that was still inside, “it was in this paper sir. I’ve always kept them together though I am not sure if there is a connection between them.” Unfolding the paper he sat it next to the blue brooch and glance back up at the two, “from what Rorye has shown me and what I have been able to find these knots are rare and possibly dangerous.”
  20. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    Branden caught the man come in through the corner of his eye and his attention to reading was broken. The feline was huge and that made him more than uncomfortable seeing he had never had any pets and the animals he had seen were often not that friendly to him. For a moment he fought the urge to slip into his dimensional hiding place but he remained where he was when he saw Rorye greeting the pair. The shop was unique enough to Branden that he had no idea what sort of clientele might be coming through the door. He brought his eyes back towards the books and his brow furrowed into a series of wrinkles. Again, his eyes darted back and he sat the book down picking up another and sliding the wooden box just a little closer. The book he picked up wasn’t as highly illustrated as those he had been looking at. Every word though seemed to scream its warning in a clear and concise way. “These knots are often considered runes and contain a hidden magic that when activated may prove more powerful than the individual activating it. Caution should be taken to ensure that no harm comes to the user or to others. It is recommended that one seek out expert advice before attempting to utilize such symbolic and magic containing artifacts.” He shook his head and glanced over again towards the man and his cat and then back towards the tome.
  21. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    Brandon had been listening in but not trying to look as if he was letting his eyes dart up towards the dark haired woman and then back to his reading. He had noticed Rorye had picked up and left for him to read. The pile of tomes on the table was growing though he had managed to keep them in neat stacks as he would have at Harvard. He squinted as he looked at an illustration. “He’s on his way….” The words hung in the air long after they were spoken. Now Brandon knew at least it was a male though he wasn’t sure that was a good or bad thing. He sat the book he was reading down and picked the one just opened and sat for him to peruse. “Thank you Rorye,” he said letting a smile cross his face, “I really appreciate your help.” The man drew in a deep breath as he watched the woman leave then turned back towards his books, “this is either going to be very good or...” Brandon had muttered the words absently and fought himself shaking his head then turned back to his reading.
  22. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    “Safe as you get,” The phrase sounded more ominous in the man’s ears then he thought it should have but then again Brandon was dealing with something well over his head. The idea that Rorye might be setting him up for something played in the back of his mind. There was no reason to doubt her intentions and he merely nodded his reluctant submission to her superior knowledge. He glanced back down at one of the books that remained open on the table trying to glean something, anything that might jog his memory or at least give him some information he didn’t already have. “… such markings are often extremely dangerous because of the magic held within. Great caution should be used with any item bearing knots similar to those shown.” The warning hadn’t fallen on him on the man’s mind without leaving the desired impression. Brandon had never considered the brooch to be dangers. To him the piece of jewelry was jus that, a Memento of what life used to be before, before the hell that was the awakening of the world to the reality that space and time, magic and technology were not all that they appeared. Brandon heard the name, “Walker,” it meant nothing to him. There were no emotions triggered, recognition awakened as the woman spoke and though he seemed calm a fire was burning inside him as to whether or not this had been a good decision to investigate his trinket. Only something the next few hours might reveal.
  23. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    “Really,” Branden questioned, “I, I have time but…,” His words halted as the reality of it all began to set in. There was a cold chill that ran down his spine, one he had become accustom to whenever he was afraid of being discovered for what he really was, a freak, a monster, a weirdo. The where all words he had heard used about him from people who claimed some semblance of normality though was anyone rally normal? It wasn’t as if he remembered a time when he was like them, without being “special.” The gift he possessed was one Branden had always used to help others though afterwards he would have to leave, seek another place where they didn’t really know him and start all over as if he had done some horrible thing, done something wrong, committed a horrible crime. It was all because he just wasn’t normal. He wasn’t just like everyone else and so as with many thing they don’t understand they feared. The same was true about him though it was the others he feared. He tilted his head as he watched her holding the phone and activating it to ring up whomever it was that would help. Help was a rarity and Branden was anything but sure it was a wise decision. “If you think it is, safe,” Brandon finally finished his thought. Although he had been seeking employment in his field he had not really thought out what would happen if they really knew what he was capable of. Running seemed to work best but it certainly wasn’t the best option. Having some form of deniability also worked but if he went through with the plan would he even have that option anymore?
  24. Been working 12 hour days five days a week. But that's not going to keep me away from here! lol


    1. Zeph


      lol.... glad to hear it - we understand the heavy work days!!!

  25. Brandon Valosa

    Words and Wax

    Branden tilted his head as he pondered all the woman words. She had been honest with him, at least as far as he could tell and he had no reason to doubt her. The shop owner had even shared a little of her own struggles and her connections to the somewhat questionable organization ARMA and, other sources, however reliable they might be. He drew in a breath and glanced over at her feeling a bit sheepish for his childish eagerness to solve what could be an ancient mystery shared by all those affected when paths of so many world collided in a single day. Many changed forever and the rest wondering how to cope with the aftermath. “Do,” Brandon began as he glanced at the wooden box again and then back at his hostess, “do you know where I might be able to, um, explore this in a little more safety and secrecy?" He sat the box down gently on the table and added, “I’d like you there, that is if you could spare a little time.”


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