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    Raven is small. Very small, to most people. Standing at a measly five foot two and weighing a hundred five pounds when wet. Her style is mostly eccentric, bright colors and different hairdo's to keep people looking. Some would consider her attire rather girly, but it's really just as weird as her attitude and, well everything else about her. Regardless, Raven has normally rather short hair that she covers with an assortment of colorful wigs of different lengths. Eyes a lighter brown, and her skin a ivory pale. She adorns quite a bit of makeup to give her skin a more porcelain like appearance, with yet more colorful eyeshadow and lipsticks. Raven isn't just skin and bone though, she has a slightly curvaceous frame toned beneath her clothes to handle the amount of trauma her body normally goes through to summon her creatures from other realms and use her other forms of blood magic.
    Raven has a very bubbly personality. She's excitable and forgetful, not quite immature but some might mistake it for that. Her sense of humor has the tendency to dip into terrible puns and rather dark jokes. She's caring and loyal to every member of ARMA, and anyone lucky enough to call her a friend outside of the ranks of the Magi. Sure not everyone within ARMA cares for her and her overly happy attitude. But she'd still drop everything if those people needed help. Plus who doesn't like someone that has no filter and kind of just says things.

    When Raven is crushing on someone she becomes extremely flirtatious and says the weirdest, most forward things she possibly could. She makes every moment awkward and may even decide to give a nice little pat on the butt followed by a 'good game.'

    One side of Raven that none have seen within the Ranks of ARMA is her anger. She does her best to suppress those feelings and keep her happy, joy filled attitude and not tip over the edge. But she has been called by several exes a psychopath after she caught them cheating on her and she chased them down the block with a kitchen knife. She becomes violent and lacks the ability to make good judgement calls.
    Ritualistic Dagger that she uses to cast her blood magic.
    A potion made from certain herbs that alleviates headaches and dizziness that can set on from loss of blood.
    An I-pod
    A voodoo teddy bear back pack which she carries makeup and a Goblet in.
    Blood Magic: Primary Blood Summoning

    With the goblet in her backpack, Raven has the ability to put her own blood inside and see someone she shares a blood oath with. A blood oath is achieved by Raven and the opposite party cutting their hands and pushing the wounds together while Raven says an incantation which allows her to know when that person is in danger and them her. Not only that but when it's needed Raven can use her goblet to see through that person's eyes. (She can only have one blood oath at a time.)

    Blood Gun:
    A weak spell that allows her to prick her pointer and middle finger and hold her hand up like a gun and fire hardened blood pellets at people. Though it'd feel like getting hit with a high powered BB gun.

    Blood Coagulation:
    With enough concentration and incantation, Raven can cause her own wounds to close quickly with the hardening of her blood. It cannot be a wound afflicted by others but only herself.

    Blood Summoning:
    Raven's main means of combat. Via using her ritual knife Raven causes her blood to flow onto the floor while she chants an incantation. A portal from another realm opens and a creature is summoned from within. Depending on the amount of blood and the incantation she uses, these creatures can vary in size, intelligence, and combat capability. She enters a contract with these beings until they are vanquished or released in which case they dissipate into a puddle of blood and return to their home realm.

    Tier 1:
    Medium sized creatures (From large house dog to jungle cat size.) Generally, have low intelligence and basic combat capabilities. Requires the least amount of blood to summon and she can do it 3 or 4 times before the blood loss will affect her

    Tier 2:
    Larger or Smarter. (Horse to rhino size or humanoid in shape) These creatures are either larger and filled with brute strength, or roughly the size of a human and are intelligent enough to lay traps, hunt or fight.
    Can be used twice a days before being affected by the blood loss.

    Tier 3:
    Much larger or Intelligent. (Elephant sized or humanoid in shape.) These summoned creatures are much larger and stronger than their counterparts, or if they humanoid in shape they are much more intelligent. Can be used for attempted assassinations or to stalk a target without being seen and relay information. Or great brutish and barbaric warriors. Or some may even be able to cast their own spells.
    One use every two days due to the amount of blood needed to summon.
    Magic the Gathering
    Voice Impressions
    Basic Hand to Hand combat
    Raven was born in the heart of New York City. Her parents Elaine, and Peter Kingsley were both very eccentric people. Some people called them hippies, others weirdos. What they were to Raven were the best parents she could've asked for. They were both artists, voice actors, and the kindest people one could meet. They were also huge nerds and taught Raven everything she needed to know about Magic The Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons, and even voice acting. Raven slowly adopted her own eccentric style and became the butt of everyone's jokes in school. She made very few friends but still kept her kind heart and happy-go-lucky attitude. Because in the end, she cared what they'd say about her, but it'd run off her back like water off a duck.

    At a young age of fourteen, the resonance struck. Raven was out and about with the one friend she had made in high school. Her initial thought was to seek out her parents who had stayed home due to food poisoning from some raw Chinese the night before.

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