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    Looks can be deceiving. Most people would be hard pressed to describe Maya as intimidating at first glance. She has a pretty, youthful face, striking green eyes, short dyed hair, and a cherubic smile. Her youthful appearance is reinforced by her small stature, as she only stands at five nothing with a build diplomatic individuals would describe as petite, and the unwise would describe as scrawny.

    They see the ink on her arms, the colors in her hair, and the military surplus she wears. They see a kid clinging to a world that's gone and isn't coming back, drowning In blissful Ignorance and post punk culture nostalgia. It's the image Maya prefers people see. They drop their guard around that girl.

    They don’t see the coldness in those eyes. The razor edge in that smile. The toned,lithe frame beneath the unflattering clothes and the scars that mark it. Marks of someone who's survived this hellish world the hard way. No, most people don't find Maya very intimidating at first. For some, it's the last mistake they ever make.
    While she's tried to discard her family's views and morals, it's a trying process and she's still often plagued by feelings of shame or guilt due to their imagined disapproval. Her faith in others and herself was shaken again after she was misled by the OFL and joined their bloody campaign against ARMA. Lied to and betrayed a second time, and haunted by the actions she took because of it she finds it difficult to trust anybody, herself included, and has great difficulty forming relationships of any kind.

    The war with ARMA left her traumatized and she suffers from a mild case of PTSD, the more notable symptoms being severe nightmares, rare panic attacks, and an inability to relax in unfamiliar places. Despite her job as bodyguard Maya still generally dislikes violence and prefers to resolve conflicts with as little bloodshed as possible. If left no other choice however she has no qualms about killing as long as she feels it's justified, though she prefers firearms in such situations because of the emotional detachment they provide from the act.

    There are also rare instances in highly stressful situations or when an individual manages to get through the cracks in her mask and get under her skin where Maya snaps. In these instances she can be excessively brutal and tends to act without thought usually leading her to regret whatever actions she took.

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