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    Donovan is a tall and well built man, just dusting over 6 feet in height. He maintains a good amount of muscle due to his job (and due to his condition) and isn't afraid to show it off. He's commonly sporting a scruffy face due to forgetting to shave but the hair on his head is always short to keep it out of his face. His eyes are blue with a bit of green mixed in, almost always retaining and amused look unless crossed.
    Donovan hides a great deal behind a boyish smile and amused glint in his eye. While he would claim to have friends he actually keeps people at arms length because of his condition. He does a pretty good job of it too leaving himself with only Buckshot for company. Internally he's lonely but he's terrified of losing control and killing someone again. He swings between believing himself a monster and believing himself to be a victim, never quite sure where he actually is. This leads him to be somewhat uncaring about his own life and pushes him in his work. He also still adheres to a rigid concept of justice. He's not against taking the law into his own hands too, commonly hunting down criminals that duck the system and feeding on them to survive and fill the needs he has while dispensing with the scum of the city. This has him being very cautious however because he is well aware that if people find out about him he's liable to lose the only thing he has left in the world. His job, which he clings to in order to maintain some semblance of sanity. Without the job he likely would suffer a mental breakdown and he is terrified of what that would lead him to do given his disease.
    Buckshot: While not exactly a belonging Donovan doesn't go anywhere without his dog. Buckshot is a massive dog being part Bullmastiff and part German Shepard. Donovan feels better with the dog there. Buckshot has been trained as a police dog and Donovan has been training the dog to try and have him as a method of controlling Don if he should go crazy from his condition.

    Glock 22: Service gun

    Remington 870 Shotgun: Service gun for nastier situations.

    Police Belt and gear for work.

    Donovan has a studio apartment in Gramercy Park that him and Buckshot live at. It's rather bare, lacking in many personal effects though there is one picture by his bed featuring him with another woman and a little girl.
    Annabelle Beckett - Missing Daughter
    Mina Beckett - Missing Ex-wife
    Cole Jefferson - Deceased partner


    Infected (Nocturnaeximius-Virus) - Due to his disease Donovan has the average abilities of any other sheut. He is however unaware of his limits and only knows that sometimes he can be stronger and go faster as well as healing faster. He does not have any real control and pretty much ignores them preferring to be as human as possible. As such he will only use his vampiric speed and strength in a life or death situation or other times when he doesn't have control due to stress/survival instincts.
    Marksmanship - Donovan puts in regular time at the shooting range and is a good shot with a pistol or a shotgun.

    Investigative Training - Being a police officer, Donovan has been trained to put together bits of information and keep an eye out for evidence. He commonly uses this training to also keep the police off his tail when it come to his own kills in order to feed.

    Computer skills - While he's not the greatest Donovan spent time in a cyber unit and picked up a few things for digging evidence out of computers. He wouldn't last against a trained hacker or techno powered individual but he can manage the average computer and dig up information less tech savvy people may try to hide.
    Donovan would not have considered his life to be very interesting. He came from a family of police officers, his own father being a noted hero who died in the WTC attack. All his life Donovan just wanted to become a cop and catch the bad guys. With his single minded focus he worked and got there.

    His wife Mina had issues with that single minded focus since Donovan would often ignore his family due to being obsessed with a particular case. It made him an excellent detective but a poor husband. The two split in 2005 with their then five year old daughter splitting time between them. While Donovan adored Annie and the two had a strong bond he and his wife had issues about what she expected of him as a father leading to many fights even though they were divorced, with Annie commonly in the middle.

    When the Resonance hit however Donovan's world was twisted upside down. The chaos caused him to be on call 24/7 to help maintain order in the city. During matters he lost track of Mina and Annie, having only a last call from Annie telling him that Mina was taking her upstate to be with her mother's side of the family until things calmed down.

    During the months after the Resonance with chaos in the streets Don and his partner Cole came across a vampire feeding. The pair were unprepared when it attacked and during the struggle Donovan got covered in the creature's blood, unwittingly exposing himself to the virus. The unknown vampire ran away after that, by design or not the two cops had no idea. They simply made their report and the incident was tossed up as one more weird event since the Resonance.

    Donovan however was not doing so good. He started to feel ill but pushed it to the back of his mind while he continued to try and do his job. One day though when he went on patrol with Cole he couldn't manage to leave his apartment. Going near windows hurt! Cole came into his place to see what was wrong and Donovan went crazy.

    When he finally came to his senses Cole was dead and Don's teeth were still in his jugular.

    The situation threw Donovan into a complete panic. He dropped off the radar for a short time from the department, a common happening in those days when cops sometimes just could not manage the day without a mental breakdown. Donovan spent the day hiding his friend's corpse and trying to figure out what was wrong with him. When night finally came he manage to hide Cole's body, though he still bears the guilt of it on his shoulders. Cole became just another missing person lost during the chaotic aftermath.

    It took over a month for Donovan to get any kind of idea how to handle whatever had happened to him. He never went to the hospital, terrified of what might happen given his reaction to Cole. He ended up having two more incidents before he figured out that he would need to find a source of blood and accepted that he had become a vampire.

    Slowly but surely Donovan learned his limits. Learning about sunlight almost killed him on more than one occasion. Since returning to the force though after months away to learn his condition and paying out the nose for some forged documents about staying in a mental hospital for the time he was gone, Donovan has refused to have a partner. Whenever he is assigned one he purposely avoids them and handles his case load on his own. This has led to something of a death career wise as he has not gotten a promotion in a long time. He did however manage to become a certified member for the K-9, a unit that was growing as dogs were used to help alert officers to some of the nastier supernatural threats they now faced.

    For now, Donovan keeps his disease under control and under wraps and wonders if there's anything else that's going to come out at him. He can only hope there isn't any more like him besides the one that got away that cursed night he crossed a vampire.

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