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    Mila stands at around 5'10" with dark, shoulder length hair. She is not the most immediately imposing figure, but she is quite athletic. She has a lithe form with a lot of muscle covered in tanned skin. She has dark hazel eyes placed upon her round face, creased with hardship, but not unpleasant. She is quick to smile but she has something of a resting scowl. It can be pretty unsettling at times.
    Mila puts up a rather friendly appearence, but she tends to keep people at arms length. She's hurt too many to really trust herself around people, even in spite knowing more about the nature now and having the resources to keep herself sealed away during the full moon. Still, she's something of a joker, often cracking jokes, even pulling the occasional prank. To oversimplify it, she can be likeable; if a bit distant. But as is the case with any lycanthrope, she becimes rather moody when nearing the lunar cycle.

    Mila, in spite of her friendly appearance, makes a point of remaining something of a closed book. A skill she initially developed when she realized what was happening after the Nevus, and later honed in after joining ARMA's cloak division.

    Mila almost always carries an M1911 with her as well as an M500. She keeps the M500 on her because she feels she should always be prepared, and having a weapon on hand that can punch through armor falls into that category.

    She also is almost never seen without a multitool. Often two, when counting the leatherman bracelet.

    At her apartment, Mila has a gun safe which contains a Saiga-12 shotgun, an AK-47, and a Mosin Nagant.

    She almost always carries a folding Karambit knife on her, as a small boot knife, although it isn't unheard of for her to carry a sheathed Kukri with her.


    Mila is a Lycanthrope, specifically a werebear, with all the boons and curses that come with it. During the three days each month while the moon is full, Mila transforms into a massive beast. When fully upright in her werebear form, she easily would stand at over ten feet tall. However, as it is with all lycanthropes, her mind is as monstrous as her body during those three days, seeking only to hunt, to kill, and occasionally to infect others with this viral curse.

    During the rest of the month, while Mila does have enhanced strength and senses, it varies with the cycle of the moon. She is at her strongest during the days leading up to and just following the full moon.

    And yet, she is vulnerable to Silver.
    A variety of survival skills including hunting, shelter building and a variety of others.


    Combat training

    A talent for improvisation.

    Mila was born in Russia, but she had never known her parents. Her earliest memories had been in the orphanage where she had grown up. Her childhood the staff were harsh and perhaps one could say cruel at times, even if they believed it was in the children's best interests. And yet, among her fellow children she was rather popular even if she often drove the staff bonkers. But that isn't to say that her caretakers were all bad. They had teachers who were supportive, and a few who'd run activities with the kids. One of the people there taught quite a few useful skills, always said preparedness could get you through anything. She learned a lot, from shelter building to building and lighting a fire.

    Eventually, when she was ten years of age, a small family from america arrived at the orphanage. The foreigners were something of an oddity, causing quite a bit of fascination among the children, and eventually, they picked Mila out to bring home with them. She was taken away from the only home she had known to a family she barely understood, and who could barely understand her. Her relationship with her adoptive parents was strained at best. She was rebellious and resentful, often running off and getting into trouble. Even still, her adoptive parents had done their best to support her.

    Eight years later, the world changed forever with the arrival of the Nevus events. Mila had little idea of what had happened. Never knew that monsters had invaded her normal world. No one did at first. But It was not long after the events of the Nevus that Mila was attacked. At the time, no one really understood what was happening, least of all Mila herself. She wasn't the most attentive to the news nor social media. So when she was attacked, she had no idea of the curse laid upon her. While she had seen a monster, everyone rationalized it as an animal attack. Perhaps a wolf, or a bear. They weren't really certain. Mila was just happy to be alive. But when the next moon arrived, she was at home, and she was not prepared for what would come next. All she remembered from those nights was pain. irritability. and brief, brutal flickers of people and creatures torn apart. Still, she did not understand what was happening, but she did suspect that whatever was happening, was following her. And so once she figured that out, she left her home and never looked back. As the Months wore on, she eventually came to learn the nature of her condition, that she became a monster every full moon, learned to seclude herself deep in the wilderness around those times, had even set up a cabin deep in the wilderness, only returning to civilisation for that which she couldn't get for herself.

    Inevitably, she occasionally noticed others who acted a little strangely. Slowly, she started realizing they were not so different from herself. Were creatures. Often wolves, but just as dangerous as she could be. In the early years of the Nevus, she had been the source of many disasters, and she could not simply stand by while others may carelessly put innocent humans in danger. And so, slowly, she began to hunt. To track down other lycanthropes. Depending on the preparations they would make, she spared some, or taught them to hide themselves away during the change, far from anyone they could hurt. But inevitably, there were also those who accepted their new way of life, happy to let others die. And those... She could not abide.

    At least that is what she had been doing until she learned of a new faction, dedicated to protecting the helpless. She had taken her time to come to a decision, but eventually, she came to sign up for the organization, and to a select few, she explained her predicament, but otherwise tried to keep it as quiet as she could responsibly. There, they had facilities where she could be locked away during the change, and she had a new purpose, refining her combat and investigative skills with proper training. And this is where we are today, a new member of ARMA's cloak division.

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    Kyoko had a bird in her lap. And not just any bird, but a real pest. She was stroking the feathers of a small crow, trying to keep it calm in the bumpy ride surrounded by people it neither knew nor trusted. It was already refusing to let anyone but Kyoko near it, despite the cramped confines. Anyone who did... Well lets just say a few of the injured had received wounds after they were already in the van.

    Kyoko More or less had to tend to her own wounds, as the bird, whose wing was hanging loose as if broken, would not let any medics close enough to tend to her. She Even hhad a few cuts from the bird itself. Not that she seemed to mind. Unlike basically everyone else in the van. Not that anyone was really willing to start shit over it.

    She hardly seemed to notice the groans of pain around her, and despite the fact that she must be in a lot of pain herself, she barely made a sound. She wasn't so selfish as to request medical supplies for the injured bird, nor anything beyond the bare necessities for herself. She even tore up her shirt to improvise bandages for herself.

    She might be hurt, but she was used to it. Even before hunting ghouls, Kyoko had been around the block a few times, to say the least. So far, she had barely responded to anything with much more than the occasional one word reply. Just after the evacuation had been called, she had heard the bird's cries and had split off to rescue the bird, barely making it in time to catch the truck.

    Fucking Aogiri. She may not hate ghouls specifically, but she does bear hate for those that would do all of this without batting an eyelash. Contrary to popular belief, Kyoko did care, even if she so rarely shows it. Someone is going to have to pay.
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