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    New York
    Brown hair, Brown eyes, height: 5'1, weight: 100lbs, cute face, slim body
    She is a psychopath driven by her own desires. She became a cop to have power over people. She is a hard working and very smart individual. She is also a fan of the nicer things and will trick men into spoiling her.
    Pistol, cop equipment, renting a small apparent in soho with standard furniture, Toyota corolla
    She has no friends. Deals with other cops as much as needed. Mom and Dad are both dead and she has no siblings.
    Driver's license, athletic, good at seducing men, good shot
    Her mother died in childhood and her dad died in a car crash when she was 2. She grew up in a foster home and was beaten by the people who ran it (all the kids were). She dropped out of high school and obtained a GED at the age of 16. She got an bachelor's in law at City College at age 19 and become a cop right after.

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    It was a cold December night in midtown Manhattan. Christmas decorations everywhere. This is something Eliana always disliked. She would think to herself "how come I never got Christmas? Why did I have to grow up in that hell hole." Eliana is a young cop living in New York. She just got off work and is walking back to her car.

    On the way she sees a man in a suit crying. She walks up to him. She asks "what's wrong?" The man looks at her and looks down. She puts her hand on his back and says "it's ok you can tell me." So the man talked and said "the love my life broke my heart tonight." This made the man cry even harder. So Eliana comforted him and said "I'm sorry to hear that. But everything will be ok with time I promise that." He fell into Eliana's arms and cried for ten minutes straight. Then he said "I don't know who you are or why you came to make me feel better but I really needed this. What is your name?" She lied and said "Melissa. And you?" The man replied "John." She said "I came to you because I hate seeing people cry, I always want them to feel good inside." This made John smile. He then said "you're really kind. And you're beautiful" Eliana smiled and said "thank you. You're pretty good looking yourself."

    They started flirting back and forth and eventually they kissed. Eliana said "let's go to your place. All I want is you tonight." So John called an uber and they went back to his apartment where they made passionate love all night.

    The next day John woke up. His watch, wallet, phone all gone. And Eliana was no where to be seen. John then left his bedroom and went to his living room. He sees his Christmas tree knocked over and all his decorations destroyed. He breaks down and cries.
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