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    Adrian's build is tall and slender, with him standing at roughly 1.80 meters. His black hair lacks any resemblance of a hairstyle, simply hanging wherever it fell during the morning. His green eyes are commonly framed by dark, violet rings around them, signs of a clear lack of sleep. Clothing wise he has a variable wardrobe, consisting of shirts, suits and coats in black and blue, all marked and ragged by the passing of time.
    Adrian is a intelligent, and passionate man, but those qualities almost never show. Caught in an endless cycle of self-pity and cold anger he spends most of his time remaining quite, trying to get through the day without new scars instead of making any sort of impact on the world around him. What could easily mistaken for ignorance is really just a method of self defense, a calculated, learned defiance for the harsh truths of the changed world. Besides self-pity Adrian also has a soft spot for being disgusted by himself, holding a strong antipathy towards anything magic, which includes himself. He still uses his gift from time to time, but those are rare occasions when everything else fails him. His antipathy does not stem from hate for those touched by the resonance. To him those like him are not gifted but cursed, victims of a power far beyond their control, and he holds as much pity for them as he holds for himself.


    -Ingenuity: Adrian is a quick thinker, able to find solutions on the fly, even to more complex problems. He values his mind and intellect as his most worthwhile attribute, even if he avoids making the existence of both apparent on the outside.

    -Thrifty: Despite the years of struggle Adrian's shop his open and running, a testament to his ability to make and save money wherever possible.

    -Studious: In return for Adrian's dislikes towards talking, and basically any other sort of social interaction, he holds a focused, almost obsessive mind that can spend hours, or even days with nothing more than air and a good book.

    -Handy: From pickpocketing, lock picking and card tricks to repairing and repurposing objects, Adrian's hands always had a level of impressive skill and finesse.


    -Indifference: Even if he knows, he does not care about pretty much everything. Mortality, rules, and the struggle of the world around him are little more than footnotes to Adrian, who is to absorbed in his own pain to spend his time thinking about them.


    -Grief: Adrian never found a sense of peace after his father took his own life. The grief still plagues him, sometimes during the day, but mostly at night when nightmares and twisted dreams haunt him in his sleep. Due to this he rarely gets a healthy amount of sleep, with side effects ranging from irritability to a lack of focus and extreme absent mindedness.

    -Self-pity: Not only grief haunts him, but a strong sense of dislike for himself. He despises the abilities given to him by the resonance, and therefore has little to no interest nor skill in using them.

    -Cigarettes: Adrian remembers the day he stole his first pack out of his father's pocket. Since then the small sticks never left his mind, and besides his addiction they also serve as an reminder for the caring man he lost so early in his life.
    -A late 15th century Stiletto (Dagger)
    -A struggling Antiques shop (Cook's Rarities and Antiques) in New York
    Adrian's gift given to him by the resonance is not as powerful or flashy as those granted to most called Magus. Instead they mostly remain on a level that is unseen, arts of the mind and the plain beyond, not the physical realm.

    Level One Spells:

    -Psychometry: The art of seeing the past of an object by touching it. In its most basic form the ability grants a handful hints about the time and place of the objects creation, allowing the user to get a sense of how old said object is, as well as an idea what its used for.

    -Telepathy: In its most basic form this spell allows the user to send single thoughts and ideas towards those around them.

    Level Two Spells:

    -Remote Viewing: The ability to see beyond the limits of ones physical sight. When cast the user is granted the power to see through walls and into a distance. Yet the ability also has clear limits, like not being able to see much further than the next street.

    -Precognition: A short impression of the near future, cryptic and unclear in meaning.

    -Unease: A telepathic blast of unease that leaves those in range in a state ranging from slight fear to discomfort.

    Level Three Spells:

    -Psychometry: At its most powerful this spell allows to see the full history of an object, including all its past owners. Due to the amount of information that can come from this spell its quite common for the information to be presented in a cryptic, near incomprehensible manner.

    -Eldritch Illusion: Summons the illusionary image of terrifying, incorporeal and incomprehensible being beyond the mind of any common man into the thoughts and eyes of those unlucky enough to come to close.
    -Haggling: Not only has Adrian a talent to determine what an object is worth, but also a talent for selling and buying those objects in a way that always turns around in his financial favor.

    -History/Antiques: Over the years Adrian has learned a lot about history, with a focus on old relics and objects.

    -Repurposing: Adrian has an eye for what objects could become if used right. From just using them outside of their meant purpose to actually altering them through whatever means at hand he is able to make something useful out of almost everything.

    -Sleight-of-hand: Lock picking, card tricks and pickpocketing are just a few of the skill that Adrian's hand are capable of. Everything that requires a level of finesse and control over his body comes quite easy to him.
    Pre Resonance - 15.08.1995

    It was a cold, rainy night when Adrian first meet the light of the world, almost like a premonition for what was awaiting him in life. Born as the son of an Antiquarian's son he was always meant to continue the little legacy left by his grandfather. Also born as the son an absent mother, who he saw the last time right after his birth, he never experienced what a real family was like, and instead was raised by a single minded father with few ambitions besides the success of his shop. Yet his father honestly tried his best, and for all his shortcomings he still cared about Adrian, who grew up to be an intelligent, dedicated, but also rather joyless, complex young man. Like his father, and grandfather, Adrian was quick to understand the worth of history, both from a finical and philosophical standpoint. His childhood and adolescence was mostly spend with skipping school, helping out in his father's shop and petty crime, forming him into the capable, and surprisingly sophisticated man he would later become.

    Post Resonance - 03.04.2014

    It was another cold, rainy night when Adrian returned home from a trip down south, an expedition into the wilderness to train and study the strange powers he had been granted by the resonance. Since the Nevus had unleashed its effect his father's shop was constantly struggling to support both man, despite their efforts to avoid total bankruptcy. After the world changed few people showed interest in the expensive, but not very impressive, at least measured by the objects which surfaced after the resonance, trinkets of the old days, leaving the Cook's behind with worthless junk and a debt to the mob. What felt like failure to Adrian felt like the true end of the world to his father. While Adrian saw a struggle that would eventually end, his father only saw the shame he brought to the legacy given to him. Over the years Adrian witnessed the downfall of a once proud man who had been his role model more than once. Depression, Alcoholism, gambling, with every passing day another spark of life left the eyes of his father.

    When the door to the run down flat opened and Adrian slipped inside he was only meet by darkness, and rot. The strong scent of death filled the air, originating from his father's bedroom. There he was, his neck wrapped in thick rope, and his lifeless, yet sad, eyes looking into the beyond. On the table besides him he found the last words his father had left behind. Words of encouragement, of pride for a son who had grown to be everything he had wished for. In the end even these last offerings of love and care didn't stopped the grief that came with them. Adrian had never been a happy about his gift, mainly due to the fact that it was part of the whole mess that brought his father to his knees, but for a while he found it at least somewhat intriguing. Now he looks into the mirror with disgust, recognizing himself as just another part of the problem that had ended his father and many others.

    Now - 2020

    Six more years of silence passed by, filled with the daily struggle of running a run down shop, paying a seemingly never ending debt to the mob and a crippling lack of friends and social contact. Adrian rarely talks, rarely leaves the small shop and instead spends his days reading or researching the objects in his possession, hoping that one day something would come up that would allow him to escape the cold, rainy misery of his life. To keep himself out of trouble with the mob he occasionally takes part in petty crime and odd jobs to keep his debt from burying him alive.

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